The State Democrat. (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 6, No. 71, Ed. 1 Saturday, January 12, 1895 Page: 3 of 4

©lie §totc petuocvat.
and oklahoma call
Kffw- :■■■■ ■ ■■ g '■ "'■
going south
o, 403
No. 407
No. 4£1 accommodation
going noiith.
NO. 4141
wo. 408
No. 42>> accommodation
. 1:07 n. m.
. ti :50 p. in.
. 6:8ft p. in.
A GOOD LIVER generally lias
A HAD hi VKR, But if Week's
LI V KR ami KIDNKY Balm is taken
A GOOD LIVER may have
A GOOD LIVER. Catch the idea.
Our long experience is your servant.
Remember this when getting
prescriptions filled.
R. J. Weeks.
Oninine at 40c an ounce at Weeks'
Drug Store.
A Charming Entertainment
On Jan. 15th at 7:30 p. in.. Miss
Bernice Costello, the gifted elocu-
tionist. will appear at the Christian
Church and will give an entertain-
ment that will be of the highest
character and worthy of liberal
The Y. P. S. C. K. of Gallatin, Mo.,
says of her: "Ah a recitationist and
impersonator Miss Bernice Costello
has no equal. Her recitations were
SCHOOL CRAYONS 15c a l«>x or all fine, but her recitation of Damon
Prepared l y Univorsity of Oklahoma.
1'rof JJdwin DeILvuu, Observer.
D le Max Mlii JU au Rain \\ Ind (Mi day
a ! 4fi I aol
•I 1 ! 'J.i :J
< loudy
l t <'Id /
rt i idv
I't - My
i lcur
,fl .40 per dozen at Weeks' Store.
you will he surprised and pleas
ed at the result. Nothing equ'ls
it in producing life like tints.
i or sale only at Weeks' Drug Store.
Call and see our line of WALL
PAPERS. Our prices will cure
you if you have the blues.
Dad Hall is at Shawnee.
R.J. Weeks went to Tecumseh
Dr. T. If. Williams the dentist, is
at Ft. Sill.
F.J. Bullock of Stella, was in the
city Monday.
W. B. Poole, of Perry was in the
city Thursday.
E. W. Davis of Noble was in the
city Thursday.
J. I). Maguire was in Oklahoma
City Wednesday.
II. F. Drace of Noble, was in the
city Wednesday.
January patterns now ready at
the Boston Store.
Ed Jarbo of Lexingion, was in
the city this week.
Judge Abernathy, of Lexington,
was in the city Thursday.
The Oklahoma Pre?.- \ -sociatioii
is called to meet at Perry on I'V! . '.
Mr. Pierce Jenkins and familj
have gone to look for a location in
0. W. Arms ti ong is now running
a hack between Norman and le-
School will open in the new
building on the west side next
Norman lias a way of i • -1 ting
there that is vt ry satisfactory to
our citizens.
Judge Wilkins released McCar
roll and Ross, but held Tom I >< vee
and Dan Cowan.
1. K. Miller who has been travel-
ing for a St. Louis Commission
House, came home Wednesday.
Miss Huntley, who ha been
quite ill at the i\ -idencr of Dr. Me-
Murtry, returned honit I.' day.
The court has appointed Dr. |. II.
Scott receiver for the C. 1". York
dry-goods house which la K■« 1 some
time ago.
Miss Pinkcrton, of Cloud City,
Kan., who has been visiting her
sister Mrs Kd Smith, returned home
JudgeCease has a stock < ' mer-
chandfse to trade for city or farm
property. Oflice in the Opera
House building.
Evangelist meetings will be held
at the Presbyterian church next
week, conducted by Rev. King.
Sy nodical M issionary.
Miss Challes is selling out it cost
her entire stock of Winter Millinery
to make room for spring goods.
In the Brooks building.
Rev A. B. C. Dmwiddie will
preach at the Cumberland Pre-1>\
terian church next .Sunday morn-
ing. You are invited.
Hilly Crippeu has just returned
from McAlester, I. T. lie -ays that
he has visited several places but
found none as good as Norman.
A visit to our printing establish
ment will I'onviuce anyone that we
have the best facilities foi doing
all kinds of printing, ( all and • c
for yourself.
Rev. Brown, of the M. K. Church
south, has been at El Reno f nine
time. Rev. Lane fill. I his j > 1 j• it
last Sunday morning and Re\ . j. II.
Miller in the evening.
Mr. Wall the proprietor of ti, OK
lahoma Hotel lias refurnish* 1 the
house and fitted in up in nice
shape and will treat everybody
right who patronizes him.
Jim Shaver o( Lexington, has
been in the city this week, acting as
stenographer in Judge Wilkins'
court, during the preliminary In ar-
ing of those charged with tiillen-
water's death.
Vic Nelson was c die ! in Nebras-
ka, Wednesday by a telegram fiom
his wife, telling of the serious ill-
ness of their little boy. Their
friends in this city hope that his
illness may not piove fatal.
and Pythias excelled them all.'
Italimeed to m •
When L. B. Durkee
some interesting paragraphs
WrIUrn h> the Itualneaa Men of Norman
for III* II#*nflit of the Stale Demo-
crat Reader*.
Best of of goods! Lowest of prices!
Where? At McGinley's.
Go to the Palace Jewelry Store to
have your watch or clock repaired.
Use Norman's celebrated brands
of flour if you want the best.
The very best that money can buy
and for sale cheap at McGinley's.
turned over! You can get anything in the line
the books of the Treasurer's office of meats and game at Rentier
to his successor every cent was in
its proper fund, and his books bal-
anced to a cent with those of the
county clerk. We dont believe that
the people of Cleveland county will
begrudge one cent of the money
rom Devcc and Dan Cowan have that was paid Mr. Durkee or any
been released on bond of $2,000
j. M.%Myers, the owner-of the fine
trotting stallion Konantz, has mov-
ed from Wynnewood to this county,
having rented a farm near Noble.
Snow Flake Patent is the family
You can get fine buckwheat flour
at the Norman Mill and Elevator.
Dr. McMurtry has opened up an
oflice in the llullum block, where
deputy lie hired, to take cure of >lc can be found l>y those who
their money in a proper manner.
Mr. Durkfe is to be congratulated
for his excellent work.
•lolin Swayne Killed.
John Swayne, for many years
The relation which price bears
to quality in literature is made
obscure by the Christmas Cosmo-
politan. Stories 1>\ Rudyard Kip-
ling, Win. Dean Howclls, Mrs. Spi n
cer Trask, Mrs Burton Harrison,
and Albiou W. rourgee, arc inter
spersed with poetry by Sir Edwin
Arnold, Edmund Clarence Sted-
man and James Whitconib Riley ,
while through the number arc
scattered illustrations by such fa-
mous artists as Reui'iigtou, Toclic,
Reinhart, Turner Van Schaick,
Gibson and Stevens. A series of
portraits of beautiful women of
society illustrate au article on I he
Relations of Photgraphy to Ail a
travel article by Napoleon Ney.
grandson of the fatuous Field Mar-
shal; one of the ?ric of Great Pas
sions of History, to which Fronds
and (iosse have already contribut-
ed and half a dozen others equally
interesting, go to make up the at-
tractions of the number. The Cos
l: iv: e'er qo
Mr. Myers is a breeder of trotting deputy U. S. Marshal in the Indian
horses and we are pleased to wel
come liiin to Cleveland county.
The best anodyne and expector-
ant for the cure of colds, coughs,
and all throat, lung, and bronchial
troubles, is undoubtedly. Ayer's
Cherry Pectorial, the only specific
for colds and coughs admitted on
exhibition at the Chicago World's
We understand that Sheriff Smith
has been looking up some evidence
against some boys who have been ' incuts with Rev. Irl Hicks so that
play ing cards and gambling on we can send the State Democrat.
Sunday and will give their names The Word and Works and Hick's
to the next Grand Jury, as such Almanac for one year for $1.75 in
work should be stopped. cash. The paper Word and Works
Our clubbing offer with Word contains the monthly predictions
Territory, was killed near Wayne in
the Chickasaw Nation, Tuesday.
He had trouble over some land
with a man named Vincent, whom
he shot and killed and was in turn
killed by Vincent's son. Swayne
had an extensive record as a killer,
and from what we can learti he was
a little late in getting a dose of his
own medicine.
A out Kdftetl Oilvi'.
We have this week made arrange-
and Works, the magazine publish-
ed by Rev. Irl Hicks, is our best.
Hicks predicts blizzards and cy-
clone.- with accuracy, and if his
words are heeded many lives many
lives may be saved.
< n orge Jenkins started for Sher-
man. Texas last Saturday. George
left many warm friends here who
regret his departure but owing to
poor health he thought it best to
ehangc climate for a while.
of Rev. Irl Hicks, who has became
proficient in the science of which
he is the leader. He never fails
in his predictions of cyclones,
blizzards etc., This valuable maga-
zine and Almanac should be in
every house.
Save* Money.
Louis Rentier, the butcher, wish-
es to inform the public that since
he has adopted a cash system, he
is saving money to all those who
The Union Y. P. S. C. K. prayer patronise him, because he can af-
mrt'tina at the M. K. Church South, ford to sell better meats at lower
Sunday Jan. 13, at p. ill. liverv prices than ever. It pays to both
bodv invited. Special feature- A ! *>«>' and sel1 for cash a"d 5'ou ca"
Solo, Rest in Heaven, by Miss Miir- KCt the best bargains in meat at
tfie Robertson. Topic-Soul bun- his place because of his cash sys
ger and Soul food. Ps. 84: 1 12.
"A Defense of the Robbers," at
the M. K Church, next Sabbath, at
7 p. in. You are cordially invited.
tein and will prove
trade with him.
it to all who
G. R.
Sheriff Smith has been a terror to
evil doers, and it is a notable fact
that a horse has not been stolen in
Cleveland county for a long time.
His successor will have a hard time
to fill the office as it has been in
the past four jears.
"Old, yet ever new, and simple
and beatiliful ever." sings the poet,
in words which might well apply
to Ayer's Sarsapnrilla the most
efficient and scientific blood-puri-
fier ever offered to suffering hu-
manity. Nothing but superior
merit keeps it so long at the front.
The services at the Presbyterian
church Sunday morning and even-
ing will be conducted by Rev. W.R.
King, of Muscogee. Kvangelistical
services will also be held during
the whole of next week. All are
cordially invited to attend all of
these services.
The county commissioners of
Oklahoma county are in small
business. They only allowed the
judges and clerks of election $1.50
per day. It is very easy for a coun-
ty commissioner to cut the wages
of some poor man who works ten
hours a day for his money, but
they never cut their own salary.
The Most remarkable cures of
scrofula on record have been ac-
cc aplished by Hood'sSarsaparilla.
This medicine is uncqualed for dis-
eases of the blood. Take only
Hood's Pii.Lsan hand made, and
perfect in proportion and appear-
ance. 23c,
Markikd: At the residence of
the bride s parents Mr. and Mrs. \V.
W. Calkins, near Ashland, Neb.,
Dec. Jatli, 1894. Mr. Edwin llunger-
ford and Miss Rosa Calkins. The
ceremony took place in the pres-
ence of a large number of relatives
and friends. The groom is a young
man favorably known in our com
luunity and we extend best wishes
to him and his estimable wife; they
expect to come to Oklahoma in
! short time to make their future
We sold to a customer this last
fall a double set of second hand
harness for $7.(X) and mended one
tug for the purchaser. Now, if the
party will please return the har-
ness to this shop we are willing to
give him its value in another set.
We purchased the harness of stran-
gers and have since learned it was
j stolen. II, W. STUBBEMAN.
MUIIkuii lteaplted.
Oklahoma City, Jan. 11. (Special
to State Democrat.) Acting Gov.
Lowe has granted a respite tor six-
ty days to Milligan, who was to
have been executed to-day for the
brutal murder of the Clark family.
This will give Milligan two or three
more chances to escape at the rate
he has been keeping up.
desire his professional services
The Plainsiftcr process is the uiopolitan people
coming system. The Norman Mill charge y on more
has the largest machine in the Ter- l>u1, 'n :l" f 'anknc
ritory. Try their Hour.

Thirty-three lbs. Snow Flake Pat-
nt flour and ten lbs. of bran in ex-
change for a bushel of wheat, forty
lbs. Choice Corn Meal for a bushel
of corn at Norman Roller Mills.
Hardware 25 per cent cheaper
than any other place in Norman at
Victor Nelson's.
The tariff is off on tinware and
you can buy it now 20 per cent less
than before at Victor Nelson's.
For Rent 80 acres of land, good
pasture, good houses and water
one mile from town. Enquire at
this office. S. T. Bi rch.
You should take the advantage of
one of our clubbing offers and get
208 papers one year for $1.75.
The best of flour at Williams «St
Fine old government Java coffee
at McGinley's.
We sell goods to suit the times
Williams & Son.
Bring your furs to the Norman
Meat Market.
Fancy groceries cheaper than j
ever. Williams & Son.
Bring your furs to the Norman
Meat Market.
Millinery at cost at Miss Challes',
in Brooks building.
When you are trading give us a
call, we can please you in groceries
Williams & Son.
The Norman Mill & Elevator Co.,
are now prepared to grind Rye and
Buckwheat. Give them a trial.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
A Pure Grape Cream o! Tartar Powder.
Dunn, the furniture man. has a
complete line of coffins, caskets and
undertaking goods. Hearse in con-
nection. Central block.
We want a share of your trade
and will treat you right for it.
Williams & Son.
The State Democrat keeps
Blank Deeds, Mortgages, Bills
of Sale and Chattle Mortgages for
sale, cheap.
Get a bottle of Blake's Blood
purifier for horses and prevent
blind staggers.
If you use a high grade flour try
'N. B." High Patent "Norman's
New Year you want new goods.
you better
trated, if wi
copy r"
The Great Pile
cured thousands a
if you give it a tri:
good for cuts, br
etc. Price. 2"k\
this number,
oilld we give
material, better illus-
diarged you a dollar a
£\ JlC
till oral Paper, s
ea Free! . . jj
nd will ci
il. Also .
quail v
(•'our Month* I «<r'4rt Cents.
The Twice a week Tillies, isstl>•<
Tuesday and Friday, is being sen
to subscribers on trial four month
for 25 cents. Mail a quarter in sil
ver or stamps to The Times, Kan
sas City, Mo., and get '.''2 issues <•
the best paper published in th
Southwest. Fifty cents buys th
Daily and Sunday Times on
In tho onlv journal devo
iterl to tho into!
ts of the
litra.or ami the mat. ri
nhoraii nnd
the Imlinn lerrltorv 1
i 1
ivi. dean
nil 1 well prinie 1 Iti p:ij.r(
1 tnajr 1 inc. and eli
ils with the
special wan t.j of the agri
1 altinalisi fruit
1 overs and
sto • !> misers of the T«- r
iior . nil 1 ha< spe
cittl depart-
ineiits ilovoted t > a. ii
•ultural matter^.
live stock.
hortli ul 1 tu ol. dairy ing.
poultry, Apfcultu
re. vwteriua-
ry. rolialilu iiiarke' ui
msuricH b.nue ci
r le. young
folk, farm or^an atiem.
- or , ,| taidiv.iv, .
i> litorial etc.
Tho Ulan l^Oiri • ut :ai 1
editor have bad
many year*
itant rills
The most complete and effectual
j pill on the market. Gunrantcd to
cure constipation and headache.
Call on your popular dr
always keeps them.
The Norman Mill <
want 1000 cords of wood
Plica <1111 lie lti-lleved at
And in time effectually cu
the persistent use of Beg"
man Salve, the greatest pile r
edv ever put on the mark- t.
111* li/in
:«i sui.
ription t
at lii.' i arlii
■ 1 ; s oi papers in
t"i tili and benutifi't
0 i I r a liigk-clns*
it truthfully
;it • : i. 11 class to
1 i ; armor in all
v. lib ut it. It i
with a more valuable
* eiI• 11 ii • of the I h>me,
i to i nrw \ ca Iv subscribers
|uoi niii fr«e.
1 will also recoivo a
of this libcial
; al !
mil !
The Norman Mill and Klevatoi
keeps all kinds of coal * Inch they
will deliver to any part of the city.
Leave orders at the office on Main
I" v..ui Hair Drj nmt Brittle, Falling)
Out or TurniiiK dray?
These are only indications that
the follicles or roots of the hair arc
getting weakened or diseased
Begg's Hair Renewer will strength-
en and invigorate the follicles and
the hair will regain its natural
color and become soft, glossy and
health v.
Becciii , o ;
V. !
\? i
11 la .
•' IKX,
a ui
You Must
i n <<
Ticket m
id Thi r
rl| •
ous for look-
Lhose who eat.
EDGE. Prop.
Something For You.
Mr. C. F. Gorton who owns a farm
adjoining the city on the south huS| We *llave williaiiiH A Son.
some very fine home grown maple
trees, from four to twelve feet high
which he will give to the different
churches to adorn their yards. He
also has plenty to sell at ten cents
apiece; call at his place if you want
Highest Honors—World's it-air,
'.<lverti« ed Lelterx.
For week ending Jan. 11 1893.
Bross John Reynolds JamesB
Collins ( M Reynolds George
Filmier Mrs F Stevens MrsMattie
Johnson Lomaii Smith Moses
Lewis Frank WagonerKli/.abeth
I.essley James K Williams J II
In calling for the above please
say "advertised."
T. J. Johnson, P. M.
I*'or Con ff lis, C'oldM, An tli ion, It roll-
Or any other disease of the throat
and lungs, try Beggs' Cherry
Cough Syrup. It releiveswhere all
others fail.
Coterie Keeeiitlon.
The ladies of the Coterie Literary
Society will give a reception to
their husbands, at the residence of
Professor DeBarr, ne*t Tuesday
January patterns now ready at
the Boston Store.
We want all of our subscribers to
remember that trom this date and
until further notice, they can have
♦ he Home, Field and Forum free
by renewing your subscription.
If you want good coffees and teas
come and see us. Williams & Son.
Fresh oysters constantly on hand
at Miller's Dinning Hall.
You can get 30 pounds of sugar
at Mills Bros., for one dollar.
A pure Grape Cieani of Tartar Powdff. Fret
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
In tit© ItefflniilnR.
: of a new year, when the winter sea-
- m of close confinement is only
half gone, many find that their
health begins to break down, that
I lie least exposure threatens sick-
ness. It is then as well as at all
! other times, and with people even
in good health, lb ' the following
facts should be remembered, their
II ;i•• Iv: that Hood's Sarsaparilla r,8'ubefi
leads everything in the way of
medicines; that it accomplishes the
greatest cures in the world; has the
largest sale in the world, and re-
quires the largest building in the
world devoted exclusively to the
preparation of the proprietary ined
icine.Docs it not conclusively prove
ii you are sick, that Hood's Sarsa-
parilla is the medicine for you to
t take?
For Meeting of Western Retail
Inipleniemcnt Dealers Association
at Ka isas City, Mo., Jan. 15, 10 and ;
17, IMP."). The Santa Fe Route will j
make rates as mentioned above 011 j
the certificate. For further infor-
mation call on \. Kingkade, Agent
Norman, (>. T
\ Utile
til dest
very ;
the enamel I
froo will re
ing growth |
white and
On the tei
and ruins
move thi
and lcav
Ilucklln'M \ hi leu Salve.
The BjssT Sai.vk in the world for
Cuts. Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt j
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter Chap-J
ped Hands, Chilblain, Corns, and
all hkin Kruptions, and positively
cures I'iles. or no pay required. It:
is guaranteed to give perfect sat
is faction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale at |
Fenelon's Drug -tore.
PR( > I
HIRSt iiB!
•; -. 1 eont iuued use?
ith glasses. Are
> ! ilia I begins iu
f ' heavy and
r of glasses arc
1 a call and coir
nnd St. Louis
11 • >er the dates.
n- Mr
■ iii i 0
All kinds of meat, sausage and
pure lard at Norman Meat Market.
We sel 1 Hd pounds of sugar for
$1.00. Mills Bros.
Ladies, if you want calling cards,
invitations or anything in that line
you should come to the STATIC
Democrat office to have it done,
as we have the nicest type of any
office in the city. We do only first
class work and the kind that you
will not be ashamed to send away
from home.
Picture frames at Dunn's.
This is the time of year that we
need stove wood, and we would be
glad to take it 011 subscription from Su
those who can pay that way.
Elegant dining room sets at
Dunn's furniture store, Central
only tub best
At Brooks New Studio, just north
of the Citizens Bank.
I do not sell out at cost, but I sel
heating and cook stoves cheaper
inyone in town, and before
buying come and sec \ ictor Nell
Take a gunny sack to Mill's Bros,
and buy iV) pounds of sugar for one
Christmas has come and gone
but M. McGinley keeps on buying
l)r. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Medal and Diploma
til; V IN M A it K I 1.
j Paper
The Stn
i l . i. a \ N AO KM KXT
E. Clapliain,
11. Taylor,
tions Solicited
Safe. Valuable
Job Work.
I'llOVISION A| \ I« K I I •
High Patent
Half Pat mt
Famih ...
Corn Meal,
Butter, lb. .
Kggs, do/...
Sugar, \ CofTr
, C Coffe
$!.( ! (
20 lb
2\ lb
GAMfc. AND Fi;
A I >111
: SH and . .
salt meats
I I I lis.
Colli 1
<ilve the Farmer Kacti.
Thu avi-riiKc planter lais hut little iibu fur
finely *pun iheory, whether it pertains to tne
relulion of hi> condition to politten or whether
it deals with the bent wnyn nnd ineatiH of
KrowiiiK Ihe Inut crops. >Vhnt lie wants is
Facts. No one hus realizol this more than the
Krent iced firm of I>. M. Ferry A: Co., Detroit,
Mich , who have for forty voars have been
studying the wants mid court I lion of planters,
law and unsll, and «s a result have created ; than
the laiKest seed business iu tho whole world.
Without doubt, a strict adherence to the policy
of dealing lu facts represents thu seeret of
They know their seeds art*
they are sent to the many thousand
dealers from whom the planter gets thein,
'I lie dealer knows this lo be u fact requiring uo
further question, ani tne planter flints it to tie
a substantial fact when harvest time comes.
Another illustration of the value of this ineth- .
ml Is founr! In Fit! j', Seed Annual, In which I"-"- « <"'" f"r l,IH '""ne"*L'
there Isuothiug but facta. Facts that prove ol pounds of Stlgar for one dollar
the greatest value to every planter; facta about
how, when and where tu plant, that can be b*d
from no other aourcc. There are no worthy
facta left out and no unworthy theories let in
Thin book is sent tree to every one who aika lor
it A poatal card with youi name and address
I rent the ilrui will bring it to ron
Salt. bid
Kerosene< >i 1 ,
Hogs. Ii\.
Hogs, dress
Cattle, live
Fat ( alv.
Hams .
Dried Beef.
Calf Skins
1 to ;>.(K)
" Los
uiiiee Solicited.
"est! and
at Mills Bros., old P. (). building*
List your property with Judge
through your
look wrinkled
closes of Beg«
Blood Maker
whole system,
fresh and tisel
.(1 bin
late ()flier
is dealing in real
in Opera Houee build al|d guaranl
) druggist.
ml dried up. A few
I Mood I 'urifier and
will eli an go > oil
i ving you a healthy,
il appearance. Sold
d by your popular
Best Horses and • i\:
Daily Hack Line 0 Tccun
City. Hors«s
) Week.
jreenlee, Props.

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