The Chandler News. (Chandler, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 25, Ed. 1 Friday, March 13, 1896 Page: 4 of 4

If you dream of a poose you may ex-
pect soon to see a friend who has loop
been absent.
To dream of finding a pocket-book
or purse betokens unexpected success
of some kind.
A dream of a smooth, clear river is
indicative of future happiness and gen-
eral success.
A dream of a new pair of shoes
means that you will succeed against
your adversaries.
A dream about a f« v means that you
are shortly to bi? beset by swindlers.
A dream of a comet means that there
will shortly bo a war, either civil or
To dream of u Hock of cranes means
that the house will be attacked by
To dream of eating onions signifies
that you arc to discover a hidden treas-
A dream of being at a fair means
you will soon be swindled by a pre-
tended friend.
To droam of picture cards indicates
that you will be married to a wealthy
perso n.
The New York Morning Jour-
nal recently offered ten leading
makes oi bicycles as prizes in a
guessing contest,giving the win-
ners free choice of any one of
the ten machines. The result was
ALL of the ten winners selected
A dramiboot pigvov fljrunf ,n '
air forebodes speedy news of a pleas-
ant character.
A dream about being shaved denotes
that you arc soon to be jilted by your
A dream about a funeral betokens a
speedy marriage among your acquaint-
ance. .
If in a dream you find yours* If walk-
ing <«n erutiV > the ■ n 1 liuil you
will shortly bo sent to prison.
lCarllmt RmlUhfi mid !* «••
The editor urR.s all i "i< i ,n
the miliei t vegetab rhey pay. well
Salzer's Feeds arc to earltness,
they grow iiml pioiju- ■ rvfn tirm'. None
to early, to I'.no : S:il r lu •>'*
ra<llHli< s, rnbbaK". I" - |>"
tM>ra, iPtttire, earn, otf Mono In li for
you. K.ilz'i' In 'I" • > 1 grower ol
venetnLlcs. [arm soi'ds, grasses, clover*,
potatocfl, etc;.
If yon will cat I lit* • '•* "'n1'
to the John A. Siller S r.l Co., l.a
Cro^e. Wis., with 10c postaxe. you will
cot sample parka*# of E i l> 11 rtl
Ish (re 11y in 1'i dayfi and llu-lr Ri'eat
catalogue. Catalogue atone I- poMage.
To dream of birds flying through
the air forebodes a journ . "r voyage.
To dream of cutting your finger
means you will shortly have a law-
Snakes sl .vav indicate eremies. To To dresra of Iron chains or msr<ael«s ! Climbing
one means sueet-ss over one's ad- means that your enemies are seeking
vcrsarics. to encompass your ruin.
To dream of gold means future dif-
ficulties, but ultimate success in your
(•rrniKft Medical Men at a
count for ller Slumbers
\ it'tlm of Hypnotism
Tl ®
To dream that you
private carriage for«
♦ rn , ding in a
poverty and
People wonder why tli- lr nerves ore so weak;
why tliey j;«-t tired so easily; why they do not
sleep naturally , why I!•• j luive frequent head-
aches, Indigestion and
NorvouG Dysocpsia. The < xj l.',nf ti« n Is
ilnple, it i-. i.>uii i in that linpuro 111 i (i t d*
ii,^ tbo i n i on refuso lnstiad of the cl
nieiitsof str"ii 'tliand \ :< r i plat••.ml i r •
conipoundH Hinijdv (leatl i r.n«| «l > not cure.
II,.,.,I s •.!|>.ir11! i I.-. I"-Iy - |" " •
tiuii. i-i;i i.,, i ■ 'ii .ill n« r • i. • 11 III.--..
The Journal ac-
cordingly bought
ten Columbias, •.* NjS
paying $100 each
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discount or rebate.
On even terms . , y /
few will choose a
bicycle other uian the Columbia
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IsthoOnoTruo Blood Purifier. All drug sH. $f.
u ji rsfif ® " 1 1
flood s Hills t i vto., ,c.
W. Lo Douglas
®3. SHOE beMdThe
If you pay f*4 t<> S><i t . shoes, cx- ^
amine the \\. I . i lou •••. sad 9
sco what a j;o<h1 shoo you can buy for VP n
nnd LACi:, nuulo In nil
k I mis of thi> licVi selcctc#1
leather l>y chilled work-
$3 M o
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upon any Colum-
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Prolixin n luit.tia .1 growth.
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utt ~
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inuuuf.x urrr In the world.
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| tor v. enclosing pi k o und v.nnts
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i of t.MS (cap. or | lain), M.e and
width. Our Cu t mi Dept. will till .
; vour ord -r. >e.,d lor new lllus-
i (rated Catalogue to ll<>\ IC.
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ti iml«> iiiiJon, .«•.
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3 lyrs I ti lant ir. I ■iMliml.euiia- . laiius, ul*> biuce.
tffcW'13!Mornhlm. llal> t « uri(l in 10
■ -■ • till < nr. d•
SJfl DR. J.STtPHENfc-, Lebanon .Ohio.
Cor id-
all rerorde In the
bhikiIm of somno-
' x )ll leiicc. She ha;
^ Li!) slept for 65 days
(-V0" "nd 50 f" :,s
y medical observa-
tion can ascertain.
Is in perfect health.
Her home In
rniany, Is a Mecca for
the curious, but so far no one has been
able to £ivo an accurate diagnosis of
the ailment which has caused her pro-
longed slumber.
Some of the physicians who have seen
the girl say that It is a superlative
case of chronic hysteria. Others de-
clare it to be "an'o .suggestion." What-
ever It may be, her countenance has the
hue of health, and her temperature
and pulse are regular. There Is no de-
ception regarding the time during
which the girl has slept. Her parents
are more than anxious that the girl
should wake, but all efforts to restore
her to consciousness, to rouse her from
her slumbers have mot with signal fail-
Several physicians of considerable
note who visited the girl give credence
to a singular story in circulation among
the neighbors, which, they hold, may
explain 'he whole affair. This story !j
that the girl's lover, now and for sotno
time absent from Stevensworth. pos-
sesses marked hypnotic power, lie h
also of an exceedingly Jealous disposi-
tion, and Maria has more than onco
aroused his Ire by carrying on Innocent
flirtations with young men of the vil-
The night preceding the day upon
which the girl's long slumber began,
the two quarreled violently over Maria's
conduct toward a young farmer who
had been present at a party the lovers
bad attended a night or two before.
Late on the night referred to a young
man was passing Maria's home and
heard the lover's quarreling. He mado
Ills way to the window of the room
from whence the sound of voices came.
Maria, he says, was seated in a chair,
while before her stood her lover. The
listener heard the lover p* y to his j
"I am going away and 1 shall be ab-
sent for months. I have not the faith j
ill you to believe that you will keep
your pledge to me, so I shall make you I
sleep until I return."
The girl's face grew pallid, the lis- ,
tener says, ami she eeemed unable to j
look elsewhere than In her lover's face.
He could not observe that she spoke a ,
word after that. In a few moments, j
however, the lover started to leave the j
room and the listener fled.
From this statement It Is argued that j
the girl Is In a hypnotic sleep, from
which only the absent lover can releasa i
\ dreaui of licit, in a lu-avy rain b®
ivctin that attempts will soon bi>
ule to rob you.
A dream abtml M >t ier Eie la a sure
irt is sincere.
fciifu that your s\v
To dream that \
very long menus sn < -s in business.
To dream of a crocodile isa sign Usat
some one will trv to murder you.
A dream of the moon siguitics a sud-
den and entirely enexp. ctod pleasure.
A dream that you are bleeding indl
the loss of property or reputa-
A dream about paying money means
that you will shortly be involved in a
lftwtmt wtaioh you will win. * / i
For a young woman to dream about
an old man means that she will *i.'iortly
marry a rich youn^ lover.
To dream about a piece of bacou,
particularly if it is on your own plate,
means the death of a relation.
Rats seeu in a dream indicate ■ene-
means you will attain to high politi- horse means that you will marry
cal honor. wealthy person.
Dreaming- of an adversary signifies To dream of eggs means that you
that you are to overcome obstacles will succeed in the enterprise in wbick
which aro in your way. you are engaged.
To dream about a sheet of white pa>
per means that you will marry a per
son that you do not love.
,ur beard has grown ( A dream of apples foretells & long
Dreaming about knives indicates
coming lawsuits.
To dreatu of clear water denotes suc-
cess in business.
To dream of cucumbers means recov-
ery from sickness.
To dream of a hen and chickens
means that your sweetheart will de-
sert you and marry another.
Walking in the street in a dream
signifies that some one is waiting a
chance to do you an injury.
If you dream that you have an ague,
the sign is that you will become a
g dressed in white
11or next undertak-
To dream of brii
means success in y
A dream about a butcher invariably
fortclls some misfortune to the fair
To dream of a swallow signifies that
you will soon make the acquaintance
of a strange young lady.
has stislned
>t every weak-
llenltlionro impaired
i;aiii«d. yet Purk'i * t i ^
tlicao rest) 1 t.«i In muny cum k.
dcis uu J dlilrefi
A dream about mice foretokens
slow accumulation of riches.
It In more Hum <
how pctlently people nutTi r w
•nd Comfort l>y leiii.o lutr llieii
mIi ti lllndercoru*.
From the Press, New York City.
Morris Preslansr of No. 1 Pitt Street*
New York* who is a real estate agent
nnd collector of rents, caught a sever®
cold early last spring, which settled
upon his kidneys. Soon be began .i
suffer severe pain in his backbone, sides
pud cheat ills symptoms grew rapidly
jnore alarming, until at last he was as
fielpless as a child, and could scarcely ,
(novo as he lay on his bed.
Though a native «f B< i lln, Mr. Pres-
laner has lived in this country for forty
years, having served the country of his
adoption by three years' hard service
|n tiio civil war. He enlisted with the
Nineteenth Illinois Infantry, taking
part In many battles and marching with
General Sherman to t'«;o sea. lie is now
a member of Koltes Post, Q. A. R., and
Is one of the most popular men in ths
Mr. Preslaner told n reporter the Ftory
of his dreadful Illness and wonderful
recovery. The n i' irti r m t him as hs
was returning from a 1-mg walk, nnd.
saying that he had In ard "t- his won-
derful cure, asked him to tell the story.
His words were as I >11"\\ "To l"-pin
w ith, I was taken sick just a year and a
month ago, having taken a severe cold ,
which settled on my kldm vs. At first
] thought the pain that I had suffered
would soon pass away, but, instead of
doing this, It grew more Intense every
day, so that in a we°k I could walk only
with considerable difficulty.
"I called in a do< i r, who said I had
locomotor ataxia and began treating
me for that dis *ase. JI > did me no pood,
nnd all summer long J could scarcely 1
attend to my business at all. Then I
called another dot tor and took his medi-
cine for several weeks, hut experienced
no relief. Dr. Truman Nichols, of No.
: B7 Da t Broadu ay,whom I at last callsfl
In, helped me more than any ol 'ha
other doctoi : i f all i
Crew worse despite his treatment.
"Early In November the llttla
A dream concerning tbo eyes means
a loss of property.
To dream of llying indicates great
increase in wealth.
let Tnr: earth rkjoicb and
farmers sing. With our new hardy
grasses, clovers and fodder plants the j
poorest, most worn out, toughest, worst j
piece of land can be mado as fertile as ,
the valley of the Nile. Only takes a j
year or so to do so! At tho same time
you will be getting big crops! Teosinte,
Giant Spurry, Sacaline, Lathyrus, what
a variety of names! Catalogue tells
If you will rot this out nnd im t
it to tho John A. Salser Seed Co., La
Crosse, Wis., with 10c. postage, you will
get free their mammoth catalogue and
ten grass and grain fodder samples
(worth $10.00 to get a slart). w.n.
A dream of a* lion means you will
shortly get a profitably office.
Sudden changes of the
llroncbial Troubles,
inai. Taocina" will give
So strong is the belief in this strength I had in r.iy legs left me and
'8; ' Cheeks Ht Once.
Sent Scaled on receipt "f >i
Chemical C<'. Philadelphia, P«.
SWEET potatoes;
sent out to
■p routed
ftliurra. N<> cipcrliiu# iu
quired. Plr^ctlonn
. , „ _ iviftftM*
i.'lluli V.-'fh.c Ail tibt U le
Best C'lu-th Syrup. Tum. > < ■ d. Ub.
Ill time. Sbv drwu'i-n.
1 1

- '



: i tu
. 1, ■
;~t t
story that efforts have been made
find the missing man and force him |
to return, but without success. Sev- I
oral professional hypnotists have also
been consulted, and one who has visit-
ed the sleeping girl declares that the
story Is more than probable When
asked why, if she was merely under
hypnotic influence, be could not rehv
her, he replied that the Influence of the |
person who may have brought aboui
her present, state was so strong with
the girl that he was unable to success-
fully combat it. If It is hypnotism, h"
says, the girl will continue to sleep until
her lover returns.
What lends color to the hypnotic
story Is that the usual evidences whicii
accompany a trance or cataleptic slate
which may have been superinduced by
various causes are entirely absent lu
this instance. The girl has always been j
I was unable to stand. The pain in iny
back and sides became almost unbear-
able, nnd my limbs grew cold. An
electric battery 1 b ught failed to help
me, and for weeks f felt myself gradu-
ally' growing weal er until all h< pe left,
"Some time before thin 1 had read ol
a wonderful en: • a man had received
from Dr. Williams* Pink Pills for Pala
People, but was -o prejudlct l against
what I thought was ft patent medicini
of the usual w 1 iter that
I could not make up my mind to try
them. As my pains increased and death
seemed coming near, I thought of what 1
had read and of the symptoms of th«
man who had been cured. They wera
precisely the Fame as mine, and at
last, with my wife's earnest entreaty, ]
consented to try tho Pink Pills.
"I ani now convinced that these pills
saved my life, lira dually my strength
began to return, the «1> dre to live grew
stronger within mo. After having taken
three boxes I left my bed. This wai
early In March. All pain had left me,
nnd that terrible dead feeling in my
legs had gone away. I was still very
Cfi, 88, -4SJ, no, or OB inches hi^jli Quulity nnd wurUnimiMilp tho bast.
Nothing on the market to compare with Wrilo h>r lull information,
I p r cr«l. ir« n..w n U | ■
I ud Clover Mi*nirei innmi'l ut«d t" wait a lit I r * > I start of «i• >r m«
I fiaici whirh, ifaowain Apn1 will proJuca a i uiin,; v.- ^ in J air l'amjl.Ut ou
(inn Culture, etc., - c«nt« poi*a
On Ott , HarUr and C -rn! Tha b k<< on Wllvar Mh.o Namelma llrau o G*ta it
IW> vraaST tu'ahala; than«*t iinip- . a if, \ ,an t, at e:,-« ii|>' ' Our
| orw taaud Uar.t y. Dad, t'.r. n 1 I'otatora will re>olutioniia fatmii. W > r tlia lir. t
5 to wars of to'm • •• >a la h« World! t) r jr.-ui. • . - i
•rktraaya-"alarr a Karlf Wiaoon in 1'oUt 1 vici U i -r ma 7 ■< i ■>!• per acre. It aa
I earl/aortyialda7 V> bualit'.a, what \ i I n l:.t^ *1 • l'otaN -a only | « r barrel.
Pplendlil i-iita, tine vielaa. Orn >n Seed oulv 9 per lb. pkj- 1 iriiaat VentaM-'t,
fl DO. |H>atpa d. ill pkfa. Flaw Mi, 25o. £rar/U)U| a. hard uwI urioaa VI
Market Oardaner'a i.iat, 4c. j ujta*«.
Pltase Cut th« Following Out and Send It
With 12 centain tamj>j and r t our big catolofua aud aa>ui'.e of tbo TumrV n Ve'i -.w
Waiormalop aauaaCou! Catalogue aluue, ac. |.o tage. , \
in perfect health, an utter stranger to weak, but before I had taken the fourth
sickness. She la not what would bo
termed Intellectual, and, lu fact, there
la no physical reason known, so far
as she Is concerned, that would be apt
to contribute to bring about the present.
state of affairs.
The case is rapidly becoming cele-
brated, and Is already a source of fruit -
fill discussion in Iterlin medical rir-
cles. The physicians who are in at-
tendance upon the girl say that, Judg-
ing from the effect her long sleep has
hud upon her thus far, she could con-
tinue in the same state at least an
equally long period without the -light-
est danger of dissolution.
f-Put Your
Foot In It
when you bay inferior soap
instead of the genuine Q
Clairette Soap. |
The favorite of every woman who ever used it §
cither in the laundry or for all around the house
cleaning. Sold everywhere. Made only by
booCTamygxmYm amiocc
A Itriu.irUiihh' Kclio.
A Killarney tourist, so the story
goes, was assured by a guide that the
echo on Loch Gill was worth hearing.
So off went the tourist to hear It. and
hired two men to row him out. ac-
complishing tho transaction so awlftlx
that there was no time for them to ar-
range for the usual echo to be in at-
tendance. In despair they broke an
oar, and one swam ashore to fetch an-
other. Tho echo then began. "Good
morrow," cried the tourist. "Good mor- ,
row," said the echo, with a brogue.
"Fine day, God bless it," cried the tour-
ist. "Folne day. God bless It," said the
echo. "Will you have a drink?" cried
the tourist. "Begorra, l will," roared
the echo.
On the question of divorces, the law
of Moses was almost as lax aH the law
of Maine, while on the other hand ti-.
law of Christ i far less dtriugeut than
the law of South Carolina tor no di
voice has ever been granted in that
state. It would be a happy day, for
this nation if all civil law hi all our
states, touching this question of family
•purity, was brought Into harnvony with
the law of Christ. The tlev il of divorco
is a most Impure, as well as a most in-
dustrious evil, and he rannot be sent
loo quickly to his own place.—Rev. Or.
Mclacod, Presbyterian. Serantou, Fa.
Au Age or Fads.
This is an age of fads and'follies, ol
metaphysical riddles ajnd problsmatl-
t al ideals. The psychological tenaon. y
of the human mind has revived all the
metaphysical notions of the past, aud
they have been animated with higher
life, and must bo met and mafeicd
froui a sclentifle standpoint. He., i
Viances E Mason. Brooklyn, N Y.
box I was able to get down stair f.
ehort walk In t,l.o open air. Now 1 fee!
us if I had tx"'n horn again aud am ai
happy as a child."
All diseases, such as locomotor ataxia,
pt. Vitus' dance, partial paralysis, B-i-
atica, rheumatism, neuralgia, r.ervoui
headache, palpitation of the heart, ef.
feets of la grippe, pale and sallow com*
•alcxions, and all forms of weakness,
either in man or w< ma n, dl i pp< ;t
when Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for P&li
People aro talc n. Pink Pills can bo
bouKbt ot' any dealer, or will be .sent
poi t paid on i Ipt of pi It e (50 centi
a box, or Fix bnxr-s for $.".jO— they ar«
never sold by tho hundred or in hulk)
by addressing Dr. Williams' Medlcin#
Co., Schenectady, N. Y.
A dream that you have seen an eli-
pliant means you will win a prize in a
; lottery.
CIOO Kovrard, fllOO.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there io at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure In all its stages, and
that Is Catarrh, llall's Catarrh Cute is
t he only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being
a constitutional disease requires a con-
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting directly
. upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
. tho system, thereby destroying me
1 foundation of the disease and giving tho
patient strength by building up the con-
stitution ami assisting nature !n doing
Its work. The proprietors have so much
faith in Us curative powers that they
j offer < >ne Hundred Dollars for any care
that it fails to cure. Send for list of
testimonials. AdJreis
F. J. cuiiNlOY fO., Toledo, O.
; Fold by druggists: 76c.
Hall's Family Pills, 23c.
weather cause
4,Brown's H
eircctive re
A dream about marriage denotes j
poverty and other misfortunes.
Two bottles of Piso's Cure for Consump-
tion cured me of a bud lung trouble.—M ru.
J. Nichols, Princeton, Ind., Mar. 26, 18'.>">.
Crossing a bridge in a dream indi-
cates future success in love.
The P. V. Bholcs Investment & Mining
Co., of Cripple Creek, Col., can furnish you
strictly reliable information concerning
mining properties in the Cripple Creek
district. We always have options on some
choice properties that are bargains and
handle no others* Local ard eastern bank
references given on application. Corres-
pondence solicited. .
To dream of frogs means success
either in business or in love.
fits -a ' • '"I '' ■ Hr.KHne'iQrMt
,!V 'V. .• • - ' bottle free 6®
llliiuua. wc toL r. JjlIiuc.UJI
A dream that your house has been
burned denotes business losses.
■ r t'i«« Baby u * ■ttisg i p«*tn
n« nure &nd use that old jrnd well-tried lemcdj, Mm.
V.'iNfci ow's So< tiiiso s i p fur Children T«*etl'liiS*
Eating cake in a dream means long-
continned good health.
Ifegeman's Camphor lr« with Glycerine.
Curt-" (Imppcd 11 amis and Fare, Tender <>r SoreKoct,
Chliblalus, l'iles, <Sc. C. U. Clark Co.. Now llavun, Ct.
To dream that you have put on
clean linen means you will shortly re-
ceive some good news.
If Troubled With Foro Eyen
Jackson's Indian Eye Salvo will positively
cure them. 2un at all drug stores.
To dream of releasing birds from a
cage denotes success in future business
cuter prises.
Walter Baker & Co.. Limited, Dor-
chester, Mass., the well-known manufac-
turers of l!renli::int C« < oa and other
Cocoa and Chocolate preparations, hate
nn extraordinary collection '1 medals and
diplomas awarded nt tin* great interna-
tional and other exhibitions in Kufipa
and America. The house has had un-
interrupted prosperity for nearly a cen-
tury nnd a quarter and is now not only
the oldest but the largest establishment
of the kind on this continent. The hl.uh
degree of perfection which the company
has attained in its manufactured prod-
ucts is ihi> result of long experience com-
bined with an intelligent use of the new
forces which are constantly being intro-
duced to increase the power and improve
the quality of production, and cheapen
the cost to the consumer.
The full strength ami tlie exquisite nat-
ural flavor of the raw material are pre-
served unimpaired in ml of Walter l'
&.■ Company's preparations; to that their
products may truly be said to form the
standard for purity and excellence.
In view of the many imitations of tli«s
name, labels nnd wrappers on their goods
consumers should nsU for nnd be sure
thnt they get the genuine articles rnadf
«t Dorchester, Mass.
Seeing a fire in a dream denotes a
speedy quarrel with a friend for a
very trivial cause.
W <• are I'oiaoiK-d l.y Air and Water
When tlev contain the germ* of malaria.
To annihilate these aud avoid or conquer
chilla ami lever, bilious remittent or dumb
ague, use per-istently and regularly Ib-a-
tettei - m o..aeh 1'ilter., which also rem-
edies <l\ pej via, liver trouble, i oustipation,
los*4 "i stn n'.'th, nervousness, rheumatism
an I kidne> •-•implaint. Appetite and sleep
are inipr >\e<l by this thorough medicinal
.vent, and the iulirinitiesof age mitigated
by it A wlneglftsaful three times a day.
To see n rainbow in a dream fore-
tokens a long journey.
A dream about a ghost indicates vex-
ation, loss or disappointment^
If you aro interested in gold mining
or wish to keep posted regarding the
wonderful strides being made in Colo-
rado, it will pay you to semi fifty
cents for a year's subscription to The
Cold Miner, an illustrated monthly pa-
per published at Denver.
A swarm of flies seen in a dream is
indicative of enemies.
flow to lluy a Carringe.
The great need of the times is a con-
dition whereby the producer nnd con-
sumer may deal with each other with-
out the intervention of the middle man.
The common carrier should be the on-
ly middle man. The Elkhart Carriage
ami Harness Co., of lOlkliart, Ind.,
deals directly with tho consumer.
Their goods are shipped anywhere for
examination before sale. Every car-
riage, every set <>f harness, every ar-
ticle sold, warranted. One hundred
styles of carriages, ninety styles of
harness and fori \ -one styles of riding
saddles. Send for their 112 page cata-
logue. This concern does an exten-
sive business throughout tho United
To dream of seeing a grave foretells
a long spell of sickness.
To dream of a monkey signifies tha'
you will be deceived by tho object o
your affections.
To dream that you are attending
church means that you will have maf
j ny dangers, but that you will over
i come them all.
Gladness Comes
\A/ith a better understanding of tlia
* transient nature of the many physt
ical ills which vanish before proper ef-
forts—gentle efforts - -pleasant efforts—
rightly directed. There is comfort in
the knowledge that so many forms oj
sickness arc not due to any actual tlis«
ease, but simply to a constipated condi-
tion of the system, which the pleasant
family laxative, Syrnpof Figs, prompt*
ly removes. That is why it is the only
remedy with millions of families, and is
everywhere esteemed ;.o highly by all
who value good health. Its beneficial
effects are due to the fact, that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness, without debilitating thq
organs on which it acts. It is therefore
all important, in order to get its bene
ilcial effects, to note when you pur-
chase, thatyou have the genuine article,
which is manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all rep-
utable druggists.
If in the enjoyment of good health,
and tho system is regular, then laxa-
tives or other remedies are not needed.
If afflicted with any actual disease, one
may bo commended to the most skillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
then one should have the best, and with
the well-informed everywhere, Syrnpof
Figs stands highest and is most, largely
used and gives most general satisfaction.
8Never Cut of Work
Never idlo in a search 1
for tho^o who suffer |
Braost from PAINS and cannot work. ST. JACOBS OIL
will euro and fit them for work when tho chance comes.
tc Your Battle Ax or^our life' \
•" Mast have
Ii BSS _
The largest piece of .good
tobacco ever sold for io cents
The 5 cent piece is nearly as1
large as you vget of other
high grades for 10 cents
Combing youf hair in a dream be*
tokens success in love, or trade or
Seeing an Indian in a dream pill-
ages a fortuuate speculation in real-
To dream of an anchor indicates
some unexpected success or good for*
To dream of eating good bread
mcaus that you will soon bo happily
A drcatn about keys means that ths
dreamer will shortly become rich.
To dream that yon see angels its*
notes health and long continued proa*
Verity. '
To dream of dancing means you will
thortly receive news from a loiitf-ab*
feat friend.
Rattlesnakes, Butterflies,
Washington Irving said, lie supposed a certain lull was called
"Rattlesnake Hill" because it abounded in -buttenies. 1 he
"rule of contrary" governs other names. Some I < ttles are, s ip-
posedly, labeled "Sarsaparilla" because thev are full of . . .well,
we don't know what they arc full of, but we know it s not sarsapa-
rilla; exccpt, perhaps enough for a flavor, 'i here's only one
make of sarsaparilla that can be relied on to be all it claims. It s
Aycr's. It has no secret to keep. Its formula is open to all
physicians. This formula was examined by the Medical Com-
mittee at the World's Fair with the result that wI i•: every other
make of sarsaparilla v > excluded from the Fair, Aycr's Sar.-apa-
rilla was adtnitte 1 and honored by awards. It was admitted be-
cause it was the best sarsaparilla. It received the medal as the
best. No other sarsaparilla has been so t>* l ! « r so honored.
Good motto for the family as well as the Fair: Admit the best,
exclude the rest.
ioo • les ol Cai«
riatfes, Qortyh ; > t liar-
,V . \nes.n,4i •;•.!, •; K'iilleir Sail*
''S-St "lilies. Writ-forrnti.luti:'
^-W---I Carriage « Haroe* Ufg Co.
W. B. 1'xarr,Socy Clhbart, Ind.
TLr LmI UuOil
c "Cora Bell"
! In Ilari*> t'o.
sy doubt about It? Send for tin
It kill# doubts and cures ti
Add;e<«: J.C. Ayer Co., Low
HOIS Monada'X-k l'l<lg., i hi. H;.
THE AF.ItMOTOTt C O. half ttiv worM'a
vrl !. mill buMiit i it h.-1-. miuced thee- ' ut
v'nd po"«or - l «• j It« ■ • <, li i - many branrti
vupi'i.i-o ii- K'""1' a'"1 repairs
Ut J ir I! < i'l Pll'l il<)M furulsh A
4 1 • I I0t'«*v tlian
W3 "'li > n n;.!k-s i'li'.nj'iiijc ai. 1
OfarrC, (iHlvanlzed ;*.t r-
■■■coinpletlmi wlntlrallls, TUtlng
* nd Fix- . ■ > i i sii'i'l 15iu - • w
w Frames, •' ■♦>«i Cutters ami Feed
i Grinders, (in :i|>i llr-itIon I' will name oit-%
i. ut Hut it v.iU furnlttli until
January J"t at I :l t pal iti .• it makes
Tanks k;. : Pumps f .t.l i irn>s .-*• id for ca'.al^k' a.
Pe- :?n': 12th, Rockwell ant f illmore Streets, Chita#*
OW t
0 I.av
1 Hi
a by mall,
x' N
Vfr- V*. Nfc. £.,*.•
/> r"~i
III )« illl I'nl I >• « '"I« <*« .
W. N. I . WICHITA, v' i ' WO. 7.
Wliin Anstif-rliii; Advcrtlsoiueuta^
l'ltMiJi*utl«n Iblil'Biivri

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