The Chandler News. (Chandler, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 36, Ed. 1 Friday, May 29, 1896 Page: 3 of 4

Is at home in the Heffron
brick opposite the court house
block. Here we are prepared
to do a larger business than
ever, at lower prices, and
with better accommoda-
tions lor our customers.
Everything in spring and
and summer goods. Come
and see us. We keep the
newest and the best, at the
most reasonable rates. Here
are some of the things we
keep in stock—and our stock
is constantly being renewed:
A GINGHAM of extrn pood quality,
reduced from 8J to cents per yard.
HEAVY Indigo prints, of tho best,
at 5 cents.
A LINE of of Indies', misses', and
children's tan hosiery.
T ADTES' toe slippers at 40 cents.
A goid line of slippers.
MUSLINS.—A standard, unbleached
muslin at "i cents. Bleached muslin,
3i> inches wide, at 5 cents.
DIMITIES.—These arc in the lead
for summer dress goods, everywhere
mular. A variety of designs and
norings at prices to suit all.
;; LINOS AY L. LEWIS, liusiuess Manager.
FRIDAY, MAY 189<!.
Principally Personal
Three papers for $1.00.
Head our great clubbing offer
2.1c Leghorns at Mrs. W. Smith's.
Melvio Euraley has workinGuth
New sailors, new newel's, at Mrs. W
A Smith's.
fresli broad always on hand at
bakery. Board by day or
North of Fraziei and Newby
this we
Delia Lumley has been sick
Harry Eaton was in town the first of
tho week
Is assisting in Mc-
Willie Mason
Guire's store.
Package colYee 20 cents—at Feuquay
and Holland's.
News and the serai-weekly Globe-
Democrat, $1.25.
Frazler & Newby charge no commis-
sion on farm loans.
eft Friday for
Tom and Bob Rhea
the Creek country.
FLUTTER DUCKS, fine quality, at
10 cents.
FRENCH PIQUES. a very fine
line, and exceptionally dainty and
pretty colors.
SATEENS. Figurod brocaded French
sateens. Several attractive patterns.
CH A LLIL AINE — Handsome wool
CREPES. Serpentine crcpes, very
desirable, and at the popular low prices,
AMIENS and Vivette Batistes, new
and pretty designs.
PRINTS. Of the newest patterns.
Among these is a new line of Calcutta
Blues, something new in blue shades,
reduced to 1 cents,
to want them. •
derskirts, interlining, etc.
GINGHAMS. Some corded novelties
which are handsome.
SING AN PONGEES. Somet h i n g
new in summer fabrics.
TAN SHOES. And slippers for
ladies and children at low prices.
SHIRT WAISTS. A variety of
fhese and more on the way.
CORSETS. A line line of these, 25
ccnts and upwards. The necessary
s\immcr corset can be found in our
DOTTED SWISS. We have it in
colors and in black—a popular and de-
sirable shade and quality.
CASHMERS. A line of brocade and
plain cashmeres, double widths—a Bar-
gain at 124 cents.
HAIRCLOTH, notions, and hair or-
TOILET SOAPS: Pears' at 16* cents
per cake, three cakes for 50 cents,
CURLING IRONS, with patent fold-
ing handles, 10 cents.
FINE hemstitch handkerchiefs, 5 cts.
HOSIERY. A variety. Ladies' fine
seamless black hose, 10 cents a pair.
BLEACH tabic clcth at 25 cents per
yard; other qualities at proportionate
price 3.
TOWELS. A good line as low as 15
cents per pair.
SHOES. A good line of shoes and
HATS. Tn hats we keep the Stet-
son in all the latest shapes. Other
stylefe. Men's furnishing goods.
SHIRTS. A fine line of Percale
shirts. Summer llannel negligee
ClIALLIES. A line of all-wool
challies only 124 ccnts.
Here is where we defy com-
petition. We have the new-
est and best in men's and boy's
clothing in all its departments.
Good qualities. We can guar-
antee to suit all tastes and
pocketbooks. Shirts, hose,
straw hats, children's sailors.
Men's suits as low as S4.00.
An all-wool suit atS7.00.
Now everybody see here,
With every £10.00 worth of
goods you buy we will en-
large a picture for you in cray-
on. These are handsome prem-
iums. You can see a a sample
at our store. A ticket will be
given you for each purchase.
These portraits are of good
workmanship. You will be
sure to want one, and they are
free with every ten dollars
worth of goods purchased.
Fred Hoyt and Frank Jenno
to Guthrie Tuesday.
R. V Temming is at Edmond attend-
ing" the^teachers' institute.
Miss May Zlpf is the attractive coun-
ty superintendent pro tera.
A full line of glass, paints, and oils
at Samuel Ellis' drug store,
Mrs. .T. C. Hofius, of Wichita town-
ship, is visiting in Guthrie,
B. L Lay ton made final proof on his
claim near Clifton Satuaday.
We sell Battle Ax tobacco for 20cts.
a plug at Feuquay and Holland's,
J. W. Augustine and C. S. Johnson
were up from Clifton Wednesday,
Good baking powder 10 cts. tt at
Felquay & Holland's
Stage Manager McCreary and wife
of Guthrie spent Sunday in Chandler.
Subject at Presbyterian c hurcli
next Sabbath evening: "Modo of bap-
W. W. Buchanan of Guthrie was in
town Monday and Tuesday en route to
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Sands' baby was
quite sick early in the week but is im-
F. A. Ashton was a witness at Okla-
homa City this week in tho Ayars con-
test case.
Sec our bargain counter for the
cheapest shoes in town. —Feuquay &
and Holland.
Dr. and Mrs. Hedrick will occupy the
second lloor of the Colburn building as
a residence.
Swcaringcn the photographer has
moved from opp. P. O. over McNeal's
Bank, Guthrie.
Capt. Arabcrg was over from Lydia
Monday. The Captain is literally one
of the unterriefied.
Tho educational column and county
correspondence are omitted this week
from lack of space.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. McWethy have
moved from the Bennett place to the
south part of town
Prices on shoes rcduced 25 per cent,
at RatlilT & Hinchey's. So buy of
them and save moaey.
You will lind Wallace's restaurant
north of Frazier and Newby's ofTlco.
Bakery in conncction.
The G. A, R.-W. R. C. hall has been
improved by porches above and below
and an outside stairway.
W. N. Warren has opened
market in the Colburn buildin
will also have ice for sale.
E. L. Conklin came over from Agency
Saturday to take charge of the bank
during H. C. Brunt's absence.
I am receiving new troods and am
found opposite the Sac and Fox store.
Mrs. W. A. Smith.
The Ayars contest case is being
heard at Oklahoma City this week. J.
F. Ayars went to the city Monday.
We have a good heavy Bain wagon
that we want to trade for something
lighter. The Lincoln Mill Co.
The NEWS has just received a fine
lot of paper stock and is prepared to do
your job woik to suit you in style and
Wo will send the Chicago Weekly
Inter Ocean and the Chanoler News
to your address for a year for only one
Miss Eva Bullard has returned
from her winter in Texas. She was
accompanied by her sist •!•, mi s. Drurv
Mr. Graham ot the Seminole store
was in town Monday, walking with the
aid of a cane He was injured lately
in a runaway.
C. E. ttfpic for May :tl, "Ready for
death." Matt. 24: :i«—51 Mrs. Riner
leader. Consecration meeting on
Monday evening.
Fletcher took Mrs. Seavers a id
flew York Store.
Wm. Benson, of Francisville, Ind
visited his sister, Mrs. N. R. Gl strap
from Friday of last week until yester
day when he left for home.
Miss A'mlra Green and Misses Oil
and Lena Stuublefield left for Edmond
Tuesday where they are attending the
territorial teachers* Institute
A. D. Wright's drug store, book and
news depot is located in the Melone
bailding six doors north of the Sac
Fox store, Remember the place.
A, E. Mascho has broken ground for
the erection of a stone business build
Ing, 25-80 feet. It will be erected on
the lotsouth of the GaddU building
Wanted.—Stock to past ire. I have
a bottom pasture with a thousand
acres enclosed with three w 'es. Call
on or address, j e. lur'j >N,
Chandler, O. T
H. C. Brunt was elected a delegate
to the national democratic convention
at Chicago. Mr. Brunt is a young
man of ability, the kind the News Is
always glad to seo distinguished.
F. M. Rati iff and W. II. French
tended the district populist convention
at Oklahoma City last Friday. Mr,
Stout of this county was elected dele-
gate to the populist national conven-
Adalph Peisker, a blacksmith who
lived seven miles south-east of Chand-
ler, was drowned in the Deep Fork
Monday. Tho body was found Tues-
day and an inquest wa9 held before
Justice Sullivan.
A. Cordell. W. H. Riner, H. C.
Brunt, A. R. McElHancy, J. M. Clark,
and W. n. Warren left Sunday for Ok-
lahoma City whero they were dele
gates to tho democratic convention
which elected delegates to Chicago.
The memorial 9ermon at the Metho-
dist church Sunday was prcached by
Rev. Barker and was fairly attended.
Tho music, under the direction of Mrs.
W. L. Harvey, was fine. Mrs. Harvey
has charge of the music for Decoration
The Parkland Grand Array people
and their friends had a picnic last Fri-
day. A ball game was played befcre
dinner. In the afternoon a program
consisting of songs, recitations, and
speeches was rendered. An enjoyable
An old colored man by the name of
House, from Texas, has been in town
this week for the purpose of obtaining
the assistance of M. D. Tenney in his
pension case. Cooksey, House, find
Mr. Tenney were comrades In the
Mexican war and fought togethci in
the battle of San Jacinto.
The Kiekapoo anniversary was ob-
served at Wellston Saturday, One of
the features was a race for claims, a
fac simile of the original run. Ad-
dresses were made by Judge Harvey,
County Attorney Embry, and Capt.
Beaslcr. O. B. Kee and wife and Mrs.
A. J. McGuire pre others who attend-
ed the celebration from Chandler.
Lumber at Rnllrond Prices.
The Chandler Lumber Yard is
putting in a first-class sto^k of lumber
having had twenty loads arrive at the
yard on the 1st and 2nd inst., with
twenty more to follow of all first-class
material. Everything kept in stock
such as you will find in first-class
lumber yard at railroad tov is. Come
and be convinced.
j. e. Gormli , Prop.
Corner Manvel Ave. and 1- i . St.
w. It. C Officers.
At tho territorial convention of the
W. R. C., held at Enid, May Kith, de-
partment officers were elected for the
ensuing year as follows: President—
Olive M. Laux, Oklahoma City: senior
vice president—Nettie M. Wolfe, N?s
bitt: junior vice president—Ella Blair,
Dover: secretary—Ada Adams. Okla-
homa City; treasurer— Sarah A.
Wedge, Hennessey; chaplain—TIattic
McNight, Perry: concclor—Emma C.
Pomeroy, Perry; I tS: I officer—Sarah
Skced, Oklahoma City; inspector-
Edith Smith. Ponea City.
< lilldren'8 Day at the Court iiouhp,
Sunday, June Tth, children's day ex-
ercise for foreign missions will bo ob-
served at the court house. This has
come to be a great day in the Sunday
schools of this religious body. The
obscr ance of this day began in 1881,
when the schools gave only $754. Last
year they gave about $27,000. Since
1881, they have given about $200,000.
The Sunday schools are planning to
raise $50,000 Sunday, June 7th. The
Christian church has 8.500 Sunday
schools in this country, and an effort is
being made to enlist every one in the
observance of children's day, the first
Sunday in June. We have assurance
that the audience will be large in this
place, and that the exercises will be of
unusual interest, and an enthusiastic
time is expected.
To School IH*lrlct Clerks
Please seud the annual reports, tax
levies, etc. at once.
Olive STurmLEFiELD.
Kay county has a fair association.
Mr. Goosey is citizen of the Strip
That Shawnee dentist is still ex-
Enid is recuperating from the con-
Tho next thing in order for Kildare
is water-works.
The Cattle King is tho name of a
Woodward hostlery.
The Oklahoma City creamery has
proved to bo a success.
Tho newspaper fight at Pawnee has
reached the affidavit stage.
The Kil Jare Journal claims that Kay
county Is Kansas' Gretna Green.
Tho Guthrie Representative has an
interesting equal suffrage column.
An exchange says that tho chinch
bugs has a cinch on the wheat crop.
The Tulsa fishing club Is supposed to
have caught a fifty-seven pound fish,
Tho editor of tho Medford Patriot Is
in great demand as a political speaker
Near Dale some ladles discovered
tho charred remains of a human body.
Tn Shawnee they havo a citizen who
is a direct deseendent of a king of Hoi
Kay county residents wore consid-
erably "shuck" up by a cyclone last
An unknown infant was left on tho
doorstep of a Kingfisher family last
Levi Tyo, a Ponca City merchant, is
graduate of West Point and an ex-
A farmer in Cleveland count/has a
volunteer field of oats nearly ready for
We see frequent referncos to the
Western Oklahoman: whero does it
keep itself?
Cyclone cellars wero very popular at
Earlboro during tho rain and wind
storms lately.
W. P. Campbell, formerly historical
custodian, has a position with the
Kansas City News.
Mr. Good of Noble county is a happy
papa who will be expected not to growl
hen the baby cries.
The Enid Eagle published a full
■oster of the Grand Army men attend-
ing the eneampinent.
'wo Newkirk editors wont fishing
in the same party and now arc telling
talcs on cach other.
Several Payne county citizens had
their houses unroofed or demolished
by last week's twister.
The new court houso at Oklahoma
City is said to be tho largest county
building in the territory.
Baseball is already creating chaos
ith the fraternal feelings of the
towns which have rival nines.
A Kansas City Star correspondent
wrote up Perry's divorce colony and
now Perry's population is mad, mad.
Jimmie L., little son of J. B. and F
M. Sillers, in Chandler, O. T., died
May 21st. Jimmie was a bright boy
and his death is sadly remembered by
all who knew him.
Between Chandler and the Bell Cow
creek on the north road leading to
Carney on May 20 a black sack coat
with a red leather poeicetbook in the
inside breast pocket containing some
papers among which was a receipt for
dues from tho T. O. O. F. Lodge No.
171 Gresham. Nebraska. Also a black
silk handkerchief in the right lower
pocket. The finder will be liberally
warded by leaving it at this office or
Stewart's livery barn.
S. P. Lash.
Sac & Fox Agency, O. T.
Itnml Concert.
The band concert Saturday evening
was not as well attended as it should
have been but those present evinced a
hearty appreciation of the program.
The various vocal and instrumental se-
lections were well rendered. Chand-
ler audiences are always on the out-
look for the amusing and received the
kazoo quartette, the "Republican Cor-
bet Band in '93," and the 'Open Horn j ^l)t1(fl,1'l
Reverie," by Master Edgar Harriman, ijj' '
with enthusiasm. The band may feci
assured, despite the limited attend-
ance, that its efforts and marked im-
provement were enjoyed and that such
affairs will bear repetition.
Sheep Cor sale.
l haye, at my farm one mile east of
Carney, 200 head of sheep which will
be sold in lots to suit the purchaser.
G. 'A. Page, Carney, O. T.
Expert Jeweler.
Mr. Ferrler, the new jeweler at the
Eagle drug store, is turning out some
very fine watch and gold work, all par-
ties agreeing that it is first-class—as
good as can be done In any of the large
cities. Ho is a jeweler of national rep-
utation, having at Chicago been twice
elected vice president of the United
States Jewlers' Guild. Tie lias had .'10
years' oxperionce.—Guthrio leader.
Blotches, pimples, scrofulous sores,
and all humors of the blood and skin
will succumb to Beggs' Blood Purifier
and Blood Maker. Every bottle guar-
anteed. Ask A. D. Wright for it.
i , — ma1i andstack line
H. s. ULAiii, MANAGER.
Lv. Chandler ti a.m. Ar. Shawnee 5 p.m.
Lv. Shawnee 9 a.m. Ar. Chandler ti imi
(.^'"Connects with trains on Choctaw
railroad. Spoclal care irlvcn to ex
press. Office in post oilier, Chandler.
\ 151
BEST with n biff n. Blackwell'* Genuine Bull
Durhuiu in InaelAM by ltxelf. You will find on®
coupon inside each two ounce twy. uud *— —
pons inside cach four ounce bac of
Genuine Durham
Smoking Tobacco
Buy n bag of tblH celebrated tobacco and rend the coupon—
which gives alistof valuable presentsand howUi got the in.
FUt "4-. -• .
The Largest
I WI iEK'S • •
Second Door North of Manval House.
Only First-Class Shop in Town.
12 Shaves for One Dollar.
(Published May IS to May 20.)
Territory of Okluhomn, f
- in Probutc Court.
Lincoln County. \
In the matter ol tho estate of Mlchacl B
rovo. deceased.
Notice is hereby Riven llmt (.eorp< W. Davis,
the duly appointed and quail lied administrator
of the estate of Michael B. Urove, deceased,
has rendered and present* d for settlement and
filed in said court his final account uud report
of his administration as such administrator,
and said estate belnR ready for distribution,
it in ordered that Tuesday, the Uud day of June.
A. D, 1896. being n day of a regular term of said
court, to wit of the May term A. I>. IHOO, at
10 o'clock In tho forenoon of said day, at the
probate court room in the town of Chandler, In
said county of Lincoln, l as been duly appoint
ed by the said court, for the settlement of said
account, at which time and place any person
Interested In said . state may appear and tllo
his exceptions in writing to the account and
contest the same.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and afllxcd the seal of said court, thi'h
14th day of May, 180fl.
(Seal) \v. l llnrvey, Probate Judge.
(First published in the Nkws May Sfml 1WHJ)
'erritory of Oklahoma, Lincoln county, ss.
In the District Court of satd county and ter-
J. II. Kee, Plaintiff, ]
.lames Brownlee, |
Lydia J Brownlee, and :
Mary B. Dawson, |
i the 16th day of April, 1896, In «uid county
aid court plaintiff recovered judgment
against defendants, James Brownlee. Lydia J,
Brownlee. and Mary B. Dawson for tho princi-
pal sum of *114.70 with interest thereon at la
per cent till paid and the cbsts of action taxed
at lift,75 and accruing costs.
And by the judgment, order and docree of
said court it considered and adjudged that
plaintiff hnvc'aVrst mortgage lein upon the fol-
ing described real estate, towit: All that
part of the S E >4 of section four, I, township
fourteen. 11, N range four. I, cast, described as
beginning at a point .ItV) feet east of the nortli
west corner of said tract ef land, thence east
680feet thence south 7^0 feet, thence west <M0
feet, thence north 720 feet to the place of )•'
ginning, containing 10 acres according to tie'
survey thereof and that said mortgage lien be
foreclosed by sale of the said real (-.state. No-
tice Is therefore given that I shall on the i'lrd
day of June, in'.irt at the hour of o'clock, i . m.,
of said day at the eust door of the court house
In the town of ( handler, Lincoln county, O. T .
proceed to sell the right, title, and interests of
above named James Brownlee, Lydia .1.
Brownlee, and Mary B. UswBon defendants in
and to the above described real property to I
satisfy said judgment and costs amounting to
9130 15 together with all accruing costs of sale ,
at public auction to the highest bidder for cast.
Dated at Chandler this 16th day of May,
F. B. GKBKK. Sherrff.
(First published in the News May 2*i, 1896.)
•rrttory of Oklahoma, Lincoln county, ss.
Robert Boyed, Plaintiff, ^
Tfye Ch)eapest==
The Best:
Stocl^ of Boots, Shoes, & Slippers
—— •••-—
At Ratliff & Hinchey's One Block Nortli of Square.
Go to Fletcher's
If you want anything in the line of
Shelf - - Heavy - Hardw
Tinware, Galvanized l'iues,
Tubing", Rope, Nails, Ammunit-
ion, Nails, Buggies, Wagons, ctc
Come in and look over our fine line of stoves. We can
suit you in style as well as price. Come
-handler, - - Oklahoma
Memorial Day Exorcises.
May 30th, being separated, by our
national government, as a national
holiday. Chandler Post No 34, G. A.
U. will assemble at their hall at 1:30
o'clock P. M. and march to the court
house where public exercises will be
held according to orders from head-
quarters. All comrades arc* therefore
1. Piatt
Matilda 1
Notice is hereby ffiven that I will off
t public auction and sell to tho hl«h
I. in hand at II
r Lin
the 34th day
territory of Okian
lock 1
y be to the ho
y of Lin
1: Th
In townshii
n«e live, ft, east I M
perty of J
full bolt
\imnet court of th
r Oklahoma I
rm 11
Uobert Boy d was the plaintiff
hand this
it ;i Wire.
:M. ■ mh*
d. vvmcili i
Thai tho Disorders commonly called " Fomale Disoascs " aro tho
Foundation of nearly all the Troubles Irom which Ihey suflor.
tVliifi'M, 4'lilor«isN. Falling: of !! «• Womb, I'alnflil an«l Irrojrnlar
uru caused hv d> r • s of the orftiiis i f nicn-'truation. llca'iache,
of the .Skin and Fainting Spells
nly symptoms, their ^
uT '"'11T
also Hymptoms
Macknchu, Imzint
, ah'! before T had
temporary relief do«
by actingdirectly upon the d ' •• orfjatv; nffeoted
a Dollar buys a large ootHe. ^ i, 14
Pirhce City, Lawrence County. Mo -;,7
havo bec-u afflict, d v.i:h I, -ulur an 1 !•■.-uful
nutruationand v. . • '.■••1:h fid.-fX f-A-A
'Inn en eli monthly period. ' 1 thei. torn
: . Pv?.r-..os fisrrvcvtt- c5s s«s^bm

t )racon cSc ulam:
How to Tn
(From Pacilic Healta Jou
First, get a wife: second. I
You may havo great trials and
plexitis in your business, but dt
therefore, carry to your homes a con 1
tracted or clouded brow. Your wife)
may have trial?, which, though of le>-> ,
magnitude, may be hard for her to;
bear. A kind word, ti tender look, !
will do wanders in chasing from her '
brow all clouds of gloom,—To this we 1
would add always keep a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in the]
house. It is the best ami i* sure to he i
requested to be punctual and appear. I needed sooner or later. \ our \\ if- will
_1JS , ! then know that you really car. for her
1 wish t'> protret her In
Most convenient k
Best and frohest st
Complete stock ra
Reasonable prices a:
Courteous treatment
south room of Fletcher
of groceries—everything
is can be made by any
a customer, always a
Wil II Not Pay You to 1'rv I > and Be Convinced?
Highest Honors—World's Fair,
most perfec
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
tom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
All citizens, school children, and
.societies are invited to assist us to
suitably celebrate this memorial occa-
sion, and meet us at the G. A. R. hall
and join us in the march to the court
Respectfully requested In F. C. & L.
ItOBT. J1 .Nkins, A. A. Beasler,
Adjutant. Pott Cora.
Music by the choir.
Reading of orders by the adjutant.
I'rn.wr by the chaplain.
Music by the choir.
Addre by Comrade Tenney.
Address by Hon. L. E. Payne.
MUfcic by the choir.
by A. I). Wright, druggist.
The Chicago 1
the News one v
Kip.111s Tabu
Remember the Hew S'ore,
One h
Aildi-Uf.- by
Mu ii- by ti
Addre-> by
Music by U
Men's Fine Fun
and Hate. A fi
French and I)<
lishing Goods
II line of fine
•mestie Piece
nd. Examine.
Tabu lea
Tabules <
at < !h
ure nausea,
nt druggists,
ure dizziness,
ure headache,
•ure flatulence,
ure dyspepsia,
insist digestion,
ure biliousness
ure bad breath,
one gives relief,
ure indigestion,
ure tQi'pid liver.
-« wtlo cathartic.
:ttro constipation.
1 • . itive.
:>ur s

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Gilstrap, H. B. & Gilstrap, Effie. The Chandler News. (Chandler, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 36, Ed. 1 Friday, May 29, 1896, newspaper, May 29, 1896; Chandler, Oklahoma. ( accessed March 23, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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