The Chandler News. (Chandler, Okla.), Vol. 4, No. 34, Ed. 1 Friday, May 17, 1895 Page: 1 of 4

^ •
The Chandler News.
District -'a 1?*>
lti-shloiit I> ■•.>{ DUt t h ik
i'rnhnte Judge
Mi. i n
TMibm .
ltejtlBter of I
Sopt. of Schools
Sii|>t, of Hcultli
Justice of the peace
Clerk nnd Aest-hboi-
Tren >ur. r
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Wind
Fonrth \V nrd
I itiii Ward
Township.) UoliOC
— Frank Dal
I' A Nil.liul
W I. Hsrve)
F H licbk*
1-iunk Anderson
!• u i m
V A AsHtoi
Olive htuhhl. licit!
Dr. B. H. ( i
Q. E. I i
s. Ihil.iiC
\ .1 II i Inrv t'ludrniai
N. H. Ktfuleston
i Bi n<<lii Res
.... P. A. Cordell
F. ii w raj
Kiureiie DCIIMI
. Thomas Ourner
.0. \\ SchtofM
I \\ I,';,-!
licnnct Creech
.1 I . Avail
. i A. A lleaslet
i J. \V I >aII rot
< nAN
I-Kit IIOAlll) •
1st v ice Prosidroi
•ii VI President
Treasnrt r
lfecordlinr Secretary
Correspond iiifi Sc^r.-niiy
... -I F. Ay a rt
1. .1 Kalkl<> -•'!
...J. r Fletcher
M. T Mllli i
II. it. (iilstrap
M. E. C'hnrch—Eil i: . Pastor. Preach-
ing every Sunday ,-.i II n. in. an I 7::t p in
Sunday School at Hi n. ni. I'raver in.-eiiiiq
everj Wednesday t 7 p in Youun Christian
Workers meet every Saturday at p. in.
Presbyterian Church—A. I- Thompson, I'ns«
tor. Pr.-nchlntf every Sunday ii. t!ie month ex-
cent the first -it 1 a. "in. and ,np in Sunday
School every Sunday at l i a. in. Prayer meet-
ing every Thursday at ; :;!< p. in.
Baptist church—W i: Chandler, Pastor.
Preuchiu* 1st nd 2d Sundays each month al
11 a. in and . 80)'. ni Sunday School at 10 a.
in. Prayer meeting Friday at 7 p. m.
christian Church—Communion services 2d
Slid 4ih Sundays of each ino.-lb at 11 a in Sun
day School euch Sunday at In a. m. E. I). Prow-
er, Supt.
Congregational Church M. D. Tenny, Pa tor.
llibh* School at 10 a. m. I
nt 11 a. iu.
After Ivllllnvr Hynnmlte I>lek and Rlauuht-
or KM, lir l)ln;ip|H ar.H. an.' Poodle Iteyln
to Recollect that he Norfr Kflnlly Ap-
Guthrie, O. T ,
Sam Schaefer is
opinion of this community. A week
ago Sam Schaefer was a gorgeous glit-
tering fact, 1 spangled with tbi i -
splendent accoutrements of a hero,
over-loaded with high-worded enconm-
lums, ami cited as a latter day marvel
!n ail tin* tenitoiA. i'oiay ae is not -
ing but an empty myth, without being
or conscience, invisible aa the Okla-
homa wind and as friendless as n bar-
ber among Indians.
Sam Schaefer was the man who ap-
peared, according to the newspaper Ye-
ports, in Guthrie a few weeks ago with
blood In his eye and hair on his teeth
arid announ I that h * v is from T \-
as. It was given out at the United
States marshal's office here that Schae-
fer asked to be put in charge of a
posse; and that he started out in search
for Slaughter Kid and Dynamite Dick.
In a few days the dead bodies of tho
bandits were brought into town over-
land without previous notice. The
bodies were torn to pieces by bullet*
The identification of tlie bodies was
complcie. Then followed the story of
. Stephe
Southern Method! t < hureh P. II. Romlnn
Pastor. Prraehiii.; itSuiniay in each month
Ht 11 a m and 7. i' n.
German Evangel c
Pastor. Preach In,: •
in ( ourt Home at IJ
Catholic. Chur h -1 i\ DeGrasse, Pastor.
Servloca 1st Snnda) n cadi month at i 1 a m.
I'nion Y. P. S. c i; li n Gllstrap, Presb
dent. Mrs. Jay Tennv. Corresponding Sec-
retary. Meets each Sunday at ti -.u p in , at the
M. E. church
Mt. Pleasant Itaptist Church (Colored)—O. T.
DanielB. Pastor, services every 2d Sunday o(
each month nt li a. m. and : p. in
African M E. i hurch—Rev l-'razler. Pastor
Services 1st Sunday of each month at 11 a. in
and 7 p. m.
Mt. I'nion -t 1 hurch I. W: IVi'mns,
Pnstor. Services at '2:31 p m each Sunday.
t Sunday School at a in.
gXCItfa.1 aOClKTII S.
Masonl**—J. F. Avars W. M ; W L. ITarvet
Secy. Meets 1st and :id Saturdays of cact*
1. o. O F. s M Rowley, N.
Sec'y. Meets every Monday.
A. o. l\ W.—W. L Harvey, M W.; John Rie
doker. Financier. Meets 1st :>n I ;td Tbnridi]
of each mouth.
G. a. It.—P. W Rasa, P. C.; A a Deasii i
Adjutant. Meets every Wednesday.
Women's Relief Corps—Mrs. N H. (illlstn p
President; Mrs Mce ltasli, Beo'y. Meets 1st
and .'id Friday of each month
How the Haiti more <;irl l>l(T<-4*s favor-
ably from Those of Others
The Baltimore girl is a t> i e of her-
self. Slic doesn't read the newspapers,
Is not much at joining societies, has no
mission to reconstruct the universe, Is
n delightful conversationalist, 1m ,i
equanimity and amiability of disposi-
tion, has no fads, and is not bothering
her pretty head about Emerson, How-
ells, Ibsen, or any of the Boston idols,
but when it comes to shedding the ra-
diance of beauty, kindly ways, nnd win-
some fascinations on everything and
•everybody about her, she is equal to an
aurora borealis. When it comes to
power and influence with tne men, she
is equal to ■'! dynamo, from an eli trl
point of view. She is not after any
' rights," because she has the privileges
of a princess. The men all adore her,
and while the Boston girl is construing
Browning the Baltimore girl is peeling
peaches or arranging strawberries and
cream for her best young man, who Is
coming to tla, or perhaps she is down
In the kitchen with her pretty sleeves
rolled up, giving the finishing touches
to the preparation of terrapin, or the
roasting of a canvasback duck.
the desperate fight with the outlaw?
I he battle was headed by (he mvstevl-
oua Sam Schaefer, who i.hiiiKi'd into the
heart of the i"r:iy and wad. ti in hloud
up to hi, ankles, clubblriK an.l shoot-
ing and sinking terror imo the heart-;
or the enemy.
"When the dead outlaws were brought
in. Sum Schaefer did not appear. The
people were fed with stories of his
every Sunday . I"'<>wess and all that, but S\ini him-. If
was no where to b- s. on. The newspa-
I per men were told that Sam was st'll
on the track of mil I ,| „ :,„,| a little
thing like the killing of t«,, ,.f ti.,.
ou!!ay" I" the territory would
not be allowed to Interfere with his
dtead journey of destruction.
Several days passed and Sam the Bold
"I**™ appliance. Notwithstand-
ing this the newspapers everywhere
hisrnlel!! nf hiS °x',|oits- " bands
nls picture was published with as-
tounding and pitiable dilYen-ne.*s of
opinion as to just how Sam l-mkevj. One
J exas newspaper pictured Sain as a
smooth-faced gentleman with a fine
Grecian brow. A St. Louis paper had
private information that Sam had
V 1 " <lu'Ush mustaeh." and
i , ,s Pir,u,'e to that effect An
Oklahoma paper which was on the
ground and thought it ..tight to know,
divined that Sam was an old decrepit
I Mdd so U faC° fUl' w,inkl, s and
I But Sim Schaefer did n t ;-.pp,.nr.
| The authoritlis who explained t!i' kill-
A. D.Wright i ing said he would com.- in i-i two
I three days. But he didn't a 1 th
community now believer th a « im
Schaef. r did not kill the outlaws; that
there was no Lite!,, ,1 battle and that
th" at;! h • ■ t i, s I , i \. • • , ,.l flll.
not telling the truth In r<gai i • f the
matter. It is n- t usual lor iVputv
marshals who art brave enough to
tackle outlaws and abhj enough to
wipe them out to hide away from the
newspaper reporters; and the enciu-
sion is that Sam S. haefcr d )-s i. .r ex-
ist at all.
What purpose could the deputy mar-
V' 'ii ' anything
m leRar. the r. a th of the outlaws?
That is (he question that is eX<
the p' p!". Why the? mythical :
<-r • Every one agrees that tlie
if th ■*
rle; first \ Ice president, John Marrl-
nan, Oklahoma I'ity; second vice presi-
dent, J. M. Myers. Kingfisher; secre-
tary, A. E. Monroney. Oklahoma City;
treasurer, S. A. Stream. LI lteno; exe-
cutive committeo, T. E. Dowell. El
Beno; John Marrlnan, Oklahoma City}
G. 11. Norton, Kingfisher; W. F. Locke,
Norman; J. T. Farrall. Shawnee.
The next convention will be held at
Normen on the second Wednesday in
May, 1896.
Quite a panic was caused at Wash-
ington school house at Oklahoma City
yesterday afternoon by the foolish ac-
tions of ii citizen of South Oklahoma
When the dust storm first appeared
the fellow without any presence of
mind ran breathlessly Into the schoo.
building and shouted "there's a cyclone
coming, turn out''' His continued > ellt-
fi lghtened the children beyond iontro1#
of the teachers and In a moment, with-
out waiting for orders from the teach-
eva, the children rushed pell mell down
the steps stumbling and fallen < vet
each other in their terror. Prof. Hal*
lock was returning from the Bmersdn
school building where he had dismissed
the classes when the first warning of
danger was given and was on hi* way
to the Washington building to dismiss
that school; the system of fire drill in
so perfect in both schools that within
twenty-five seconds after the gong
sounds the whole school can turn out
In ex ell *nt order, and ;«t the upp r
school thl< was done,, but fthen tho
thoughtless fellow entred the south
school and instead of ringing the gong
shouted nnd yelled, all thought of order
and system was forgotten and no sys-
tem was followed in dismissal. It is
only a wonder that none of thff schol-
ars were injured in the rush, and as 1?
was the nervous shock which many of
them sustained will not be recovered
for some time to come.
Memphis, Tenn., May 11.—Despite the
chilly, threatening weather, the crowd
at Montgomery park this afternoon,
numbering upwards of people, a
large majority of whom were ladies.
Their enthusiasm for the sturdy sons
Mars was hearty and demonstra-
' Htm* of iianri'Ml lutrrnt From All Otm
the tiiiv «r*e.
VENEZUELA ETIQUETTE DIS- ,<?""> rrantl* ■■>. M«. 1! Trine* Frineli
i Joseph of Battenburg, startod on t to-
GUSTS THE OLD SEA DOO. i • ht o\ir the and I'nion Parlfln
lie troc* direct to Chicago and from ther«
to Niagara l-'alls.
Oarso'i, Np\ . Mny 11 -The preliminary
eMiintnatlon of John T. Jones, charged
u .th the robbery at the Carson mint, wai
>: ; :d.-l to-' > Jc!u:s was bound ovftt
t.. -ij j < ar for. the grand Jury with bal
i of J'-'jAU".
ftun lo, N. V . May 11. -The village ol
Washington, M,.v 1 1.— S.r.ooa Hazel- 1 mltrelv Aralrayed l.y fir.
. . ... ... , .. I this mOrnlntf. Not a house was left
ton, United States minister to \ nt sue- ; st;uiding. It Is reported no lives
la. who is in Washington, ostenlbly on I Hre lost and that the property loss will
leave of absence from his *,•••-1. will not 1 reach HOO #
return to \ cnezuela While Admiral Trenton. N .1 . May 11 -Qovernor Werti
... , of N Jersrv has l.^ued a prorlamatiop
Meade was ;it La Ciuajaia wlt.i h. • .iciar'nr, v.i'd charter >i of aliout WH) ursan-
squadron this spring be lia l occasion • • ■ ioi-franlzed under the laws of the
He Won't go falling «H rorclgti AltnUler™
Then lie Luilgii Complaint Acaiutt the '
I tilled Mutv* Minlrtvr llurlrlon n lio
bcettia to l.oo*e lilt .loh.
to communicate with the I'nlted rttat. a
legation at Caracas. Th president Is
said to havetocted Immediafely and this
accounts for the minister's sudden de-
parture from Venezuela for \\ ashlng-
ton. Admiral Meade's report, accord-
ing to persons who know What trails-
piled at La Ouayara. reflects severedy
upon tiie sobriety of the minister and
asserts that the buisness of the lega-
tion, almost from the date When lie
took charge a year ago, has been con-
ducted altogether by the secretary of
the legation. Mr, n. : tlemann. who ha -
been stationed at Caracas for the past
five years.
Mr. llazelton arrived here Thursday
and has since been in consultation wlih
the .state and navy department ollL ials.
lie has desired to present his side of
the case to Secretary tlreshani. bui ow-
ing to the latter's flckness, the r-
ences ha • e b< en with Assistant St cn
tary Uhl. The mlnistH- has asked for
state be. a use they have neglected to pa$
tax oh for 1S9.\
omah.i. Neb,. May 11—A special front
Lir -In to the Bee says: The Jury in the
af the taie vs « x-Htate Treiinurer
Hill to rei.nvi r t". hi.imo of state funds lost
in the . i'lure of th" Capital National bank
of Lincoln, disagreed after two week?
Paris. May 11.-A big srm«atlon was
c!used here today when Abbe de Brogllo.
brother of the Duke de Rrogllo. was mur-
il. i e.l hv a woman named Amelet. Tht
abbe was the woman's confessor and she
.1 • in. 1 h«> had calumniated her. Sho
Was arrested.
Chicago, May il A large number of the
striki: k employe: of the Illinois Steel com-
pany returnt ! to work toniffht and tht
strik- Is pra. tie.ilK over. The < ompany
refused to allow tlie return of the men
who had been prominent In the dUturban
«e during the strike.
Ban I a Cruz. Cal.. May 11. 1\ A. Hlne
r•.I ..'hers today cnnimenced suit against
i■:iv Treasurer Williams to enjoin him
nterest on MOO,000 worth of
w rworks bonds, and to have them can-
11< i| The bonds are held by the Hoi
opy of .he charK,s made Ly Admiral j SJ",'| ^ruz, rompany of New VoAl
Maade, l.ut the ili'jiartm.-nt lius nu. neeatur. 111.. May II. It Is Ju i learned
at liberty to give tn- ni. t)i s afternoon that Donald MeNulta, son
HAZELTON'S STATKMI'N'l. j of General MeNulta. eloped last Thursday
When seen by a r presentatlve of the | with Miss Henrietta Seott, daughter of
A^s.iel'ited Pre-^s Mr Hazelton eaid: ex-Congressman owen S.oit 'hey were
Assoctauti l it - ,ilia mnrr'od last Thursday evening Genen
one agre
outlaws L. „
but tlie people ;,re l.« ginnint
that they w. re put out of tin ..... ,,,
manner that is not .«. creditable to tin
such as th
They are scon
around. It is de
dits were corner
and shot down
defend themselve
also said that Hill I
ference with the mi
Dynamite Dick and
Tiie feature of the opening cercmonles
was tho presentation of the various com
panics to their sponsors* After the
troops had been called to dress parade
shortly after 3 o'clock, the sponsors,
with their chaperones ?nd maids, rep-
resenting the best society of the city,
were driven in gaily decorated carriages
to positions in front of their respec-
j tivo companies, where the presenta-
tion occurred and the colors were de-
livered to the sponsors. Then followed
a parade around the grounds, the com-
panies forming In the following order:
Major General It. 1$. Snowden and Colo-
nel \Y. II. Kellogg. United States army,
and their staffs: the Iowa state band;
two companies of the Ffth infantry,
I'nited States regulars, from Fort Mc-
Phers n; Company . A. Confederate
Veterans union; the Veteran Chicka-
saw guards of Memphis who for years
held the honors as the best drilled com
pany In the country; the Washington |
Penclbles, the iic~
cup; the Chirk
Governor's guards, who will re pre?
this city In the competitive drill; the j
McCarthy light guards of Little Hock;
the Thurston guards of Omaha; the ;
Neeley Zouaves of Memphis; ealey Rifle
company of Galveston; the Norton
Cadets of Washington; Battery B, |
First regiment Light artillery, Ohio i
National Guards, and Companies D
and K. Third cavalry, i'nlted tates |
The afternoon exercise
eluded with a brief drill
participated in by all the companies at
the gioutids. This evening a larg* i
eiow.l enjoyed a concert program by |
the Iowa State band.
Camp Sehofield presents an animated
seen.' tonight. It Is cool enough fof
camp fires and the boys are making
the mod of tiie thirty-six hours that re-
main before the hard work of the drill |
I wish to be entirely frank on this sul
ject. 1 understand that Admiral
Meade has made a report tontainiug
serious charges against me but l havi
not yet seen the rep I: Is doubt:, s
due to the admiral's fe.diiuTS c ci .. ru-
ing events which happened du:i:ig l is
i e< ent v lslt t i Vfiic suela All i I i
:: as sill v.. -ihly a.'- ^ : 1 '' ■ !
miral was much displ- as-d with . -rta n
features of his visit, liefoi leaving
l.:i Guayara he stated that !..• would
report that I Was drunk at the roc ption
tendered him. This and t.ther things
may explain the anim is ol tin < hargei.
•• \v ht ii tin' admiral was about to come
to Caracas, I ucciv.d a telephone mes-
sage announcing that h'* would arrive
at 2 o'clock the next day. With my
secretai y, Mr, liartltmann, 1 at once
made up a list of prominer.t officials to
be called on and t > be invited to the
reception to the admiral. We went
about from 4 until lu p. m delivering In-
vitation . Again we w. re busy with the
work until 1-0 p ni.. the next day. so
that when the admiral arrived at 2
o'clock, I was almost exhausted res-
ident Clesp I had de--im..iud u'e.ock
as the hour for calling on him. W e ac-
companied the admiral ■ nis 1 all on
i ded to call
olders of thX Galieston I the presid-nt. Then p:— d-d to cal. they w„
,, ir„'irrinnd thi I ,n tLi- members -I met ioln t. Forth
" ,U 1 N<;T Till: ' '< HIKE. T TIIIN.1.
After s. veial «f th'-s- alls had
made Admiral Mead.' g: • w impatient.
II e said it was Improper I >r an admiral
to be driving about making calls on the
cabinet. We Lad nli -a«i' mad- vral
sails, so that i said to Admii al Meade
thnsp on whom he t illed to call, after
c >11* 11;ii -s. I remlnd-
ul l ha• to remain in
i.e ! f; and that 1 did
e nib a i. assment to oc-
re rh Mined about
the <1001 •• lone of th.
This al - irritate 1 the
i.-scntel what I-.- re-
ndigniiit l pre ding
having seen
1 him iliat i
con. ! Venezuela all
look, i w!2 > • "
i -nr. Then w
| thirty secml
I . abinet of!i
admiral, and
married last Thursday evening General
MeNulta had bitterly opposed the match.
Quebee. May 11. —Official reports from
the vicinity of Fort Chlmo, a ltudson Pay
e.nnpany'e trading post, on I'ngava bay,
show that owing to the severe winter
t wo-t hrids of the entire tribe of MontaK-
na's Indians trading at the post have per-
:sh• • i of starvation in one seaaon—over
10j iu number.
Berlin, May 11.—Alfred Behoen. a young
Gerniiir of Philadelphia, was
ret nnt ly ai rcited while visiting his
purents nt Caub, Prussia, and was pressed
Into the naval service. flehoeii was
ehargel with (It--verting after six months'
; e, three years ago. lie was taken
to Swinamunde prison.
Detroit. Mich., May 11 Upon the pre-
liminary examination of I>r. Seaman and
Mrs. All..- I. '-- who are char«.-d with
having perforin 1 a criminal operation
that t ausi d tht d< ath ol Emma Hall. ••
voting Kngllsh girl who wes sent to this
country by her betrayer,
Bell, both defendants we
in $5,000 ball.
i, ke, Va . May i L Telegrams from
Po. ahontas state that large crowds are
gathering on the streets and that terrible
. \ :. in. nt prevails. Only a few new men
begun work this morning. A meeting of
mli ers Is non going on across the state
line. M:iJor Simon has wired tho gover-
nor for additional troops and It Is thought
ill he furnished.
Worth. Tex . May 11— At a reg-
of the Sherman post (J. A. It.
anbury held today, strong resolutions
on.leninlng the utterances of Commander
rha\. r. of Massaehusetts. crlth lzlng the
iTueiling of a Confederate monument In
> . v.t-re unanimously passed. Such
i.-tions were chaae. ri?.ed as "unwise
.mkind and unpatriotic".
i Francisco, May 11. -Local insurance
ire cs ti .\v tlaily more disturbed with the
ontlnuance of the rate war. The Glrard
on< lude that, with slashed
pr.-i iuins California buslne«« Is not prof-
;i.-iide. . 11.1 I o mor. policies will be wrlit.-n
i,. 11 u; '• r pres-nt conditions. Its r
i ha
away to thf
nt thn
of stories floating
ared that the ban-
i In a farm house
ithout a chance, to
in the least. It is
"din had a con-
dials and gave
■daughter Kid's
M. Paul
ould I
hiding plac
d. r the a;,
let him go and not reveal his
°'*y to nn>' one. Another story which
ting around is to th. etfert ,i,at
was no pitched battle at all; that
m,(." shot down while
jjhep in a farm house, and that wh-n
l!1,','1! were being brought Into
Guthrie in a covered w.- - M. x,.w.
one of the . Utlnws. . am- to nn.I '
on his elbow, telling th
Only Street Accidents Ho Knew Of.
In one of the primary Sunday school
classes the lesson of the Good Samari-
tan was being reviewed. The children
were ready and anxious to answt r the
questions almost before the teacher
could frame them. The teacher asked:
"What had happened to the poor man
who had been burt and was at the side
of the road?" Little Johnnie, who sel-
dom speaks, raised bis hand. The teach-
er was pleased that Johnnie had plucked
up courage, and she said: "Well, John-
nie, you may tell." "Please, Miss A ,
lie was run over by a 'lectric car."
he was disabled
to kill him. as tli y tie
done. Then, this rumo
the marshals placed a
forehead of the
substantiation <
Mew MmmjftMiii'iit M ill
(.'liccr the "Sound .Money" Mmi.
St. Paul. Minn.. May 11—The St. Paul
Globe, th.- leading Democratic paper In
Minnesota, today passed into the hands
..f a new company. Harold Smith of
Chicago becomes its business manager,
and .1. C. Pvl.\ for the past fifteen years
a .'-soda te editor of the Pioneer Press
takes the position of editor In c.hf&f.
George F. Glft'ord, who for the ^ejst
thirteen years has been night editor,
now becomes its managing odltor. The
first Issue under the new management
will appear tomorrow. In his editorial
announcement, Mr. Pylesays:
"The Globe politically will stand for
the advancement of Democratic prln-
ipl • everywhere and for tho future
success of th- Democratic party. Trust
marshals that in the people; the greatest scop, of frt-
e\ e
la red that it w.
or an admiral to 1
•abln-'t. 1 had '•
. xpei ience of M
stom. 1 t ndeV' the
1. - ; cha
National Lea«ue of M us', ians
ni. ■. | unanimously not to a Hi 1 ate
Aineii. an l-'ed.-ration of Labor.
.. .!."•• id. : to appoint a committee
Was hi iv' on and protest against
torinf: of musical unions by the
on or the Knights of Labor nn-
ter have first been Issued by the
nl customs of etlquett-
be observed.
"Another irritation occ n
ing on the foreign mini
been arranged that we .•
and other countrl-s r ,
should invite them t«. t..
the admiral later. Mr. B
this as the usual custom.
. decline i
le pt
and none
eptlon to
a nil gave
s. o. May 11 A forty foot
gasoline 1-iuix h built tor Ralph Granger,
a National Citv banker, exploded today
v. idle o-t its trial trip. Its occupants,
tlc.e vouths. were thrown Into the buy.
It 1 suiipose. 1 that the bo> s smoked elgar-
.•M.-s too near the rasoline tank. Two of
ti)., bov.s Wire . i-iparat iv ely uninjured
but th'.- third, Frai.k Fltzpatrick. Was
fatally hurt.
Omaiia, Neb.. May 11 A special to the
Bee from Tekamah, N--I< . says: The fain
mi - phillips murder trial in v iii.di fix e Bur
nflity cltisens were Invobred was
eon diid.-d todav with a verdict of acqult-
;: I Bob.-rt l'bdlips wa ' shot mi hi* - al.'.n
last w Intt. It wai all* ged that \ gllan-
tt-s headed b\ James Blunn
ing them not J action of the people; honest govern-
Light they had ment, with reform in the conduct of
says, one of i public office everywhere: unconditional
revolver to th- war on paternalism and centralization
and fired In in all their debasing forms; a tariff for
story several 5 revenue only; sound money, and the
,. . 'mb's 1 :v sa\ securing of e.iual rights and equal op-
that the flesh on the right of the fore- ! porluniti.-s before the law for all. poor
bad and rich, labor and capital—that is the
tiese things naturally had a
cv to anger the admiral and,
a to make a rcpor
d with him.
• \ I I .Mil) W I
od or
Id u
H.Mllt I I'l I i;itv
a matt > •
ould to h
. i nment
villi the
bad exp
d surrounding th.
ly powder burned
But this doesn't
Sam Scli
i ting on nv
id everything
igi . able and
...rt, the Veil-
not greatly
t .of Admiral

XI d
the in vis
shals Invented the pitched baiiij part '
•ill tt5'"-v|w,)l,,d,n Rurally claim
all the credit for It. But strange to Sa\
they resign all the glory to Sain Scha.'- i
lei. a man whom no man in tiie ten-'
tory outside of the marshals.
er re-
Tolstoi says he always eats a raw
onion on rising. This prevents any in-
terruption of his literary labors.
Tt is claimed that the Grand falls,
on the Hamilton river In Labrador,
have a drop of 500 feet.
that S haefer is
<ut.1 the killing ht i,us • th.-
fri. nds of the two outlaws will find I
extremely difficult t . take v.-ngcanc'.
on a man who does not exist
The Injunction case by Caldwell an.'
others vs. Major Freeman, Indian
argent of the us,,.s. was b. f..,v Judge
sterday. The judge denied
fin the lt<>i«il.
The highwayman had called the good
gentleman from his steed and at the
point of his arquebus was compelling
liim to render unto seizor tin- things
that were not seizer's. The good gentle-
man protested, for he was rich In plun-
der, and was loth to give up to the
robber. But the robber was greatly
pleased with the situation and calmly
proceeded to fill his pockets from tho i
pockets of bis victim.
"My friend," pleaded the good gentle-
man, It Is not meet that you should thus
take my money, my watch and my jew-
"I should say It wasn't," replied the
robber, his eye sparkling with greed
and glee. "I should say it wasn't meet;
its pie."
Having secure 1 all the l: tub-
man possessed, he addetT his richly j
caparisoned steed to his other accu-
mulations and rode away laughing
Live alligators have been seen in a
creek at Cape May. Jersey whisky has
always had a hard name. Even
North Carolina moonshine prodm ts in
their rankest days never produced
onythlng worse than mere soaker
| the writ and h< Id' ti,;
! was authorized to k,
| ervation any parti. - he mi^ refuse admission t•> • n
of the law In the discha:
duty. The plaintiffs w.-r.-
"" the.i 'sage 1 i11- | ), ,
to the Indians' credit ; ml \
; into the reservation to .
! debts and attei
| and Major Fre
Indian agent ! p
3 res-
d to go
■t their
platform, broad enough and inspiring
enough for all the true men whom the
Globe does not a spin to lead, but only
aims to cheer and comfort and incite
to the battle - ut of wl)lch is to < ome
eventually the civic victory of the ideal
I ROSTl ^ l II HER i r NOR1 H
IhniHgo AI read v I>osie, ami Predictions
Made af Much More.
Omaha, May 11 Reports from all over
Nebraska indicate that last night's frost
did comparatively little damage. Gardens
suffered som° in many parts of th. state
In the northern portion grain on low
ground was affected and will lie put back
a couple of weeks. Snow fell last night
at Fort Robinson.
•hi -at;.. M iv H The signal offi • here
. i;. ted today killing frosts for fifte. ;i
ites in the we.-it and northwest tonight,.
The bo.-, ti of trad- was notified of i he
expect-d frosts although the weather

\% h.-thei whe at was likely to be seriously
Minneapolis. May 11 \aiiuiis points In
South I'akota report that light
night hurt g.
ere pl.t
uld. d i
for the last
Shawnee County's Attorney Will Not be
Party to Proneeutlnic the Governor.
Top.-k. Kan . May II —C'oiinty Attor-
ney Sa IT ord announced today that h*
would not cause a warrant of arrest
to be issued tin the complaint of G. W
peters, i hargin-' Governor Morrill with
i iv ing obtain. I money under false pre-
it of ti - ' treasury. 11 • •
-. the vou hers which Peters re-
t.-rs t" as evidenee show that they
\\ep given for, that the auditor of
tab- had full knowl. dg« nf the facts
wii-n he approved tiie accounts and there was no concealment by the
t . v • • i 11 i:.-! ! !
Such a complaint he says, stat.-s no
. a.use for action and h-- will not be a
th.- state of Kansas orHhe county of
wlitb- mine si
my house, wher
expense, the o-
that he- k'-ep g-
late Hoard V
journs U Ithout Deciding on
-oil and U heelan.
an. May 11.—'The state
itlon adjourned after
vidence in the cases of
g that a
of Which
m. would
mot able happenings from
the world at large.
Boiled Down For llu«y Minds Into
NutHhellit (Jtviiit; Vulunble Infor-
mation of lbs Circuit l*nH«|..a show
aa ulennud Iroui tho Wlr« lloporta.
Tho gold reserve went up with a
ipurt to 900,000,000,
Tho Hannibal, Mo., Daily Times has
suspended publication.
A class of 10 graduated from the
Nashville, III., high school.
Count lvalnoky; Imperial Foreign
Minister of Austria, lias resigned.
Cuban insurgents have captured two
forts in the l'rovinco of Sautiago.
The most destructive forest ^r s in
years are raging iu l'cunsylvalia.
Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson has ar-
rived at San Francisco from Samoa.
Advocates and oponcnts of tho 10 to
1 idea are drawing tho lines very tight
in Texas.
The War department has made a
number of changes of stations of
Ratifications of the treaty of peace
between China and .Inpau were ex
changed at Che-Foo.
Admiral Meade has announced his
Intention of retiring next year under
the 40 year service rule.
The State department has received
information of the plan for a union of
tho Australian colonics.
A committee has reported Treasurer
Speed of the Mississippi Episcopal di-
ocese short in his accounts.
Fulton Gordon, who hilled Ills wife
nnd her paramour, Arch. Brown, was
discharged at Louisville, Kv.
Burk Cock ran is said to bo pr par-
ing to renounco his American citizen
ship ami enter Irish politics.
Paul 1'otter is in a big row with
Ileerbohin Tree over tho production
of "Trilby" on the Knglish stage.
Charles Garrett of Lebanon, Pa.,
was hhngetl on the 7th for tho brutal
murder of his wife on Sept 13, 1804.
Attorney Booth threw a book at At-
torney Zachrit/. in tho Duestrow trial
at Union, Ma, and hit a lady specta-
Cashier Childress yf the defunct Co*
luinbia, Tenn., National bank pleaded
guilty to embezzlement and got live
Assistant Postmaster (ieneral .Tones
has ruled that Postal department ex-
tra work tit 11 •• t be dono by ehgiblaa on
the civil service list.
The three men who murdered En-
gineer Holmes of the C. «fc A. near Car-
linville, III., last week, have been
captured and have confessed.
Theodore Kosvelt, Col. Fred Grant
and A. I). Parker of New York, have
been sworn in as police commisioner
to succeed Messrs Martin, Kerwin and
Governor Culberson of Texas, lias
re toed the bill legalizing tiie consoli-
dation of a number of small roatls
with the Houston and Texas Central.
The veto is basetl upon constitutional
The Grand Council of Missouri
United Commercial Travelers, closed
a business tension in J^ctialia, Mo.
Officers for the year wero elected as
follows: Grand Councillor, F. S. For-
ker, Kansas City; Secretary, F. J.
Gould, C hiilicot.lie; Treasurer, D. H.
HafFner, Hannibal.
Alderman J. Eugene Gordon of Seat -
! tic, lias been sued in tho supreme
court by his wife, May Gordon, who is
: trying to assert her interest in nropcr-
i ty tt> the amount of half a million tlol-
lars. She alleges that Gordon desert-
ed her at Caudersport, Pn., ten years
ago, and since going to Seattlo has
accumulated about seventy-live pieccs
of va.u.i 'e j. •crt
Young Mr. Somerset, son of Lady
Somerset, is a tall slim youth with a
j grave and severe face. He is about 'JO
years of age, and is very popular
atopng Americai h n ig to his unaf-
fected and pleasant, manner. He end
ed a short visit to Now York the other
da}', when ho sailed for the other side.
Two Eastern insurance companies,
the Glen Falls of New York, and the
; Traders of Chicago, both represented
I by Yoss & Co., San Francisco, have <le-
cidcd to close up their business there,
'i his action i- ascribed to the ole-
| sale rate cutting practiced f<. two
General Van Pape of llurlin, is
Tho new chamber will assemble
August 2.
Tho Mississippi bankers are iu ses-
sion at Jackson.
l'he Arkansas State Bankers' asso-
ciation is in sessiou.
The Tcnnesso Legislature inaugu-
rated Governor Turncy May 7.
Georgia and the Carolines have pro*
duced 945,000,000 iu gold sinco 1702.
The Southern Baptist Natioual con-
vention met in Washington Thursday.
Two men held up a stage near Mira-
bel, Cal., autl robbed the passengers.
General Reca o# Buenos Ay res, has
been elected* president of tho sen-
Lady Ivimberly, the wife of tho stu
retary of foreign affairs, ti led last Sat-
Mrs. Malta Moviancn has been ar-
rested in New York for running a bur-
glur school.
The court decided that liquor iot
private use may bo imported intq
South Carolina.
One striker was shot and four po- «
licemen were injured during a riot in
South Chicago.
Tho War department is examining
prisoners with a view to letting de-
serving ones go.
Tho Florida authorities still hold
tho Spanish warship, Infanta Isabel,
in quarantine. •
Dr. S. O. Hocker, mayor of Stan-
ford, Ky , hanged himself because of
domestic troubles.
Fifteen men were asphyxiated in
the ccinent quarries at Ccincntvillc,
Intl., and may die.
Tho stockhold *is of tho Whisky
trust inet iu Peoria and adjourned to
meet in Chicago on May It).
Peter Turuey was inaugurated ns
governor of Tennessee. No Republi-
can legislators wero present.
The United States cruiser Castino in
investigating the arrest of Consul llal-
lis at Mozambique by the Portuguese
Exchnngo bills ou the United States
are refused Argontmo Wanks un-
less they specify payment in gold dol-
The Oklahoma Central and South-
western line is to be built at once, and
contractors have under taken to have
tho work finished before the end of
tho year.
Oscar ilt!c was released on ball to-
day after furnishing personal bond for
SI 2,000 and two sureties in 10,250
each. One of his sureties is Lord
Douglas Hawick, eldest surviving son
of the Marquis of (jueensbcrry.
W. G. E. Zee, o? New York, has
been appointed receiver of tho Colnm
bia Straw Paper company, of Chicago.
The company has a business of 8200,-
000 outside of its bonded liabilities.
It had defaulted recently in tho pay-
ment of interest. The available as-
sets are 950,000. There is also r. mort-
gage against the company held by a
trust company which has been fore-
Judge Brown in the United States
circuit court at N> v.- York hoi denied
the application for writ of rcnfoval in
the case of Collins P. Huntington,
president of the Southorn Pacific
Railroad company, indicted in Cali-
fornia foi violating tho interstate
commerce law, he having given a pass
over the Southern Pacific railway to a
man named Stone.*
A riot broke out in the brickyard of
Walsh Broi., seven miles above Hud-
son, N. Y ,* and the sheriff of Co-
lumbia county was called upon to
quell tho disturbance. Tho body of
datnes McGuire, a hand on a brick
barge loading at the Walsh Bros,
dock, was found in tho river, and the
belief is that McGuire was thrown in-
to the water by infuriated Italians, all
of whom • ere -drunk and demanded
an increase in wages.
King Humbert of Rome, has signed
a decree dissolving the chamber of
deputies and fixing May 'JO, as tho
date for the election of deputies. Tho
second ballots will be taken in June.
Twelve hundred .blast men, em-
ployed by the Illiuois Steel company
at. Chicago, have struck, and tho striko
extend to other de-
• men demand better
r help, claiming that
!od tt) work unucces-
of the i
oriiit-1 that frc
annuit> payment I
denied them per-
• - «« .-o, j'hey asked for a '
W'-"iI ..f Injunction , nj..iiii„K him from
ejortlus them and Int.-rf.-rloL- u-,!i.
J'"™- TI u,i held tb« agent I
had ample authority to mak< the ordor
an l that the plaintiff's r.-medy was by
appeal from his d- isloti to the secre-
tary of tti • interior Jud I ife Dan
-"of Mi^-url and Mr. J. u. Keat-.n
an-1 t p' m • r'i'ed f0r th" l,Iai,lti'Ts i
V? , •' -'an. assistant United
states attorney, for the Indian agent.
The Territorial Flremens association
closed its third annual convention in
this city last evening.
During the m :ing over fifty dele- 1
from various towns in the •- rl-
vere present. The principal f.-a- !
ture of yesterday's session was the i
i. "ti :i or new ofilcers and passing rt s i
• 'I'lons. During the afternoon tii fir. - i
r. en were addressed by Govern Ren- I
ri 'W. Die following officers wem elect-
ed to serve tho ensuing year:
President, Cleorg- w* Taylor, Outh-
ops in I.
but no damage to wheat 1* reported.
Sioux City, lii . Jisv 11.- Dispatcher
flora points In Iowa. South I ako'a and
N lji a ska report fro-; last night, damag-
ing garden tru-k and f'Ult tn-f-s >'<>-?
and 'in is grains were slightly damaRtd.
(jreen Hay. Win., May 11—The m.i;t |
se-.-f-re hail Htorm e\ .*r known in this vicin-
ity swept 'he count! \ Ijs' night. -M.u- !
.. i al d sa. .'1 I nil i.ngR l.attt • - d ir.. Th
loss amounts to thousands. _
li I.I E AM> tilt.V* WILL MINGLE.
on of Ad
gati -n h«
ed that Mr. Ila/
been other than ag:
Jury Deed ti'-- Tli. th
ventyFlv# Tliuuranrt Visitors Expected
nt the Houston Rennlon. ^
Houston. Texas. May U—Seventy-flve m'orn!ng ihe
oiisa nd visitors a • x ; • • t-1 i: ti . r. ; .
ting of tho United Confederate^Vet- | has ,, j,, ,
Dr. Arthur T
-1 ILM) THI VI..
Illlllonulre Mur
Is -
May 11 - At S
Fiftv-ei<*ht nt
Mormon faith w
on their way to '
bo provided wit!
The party was n
Knglish and
equally divided
rived at New Y<>
chor line steam
was in charge ■.t
pearcd to be bei.
There are 23 n
^at- a' ' ' ■ r
Court at I • Snii
Lives of foreii
t>n the I1-!and o
iiug1 the
a:pauic-. with busi-
i can be but little
converts • to tho
f We t ia-t v.ceU,
iii, where th ■/ will
ouics by the saint;.,
o up of lierinans,
and was abo it
.y '1 .
on one of the An
i. Elder Raymond
bee mverts who up
the average in '.n-
ifi expectc i to
partaients. Th
! withes and form
j they are compel
I sarily burt?
The remains of a dead man were
f mnd about one ini'e northeast of
'.rccn! .• 1 ti, M".. Wednesday, and have
not as yet been identified. It is
hought by some that the body is that
,f tho i o!c i i csperado. Hoffman, who
!;a-> been pur-ued by deputy marshals
f.;r several months past, and was re-
ported a4M rrouuded by them in this
v iniu «.ii:a few days ago. It was
then "anii'ie.icd Unit ho had been
vounded, but managed to escape. The
n . . . ,ip.-earaiicc of a man
.,f i !o : . -vitli dark l.itir, a ducl -
ng . a' • nti black ha . The man had
t mot stat.ho. The bod}* was consid-
. - i h'y decayed A bottle was found
n ' e . 1 .♦ ...-a with "Aurora" blown
lurders to be
III of tilt Unite
in the
Thorn n
t lu
re endangered
sa by depreda- ,
| ptes
I tory
and state encampment of tcxab
voluntt - rs May 20. Large delegations
from grand army posts will attm 1 and
'".encrals S.rhofleld and Wheaten have
just written that they will ulso be here.
fommander-ln-Chief Gordon and other
not. I ex-Confederates will be present.
The camp will be known as Albert Sid-
ney Johnson camp, and the auditor-
ium 1. is been eharl*tened "Winnie
a mill; .n
♦ i.ig c 11 y
ad klllet
Mood, f a
ond time
1 -1^4,
\rho In r e' uary.
V-is wit-' an ! child in c'd
; him ane. This is Cn • c
- suiting In a disagreement
vv1 i pleaded insanity t
consequent s of his crime
u • 'i n charge of murder n
' ''nd the state's nt
It is rep >rt• '
Pittsburg & ti
for an entrance
of Schrcveport
■ t a!l«-<i.
—A call for a
oads an
>fli >rs of •
s still ic
Lteuipt :i
ide to i;(
nkland, Cal., a
ah eil his two
i I then killed
as the cause of
ur a at Nash-
'leu. Andrew
ear the herini-
d :i urn ged by a
o was blown
roof, and the
e . I by water,
was opened in
section is ao«

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