The Chandler News. (Chandler, Okla.), Vol. 4, No. 34, Ed. 1 Friday, May 17, 1895 Page: 4 of 4

New York boasts a Chinese direc-
London pas pipes stretch 2,000 miles.
"Nicotine blindness" is a new ail-
Queen Victoria's household employs
1,000 hand*
Japan exports watches.
Korea is to have the trolley.
'Frisco has 282 cigar factories.
Ireland has eight paper mill*.
China lias no native telegraphers.
Dog fanning is a Chinese industry.
To many people Spring and its duties
mean an aching head, tired limbs, and
throbbing nerves. Just as the milder
weather comes, the strength begins to
wane, and "that tired feeling" is the
complaint of all.
The reason for this condition is
found in the deficient quality of the
blood. During the winter, owing to
various causes, the blood becomes
loaded with impurities and loses its
richness and vitality. Consequently,
as soon as the bracing effect of cold
air is lost, there is lnngour and lack of
energy. The cure will be found in
purifying and enriching the blood.
Hood's Sarsaparill i is the greatest
and best spring medicine, because it is
the greatest and best blood nuritier.
It overcomes that tired feeling occauso |
it makes pure, rich blood. It gives
.strength to nerves and muscles bccauso
it endows the blood with now powers
< f nourishment. It creates an appetite, i
tones and strengthens the stomach an<l
j digestive organs, and thus builds up'
t (jo wholo system ami prepares it to
meet the change to warmer weather. !
Hood's Sarsaparill a is a
upon which you may depend. It Is
I the only true blood purifier promi- j
' nently before the public eye today
It has a record of cures unequalled in
j the history of medicine. It is the medi-
cine of which so many people write,
"Hood's Narsaparilla does all that it I
is claimed to do." You can take
Hood's Sursaparilla with the confident
expectation that it will give you pure
blood and renewed health. Take it now.
Hood's SarsapariSia
Is the Only
True Blood Purifier
Prominently in the Public Eye Today.
| Very latest Styles, b mftymanton11
Elegant Patterns for 10 Cents Each, When ths Coupo n Below is Sent
The Retail Price of these Patterns is 25, 30. an I 35 Cents Each,
Pattern 6403- Five sizes. vlr.: 82, 31, 30, 38 and 40 inch bust measure price 25 cents.
Pattern ®W3 Fivo sizes, viz.: 'M 31, Iltl 38 and 40 inch Mist iu« n •' r«• price 23 cent*
Pattern 6340 sizes, viz.: 32, III. 8rt, as and 40 Inch bust incisure prlco 86 cents.
Pattern 0347—Four sizes, viz : 10, 1J, 14 and 10 years -prlco 23 cents.
Any one or all of tho above patterns will be sont for |0 Conts Each when
this coupon In enclosed with tho order; otherwise tho price will be
charged, Also send I cont additional foroach put tom ordered to«over nosm o,
etc. Give number of inches waist measure for skirts uud number of Inches bust
measuro for waists. Address
:«: :t««"
rffc A A T*" ^ ^ ^
is the whole stoiy
' 5<l Costs no more than other package soda—never spoils
< 111 |mLl\d§^C:). nour—universally acknowledged purest tn the world.
I Kadi only by CHURCH fc CO., Hew Tork. Sold by proccrs ererywhere.
| Write for Arm and Hammer Hook of vuluublo SecipM-FJUiS.
Do Yon Wash?
Of Course-
1 (DoyouWash QUICKLY?
nimDo you Wash EASILY ?
(Doyou Wash CHEAPLY?
You may IF you will use
Cuirette Soap.
The best, purest and most economical soap made
Sold everywhere. Made ouly by
St. Louis. • .
WELL MACHINERY ^ Patents, Trade-Marks,
Illustrated Catalogue ohowliiK WK! '■
AbOEKK IK H K 1)1111. l.S IIYDHA! I lC
BlM H "l Have been tested .ind alt
irurra una.
Howell & Chase Machinery Co ,
I II 1 w«-*t I I tli Ht .
Tho Largest Manufacturers of
^ cocoas ano chocolates
On this Continent, have recti ret
'highest awards
from the
, , Industrial arid Fooi
• ' h expositions
fn Etrope and America.
. t nlik. lhc l)ulch l'rofn.,r<H Alka-
. '' ,or<>0i*T Owtnlcsls or !)/ • «r«
h*Ir deli. .... Jilt:, aK AS?' COCOA
I>u:« anil soluble, .... i, ,ej :c,ith<mnaenimcHp.
Kx mlnaUoa and Advice l_ . . .
• oration. M .-nil for " Inventors' On Ide, or How to Oi
• l atent" HTSICS 0TAE2ELL. TA3SUTQTJ1T, D. (
Closn.c* and beautifies ths hair.
Promotes n lniunsnt jrrowth.
Never Falls to Beat or© Gray
Hair to its Youthful Color.
p disesars a hair ta.liug.
iintgl i" at Pultun
Curt* f
Tho tfronotit and purest Lyo
made. I'mlko other It being
a lino powder and parked In a can
,wlth removable lid. the contents
are always r n ly for uso. Will
mako the Ivst perfumed Hard Soap
In JO minute* trUAouf bolUtiq. 11 i*
t In' bent for cleansing waate pipes,
disinfecting sinks, closets, washin.-
bottles, panita, trees, etc.
penna. salt m'f'g co.
Geo. A non t a.. rhila~ Pa.
li'JUfS WKtR£ ALL n>.f FAiLS.
Unst tuogh Bfi . I'.v-tea Good. Ul
Ixl In time. Hold by ("
It In Killed So 0:il« kly mid ho Fimlly mid
UltliHl so Merrily That Only Fulut Hopes
That It Will Iteadlly Kespond to Mf«
A grain.
I (Copyrljthted lfcO' l.y Asaoclatr.l Press.)
| Herlln, May 11 In view of the re-
jection yesterday by the reichstag of
IKiragraph 111 of the anti-revolution
bill which practk-ully st-nled the fate
of that measure, nobody was surprised
when the relchstag today, after reject-
Inx paragraph 112, r- fustil to further
discuss the bill, and all Its amend*
mentH were withdrawn. Then the en-
tire bill, paragraph by paragraph was
rejected without debate and the relch-
8tag adjourned.
Though the rejection of the anti-
revolution bill tild not surprise any-
body who has followed the popular agi-
tation against It and although the re-
jection yesterday of paragraph ill
hopelessly emasculated the bill, the
bill, the discussion <>f the other sections
was expected to drag along for a time,
as the government did not intend to
withdraw th«- measure, although any
continuance of ti •• del at •, only prom-
ised further humiliation for the gov-
ernment. Therefore, the « >up de r. ..ce
administered to the unpopular hill to-
day was a i t lief to all concerned.
The ni".-t Interesting speech during ti - - . ■ >11 \\ ,t s I 1 I . 1 I I : I . i
ber, which showed that the Center
party was Iritaed aK'tinst the govern-
ment on account of Its management
of th. bill. He said that Herr von
lvoeller, the I'russian minister of the
interior, apparently regarded the relch-
stag as an automatic machine into
which bills were put In order to be
pulled on the other side. The utter-
ances of Herr von Koeller in support
of the bill, he asserted, only put weap-
ons In the hands of the Socialists.
llerr CJroeber then proceeded to pro-
test against the dictatorial attitude as-
umi d by i u\ Bchoenstadt, the Pruss-
ian minister of Justice, toward the Cen-
ter party and declared that the party-
would decline another responsibility
for the measure.
Dr. Bchoenstadt replied In a speech
which only served to further embitter
matters and to leave the government
at loggerheads with the Center party.
The proceedings were somewhat en-
livened by the remarks of Dr. Slgl, ed-
tor of the Bavarian Katterland, and
whose anti-Prussian utterances have
earned him the nickname of tho Pruss-
an-eater. I >r. Slgi humorously crltl-
^lzed the hill ami the minister's speech-
' i le d<clared that Herr \ -•: Ko< i-
ler's speech was an insult to the relch-
stag, but he was interrupted by the
president, Herr von Bueolberlberg,
who remarked that it was the presi-
dent's business to rebuke insults to the
louse. Herr von Koeller, utnid gen-
eral laughter, ostentatiously applaud-
ed Dr. Sigl as the latter returned t<> his
Upon resuming business today the
'eichstag proceeded to discuss p.ira-
jfraph 11J ..f the anti-revolution bill.
I'lie minister of war, General Bronzart
%'on Schellendorf, declared that he
•ould well understftndjjie ttocialist nn-
ragonlsm to the army, which he de-
clared, was a solid wall against which
t \v;ts UNeless for the Socialists to run
their i.i« |m, neverthe!' • :. le contin
aed, Socialism was picking at the
foundation of this wall ami It was t«>
prevent these attempts that the para-
graph was Intended.
llerr Bebel, Socialist, replied that the
-tiling circles evidently wished to prn-
n>ke the Social Democracy to act of
violence In order to crush It by military
force, but he added, the Socialists did
not Intend to be entangled Into a snare.
The minister of war warmly repudiat-
ed Herr Bebel's allegations and quoted
^11 article from the Vorwaerts. the
Socialist organ, suggesting thai he, the
ninlster of war, ought to be shot like
i mad dog.
llerr Osann, National Liberal, Count !
von Kradoff, Free Conservative nml 1
llerr von L.-vetzow, then announced on I
behalf of their respective parties that
they would follow General Bronzart i
von Schellendorf in supporting the gov- j
' ' n 111 .'tit Oil p.tra: r iph 11 *J a;; i ; • t t
committee amendments. A division
was called for and paragraph 111!, as
drafted by the government was reject- '
ed, the Conservatl\cs< Imperialists and !
National Liberals voting In the minor!- I
ty. The same paragraph, as amended
in committee, was then put to a vote
and was also rejected, the Centrists
alone supporting it.
llerr von Rlehter, the leader of the j
Peoples party, then remarked: "Let us i
now make short work of the bill; let us I
abandon further debate so that by a j
succession of divisions we may quickly
rid the world of the whole thing."
The words of Herr Rlehter were greet
ed with much laughter ami his advice
was forthwith acted upon. Amid much
excitement, the various amendments
were formally withdrawn and a curious I
scene ensued. The majority, in the
gayest of spirits, rejected each para-
graph as it was put from the chair. :
When the last paragraph was disposed
of, the anti-Semites and the members ■
of the Left cheered boisterously and I
the sitting was adjourned amid intense
excitement until Monday, when tin?
discussion upon the customs conven- i
Hon with Australia, and the tobacco !
tax win be taken up. i
There is much dlaeuMlon In political >
circles tonight at the unexpected de- |
noument and the effect it is likely to
have on the emperor. The general be-
lief expressed is that the minister of tho
Interior, Herr von Koeller. must fall
with the anti-revolution bill.
The bundesrath convened promptly
at the relchstag building. Prince Ho-
hi nlohe presiding. At 10 o'clock to-
night (Saturday) the bundesrath is In
session. The correspondent of the As-
sociated Press tonight heard a report
emanating from semi ofllclal sourc. *
to the effect that despite the rumors i
current In the lobby it is still prohabl |
that a modification of the nntl-revolu-
tlon bill will be Introduced at an early
In any event it is almost certain that
the relchstag will not dissolve. Rumor
has it that the government is apprehen-
sive that in the present state of the tem-
I per of the people, elections would result
Herr Relchter, the Radical leader, pro- ,
phecles another crushing defeat for
the government when the tobacco bill 1
Is up for action. The entire Socialist
party is elated over the defeat of the an-
ti-revolution bill. Mass meetings are
being held in many places tonight and
many are the jubilant speech) ■ that are
being made.
Emperor William received bulletins
hourly today of the proceedings in the j
| relchstag. He has made a statement
to the effect that, acting upon the a 1
j vice of Prince Hohenlohe. he will not
j interfere personally to bring about any
results more In keeping with the wish-
es of the government leaders. The fact
that Prince Hohenlohe did n >t make a
•pech after the def< it of the anti-rev- 1
alution bill lu the reichsetag todyy has
created considerable surprise. How- 1
ever, this attitude only conforms with
his recent position on this measure. Ad -
resslng Herr Bronzart after the final
vote had been taken on the anti-revolu-
tion bill, he said: "Better thus than
that the committee bill had been de-
Ilrary Frost at Sterling'.
Sterling. Kan., May 11.—A heavy
.'rost occurred last night. Vegetables
tnd fruit suffered.
Free Silver Conference Called.
Des Moines, la.. May 11—A call for a
•tate silver eonference in this city,
lune 8, has been issued by about forty
<vell known Democrat t headed by ex-
Lieutenant Governor Bestow,
The Kplscopal Boapltal Said Kho llad
(From the Record, Philadelphia, Pa.)
La r July the 12] li pal hpapltal ad-
mltted i woman who .• pale and emancl-
ated face and racking coush proclaimed
her the victim of - ti uinption. She
gave her name as Mrs. Wm. Q.
Uou.n, !• sldence, 1M9 Melghan St.,
Philadelphia. The « was dlag-
• • I and she v. ■ • id plainly that
• in an adv; nd btate of con-
sumption. The .. mining physician
wed her th< iken place in her
ty in her lung was
fhi cairo Markets
Ths leading: futures ranged as follown
- «>pn'g Hi'h't Low't' Clo*!
Highest of all in Leavening Power.— Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Corn, No 2-
M ty
Oats, No. —
Lard, luo lbs—
2s1 j|
12 05 12 124 12 02'3 12 12 i
. 1^ 25 12 32'i 12 22V4'12 32Ǥ
her family, a broken. - li heartened wom-
an with (I -nth staring her in the face.
That was tiie beginning of the story, tho
nd as t id by Mi 1 iow« n, who no
J n P expects to die, to a reporter fol-
"The first syV|>toms of consumption
came in the ^brm of terrible sweats,
rUght uiji day. I t in April until
8 i ti jorz \ r i was c : i nUy ei >ld and
wtapped tip In blankets through
tho hottest weather. A terrible cough
took posai all n of me, my breast was
sore to the slightest touch, and my
limbs were like cold clay. The hardest
rubbing with the coars< st towel would
not create the slightest flush, and the
least exertion would exhaust me.
"I went to the hospital In July and
they diagnosed my cafie as above stat-
ed. it • when thi <louda were the
darkest that the first glint of sunshine
came. Mr. Shelnnrdine, a, friend, who
lives around at 1841 Clementine St., said
to me one day, Mrs. Rowen did you ever
try Dr. W illlams' Pink i Ilia for Pale
People. I had never heard of the medl-
clne, l«ut in my condition could not turn
ti deaf ear to anything that offered re-
lief. Jt was after considerable thought
and investigation that I concludcd to
discontinue all other medicine, In-
cluding cod liver oil, and depend
entirely upon Pink Pills. I began to
take the, at first with but little en-
couragement. The first sign of improve-
ment was a wannth nnd tingling sen-
sation in my limbs. Finally the cough
disappeared, my chest lost its soreness
and 1 began to gain flesh until I was
lifteen pounds heavier. All this I owe
to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and I cannot
1 raise them too highly."
Mrs. liowen is a kindly faced lady of
middle age, a church member, .well-
- n and highly eateemed. She looks
today well an I troiig and It seems al-
most impossilde that she was ever given
up by eminent physicians as an in-
curable consumptive. Yet such is the
case beyond nil dispute.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain all
the elements necessary to give new life
and richness to the blood and restoro
shattered nerves. They are for sale by
nil druggists, or may be had by mail
from Dr. Williams* Med. Co., Schenec-
tady, N. Y , for 50c. per box, or six
boxes for $2.50. *
An Ahrttruno QucHtlon.
The. two men had just told the hos-
tess that tliwy had had a delightful ev-
nintf, nnd were going out into tho
rainy night.
"You remember the old query as to
where nil the pins go," said one of
them, as lie made a reach for the hall
! "Yes."
" \\ eli, #thore's a problem that lias
been bothering me more than that."
"What's the problem?"
"Who is it that buys all the um-
brella a?"
And liis companion nlso made a
/each and gave the conundrum up."—
Washington Star.
One of the most popular religious
hooks in Japan is "Pilgrim's Prog-
ress," illustrated by Japanese artists.
A Spanish paper in the Pyrenees
regularly suspends publication in hot
Dora—I hope that photographer will
take a good picture of me.
Cora 1 guess he will. They say ho
is very successful in taking works of
art.—Uetroit Free Press.
ltemoval of Ticket Olllcn of tho Now
\ . 11,. Chicago a x i. Louis Rail*
road Nicltle I'lato Itoad.1
On May 1st the Chicago city ticket
ollice of the New York, ('hicago Si St.
I.oum U. K. (Nicklo Plato Road) will 1 €
moved to 111 Adams street, opposite the
post ollice. J. Y\ Calaiiah, „
General Agent.
II is Knowledge. '
Teacher—Now, Chirlie, tell us what
you know al out Croesus.
Charlie—Dudes wear them in their I
pants.—Columbus City and Country.
A now dining ear service between Chi- I
rago and Hu silo via the Niekle Plate Road
Iimk recently been placed at the disposal of
the traveling public, which '•'ill enable
patrons of this favorite low rnt* line to oh- j
tain meola on all trains w hen travi lin i o i
through trains between Chicago,New Yorx 1
and boston. For reservations of sleeping
car space and iurther information see your ;
> local ticket agent or address J.Y. Caluuan, J
General Agent, Chicigo.
1 ash quotations were as follows:
Plo ir Winter patenta. 91.10QC.40i winter
-=*>■ 1 >.-!its. i:>; spring patents, $3.20^
Bpiing straights, $2.4 ;i|3.2-">, bakers.
J1 H.,-5/ 2.40.
N" 2 spring wheat, r,2U@02*4e; No. 3,
• tii rial; No. 2 red, No. 2 corn,
" ,■ . No. 3 yellow, 4!«;V" ''>'. No. 2 oats.
^ . No. 2 white. 32V"32\e; No. 3. 32fp
No. 2 rye, file. No. 2 barley, 51 l'jy)
No. WK&'5ni...e; No 4, nominal. No.
! flaxseed. $1,415. Prime timothy seed, $.700.
M• | "flc, | er bid . SI2.0O$l2.12'i. Lard,
per P<t> lbs., $6.65. Short ribs sides, (loose.)
'• 10. Ury salted shoulders, (boxed.)
4 Short clear sides, (boxed,)
6'.. Whiskey, distillers' finished goods,
per gal., $1.24. Sugars—Unchanged.
Articles. Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrela 4,000
""heat, bushels 12,000 327,UU0
81,000 156,000
183,000 207, OUO
1,000 6,000
19,000 4,000
Exchange today the
butter market was firm: creamery, 10{p
16c; dairy, 8<U 15c. Kggs steady. llmUO.
f :. I onla • • r; |n.
St. T.onis, May 11 —Receipts—Flour 2.000;
wheat, orn. 4,000; oats, 26,000. Ship-
i 7,000 v. heat, 0 : corn.
8,000; oats, none. Jftour—Quiet, iirm and
unchanged. Wheat-Sold o<T %<Q'\ cent
it ..pencing on heavy liquidating, but be-
ame steady soon and rallied, advancing
'1 h cents above the bottom for July, clos-
g at that. No L' red—Cash, C4'4c; May,
66c; July. 6SH068V&O aaked; September,
n (• as er on early decline
n wheat and reported rains. B^arly drop
• f a fraction, followed by a stiff recovery
later, market at close being 1-16 cent above
rday No. I mixed—Cash, 4le; May,
• askfi: July. 487 c bid; September, 4974o
b.d. Oats Dull and easier for futures;
: ot steady. No. 2—Cash, 20V«c asked;
May. June. 294c ),id; July. 274c;
September. 26c. Rye nnd barley nominal.
Strong on good demand; sold at
t track lit 63 cen'a. Corn meal. $2.30rfj>
Flaxseed—Quiet, $1.41. Grass seeds
< 'ats, bushels....
Itye, bushols
Parley, bushels,
the Pi
Kiinsa« * lly <ira'n.
kansas City, May 11.—Wheat—Active
and higher: No. 2 hard, C4c; No. 2 red,
66 ; reje ted, 60o. Corn—Active, Arm;
2 mixed, 454c: No. 2 white, 4#4c.
>at:;; No. 2 mixed, 26V; No. 2
10c - Rye Firm: No. 2. 62c.
P":tin. 7' >*72c. Hay Firm; timothy,
'Mi,; prairie, $7.00®8.50. Butter—
Weak; creamery, 12''ylSc; dairy, 8@12o.
Eggs—Weak, 10c.
ft. I.ouIh 1'rorlnce.
St. Louis, May 11.—Butter unchanged.
Egg^j—Firm, JI'mC for fresh. Whiskey,
?'._2 for distillers' finished goods. Lead,
|2.Oi) bid. Spelter—Higher. $3,224. Cotton
ties and bagging unchanged. Pork—Stan-
lard mess. $12.35. Lard Prime steam,
holee, ] Dry salt meats (boxed)
S11. 1111.1. • $.. longs, I1'. 12' :>c ; ribs. $t? 25;
shorts, $6.37'Bacon (boxed)—Shoulders,
|5.'. 5; longs, $6.50; ribs, $6,624; shorts $6,874*
Mi\V \ lilt K ritODCCK.
Itutter wnil Kggs.
New York, May 11.—Butter—Weaker;
western da'ry, 7'/'ill4e; western cream-
| -ry, ]2i.i 17c: western factory, 7®10c; El-
| -rii.. 17.-: Imitation creamery, 84&114C;
Jt ate dairy, 1iVfil6',jc; state creamery, 17c.
I'*itivs Quiet; state and Pennsylvania,
; ' : • ! V : western fresh. 124«tH3c; south-
ra, llCi|124c. Receipts, 5,458 packages.
I New York. May 11.—Coffee—Options
I pe:> d dull at urn hanged prices to 5 points
t i r; rub d firmer on local demand from
I shorts, with sellers scat e; restricting
| business closed steady at unchanged
it to 10 points net advance. Sales,
bags. Including May at $14.80^14.40;
''ilie, $:i.30; July, $14.60®14.65; October,
New York, May 11.—Sugar—Raw firm,
i't r refuiing. L ; centrifugal, 96 test,
'.e Sales, 6,24(1 bags; Cuba centrifugal
basis, 95 test, 2 7-16c c. and f. at break-
Retlned—Quiet and steady. No. 6, 4'Q)
13 1.' ; N'o. 7. 3 7-161/4'„c; No. S. 4%c; No.
3 i3-16ft4c; No. 10, 1" -I6c; No. 11,
: 1!-i.;V5V; No. 12, 8 0-16^8%c: No. 13.
.<•: <<ff A. 4 1-165T4V-; mould A. 4 ll-16lp
17.< ; standard A. 4 5-16*n4c: confectioners
\. 4 " ,rP.,c; cut loaf, 3 fi-lii*i3*4c : crushed
1-1C1/p..w lerud, 4\'ij4 15-16CJ granu-
lated, 4 7-16©44e.
New York.
' New York, May 11.—Cotton—Steady;
m'ddlirg, 6", '■ Net receipts, none; gross,
l'n bales; exports to Great Britain, 2.295
! V. -; contin,.;nt, l.r.oO bales; forwarded,
none. Sales. 166 bales, all spinners.
tSock, 222,996 bales.
New Orlotnt.
New Orleans. May 11.—Cotton—Firm:
mi.idling, 6',c: low middling, 5%c; good
.•ed nary, 5 9-16c. Net and gross receipts,
'.ooo baits; exports to Great Rrltain, 5,4f>0
l-alcs; France. 7,000 bales; continent, l,%4
bales; coastw - 123 bales. Sales, 500
bales; stock, 214,698 baies.
Rt. I.ouls.
St. Louis, May 11.—Cotton—Quiet; mid-
dling, tl> ,c. Sales, none; receipts. GM
bales; shipments, 1,222 bales; stocks, 39,210
Chicago, May 11.—Hogs—Receipts, 8.000;
market active and lirm to 5 cents higher;
$'• 'i - 1 mixed, $4.86ii4.75; heavy, $4.25^
4.v •. rough, $4 25(64.40.
Cattle—Receipts, 400. Market quiet and I
She Might Risk It.
"I read in the pap r that Queen Vic-
toria never rides in a street car," said
Mrs Snaggs.
"She need not be afraid to try it,"
replied Mr. Snaggs. "Almost any
man would get up and give his scat to
:. lady of her age.—Pittsburgh Chroni-
e •• Telegraph.
New Dining Car Service.
It is a pleasure to note the addition
of another important feature to the al-
ready competent train service of tho
Nickle Plate lioad. The Dining Car
service of this popular low rate line has
recently been augmented, by whit h din-
ner will be served oil train* No. <i, leav-
ing Chicago at 2 p. m. daily, and break-
last and dinner on train No. leaving
Chicago daily at H:20 p; in with direct
ennecti ns New York and Boston.
Breakfast and dinner will be served on
train No. ,r , arrhing in Chicago at 0:35
p m. from New York and Boston.
For full information regarding routes,
rates, mans, folders, etc.. address your
nearest tiek< t agent or J, Y. Cai ah an.
General Agent, Chicago, 111. •
Profit in Ills Adversity.
Editor—It was the making of Jokers
to get married.
Assistant—Is that so?
Editor—Yes. He makes a gocd liv-
luf now oy jotting down the aareaaVio
remarks that i.ft* wife makes to him!
Addresses Wanted.
You no doubt have several frieuds
In other States who might be induced
to come West if properly approached.
There may bo one or two dozen of
them. Nothing better than nicely il-
lustrated folders, with appropriate
tnaps, and text prepared by somebody
whose only interest in the matter is to
tell the truth.
If you will send to Goo. T. Nichol
son, G. P. A. Santa Fe Route, Topeka,
Ivans., a list of persons who would bo
interested in literature regarding Kan-
sas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico
ir California, he will take pleasure in
mailing to each one au assortment of
folders, pamphlets, etc. They are
free. 8asta Fb ROUTE.
Texas steers. $.' 2 c 1 75; beef steers, $3.00*8)
5.80; Blockers and feeders, $2.0004.40.
11ogff—Receipts, 3,700; shipments, 2.200.
Market steady to 5 cents higher; bulk of
sales, $4 2' . 410; heavies. $4.3^^4.50; pack-
ers $1.2.'^/4.50; mixed, $1.0)^4.40; lights,
$4.1";..; 1.30; yorkers, $4.2064.30; pigs, $3.25®
Omaha, May 11.—Cattle—Receipts. 1.300.
.Mark,-: steady; steers, $4.40^5.75, bulk,
?t 7 . ows and heifers, $1.50^4.00, bulk
$2,7.' ; sto. kers and feeders, $2.50^4.00,
bulk. $ 163.50.
Hogs Receipts. 3,700. Market opened 5
cents higher; closed strong; light. $4.35®
4.4(5; mixed, $4.4064.45; heavy, $4.4564.60.
Union Stock Yards, May 11.
There was practically nothing doing on
the market today. The few wagon do-
•iveries sold steady, as compared to yes-
Ave. Price.
14 228 4 05
absolsjttei.y pure
It costs 81! to change the tunes of a .
street organ.
The crocodile egg is about the size 1
of that of the goose.
The crown worn by Queen Victoria
weighs 40 ounces. #
Wheelmen of Elmiraaud Corning, N.
Y., have raised 81,400 to build a cinder j
path between those cities.
The banks of the United States dur-
ing the year 1894 lost over 825,000,000
by theft.
A syndicate of sclioolma'ams is
building a cottage at Pointe aux Pins,
Cheboygan, Mich.
The Shah cf Persia has a pipe val- j
ued at 8230,000. This is the most cost-
ly smoker on record.
Hold the Fort
Against bilious attacks by calling to your |
nitl that puissant allv. Hosteller's Stomach
Hitters. The foe will then be driven back. !
entirely defeated. Dyspepsia, sick head
ache, malaria, kidney, nervous and rheu-
matic trouble and constipation yield to the
action of this most beneficent of remedies.
Take it regularly and you will soon exper-
ience its good elVects.
The University of Chicago has con-
ferred its first degree of doctor of phi-
losophy upon a Japanese.
In France the average of offspring
to each family is 2.93, the smallest av-
erage of any country in Europe.
Health Once Impaired l« Not Easily Re
Yet Parker'! Ginger Ale Toalc has attained these
results la many cttses. Good fur every weakness and
d stress.
The late Chancellor Rriscoe, vicar of
Holyhead, Englaud, left his entire for-
tune of £10,000 to the poor of that
Waterloo is at last to have a monu-
ment to the memory of the French
who fell there. The Coinito du Souv-
enir Francais has the matter in hand.
Lake Superior miners expect to ship
i 10,000,000 tons of iron ore this season.
j There is a project CT* foot to estab-
lish a Jewish university in Jerusalem.
The minimum pay for telegraphers
, west of the Missouri river is 850 a
mouth with an average of S«i4.
A supposed miraculous fall of manna
in Mnrdin and Diarlicknr. A.-'atic Tur-
key, has bee:, found to be due to de-
posits of a species of lichen which was
carried by the winds.
According to the Electrical Review,
copper wires are used for Mexican
telegraph wires so that they will hold
the weight of the birds and monkeys
which crowd them at night.
If the Ilaby Is C uftlns: Teein
fine and use tbnt old and well-tried remedy, Mka.
Winblow's Hootiiiso srm r for Children Teething.
Jcfcuit priests cannot preach on poli-
tics in Austria-Hungary. The super,
ior of the order of Vienna removed a
priest who broke the rule recently aud
made the reason public.
I'of's I imgi' llnlftitm
theoldMSaad bed. it in break np aOold quirUes
than nn > thing tl.-e. It 1 nlwajs reliable Try It.
The neck'acc, formed of 362 pearls,
I whichftlte Duchess of Montrose be-
I queathed for the benefit of the poor of
1 East London, was sold at auction re-
cently and brought £11,500.
M. L. THOMPSON A- CO , Druggists. Cou-
dersport, Pa, say Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tho
best and only sure cure for catarrh they eve!
sold. Druggists sell it, 75c
The recent New York census devel-
oped the fact that the population in
the Fifth and Twenty-third Assembly
districts in that city is exceeded by
that of only 17 cities in tho United
It In More Than Wonderful
How patiently people suffer with corns. Get
and comfort by removing them with Ilindcrcorna.
An exchange remarks that you can't
keep woineu away from weddings. You
don't want to. What would a wed-
ding amount to if there was no woman
there? -
— Tho Loo Cho islands, which are sit-
uated between Japan and Formosa,
possess neither vehicles nor public
lights, but its inhabitants .have tele-
phones and a mail service.
World's Columbian Exposition
Will be of value to the world by lllus- '
tratlng the Improvements in the me- I
chanical arts, and eminent physicians
will tell you that the progrcs- in medic-
inal agents has been of equal impor-
tance, and as a strengthening laxative !
Syrup of Figs is far in advance of all
The thousandth anniversary of the
establishment of Hungary as a state,
will occur next year, and tliQ Hungar-
ians of this country have already be-
gun to make preparations for its ap-
propriate celebration.
You Don't Have to Swear Off,
Pars the St. Louis Journal of Agriculture In an
editorial about No-To-Bac, the fatuous tobacco
babii cure. "Wo know of many cases cured by
No To Bar. fite, a prominent. St. Louis archi-
tect. smoked and chewed forlwenty years; two
boxes cured him fo that eve u tho smell of to-
bacco makes him sick." No-To-Bac sold and
guaranteed bv Druggists everywhere No cure
to pay. Book free Address Sterling Remedy
Co., New York or Chicago.
Prince Ferdinand, of Rulgaria, in a
recent private interview with the chief
rabbi of that principality, assured tho
latter that one of tho traditions of the
house of Coburg, of which tho prince
is a member, is the complete emanci-
pation of the Jews.
1 am entirely cured of hemorrhage of
lungs by l'iso's Cure for Consumption.—
Louisa Lindaman, Bethany, Mo., Jan. 8,'94.
More people get drunk on rice liquor
than on that made from any other
grain. It furnishes exhilaration to
Japan, China, Siain, India, and lots of
other places. To 500,000,000 or more
it is a familiar drink.
"Hanson's Maglo Corn Salve."
Warranted to cure or money refunded. Ask jom
druggist for It. l'riee 15 cent*.
The popularity achieved by the bi-
cycle as a means of locomotion is cer-
tainly marvelous. It is now reported
to have gained favor in royal eyes, aud
accordingly the young czar of Russia
has resorted to it in the hopes of im-
proving his health.
That lump in a
tn a n ' s stomach
which makes him
irritable and misera-
ble and unfit for bus-
iness or pleasure is
caused by indiges-
tion. Indigestion,
like charity, covers
a multitude of. sins.
The trouble may be
in stomach, liver,
bowels. Wherever it
is, it is caused by the
presence of poison-
ous, refuse matter
which Nature has
been unable to rid
herself of, unaided.
In such cases, wise
x-ople send down a
ittle health officer,
personified by one
of I)r. Pierce's Pleas-
ant Pellets, to search
out the trouble and
remove its cause.
1 96
2 90
ttite Hoard Adjourns Without Deciding on
I Hrroll and Whcelitn.
Einporia, Kan.. May 11.—The state
education adjourned after
i 'aring the evidence In tne cases of
Sup i inttnd nt A. H. Carroll of Salina
and Prof. McE. Wheelan of Atwood,
fn the former case the board decided
tho matter to be of so grave a character
and the evidence so confliteing that a
full inquiry, for the expense of which
the state has made no provision, would
be necessary. Tho board therefore de-
clined to revoke Carroll's institute eer-
titi ite. It did, however, rescind Its
former action admitting him to exami-
nation f.^r a state certificate.
In the cas<-> of Wheelan, charged
with immorality, etc., a continuance
was given the defendant in order to
obtain further testimony.
Cleveland. O . May 11.—At today's ses-
s'on of the National League of Musicians
it was voted un«ir.!mou !y not to affiliate
with the Ai.erlrnn Fedciation of Labor.
It w.-.s ab'<> d.-d to appoint a committee
Waal ind pi itefI against
the chartering ■ f mus . al unions by the
Federation oi the Knlghta of Labor un-
less charters have first been Issued by the
Mrs. Denis—It's raining, Moike!
Mr. Denis—It's mesilf knows it,
! Bridget.
Mrs. Bridget—An' why don't yez
cum in?
Mr. Denis—Oim waiting for it to
shtop, so 1 won't be bringing ther wet
into the house, Bridget.—Truth.
Mine. Modjeska, tlio Polish actress
who was expelled from Russia re-
cently, is still in Berlin. She says the
government's refusal to let her play in I
Russia means to her loss of more than i
50,001) rubles She assigns the, prohib-
ition of her tour to the incorrect quot-
ing by the newspapers of the patriotic
Polish speech which she made in Chi-
cago last year.
Col. R. 11. Smith, of Wichita, Kan.,
agent for Kansas and Oklahoma for
the Stem pel Fire Extinguisher, has
just placed in the Western Newspaper
Union building a number of these ma-
chinos. Practical tests show these
machines to be always ready and equal
to almost any emergency. Write to
the Colonel for full particulars.
Mrs. Clio Hinton Huneker, who was
awarded the commission of making
the memorial to General Fremont, is
only 24 years of age. One of her fin-
est works is a ba3 ro.ief of Paderew-
ski, which is considered the best
ness of the famoas pianist that baa yet
been made. It ia in idelcd with much
force and strength, and at the same
time there is a simplicity nnd straight-
forwardness in its execution which
shows high artistic ft- ling and .marked
★ I il E BEST ★
Dyspeptic,Delicate,Infirm and
* JOHN CAKLC & SON5, New York. *
DIRECTIONS for using
CUE AM. DA L M. — Apply
a particle <>f the Dalm well
tip into the, nostril*. After
a moment draw a si rung
hrtath through the nose.
Use three times a day, af-
ter meals preferred, and
before retirin
5&4M BAlW
ELY'S CREAM BALM opens and cleanses -tin
Naial Paasag'1*, All.iv - 1'aln and Inflammation, Heals
the Sores, protects t he Membrane from Colds, He
stores the Scnsesof T:e te and Smell. The lialm Is
quickly absorbed and gives ndief at once.
A particle ii npplleil Into enrh nostril and Is agree,
abb-, l'rlec M rents at 1 >rugglats or bv mall.
ELY ER0TEERS, 60 Warren Gt., New York.
fop your
Coat many
times In a sea-
son to have fot
of low wheels
forhtull ^
resetting of tires
t'fttlV/rrr. Add rem
Kniplre M fj;. €".■ .
P. o. Box 33, (putney ill.
man, over fit*
W. N. 17., WICHITA -VOL. 8, NO. 80.
When Ammcring Advertisements I'lease
.Mention This Taper.
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Backache.
sa.f3s, sure, proivkpt.

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