The Chandler News. (Chandler, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 4, Ed. 1 Friday, October 18, 1895 Page: 3 of 4

LINDSAY L. LEWIS, Business Manager.
Local Matters.
Cotton seed for sale at the gin.
O. G. Niblack visited Guthrie Tues-
Hay at Maseho's at 15 cents per
G. Z. Page was down from Carney
P. N. Pearson and wife were down
from Carney Tuesday.
Frank .Tenness has decorated his
■awning with now signs.
A irate taffy in the new invoice of
candles at the A No. 1 store.
N. M. Sowder, of Arlington, was in
town Tuesday and Wednesday.
Highest market price paid for corn
In trade at itatliff and Hinchey's.
G. W. Schlegel went to Mulhall
Monday to attend grand lodge.
We are willing to take stove-wood
or farm produce on subscription.
Little Jimmy Oolburn le suffering
from an attack of malarial fever.
Master George Wray is kept out of
school this week by an injured eye.
Apples, onions, lemons ard cranber-
ries just received at the A No. 1 store.
Arthur Rhodes was down from Mul-
hall seeing after his claim this week.
Best coal oil in town, 150 test hefcd
light, 25 cents per gallon at Maseho's.
W. H. Mason was admitted to prac-
tice in tho district courts at Guthrie
last week.
Take your corn to 1). K. Owens as he
is doing grinding and ginning at the
same time.
Ike Poling has sold his property and
will remove with his family to Spring-
field, Ohio.
• 'xho value of the cotton ginned at
Chandler this week will be close to
4,000 dollars.
•Christian patriotism—what doo* it
require of us?" Isa. l-lo is the u>)>-
ie for the C. K. Sunday, Oct. -0. Mrs.
Jay Tennev leader At tin- 1'res by-
tcrrian church at 0:15.
If you wish soiiio irootl arpimont and
information en the financial questions
von should reiui tho "Coin' series.
Your choice with a yearly cash sub-
scription to the News.
If you want sinning done hrin? your
cotton to Chandler and pet 0. R. Ow-
ens to put vou up * hale of cotton that
will sample out better than any other
pin can make in the county.
Comrade Centis was in vestenlav
and informed us that he and Gen. Stub-
hlofleld returned from Guthrie the
last nart of the week after a very en-
joyable time at the reunion.
And h-tter yet. The vas' amount
Of 58 240 rirren of the best lands in the
territory, located in the rich valleys
of the Klckanoo. can now be leased.
See W. TI. Mason. Chandler, O. T.
The NEW* received from the ^
coln Mill 'his w.-k * -■"•k of KaHir
corn meal. Gems made from it prov-
ed to be very palatable and we expect
further use will revea' more good
All vacant school lands will now be
leased for three vears from October 1st.
1SH.". Applications will be made and
bids receivod at my odlei) till Oct. _ .
18(,s \V. H. Mason.
'<)%• opposite l\ O. Chandler
Aprooos. toths Amberp and Hpsran
icrap" we miirhtanplv the old adair'-,
that, "When thieves frill out. honest
men eet their dues '' Incidentally we
mav eet some of the inside work nes
of the last legislature: so let the nelit
go on.
Mr. anil Mrs. Oha . Harris visited
with S V. Rhea's family the first ol
the week, and left, for their home in
Texas, taking their two young sons,
who have spent 'lie here,
with them. Mrs. Mamie Rhea also ac-
companicd them.
Rev. Kelley and Rev. Thominon, <rf
Ellsworth county. Kansas. passed
through here the first,of the week en
route to the M. E. conference at Sou h
McAllster. They filled the pulpit, in
turn at the Methodist church Sunday
afternoon and evening.
You can earn $•" each day "£1v'in£.
our absolutely indespensable hmwenow
article away. New plan of work, mat-
ing experience unnecessary and suc-
cess certain for either sex in any sec-
tion. Sample dozen free. Credit giv-
en. Freight paid. Address. Melrose
MTg Co., 20 Melrose Park, 111.
Swearingen the photographer has
moved from opp. P. O. over McNeal's
JJank, Guthrie.
Feuquay & Holland will pay tho
highest "market price for chickens.
•Bring them soon
C. F. Parker was down from his
country place near Parkland the first
part of the week.
Mrs. W. L. Harvey aeted as deputy
probate judge during tho judge's ab-
sense last week.
I)r. J. G. Ivy and family of McDcr-
mitt. I. T., are visiting their relatives,
the Rhea brothers.
The Guthrie-Chandler telephone
schcme has died from exposure during
the recent cold snap.
We have a general store and will
Day the highest market price for seed
cotton. Katliff & Hinchcy.
Mrs. .T. .T. Hargrave has opened a
restaurant in the building just north
•of the lincoln County 3ank.
J. S. Newby is at his office this week
for the first time in several weeks. His
/amiliy's health is improving.
You can get "Coin's Financial
School" and one year's subscription to
tthe Chandler Nkws for $1.00
Lindsay Lewis went to Guthrie Tues-
bay and joined the Press association
excursion to Galvestontand Dallis.
A. D. Wriglit and D. N. Fra/.ier left
Sundav for Mulhall where tho grand
lodge I. O. O. F. convened Tuesday.
J.N. Wallace has leased the building
adjoining the meat market 011 the
north and has moved his * restaurant
into it.
If you want to sell your cotton in the
seed'bring it to Chandler for 1). R.
Owens is paying Guthrie and Shawnee
Rev. Ross Mt Tuesday morning for
Kingfisher where he will visit his chil-
dren. P. C. Johnson accompanied him
as far as Guthrie.
The commissioner of the general land
office has decided the contest case of
R. A. Barnhartvs. W. A. Ilogan in
favor of Mr. Barnhart.
A No. 1 store is in the front with
the best line of shoes, in the county.
You can't beat their fine shoes for one
dollar even at Shawnee.
Peter W. Susee, of 'the Agency,
passed through town Wednesday and
called at the NEWS office long enough
to renew his subscription.
This is a cordial invitation from
the merchants of Chandler to the
people of Lino« ln county—and in
order to induoe all to come to
Chandler our merchants will offer
goods so good in quality and so
low in price that you will come to
this place to trade. That would bo
our plan if we kept store, and we
are giing to do our part by giving
to our patrons something they can-
not get any where olse. which is
an absolutely pure, high grade
corn meal. We are able to make
the b st meal in Oklahoma because
we use good cora and have ample
machinery arranged for a STKC-
1AL PROCESS of our own. Other
mills may make good meal and we
have no wish to disparage the
goods of our competitors, but Ihero
ii not another mill in Oklahoma
which has as good an equipment
for making meal as we have. By
reason of our advantagei.wemakc a
Hi<rh Patent
Corn Meal
with which we are able to DEFY
any and all COMPETITION.
•This meal we give to FARMERS
in EXCHANGE for corn and w->
otTer it for sale at the same price
ns ordinary goo K Ask your GRO-
CER for it and if they do not have
it come to the mill.
We are putt in" in a maehine to
to thrash KAFFIR CORN and as
soon as it is ready we will thrash
FREE OF CHARGE all Kalllr eorn
brought to us for grinding. Wo
have one of the best corn shelters
made and shell all corn free
of charge. Keep your eve on this
column and you will find some-
thing that will Interest you within
th3 next few weeks.
The - liincoln - fflill - Co.
Chandler, Oklahoma,
DR. 1
north "f P
to 1*2:00 a *
r Offiee. (V'Vo
v. and 1:00 to
f>0 p. m
hofnm W L. TTarvov. Prnliate .'ud«J -
1 lhan H tnd nave Mm*
non°p e' the
land In voor r « ••♦tflcnte
of filing and the full names of four wit-
nesses. __________
"(inert spirit*. '
The ' hnve dlff'4 menntnes
to a spiri^vH-V a Kentueklrn. and an
nve••an'1 m*n For the nvo'i<7o man
| untrl - 1 ••>••• 1 o" How
to fneure n-ood diTesMon^ \ Ripans
Tttbule after fnoh meal, that's all.
Of m nle - hes'1 of hah* through
n r I io-enWb«*n vonr h 'r boffin* to
fnl! ent. don't n«" l.'ft it but •• bot-
tle of R lTalr R-newer which will
prevent. i*s fall In? e
"'•av. will iv.s nrn
Fur sale by A. n. Wi-tsrlit.
The following prices will
hold erood at the Bio Trade
Grocery until further no-
6 ba *s of York soap for
7 bars of Rib soap for.
5 packages of Cow Brand soda. ..
S fhaptnk Chill beans for
« tt s of Nav v ls ans for
4 tha L. M. raisins for
4 lbs cut loaf sugar
4 lha good Carolina rice for
tt>s Scotch Rolled Oats for
vor wmen win , , lv
nn-iif turning ' Rest uncolored Japan tea i>er lh.
natural color. Good grade Young Hyson per th.
California canned peaches
Evaporated apples per lt>
All stoneware per gallon
Everything else in proportion,
E. W. HjOYT. Secretary and /V\ar)ager,
' ' Offict* in Lincoln Countv Bank.
Come and buy your goods
|of its and be happy.
East Side Manvel Avenue,
North End.
!ol'u Hki:'kkknce.h: Ouit Customers
No euro, Tin pnv. that. i« Hit' wiiy 1
t«r''i Antisi-ptii- Hnaiine Oil 1? snl'l
Barhnd Wire Cuts. Burin. Si'ratxjhw,
Craokod TTi i I. Saddle Galls. Olil Sor.^s
and Son-w Wortn- in Cattle and nil
kinds of inllrunmations on man or
beast. Price, 25 cents. .
Sold by A. D. Wright.
The following is a list of the G. A.
It. visitors from Lincoln eountv at the
Guthrie reunion aa given bv the Stote
Capital: Win Morgan. Geo. Sower.
D C Moore, John Anderson, -his. Dun-
ham, G. Timbers. .1. C. Savage,
Wright: M. W. Mlimy, llarvev: S.
Carnell, Elba: .Tohn Cooper. Fallis: II.
H. Gannen, Nora: D. 0. Bickford. l1''.'.'-
kins: Benj. Ruder, Baker: W.C. \ ns-
sar. Ell Vassar, Pouts*. S. W. i rovolt.
T. M. Atkinson, Stroud? A. Bannist< r,
Peter Sims, Dennis Walker, Carney.
Jno. W. Newman. Agcney: Wilfrod
White E. A Wilson. Warwick: 1).
W. Ulam.I,. McCoy. P. A- Ash tori,
W. L. Harvey. TT. W. Stuhhlefieh 1,
Jos. Gardner. M. D. Losev, S. 1). Den-
nis. M. D. Tenney, J. P. Ay are, N. \.f.
Porter, Chandler.
I^nnU for sale o.- l.onsc.
One eighty of grazing and timber
land: the west 4 of N. VV. quarter )f
Sec.l or the east i of S. E. i o^f Sec.
township T). range 2 east. Addro- b
Peter W. Susee, Sac and Pox Agency ,
()kl.i.. for terms.
Texas l oiiHt country.
The Texas coast country vies wi th
California as a place to profitably rai se
pears, grapes, and strawberries. S x
♦ hous-and dollars' worth of pears froai
thirteen acres hasb ?en produced there
in one season, and can perhaps be du-
plicated by you. <5. T. Nicholson,
P A. Santa Fe Route, Monadnock
building. Chicago will be glad to fe.r-
nish without, charge an illustrated
pamphlet telling about Texas. S< ,nd
to nearest agent for ticket rate-..
There is usually a low faro in effect to
all important Tfcxas ]ioitiis.
School of dressmaking: 1 will
1h lesson in dressmaking, three li v it*
in forenoon and three hours in aft e-r-
noon. one day constitutes a lesson. 1 V>
i!s can bring their own dresses or
dresses for others, and in that w \
make enough to pay their tuition. W U
te.ach them tho best and most perfr r
fitting system, very simple and easy V:>
larn. Will guarantee to teach the o:
niore of the art of dressmaking in tho •
I is lessons, that they would learn in t i.n
months as an apprentie. Lessons ui id
system.$8i00;those wi>hing to learn ea 11
at the residence of I). K. Owens on nort h
Sanvel ave. School will op.-n 28th ins- ..
Mrs. Clara Makinney Willis .
That Trip East
WANTKD—A girl to wash dishes at
Mitchell House. Apply at once.
Sam Rowley will havo a sale at h is
place southeast of town ou Saturday,
Nov, 2nd,
County Correspondence
A big frost last Friday night.
John Raliard who has been seriously
ill is improving slowly.
Mr. Rolten is building a residence
•on east Harrison avenue.
Sunday school will b 1 he,Id in the
new school house next Sunday.
J. H. Means who has been sick for
a week , was able to be at church last
Mr. and Mrs. Hcckcr who have been
visiting in Kansas the past three
months, returned last Monday.
Notice i hereby etven tbt -\. P
Riisaoll .V Co. have this .l av nh d their
application 'or Iicen''< to seU malt,
uniritnM* ord vino'w Mquov e„ l„t 21.
blocV 1". Clifton. O T. and that unless
n remonstrance ns*a'ns4 the t^suanei
of the fame, a • reou'red bv law, Ix1
filed in tb"< oOlc.' within two (21 week*
from the first, nublieation of this notice
said licence will b * ^ranted a«nctitlon-
ed for. Dated O-tobcr 1st. ISO;').
Frank Anderson.
County Clerk.
Important to llomcHtcmler*.
IT vou want to file on :• claim, or if
you wan* to prove u >. and want to do
1th the least trouble and expense,
von should c\11 at once upon Prank \.
Niblack, IT. S court commissioner, for
Lincoln roun'v. ft his office on Manvel
nue. opposite the pos'ottice block.
He will cheerfully give all ne< ded in-
formation. will do your work promptly
nnd corre«'tlv, and will save you money.
When vou <• nv to mak implication uriin\t yi\] f AMR
for firal proof brlr.:r fl 1 inir certiti- \\ 1 \)\ v Vill■ w
rat'- :md 1-" s-.r: hav • the proper
Christian names of four witnesses.
Office of Countv Clerk. Lincoln Co.
( handler. O. T.. Sept IS, M 5,
Notice is hereby given that bids will
be received at the office of county
clerk until 12:00 o'elo-k noon.Saturday
October 1°. l«fl.r , for the r -rnishinL' of
eiuhtv 'SO) cords of four (4) foot. wood.
forty f40> cords to be dry and forty (40)
cords to be preen, wood to be delivered
and corded in court house yard, ten (10)
cords to he delivered immediately orion
the awarding of contract and remaind-
er to be delivered within thirty (JO)
days from date of contract. The hoa**d
3rves right to reject any or all bids.
By order of the board of county
Frank Anderson.
County Clark.
s;. wmwMtmmmm
« I I I t I l ^-*t.
Farm Loans.
Frazier & Newby, Chandler, Oklahoma.
Just drive up to th« BIG TRADE
GROCERY and see what we havo for
you. We can make it to your interest
to come and see us. MONEY SAVED IS
got this when buying groceries.
AUinf nl«trntor"H snlo.
October 2nd, lc9">.
i will ftcll : ♦ public sale on the furtn of
1! Ftilev on tin- N. E. '4 section iw. townshin
1 1 t , • I.■ x. ■ " '• • rri'" 1 • f .
Oklahoma, the followlnir aosortbed property 1
l^rlon 'in r to tin' cstute of Tr.ivis l '.irur r dc |
Big Trade Grocery,
Eugene Deacon, Prop.
Chandler Oklahoma
1 > l't 1 \ 1
| Paints, Oils and Glass, School Sup-k
"ancy and Toilet Artuies. I-
l^t ill Line < >f Woll i j jc t-
The Adventlst tent-meeting that
kas been going on hero for the past
four weeks, still continues with good
S. E. Davis who has been working
in the Golden Fleece mine the past
two years returned home last Tuesday.
He made many friends during his resi-
dence here anil they welcome him
tiiiong them again.
Miss Tcmpy Richardson, of Payne
county, met with a sad accident on
Yoat Saturday morning. She was driv-
ing to P&rklitpd in a cart when a dog
teared her horse.* It ran a half mile,
then broke louse from the car', upset-
ting it and throwing Miss Richardson
out on her fac<. bruising it very badly.
oak grove, otoe township.
Sam 01 liver will deed his cluim and
move to Kansas.
1'oum! at 1.11 ht.
c ased: a \ A sure cure for Diarrhea and Summer
One 1rr.1v man' 10 \ "\rs old one L'rav rnnre « t'(tin 1 >1 ;iint It is Hcggs'Diarrhea Ihil-
V" : rs old. «.nr vrrvrltni.' hors- clt. f 1 li« ad I ^ 111 Th. v
<.f hoirH farm waton dout !<- ->h<>\. i plow. sam. Druggists do not Khh.1 It. 1 -y
ai.out 100 bushels of corn tn shock. |,,sl I SELL it. For sale bv A. 1). Wright,
iii 10 acres of crowtnc cotton, and other
tonal : roperty. Terms, cash
Sole 10 como-ence at 10 o clork a m
Special Administrator of tho Estate
of Travis Parmer deceased ! SELL it. For sale by A.
pt 1 the popular druggist.
Beggs' blood Purifier anil blood Maker
Beggs* blood Purifier and blood Maker
Beggs' blood Purifier and bloop Maker
for all diseases of the skin. A posi-
tive guarantee with every bottle. Call
for and be sun- to got Beggs and take
no other. Sold by A. D. Wright.
M. Ilurburt and fa
y in the cane !'.«■! 1.
•have been
L. G. Herbert and Add McLaughlin
went to Guthrie Tuesday.
Nearly even n n has his bale of
0 >tton and son 1. tin. * more.
The Berger family have b^cn c iter-
triined at home with the chills.
Notice ol siiortn-H saio.
Notice is hereby trivm that by virtue or an
keoutlon Issued J'i' the district court of liln
coin county, territory "f Oklahoma In favor "f
the First National bank, or Kcrwin. Kansas,
and against Martha IJrirord. <1 al, and to me
din ct< d as sheriff "f said connty.
I will at 2 o'clock P. M on the flth dav of
November. at the east door «>f t.h«- eonrt
house in Chandler in the county of Lmcnln,
•. rrit•.: ' •' '
auotlon, the following real estate and fite ap-
purtnances thereto belonnin-'. to-a it
hot nineteen ilfli in block sevijiUV
lot tlfteen tlfti in block s. v. nty •1 > 10
t-venty two uMt in block sixty-three 1, lot
thirteen (l"i. fourter
teen ! Uli. seve
teen(19t. twenty "3Jt
tun 1 -,''J 1. twrnty-thre
(Ml ill block tilr*-,- (3|. lot nin
• iuht 1H] situated in th- tnw
nln county, territory of OUlu
[i larten-
Iral r a ' ^
Ify ^;/
You Want the Best One Made.
Deering Mowers and Binders
1 1
Ol-C If 1 1 1< >' > 1H
Dry Goods,
Groceries, etci
| h. E
birch u
the. Speer
is wielding
chool house.
G. L. Tap! 111. ( f i)' :< i
visiting at 1. N.-Hall's
Mr. and Mrs. II mi an
entertaining friends fit
Peopl'' who ai i- not
arc (stripping e me and
It ;
A Now View of 1.1 fe. often th**
les of this life soring from ind!L" st loi . *■ 1 ^
I May be for business or pleasure, <
Dr. Samuel Ellis has traded his ex- , both: hut pleasui- comes by making
tra drug stock to Geo, Hetzel for his business of traveling east over t
Dry Fork farm. Mr. Hetzel will open I
Keller and
to Shawnee
will go
this we
Cotton gin ii-
are busy now a
the cotton and
s and
.* holds
er. Kansas, was
Hall have been
im Kansas,
picking cotton
every body is |
L. Liillbridge !
1 their cotton j
irirbum makers
long • as
And more surprising how people know
it.You say "1 am blue" or "My head
feels queer" or '"I eau't sleep." Nine
timcH out of ten indigestion is at the
bottom of your miseries and a lex of
Kipans Tabules would giv< you an en-
tirely new view of life.
Notice n
:i the matter of the
>' 1 the same
th- under*!
\> at his re>
MltV Of (.11
a drug store at the Agency.
Mary Lease told the people at the
Perkis fair that if they wanted
free homes to stay with Dennis 1* lynn.
Mary should be tried for treason.
Joe Quien says "that Dennis Flynn
in so puffed up'from dancing with Mr-
Lease that he could hardly get him in
the hotel door Monday evening."
There are 6,400 acres of good school
lands in Set*. 1« and in Lincoln Go.,
vacant and now ready for leasi See
W. H. Mason at Chandler, O. T.
By grinding every day, I). R. Owens
has greatly increased hi^ meal busi-
ness as his customers can depend on
getting their work done at any time.
Tho News and the Kansas City
Weekly J< (rn<il und Ayrlr"ltnri,<t. t >
]:.pv.i>t* one year fo«- one dollar. Urn,
can't afford tp be without the News.
Cotton may be queen but corn i-
We will take either at highe>t
Santa Fe route as far as Chicau'
Thirty miles the shortest line 1 ie-
tween Missouri river and Chicago:ti. at
means quick time and sure eonnc c-
Track is straight, rock-ballastr d.
with very few crossings at grade.
No prettier, cosier or more comfe r-
tahle trains enter Chicago than tho ?e
over the Santa Fe. They are vesi i-
buled limited expresses, with late 't
pattern Pullmans and free, chur car> .
Meals in dining cars servi d on plan t
!• \\ ■ • for wtiat '
i 1 tiuin « f near. -1 a.- -n't. « r add f
to (i. T. Nicholson. <. P. A. Santa K
Route, Monadnock building, Chicago
A Visit from Ueiiul*
lion. D. T. Flynn and J. I • Qui
drove up from Shawnee Monday j>
to see how Lincoln county folks «
when it is an off-year. Tin v reach
town about ; ark anil ;> little latei
Cornet hand ah~- 'inbled anil play
several pieces at the Mitchell Hon.--.
Dennis tmule the bo\ - a speach and
later held an informal n eepf.on in the
hotel office. lie conlideully believ--
j that "handier will -jet two railroads
i within two years—tin- Sapulna < \t n-
\lwnys go t« Swearingen and see sion and the H. O. G O o«
work before having pictures taken \ i:handler must r. r a 1110 ■ •
.where. Babies a spoealty. Remem- them Mr I ynn
Ibeplace, over McNeal's Bank, Tuesdav aft -nioen
Guthrie. ' ' . "r(
We* have co if Jo at lo cents per pound. '• 51 f, J
Spi * '• 1 ~h baking p'jwue/ at 10 cent ! 1 n,;li '
1), r lb . best raisins, cents, aut' T !M'J ' ,l',u • ,1,i' 1
>.;irs of Kirk's soap for 2.* centn at th' ' "'ttkeb him
Re-organization of Said nth school
next Sunday at 10 M. • rv body
turn out anil help the cause along.
Sam Olllvcr and family have return-
ed from their visit to Kansas, and Miss
Nannie is teaching scnool near Part-
Last month George Balour started
to New York to enter a
medical treatment and
mother is one of tlio atte
iv he re his
Highest Market.
Pi •ice Paid for
At the old
Smith Building
[. M. MtGI'IRE & CO. -
Ti^e Irrcsistable Logic
Of hi.'h values and low pr
, 111 al<• • the high values higher an I the
pi-obl' in that W" are workinir out in ou
lion of our patron-. Never were value-
' than at pr nl. and as our v: • 1 coll
• Is beinX sold under analmoat perfect sys

, been almost r< aeiied.
|-joW Ccq You Teli?
all purchasers. To
low prices lov. r is a
• store to the saUsfae-
higher or prices low 1
1 >n of season.ihlc goods
tern of distribution, if
rtfg£iest Honors—World's Fair.
Notice is hereby given that M. Giav
has this day tiled' an application fori
licence to sell malt ^dritous. and vin-
ous liquors in the town of Clifton < >■
T., and that unless a re,monstrance j
against the issuance of the same as re-
quired by law, be tiled in this olhe •
within two we. ks fr.-ni tie- tir-t nob-
liration of this 1 "t'••••. : I 1'.
will be fifrantcfi as p •/' -Med for.
Dated « >c . i'h. \ - '•
l\:.\ u ANUi
pirst Class in Every Particu-
lar. Pates are Reasonable
Good Sample Rooms in Con
to th.) avert
do that int-
Clothes. Y
here. You
clothing st<
bet ter we w
iigentiy, you will buy your t
111 will find better fitting and
can take any p irchu-e mat
re and com par.' goods and pr
ill give you your ••money bat
and the bo>
. J- *
A -s"
Time Table.
fir) InvitatioQ
Ti)0 Bee Hive Store, Guthrie.
mar ket price
, for cash ci
counts. |
ei mm c*AHR!ft§E snu mmm B? Iii.
% WM
£\i i)
4 i
■ )
WH -
LLSA'-E Hk'.Cfc.
na, 1 ..?to 345. t
> L.J. Ltutui '
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Gilstrap, H. B. & Gilstrap, Effie. The Chandler News. (Chandler, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 4, Ed. 1 Friday, October 18, 1895, newspaper, October 18, 1895; Chandler, Oklahoma. ( accessed March 21, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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