The Chandler News. (Chandler, Okla.), Vol. 7, No. 29, Ed. 1 Friday, April 8, 1898 Page: 4 of 10

Hauhy Benson Gilstuap,
Effie Gilstuap Fiiazi er,
Editors and Owners.
Lindsay L. Lewis,
Business Manager.
subscuiption, one dollar.
FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 1898.
Ever since it became apparent
that all efforts to secure free
homes would be futile so long as
Callahan was our representative
in congress there has been a
determined and almost desper-
ate effort to draw the attention
of the public from the ignomini-
ous 'failure of Jayancy Callahan,
tho imbecile representative of
of the Oklahoma free silver
trust, by raising an incessant
clamor about an alleged failure
of the 'republican congressmen
to keep the promises of their na-
tional platform and by asserting,
with a reckless disregard for the
truth, that the Hon. Dennis T.
Flynn had shown himself a trai-
tor to the people of Oklahoma by
secretly fighting the free homes
bill while openly professing to
favor and support it. This mis-
representation of Flynn has been
their favorite card, for, be it
known, the free silver trust of
Oklahoma fears Dennis Flynn
more than it does the great red
dragon or the octopus of Lom-
bard street. Knowing that their
unsupported statements - would
have no weight with the people
of the territory, who were so fa-
miliar with Mr. Flynn's consist-
ent and faithful record, they be-
gan .to seek for some reputable
person whom they might in-
duce to bear witness against
the champion of free homes.
Not succeeding in this, they re-
sorted to the manufacture of the
desired "evidence," and Editor
Bray, of the Enid Coming
Events, who is a super-heated
tamale in the art of prevarica-
tion, in the manner characteris-
tic of his species, started the
report that U. S. Marshal C. H.
Thompson had said in conversa-
tion with the brayer that Flynn
was a traitor and an enemy of
free homes, etc. Every demo-
pop paper in the territory eager-
ly reprinted the alleged "inter-
view" under startling headlines.
Now Mr. Thompson has re-
turned from Washington, and in
the following interview with the
State Capital he exposes the ori-
ginators of the story:
The State Capital reporter to-
day called 011 Marshal Thomp-
son and asked him: "How about
that alleged interview you had
about Flynn, which has been go-
ing around in the papers?" He
answered: "I had no sucji in-
terview. Here is my answer as
briefly as I can tell it," and he
handed the reporter the last is-
sue of the Enid Eagle, which
contained the following:
"In a recent issue of the Com-
ing Events there appeared what
purported to be an interview
with the Hon. Harry Thompson,
United States marshal of Okla-
homa, in which that gentleman
was made to use language de-
nunciatory of Hon. Dennis Flynn.
"Yesterday, knowing Mr.
Thompson to be in the city, one
of the Eagle force called upon
him at the Hubbard, with a copy
of the paper containing the
"'Nonsense', said Mr. Thomp-
son, 'the sheerest of fabrications.
Why, when in Washington, Mrs.
Thompson and myself called up-
on Dennis and Mrs. Flynn—we
are goods friends. While there
1 found Dennis at work faithful-
ly for the free homes bill. He
is its most steadfast friend, and
the only hope for its passage is
that Dennis is for it. He be-
lieves he will succeed in secur-
ing its passage.'"
It is fair to assume that some
of the papers that published the
alleged interview supposed it
was authentic. Such papers, if
they are willing to be honest,
will publish a contradiction now
that Mr. Thompson has branded
the story as false.
We have sometimes noticed
I that a man who has by special
' study of a certain subject and
extended investigations of its
bearings upon other matters in-
creased his familiarity with it
until he is willing to regard him-
self as an authority in that par-
ticular line is inclined to regard
as very presuming any person
who may venture to express
different views and to brand as
hopelessly ignorant any offender
who may have the hardihood to
suggest that the course of the
self-discovered authority may
be a detrimeut to public inter-
ests. Such a man may fail to
recognize the fact that if a man
tries to lift himself by pulling on
his boot-ears he will never rise
enough to justify him in looking
down upon those who may be
trying to get up in some other
! way.
Bro. McMaster, of the Oklaho-
1 ma City Sunday Globe, is an ar-
dent advocate of statehood, and
he has talked statehood so much
! that he really thinks he knows a
good deal about it. The News
has always been opposed to im-
mediate" statehood, but Mac has
always tolerated our position as
J an idiosyncrasy that should call
j for pity rather than condmna-
tion until Ave said recently that
the statehood rooters who were
; so eager for a few more offices
that they might have a chance to
: All were responsible in a large
measure, for the defeat of the
free homes bill. This was more
| than Mac could stand, and he
proceeded to answer (?) our ar-
gument by saying that the Ni-;ws"
young man was something of an
office-seeker himself and thgt
while heomight know something
some day he would be as old as
Methuselah before that' day ar-
rived! Mac didn't mean any un-
kindness by thus betraying
these personal charcteristics of
ours; his observations merely
indicate that he must say some-
thing and that it seemed easier
to him to say those things about
us than to show how the free
homes agitatioa and the state-
hood campaign could help being
in conflict.
At the present writing it
seems that the free homes bill is
dead and the question of state-
hood is indefinitely postponed,
and so an extended discussion of
either is untimely; but we Wish
to ask, briefly, how we can ex-
pect congress to regard us when
we petition one day for state-
hood,—saying that our people
are prosperous, independent,
and self-sustaining and that in
point of fertility and natural re-
sources the country is without a
peer,—and then, the very next
day, perhaps, we ask for free
homes, giving as a reason why
this request should be granted
the statement that our farmers
are mostly poor men and that
the burden of taxation and the
expense of opening up and im-
proving new farms are so great
that the homesteader cannot af-
ford to pay the government for
his land. It strikes the News
that the two propositions are in
direct conflict, but then, per-
haps, as Mac says, we don't
know very much.
[4-1 to 5-01
Notice for Publication. •
Land Office at Oklahoma City, O. T,
• March 12th, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the followltfg-
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make tinul proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before Harry B.
Gilstrap, U. S. commissioner, at Chandler, O.
T.. on June 8th, 1898, viz:
charles mcelhinny,
of Chandler, O. T., for the south-east H of
section 5 in township 13, north of range 5 east
I. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz: •
Edward Perry. John Bradley. Henry Bradley
of Chandler, and John A. JHandley, of Daven-
port, O. T.
Seymour S. Puice, Register
[4-1 to 5-6]
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Oklahoma, O. T.,
March 12th, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named person has tiled notice Of her intention
to make linal proof in support of her claim, as
the widow of Kenton Douling, deceased, and
that said proof will be made before Harry B.
Gilstrap. U. S. commissioner, at Chandler, O.
T., on June 9th, 1898, viz:
of Arlington, O. T., for the north-east H sect-
ion 21, in township 13 north of range 6 east 1 M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz:
Julian P. Hardesty, James H. Ilildreth. Wil-
liam R. Davis, and John Brown, all of Arling-
ton, Oklahoma.
Seymouh S. PuicE, Register.
[4-1 to 4-8]
Liquor Notice.
Notice is hereby given that A. J. Morrison
has this day liled his application and petition
for license to sell malt, spiritous, and vinous
liquors on lot 8, block 71, town of Chandler,
and unless objections be filed in this office on
or before the 15th day of April, 1898, said li-
cense will be granted.
• Witness my hand and official seal at Chand-
ler, this 1st day of April. 1898.
G. A. Smith. County Clerk.
(From 3-24 to 4-29]
Notice for Publication.
Land office at Guthrie, o. T.,
March 16th. 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make Hnal proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before K. A. Cor-
dell. probate jud«e, at Chandler. O. T . on
April :;iilh. 1-9S. viz:
james a. mewmaw,
of Davenport. O. T.. for the north 'S of the
south-west 'i of section 27 in township 14 north
of range 5 east 1. M.
He names the following witnesses io prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
Of. said land, viz:
Benjamin F. Bray, of Chandler, Oklahoma.
James VanCleave, of Davenport,
H<*nry Kowr.
James Satterrleld,
4552 A. N J. Cbook, Register.
Published from 4-8to 5-13
Notice for Publication.
Land Office tit Guthrie, O. T ,
March 29. 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the following i
named settler has tiled notice of his intention I
to make linal proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will tie made before clerk of
the district court at Chandler, O. T., on May
14, 1898. viz:
for the N. W. '4 of Sec. 15, Twp. 15. N. R. 4 E.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, viz:
Andrew J. Poster, of Chandler, O. T.
Wallace B. Morris, of " "
Schuyler C. Plemming, of
Frank M. Staubus, of " "
4580 A. N. J. Crook. Register.
Will practice in all the Courts
of the Territory.
Office in the front room of the Publicist office,
opposite the court house square.
(From2-23 to 4.29J
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at < luthrie. Okla.,
March 16. 189s.
Notice i< hererby given that the following-
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make tinal proof in support of his elaim. and
that said proof will be made before S. A. Cor-
dell. probate judge, at Chandler. O. T.. on
April 30th, 1898. viz:
isaiah g. caves.
of Stroud, O. '1'.. for the south-east 'j of sect-
ion 35 in township 15 north of range •"> east I. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of. said hind, viz:
William Schue->sler. of Stroud, Oklahoma.
J. J. Tuttle,
Sherman B. Caves, " "
Soloman Maidwell. " •'
4451 A. N. .) Crook, Register.
P mery Foster,
Will practice in courts of O. T.
Office 1st door north of the P. O.
Chandler, —:—■ Oklahoma
' o
Rash & Harvey.
Office in the Maschp Building,
Up stairs.
Chandler, —:— Oklahoma
[First published March 18th, 1898.]
Territory of Oklahoma, i
County of Lincoln, i
Notice of Application for Pardon.
To all whom it may concern:
Notice is hereby given that John a. Hineh
and ('al Sherman who were convicted in the
district court, holden at Chandler. wifthin and
rot- the county of Lincoln, territory of Oklaho-
ma. on the 31st day of May, 1897, of the otTense
of shooting with intent to kill, committed in
said county and territory, and who were by
the consideration of said district court, upon
said conviction of said offense, sentenced on
the 2nd day of June, a. D., 1897, to imprison-
ment in the territorial penitentiary at Lansing,
Kansas, for a period of eighteen months from
said date, to be confined therein at hard labor,
and to pay the costs of the prosecution
amounting to the sum of $200.00, Will file with
the Hon. (!. M, Barnes, governor of the terri-
tory of Oklahoma, at the executive office in
the city of Guthrie, territory of Oklahoma on
Thursday, the 26th day of May, 189s. their ap-
plication for an unconditional pardon tor .aid
Any person or persons feeling aggrieved by
said application for pardon may contest the
same belore the governor by written or oral
testimony, showin-' cause why said pardon
should not In1 granted.
Bated at CI ii'.IVr -aideoulltv mil territory,
this 18th day of March. \ 1)., 1898.
John a. Hincii.
cm. Siibum \n.
By L. E. Payne, their attorney.

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