The Territorial Topic. (Norman, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 7, No. 40, Ed. 1 Friday, May 1, 1896 Page: 2 of 4

£ltr territorial iTopk.
quincey t. brown, editor.
SpO. W. tracy, publisher.
Bland's presidential boom is a
good tiling—push it along.
You may pAllit tlin leopard rr Causes fuljy i:alf the sickness in the world. It
much ns you [ileuse, but you can't
Kntered at the Post Ottieeat Normau.O. T. cllftllg© llirt Hpotfl,
*■ *ee<nd-olft*B ranil mmtui . ... .■■
retains tlu digested food U o long in I he bowels
and produces biliousness, torpid liver, iiidi-
PerYear. in Advance
3 x Months
Three Months
Advertising rates made known on applira- tllO Democratic majority
!Z tho
The men who have dune most
?1 M, to breed populism in this county
•J? fire the ones who would now turn
over to
if they
FlilDAY, MAY 1 If- >< .
For President.
Richard P. Bland,
of Missouri,
republican minority,
geotion, had taste, coated
tongue, sick headache, in-
somnia, etc. Hood's Pills
cure constipation and all its
results,, isi ly and thoroughly. '25c. All druggists.
Prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell. Mays.
The only £iL!s to take with Hood's Bursa i-rilla.
no rrrr<n
r—• ^
Mrs. Kimberiin
and Miss Hartley's
Say, .you candidates for office, j
on the Democrat ticket, how do j
you fesl blowing
„• money on a hybrid .meet that
advocates the election of the le
publioan city ticket.
111 your good the East dominate iu party coun-
hero 7 announce myself as a csndi-
■v>r the oflico of Sheriff of Cleveland county,
ubject to the Democratic Primaries to be
beld June '/< , 1MHJ.
The Tone is authorized to announce the
nmt.e of G M. tioode, uh h candidate for the
'fflce of County Clerk, subject to tho Demo-
ratle Primaries to he held June 90, 1696.
We are authorized to announced the nnrnj
' f R. L. a candidate for the oftloe
rounty Superlnten 1 -hi. subject t*> the Dem
ocratic Primaries to 'jo beld June 20,
I desire to announce myself as a candidate
'or Register of Deeds of Cleveland count}'
subject to the Democratic Primaries *o >e
leid June 20, imwi.
We nre authorized to announce the name
' fB. J.Keller, of Lexington, for Register
f Deeds, suhject to the Democratic Primer-
's, June 20, IfcUfl.
The Topic is authorised to announce the
vine of C. W 1)re.AY©r. as a candidate for
i ounty Attorney, subject to all Democratic
Primaries to beheld June 20, in i>.
Call for Democratic Primary Election.
I'mpiiant to an order of Uie Demo-
latic Central Ooinijiittee of Cleve-
:And county, O,'i'., and in cenfoimit}
'vltli a resolution adopted by said
' 'omnutlee, at a meeting licit! at Nor-
oau, O. 'X1,, on Salyrijay, April 11th.
' S08, a primary election, to nominate
vandldates for county and tovynsliip
• lices is ordered to be beld 011 Satur-
day, June 2011), 1890
Said primaries are to be held nt tbe
usual voting places in each voting
leelnet, and t!i# polls shall be open
ut!) o'clock a m„ and close at 5
■ clock p. m.
The ballot box and poll books shall
he under the supervision of the town.
tip committeemen, who shall appoint
i) act ns judges with himself two re-
.miiBibie persons, and one or more
suitable persons to act as clerk. Up-
on closing the polls the judges and
ciei'ks shall count the voles, make oui
.nid sign balance sheets in !'ie manner
required In regular elections, preserve
lie tickets and deliver tne bulauce
heels to the chairman of the (.'unnL>
> "lit v al Co ui in 111 e ■ as soon thereafter
is practicable.
\ 11 candidates 'A bo desire to be
voted for in the : aiij pii:na(y ele imn
miall announcement vilji
he chairman ot the County Cent: i|
t'^iuuiiliee at least ten days prior to
s.iid pnsnaiy election. Each an
iiuiicemeiit shall be accompanied ti)
••ich tee as may be assessed by the i'l
nice Coin in 11 tee. to deliay the liec i
' sary expenses of holding ihe said
The petulency of the hybrid
sheet, around tlie corner, over tho
defeat of its scheme to bring
ab ut a fusion between the Dein
oeiats and republicans in ,the cit3
and,county election is evidenced
by its last week's article advocat-
ing the election of the so-called
"Citizens Ticket" in this city.
Curs always stick their tails be-
tween their legs and run before
the fight commences.
cils, but they could not control
tlie voters on election day. 'l'hero
would not be lacking loyal Demo-
crats in New York to make, tho
light for t he party aud wherever
the issivi I tweeu gold monomet-
allism, und bimetallism is present-
8tl tho people never fail to res-
pond.-- Si . Louis- Republic.
Financial Outlook-
Seasonable and Stylish
Will be offered for your approval on
7L * * ,
under reasonable conditions. Do not say it
can not be done, 'til. your send'lor 120 patre-
BUSINESS COLLEGE. Nashville, Ten ti.
This college is strongly endorsed by bankers
and merchants ab over the L'i it*-«l States, as
well as Foreign Countries. FOUR weeks
by Druughon's method of teaching book-
keeping is equai en T WELVE weeks by the
olab'an. Special advantages in Shorthand,
I' ntnunship and Te.egraphy.
Cheap board. Open to both sexes. s>i
states and territories now represented. Write
forlSOpaye catalogue, which i 11 explain
"all." Add less J. F. Drangbon, .PrWt.,
NashvlWe,Tenit. (Mcntionthis p«t er ) This college has prepared books for
•Home Study." "book-keeping, penmanship
nd shorthand. ]-4
t -i
Pamk oifkstty Pn.i.s will reduce yout
weijriit I'lill 'lANI'llNTLI from 12 to
pounds a n outli. !VO s n \ II VIM« Sieknesn
or injur} ; *«> I'l BI.H l l \. They l>uii«l
up tin* health ami ' .Mtutiiy the eotnolexior
lenvir.g WltlMiLI-ls or flahhin \*>
.VI o« r .% ll! 0 IN!SS mn ditliruit hreatb-
j ing sur« ly rflleved. !>o l-:\i IK(I.)||<.I\ |
| hut a scientific and j'< oitive relief, adopted •
| only after years of expo v oce. All orders
supplied direct from our o'Ti, e. Price fU.Ot;
per package or three pa for Jn.'iti by
until po tnaid. i estiiiiunlals and particu
Iars (sealeti) 2c. All cortuspone once Strijtly
Ihe legislative and council dis-
tricts :u this county have been
chatrged from what they were two
yaarB ago. The ninth district
composes till that portion of the
county south uf the line between
townships seven and eight nnrl
takes in township*, tin at:a four
of Pottawfttoinio, county, Tho
tenth district is all that
portion of the county north of
eaid line, the two precincts in
Oklahoma county having been
out out. The fifth council dis-
trict is compared Of the ninth and
tenth legislative districts. No
provision has been made by the
County Central Committee
for the selection of candidates
for the legislature at the June
primaries, but we suppose this
matter will be attended to soon,
ihe ninth district and the council
are now represented by populists
and a-united effort will be made
to restore these to their usual
places in the Democratic ranks
I'ho tenth district is represented
by Dr. Waits, a Democrat, but
who is not now a resident of the
county, mid consequently will not
be a c andidate for renomination.
1 his district i j aafely Democratic
and a good man should be chosen
to euceeed Dr. Waits. In this
connection wo Live heard several
influential citizens from !'ie
northeast part of the county c!ai j*
ing that that section is entitled to
the next representative and tLai
they will probably ;>ut forward
Judge J. M. Daniel, our ex-
countv commissioner,as a suitable
man for the place, ns he is known
S Tit aw.—The appropriations
of this session of congress will
amount to over 500 million dol -
lars. The greater New York wi!i
contain about 3,300,000 inhabit-
ants. Tho paper money of the
United Stat3s-hns behind it more
volume of wealth, energy and in-
telligence than are massed in
any one interest elsewhere. Eng-
lish consols January !j were 10G,
April 2Qj 114, o? the highest
price ever recorded. The United
States now produces more stsel
than all the rest of the world.
England exports more. It is ex-
pected we will soon permanently
lead in the production of pig iron
The average price of twelve or
twenty active stocks is now near-
ly eight points less than prevail-
ing last September. Money is
getting cheap the world over
Farm products average lower at
speculative centres than I.xr tLirty-
thrae years.
Cotton.—The amount in eight
to date is about 30 per cent less
than last year, indicating Mie
crop will be about 7,000,000 bales
I'lease Call and Examine these
Latest Creations of Fashions.
These patterns are from J\ew York City.
Q ,UC t U w VA; ^ ul, y.j 'J
U.U oiy ujj
Ordinarily, whan this has been j
done the remaining acres have |
grown a bountiful crop. C::«h
wheat still commands a sma!L|
premium. The winter wheat
acreago is now 1,100,000 bnsbola
larger than in 18'Jij nud 000,000
acres larger than in 189-1, Kansas
having an increase of 550,000
acres, or about the same as in
1892, when 7o,831,ooo bushels
were ^own there. Seeding in
Northwasc is reported a little
later than two years ugo.
Coun.—Minimum prices al-
ways encourage bear news and
follow a large crap, and a short
crop frequently follows. Cribbers
never held larger Stocks or mani-
fested more faith in corn for the
distant future. The New Eng-
land demand is raw large from
the west. Corn is . ng fed the
limited number o'. ~-miuils on as
p rofzsional cards,
sill) 1' CO.
I'lllKlOW & MK<iEO\
Special ul lent ion to Chronic Tron
liles and Disn^ses of Women aiirt
Cliildren. Office over Norman State
Office at I.. J. Weeks' UniR Store.
Oissases of.Children i Speciality,
Secure A Position.
Wanted, for oflico work, on salar y, in most
every county in the south and west) a young
lady or gentleman. Those from the country
also accepted. Experience not necessary,
in fact, prefer beginners at a Rinall salary ai
first, pay to begin, from f3i),00 to a
chances lor rapid promotion good. Must
deposit in bank cash, about flOO.t-O. No loan
asked> nw inv 3Wnent required. It is a
salaried and permanent position. (Strictly
office work.) Tho'enterprise is strong'y en
dorsed by bankers*' Address P. O, Hox4w{,
the «:fl brated P«-iiiiu<' l{<-«ru hiior are
prrfectlv ate reliable For a
irregularities, {Minim Menstruation
Suppress: ti. elc . they never fail t<
afford a spooky -nd Certain llelief.
l.xpkptl '1 i:nt. but a scientific and posi-
tivo relief, adunfed only after years of ex
perience, All irmlers suppliea dlreot from
ourolfice. Pri • per package, ^1 (« . or six
packages for $." t)'Jby mail f e.«#pHid. KVRKY
PACKAGE « U A H ANTEEDj Pftrtioulars
'sealed) 4c, All correspotidenoe strictly con-
fidential ,
PARK REMEDY CO., Boston, Mase.
large a scale as possible, jflie
he poop !} who predicted a crop | quality was never better or the
of only ,300,000 have learned ! price lower at this season in thir-
to entertain some advanced itleas
VII pHisMis who have heretofore [on the eo.:.ofiuc quostious of the
"inaifii wiiii the. Democratic party. ' j ....
6i512,l)0-i-bales apjieared in sight
up to Ut't- t'aturd iy, an I and 41,
months are yet to com.i in season
18115-li. \ isible sto iks decreas-
ing faster than usual.
A cotton grower in South
Carolina writes that he will hold
Dli. J. L. WOOD,
Norman. : : :
Associatsd with l)r. Ellard.
OlUrp iii roar KiitifdireV
Drngr S'oro. \\ hs( Mhii. '
•Slieel, Ilesnlenre ( oi. \\r\t :
nnswor and an honest opinfon, write t<
. , -MIMV A: ( (l„ who have l)«dnearlrflfiv vears
Oklahoma experience >n the(patent bu.^esa. Communira.
t'ons Htrietly erjnfldential. A-II nndb.M.k of In -
Torniation concermuir PntPiita and liow to oh.
t i.n taein petit free. l o a catalogue of uuvhau-
leal and scientific ho.'rits sent free.
h i„b Munn & Co. i-wlvo
sr«viai notie mii fh- tie Amcrien n, ai
^ WMhdy bell re the public with-
out cost to tho Invotifor. This snlem: ,] rar er
lusued woeklv, eleuantly illui t rated, has I v fiinl (>
hir.est circiilatii a any *<■•« pt tic work in ta-.
iI'ii^i t" !''n" 'conii spent free.
^ Hail dint' . iMion, nj ntidy, J-'.VJa \ear. 8in*1e
^Pf.Vi ir;' ce"?s- J* v.-ry umber coiitvins hi -
-4ftil plates, in colors, m. | nhofop,ai (■« of
hoU'Ps, W'th pla: •«. e-iahl.Hfc, f(, v
Slfl" Ave. a 11U mis SI leel . I '°te^ and seeur- <«.'r,trn. is. v«
I MUN.N' a, CO., Wlw l our . i|<il Buo^bw
w till*
ty years. We still look for much
higher prices later cm.
O l®b.— 2'he enormous crop
grown, the use of electricity, the
abandonment of tha-horse for the |
wheel Feems to ai . eliminating
the usual dematu. ancd assist the
.t, K. THACKEtt,
his last crop of cotton for 10 cent>, depression, wliilB speculative
or let his executors or admiuistra- j apathy exists and potatoes can be
tors sell it. Another savs: "plant,, i.a-tl for 10 or 15 cents per bushel
ing hns progressed liuely, and : at seaboard markets, and from 3
the outcomi. imlicates a final laige j to to cents at interior points
aereage and .yield equaling anvt where production e :aeeds demand.
>il are in g.tinputliy with the prlnci d v, ospet-iully in regard to re-
leaof ilie imo 'Jetuocracy, m wlm 'renchinont and reform in tho
will under .ill reameiat'ie ciicum-| way of county expenditures.
■: oict'B lenil his : i' aiul assisiance ! , , , ,.
...elect the ticket are en- , P00I)le woul<l h'.v to
' led lo vole in Ihe r iir>y.
! hut at s:iij pin ir> election tin-
lestion, of.'•lur'' : "saaiiist" the
ee and iinliiiiited ronmue of Kilver at \
*te ratio of 1(1 to 1 shall he voted upon, j
M T J Caw".vvv.
"hilirman ot Co. Cen. Com.
W. J. iliiss. Sec.
ii 'nr lroin
tho Judge on these questions.
Bland on i''.e tast.
:Vxas correspondent j
says many pHi tiee who predicted |
a per cent, increase in acreage j
now look for only about 10 tier
[cent, increase,.and that lipids are
more spotted than usual.
Wheat.— ihe Daily Trade
Bulletin reports tho world' .Btocks
A+>iiI 1 1 0,000,000 bushels i
against 106,000,000 April 1,1895.
We believe the difference be-
tween the two reports is more
tha'- made up in tho visible sup-
Clapp & Co.
, O^er Abernethy's Drufr stor^.
Lexint-'ion, O. T.
f/ ,
Collections a Specialty.
Purcett, . : Indian Territory
j Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoar. ^our Life Awav
The truthful start liny title </ n tamlc about
I NO'tO'bae, tiie only harmlefls. tf^aranteed to-
baceolnbit t.-ure If you want to quit and
can t, use**No to bac " ifraccvttp nieotiniz*
j ed norvea, eliminates nicotiiu poisons, makes
| w«; -rMMiKUin strength, weight and vi«or.
j Posiifre cure or money refur.d'nfr.
| llook it dru^ryist, or inaile<l free. Address
The Iir.if Kemedy ro., nhlciifro office 45
Hundolpb St.; New York, 10 Spraoe St.
| 21 2)
, . CH1LDS,
phyaiolan a w") burgeon,
!n" iiiiies
rh.e Lfmlin
Flna.iicifil ,Journal
• / m erica
Ofllc! on Wflklns mh
Second avenues, fa
druurstore, near postot
at tr-nded.
• . If ^ nude
• . between Mrst una ;.,M,dui« n,
i Ifeft ut the '
st irTding and
iding inrt
INI). T5U.
( j
eo. m m1i.LKI
A lTO"j
k Sacd Shave
Room No 1, PuroeU National Ran:.- Btftlding
PUElClSLfi, : 1ND. T
Oemocr^tic City Ticket, ity of people suppose. Diuouss- visiblo.
a Marslml,
J!()B I'VI.KS.
or TreaBiirer.
a l'olice .Indue.
J. 1). G
ISiand belie.01* that the j plies of llouv .and thut the stocks
free silver sentiment is much ,of flour hold in jobbers hands now
stronger in the east than a majol- exceeds the decrease in the wheat
Winter wheat receipts
ng l.:e\ Eastern situation with; at primary points are larger thou
iu 180j. A larger amount of
moisture has falh r L-i Nebraska,
Kansas, and Tex a f than for many
years. J his m.-ij* cause these
J JK. A. A. DoRS,
Genera! practice in medicineandsurgery.
G«ni to-Urinary
PcncKt.L. - - iNn. Tbr.
over Purcell ! . ,^m\l Hank.
know the
t at the l'„!,(;t. „ „„;K i«,i- mi;!i,I,,7oSm
P" «Pii> I be I'nlled siuien Invesior!
" 1 "i Uenlru In know i In- vulue nt a niunl-
P'i"' ll," I'tt'lk III- rmI I ,1(1,Ik or
" . "i llc ii, the l.'nlud Mat,- iVesuir.
li- Vor ile-!i'i• |„know tlie vaiue and condi-
tton ' I a jHcei- ol real eMail- in am tnwn,
elt.\ I"' enmity in Ihe nlted Stales, wilte tn
thel nitnl - Mtes Investor
iKUifi' -rtre tnlnrinatinn resnictlnir nnv
tiirm nl iiiveHtment. write in the Cnite'il
. .m i' i nvehtni, and Ket all ui.'hw pr i'rfr* tn ali
suoscrl tiers.
ouram-nts and correspondents iu every
' 'ate in tii Union w ill assiduous'v tenet
mil and promptly make knnwn m our snti-
Herilii is nil matters in the tin meini. railway,
real mate and lndii trial wnrlii I■ i
eueetthe market value or Keenrities.
UeniiB ■.fniliscrliierH' qttesllo'is.roirHrii
in; nivi ■ 'ilsunnl all kinds. Our ttnai.cial
i ttere and "\elusiv aifule- enetaln vnlu-
auie !>r^Miit*(ioii to he obtained no'vL>vreei8e.
Ir,voctor Tublicliiag Co.,
185 Kranklin St., Ilnston.
II,15 Broadway, Xew Vork.
241 Chestnut St., Pbiledelpbin.
AKerits and eorreBponpetits iu evory Stuio
in ftie Union.
iii'->si:x r.
■Vr Cons! nble,
■'ii AssMsor.
T rus tees.
1 A NULLUM. 1st Ward.
I !! !-'U'•
U. W. WING ATE, 4th
I. L IiltlGGS, 5th
>1. T J. CAVSUA\V',«tU
(I norge Allen, one t.f the dolegat
es at-large to Chicago, Mr. Bland
i said 'I am confident that if the
f ree silver i suo could be squarely
■ presented to the voters of Now thraa states to grow over 100,-
York we could win in that State; 000,000 bushels of wheat in 1890
on a free silver platform aud with a F-Jfaiust about 40,000,000 iu ls'.)o,
'roe silver tion.iuoe. Tammany 0''QUough mora than the same!
Hall has never wavered in its j section grew last season to r akej
support of Democracy. 1 do not UP "le deficiency grown in Aus-
jiineatiott l iiniiiany's loyalty ia'tiMlia aud Argentine. India is
The society woul< reported as freely offering their |
:ign, and the labor- i ll9,v crop for May and Juue shi: -
f New York City j meut. Our Pacific coast advices
t the support of bi-1 report splendid prospects. Ohio's
'111o j> litical miuiipti-1 reports aro generally bad and re-
moneytjd interests ,-.n port a large acreage plowed up.
Barber Shop,
no cioor east 15 ).+ton Restaurant.
Attornkt at-Imw,
and Indian Territorien and irive prompt ai •
tentiou to business tike. LexiiiKtoii^'OM.
Baggage &
ransfer L.:nc.
- OR - NIGHT. .
Calls to all parts of tlie city.
Ting, ptopl
| v.
nietu. '11.
;lators a. 1
Reai" Estate for r
Safe or
in tho

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