The Peoples Voice (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 14, No. 7, Ed. 1 Friday, August 25, 1905 Page: 4 of 8

Abstracting a
speciality by NESBITT, McFARLAND & BREWER, workmanship guaranteed. Bonded by The American Surety Company,
The People's Voice
Jim Hogg, former governor of
Texas, is throwing boquets at Presi-
When lie reads about the bears
and wildcats that roam in the land
nsr.R.. i>. a.
dent Roosevelt. Trying to get his where Elihu Root is hunting, Teddy
feet in the trough.
Publishers i Senator Depew must teel that he
is still the country's leading humor-
ist. Everybody laughs when he
talks of his vindication.
Secretary Shaw would be happier
if he could have the Taft president-
aUlOl'tl'l Til VUQ |IVOlUIUW| nuiumui •' - ! * (
a Territory, for trausiniMlon through the | ja] L>(jom "interned" at Manila until
the close of hostilities.
Eateri' t at tlie pobiofMce, Norman, oklabo
tory, for transmit
mullbus second-class matter
realizes that being tied down to a
presidential job has its drawbacks.
"K-t- -J* -M-H* •
i ai ->
. .Editor
The battleship Kansas is the
water wagon of the navy.
An indemnity payable in gold, is
the real yellow peril to Russia.
Secretary Shaw has quit talking
about the treasury deficit. It speaks
for itself.
M. Witte wants it understood that
the Russian bear is particular about
who licks him.
Prosperity has its drawbacks.
Kansas is worried because its farmers
are getting the gout.
A Medical journal says that yel
low fever is making its last stand.
A masterly retreat or two on its
part would make more of a hit.
The more you think of it, the less
you can blame Senator Depew for
placing his insurance with a com-
pany of which he is not directorr.
The shotgun is used for quaran-
tining purposes in some parts of
this country. We continue however
! to send missionaries to the heathens.
M. Witte is said to have ironclad
instructions, but it will be remem-
bered that the Japanese have shown
The Union Pacific has discharged abilitV in destroying Russian iron-
all its negro cooks from the dining-
car service. Color line? No; dirt
"I may be late to dinner ''wrote
a western Senator to his wife "as I
„r, I am having a little trouble in arran-
Ihe woman who wants to be up-
... , . „ ging for bonds under the last indict-
to date will now demand a indeinnt- 6 6
ty instead of alimony in case she
seeks a divorce.
5000 Telegraphers |
Annually, t<> ilil the new positioLs creatrt by T
KailroaM and Telegraph Companies. We want ■ .%
Young Wen and Ladles of good habits, to '
Learn Telegraphy v
Wo furnish 75 per cent, of the Operators ami !
Station Agents* 1n America. Our at x schools are I
the largest exclusive Telegraph Schools In the
In Hardware
K.-tuhlislied 20years ami endorsed by j
all Kail way Officials.
We execute a $250 Bond to every student to
furnish hlii or her a position paying from $40
to $60amonth in States east of the Rocky Moun
tains, or from $75 to $100 a month In States west
of the ltookies, immediately upon graduation.
Students can eider at any ti i.e. No vaca
tlons. For full particulars regarding any of
our Schoo s write direct to our executive office
at Cincinnati, O. Catalogue free.
Cincinnati. Ohio.
Atlanta, Oa
Texarkana, Texas.
Buffalo, N. Y.
LaCrosse. Wis.
San Francisco, Cal.
The bakers'strike in N. Y., is di-
verting attention from the man be-
hind the gun, and focusied it on the j w'th himself on the subject
man behind the bun.
Bourke Cochran is now in favor
of the retention of the Philipines,
and may have some joint debates
In the District Court oi Ceveland County, Ok-
lahoma Territory.
J. W. Martin, Plaintiff, )
vs. \ Divorce Notice
Sarah 8. Martin, Defendant. )
To Sarah S. Martin, Defendant;—
You are hereby notified that you have been
sued foi divorce, by the above nume<l plain-
tiff, and that you must answer plbintitTs peti-
tion tiled against you in the District Court of
Cleveland County, Oklahoma Territory, on or
before September 22, 1905, or said petition
will be taken as true, and judgment will he
rendered against you. granting a divorce to
plaintiff. E. M. IIkglkk, Clerk.
[seal] By h. r. Williams, Deputy.
Wolf & (jiiiBsHAM,
Att'ysfor Plaintiff'.
Speaker Cannon may be called
upon by his standpatter associates
to explain how he happened to al-
low a reciprocity convention to be
held in Illinois.
Cotton is advancing in price, but
it will never become as valuable as
cotton statistics in the Agricultural
Depaitment used to be.
lloch Hill needs money. His
former wives as yet have not sig-
nified their intentions of taking in 1 « 1 election to the republicans editor
washing to get it for him. j Patterson must have an idea that
I the democrats are going to nomi-
1 hat Pittsburg pie-making ma- na(e Bryan again.
In conceding the next president
chine is no novelty. Every politic-
ian knows that the supplies at the
Pie counter ar- machine made.
Wife-desertions in Pa. are getting
o common that nobody pays much
attention to them. What Pa. needs
is a short course of lectures from 1.
Roosevelt and maybe she will get
them too.
The Wonderful Yeast
If you want
to make
that is
ibe ve
that took the First Grand
Priz* at the Ht. Louis Kxpo-
sition. Sol 1 by all irrocers
at •' cts. a package—enough
for 10 loaves. Wend a postal
card for our new ilium rated
book "Good Dread: How to
Make It."
While Korea and China are both
innocent bystanders, the indications
are that Korea is much more inno
cent of the two and will get punish
hed accordingly.
Norway disillusionists won their
election by a vote of 3000 to t or
about the same as the republican
majority usually returned the mac
hine counters in Philadelphia.
For anything in
Books, Office or School Supplies see us.
A Pine Line of
Ball goods, Stationery, Cigars, Candy.
Subscriptions taken for any Magazine or Newspaper.
Kingkade's Book Store,
Ordinance No 48.
An ordinance regulating the construction
and maintenance ot sidewalks In the city of
Noiman, okla., and repealing all ordinances
or parts of ordinance? In conflict here* itli.
Be it ordained by the Mayor and Council-
men of the city of, Oklahoma
Sec. 1. That all sidewalfts hereafter con-
structed in *aid city shall be of flagstone,
hard brick, cement or asphalt, the quality of
lLaterial first being approved by the City
Council, or Public improvement Committee.
Such material must be laid upon a well tamped
solid foundation, imbedded in two inches of
sand,and to becurbed with brick, cement or
flagstone, all in ufotautlal manner.
Sec. 2. All sidewalks shall be not less than
four feet wide, and that portion of main
street between Porter Avenue ami WebMer
Avenue >hall be twelve feet wide, and that
portion of Main street between Webster
Avenue and Muskogee A venue shall be eight
feet wide, and all that portion of I'eters
Avenue between Gray s^ieet and Kutaula
street shnll be eight feet wide, and all that
portion of Muskogee Avenue between Main
street and University Boulevard shall be five
feet wide.
Sec. 3. The City Council upon the recom*
n endation of the Public improvement Com-
mittee, may at any time condemn any side-
walk or portion thereof, whenever necessary
lor public welfaie.
Sec. 4 Ail sidewalks must be built in ac-
cordance with the grade that may he estab-
lished by the Street Commissioner or the City
Et gineer
Sec. 5. The City Council shall have power
to orcer fide walks built on any street without
the consent of tte property owners when they
deem such sidewalks necessary to the com
fort and convenience of the public.
Sec.rt This ordinance shall take effect and
be in force from and after its passage, approv-
al and publication.
Passed ami approved tills 22nd day of August
1905. John G Lindsay, Mayor.
Attest—J. A Vincent,
City Clerk.
Senator Stone told the Missouri
dairyman that he had shaved off his
mustache in order to make it easier
to drink buttermilk. He can use
the same jolly when he addresses a
brewers' convention.
Secretary Shaw, Vice president
Fairbanks, Senator Foraker and
others who nurse new-born aspira-
tions, would do well to remember
| that the "second summer" is hard
on other things besides "babies."
The Harrisburg Patriot thinks it
might be better for the policyhold-
ers if the states would appoint in-
surance experts instead of political
Ordinance No. 49.
An ordinance prohibiting the watering of
cattle at the public watering troughs in the
city of Norman, Okla., and providing penaltj'
lie it ordained by the Mayor and Council of
the Ci>y of Norman.
Sec. 1. It shall be unlawful for any person
or pel soils to water any'cow, calf or cattle of
any kind at the public watering troughs of
said city.
Sec. 2. Any pers in or persons violating the
provisions of section one of this ord ins nee
shall be deemed gulltv ot a misdemeanor and
upon conviction shall be fined in any sum not
to exceed five dollars ($5.00.)
Sec. 3 All ordinance or part of ordinances
in conflict with this oidina* ce are hereby
Sec This ordinance shall take effect and he
in full force after its passage approval and
Parsed and approved on this 22nd day of
August 11)05.
Attest (SEAL)
J. A VINCENT, City Clerk.
The time ia now at hand—September 4-7. Plan to go. There's
one way that will satisfy you. 'Tis Santa Fe way. Very low rate
for this occasion—only $16.50. Write me for Colorado literature
and for further particulars. Remember, Santa Fe is the line with
block signals, rock-ballasted track and very best of equipment.
Passengers via this route obtain excellent one-hundred-mile view of
Rockies. J. J. BAKEll, Agent.
The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Co.
Norman, Oklahoma.
Here is the way I am surrounded.

Near Denver.
(Too late for last week.)
experts. But would it be good j We had a line rain here a few days
policy for the appointing power? | ago and it hit cotton just right.
j Tom Capshaw anc) jjm pine were
An Indiana woman who has just ; jn Norman last week on business,
been married for the ninth time j Joe F Jone8 of Et0„e) Ky _ ig H00n
is t.ot particularly proud of the re to visit bis sister Mrs C. G Taylor
cord, except for the fact that she i of this vicinity.
made it without getting any of those Williams Miller Is drilling- a well
Indiana authors on the list. j for John P. Rowland, this week.
, j cannon and wife were
I he Washington Post, comment- visiting relatives near Shawnee last
ing on New York's four million pop i week. He reports cotton very sorry
illation, says, "this includes indict ! Mrs A. C. Wilkeraon is very sick
ed, convicted and suspected life in- ' wIth «<" .ethli g like s ow fever,
surance men," which is rich indeed,: ^'r- Rowland has got every
j when you reflect that it is the voice
i of the mecca of grafters.

Two Doors East Postoffice.
Norman, Okla.
stretched on the road this week
we tie where he's right; for
?ure need attention
"Mr. Roosevelt was still t?lking^
when the train pulled out" says a
dispatch from Easton, I'a. Gee!}
but that sounds familiar. Printers S
very sick
Mi.-s Nellie Carmon
with chills and fever.
Mr. Hiilie Hume* is engaged in
manufacturing his sorghrum. Mr.
, , | Humes has about 15 pcres ai d is cal-
useci to keep the sentence standing ,ulated to nialie H()tne fcoO gallon of
in type when Mr. Bryan wav making "lasses." This pure sorghrum and
his famous invasion of "the enemy's not gin cose,
country" in 1896. | e. T. Wilkersron of Wetumka, I. T.,
is visiting relatives and friends in
these parts, this week; Mr. Wilker-
son is the same jovial fe'.low, as bis
other brothers, and a better family
of people does not exist 011 the
No we don't want any saloon in
Denver, and clever Tom C'apshaw is
rai ing a great remonstrance against
it, and everything is in a fair way ty
down it, for it is written that "evil
communications corrupt good man-
wished for. The bride is the hand-
some daughter of John P. Rowland,
and is a model young lady In every
respect Mr Ganda is to be congratu-
lated in securing his precious pr ize.
Mr. Ganda is an industrious young
farmer, and is held in the highest
esteem by all who know him. May
their pathway be strewn with flowers
is the wish of the one who is—
"Semper Idest."
C. M. KEIGKlt.
Practices in all Territorial Couris.
Offices over MayBeld's Drug Store.
Norman, Oklahoma.
James Ganda and Miss Kittie Row-
land two prominent young people of
the Denver vicinity were quietly un-
ited in the holy bonds of matrimony
last Sunday at the hume of R-v. j
Phillips afterwards returning to the)
residence of the bride's father where j
together with many relatives and
friends seated themselves to a table Special attention given 10 iliu iTatToreiectrtc.
loaded with the nicest of eatables | cumI'hk n!!' unVmt1,1 a"8o'x^kat
that the most fastidious could have} W°nkU)'l'2'<J1';ey;i7!0omcc 'fhoie 188.
W. N, T. ABEL,
riiysicidn and Surgeon.
oilier over Hill hours Drugstore.

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