The Perry Daily Times. (Perry, Okla.), Vol. 2, No. 148, Ed. 1 Saturday, March 16, 1895 Page: 2 of 4

u t *
...««iiriAU 1 J. Bishop, Hurrybu.s, C, Javk-
rau.i*«uco itMi***
KBT B UKCMI ** !• and
Office on l street, half
af Public Square.
m:v*stii wabd.
For member <>f council J. W.
Johnson, long term, J. K. Falwell,
abort term.
_ _ For member of school board >1.
The Republicans Of Perry 1" Con-
vention at the Ctty iJall.
Official County and City P > > '
One Month
Tnr«H> Mont hi
«ix Month*
Due ni.r
nrnnni to any part of the l'"
Per W eo*
T«r Month.
A I ull Report "f the Priu r "" l!'|d ttl 1 "*
Mevrn lliir.-r.ul "nr. >> « > Ij"«
Miclit.—Our City 1. Well luprrwat.
it] liy ■> large XuUiUr of llie
Ol.l n.>y ,->' * Kla^uoat
Oralurit Weie Trf ut.
|Ci iiuhllt-uu lUllVflltloU.
• i -' I The republican convention
•MtlpnMua"tt ««UwMlield at tbo
Abbott, lony term; Haider, short
Committeemen j.j. Smith and I>.
B. Catteel.
Deli;ates j. F.Oardell.D. 8. Mom
J. Chambers, W.M.James, F. Scott,
Grant Brown, J. Gist, A. G. Gritlltli.
T II fcOWAHP. 1' I l y }\;
' t.'unty Attorney Notary IMbiie.;
j..I ESKH'.llT,
Uelerenc- —Farti^r®* and Merc-hafts* B^nk
Attorney and Councilors
ttiec over Bank of Perry, Pjfff ,'Yi
r lawyers! j
bmam—i ** mmm ' n
I hall at 2:30
to order by A.
order wa to el
ni .n, J. J. l-iiri
| ballot of 30 to
13. K. Glbbeii
> j i-ri | rary
^aillr« Mr. Enri<ht up
. r: •'1 nlo a f. w
very able mannei
interests of the j
The following
On ci dentials. 0. T. Yullieforro, f
I'lijr OiBcUU
W K. Stone
lieo. \V Puiit'll.
C. A. Morris
1.. i . Treeman
W M BOWlt'l.
j. V. Rootle
rirst Ward •;*>' ,
TMr'l !'■> ■ " ' lY
fSBUS? S & &«;
glxtiiWard 0 o. Darn. A.M..
naporricitorricui.' ^ ^ |> v
R.Klater u.Klni
Chairman • .Ttmothy W^ratl, | , ru
gec'y and id s p A n
The Mountain* r Had «• llata to Oe-
cupf UU Mlntl.
One morninjf an I rode along the
II. Meutinn «s call- 1^,,^ 0f tho I'imut Cumberland river
H, Boh Ik* W in tho inonniain N|ta Ol K< nt«i'lcy, 1
! -i. i -mp i .ii y thai ovei.took a man afoot,and we journoyod
,uli i,. _■ ol* d by • I along together, for among thoso
| mountains aiu kiinl of companionship
•, umno- la preferable to tto orerUatimf atill-
' ' ' . . ness of tho hills. I knew him by sight
to bo one of the lealintf characters in
more than one deadly feud, and ono
who-.- record of blood could not he
A complete line ol Clanks '.o c.yfiform to the latest Oklahom.
, >aws at as reasonable rates and as neatly executed a. can b. found k
Barber Shop. the country. Don't send away from home (or your work nntil /«
J. R. ELLIS, Prop. ^ ^ % ^ ^ ^ ^ wfi hav, g;ven you pnCOfc
Sixth M. opp. Court House,
n i;itt, |
iiiK the chair
reworks lu n _ _ ^
e behalf o. the j qQostioned, and h ' k 11*'w m ' as a man
who W1W in tho tlmb. r business. With
this much of an introduction, oa.-h ol
us f. It easy in talking, uiul wo talked
aloag verv pl. a-antly in various ciian-
til I touched upon the last
Dmmitties were
,, , . , \y I UUIB UUW * iuuvm— ~j- --
T A. i-; " 1 • 1 11 K' ; * j mountain war, then only a few weeks
son and W. L. M
Lewis Ja«
63 and ore
t t?U t. l Ulrwctory
W CTR/n.'^ Lou.y.Uheuev.C. W. Olmstead and
lienrTw^t J.SOiMt.
i. ii.Mij v i . s of twi :tty mmutes was
tniont of the
u m i PI r of business nnd
inv' B. 1'' 'iin \V. M.
'rnJ'L. Bailey. 'v Koopl.
rosTorruK. l.vncb, 1.. 1 ■ 1 os\ , «!■ ^ ' i
.0. P. Draco w'm> stanley, O. W. Hurley, H. D.
McKnight anil J. N. .!> ntl • nil ain't got my gun.'
Our. lutions: O. G. I'almcr, G. - '*
W. Purcell, T. R. Cook, J. t>. Ander-
Chief Just'. **
Associate Just We
r S. M:\rslial , ,
®ui*t Pub Instruction H •
rreasurer. ,t .
Attorney t.eneru..
school lAndt'onimlssloner ^ ,ion
COUXTT 111 | x. nrfa«r
\ K Mus«-i : 11. . o I., v « 1 w.i -i e o I to Olut .
Probate Judge, i 11 1 • nl^ "
Attorney i a iiansci Tho oomi 1 11 1
gSrii:::::::::::::::::::: ported and was adopted. be«kedta mua .«r
Ke^tster of Deeda m ' . he •(.'« tu n
juitu-e 'ti tiu' iv.i.v ^ v; • ' and j
TmX":«r"w°w Mecui'iou.-ii. a n I„ ,. light Hon. A. H. Bole., ^ Pnb. In DAiw Tnw, March
— . \v .limited. ; j a I '1 • > OP. A^L '
by MO.!- ' vera a'ke.l for | OROINANCEIBO
■How aro tho troubles now?' 1
u.-ktnl without goin>; into d>,tails as to
what trouVlos.
• I reckon they'ro settUn' some.
■ Any danger 111 potting around?"
None in these part-, 'lhat s why
nn't got my gun."
1 had notle ■ t'uit he didn't lia • it
when 1 overtook him. but thought, it
oolitic not to ask why.
"What tile mischief," 1 askod gooil
r.aturedly. "do you stay in this coun-
try fo:.
"Bom an' raised yer, that s why, 1
reckon," ho laughed.
• • That isn't a pood reason for stay-'
i In", you o lit to go down into the
[lentiala re-; '
Physician and Surgeon,
office first dcx. r south of <-• lobe llulldinK,
Residence corner of Tth and t St.
IS j, lio it all i >nn< t v s
to which human tW-sh Islu-.r, with ,1 1 the
late remedies and api ' "v ^ uttcn. inn .
fit her t.i town or country hy dav 01 niuht j
— dt.-i-a--'- of ,• t ,m ruptures j
and ill.- .ases ol women and children.
Bank Supplies.
A. F. Prucha,
Manufacturer of the Finest
Brands of
Lithographed Letter Sfeads,
. v"^ Deposit Checks,
%C. Sight Drafts,
•Tin, infortn 'ion.
comxiftsioRh " ,
VIP auken and C W Olmsted.
Notice to Advertiser®.
Cory for display advert! m l'•
Tim - 11111*1 l■ ■'r t.• 1
??l"a m V. tnsn '".tay Parties harln* newadi
ehanieairtU i leaa« r, nemlertkls i
•rn themselves ac oril.n - >
"THE timkv roi.iT"' *t \ '•'"
Protection to the American silver
Protection to American lainir by pr.
nn American industry.
For president of the United State5*,
William McKlnley, of Ohio.
A part of Kansas City burnt \ up
last night. There are parts of Kan-
sas City that ought to bo burned ut .
but unfortunately as usual the d.
struction did not strike in the right
abilenk llKfi.r. .OR: "bho i '•>
for the sea," says the Topaka ( •]
of a young lady who dressed as •
boy and went aboard ship. Would it
not be more proper to say she pMlU d
for it?
An ordinance to amend Section four
t of Ordinance No. ltM, granting a
franchise to the Howe Pump and Kn-
in >ino Company to construct and mam
tain a system of water works m the
I city of Perry. , ]
Be it ordained by the mayor aud
j councilmen of the city of leri..,
I 0. T.
Hill unit. • Opposite Court Hows* We guarantee r.ur W"rk to be Cjintl to any to be found.
- i. - 1. That that portion .;f DESIGN! NG-STUCCO
. ^ a!„__ce 1^4
S. ;ion four I of Ordinance_ No.
iel! provi'Us for the levying of a AND FRESCO WORK.
^•bofwtaSttePSfrenuip^ FURNITURE REPAIRING
annually Uvy ar..l c:o> \ to I. <jarpenler and Joining Work
t oil. ted a special tax su icient to t
- p iv the rentals herein provided. Uj captain burrow.
J":-.;;.,KSKi'JSSS «... e •'«" -«•'
iy ' oiL- j pa8g3ge, approval anil publication.
: Approved ibis 14th day of March, (tlrgt in daily times Feb. :th, i-v'■)
mplate list of the (j. \\\ Pcrsf.ll, Ma>or j ^ ^ ,1; eoart of Soble county,
erent re- j [seal] City Clerk. jTerrttoryof okla^ma^
Painter, jimes publish ^o.
Ten. men to Solicit Subscriptions
to the
J. T. Kenneek, A.
pli | Pub. in daily Times, .^larch N j
14, MM),] Brown,
IM'en'lant, N .-llle
'iat he l>een
>ut?tl in'th.- *11 -Ti" ct i art ft > 'ble county,
ordinance no. 183. i n . - . !
Brown.Inn; a t. n .
, , , n An ordinance to amend section a„,i-i ' •VV- '-Ti
boaru J.C.I tU*rt>0 3, o( ordinance No MS grant- • "^n fl"-' ln •^d-c? n
j ^
; ''(three '■ of ordinancei>o. lbo grant- . ... •
lor' iug a franchise to the Howe Pump | M lri h w - . . n t u , • ar and
' and Kngine company, to erect and I .m^v. r,
ti. I maintain an electric light p.ant m the f,,- i r, and dl«-1 j
and for .
Even though the enthus istic era- L-
verts of reform may think then w L
should be politics in religion, yet tt \ For mem or of sch
will discover when they get on the j .;;„cr< ten.". C. f.. 1 ay lor,
inside that there is very little relator ,.bort u.r..,
in poUties ' ; tr \ : p' "!!V of'Perry. O. T.
—— ■ rtr1 timer, J. J. Enright, D. I. MJT, | H ; b.. — - -
The Missouri legislature - n ^ M_ Lvncht A. \v. Lee. J. Tallta- couuc;imen of the city of Perry, Ok-1 costs o. 4 u.*st.
That section C ^ ^ ' '
0 • — ...—
an'i jut._fni*- iv >
divorcing the r-
itv Ol rerry, vj. a. U.jivina the b« :mI
i He it ordained by the mayor ana i,etween , a
J. Taiha-1 1 c —• n'-1
A- -Linn la- UT uu uu«.. P ... r-- -
M in after tho paftaage wd
[organ. . I ubUcation and acceptance of this
A CoNNix ru a man has invenwa q, itral • ■ eemen J. v. L be ba ling upon
a machine to measure the rapidity of j Kooglo and 0. A. Taylor. , it;, tor su< h time ar '
a man's thoughts. It will not be used Delegates—J. V. Koogle, C A. ; Howe Pumpjtnd
ln legislative bodies. There the T;lyior, M. C. Ford, F. . Farrar.^ A. ty shall annua
i t_ la_ *3,1 ol.i ii- t li :i f :l \\ t' r" i > \ j i, .. I' .i i. \ ; \ t ! 111 , C. 1) k a .1" ..1
In Noble and Pawnee Counties.
Subscription Price
oOc till Tan. 1st
. . i Terrlt Oila
company Its I ' „
a like period i " 11,1
i.uniter' ompaa
ar. A. successors ut ^ „r ,
— — m |—j —I And the city shall annually levy and
thoughts are so slow that a \\ ater- Museller, A. T- Ituey. t. liraa- ^. luSt, ,() bt; nollected a special tax -
burv watch gets away ahead of thet
W. A. Stone,
cause to be c.
. ,.tor W.A.Parker. si.ffic'.ent to pay the amount herein
— TUiiti) ward. a rretd to be paid for electric arc
Miss Ellen fiKAc^ vw^ -ud^to ; ^ .c,m w C«tor. '• ordintnce ,ball take I KU
have the longest o . ,onlin"0 l'ur members of school board Start oieo: and be in force from and afur • ^ . .
singer in the world. . , tarm Bnaaard; long term. J. A. tit, , ,;.,a.;e aV-■--roval and publication. J .
says she also has the longest neck ot Approved thi- 1 tth day o! March T.
any woman in the world, aud that rinmillttttlturf* ^ Moffett and'Im-
probably true, as Del Is no amateur ^'n u .
when it conies to female necks. ^ yj y. ;f..:-, \V. W.
A democratic judge of the county Keaa, E F. Moyer, T. B.C ;. H.B
court down at Kansas City votes Poto. roy, Simpson, I. 1. '
twice on questions that come before Uitclti: ward.
the court. The example of Pmkey >oun,; j. A„der-on.
Blitz was not lost on he w w me, , r t f s,hool board L. W
Kansas City, even though Pmke\ •
light was concealed behind the walls ^;;mlltCi.mea Joe DaUal and J
of the penitentiary for a time. Rs .
Our Weekly is a laige Eight
Page Weekly, all Home
Print Paper.
Frank D«
lefendiint 5 ar
C . W. PUBfiELL,
:«i * City Clerk.
from \ i
and said above
r.e-'.:untlreo5 ;v>
•rest at T per cent
:zs of this action
The Blackwell .Oklahoma Times- For d< 1, -aU - to ?
Record reports good Oahing at that Matta,*K. Olark, j. d. Andarsoa, l.
place The odd ^hing about it is the W. Vount J- « . P_
way they flsh there. The streams in Stanley, 3o Da.^al. « *• s'em '
that place are dusty during ten berger. kieth ward.
months and the fish grow legs like - H,rbauC'l-,
tree toads Thev climb the trees Ft council!, an J.1-. B WP.
when the streams go dry and tishiug For member ot school ooaru-& K.
to best just before me coring fraahata. HowendoMwr. - . . .
A party of fish.raie.i is formed and For committeem-n-Henrj R-cker
thev go out at nigh! and surround a arid F. D. Nims.
tree Thev take with tbem a tub in Delt .res to conien • ...
sections, which ia placed around the C uu 0. \V. Gurley. F. H. kc-
tree at the bottom. Then tore.-, s an . - itar'.J. k- lvn._l- '- "•
lighted and an imitation of rusi G e:-e r asters. C . \i. •- -. ier
water is made. Tue fish Waka ia McKnight
JSSiFor member ef^choel board -W.
H C"
Blackwell sport, - Sedgwick PanU- a^ ^
graph. , 1
& ^ :
>f Apr. . A. O. I1
. ar.d that l! y- a
so answer an*.l app<
be taker, i- true.
judgement be
- 1 r •" 5
viand do
? | and'"inters.- f* ■
• -4 at
* -ent f^r annum an'
i d** it-a: 'f re<
> .-s -
:r.z sa!<i iUe^hanl"
HS, aid for cos
U of
. i th.-. action
In witness
•nt I have hereunto
niv ' ar. t 5- ~ ! atTlxJ
1 the s«ul of said
« urt
thi- a day * Fei-raary, M- " at Perry.
c Koble coanty, Okla
homa Terr.t ry.
J. H. IIAV i.HOEu,
i |sv IT
therk Olst. Court.
' fc. 1. TEBBE. Oef
You can make
You Solicit.
Mary K. j sh** has ;
-- * First Pab. a Dailt Time* Feb. 22. '*" .]
- In the district" art of X oUcoasty, ter-
* « ! ritory of ' feinhoma
* traai B. l'. rrouzTi«, p^atiff. ,
•r • Mary F. B< rroo*fc4, d rJ
, * l ■ The a^ve . named
Bunrmxlts, vrtl tale iv, .. - — —
* been RM0 la the dlstrxt court of Nobte
= . i i cour.'r. terr1.* ry rrf Oklahoma, by the
filair.;:^. Frank /. BarT'/Uzhs. :n an action
ordlror-e, and :.Kjat - - • must ajj-ear and
\ answerth*- -Jonwhich has been Illed In
. <iltl c art by the plaintiff, on or before
1 the '*hilay ? \r-rll and If s':e d* es n< t
% ai i-lir and ar.i*er, said futitlc n w ill be
' is tj-1 ar.-l Judgement will ' e entered
i ! aicalcs: her mrrtnicthe plaint Iff frt a her.
1 •; -5. .Tin* the r, .- r ma-rim my ex-
Utlr.i , ... .fTa .lthe .• fei.d-
1 ant aa*lfor costs of sul;.
W - ;itr~ - vdday««f
r J Fe^ raary A. i* - c, at Periy. Nobie county
J H. ilAvitiUowrr.
•■At,) Clerk l>Ut. Court
For Particulars Call at
t * - xarw ■ i'. ■ ■ ■ ^
: Oklahoma territory.
' By K. F. Tebbe, deputy.
Doctor Cullimore.
-tj:rgeby prefepures'
Otlice: North side square, D street, near 6th street.
Residence: F street, near 6th street.

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