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V*-~W V—**( '« ■ .-v rjj % - A f
School Books
We can save you money on
Barbour & Sons
First door east of Post Office.
Largest stock of Books in Cleve-
land County.
We pay highest price
for old school books.
School Books
Barbour & Sons,
First Door East of Post Office.
« *a*
sti%ti zbiriieif'S- s:?s::
«««« ##*•
a.11 communication for uubllcailon In the fo
owing issue of this paper must be in by Thurs
ay noon to insure publication of the same.
Telephone 3
Barbour & Sons wants your old
school books.
I. B. Elledge was in Oklahoma
City Monday.
W. N. Thomas was in Oklahoma
City Monday.
Bethel Burton was in Oklahoma
City last Friday.
Atty Gresham made a business trip
to Moore Monday.
Roy Coffee was an Oklahoma City
v isitor last Friday.
Mrs. C. H. Bessent was shopping in
Oklahoma City last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Cain were visitors to
Oklahoma City first of week.
Gus Ambrister was a business visit-
or to Oklahoma City last Friday.
Ed F. Shinn and son of Lexington
were visitors in Norman Monday.
Tucker Miller was a business visitor
to Oklahoma City last Saturday.
M. M. Maynard is in western Okla-
homa in the interest of the Univer-
Bethel Burton has accepted a posi-
tion with a grocery firm in Oklahoma
Prof. Sanders has accepted the
chair of English in the S. W. N. at
—Just take a look at the many
beautifnl things in picture moulding
at McCune-Jackson & Co.
Ed Spotswood of Tulsa, I. T., re-
turned home Monday after a short
yisit with relatives in this city.
Jim Harding and wife left Satur-
day morning for a few days visit with
friends and relatives at Edmond.
A. Wills a farmer living just south
of Norman returned Sunday from a
business trip to northern Oklahoma.
iss Alice Brittian returned home
1 i.-t Thursday from an extended visit
through New York, Illinois and
Tt xas.
I toss Kucker left Saturday morning
for his home in Cleveland, Okla.,
after a short visit in this city with
his mother.
—Frame those pictures before they
are destroyed or spoiled. Wehavethe
moulding and know how to make the
frame. McCune-Jackson & Co."
Do you like it ? Then why
be contented with It? Have
to be? Oh, no! Just put on
Ayer's Hair Vigor and have
long, thick hair; soft, even
hair; beautiful hair, without a
single gray line in it. Have a
little pride. Keep young just
as long as you can.
*'I am flfty- eren years old, at d until re-
cently my hair whi very pray. But In a tew
weeks Ayer's Hair VlRor restored tha natural
color to my hair no now there Is no!: a gray
hair to be seen." —J W. IIAN80N, Boulder
Creek, Cal.
I de by J. C. Ayer Co., Lowe'l, Mas*
Also manufkotuters of
110TQ. ,,||-LS-
Bring your old books to Barbour &
For Farm Loans see—Oklahoma
Farm Mortgage Company.
Mrs. Cy Williams of Pauls Valley
was in the city last Saturday on
Miss Blanche Morgan returned
home last Friday from a six weeks
visit in Chicago, Kansas City, Wichita
and Guthrie.
Ex-Gov. Buchanan of Tennessee
who has been here the past two weeks
visiting his father and brother, J. S.
Buchanan will leave Saturday for his
home in Tennessee.
— We make beautiful picture
frames from beautiful moulding for
beautiful pictures and do it with best
McCune-Jackson & Co.
It will wash and not rub off
This complex ion all t-nvy me
It's no secret so I'll tell
Taice thou Rocky Mountain Tea.
—Ask your diuggist.
The University of Oklahoma,
offers free tuition to pupils of both
territories—therefore for the next 30
or 60 days I will give special atten-
tion to locating people prospecting
for school location.
W. H. Sea well,
Office Cottage Home, Norman, Okla.
If you are troubled with dizzy spells
headache, indigestion, constipation,
Hollister's Rocky Mouatain Tea will
make you well and krjep you well. If
it fails get your money back. That's
fair. 35 cents. Ask Your Druggist.
A list of approved rooming and
boarding places is being prepared
for the use of the office in getting
students located in comfortable
quarters. New students should come
right to the University Hall when
they arrive, and look over these
Mrs. M. L. Brittian left Saturday
morning for Chicago, 111. She was
accompanied as far as Guthrie by
her little daughter Lee, who will en-
ter the Catholic convent at that
place. Mrs. Brittian expects to re-
main in Chicago until about Septem-
ber 10th.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hurry
at the home of J. C. Wails in this
city last Sunday a fine ten pound boy
Six years ago last Sunday at 4:00
o'clock Mr. and Mrs. Hurry partook
of their wedding dinner at Mr. Wails'
and the habe made his appearance at
the same hour last Sunday.
A battle royal in Baseball between
Oklahoma City and Guthrie at Guth-
rie, Sunday August 27th 1905. The
big game of the season coines off this
date. Don't miss it the Santa Fe has
made a popular rate of $1.00 for the
round trip which is less than the one
way. Tickets on sale 27th return
limit same day. J. J. Baker, Agt.
Pres. D. R. Boyd has the thanks of
the Voice force for a nice basket of
pears which he presented them on
Monday of this week. They were of
the Duchess variety and were raised
on Pres. Boyd's old home place
"Elmwood." They were certainly
delicious and Pres. Boyd informs us
he had about 75 bushels of pears this
year and were all of a very fine var-
In view of the fact that jellow fev.
er is spreading iti the extreme south-
ern states, it would be well for our
people to take every precaution to
ward off that or some other epidemic,
which is likely to come during the
heated term. Burn or bury all garb-
age about your premises and scatter
a little lime around. The old saying
is, "a stitch in time, saves nine," and
by a 'ittle precautio^you may avoid
serious illness.

Market Report.
(Thursday morning markets.)
Wheat No 2, per bu.70c
Corn per bu. 35c to 38c
Oats per bu. 20c
Cotton $10 00
I have been suffering for the oast
few years with a severe attack of rhe-
umatism and found that Ballard's
Snow Liniment was the only thing
tnat gave satisfacticn and tended to
alleviate mv pains. March 24th, 1902,
John C. D gnam, Kinsman, Ills. 25c,
50c and $l 00. Sold by Fred Reed.
Colic and Diarrhoea—A Remedy that
is Prompt aiul Pleasant.
The prompt results produced by
Chamberlain's colic, cholera and diar-
rhoea reitiedy together with its plea-
sant taste have won for it a place in
many households. Mr. W.T. Taylor, a
merchant of Wintlow, Ala., writes: "1
have used Chamberlain's colic,cholera
and diarrhoea remedy myself and also
with men on iny place, for diarrhoea
and colic and it always gives relief
promptly and pleasantly." For sale
by all druggists.
Died at his home at Apache, O. T.,
last Sunday August 20, at 7:30 p m.,
Anderson Britt aged 43 years. Fun-
eral services were held in this city
Tuesday at 3:30 from M. E. church
south and body interred in Warren
cemetery north of town. Mr. Britt
formerly lived in this county and
owned a fine farm in the ten-mile-flat.
He leaves a wife and four children to
mourn their loss.
J D Runyan, of Butlerville, O, laid
the peculiar disappearance of his pain
ful t-ymp'om-i, of indigestion arid bili-
ousness, to Dr. King's New Lift* Pills.
He says: " I'hey are a perfect remedy,
for dizziness, sour stomach, headache,
constipation,etc." Guaranteed at Fred
Reed's drug store, price 25c.
Ch&s. Ilume was arrainged before
Probate Judge Sharpe last Monday
charged with stealing $8 00 from Tom
Stine, who lives 4 miles northeast of
Normsn. Hume is now in jail await-
ing trial.
Herbine is a boon for sufferers from
aaeamia. By its use the blood is quick-
ly regenerated and the color becomes
normal. The drooping strength is re-
vived, The languor is diminished.
Health,vigor and tone predominate.
New life and happy activity results.
Mrs. Bello H. Shirel, Middlesborough
Ills, writes: "I have been troubled
( with liver complaint and poor blood,
' *tid have found nothing to benefit me
like Herbine. I hope never to be with-
out it. I have wished that I had known
of it in my husband's lifetime." 50c.
The city schools will begin Sep em-
ber 4th. The city examinations will
be held in East Side school luilding i
August 30, 31, and September I. j I Sold by Fred Reed.
will be in my office August 31, .Sept., Me8sr8 M MoCullough, C. M. Kiger
1, and 2, for the purpose of et rolling !Lacy an(] wiyes andMl98„
new students who wish to enter
school the coming term.
Ralph C. Hardie
Superintendent City Schools.
wiyes and Misses May
McClean, Nina Kiger Ethel Hale
attended a Sunday School Rally at
I Franklin last Saturday. They report
an excellent time.
is often caused by sores,ulccrs and can-
cers,that eat away \ourt-k n Wm. Be-
dell,of Flai Rock, Mich., f*\ s: "I have
used Bucklen's Arnica ulcers
sores and cancers. It is the Ixst heal-
ing dressing I ever found." Soothes
and heals cut*, burns and scalds. 2oc
at Fred Reed's drug store,guaranteed.
R. J Morgan's
Sunday night.
fine cow died last
A little forethought may save you
tio end of trouble. Anyone who makes
it a rule to keep Chamberlain's colic,
cholera and diarrhoea remedv at
hand knows this to be a fact. For sale
by all druggists.
Mrs. Lu Martin Fuller came down
from Oklahoma City Saturday for a
short visit with her relatives.
Principal and Interest made
payable at, Norman, Okla.
No Red Tape.
Best Terms.
,,v ■
„ CO

Deal with a home
Company which is
here to stay. Money
paid when papers are
To Loan.
Also Agents of the New York Life Insurance Company.
For Sale-
Five acres near University, enquire
of J A. Fox Norman. 7-18
Too much care cannot be used with
small children during the hot weather
of the summer months to guard against
bowel troubles. As a rule it is only
necessary to give the child a dose of
castor oil to correct any disorder ol
the bowels. Do not use any substitute
but give the old-fashioned castor oil,
and see that it is fresh, as rancid oil
nauseates and has a tendency to gripe.
If this does not check the bowels give
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea remedy and then a dose of
castor oil, and the disease may be
checked in its inciploncy and all dan-
ger avoided. The castor oil and this
remedy should be procured at once
and kept ready for instant use as soon
as the first indication of any bowel
trouble appears. This Is the most
successful treatment known and may
be relied upon with implicit confid-
ence even in cases of cholera infant-
um. For sale by all druggists.
Old School Books
If you have any to trade or sell bring
them in now. Don't put it off tili
school opens.
Kingkade Book Store.
An Oklahoma girl advertised for a
husband and got one. The total ex-
pense for advertising, wedding outfit
etc, was $11. He died within a year,
leaving her an insurance policy of $10,
000. And yet some people claim that
it doesn't pay to advertise.
S L Apple,ex-Probate Judge,Ottawa
Co. Kartsas, writes: "This is to say
that I have used Ballard's Horehound
syrup for years, and that I do not
hesitate to recommend it as the best
cough svrup I have ever used." 25c,
50c, $1.00. Sold by Fred Reed.
A. G. Fullerton of Oklahoma City
is now a resident of our city having
engaged in the brokerage business
with offices over F.J. McGinley'sstore
handling Grain, Provisions and
is the saving from death, of ^the baby
girl of Geo. A. Eyler,Cumberland,Md.
He writes: "At the age of 11 months,
our little girl was in declining health,
with serious throat trouble, and two
physicians gave her up. We were al-
most in despair, when we resolved to
try Dr. King's New Discovery for con-
sumption. coughs and colds. The first
bottle gave relief;after taking
bottles she was cured, and is now in
perfect health."Never fails to relieve
and cure a cough or cold. At Fred
Reed's drugstore; 50c and $1.00 guar-
anteed. Trial bottle free.
Mrs. Ellenberger is enjoying a visit
from her sons Rev. C. R. Hedges of
Davis Illinois and Mr E. M. Hedges
of bearing Iowa. Each gentleman is
accompained by his wife and little
Dear Gus: I have solved (he moth-
er-in-law problem. ju9t give her regu-
larly Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
If will make her healthy, happy and
docile as a lamb. 35 cents, Tea or
Tablets,—Ask Your Druggist.
Mr. Dodds a farmer living south of
this city in the Canadian valley was
exhibiting some fine corn on the
streets this week, one ear of corn
contained 1332 grains.
Mrs. B. W. Evans, Charwater, Kan.
writes: "My husband lay sick for three
months. The doctors said he had
quick consumption. We procured a
bottle of Ballard's Horehound Syrup,
and it cured him. That was six years
ago and since then wo have always
kept a bottle in the house. We cannot
do without it. For coughs and colds it
has no equal." 25c, 50c and $1.00.
Sold by Fred Ree'l.
Church of Christ—Preaching every
fourj Sunday at 11:00 a. m. and 8:30 p. m.
Subject August 27 at 11:00 a. m.,
"What is man-' 8:30 p. m. "The inter-
mediate state. All are invited to at-
tend. J. T. Scott.

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