The State Democrat. (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 6, No. 49, Ed. 1 Saturday, October 27, 1894 Page: 2 of 4

v 7*
©lie gtatc Jicimuvat.
published 8km1-w kick ly•
Matter Intended for publication In Satur-
day's paper should reach this office n< i later
thun Friday noon, and for Wednesday's paper
not later thun Tuesday noon, to insure pub-
For Councilman, Second Dist
M. M. GOl'tiH,
Vote for F. 9. I);ivi«. Ho will
moke an admirable Register of
Democrats should pay no atten-
tion to a paper that has been pop,
republican and democratic in one
\V. C. l'erry, the democratic can-
didate for Treasurer is a gentleman
who will fill the oillce to the satis-
faction of the people.
No good democrat will scratch
Stovull because of his record in the
legislature; as it was honest and
consistent all the way through.
After the great cyclone Dr. Waits
-.ive hi* Be- e .j to the
r! icker onus, which goes to fellow
liat he tins a big heart in hiin.
F. S. Davis the democratic can-
didate for Register of Deeds is all
right. He makes friends where
ever lie goes, and will be elected.
The man who pretends to be
a democrat but tries to get tip a
tight in the party when peace and
harmony is a necessity, is a scabby
pop in disguise.
Without doubt Berry and Allan
will trade i ll' anybody on their
ticket to elect themselves. The in-
dications are that even Aniols will
be sacrificed.
and eradicate vice, and if there is
anything in the world that lias an
option on our admiration it is 1111
honest christian man or woman.
Hut if there is anything we despise
it is the character that proclaims
itself holier than thou, and who is
a Pharisee in every sense of the
word. What is more disgusting
than Bonn bum who never had the
manhood or will power t > keep out
of the gutter, and who is reformed
by some mechanical or chemical
process, which is injected into him,
and who immediately thereafter
sets himself up as a representative
of morality and a paragon of hones-
ty. As he waddles arJund like
stuffed toad when the lly market is
glutted, he invariable looks as wise
as an "oodlcd" owl, because he for-
gets that tliore is 110 medicine that
can be injected into him that will
create a substitute for brains, or
inspire a being with manly princi-
ples that was created without such
an attribute. It is not necessary
for us to put a tag 011 the few indi-
viduals we know of this character,
because they are continually run-
ning otliat the mouth in such a
manner that they are easily recog-
nized and avoided.
a mm to the ror
'I he "Peoole's Party tried to
Good-hy# "Pop" party, Good-bye,
Hut before it's over they'll get
Good-hve "Pop" party, Good-bye.
Chows:—Bye Oh, Bye ISaby, Bye
Old "Bag Baby,"
Bye Oh, Bye Baby.
Good-Bye, My Honey You're Gone.
And now they're going 'round
and 'round,
Good-bye "Pop party, Good-bye;
November the 6th. they can't be
Good-bye "Pop" party, Good-bye.
The Republican party is bad
Good-bye "Pop" party, Good-bye;
But the "Peoples" party is most
too "tough,"
Good-bye "Pop" party, Good-bye.
The "Voice" is mad but we are
Good-bye John Allan, Good-bye;
When election's gone he'll feel so
Good-bye John Allen, Good-bye.
quest of
Goxl-bye "Boknot," Good-bye;
And Wisby 'II knock him off bis
If every democrat, will go to
work for the ticket we can carry
Cleveland county by liOO majority.
II we do this the light in the next
election will be between the demo-
crats and republicans. 'Ire pops
won't be in it.
Chairman Itunyan has appoint-
ed It '. R. E. Thacker to fill tin va-
cancy made by the resignation of
Dr. Box as candidate for Coroner
011 the democratic tiiket. From
wiin t we can learn Dr. Thacker is
well qualified and will add strength
to the ticket.
For the benefit of the 1'nreell
Register, which accuses Mr. I.. T.
Benton of going back on his in-
structions, we print the following
denunciation of the populist poper
that made such charges:
We, democratic voters of Cleve-
land county, Oklahoma Territory,
whoso names are hereunto sub-
scribed, take this occasion to de-
nounce, in unmeasured terms the
ditor of the Purcell Topic, li sheet
published in the Indian Territory
ind not in Cleveland county, in
his wanton, malicious and uncalled
for attack 011 any candidate on our
present county ticket, and now say
hat delegates in our late demo-
cratic convention were all upright
and honorable gentlemen, and rep-
resentative men of the different
sections of this county, and us del-
egates acted for the best interests
of the democratic party; that they
were not perjurers; thieves, vaga-
bonds or sooners, as called by that
scurrilous sheet before named.
Hi Downing, .1, A. Edwards, J. B.
Ctiminings, W. .1 Hess, Fred Mc-
Graw, R. T. Lewis, J P. Burton.
James Jameson, G Kelton, repub-
lican; W. T. Vowell, .1. H. Snith,
T. (' ITogue, 0.#J Smith, republi-
can; M. B. Barker, \\ 111. Crenshaw,
Frank Kescs, republican; W. T
Minnear, John Sullivan, regardless
ot politics; G"org« o'Conner, re Remember School books,
During the prevalence of ilia
Grippe the pant bcu -oiih it was a
noticuble fact that those who de-
pended upon I)r. Kind's New Dis-
covery, not only had a speedy re-
cevery, but escaped all of the
troublesome after effects of the
malady. This remedy seems to
have a peculiar power in effecting
rapid cures not only in eases of
La prippe, but in all Diseases of
Throat;-Cheat and J,unga, and has
cured caries of Asthma and Hay
Kever of Long standing. Try it
and be convinced. It won't disap-
point. Free trial bottles at Fen-
don's Drug Store.
Carpets did you say? See Dunn.
Go to C. M. Dunn's for yonr fur-
niture. lit- lias a complete stock
and can furnish your house from
kitchen to parlor. '
Ailvctliacd Letter*.
For week ending Oct. *J<> 18t)4.
Huilie, J M Pearson, James
Crawpton, K I) Roberts, Kady
Henderson, John Willson, Delia
Hill), John Mamie Young
Mitchell, J Ii.
fn calling for the above please
sny "advertised."
T. J. Johnson, I'. M.
Four lli|f Surcc-ne#.
Having the needed merit to more
than make good all the advertising
claimed for them, the following
four remedies have reached a phe-
nomenal sale. Dr. King's New
Discovery, f o r Consumption,
Coughs and Colds, each bottle
guaranteed Klectric Hitters, the
great remedy for Liver, Stomach
and Kidneys. Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, and
Dr. King's New Life Pills, which
are a perfect pill. A11 these rem-
edies are guaranteed to do just
what is claimed for them and the
dealer whose name is attached
herewith will be glad to tell you
more of them, Sold at Fenelon's
Drug Store.
Dallas and ltetiiru WO.70.
Tickets to Dallas and return $6.70
Dates of sale Oct. 1< -'J(> and Nov. 2.
Good until November lOtli for re-
turn. Call at Santa F6 ticket olBce,
Norman, (). T., for tickets.
A. Kingkade Ag't.
Iiupoitnnt Notice t: H«h1 K*tn weOrs.
I have in my possesion 151 deeds
which were recorded by the late W.
II. HellamV, while Register of
Deeds. Parties to whom these
deeds belong are requested to call
at once at the ofiice of J. I) Gngsbv
Justice of the Peace, and get tin
, ,| Mrs. Mary K. Bellamy.
business we have in -•
So we
Todd and Raymond's comedians
opened to a packed house last Mon-
day night, many people went home
disappointed on account of not be- h
ing able to obtain admission. The g
company is the best that ever ap- §
peared in WierCity; the specialties
between acta are way above th
average. They will do a big busi-
ness here the balance of the week.
Weir City, (Kan.,) Journal.
The above compan> plays here
one week commencing October 13>.
J. lOLLAUl),
Make Building.
Good-bye "Boknot," Good-bve.
Of all the lies the papers makes,
Good-bye Tom Berry, Good-bye;
The "Peoples Voice" will take the
Good-bye Tom Berry, Good-bye.
The Republican Boys have now
Good-bye "Pop" narty, Good-bye;
Hut don't yon know its all for fun,
Good-bye "Pop" party, Good bye.
We'll show them how, and sing
'em a Hong,
Good-bye "Pop" party, Good-bye;
Their doom is fixed, it wont be
Good-bye "Pop" party, Good bye.
Not by our competitors
but by old Father Time,
who has not put enough
hours in a clay to enable
us to do justice to our
Book Business and other,
Real Estate ami Insurance Agents.
Negotiate Loans, exumiue and abstract
titles, eolloct rent aud paj taxes for non-
residents, and do noturiul business,
Office in Citizen's Hunk Hld'g.,
Stye Bos to 9 ^tore!
Has the largest Stock of
Motions, Clothing;,
Boots, Shoes,
Hats, Caps, Etc.,
In Norman,
and are selling them so CHEAP they are able to
jj quit advertising they are being sold so rapidly
without it.
OHice and Shop with Cak*!•: v-Lom-
Pump and Windmill Department
one door south of Norman State
Dculcr in
ax" sewing
Office in Turner Jhiil ling Cor. Kant Main St.
Successor to Dr. L. T. Wilson,
/\ll © V orl< ® Guaranteed.
Moses E. Manire,
Dr. Price's Cream u lKing Pov/def
World's Pair Highest Aw.ird.
Mil i l<lci*
Estimates furnished on short notice fo
any kind of u ouildiu«\
Plans lo Suit Everybody.
Notice For Publication
are going to i'
close out our entire stock '
iiud Office ul. oklahoma t >. T.. Oct is'.M
Not ice is hereby jjiven I hill the following-
imed settler has filed notice of his in'cntiou
i make ti mi I proof in support ol his claim.
- _ _ I thai i ii 1 proof will he made before s. .1
of Books, Stationery, | ,!il v"'::
etc., at cost, and if you I «.«• u .""'.'.Ti'l'I; : i„..
don't think we mean cost .T)'.T, *
upon and euliiva
Allan in getting re ad 3* to crv
fraud after the election is over and
is howling because the pops will
not have any judges ol the election
and lie is trying to make it appear
that the dunoerats are illegally de-
priving them of their rights.. Any
such statement is false as the law
says that the judges and clerks
shall be of the two political par-*
ties that cast the largest iuiiiiIkt of
voted at the last election in the
Territory. To give the populists
representation 011 the board means
that either the democrats or repub-
licans must crive way, which is al-
together unlikely.
If the democrat j of this county
will only stop and reflect they will
pay no attention to th" few men
who are trying to open up a news-
paper fight in this county, but will
keep their eyes turned 011 the dem-
ocratic ticket and work steadfastly
for its success. After the election
and until after the next convention
will give every body ample time to!
ecrap, but what wo want now is! My oominiggion expires
harmony. Dont pay any atten- j 1894.
tion to those curious creatures I —■—
whose only claim to public favor is j John Scrupulous Allan thinks
their ability to destroy, as there is that it is perfectly legitimate to lie
nothing to show that they ever; on anybody in politics. This was
created anything that can possibly shown by his dcnrrilniis att.u k un
benefit the world any more than the school board, and when IIr.
gardless of polities; <1. W Hey-
nolds, 8. T. Burfth, If. Dibble,
John Whetli r, I) N. Kelly, W. E.
liain, republican; J, Ii, Phillips,
Wm. T. Phillips, sixty-seven years
a democrat; J. M. Briscoe, P. J.
Bullock, J. H. Steed, Kli Witt,
T. M. Meier, \V. 0. Parker, I). I„
Parlea, Robert K. L r, J. M. Har-
bour, H. M. Philips, C. 1! Lee,
H. C. I.<'p, J. Vandveer. J. W.
Cliesliiutt and (!. \\\ Burfort.
\v i: mil not i.ik.
In the lust issue of the Voice its
worthy editor challenged is to
prove what wo said about his mo-
lives for loaning barker that mon-
ey. We offer our readers the fal-
lowing which proves our assertion:
I erritory of Oklahoma /
County of Cleveland. \
Normal, O. T., Oet. -2(>, '91.
Persoiittllv appeared before me, :i
Notary Public in llie'City of Nor-
man, W. 'I'. Tate, who being duly
sworn, says that he read the state-
ment in the Statu Dkmoiuat which
charged John 8. Allan, editor of the
Voice and populist candidate for
the council, with making the state-
ment that ho, John 8. Allan, loan-
l mon*v to .Mr. Parker be-
cause he wanted Parker's farm and
that was a cheap way of getting it.
ind saifl W. T. l ute further savs
that the statement made in the
Statu Dkmocrat is substantially
Signed W. T. Tatk.
Subecrioed and gworu to before
me this lilith day of Oct. 1894.
B. F. Wll.1,1 A MB,
Notary Public.
Nov. 29th
til tor Sets
i Flannel,
they themselves do.
Ambristcr got him 111 a corner ho
whined like a whipped cur and
acknowledged that he bud lied.
The editor of the Static Demo-
crat does not pretend to stand as a
high example for his fellow man to
follow, but will devote as much
j i- i "X have used Parks'T
time and money, as our limited ii the l„„t n
means will allow, to promote virtue
I'arks' Tea
Mrs. N. Mcye
learn the
te, of Le
Koy, X. V.,
i and
medy I have ever
Sold h> H. R. Kittrldne.
University books, Tab-
lets, Paper Pens, Pen-
cils, Ink, Blank books
and everything in ourjlC''.
stock at actual cost.
In Carey—Lombard's
new building.
Tile Haliy Kihlxni at the New
York Racket i« ALL SILK. l.")c a
I bou^hrCotton Fli
a yard at C. I'. Vork'H.
ViliCfiit Racket has
figured Saline for 12c.
The new stylos of Dret
fast selleiH at C. I-. York's.
Look at that Glove (irain Shoes
7,lets a pair at C. I'. NOrk's.
Heautiful (l^ujed Saline for 12c at
Vincent's Kacket.
kepellaut in wide at 5()c a yard.
New York Krcket.
Go to Vincent's Racket and see
thoBe beautiful Lamps.
The nicest thin# I have seen in
Cloaks this season is at t' I- York's.
Go I > \ incent's K'ai ket jiihi see
those Ruby sets. "Heautifnl."
s. have three nice resi-
O. C. and Homo Hour at Mills
If^ on hav e a house to rent list it
with Smith Hros. Office over (lie
Po t Office.
Just received at Mills Hros. a car
loud of northern potatoes. Call!
ii ml examine before Inlying,
We have just received a load of
Hour, O. C. and Homo call niul see
us before purchasing elsewhere. 11 km is.
(>ld post ofiice tuilldliuj.
11 HENS .« .1 K I x ti
Mm. Wftks,
(Ivor Week's llrinr Mori'
>lor(Riigo Salt' of Ury
1 am closing out tli
Dry Goods. Moot*, SIhh jh, i
I'lirnishin^ ^iiods etc., of tin
Star Stoi e and am selling at cost.
I hese goods must be sold in order
to satisfy llie creditors. This means
business and it will pay you to call
and see the goods for yourself. At
r i sell el s old stand, opposite Opera
1 louse. 1 {. r iiakti.i;v,
Manager for Mortgagee
T)r. Price's Cream liakir.^; Powder
Vorltl nl air Highest Mcdulaml Diploma.
I A vVy
proton! lllflllli.sM lit: iiiio -vinco of
or wlio know* ol uny mi 1 slao.tal
<ler 1110 law ami 111.■ rc^tilalloii of the
lor I|>ii. wlij s-j.-si proof hlioald
III I lie llio \
i •'V idcill'C
mil plauolo ..
ai l claiiiuiiil. and
ol lliat submitted
I M. Dii.i.i v
i & E n
IjHikI < )lili'
NOl It i-
I ion to
Notice For i abliciitlou
I Hit
s ti'. .1
I the Iol lo
ll n range 1 w l m
r wit nesses Ul prove
npou un«l euliiva-
Thoinis, HI
Smith Hr
deuces for
inn lie ti ii ;i I proof
elulin, niul lliat sai«l proof wil
I hi • S .1 'VIIkin- it.i!i 11 • Ju.L e a! Norni in 0
T, oil Dec I I MM. vi/.:
Powhiiltan Ho\v!an>l.
for tlio s w 1-1 se. :i tw
lit* mi mi's l lie ft >lli nv i
liis oontiiiiious rr>Wlen
tHni nl. said lima, viz.:
J I' How! i;H. S.iinue
bell and T W Wli. elis, a | ot N. nn in, O 1'.
A11\ persoim wlio desires ti
protest ugalns'. the a I lo wuiifi ■ ol sue' pro.if
or who knows or any snbsi.inii u rei*oi
under tlx' hi\t a i 11 e i valatioa- of i
Inttrlor iitpiirini'in, win s.m-ii |<it. i shml
not houllowetl, will I>• • give i an o^pertuniti
ut the iihnve 11;. • 11! iooed l i:: i«« a o.| |i!ae«-ii
eross examine «lie w iine-.-i - ot sai I eliilimint
uud to offer evidence la lcbiiltul of lliat snti
taltted by olttluiaut. Ii. M Iiilley,
Nollro f Publication.
A strictly high-grade Fumily - uli j,
.Machine, possessing all modern
Guaranteed Equal to theBesi
Prices very reasonable. Obtain them
from your local dealer aud make
Saved His Life
"When my adopt- 0
cd son was seven o
years of age, lie had ®
as severe a eoogh
as I ever knew any- o
one to sillier from.
Ho coughed luces- q
santly, atul spit up o
- blood. I tried ever)*-
thing I could think
of, but lie constant- o
lygrew worse, and ®
I feared the poor q
little fellow would surely die. At last, I o
1 mi Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, being ^
reoommended to do so by the pbyslciau, o:
This medleine [rave the child speedy re- O
li- i and eiTeci. l a permanent cure."— 9
Mrs. M. K. Dj.i; vt, Liberty, Texas. o
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral I
Recslved Highest Awards o
Office iu Citizens Bank.
Practice In Territorial and Federal Courts
the Departments at Washington, and the
local Land Office.
W. H. SNOW, M. D.,
Office:—Over Norman State Hank.
Uesidence N", W. Corner Crawford Avenuu
and Tonnawa street.
I le that patronizes home trade
will patronize you.
E. W. COX, V. S„
Graduate of the American Veterlnnrjr
College, of New York City, ih now located
at the Fair Ground* at Norman, Okla.
,y K11
ettler lum li led
to make tiiinl pnxii in Kiippuii
'hai vaid |irouf will be made I'
l'robate iudgu at voriuari.O
Ivl4, vi7.
Henry U. M M
for lot* 1 Aii.v- c'f n w >,•<•
lie iiniiief tilt' full*twillK V iliu
hum laud, <iz:
Albert Alexander, limine
Thoriit hill and John \\ a I
in an, o. T.
^ A 1 v per>uii who ilefires to
Hubstiuitial ia-ii'i n. ii?111< i
rcKidatloim ,,| ti . Int. , ,.r
aiVV.i1'm.'rnmii'\!' t'lV ' ":l"V
•v ii hi 1 the
tment, why
tioniMl time
• in rebuttal
Colts broke and trained for road and speed.
All kinds ol Veterinary work done. Caster*
atlctf a specialty. Charpo^ reasonable.
ThatPERFECT Baker Barb Wire Runs
lurlber thun any other wire
made and that it is soli! in Nor-
man only by tlio
las just received an elegant line of
es' and ('liildrens'
Which we will Sell at Prices Never Equaled in Norman.
A Great Mistake.
A r*eont discovery la that tmOnOte
dltzlnos^, dullness, confusion of the mind,
ete., nrc duo to derangement, of the nerve
centers which supply tlio brain with nervo
force; that Indigestion, dyspepsia, neuralgia,
wind In stomach, etc., arlso from the derange-
ment of the nerve centers supplying these or-
gans with nerve fluid or force. This Is llkewb*.*
t rue of mauy diseases of the heart and lunev.
I ho iiervo system is like a telegraph system,
nQ wMI by the accompanying
A line r.udies :t A Jacket for v'"i.(Ml aud up
kets, Sizes 14 to 18, j
All wool Misses |a
at ^3.75.
Mil ( Jot lung null Afens Furnishing goods
departments are larger and more
comploto than ever.
I to l*J, 31.50 up
mi 75c, $1.00 up.
stock of
Chaines and other
articles too numerous
to mention, at prices
to suit the hard times.
Wholesale and Retail.
Yours for Good Coeds
and Low Prices.
Children's Ulsters,
I Our Ladies Hhoes r
(lood Mens shoes from >1.00 u
; A Full Lino of Dry Goodi and Lai
Furnishing goods at very low pi i •
\ 10x1 Hlanket at "oca pair and up.
I Hoys' Hats from 25c to 75o.
A good
Men's C
1 toys'
Knee I
Hoys' <
uit from §4 00 to Si5.00.
1 'verc onts from .*;{ 75 to 112.50,
Knee Suits frotu 81.00 up
uts from 'J5c 7*>c.
)vercoats from ^1.^5 up.
liais, all styles and colors from
to - co.
as will
cut. The little
white lines are
the nerves which
convey tlio nervo from tho
nervo centers to
every part of tho
body, just as tho
electrfccurrent Is
conveyed along
t h e telegraph
wires to e v o r y
station, largo or
small. Ordinary
physicians fall to
regard this fact;
Instead of treat-
ing the nervecen-
ters f-ir thocauso
of the disorders
arising therefrom
they troaf. tho
part affected.
Franklin Miles,
M. I)., LL. B., tho
highly celebrated
specialist and
student of nervous diseases,
and author
If you need anything in our line it will pay vou to
examine our stock before buying elsewheref
Three doors west of I'
"*LUAL, Prop
\ Ol li l'.\ I!HON' AUK SOLH
of lnany noted troatlses on the latter subject,
iV. r s""!° realized tho truth of tho first,
statement, and his Restorative Nervine
s prepared <m that principle. Its success
in curing all diseases arising from derange-
inent of tlio nervous system is wonder-
nil, .is the thousands of unsolicited testlnio-
i\V1./M>s^ of 1,10 (' >nipany manufac-
nL ^kiii r°,n>«dy amply prove,
r...Vs ^'i'^oratlvo Nervine Is a rellablo
remedy for all nervous diseases, such as
neauai'lie. nervous debility, prostration,
miol wf a- dizziness hysteria, sexual do-
lY* ' V. Vlus dance, eplle|«y, etc. It 1m
hoiu uy an druggists on a positive guarantee,
«rsent direct by tho Dr. Miles Medical Co.
l Jkhart , Ind., on receipt of price, fl per Ixjt-
V: si.x bot tles fur #5, express prepaid,
itestoratlve Nervine ixwltively coutuius no
opiates or dangerous drugs.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking; Powder
World's Pair highest Medal an<1 Diploma.
MMvul'.',1 ,-V'"'-uredby Dr.
MlLI-s I AIN 1'ILI.S, -one cent a dose."
And other ppedaltles for
Gentlemen, Ladles, Ifc.yu
and iiihsvh are tlio
Best in the World.
8co descriptive advertise-
ment which appears lu this
Take no Substitute.
Insist on harlng W. L.
[ with name and price
stamped on bottom. Syld i,y
nle by Kendall Hro«.

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