The Chandler News. (Chandler, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 25, Ed. 1 Friday, March 13, 1896 Page: 3 of 4

ilit UlANDLth These are not Special
But regular every-Jay prices at th«
a No. .1 Store:
ilKDSAY L. LEWIS, Business Manager.
friday, march 13th, 1890.
Territorial ltopublloan Natloiinl
*^ klngrisbek. o t . fk coth. 1*96 1
By virtuc of the authority conferred on me,
: man of the territorial r< publicun central
con' mltteo <-f oklahoma territory, at a meeting
nf ti republican central c mimhiee. held pur
Miint toaSIS authorized call, at El It.-no.
Sdu Feb ttt'b. \m. 1 hereby call a conven
%,ha'foiteSatloo'cioek A. M- of
enid committee, or eii«uw ( ul)lio„„9
convention 1 u • .... .,„.iti.'d to rep
Raisins. 6 lb 25c
Apples, evaporated 3 ft) 2?>c
Peaches, evaporated, 3 ft) 25c
liice, per ft> *>0
1 gal onn of apples of peaches, good, 30c
3 cans Vinton corn 25c
1 pound baking powder 10c
H bars white Russian soap 25o
1 3 pound can tomatoes. -l^c
3 pounds pood prunes 25°
«nd flour by the saoa or load cheaper
than any other nlace in town.
Feuquay & Holland.
June I
lula, mu-
' countie s ill i«- miitl. d to kjw
I conventlo
Blaine 7
Garfield 15
Kay 17
Noble W
Woods 14
Cleveland 8
Day 2
Grant 13
ir «•'" Logan 26
Ko,-. r AM*
",V..o.'warn instructed by the central com
I v,;is [*'rJ.h a(oresaid. to notify the chair
ml t tee, hi Id a- ri*nublican central commit
'!>'cc™^,,^o,n,U "in tin- territory
' L,„ duly authorised by the central
to is-u-1.1US. o i t cou ties, for con
coinpiittu-s of th < their respective count
mentions to ^.L^tes to the (Jklahoma City
les. to VU'LtMa;?h ath 1 806, on the SWlh day
„0„v, their r,.9pec;t
fv'^ounUcs^nS uVtin tour donated m d
jc^ll. \vm Grimes, Chairman.
d f Johnson, Secretary
lahoma-on March -8th, • •
jl.publton < oupty convention.
Lincoln C0I"(*> 1" ,„i, n of l 'Hand • -r "" l-'rlday
cot.rt ,'Si '.'.'To'"lock, r . lor l"'r,
March 2 st. 18M 'it "mi„eI1 delates and
Sose of el(C\\ * ... represent Lincoln
fteeu alternates convention to be
county ^.Vlnma Citv Oh la . March 28t h,
held a* Oklahoma « y .i. i-tim: 6 delegate* und
J88C 'or the pun B<|r territory ol OH
filx alternates ^.'nal republican I
lahonia t. ^enatonai i ^ ^ mh u
to be held at St.y« further purpose of
June IRM , ^pfa!p^ and IB alternates to the
loco,teres, .ron, Ok
lahnn.n t0"'!l;"jnshtps in Lincoln county will
Tht several townships i n[iaion in
be entitled to the tollowtn* i
Pawnee 3
'Osape "
Cimarron 4
Iowa 5
Tobee *
Union «
K Fox 3
N Keokuk 3
g Keokuk f>
& Fox *
A prairie Are east of town Monday
destroyed some hay and fences.
A. M. McElHinney was a passenger
on the stage to Guthrie Monday.
Tank Keo will lecture at the M. E.
church on April 16, 17, and 18th.
They «tlU keep nails, barbed wire
and staples at the A No. 1 store.
R. G. Oasev, of McfSina. Kansas, was
a caller on the News Wednesday
•T. F. Avars contest came up again
this week an<* whs continued again.
Deacon & TTlam have a good supply
of seed potatoes Get their prices.
G. T. Ztmmerle and Woodward Rash
started for Euroka. Km«., Monday.
Hirrv Eaton and family have moved
into the Bennett house oast of town.
W. H. Twine attend* 1 th« colored
men's convention nt Gu'l rie last week.
Complete line of th* host, seeds at
Willoughby's meat market. Buy them.
The Lincoln Mill Co. will pav ea-^h
for a limited quantity of good white
W. O Kenn *dy rot timed to Chand-
ler Monday after several weeks' ab-
Mrs. M. M. Egbert made a basin ess
trip to Guthrie Friday, returning Sat-
G. W. Schlegel visited Shawnee last
week to make arrangements for secur-
ing ico.
L. H. Wray bn- moved his stock of
poods into the Funk building. A good
The little son of Frod Kap^ll*- had
u narrow e-c tw 'VedQ. sdty from what., g-
might have proved a fatal :"*wl.-n.. i ••
While pi:tylnc in the house he threw j fag
a loaded shell into the stove, and it, gte
exploded, cutting the side of his face ^
badly, but, it is thought, not danger g?
ously. - [p
The following Chand'.er people
tended the grand mnsquerade hall at
the Sac and Fox Agency last,FVid«v
niflrbt: J. C. yietoher and wife. SS . H
Mason and wife, A. J. McGulre and
wife H C. Brunt and wife, , H. O. Wo-
Gattihey and wife. O. R Kee and wife,
Misses To and Z«e Fletcher, Maud Blsh-
op. Loa Hoffman, Grace Avars, PftV"e<
a!,d Merrick Messrs. W. I Calvin,
E. W. Hoyt, F. B. Hoyt, P. S. Hoff-
man Piui .lennesa, Fred Knapp, Sara
Combs, and Woodward Rash.
Prove up your < inim
before W. T.. Harvey. Prohate .fudge
at Chandler, and save time and ex-
pense of taking vodr witnesses to the
land office. Bring In your
of filing and the full names of four wit-
r 7 mrm
^a,con &TJlam,
Do you want to save money?
If so
'Gene & Pete will help you.
Grauulated Sugar, 16 -W-00
Light Brown Sugar'17 !bs 1W t i
Butter and o^gs wanted
Star Tobacco per lb..
Sledge Tobacco, 3 ft-.
Navy Beans, ti tt>s.
. .1.00
at thekalklosch building, north manvel ave.

Are Ready for Your Inspection and
Will Certainly Interest You.
At the New York Store you will see
that the spring trade has begun. We have
^ m just received a large stock of spring goods
and are prepared to provide our friends with
ihe newest stvles and materials in spring
DnnK in j""1 / ,, ■ rnp nrwcai 3iv ivo
id the full names of four wit-
K^r Headquarters WMP®®1! at V™Y RRASQNAnLR Pn^es;
rler, the new Jeweler at the . * Mixed Varieties per pound 40 ccnts, SOTTie of the 11CW thingS We Otter
g store, la turning out. some - Qtirctof Po?) Q Half pound 26 cents. V© '
watch and gold work, all par bW eG L redo r>„.r,er nound IB cents.
Mr. Ferrle.,
Eigle drug store
verv fine watch a«i>. « . —
ties agreeing thai it i- tlrst-el.iss-H-
(rood as oan bo done in anv o. the Iarg
cities. Ho i< n jeweler of national rep
itation, having at. Chicago he*,n /T ^
elected vice president of the United
qtntes Jewelers' Guild. He h'is bal .
/ears' experienoe.—Guthrie LeaafT.
Lumber at liallrnart l'rlee*.
The (Chandler Lumber Yard is
putting in a first-class stoik of lumber
having bad twenty loans arrive at the
vard on the 1st and 2nd Inst., with
1w,-ntv more to follow of all first-class
matei ial. Everything kept In stock
such as you will find in a first-class
lumber yard at railroad towns. Come
atid be oonvinced.
.1. e., Prop.
Corner Manvel Ave. and 13th St-
Marrtaae Licenses
The following licenses have been is-
sued since our last report;
( Thos. .1. Miles Agency 30
) Rhoda D. McCoy.... Agency 1«
( AlbertG. Grissom Stroud 23
1 Minnie Knapp Philippsburg i
(Frank Pentland Pouts 39
| Laura B. Prig more.. .Fouts li
I Edwin W. Harris Flvnn..
1 Bessie F. Mills
) .laeob Schultz
/ Jessie Sodore.
f pound
Quarter poun< 1 IS cents.

Tried and Truo Novolties. t©
Fuchsia double white Phenomenal (g)
Blackberry, The Rathbun.
" " ®
Fruits, etc., with description and ..rfej, |
Malted pn receipt of .o'cts. which may be deducted from tat order-really W.
jffi. .... THE ONLY
(k NEW DOUBLE SWEET PEA Bride of Niagara
True to name. Packet 25 cents, half Packet 15 cents.
<§) Two^erfui Crimson Rambler Rose °15Vcont3.
the pioneer seed catalogue.
©j Chromo-lithographs of Double Sweet
fefi l'ea, Hoses, Fuchsia White Phenome-
Cy n l. Blackberries, Rasplicrries, New
©J Leader Tomato, Vegetables.
fel Filled with good tilings old and new.
TT..1I " * " .-t-l— C.
FT.TITTER nuCKS, fine quality, at
piOTTEH. A verv
xe< ptionaily dainty
Tomato, Vick's Early Leader,
The Earliest Tomuto known.
Mailed on receipt ol io cis. which ni y «-■
©) free—or free with an order for any of the above.
Wellston o „
KCboetaw 4
>; s«'.ttiiuole3 (j
N Crook 3 l(
s Crook „
S Seminole 3 >(
S Choctaw 3
Wichita fi
Kickapoo 4
Town of Chandler, t
ToUl. WdoloKates.
K)aoieK « : , .
Township prim rle"* to be tl «*
township at I o.uotK. remain opt n un-
IBth das °'k"ir9 day'in all townships except
: i'JwV 0C« chUdi" ■>"°11B 10
Principally Personal.
Three papers for ^1.00-
Look out for prairie fires.
Board of trade met last night.
convePtiop on the 21 *t.
Cotton BeeiTST^utiie glu.
Bead our gre t clubbing offer
J. L. Palmour left last Saturday.
Township primaries on the 18th.
3am Braselton was in town Saturday.
W. H. Mason went to Guthrie today.
Dr. AyarsTias the record as a boun-
cer. .
Frank Anderson went to Guthrie
c. C. Hunter's condition,remains un-
Jess Funk and family an' back from
Missouri. —_
Chattel mortgage blanks tor sale at
this office.
The books for the Parmelee library
have come.
Orin Asbton left for Guthrie Thurs-
Any morning.
There was a dance at the hall Wed-
nesday nighty
Three prisoners were put in the j^il
last Saturday.
W. O. Kennedy and wife will leavo
thi« week for Kansas City where they
will live.
Baptismal sorvices wore held Sun-
day afternoon at the Bell Cow creek
west of tqwn.
Swoarincen the photographer has
moved from opp. P. O. over McNeal's
Bank, Guthrie.
A farmer living near Chandler
has a fig tree which matured some fine
fruit last year.
W. E. Willotighby has put in a re-
frigerator in his m« at market, and has
plenty of ice on hand.
The presidirg elder of the M. E.
church was here Sunday evening, and
held communion services.
Dr. G N. Bilbv. of Stroud, and J. F.
Bilby, of Shenandoah, Towa, register-
ed at the Manvel last Friday.
A t.ont has boen put un south of
Masoho's and will be used by King,
Harris, & King, photographers.
See their garden seed and go* their
prices before buyiner. They will save
you money at the A No. 1 store.
Cotton seed for planting, of early
ginning, in any quantitv for sale at D.
It. Owen's cotton gin, Chandler.
A fresh invoice of candies including
marsh mallows, hand-made creams, car-
mcls and cocoanut at tho A No. 1
I Leo Gokey... .
j Lizzie Mahiner.
.Cushing 17
. .McLoud 2ft
.Chandler 20
.. Agency 20
.. Agency 20
We will send the Chicago Weekly
hdrr Ocean and the chandler nkws
to vour address for a year for only ono
Tho Nf.WS got out, some neat posters
last Friday advertising the Stroud
Comedy Company's play, "Out in the
Fred Pope has purchased the gro-
cery stock of .1. E. Gormley. Mr.
Gormley will give, his attention to his
lumber business,
"Keeping our pledge in spirit and
letter" will be the topic for C. E. next,
Sunday. Text, Matt. 16:31-41. Effle
Gilstrap, leader.
Miss Loa Hoffman left Saturday for
Guthrie for a visit with friends. She
will leave Guthrie 300n for a visit with
friends in Bloomington, iii.
Married. March «th, at the res-
taurant of Mrs. Zlnf. J. W. Garner offl- that th
ciating, Jacob Shoultz. of McLoud, and
Miss Jessie Sedore. of Chandler.
New Store. New (Joodn.
The Big Trade Grocery will conduct
business in the future, und*r the firm
name of Deacon & Ulam. Our business
will be conducted on a CA^Ti basis.
Our aim is to give the greatest value
for the money, of any firm in town.
All we ask is that you call and get our
prices before buying elsewhere, and
we feel confident th it. we will sell you
your goods Thanking our customers
for past favors ami hoping to merit
your patronage in the future, we are,
Truly yours.
Deacon & Ulam,
Kalkloseh Building. North end.
from south fox
Weather fine
Farmers are busy preparing the soil.
Rev. R. S. Glover's school is prosper-
ing finely.
Rev. J. W. White Is nearly done
planting corn.
Rev. F. W. McMikle has purchased
a fine 6pan of mules.
The game law is being broken in
this part of the county.
Mrs. J. W. Pinion and Mrs. G. W.
Newman are on the sick list.
Frank Newman is down from the
Strip visiting his sick mother.
Rev. Albert .Tames prenched at Brad-
ley's school house last Sunday.
Mrs. Harriett Roberson of Little
Zion church has been licensed to
Rev John Perkins and Rev. C. Gar-
rett preached at Mt. Canon church last
Should thU April weatler prevail
much longer the apricots and peaches
will be blooming.
Improvements are the order of the
day over in the Kicicapoo. Mr. < hiu-
in has leased a fine school section and
is erecting thereon a handsome frame
house of five rooms.
The farmers in this vicinity are
taking advantage of the beautiful
weather and are, preparing tho 8011 roP
another bountiful harvest
Mr. Law has finished hiB house in
the Kickapoo and the young folks dedi-
cated it very pleasantly on the 17th.
Mr. Law Is a good musician, ant! as
there were half a dozen other tiddlers
present, the young folks danced, to
their hearts content,
Maitinit Proof
If vou want to filo on ft claim, or ii
you wan % to prove up, and want to do
so with the least trouble and expense,
vou should cull at once upon Frank a.
Niblack, U. S court commissioner, for
Lincoln county, at his office on Manvel
avenue, opposite the postofflce block.
He will cheerfully give all needed in-
formation. will do your work promptly
and correctly, and will save you money.
When you ccme to make application
for final proof bring your filing certifi-
cate and be sure you have the. proper
Christian names fotir witnesses.
Ne* Plymouth Rock Co
The Bisis of Assessment.
Mro and #
nretty colors.
« ATKF.N^. Firmr d hrocadod French
->Ht# ens Several attractive patterns.
c|t xlLTLAINE —Handsome wool
CHFPES. Somen tine orenea. verv
doRlrab'o, and at the popular low prices,
•\MTEVS and V'vette Batistes, new
and nretty designs.
SAVOY FT XNN^TiS—The latest In
the popular and useful outings
C.INGHAMS—A nice variety.
PRINTS. Of tho newest patterns.
Amonu these is a new line of Calcutta
Rluof, somethl g new in blue shades. .or FRENCH PERCALES—You're sure
ol our iustl* U- to want them.
s . Suits, >13
dersklrts, interlining, ctV.
H \ IRC LOTH, notions, and hair or
TOTLV1T SOAPS: Pears' at 10| cnU
per oaice", three otkes for 50 cents.
CURTJNO TRONS, with patent'f. Id
ing handle?, 10 conts. j
FINTK hemstitch handkerchiefs, ft cts.
HOSIERY. A variety. Ladles' fino
Honmle* duekdioao; iO-ccau a pair. •
BT E \CH table clcth at 25 cents per
yard; other qualities at proportionate
TOWELS. A good line as low as 15
cents per pair.
Your address, with si* cents
in sumps, mailed lo our lleaJ-
qturtets, II tltot Nt., Il st6b,
*a > , will brin^ you a full lino
mous •:< pant. . • r— •
Overcoats #10.26, and up. i ut
to order. Aij'-'ui* wanted every*
A good line of shoes and
II \TS. In hats we keep the Sjet-
son'in all the latest shaj-es. Other
stylet. Men's furnishing goods.
SHI UTS. A fine line of l'ercale
shirts. Summer flannel negligee
shirts. " i
Come early and make vour se-
lections. This stock is so desirea-
Shelf -1 - Heavy - Hardware,
:,i, in l .. vt.ce township in tin- count\ •->
Liiicolii. (.'Uhit-'iiM t. rrii.H ', und lh;it f'"''1' ————
Elder Garner's meetings will close
Sunday night.
news and the semi-weekly Globe
democrat, ti .25.
Rev. Thomson 1
Sunday morning.
s able to preach on
c. w. Schlegel and wife went to
Guthrie Monday.
Emery Foster returned from Guthrie
Tuesday evening.
D. R- Owons will build an addition to
1)U residence soon.
Fr&zier & Newby charge no commis-
sion on farm loans^
F. A. Ashton has been suffering Irom
attack of the grip.
Mine Maud Fai r is visiting friends
in Chandler this week
X. L. McElhaney returned from his
trip to Missouri yesterday.
J. S. Newby visited Oklahoma City
this week on legal business.
R. B. Holland is again able to be
about after a severe Illness.
Miss Wiunie Merrick has returned
to her home, near Fallis.
P. A. Ashton is adding to his resi-1
dence by building a kitehep.
The Chicago weekly Inter Ocean and J
the News one year for <j.qp
Chai. MoBaT a"'1 w- L°wls lcft
Tuesday for Oklahoma City.
Tha Free Methodist meetings at the
ocurt house ar>- still going on.
riaior Andersou^health is improv-
ing He is now able to ha out.
jg® will bo shipped in and retailed
tj Wllloughbj's meat market.
Always go to Swoaringon and see
his work before having pioUire} taken
elsewhere. Babies specialty. Re-
member the place, over McNeal's bank
Guthrie. _____
It is not generally known that a rail-
road runs through Lincoln county but
it is a fact nevertheless that the Choc-
taw runs across the south-west corner
of 31-12-2.
J. E. Lurton returned Monday from
Cripple Creek. He says that every-
thing is running on a boom basis out
there, and that men with small capital
cannot find an opening.
The town of Princeton, situated in
the Kickapoo cou.itry, will hereafter
be called Rosevillo and will have a
postofflce. Mike McCarty has been
appointed postmaster.
G. R. Davis and wife have a new
baby boy at their house.
Arlington folks have all been on tho
sick 1'st latc'.y but arc rapidly recover-
ing now. La Grippe.
•Tack Miles, who,has lately moved in-
to town. hnsaHtile child dangerously
ill with spinal disease.
Rev. Whitacre and family have
moved to Robison creek and the new
blacksmith and family moved into the
dwelling they occupied.
N. M. Sowder clored a very success-
ful term of school last week. The
pupils advanced rapidly and regret,
term was so short.
We have a very good prospect for a
railroad at Arlington soon. The presi-
dent and surveyors will bo hero this
month, it is stated on good authority.
The M. E. quarterly meeting will be
held at this place March 15th and 16th.
We hope to see a large attendance.
Elder Palmer will be present and con-
duct tho services.
C. M. C. Flemming, our harness
maker, makes himself generally use-
ful to the people by repairing watches,
olocks, and almost any kind of work
they want done. We world be glad to
see more people with as much energy
come to our town.
James DefTenbauuh aud Miss Ella
Waldron were married at the home of
the bride's parents on Feb. loth.
Arlington loses one of her best girls an
Miss Ella was a teacher In tho Sunday
school the. past two years and the child-
ren as well as the older persons will
greatly miss her. May thev have a
lifetime of happiness is the wish of all.
K. p. Resolutions.
Whereas, On the 19th day of Feb.,
tho .'J3rd anniversary of the foundation
of the chivalrous order of K. of P., Lin-
coln lodge No. 15, K. of P. was duly
instituted at Chandler. ....
And Whereas, the labor of the msti-
tutian of said lodge, and the installa-
tion of the officers, was performed with
skill and efficiency by M. W. J Holt,
G. C. C., assisted by members of Guth-
rie and Stillwater lodges. irontl
And Whereas, the selection or prop-1 h
er reealia, was greatly faciliated by the
good trust and excellent judgment of
Sir Knight N. F. Cheadle and the sol-
emn ceremonies of the midnight's con-
clave were enlivened by his wit, elo-
quence. knightly order, zeal and en-
thusiasm, ably assisted by the unpaes-
ionated oratory of other knights.
Now, therefore be it resolved b'
Lincoln Lod^e No. 15, K. of 1 . of
Chandler, That the thanks of this lodge
be and are hereby tendered all and
each visiting brother for th welfare
of said lodge No 15, and for their val-
uable and appreciated services to said
lodge on the occasion of its institution.
l. e. Payne. )
d. n. Fkazirr. V Committee.
F. A. Niblack, )
The assessors of the various town
ships of the county met at the court
house Monday. January 13th, as pro-
vided by la v. M L. McPherson wa,
elected chairman, and C G Nlcewar- , |A11.
isaaitB!? ble and the prices are so low tnar
Wellston, Keokuk Creek, and Semi- _
nole. On mutton, following basis ' _|
for assessment was established
Deeded land per aero *; '*> |
All horsr-s except stallions. 5,(XI to 40.IW
Jacks and still lions, for oach W.tM) .m(M)
ohsrRed for seasan. at ... . |
Mnlry. from h no to If! '*)1
OnttiP from S nios to vrs. old .8.00 to lOOO ,
M"ad n°vT.r 10.® . .■«
Shocp und mints. frf' n 60 to 2.00
HoifS ut V cr.nts per n lid
Fnrm tinpfements. at can ti value. m
Wut-'ons. from {-JJ JJ
CairlairPB and pleasure oarria«CH R no to bi.iw
Hold watches, from 0.00 to J0 00
Other kinds <>f watches -110 l° 10 (W
Plate and je
I'lanos, frc
Organs, fr<
Household hi rut tin < , « ' -
Property described In paragraphs ..
fro"- if> to 29, Invluslvc, on tU«^ assesfJ-
merit sheet, at cash value.
Building*, at aotual cash value.
Wire fence at I cent per str ind tier rod.
Picket und Plank fen <\ -J to f cents per rod.
All other proi" 1' " 1 ^ '
it will go very fast,
described In paragraphs numbered |
i First published Feb. 14. 1 HOrt.>
notice to clleoltors
matter of the estate of Henry Mcy
- Go to Fletcher's
If you want anything in the line of
Vntlis after p.e tlrst publication of ti
i be.■ limit' <1 as the time for credito
to present their claims against the said estat
Dated the 12th duy <.f pebrunry, l^Hfl.
wli.hblwina j. MeVK.ll
Ll ut,'i -S*. ti Ir.'in Mar to MarW IHWfl)
Territory of (jklaho
In 1M
0 is he
of the
it on the inn duy
V.tton tiled In the
of Lincoln and ter-
ritory oi * •<is*iiun> 1 • i" i'i'on pravjti:' for b t .
t, ,-s ..f iKbniiilst ration to h- issu. -1 •< him. ih«
as'J 'paUon deiJSsS^le'c'^th.V"' eounti"'of |
uAnid rt^.^'SMrii.d ^,0.- j
court. Wclie s.lay the 1st day of April a o.
m t ' ■ • houi of ") o'clock A M of said du\
that 'b, ing :i. diV of .the r.-.uhir March
pol'ntedn- the'tliileof heariW' sub! application
when and wh. re any person inter-sled may
cont. st said petltir.
lUirhlv well p
To be kept th
the it
the tim«
or local n
nd *1 1
Is the place to tra
Located on Manvel Ave.
and Seventh St.
block north
and frc
"Quick sales and small
profits. Come and see
us, one and ^11.
. ... Of public fwte every week f
Goods all new
. Our motto: Twloe-a-Week Hey"' "
specialty of glviny
news and ?i> eh s <
the sujne ' i me k P
taini'V Jepur*men-
tainc-d. A olif it dt:
daily m-
ill make a
and at
1 that
Central Committee.
The Lincoln county republican
central committee met at the court-
room last Saturday afternoon. 1 he
following committeemen were present:
E J. Babcock. l'onca; S. W. Johnson.
N. Osage: C. II. Cannon (proxy for
liigffs) S. Osage; W. 11. Hicks, Iowa:
A. Homann. Tohee; B- n. Jones.
Union: W W. Murray. N. box; W.
W Preshour, N. Keokuk; J. W. New-
man, S. Keokuk: W. A. Ilogan, S. Fox;
R E. Jenness, Chandler; Andrew Al-
len, McKinley; Geo. W. Davis, Well-
ston; S. S. Allen baugh, N. Choctaw;
Jacob Amber*, N Seminole; F. M.
Poole, Wichita; P. W. Hash aud I.. W.
Perkins, town of Chandler. A good
many other prominent republican""
c present. It was decided to give
each presinct representation in ti.
convention on thu basis of one
delegate at large and_ one addition r
delegate for every 25 votes east for
flynn In 1894. The townships afreete<l
by the addition of the Kickapoo land-
were given tho following represent;t-
tlon: .McKinley. 4; Wellston, 5; Wteh-
ita, 0: Kickapoo, 4. The dates for ti.
township primaries and the. countv
convention were fixed, as shown by t.i
call published in this issue, and th
committee adjourned.
Highest Honors—World's Falf,
the uround of i
nd pray th
coin, and the seal of cc
the 11th day ot March,
W L HABvar, Proba
ehp your pazor sharp
I } A K'H I
None But Stric'-ly I'irat.Class Work
of Treatment to All Cu t<>mfirs i
li'ock North of Post Otti
V JudKC of ti
H C ) 1
Tinware, Galvanized Flues, Well
Tubing, Rope, Nails, Ammmnt-
j ion, Nails, Buggies, Wagons, etc.
...i *
Come in and look over_our fine line of'stoves. We can
iuit you in style as well as price. Come.
Chandler, - - ' Oklahoma
R * I • P - A * N# S
That there is not
Jjf* a family anywhere
ur/ tc which money
means so much
J 6^^ ten cents means so
much—that it can
afford not to ez-
jj^ change ten ccnts a
month for the art,
the refinement, the
pleasure, and the
' SK information that a
co,ay of Munsey's
Magazine will biing
2am to the fireside,
SSafe 151 Fifth Ave., New York.
most plrfect made. !
A pure Grape Creatn of Tartar Powder. F'«
fern Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
By the >ear. f
5ample copy frre
V./ N.ifJtr V'
he Cbeapest===r-
The, Best-
cots, Shces, Ch Slippers
— c
!.v \ s
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Gilstrap, H. B. & Gilstrap, Effie. The Chandler News. (Chandler, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 25, Ed. 1 Friday, March 13, 1896, newspaper, March 13, 1896; Chandler, Oklahoma. ( accessed March 22, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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