The State Democrat. (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 105, Ed. 1 Saturday, May 19, 1894 Page: 2 of 4

The - Democrat.
anort L. Blacler, JEci'r
norman! ... ok, ty
trunk is no occasion to ,(o fright-
ened ovor mihi! pox Man-.
look just too Hwcot for anything on
crutches, und often a cane i« sutli-
European royalty appoara to have
returned all Its calls now and tho
aggregate <>f sincerity in tho world s
kissing will gradually rise to tho
normal figure.
Pugilist Fit/.simmoys lias been di-
vorced and the people who have been
looking for the high priest of the
American drama wiJl have tu find
other enriloyniont.
Knui.anii sends us Irving and
Terry, and America reciprocates with
Corbett and .Jackson And yet we
are prone to beast of tho superiority
of Amoricau productioos!
An Oakland youug man was
chargocj with insanity because lie
wanted to marry a widow,utyor than
himself. Ho proved that the widow
had money and thebharge of insani-
ty toppled.
A man in Stevens Point, Wis., was
shot by a neighbor tho other evening
for singing "After tho Hall." On re-
flection* it seems exceedingly slrango
that this should bo tho first instauco
of tho kind.
A wdUAN at .Jamestown, N V.,
pretended that during tho absenco
of her husband a burglar had broken
into the houso. Her object was to
in press upon her hudmiul the lieeos-
sity of staying at homo. Iloworer,
it is to bo feared that a home not at-
tractive without a burglar is not a
place to tio to.
Tiikkk is to bo a world's fuir at
Hiogo in 1*9.'). If tho Japanese set
about tho task with the same pa
tient perseverance that uiafks their
other efforts it will be worth cross-
ing tho Pacific to see. Heretofore it
lia takon civilization a long time to
find out that Japan in many Pes poets
is very much civilized
NicAitA<ii manifest an intense
hatred for Americans Their right
te do this may bo without logical
basis, but still it cannot bo donied.
However, there is a possibility that
Home of their methods of exprss-sion
should bo corrected. A section of
tho White navy on para le o!T their
shores might be instructive.
Anotiif.u important use has been
discovered for a preparation of coal
tar called tulnol. that of displacing
quicksilver in the thermometer. It
is said that tulnol expands with reg-
ularity when ovposed to heat and
iocs not congeal at a low tempera-
ture so quickly as does quicksilver,
Which is another thing in its favor.
We are glad to hear that Professor
Jim Corbott's dramatic work pleases
the coil' rious critics « the London
press. We are all proud of tint pro-
fessor's work as an actor over here,
lie may not rank as tho foremost in-
terpreter of dram a tie art. but when
It comes to theatrically knocking an
English linguistic prixo-ttghtor into
u threo cornered ehapcan «o to
speak, he is without a peer—lu fact
facilo prineops.
It Is gratifying to know that at
leastJone American uir! e.inuot I'
nought with a title. I'here an
others, no doubt, bat Miss Maude
Alico Hurke, in refusing Prince
Ponlatowski. has sot an example
that many of her countrywomen will
do well to follow. The day when a
king or any of his royal descendants,
can win a woman by merely shaking
his handkerchief nt h« r is over, for
republican America at h ast
(> !• l.i < i vn'« entertain.tig classic.
••The Golden Ass."' tells how u young
man, by auuoiutiug hi in sell with
sonic salve slylv pilfered from an en-
chantress. wim metamorphosed into
a little donke\, an I nft r mauifol I
tribulations was changed hack into
a man by eating rose leave-. Such
power hart a rose to turn a tittle
donkev into a young man. Hut is
not the con verso true ' Does not a
red rose in the breast .of a fair girl
often turn a young man Into a little
donkey make an ass of him '
With tie* burning of th<i old St.
Charles hotel at New Orleans disap-
pears a historic structure that was
known all over tho country. Probably
no other hotel ever achieved equal
(aiuo. It was a part of the political
history of the I'nlteil 4
constituted the raliyln;
social life of the south]
most of the notables w
itcd this country du
forty years. It was hit
real birthplace of the Southe
federacy. It was a land ma 1
business, the politics and the
annals of tho Southern state?
iii. i IiIm iih of * i n
lily n(t swiftly \\r
I 0 tiii> l«*r
Hanging Nearly I «-i
I w mill l ull* Trri I-
igi' Hi,- >11 rilf*r <if
Karl U Mill 1 f I
11. Karl
at l'otton-
of W. K I
who is uls
I'm>th ofliccs
. burning bo.
of the
i ran
the fro, d.
e -f vplmiorl
that coiA"
K iMipd nn
net of self pr
f. and the weal.- we
t he st rong mult it tide
In the
Kuhl, ussistunt post in
wood Falls, th.i-- county, ";'s shot.
dead Friday evening last. while dis-
tributing the mail in the otlL'e by
George Kos.', a printer in the employ
t master.
in the same building.
11 one, it is claim.-d, expected the ap-
pointment given to Kuhl, and being*
disappointed in obtaining it wenido
drinking. While on his sprees lie
ido frequent threats of killing some
e, ami had two lights with Kuhl,
Ho wui; a young man of about 10.
On Friday Itose entered the postoflice
and without warning, placed a pistol
to his victim's buck and shot him, the
ball passing clear through the
body near the heart and killing him
The tragedy was almost jmnu diat •-
ly discovered, and in a few minutes
over -on men were hunting the as-
sassin, who ha 1 fled. Tho search w as
successful, and about II o'clock the
courthouse bell hurriedly rung
announcing the fact that he had been
capture-l. lie had quietly given him-
self up to th*' sheriff.
Almost immediately the pi Sec was
surrounded and the prisoner demand-
ed. The sheriff refused and stood the
mob off with shotguns.
Sntunla. morning the cxcltciiieiit
was intense and w as k pt up until
noon, when it subsided and it was
supposed better counsel had prevailed
and nn further attempts at lynch law
would be made.
At 11 o'clock, however,
house and jail were quietly
ed, every avenue of appro ich or c
carefully guarded by masked arm
men. and Sheriff Murdoch was call
to his door by a few low raps, only
be dragged outside, where several ji
tols in the hands of masked men were slial Neely und
thrust into his face, accompanied by i government. A
the demand that he open the cell I plaint come* lr
door and surrender lion.'. He nt^ on flint 1
tempted to argue the matter, hut wi
instantly silenced, taken to the ct
ami forced to open t he door.
The masked mob took their prls
out, surrounded him and started t
| JUilrlj/ii«r Flrrlatn Hadly Burnml in
an Kiplii.tyn nf Hi mlilorU. I'm.
llKApnoiK. I'.i. "Mav H -.The barrel
I house of Finery's refinery in Uli*^city
tiHik lire yeslerdny afternoon, pre
1 snmably from spontaneous combus-
: tion and waa destroyc I. The loading
rack and live tank cars standing on a
I side track of the Huffjlo. Kochestpr
and Pittsburg road were h1m burned.
Whi'e the lircmeij ivrin making a
lii\al stand an I tfioasunui* <>f peopla
were wutiflyin-r it_, tlmn
tre bugs after ^iremen.
• had I
r. Fortunately
whiuh wa% thr
cts of liqufcl Arc
..•fore settling d
t g<>
j-v'ai ior
h to
a nip de
women mid children wenj thrown
down and trodden over b\ 11• flying
masses that surged UP fronf behind.
Thii t y-h ve of i lie firemen wei-e burned
IT tulipI off tjieir faces
rlmiic hair wis singed
ill- fnS fliers. Of tho
. ho.'are slighl.|y burned
tlv^-y is no rei-ord^and the tptal nuin-
■ ' "lose mimed and injured in
•de will probably frcach KM)
With all tho suffering this
iiisc. the property loss will
;0 Ion nt I nrl
ral Sa
on ft
II. Kan., May I I (Jen-
army. whicib arrived
here at an early hour yesteifluy morn-
; ing, is mm- comfortably e|niped on
the rti#nrvntloo Fort J. •avonworth
• near a |H)hvt -w^fere formerlv stood the
Hock mi.ftnt ' roundhouse, while the
general himself establUh^d head-
• |iiarturs at t h i \n$is;ual hotel
i 'L'lin iinny is'"aiapi\ supplied with
food, furnished b\ I'liited States Mar-
shal Neelv under authority < f thr
rati; lio
d the river.
!•!« i'1'yl III in; l on«> (JulHl
Everything was dom
coolly as if by military
man seeming to know
expected to do. Wher
jail yard, a large
had congregated
rush toward the
hat he was
outside the
• crowd which
neantiiuc, made a
vni'd the prisoner and his
A few shots were fired into
, and a stern voice commanded
the crowd to stand back. The order
was obeyed, and guard and prisoner
quietly proceeded about a quarter of a
mile east to the center of a railroad
bridge over the Cottonwool I river,
where a halt was made. The prison-
er's hands an.I feet wore tied anil a
link and tile
. _ uking utensils,
ami (v>od lyess kit fori
each company is needed.
During the night the min slept in
enipmifM abandoned box ears of u liich
1here is a goAdly^fTtmber in ca,mp.«t night they all slept under a hugo
tent. \ move was inu<le yesterday
morning to solicit funds f«)r the pur-
chase of • ipplics. wh cli was prompt-
ly cheeked by Marshal Neely as en-
tirely utuiix.essiiry. ,.llc plainly told
the people, 'and the- mayor among
them that they should Hot be a
charge upon theui iu. Jong as the army
was under his control, lie saw no
disposit ion on the part of imy of the
men to do a wrong act. and rather
led them for their splendid
e placed over his bend, lie
asked if he had anything to
iothing, gentlemen," he rep
bcha voir.
|ir. TnlmitKr'* It k Hronklyn I'huriTi
Hi-hI roycil liv I Irr.
HnoolfrH N V.. Mav'tl .lust
" I after s'-rvi
| while Mr.
. j blinds witl
| tion. fltv V
, of the org
lie was then asked if he wished '
say anythimr else.
"No. I guess not," said he, "e.xecj
1 hope (iod will have mercy on u:
Iturleil I rtim ili«< llrhlRi'.
lie was then hurled from the brldg
dropping about twelve feet. Ilisn n
was broken and his heajl near
severed from his bo ly lie died i
stantlv and scarcely a tremor was o
the bi,
tal destruction
ruble. Foi
lob st:hki i
turning piece
•es at noon yustorday, and
Talmage was shaking
member* of hi.s coagr^ga-
irst out'between the pipes
in and* within ten myiutes
ibertiacle was doomed to
AdjoitUttSf the
church was the Ibitel He-cnt. ei-rht
stories higK with a froutagd nf nine
ty feet ifu Clinton avenue and extend-
intr back JJOO feet to Waverly avenue.
| The ti|-ctspread from the tabernacle
, to this hoWlaud then to the dwelling
houses nn' lovem- ami . Waverlv
aveuuvs .opp -site th.- t^licrn ode
The wiml . an'eC'tii. bla/.ing ciitd
or ill such «fiiuu~oiitlu -I '
ly direction that dwelling houars nn
Washington avenue, two squares
"urn mcrludd
father. ivk3ther and two
children murdered.
Annllirr Mill I llitilly
Frutu Tl|flr H um Mint l oully
Irrnl Tuvlnr Iti iiIIki ., Huiilc
larmor* Aceuscd llotly in ran
r un ly
sd by
rniKnlmrln S l a Moui I lly i Unn
At>I /■• Tlirrf Mrn Itmlly Hurl.
snm'x City. Iowa. May 1 Incen-
da rit)H sneaked intotbe tire department
1 stables at station early Saturday
Hurt Pfioyfit morning, poured a gallon of gasoline
1 oully sirtui;li- over the bedding and set lire to iL
The ontirn floor was ablaze in a trice.
City Electrician Provost slid down
the post to liberate the horses, but
immediately cried to the others:
."Jkint come. Fin burning up."
('nptain lliggers had, however, al-
ready started and slid int the llames.
Hotb managed to get out of a window
but wer • so badly burn -d us to maka
recovery doubtful.
Fireman F. H. Conley was also badly
burned trying t«i save th;- horses,
which were lost, together with the up-
pi«ra*us ami tire alarm batterie-. A
big door hooked on the inside wa
opened to give the Hrc a draft. There
i- no clue to the identitv of the Ineen-
WEEKLY review OF
d'abolical 'crimes ever committed in
this portion of the state. ( us Meekt.,
his wife and two children, little girls,
were murdered in cold blood Thursday
nfght, and their bodies thrown in a
straw ^tack for coueealiuent
William IV Taylor of ilrmvuinu' a
town in the Northern portion of this,
Lirin, i'ourity, is a law ver aud banker,
and up to the day of the murder
wa*- cashier. Ho has for the past four
or live years been arrested several
times on different charges. Last fall
he and Mceks. the niurdere I man,
were arreted on a charge of • ■r-alinj'
a herd of cattle from a farmer s pas-
ture and driving them to I'nrdin,
Where, it is claincd, it wrfs their in-
ten tin ti to ship to i hicago in the fa"m work as
night. Mceks had his trial ami was
si ntcncyd to the penitentiary. Tay-
b'': gtfiV"f",u,Ind it s 'trihj '.vas put
oil Hint was to come up in Milan next
wcrtr at tho Snllivan county circuit
While in the penitentiary
Meeka tuVned stat
pardoned and earac home and bus
since lived at Milan with his mother
and family lie would of coursc, hove
been it dangerous witucss a^ainsi
Thursday uight WiiUain Taylor and
his brother, tieorge. a farmer living
near Hvowning, drove to Milan, a dis-
tance of twelve miles, in a two-soatcd
buggy; It seems that the Taylor
brothers went to the home of Mceks
aud called him outside the house.
Weeks went back into tho house lifter
awhile and told his family he was
going away to have tho country and
that tho Taylors were going to assist
him. aird then the wife said "1 and the
ehildren will go with you. tin's," They
all got. ready and left with the
Taylors" so the child said yesterday
(ieorge Taylor is a prosperous farm-
er living three miles from lirowning.
Yesterday morning a little 7-year-old
jfirl crawled out of a straw stack "ii
the 'l*ny lor farm and went across the
road t<*> the farm house of Mr. i!ooeh.
She pittifully told her story of how
she was awakened the nigiit before
whila riding along in her father s
arms, of how she heard revolvers *ro
off and her pa rents sc-caui. Then
something hit her on the head and
she said she went to sleep she guessed
and when she awoke she was ill the
liny-stack. I'here was blood on her
clothing and a bruise on her head.
lie fore she had tiuisbed telling her
sorrowful story tieorge Taylor, at 0
O'clock in the uioiHing, was seen ap-
proaching the straw stack with a team
and harrow and begin harrowing
around the stack. The suspici
the Hooch family was aroused, and
they went out and told Taylor the
story of the little girl. Taylor nt
on. e unhitched the team, and mount-
ing one horse rode off on the run
toward browning, lie went to Hanker
VYsiriit VV«Mllier his SIliiiiilulril
Si'iiMiiiitttilc l ine*.
n kw Voiik. May II. Ilradstroet's
review of the state of trade sars:
longed warm weather has stiinu-
s sales in
able line* of merchandise, but
renewed tariff uncertalnity tends to
prolong the period during which mer-
chants will continue to buy for actual
heeds only, evidences of wdiieh fact
have appeared. Hank clearings this
week amount lo tf',!
of per cent frn
rhich showed an increase)
and,a decrease of ,'t4 percent compared
with the second week of May last
year, when total clearings were
among the largest on record.
Twenty-1 I vr Hunilrt'il Men ill the Neva tin
UUtrlel sioji Work.
Xi vADA. Mo., May P.'. -Two thou-
sand live hundred coal miners in Ver-
non and Hates counties laid down
their tools last nifrht and went out on
strike. In other mines around Rich
Hill, and at tho mines at Hedford.
Vernon county, some men continued
at work cleaning up. but with the
completion of this task all the millers
will lay down picks and shovels and
go out.
It is understood the miners demand
sixty cents per ton all the year around.
They are now receiving fifty cents.
Halloa (.anir Taken
A fter ti Hard right.
ft. Rkno. (ik.. May m. Nat Sylvia
ad Felix Young, members of the
alton ban I of train robbers, who
ere implicated in the Pond Creek
jbberie.s «>f the Hock island trains
•me time ago, were arrested in this
ty Saturday afternoon about I
clock bv I nited States Marshals
ladsoii. Prater and Eichhoff, after 1111
r-« . , xciting ebase through the city dur-
°f I ing which some ten or a dozen shots
ml : were exchanged between the parties,
be Young had his horse shot from under
I avlo
id about
7 O'clock the Taylor brothers were
seen riding out of town on horseback. ,
going eastward.
The bodies of tins Mceks, his wife \
and two children were found in tin-
straw stack, and upon an inquest be-
ing held it was found that the father
and mother had both been shot and (
then beaten with s
Two Thiiiiiiiiiil of the < nr I iiiii|iiin>Kin-
|iloy<M KtrUca Other* Un.v Follow.
Chicago, May p.'. -Two thouand
employes of the Pullman palace car
company quit work yesterday and as-
serted that. the entire force of 4 ,'UIC
people would strike before night.
Ollteer mill oiiIImiv Kllleil-
news notes.
Congressman (ieorge W. Smith has
ueen renominated by the Hepubliean
convention of the Twenty-second Illi-
nois districL
Five hundred l'olish laborers, most
of them in a starving condition, have
demanded work of the mayor of 1 ofjhe
ti rami Rapids, Mich.
The Republicans of the Fifth In-
diana congressional district have nom-
inated .lease Ovcrstrect of Johnson
count}' for congress on the eleventh
Half of the people of Norway. Me..
a town of 3,000 inhabitants, are home-
less in consequence of the conflagra-
tion that swept over that pdace
Wednesday night.
Major (ieorge W. Steele, ex-governor
of Oklahoma territory, now living in
Marion. Ind.. was nominated for con-
gress by the Republicans of the
Eleventh district on the fifty-ninth
James Jeffreys, the oldest engineer
in point of service on the Chicago and
Northwestern road, was instantly
killed in a collision near Kau Claire,
Wis. Three other employes were fa-
tally injured.
In Coldwater. Mich., while exercis-
ing Walker's celebrated stallion Cart-
ridge, 'J:14'4, liecanie frightened and
kicking himself loose ran away, tear-
ing off his left liin l foot, lie had to
be chloroformed to death.
John Williamson, wife and live
children, at Youugsboro, Ala . pur-
took of salmon for supper, from a can
opened some days previously. They
all fell into convulsions almost im-
mediately. The two youngest chil-
dren died in frightful agony. The
others of the family are in a pre-
carious condition.
Nu.v 7. The open toMlon of the senate lasted
hut half an hour and wa- devoid of all public
Interest save the introduction liy Senator Al
Ion of Nebraska who H defending Ooxey and
his lieutenants l.i tho police court, of a resolu-
tion for the appointment of a special commit
tee of ttve senators to investigate the altoied
dubbin; bv the Washington police of the
esders of ihe commonweal when the'army
tried to break Into tbo capitol grounds '
Tuesday The resolution w
until to-
In the hoase a special order wit
making the bills for the erection of
ernment printing office and a new ball of rec-
ords in tho city of Waohin ton the business of
the house until they can be disposed of The
prlntim; ofttcn bill was discussed until 5 07
odo k hut lore: before, the d- b ite fell into a
i.u iif discussion and Mr. Millikeu of Maine,
delivered un smnsln? speech. arraltfnin& the
Democratic party for briu^inoa the flnan
dal depression Which the country has been
suffering from At .V12 iho house adjourned
May H When the tariff bill was laid before
the senate Mr Hoar took the floor Toward
the close of his speech Mr Hoar succeeded ia
raisin*' the ire of Senutor («ray lie was talk
in>r about the methods used by the so
called conservative Democratic .senators
to secure lODcessions In the form of
higher duties, and concluded his statement by
declaring Democratic senators who would
support the compromise tii'.l agroed upon by
the Democratic caucus would violate the con-
stitution ana their oaths Messrs (Tray and
Palmer warmly responded defending the
tariff compromise Ha'e and Morrill an-
swered theiu with taunts aud buckini:
down from the Chluaso platform Mr Quay
then cave another installment of his tariff
speech lly meansof roll calls on tho point
of no quorum he
spells After an ox
In the house the question of ■ site for a new
government printing office was referred to the
committee on public buildinss and grounds,
with instructions to select a site on ground
owned bv 1 lie government The naval appro
priatlon bill was then called up and tho house
May 9 In the senate Mr Allen called up
his t'oxev resolution, and it auaiu went ovor
after discus-ion Tho tariff hill was then
taken up Mr Aldrich took up tho second
amendment in the tariff bill, which Is the
words, "or w ithdrawn for consumption,'^ tho
purpose beiiu- to Include goods so
withdrawn from bonded warehouses in the
provisions applying in the bill to noods
, ,. \i -i Imported Tin- precipitated a running dis-
Nupertntuinlent of l-oreign Mails ,.„4s|on whlch Mr JonoH ()f Arkansas,
Hrooks has ordered that packages of Chandler. Vest. Hale, Harris and Mills took
live Ixil's be ml 111 iti0(1 lis sample-. ti> . I' " Mr Mill* dunoujrad ibo
.. . ... .• . 1 1 compromise measure, and said it should lie
the mails hereafter dispatclud froin known as tho tiorman and llrlce bill, but said
this country for French Congo,Inelud- he would vote tor it if it reduced tariff dutlj
Although the Taylor;-
o'clock yesterday uioi
weiil in pitrHUlt of the
neon Al>odt that t'm
Atioi-nev Hresiiahan
critbikdd of this city v
left about T
nlng nolioiiy
11 until a ft re-
ami Marshal
lnd Ti
1 the rive
in Wednesday .la
. the
but 1
nut befo
nervy, living man.
persed to their htm
mained dangling on
within the city linii
o'olock Sunday mo
1. id 1st
is. until
ning, st
uting c
fite body re
Iv 10
,,f Lavi11 Im> in rougl
I,, Klnn.l a si
iind pursued. If
1 county line they
gh timlier country and
>s, and both dead.
\a«^inbllng of Vn
Th-' total lobs. fioWcve
cut do
id i
quest held, 1
"Heath at the hands of u
parties by hanging.
The men who did the hungi
nil mashed. They are *U|tpo!-
lcHiliug citi/.ens of the idu« e. :
iV tlie elmndi
f -Dr. 'I'm ! i
, Mli l tin tft-V wa- tmnVi'fT. .Mtif" cle.r
1 t ie 1 •j'ht- I'hf ..tju cil will bo re-
ction as the
i « as". 1 "vie1 • tllf. |{|fiflir>!
• ii • uiimi;'i ii| rinfyrfis
|.| rv,1^\siuf| il • b
point for the
It sheltered
as the
vicinity within the past feu
ivhich practically Itttve jjone nupiin-
I slieil.
Hose as formerly from Syracu-i
N , where he lias a motliei'aud t .
children His wife is dead. Kuhl
of the best VOUIIL' I
v " xfy «JhHjVen' at A relm ( ass
:r eovui.t-w ' VV 'kl l^'"- bus been
••i-iiptfii'^d lUntr*; Onrl 0 and will
side red o
the pla
UK I ron* a ltrldi;f h<
;vcry shiifi In lli!- In«lri<( I loted I
I lie *Orlke
liu 11 1111.1. >f«v. Mit.v i'i. l iio atrili
iere is tinw hi full force.' every one <
. b<Viu;. out.
iiiMilliwi'it City. >lii., Ilaided in
Ci.fT vvllle " ItI ' •"Itlieiis "hot
Non . Mo.. May 13.-At 3
vesterdav afternoon seven uic
with N^Jnchcstcrs and revolvi
into >«<jiilhvvesi l it \. Mo . and
•the batik, getting all the mm
'bank cffhtaiucd. between S3.
si.ikkT The.\ evidently can
liie Territory and wer-
tliev did the job in a v
like mauiier. Two of ti
change the di
h.scmbling of
reported to
of the
1 arined
rs ro«lc
and Republic
tee joined in unatimous re
bill provides that the tirxt
each congress shall beirit
March t.
vuiting until the following Deeeiubi
e 1 u In
at present
ing Gaboon, Diego-Suurre/.the North
ern port of Madagsear. Mayotte.
French establishments in India and
Cochin China, the island of Guade-
loupe and its dependencies.
.1. W. Darling of Northeastern Mc-
l'herson county, Kansas, claims to
have one of the most extensive depos-
its ot tire clay in the country, it is
nearly forty feet thick and of tinest
Tho twenty-three members of Com-
pany II of Ualvin's eotninotiweal army,
who were arrested it Russell. I'a., for
attempting to capture a Haltimore
and Ohio freight train, were sentenced
to twenty days in jail.
Mrs. Ah Chong. wife of a San Fran-
cisco merchant, decamped for 1 liina on
the steamer Oceanic, taking 810,000 of
her husband's money. The robbery
was discovered by Ah ('hong shortly
after the steamer sailed.
George Decker, a well-to-do rancher
of Shasta Valley, Cal.. has been place I
under arrest for the murder of his
wife and child, committed twenty-
seven years ago. It is suspected also
that Decker is responsible for the re-
cent death of his second wife and
Jealousy caused Albert Wood lev of
of Pittsburg. I'a , to kill Mrs. Jennie und then attempt suicide.
Julius Sehwabaeher
wealthy distiller of Pi
been arrested forburgli
The ranchmen living in the neigh-
borhood of Aspen Junction, Col., have
irgani/ed an association to protect
hcinselves against the invasion of
I'tali sheep, and will resort todespcr-
onlv Hvo cents Mr LodCO concluded the do-
i bate Mr Harris insisted that his motion to
lay tin' amendment on th'J table at the con-
' Hilton or Mr Ledge's remarks.cuttln? dff Mr
Dubois, who desired to spunk Tho amend
1 ment was laid on the table :tl to 'JO a strict
party vote The Democrats who did not vote
were pa red in favor of the motion Senator
| Allen. Foiullbt. voted v*itti the Democrats
and announced that Kyle Populist, of South
j Dakota .vas paired with M M •rrill iKepuhll
lie of Allen nnd the
lr of Senator Kyle
11 w ill voto with tho
Democrats on the tar.
lu the house the u
was up for consldorat
May 10 In tlio SOQUIO M
of Nebraska. Introduced a 1
act retfiilatinz tho used! tie- capilol trounds
under which Coxey and his lieutenants were
prosecuted His resolution for an Investiga-
tion of the dubbin.' of the citi/ens was again
debated Messrs Teller Stewart and Harris
lave rod the resolution, and Hour vigorously
denounce l tno whole thing. The resolution
the successor of Mr Siockbriduc doceised,
of MlchUnn The tariff bill was taken op-and
the chemical schedule discussol Mr Dolph
pave another installment of his speech After
hioh tho death
White Bluff, Tenn.
a Life of Misery
" I have suffered mueli tiithlii the |«st lhr y
years villi stomach, liver ami kidney trouble,
and also from the effects of the grip. I was not
able ti) do any ordinary labor. I suffered with
Severe Pains In My Back «
and limbs. I tried several different inedicinae
withoutreallrihg any relief. I concluded to try
Hood'sSarsaparllle. I have continued to Im-
prove every day since, until now I can say that
I am permanently eared, l'ala nd despondency
9 r-v Sarsa-
^5 parilla
of every description liavc left roe, my appetite is
good, my sleep sound and refreshing, aud I am
as strong and well as I ever was in my life."
B. F. haiuiw, White Bluff, Tenuessoe.
Hood's Pills euro eonsttpatlon by restoring
the peristalUn action of the alimentary canal.
1 i"??ftCla urg. ti,. 00.
from Lion ( off*'* Wrapper*. «n<l a 3-cunt Btiuni t«
IW If uron St., TOLEDO, O.
val upproprhitlon bill |
Populist I
peal tho
l rounds
nd the senate ad-
Ill.. hn
g 11 house.
tin disposal of routine business in the
house the death was announced of Represent
ative Hrattan of Maryland and the house ad-
May It Mr Harris almost despaired of
making progress with the tariff bill when Mr.
Ouay Introduced in i he seniite a bill to estab-
lish a code of laws in the District of Coluin-
bia and asked for its reading In full, which
1 <mid scarcely 1"' completed l>v the end of
the legislative dav IHunooratlc senator*
objected. Mr Vest saying tho evi-
dent purpos-' of Mr Wnav was to dclav
the tariff bill The District of t'olumbia bill
was returned to Mr i^uay, who Intimated that
he might bring ii up ayain to morrow
Mr Allen trie l in vain lo obtain eon ddcration
for his Covey resolution and after a very 1 rief
discussion of Mr Peffer k Industrial
Is a -jrHTfrc of mnch
... v/V pft taint of
whatsoever origin,and bulWU up the gen-
eral health.
marrif.d i.adir.S' safeguard, patented
So ufdlclnc No equal. Money returned
If nui satlsfuctory. >ood Id cents lo Ladies'
Novelty Co.. Kansas City. Mo.
Sanltnrlnm. kuiihhm I'lty, Mo.
if i
(l be.
iimed on the out-side ai
.■red the YtauU with u s;
thei> gutii'ded the liorsi
Alsmt iimi shots we re
>bber?i nnd four of the
ere liadlv wounded. .
id tlire
hrctl bv the
|"n l-.n I the I'rlpp!
Ode .«U I oH\i o M'ltlM.s
, • ,feni Oi-■ ||'
•4 Mrlke.
, Mny M.-
ue*n perfectly
triple ripple CrcvU
1 Ml her ami son swiiiik
sharon S|irlii|{«.
Sharon Spkimos, Kan.. Miy 11
of the most determined InohJ
ever congregated in this port'
the stat'- mi Monday lvnehed WiHiuiuV wuu or, 1 tup/ lfiCj itijf 'l-een
MeKinli , and eldest s..n. Lewis, fo* , ap dvput lOavilv :u
the murder of fharles ( ariev. coin- ,:«<up( Utfd with^lettt- of-anit
mitted -me I -t I V;1 ivty'> H
the double lvnehiny reaeiu'd the oilt| r weli.lj.\ .vo^lvrtl,- ■
world for the first time yesterdn'v\;.f iMiXir^'UBd rb Si \«v inteoti
i"pnl.( JVuie.'4vA'iW^
plirh t,
I lo
i,oW tJaiuiouH
The> Cosniopolitau tnuga/ino will :
soon be printed at li'vington-ou-the-
Hudsun. The change i* made be
cause the concern has outgrown its j
present quarters. The new building
will be constructed iu tho modol of i
a Greek temple. •')<) ) feet long and
sixty-live feet wide, threo stories
high and fronting on the river. For i
a publishing house, aud especially 1
one that iasues a great maga/ino. to i
go out of town is a novel move and '
the ('osmopolitan s experience will
bo watched with considerable inter-
est by other publishers.
It is high time to pass a stringent
law protecting the gamo in the
Yellowstone park as tho swans and
pets in any municipal park are pro-
tected. In March a scoundrol was
caught emerging from that great
pleasure ground h- uriug tell fresh
buffalo hides which bo had taken
from animals he had nlaiu. The !
only herd of outTalo iu the world is
now in this park und this is a s nail j
one aud will soon be exterminate I i
unless Homo drastic federal law U i
suae tod for its protection ami tho
protection of all other gamo there i
i'he eommandct ami tho navigating
officer of the Kearsarge may con-
sider themselves lucky iu Oscapiu;
with only a \ear's suspension of raul
and pay. it is a light penalty fo
running on so well-known a dange
point as Honcador reef tho most eel
abratcd ship in the nuw
A San FlMNfiS"" Chinaman t a
about the country eo|lectin,' lh«
bones ot his deeea^ed c#untrymei
and when be get* enough f<■ •• m- •
•be are blpped to Cbitte Hi
tf?«st uudcrtskipg
• Manderson a fi
specially pleat
.•d with the pro-
posed ami
•nduient reducing the 1 ic<
rs from to s.'iii
ti in explaining the re;
for this eli
i a lige says: "There are
sale dealers an I fl.Ildtl n
dealers lii
censed to deal iu oleo
garine, fc
•r which the sum of
(for the y
car ending June '10, l^'.M
1 has
been paid
. This amount is one
more thai
l enough to pay theexpe
of the internal revenue dcpiirtuic
nt in
i collecting
■ the tax of two cents a p<
Oil olcollli
iirgarine. for which pur
1 t he licens
c tax was instituted.'
ndustrial aiui
en onentrtped in u s
st of here. This mornii
the ' anibria Mining1
A \oining offered to tali,
the men at il.lo ad
Newcastle mines, but
. declined. Tho.niuyor t
ered the armv to movi
und (). L. Seabourn were both shot
through the groin: Mart Peinbree. leg
broken by a bullet: s. F. Melton,
United Statas marshal, received a
flesh wound in the leg The robbers
were about ten minutes going
through the buu . afterward mounted
>their horses and started for- the na- j
tion at full speed.
As they were leaving the outskirts '
■semis one tired several shots at them,
killing a horse and wounding a rob-
ber, l>ut it js not known how badly he
wa-s hurt, lie immediately secured
nnnfber burse from n farmer who was
passing and followed his pals. No ;
resistance was offered by the citizens.
The wouuued men were shot while
standing on tlie sidewalk. \ posse
j was made up and have started in
pursuit. Hut the robbers have u good
| st rt and will likely get away.
I'imIhI Ti'leRrapli ,\d*«
\V vsniMiToN, May H.
C. Hutler. president of the Farmers' I
Alliance and ludustriul union, made
an Argument before the house com-
mittee on postoftices yesterday in sup-
port of postal telegranh legislation.
The Alliance favored the postal tele-
graph scheme because it would correct |
an evil of monopoly.
Muguire « f Californ
continuation of his
subject, which he be;
Thompson Hun. Hi
ho were granted a raise at
f the strike and wli
n guarded by arine<
lies while at work, hitve joii
strike through sympathy.
lu a riot that occurred on
ville «V- Ohio passenger trai
Kiio.vvillc. Tenn Sheriff Hum
killed and six others were
Huriictt's brother was killeil
The coal strikers threaten to in
fere with industries in Maryland,
the mines are not worked for a
sidcfable time the injury to bnsi
lie re may be great ie the SUpplj
coal in Baltimore is said to be limitci
A Lexington. Kentucky
outspoken ago
now use ot her
signed by the
district will st
liiin to withdr
Cnitcd Js 1
exquator w
rug nan gov
part he took i
a provisional
Information in posse
bureau of American republics shows
that abundant rains have fallen along
the line of the International railroad
and in the district of Laguna. Mexico.
This fact insures a good cotton crop
i the >
uf tin* turlff bill The propo-.
de acid was discussed nt coi
tli by Me^rs I'erWtn an ;
ornia Jo.n's .>f M
Patents, Trade-Marks,
I'xminnailni •ml AiKiro n- t i I'atenlabillty pf
Inv.-iition Siant for "*' (iiiiitf, or How to 0 l
• I'ateut " T&7Si:S OTAlEELL WA8HIK0TJ1T, t C..
!.• t.Mveen I I ISotirel' ' .lint (",1 111- . . f™> p' >"'ir
Asbestos Rooting ';
iiVr.. | JUXI i V'li III Ii;« i-iMi',,
- u- i - IIie,in m
tn.varil tho raid'llo of tho g
tii" M-ii.iiur, failing out C
lhe nuorum had
st fi
*0J. Nvw Vult CUJ
Ifort t
rinlueil to llrli
of I lie 1'lai
ii i k
presi-ncc; of about f <H)
'IrttltA I ntolng*
W LDoudU^
Atr bv mail. PiKliffTfff I ^
bargain* of dealers who ^ -Ii
l.lrl Killed by a I oK.
death vol
oel Chainliii
.f John 1
• she entered the
the dog grabbed her
tearing it open and
ated the body. The
Nkw Yoiik. Ma
| National bank
the atVai
-ilallii Hank.
..f the I i
bv the thro
\\ i
Louse is at
iM'cnpanta. Following
of tlic president. Mrs
nt last evcuUik-
daughters for lUlt' a h
trvi-la^d > !•*!(« llnfTalo.
The White
ortt any of its
the departure
land left
vitli her tu
\ ^
Sliot lllniaeir Ihronuli i
St. .1 ori en. Mo. May
Martin, who until reeen
of the most splendid bars
committed suicide l>\
bullet into bin head with i
Wile die.l a month ago, an
he has been despondent.
l iinl llrlni; lni|M>rli>d I r
ni;w Yoiik, May 14 TI
famine is pinching the d
and has had the effect <•
the import of Welsh softi
kept i
other, Mrs. 1'oIm
• i 1 lo, this imnty.
deputation i f i^ti/
lr . ii iii wer*
ii a inaunci- that \h-
lore interesting
daily. Yesterday it is asserted that
Receiver Latimer will be compelled
to order an assessment of 100 per ecnt
oil tlie cupital stock, which means
that the stockholders will have t• :
raise ?•;.' (),imm) to pay off the depositors. !
of the finance eomiuitte
nation was accepted >
t been appointed leader
nor will there be until nft
president of the National Temperance
Society, to succeed John Wnnainaker,
of Philadelphia.
Government officials at Kansas City
are getting nuraerons lett-rs com-
plaining df the operation of swindling
lottery companies. ^ , in(f <>f nrms' d BlmlinaH
Little Spa. just cast
and outside of the town limits. Serious
trouble is expected at any hour i^nd
last night three companies of voluu-
teers were organised.
Adjutant tiencral Douglas of Mary-
land was wired regarding th
rado has been offered the
general counsel of the Nc
tral railroad at a salary o
Frank Dlmon. sheriff.
Lee, clerk of «, county
traded places, with the co
of ,
, hut I
citi/.ens are determined
ve the commonwealcra out uf
eighborhood and arc prepared to
rastic means t« accomplish that
ell of the Columbus
omm.ttee, cannon, m
etc.. not required for
I lio
vi o
jr 14.
s labor
Mr. \\ ulritlI Sulla
I'uited States
I'rraldcnl at Forlwn Monroe.
Foutukhh Monimu . Va.. Mny
The light house tender Muplc
President Cleveland and partv ur
Mctianu of the lie
has completed the report favorable to
uu investigation by a special joint
committee of the senate and house on
the depressed condition of labor and
of the < oxey movement. The report
advocates immediate action.
Knnsaa Sugar I'lants Idle.
Wki.unoton, Kan., May 12.—Sugar
growing has been declared a failure
in Western Kansas. Del Kimball fore-
man of the sugar factory at Attica,
left this city to-day for the purpose if
cured pro-
I taking charge of the
the plant, whu
Ha ton Rouge.
nan ti i
II be
bard The Repul
i have be.
> briiii; prepared.
August 1 the
Republican state
Sr.nAMA, Mo
A mes:
was received fn
night appointing
1 reiver of the I
which closed its
The gentleman at
Washington last
A. Latimer re
National l an!>.
rs last Friday.
• forwarded his
.. UyM
A Tor|ip<ln lloal I ann« b«*<l.
Dt/Bt'Qt k. Ia., May It. Tho torpedo
' boat Ericsson, the first 1 nited States
1 war vessel ever built on inland waters,
I was launched this afternoon in the
presence of several thousand people.
I utal Flames In tkron, Oliltf.
j akkox. Mav 1-. rhe works of the
j Akron Varnish company burned to
| the ground to-dov and the plant of
tho Akron Chemical company adjoin-
! itjg was badly scorched.
An ImhialrlMl OIWi «•
Liberty bells for the use i
In Omaha. Neb., on the
of Hoston stock-holders 1
some 400 shares, .lodge
pointed Philip Potter reci
American Loan aud Trust
Investigation by gove
ciala of the so-called
frauds at the Carnegie
prog re
been e
John L. Webster is out as it candi-
date for LTnited States senator from
The ordnance department of the
nriny is now conducting, ut tue Sand *
ik proving grounds, a competitive
The A. V Si-hunter Clothing loinpiny
of Hi. .Inaepli Iiiii"* llnwn.
St. Joski'II, Mo..May 10 —The A. N.
Schuster Clothing company oft this
city, one of the most extensive estab-
lish men Va of the kind in the \Nest,
made an assignment nt l'-i o clock last
night to ,1. N\. Walker of the linn of
Steele A Walker. The amount of the
liabilities is estimated at between
jr 10 The chief of
• the police of this city has i
, Mil
vliich tliei
idlng at Ke
« Sin i
buy pure white llowers to bo
placed upon the body of Mrs. Lease on
the day of her funeral, which he sets
down for May •,'< . lie says that the
Nazarene came to him inn vision with
a cross of blood painted upon his
breast and commanded him t<> kill
Mrs. Lease on the 20th inst., so that
her designs to subvert his kingdom on
earth might be thwarted.
trial of s
iitcd fo
non need bis inte
President Harper
r llopkii
i tion t<>
of the I II
rrived liei
I <uii|iaiii.
' teWh.1
Mmt.A, RUPPERT.0E.l4th St.,N.V.Clty-
1 K'ellv .liabnmleil the
c to-day killed a
• Industrial army m
Sacra mento.
Ml si lllw nler, Vllnii-
Nohiii Yakima
result o
arc i in pi
national bank exan
comptroller of the trca
e V *
Ardmore Miuera llrln
Macon. Mo . May 14.
•oal miners, held a me-
evening and bv a lurir'
;ided to return ♦ • wo
n lo Work.
-The Ardmore
iug yiisterda3
i the
I b*iii|i < I
Moxigomi nS
The Demoerajs
- • ual distant \
teHay * a en n>^
\N a-hingto
.tf .e>p«ti
works, t'ne man
the building seven
mau perished. Th
>-li|.v v| .fi ■ pji
at the van:
is taken out
r injured and <
loss is 8100,000
i. -oh u II
I >1 a usages
in the aia-
issable i
I liundr
vealei s parsed Kt
por- deputy marshals aud i
• floor fined in tin
the latter
that had a woman
with them beeaus
compel her to lenv
spent the night
1 itield and eontim
foot before dayligl
tluential Indii
the 1
A Wilr ■ l-Mlal HI 11
i in is take
o him tvv
l,.j, |r,
Sips of Health.
You don't have to look
twice to detect them—bright
eyes, bright color, bright
bright in
every ac-
Disease is
only when
weak tissue
is replaced by the healthy
kind. Scott's Emulsion of
cod liver oil effects cure by
building up sound flesh. It
is agreeable to tasta and
easy of assimilation.
t-oar--t t; P . JT . j... \r>f
: ] i i r?
i %
t v

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