Norman Daily Transcript (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 8, No. 181, Ed. 1 Sunday, November 21, 1920 Page: 1 of 4

Norman Daily Transcript
VOL. 8. NO. 181
Colder Weather Is
Predicted Sunday
Colder weather is the prediction
of the Oklahoma <. ity weather i>u- |
rean tor Sunday. Partly cloudy to
| cloudy sky will prevail. This is
I the forecast for Oklahoma < ity
and vicinity. For tin- state it is
cloudy and colder for Sunday.
Two Norman men, Dr. I-. L* Blacli-
ly. secretary treasurer 01 the Okla
honia Municipal League and direc'o:
| of the bureau oi njuuicipal research
at the university, and V'. R. <« 11t-i
I city manager, who was a speaker o
the program, attended the two days'
session of tin league's conventn
held at Oklahoma City Thurs day
To begin the organization of the | ; n(j | ,,i.-lV
Oklahoma Cotton Growers' associa- fof Number to B,- ' .. in ti.. ••
non will be the next work of I K. put on Sale Monday: Is Friend -t <■« «• • istHc-
Norris, county agent. < ( Dp/ifMunr u/ait vhi. Ii (ciier .i< 1 - ! t' <* tin-
The plan will be patterned after
thrt followed in other counties, among
which is Garvin county where the
Cleveland countv agent was called to
assist Wednesday and Thursday.
Two men well known and of influ-
ence in their own community will he
selected in each school district to
meet at some central point for the
purpose of having the work of the
Oklahoma Cotton Growers' associa
tion explained to them in detail, if
they do not already know it. Methods
of procedure will he discussed and
argument for and against the league
of cotton farmers will be presented
to them.
Each pair then are to be asked to
talk the proposition over with their
neighbors and all interested men in
the community, explaining that the
object is to sell cotton for the rais-
ers in a co-operative way. In this
manner sentiment will be tested and
organization will be made later for
the handling next year's crop
Norris, who was called to aid the
Garvin county ajjent in the drive, re-
turned Thursday after making only
one speech but after studying the
proposition thoroughly.
I iii representatives made up of n ayors,
Final preparations are being made j' ity manage: I «• 11 • r oiiici :1' rec-
tor the appearance here Tuesday right tesentatives "i ad ti" citu 1 nn-
of Oscar Seagle, famous baritone. I pertain* in Oklahrna.
under the auspict s of the fiiart- In di CU ion
partrnent, Dean 1 redrik lloluilerg ilat ate of f . .t< r ;:-v!
announced yesterday. against th« merits of the meter sy
Student tickets will admit. Dean u-ni, this illustra ion v.a «n i v
Holm berg said. Tickets will be plat Gater ^o' • teful
ed on sale probably Monday. i the fl. t rat- on tin- he.-re;
Seattle's appearance here will be the ■ •«jf you sla.uld go to y ur •
first number on the fin< arts course. |n<j !s, him a propositio t i
Uni. Prof. Student cf Seagle. a fixed at v
Prof. Herbert Wall studied voice .,|y :ii| yolir ,,, r
under Seagle. Professor Wjll expects COmirig year, he would wonder what
th, crowd lor Seagle to outnumbe r , fn „■ .
any ever asembled for a concert ... ^
' t"aX- studied under lean de R«ske,. m;'v" vo" include him ... be Iw t.
who selected Seagle's accomtnmi t : i - -vastefulne** ;.nd th • ne-i-ct -n
Hector Dansereau a brilliant young plumbing breaks « would make ti"
French musician and an expon-nt of pumping expense oi t -i:v :n uir
the modem French school pf piano steadily
playing. He graduated last sprii. : liopc oi stop until ■•••
from the Paris conversatory le wiii , ,tali« d. lie j ' i• t• <I
play two groups of solos durii.ic the j . , j ,|p. . i/t 0f |. ,| ,. cj) vj||
Seagle concert here. , M ;; (
Series' wholehearted way of,put , Say and 22.3*)" i month, whic!
ting himself into Ins work is an out ... , .
standing feature. Ke is natural ami, vould be enough t. supply three
unaffected, accord in*.' to Professor average . null- .
Wall. His tecniciue is faultless. TI • number of cities) in <
Governor To Be
Guest oi Rotary
Following last v - • IV
luncheon, when tlie^local club en
.lined \ ice President I !
shall. Secretary Ted \s
lof duty to irr.o ge oi aine
rtant guest.
As a result, Governor I B. A.
Son will be a gue«1«of tli ■
morrow 's lunch" « n at the ~
„ Sooners Unable Shove
iSaii Over From ^ ard
Line and l ie Visitors
felt it |
>e s many thin; o
call for a KM) pet
was made by .V
Burglar's Tools Are
Found in Possession
Of Confessed Youth
tiding in the Missouri
affected b_\ a tie game
Aggie on Boyd field
all-victorious Sooner
that :t' e larger than
still wondering about
ern form of city io.
•t nment with a v •
- arc Bartlesville. ( i
II. t )kimt!g(Clan
il iy Guthrie.
■ ery successful I
80 d- '"^ates was repc
an and are
more mod
vs, jimmies, nippers,
and lock picking tools
d in examination « i the
belongiug t< ( harlt s R. Si
:• i .'orm oi , aii. s Clifton P ' pi an 1 r , onf'
to installing burglar <>f th" .ntenn'ian t
asha, RlacV: i confectionery tarly last Sunday
re and pos- Kxainination l v I ":u Cln : .vood,
1 countv attorney, in hi- of i t at the
i ntion with courthouse Thursday afternoon I d to
d. information that the initials ' K ^
stood for Clifton \< .Spears. Ins true
On 'A ednesdaV of la t week A. S. name instead of (. Iiarl- s V -^cott. tin
i aiilkner addressed the Ladies Aid one fir* t given authorities lie;-' on e
.;* the Methodist F.piM-opal church aniination Sunday
! lis subject was, "Th School as Re li(l j;r i aily 16 y• •.i:
lated to the Church" th- •iitcnn t of Sj, a
11 r m i. Mt!!i« ana
i the subject was
i | ni • ts and all.
TI' ian iocir
idav at Tr in.
lie 1 .;son for the
i'e:si.m Poetry."
-.1 handlin
instnn t < ••
lay will I)**
ftjeirty Vram) tflothm
arc sold
-eason, above all others, a man has
to look for value in clothes. In
Hturiffc? Clothes
you get the value at a mot!eraU- price an
with a guarantee ot satisfactory wear :!iv
No secret, either—simply in the ma; ing of
Society Brand Clothes are ir.any r. n.
saving jtrocesses—these savin;.: g" ni1o
better qualitv fabrics and at 1 sti' -t *nti •>
lowering of price.
And there vou have the very reason
so many of your friends wear Societ\ i '.ran
Clothes—they know the value from past e*
perience, and the price-saving from eonip- r
Vou can get these good-value Societ>
Brand Clothes now at 80c on the dollar.
All sizes and a la
Let us fit you.
rge selection to choose
Everything For Everybody
Watch for announcement of our
Final Reduction Sale in the Thurs-
day issue of the Norman Daily
T ranscript.
• • has been telegraphed with *
xv i r that In is coming t(
mmediately. If • h is the
: young Spear:-, will he too y>u
i enfence to the penitent'ar
will probably be t ligible for i
,iiiatorv only.
I hough (Jklahoma ^ -i.i
Vallex conference til le i-> not
of 7 and 7 with the Kansas
Saturday, hopes for a third
eleven were blasted. I 'his game is the surprise o.
the season iu the Missouri Valley, second only to
that of Missouri's tie I et a. b\ Oklahoma.
love thousand people saw the last game of
the vear on lioyd field. Covernor Robertson and
Lieutenant ■( iovernor rapp were among the spec-
tators. Stunts by (). I . students attracted much
at t ent ion.
Despite the lie ^anie, Oklahoma will still be the only unde-
(ealedteam in the i-ontVreiK-e, and that niusl be rcoktned when the
title i-- awarded. Although Mi-s<,uri. b;. winning over Kansas next
litttrsdav, will have a higher percentage, he tias betn decisively
deflated by the Sooners.
Ohio tale debated tltinoi 7 to 0, and while prospects arc
lill yood for a .-.'■ason tu -li with the Ohioans. it is not known
vhat effect the Saturday ^ame here will have on t i. challenge re-
•ei\« d by liennie Owen.
• rom his
mpt :
might easily be ne t
int will
.•lit by some at •"
, have t en hi
t leared up by '
I L id for downs 1
wit'iin a yard of the
lahoma lost the
adding tin game to
ind \.as tied by tin
times wh.-n
i. goal line
i run it; |
u . el;< ited by <
vfiring questions
I-is suitcase that
rrminal station.
no ti" youn
nfusing him i
le s! pned t!
name v.':'s ir
found .it ti
Farmers Union Locd
Enjoyed Siantji'td
After the business meetinu: 01 the
rmeis' union lot :J clrrder at Can
tda school house VVednesda\ night.
ince meniber- h i broutr!it ti eir
• :'atn;lies and SUP!" i • '
Fifty sevr n \ • i • ti- of go«>d thine.
I1,, re snrcfld out b« lore the fr<-eif"t
; all t how began, and when ' grub m'.
• . a I led tin y ni..«l« del tabh-s di -
■ ippear in true healthy fashion
! Since the spealo s scheduled for
„ lie occ ion were del; \vd nntd t• «•
B late or al - entt d fi • m 1 u e
and dela
n it. i,ant
hnowh t!g
.em by ih
id ing to
ailing th«
• the gar
if tht
, only the
chanter v
t r.:e. >;
and \>s I 1). M
ning from H in
be given t'"r i
a-ie . f the Met
rch at the home
N. Rucker
Real Estate
To Loan on
Low Rate of
If you need a loan con
and talk it over with us.
can help you.
Phone 280 107*4 E. Main
(Over Jackson's Furniture
gh line hail
l ourth and
; ! :• •
\. Robertson
i .\i r I'
tin bleacher-
vi!h ' lahoin
.1 I ude I out 1
t down with I
auk on penaltv
Made 'van
to gain. la-
eight to l
)a i- who return
n Oklahoma ■'
\ ard throug
vn liitt punt
:st wind \ggt
ards "ii rt tun
for touchdown. Kick-, goal. Score*.
Oklahoma 0, Aggies 7.
Marsh goes in for Luster. Kansas
kicks on yard to Swatek who returns
15. Ball on 22 yard line. W hite sj\
yards through left end. Two yards
and out of hound*. Quarter ends
with ball on Oklahoma 4(>-yard line,
Oklahoma first and ten.
Second Quarter.
Loses yard around «nd. Smashes
line for 10 yards. Two yard. and
fir t do.vnl I ifty yard pass to Mar h
puts ball on 10 yard line W ould
h..s t Mired if he h id not tallen. Ag-
trios hold consultation. Hill make:,
three yards through line. Swatek
puts ball on ) yard line. Mo gain.
Lourth and one to {/<> Touchdown
scored 1 •, Swatek. Whit< kicked

Oklahoma kicks north with wind.
' )ut of bounds t n \jigies' JS-yard
line. Set tind kick over goal line.
\ny.f ball on 20 yard line, first
down. Gained a foot, 'tains yard
through line I ourtji and live, kick
ten yards out of bound: . 'Oklaho-
ma hall on \ggie 32 yard line, first
dawn. Pass fails. Thirty-yard pass
puts ball on 12 yard line l inn out
for \ ggie t insult a ti on. Second when
(Iklahtiina t«ts on 12-vard line—
iii-.t lidn't do any good. I'ails to
•am Makes \ard. halls 2 yards.
I iiirtli down on - \ ard line. Hreaks
through md blocks attempted pass
oi\ iin- Aggies ball on 7-yard line,
yards through line \nother yard
and fir t down on 22-yard line. Fails
n. Rain Mak. . yard left end. Fourth
down. il-..k.s lo \ards to 40-yard
Im. Oklahoma's hall Pi- i'ai'.s.
Pass fails. Aggie trips Oklahoma
man after pas- on 12-yard line and
,1! i,, i n, ■
Umpire' objection sustained and it
Lo.e._ ba'ck.
On end run. I
l and fifti « n t«
| 'Th
.1 thr.
l ourth am
rd line. Ki
Third Quartt
l ourth and 15
s t< initldh of
•eies 14 yards 10
time out Kir-
ila 40-vafd line
u. h line. I o
. no. Ki.
first do\
Makes v
r fir
Dr. J. F. Kellogg
1J8! ■ \Vcst S. . ... I Street--
Phon. Vlaple .197
Treats Corns, Bunions, Warts,
Chillblaiiu. and Sweaty Feet.
u Ball
fhird dow ii and th

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