The Perry Daily Times. (Perry, Okla.), Vol. 1, No. 177, Ed. 1 Monday, April 16, 1894 Page: 3 of 4

*--V .
t ^
lor the Next 5 Davs! We will retail
Klour = at - Lesx-tlum = W1 k)!esnle = 1 Vices.
j Inn. ", Hi h Pat. nl j>\ ' '• K. i Ill Iirll "I llic- VW i ;"i..:u. We :iic> il"iu ■ flii I" I"
You Never Hc.ird of Price*. Before. Ha ♦ and nil Kinds «j( at the Lowt st l-'i ir.ti :.
sni \ ;ii ■ii;i i.i.i'm ! i a is r.iiM u soi.ui or m i a it •
11'"' I i'lill iiul \\ ill hint!
pn. I- l" the in", j d.ty
11. PERRY & Co.
! ly \ "ii in ,i -upplv.
* /
I. X.i 1 V |'I I
MH'UI I \ |' "«*
I ... al I i. .. lit
Oil I II
I. K | i« - >
i Ulvt r I s pi . -
I . W i -1 i u\ III
o i i 11• • i • ■ t.'
, |'i ii) , Oleta- I ■
\ .inn- ui «> p. in -. ' > i •'
Mil - ixth it IK I seventh, \l*'tor-
«• w •*!(. aie .
I'M.Mi ll. j. w. <
Mi'kcii.wi Tailor.
fruiu O'lulioui* i ity
ha- opened an establishment on « strict,
• uilii «t tIt' —i ti. and wl.'. becntnt a |"■ i •
mum-nt fixture In l\n iy.
m* II A - n l.trsre line of Kordyn and |i<•
\ iiH'tftit ^uUlnus tiii* tin- "pilie- tiuHe
and Hmoc who call oil hin w ill pet the In- t
■ •I .o.l- ma.I. up In .-I. -:'ni style
Mr. Kvpinski has had a nuin-
bcr 111 wars experience in the
i largest cities and is a lirst-class '
I In* i'irst Regular Meeting of the New-
ly Elected Councilman Convenes.
\u .Al'tivi mil iilf.'«'stiiiu m't
portion I it \«• 1 u.iiinv <'inii
i'oinittl - Martha i. i'olic#
<' i i y surn'jor hcli-«
Why ?
As Well ;ls .ill ViHll
Let your wife suffer w
\..| luiv .i IMLihle (j isi
St< >\i
Why ?
cr tury.
< . o. i . I • l
. IVIT;.
I' ll ti
, W
I iwanipni' in V>
\ -n Til'-i!ii) ♦**'■
^ . Hall. \ 1-it.lH'j pan i
k in\ Itt'il to aii"ii'l. .
n i i-i; an. scrltoo.
left Satur
(treat was the «
the first meeting-
council Saturda\
i . J>
*J ni.M - I nia r!> "M til" " • * * * i ■ I .'il I
III, \\ •••II-..' • 1;I . • '1 • I' ll I!"-II' II at ll.iil
,,i |.. t . \ I t'• cni'P lily III V!t -'J
1.1111(1.1 .1
Harry Palmer of I
du> to bring his wife and family from j h;ll| w,„ ,.r(lWl|,:tl 10 repletion
I opeka. j ,L mojsjf, intelligent and orderly
Walter Pasco, one of Perry's young
attorneys, goes to Arkansn
day on iegul business.
| il wan. As ihe
('it v |«smile jiotion-t of
tieularlv tin1
l.t'O \l: V\ A 11 i
u \ :n
4 I \ \
• hill! W'JlU
\| l « ns III
i' I . I; 11-* i ■ >
tae fli r t uin*.
l Ml
• i ii:v iiiviifl.
... So < -I.
•V.,v t- l-i
i it> Hall
•rov,d tiiut attended
>f tin* iiewly-elm-ted
veiling. Tin* eitv
imsitu'-s proceeded.
i lie eouneil evohed
ippi.niM'; linn was par-
wiien l he names of
waw select'd as llieotTieial paper <!
.Mens' ihj\ and eiiildrens1 i-lotliiiif j the eily. Iciter eu;idu< l« d audi
wiiieli d«-t;, competition at. !*•"« ' r ^atht red jin-ad. , j ..
lie \« \\ S'ork 1 : \ t'iooii.i St orr tljiiildifig, and lUnonun « f tne iii^lost
..rder charAeieri/.-d tin- proceeilmg-.
It>..ii v. an I I.. ?,.tve your . shorilv aftero'clock die ma\or,
and liuilrl a lioic i.,r yourself join itie i riu iin,| , onneil entered lli-
Perry l>iiilitiii|> and loan association. , i,ainl « r ami
s. >1. hot in of Ahaliti". ]
Cui'ikt Sixth and I) Streets,
I' ii 1 e\ Ingram •; "Ov, 1 pliartnacy {i crCftin appointments \v< re annonn
i is the wonder of Perr>. It iUU] when the PKliRS lUll.* Ti
' also a
eat work ol art.
at pri«
, L. .iot . Ifiv
Soin' UiiMf al
i Who
>j(ii I'
run fvl.k liii'lt K i\i{hs.
may lie rather
i v and perfee
<• iiipeiiKation
\\ c may sa\ in ei
belie e (bat ft will
firm oi men 1 o eome
, in briek maLing.
| Hi:-.t good briek are
ui aliimdanee, w
expensive hilt its util-
tion is regarded as full
the expense of
11 h
tielusioll that We
pay any man or
nei e o nd eng age
The knowledjfo
here clieap, and
Real Instate
* - tuned tin
in this nioruiiiK with hia family.
will l.tiild imiiK-'Hatch on his lol
!•' st ref-t
Short i\ at ti ;• I he I ottlo ii Wl
il to order hy .Mayor Stone,
eouneil proceeded to iainine
l mayor briefly addressed the
\\ •• are >howin^ a intoriiiing them tle t owinj; to a pn -
arriayes which for JRljrt. (,j important husinenM, it had not
iihi rlUt-iK.
-ill lli I in
Mali;. ImuKi'v
line of children
style and <iualit\ can not In equalled.
< 'ummings Brov. n.
I!r. (iuido Schafl was seriously in-
i juried yester<lay by the runuinp;
horrent John .M Hro^un jumping in-
to the buggy >>f Dr. Sebaft.
i 1 Ti^dale of Perrv lea\e.- t-iduv
- wrap
imt the
h. The
en possibl
Inaugural, but
li^htennient a
? ions of the i
rived lroiii a
liiin t
that att
some en
tin present comii
V-t affairs to hi do-
esamiiiidien of i
he would hi* able
• e
■ •ui
nl\ i
. I. Ill l'< lli
for his farm near
; heeii in tow n sev
.intm-rtin nntl
of ah ei
to looV
- i
to past!
pit nt>
i al vve
! return
• property
lie in
n )eav€
ah or t i \
outline (lie Intar
alt\ ami 6peak
t iiat c|ue.-1 iuii at
the count •!
• I the ma voi
i fully upon
t niC'-t inp, of
vt ti
compti* lag
II « \ I J 11> CJl i.unl ,.i. rh-
Mire j ilc.i'Ji
i • . . .it Oriel
Ills I I A1I \
I It." il I l|. 1 c
i brick
• Ii,.- I .mi .,
liigrt-dleniv i
w >um pa> i
a boom in bri.-k houses ainl ii
the right men «-.#me here with i apital
lo put in a jjood plant ami with mon-
ey and patience to wait for a reason
aide time we believe they niipln sun -
Jy count on slice* ss.
lt. K«' l.illle (.hint I'lIU
Are the most t•.unplete pill on the
' markci, iicsides being the cheauest
( as otu pill i^ a dose, and forty doses
in each bottle. Kv cry pill guaranteed
' to ^i\c satis!a . 'i |jy all drug vista.
-\ lillc <
A Bar,
.it, 1 ranting
South side.
i nrner on 6th
•rry, 100x150.
a in.
lots al all prices from
t>. I!
.f .
I 1
i.. Ahiilit thirt; iicadut.u k
ti . Will furnish pasture and [ nomiiution,
1 if vvaier, -alf etc. < all
Bon Ton
candidate, h.
Mtilt hair (d northeast ipiar- aubu'iu.-h • !e« ,.-.p
j > p-.i V >
J >1. 'ilea
•4 ,11 Llilie
oil of To|
le ih ber
of ( hi.
,f. W. I.lovd of t'hicago
J. H. Wehb of Chicago
A. i . IK nton of St. Louis
etion 14. Terms s.t.00 a head
for nt asou, one-half iu advance. W .
I . (Sagi-.
All loyal hulie:. of the city of Perry
and vicinity .- *• requested to meet at
tic- P. cs.iyti rian -l urch Tuesday
sfternoon : t • o'clock for the
; the W. It C. The dc-
cesident, .Mrs. Jennie i
here at that time for the !
ondueting the organi/a-
also install the ofllcers i
I'lc 'tcd. IU order !
nf orgp i/iM;
uartmcnt \
. Jones will be
purpose of t
, tion and vill
i after th
k his a 1 t h
eil board, facing t
b:\cfiv returning iie
ft.!- the honor confer
('ouncilman Ifevt
tlr ? resolution ev<
newly elected boa
w II Kit 1
.ither i
t e 1111 "
t hp ii tie
mayor, after
ietrls tliank-:
• laid beforr
l. It read
in the
of th<
ime a
l Si Louis came in 1
t >da>.
(I. L. Watch is her
I>. (' Hevo: 1 from Oh
in today.
\V. (iiallis of ('incinnatti eaim
"in toda\ .
J«e. Dillingham
Jhe oil v.
little Oil: M.riln-
There will will be a meeting in IL
IJ. Decker's . Dice over the ji >stofliee
from Porland, tomor.-o.v evening at S p. in, for the
purpose of organizing a base ball
team. All base hall enthusia<4tK are
eiodiall'. invitcil to attend. There Is
good base bail timber iu Perry to se-
lect from and a good team can be put
• n the field.
t ti:
•• ! j r-1
frniuMiUe lia imm-h jfraut.'ii t
i aoi'Ks for our licaiitlful eli
•■.•ft \\ a • i or'a \ i-i'j 'ji '<• anion ii
>1 Ui n iif this eouneil law
• •• -aid con
red to the
of Montana is
ii' i i...ui
<i v. liichaid IL llubl aid the silver
tougucd orator from « ! the South will
lecture in Perry Saturday night.
April 21st. Gov. Hubbard i* one of
ame in the most prominent men in the Unit-
ed .States today. Having been Oov-
ame todav and ' err.or of Texas four years, minister
penipotentiary and envoy extraordin-
ary to Japan under the first Cleveland
King city, Mo.. . administration and temporary chair-
man of the national democratic con-
iu thin morning ' ^'Hjion in 'si that nominated Cleve-
land. His fame as an orator is a>
; broad .!s America. His subject will
Thos. (ioodmaii is here from Boston he "Life in Japan."
ind may invest.
\V. A. Parker of Kansas City
in today.
Kd MeFarlaiul of Chicag
K. F. Vail of Peoria
niav invest.
C. M. Peters
came in today.
J. K. Kern eainr
from St. Louis.
Iv A UrosH of Milwaukee is in the
city and will locate.
S. M. Fink of Midway Kansas is in
town and will ioeate.
ChI Chapman of Nebraska City
• came in this morning.
A. c. Rider of Philadelphia came in
this morning and may invest.
V II! Ill I III S. I I
Alii* <'iirni« nl
The I :
nf tin (
S. K. Hughs came in today from
I'Vankfort, Kv., and will locate.
Perry'- luMiinus ht-aui.\ .
In i-rldc ot youth and 'xraee
In ii - lira vi' nnd i;oi ^eous carnival.
\\ ill hold a eharinline place
\nd la continue- rare ainl pleasing.
\\ III all t Iu- feci In s\va\
\ iihaiiia-iiiuiffoi ia
In a well set plotlo*>" play'
Tlie Merchant's Carnival p/omis is
to he a grand affair and will prove an
undoubted success. All the ladies of
I 'linn. Murrv is iu from Ol n l.oro, eity are interest,.,! niM, what they
take hold of is bound to go forwar 1
Fa vet-t
Hyde came in today from
, Mo., and will invest.
\V. P. Ormand is here from Port-
land, Or. He represents capital.
{nd In lli was ncc. --.-ai \ .
i iti itri oi:k lie it n-.- . I In
and ■ Miin.'ll In :• ralar - --I hi.
ill 111. c I- .ill 1M • -• -| of three Illein
ii.eli ap. ilnted t"i tic p.
\ e-i Il Iiii. 11.'- manilt : ■ il il l t!
ti.i I to 1 >• i 1 ■:S rwoi
The resolution wa* rafei
water and fire committee
ol tic follo\>ing eouneltim
.Mes-;;s. Itiley. Cornelius, and i'etite.
Councilman Hertz was made a mem-
ber of the committee ex-otti io.
The following standing committees
were appointed by the mayor and ap
proved by the councili
Finannce, Petite, WallorstL *lt and
Ordinances, Metz, Mover and Da-
claims, Morris, Moyer. and Brady.
Water and lire. Itiley, Cornelius and
Streets and alleys, Cornelius. Moyer
and (,'Grrjgnn.
City property, Davis Riley and
Judieiarx, Met/, Morris, Levy.
Saloons, Metz. Petite, and Corri-
Rules and order of business, Hert,
Moyer and Wallerstedt.
Mayor Stone then read the- follow-
ing list of appointments;
Thomas J.Taylor, city marshal.
Richard Plunk :tt, assistant mar-
NY. A. Ma lairs, police oflicer.
\Y. A. Lindsay, city surveyor.
(). NY. Buck, street commissioner.
(>n motion thcs<
were severally continued bv the
. plain -itself it show ;
.(■•'I that peopl fibmidarc
in Perry as a place likely to
leinpt capital to praetir-al invest-
iio-ntH. In re.pis tu Si ('o., tin
Ti.mi.- can sa\ and truibfnlly say that
iu this section of coir.itr> tlici,* i.-, an
ilnimlar. o of the most « xeeHciit claj
for brick manufacture. NYe h.ave
porsonallv examined this clay in one
of the v. ry r'.-w yards n -ar this city
and, as we have some small know-
ledge upon this .-uhjt : i we feel free
to say that there is no better cl-i)
any w lie re el-c in this country than which is indigenous to the soil
in and surrodiuling pe; ry.
Now, it is well known that tin
ij.iality of any"kind of briek depends
primarily on the kind of earth ehos-
• for its manufacture. I; is
weil known to experts in the business
Hint there arc three principal classes
oi brick earth which we may grade in
to" following fashion. Pure clay con-
sisting of alumnia and silica, in vari-
ous proportions and with a small pi v
ccnlage of other salts sip !) as iron,
lime, etc. There Is here also a second
class of loams o:- sandy clay, which is
of excellent quality and abundant al-
most a - river water. V. < have in a: d
around this city, toe, a line qu i i\ < f
marl or, earths witi: a considerable
portion of lime which cannot fail t<>
make a splendid brick. Aiso a pure
clay whleh, when mixed with water,
will make a fair brick, but which is
liable to crack and shrink when d. n
ing or llring; but this fault can he
remedied by a mixture with milder
earth or a certain proportion of sand.
The clay from which the bricks for j
furnaces are made and which is al-
io entirely free from lime, magne-
sia and like substances, is very plenti- i
fill in this section of the c<-u:itr\ and
iji;ite easily eomeatable
As to another question of our cor- !
respondent we can say, that while
there is little or no briek buildings)
going up at this time there is a strong
probability that before long there will
be al o)in in that direction. The
principal buildings going up now are
composed ent'rely of stone, a brown
grey, white and veined stone that Is
quarried here and which is splendid
material for building .purposes. A
number of buildings are contracted
for t'> be built < f this material, prin-
cipally on the great square of the
appointment * city, but we are assured by prominent
architects of Perry, that that fact can
with Wlllf ,V
The only OASII MARKET iu the WORLD.
3 lbs steak for 2o
Porterhouse 10
Rib-Roast, 7
Plates and Boiling Pieces •
Pork Sausage ^
Pork Roast 7
Sliced Ham 15
Breakfast Bacon lii
Dry Salt Meats s
C St., between 7th and 8th.
S i s upward. C.'liaiut Mail of busi-
ness ability fan pun hase halt
interest in the best paying fac-
tory in the territory. Favor-
able terms.
Restaurant lor sale, cenualloca
tion. Big profits A rare
liotlom chums on Mack Hear
from $.p_>o to $ttoo.
Hollom claims on Red Knelt at
from $.|00 to
The finest
S t ,200.
i. \ i m in the strip
I largest list ot claims in
Win. M. Cobb,
Over Postoftice
J. H. Wolfe
American and European
N. A , for the purpose of investing.
<>. N. Tyler is here from Columbia,
Mo. lie will invest and go into busi-
<'. flood now inhere from Clay ('en-
ter, Kan., and may in vest and go into
flood pair of men's shoes at very
low prices atthcNew York Dry (loads
Read the locals of the New York
dry gooda store; they will save you
For an elegant pair of slipper in all
shapes, go to tlie New York Dry
Goods Store.
Call at Cummings Brown and sec
the New Domestic. Every machine
warranted for five years.
N. NV. Hooper, an attorney from
Leavenworth, Kansas, and a' friend
of Cummings and Brown is visiting
in the cit v.
with vim and velocity.
It will he a noble pageant of Perry's
graceful and accomplished beauties.
The salesladies of every mercantile
house in the city will figure in differ-
ent guises ant) produce a carnival
that will beat anything of the kind
ever given in Oklahoma.
The grand affair will be under the
auspices of the Baptists of Perry and
every citizen will do well to interest
himself to make the gorgeous affair a
brilliant success.
The newly organized "City of Perry
Band" will furnish the music. This
band is composed of cultured musi-
cians of large and varied musical ex-
perience and, under the leadership of
(Jus Ferrier, one of Hie most cele-
brated musicians of Oklahoma, wi 1
alone be worth the price of admis-
council. On motion of Councilman not militate against the interests of
Morris, the Perry Daily Timks was brick manufacturers for the simple
made the official organ of the city, reason that many of the buildings will '
The bond of (Jeo. NY. Pursell, City be a mixture of brick and stone. (
Clerk was read, submitted for inspec- In the near future there will be a J
tion to City Attorney Bowles, ap- great demand for brick buildings in I
proved and accepted by the council, the the suburbs of the city. Shacks i
Adjournment to NVodnesday evening, and frames are ready to give way, and i
in the city proper, when the lire !
Our orHiidmnther'ft May limits ordinance is passed, as it will'
Was to steep roots and herbs and he within a reasonable time, buildings I
use il every night. NYe can do the in brick and stone will begin going up j
same by using Parks'Tea. Nothing 1 in scores, and buildings a mixture of '
acts as promptly and without disconi- both. As t.> the kind of kilns in use
fort. Not a pill or a cathartic but in this section of the southwest, we
moves the bowls every day. Sold by j believe that the Hoffman method i
Perry Drug Co. prevails. The kilns are formed by a j
scries of arched chambers connected
1 ,,ok °u1, t by passages to 0m4 main chimney ;
O. NY. Buck, the street commission- Hue, each passage, or Hue, having
or is bound to enforce the tree ordin- separate dampers to regulate the heat I
ance numbered 100. All people in- at any desired point. Small i >al,
terested in this direction should look slack or other fuel may be used which „ ,
; out for the "new broom" which in- is fed in from the top of the kilns H 11 Til 1 Till TA Hil TI t".
variably sweeps clean. The ordin- through small openings. The waste LiiiiiuulO u
' ance referred to will be printed in a gases from the burning and
Only First-Class
Everything New
Centrally Located.
Rates same as all First-class Houses.
„ cooling
Wliat-M th. ii«i. «r Tuikiim fow days. elmmliers are made to pass success-
About coUIh and eougliH in the sum- ive into other chambers and hive out
mer tlmo. You may have a tickling j ooml Ti-iim umitni. ilu ir heal before escaping to the
cough or a little cold or baby may! Team of horses lli hands high, about chimney, thus completing tm
Tlie I,a,ties Aid society of the II. U. have the croup, and ylion it coiihm 7 years old to weigh 1,000 pounds, and elfeeting a partial burnln
church will give nil ice erenm social you ought to know that Parker's Musi be sold cheap, will bay cash, newly mado bricks before the
on ■ the square tonight. Everybody cough syrup Is the heat cure for il. Fuank Mhade, firing of tlio chambers in which these
come and nave n good time. 1'or snlfl by Perry Drug f'o. i Well* Fargo Ex. Co., at depot. latter are newly set. Such a kiln
Buffa best in the Territory.
«!§ 4 Doors South of C on 6th.

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