The Daily Transcript (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 7, No. 258, Ed. 1 Sunday, February 1, 1920 Page: 8 of 8

Mrs. Ray Berry was a guest of
Oklahoma City friends Friday.
Mr. I. G. Short of Capitol Hill was
a Norman visitor, Friday.
Dr. D. W. Griffin made a business
trip to Oklahoma City yesterday.
Paint now before the
Phone 280 office hours.
bi)< rush,
Miss Jeannette Sparrow of Ok-
lahoma City is a guest at the Pi Beta
Phi house.
75 cents for that delicious turkey
dinner at the Sooner confectionery
Sunday 257-2t
Ernest South, university student,
is spending the week-end at his home
in Mill Creek, Okla.
M rs. K. F. Morgan, in the north
part of the city, is seriously ill with
Mrs. Ben Williams and Mrs. Ed-
win DeBarr were Oklahoma City
visitors Saturday.
J. Gilbert was up from the south-
ern end of Cleveland yesterday. Mr.
Gilbert is an old-time friend of J. O.
J. G. Wilson was in from his home
on Route 5 yesterday, taking the
train for Indiahoma where he is on
a business visit. .
they attended the bar banquet
Th,ursdav evening.
F. W. Holtaschue, who is in
Chicago at the auto show, will re-
turn by way of La Porte, Ind., where
he will take a two-weeks' course in
tractor engineering at the factory of
the Advance-Rumely oii-pull tractor,
which the Holtzschue is agent for.
Mrs. Walter Cralle joined her
sister, Miss Helen Brooks, in Hot
Springs, Ark., this week and will
spend several days with her.
J. Barnard, a good farmer from out
on Route 3, was trading in Norman
Saturday, and while here paid this
office a pleasant visit, renewing for
the daily. .
Leon Cheatwood, oldest son of
County Attorney Tom Cheatwood,
missed school on account of sickness
the latter part of last week. This is
the first time Leon has been absent
this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Schirck are
figuring on going to California, Mr.
Schirck having rec«iv d sa offer
a good position in a meat tnarke*
near Los Angles.
, G. L. Fox will go to Oklahoma
City tonight to take up his work or
the Oklahoma". He has been con-
nected with the Transcript the past
week 6r two. I
Save your wife the worry of the
Sunay dinner. Take your family to
the Sooner confectionery and try the
Turkey dinner with all the fixings,
only 75 cents. 257-2t.
Dave Gilbert of Haskell, Texas,
who has been visiting his brother
near Lexington, was in Norman yes-
terday and purchased an automobile
from the Holtzschue Motor Car
company. He intends driving it home
in a day or two, if the weather re-
mains favorable.
Pres. Stratton D. Brooks and Jul
ian C. Monnet, dean of the school of
law, will pay state income taxes on
their salaries from the state, accord-
ing to a decision of Attorney-General
S P Frwling. who niles that Pro_| I.ouis to his home ill Wichita Falls,
fesaors in the university are «n-( H(. wa4 llid up a hospital a. Enid
tate and not public ot- j ________
for a few days with
in*itenn. hut i"
Miss Nina Britt will return to her
school at El Reno this afternoon,
after spending the week-end with
friends here.
Deputy Sheriff Gus Leslie was
here from Noble on Saturday. He
says official business in that local-
ity is distressingly dull.
Messrs. Westervelt and Roberts
report their section of the state
highway east of Norman dragged,
well and smooth.
Mrs. Fred Tarman has been quite
sick the past few days with the in-
fluenza, but was reported consider-
ably better on Saturday.
Mrs. R. D. Lowther went to Pi
City Friday afternoon to vi_^,—„
daughter, Mrs. Clinton Sha^r, and
Mr. Shaw for several days.
Mrs. Everett Sherman pame up
from Lexington Friday, afternoon
and is spending the wljk-end with
her mother, Mrs. J. R. ^fclland.
Judge and Mrs. Fletcher Swank
returned to Norman Thursday af-
ternoon from Pauls Valley were
If you will let us suppl)
your clectrical fixtures, we
will not only save you mon-
but we'll give you the
best possible grade on the
market for 'the price you
We have designs for every
taste and and assortment so
large and varied that you're
sure to find exactly the kind
you wan to put up in that
new home of yours.
Call and let us estimate the
cost to you.
E. W. Cralle & Co.
Electrical Contractors.
120 West Main Phone 64
ployts of the
Because of its obscene character
a book entitled "Madetine, an Auto-
biography" has been suppressed by
the federal authorities and Clinton
T. Brainard, president of the Publ's||*
ing concern of Harper and Brothers
has been fined $1,000 for printing it.
The demand for the book is unprec-
Mr. and Mrs. True Locke were
guests of relatives in Oklahoma City
yesterday. They expect <° £
Anadarko soon where Mr Locke
will take the management of a farm
for his uncle, Oscar Orme.
Earl Sullinger, religious work
secretary of the Y. M C. A., J"sl
Bloodworth and Reuben Cole™"
were speakers at the state student
volunteer banquet held at Oklahoma
City Friday night
Studebaker 4. run 6000 miles, good
condition and appearance for .rade.
This car has been run only in town
Taylor Motor Co. 254-4t
Choice Bargains in
City Property
weLihSSe if Normarfety'propIrS; 7"
buys and will no doubt increase in price in the spri g.
' Six room house, well located, 75x140 feet. Price 1SOO
coal holse.
Ficht room 22-story house, barn, good cave, col
electric lights, water, lot 100x140 feet. Price $3750
Six room house, hath, new bungalow, close in, corner
location. Price $3250. Terms.
Excellent building sites in all parts of ow
Acreage tracts that are advancing in price every dav
Buy now.
McDaniel & Matthews
Real Estate. Loans, Insurance ^ ^
101 East Main

Special Values in
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Men's $2.50 Shirts $1-50
Men's Blue Overalls $2.25
Men's Khaki Unionalls $3.95
Men's $5.00 Wool Shirts $3.69
Boys' $5.00 Shoes $3.95
Ladies' Black Hose 2 pair 25c
Men's Work Hose, 2 pair 25c
79 Other Big Specials
United Sales Company
nifimimmnimtuiimHiiMiimiiiinMinimniniiiiiuiiinmiiMiiiimiinmnomnninB MimmrmniuitnnminmKniiifnntmimmnniimnmnnnv
was tn tow^
Kemper --- c,
today returning from a trip from st
Columbia Grafonolas
And Records
t , f Columbia Grafonolas is due to
their ^rienttficaHy correct' design, which gives a cont.nuous and ev-
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^deGtffLo°ndSonM,tT^ ^ 5274^of Hoffman-Set^
264^H«k?'CThi"* Herald Angles
Sing.—TeU Mother 111 be
h00—Honor Bright I Loves Yer
Right, Old Pal.-Rainbow.
793 The Rosary.—-Sweet Spirit
Hear My Prayer.
812 Loves Rondo.—My Old Ken
tucky Home. ,
889—Lead Kindly Light —Rock of
- Djes, '
820-Somethinf You vDon't Ex- 2V'2^a|100
2279—Nellie Was
Dog Tray. c„.,i Si/'y—laics ui 0 ,
2304—Jesus Lover of My So"- 6090—Sylvia Ballet.—1st and 2nd
2312—Sons of Libety. -• When par(s
Your Boy Comes Back to You. 613g_ — —
2325—Stars of the Summer Night. gt Ljke a Qypgy,
—How Can 1 Leave Ihee 6U2— Kathleen Mavourneen. —
2350—0! Sole Mio.—Mane Man Love's Old Sweet Song.
2358—Berqeuse, from Jocelyn. gus—Aida.—La Giocenda.
Humereske. To the Springtime.—Polish
2359—Sing Me Loves Lullaby.- Dance
Hush-a-Bye, My Baby. 49616—Rigolette E. Ill—Sol Del
2359—Cherry Blossoms. — Your Anjma.
Eyes, Your Lips, Your Heart. 2S83—Little Mother of Mine.—
>—Alaho Land.—Along the _ . R • You Safely Back.
pect.—Flay That Barber Shop
1259—Sun-light. — Oh!
Wings of a Dove.
1274—A Woman's Smile.—Sympa-
1289^Nobody.—My Land-lady.
1303—Then I'U Stop Loving You.
—Last Night Was the End
of the World.
1337—Mother Machree.—My Beau-
tiful Irish Maid.
1369—A Song of Canada.—Oh!
Canada. .
1583—1 Want My Wife to Tell.—
Why Did He Die.
1570—Now Sleeps the Crimson
Petal.—I'so jGwine Bajck to
Dixie. .
1571—Lia KA WAI Mapuna.—
Kauwe Ake Kai.
1585 — The Way-Side Cross.—
Hold the Fort.
1616—Hawaiian Medley.— Aloha
1687—The Secret.—Blue Bells of
Scotland. ,
1765—Two Negro Stories.—No
News or What Kills the Dog.
1904—Meleana.—Wa Like Na a
1815—1 Hear Yon Calling Mc.—
The Rosary.
1853—Never Mo'.—Purpostus.
1877.—The Merry Lark.—
Gentle Dove.
1884— Dialog for Three—Serenade
l<90_]f Your Heart Keeps Right
Brighten the Corner Where
You Are.
1999—Old Dan
Loves a Watermelon.
2016—Wailana Waltz.—Hawaiian
Way to Waikikr.
Way to Waikiki.
2390—For You a Rose.—The Best
Thing in Life is Free.
2405—Valse Bleue.—La Paloma.
2407—My Laddie. —All Erin is
Calling Mauverineen.
2434—Spinning Song.—Butterfly.
2435—Then You'll Remember.—
The Minstrel Boy.
2442—One Day in June.—Rock-a
By Land.
2756—Take Your Girlie to the
Movies.—rig Latin Love.
2758— Behind Your Silken Veil.
The Vamp.
2759— Ting-Ling-Toy. — Where
the Lanterns Glow.
2761—Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight.
Hawaiian Nights.
2770—Give Me a Smile and a Kiss.
—Caroline Sunshine*
If You Don't Stop Making
Eyes at Me.—The Dates of
2777—Chinese Lullaby.—Chacone.
2778—Honding—To A Wild Rose.
2780—I'll Be Happy When the
Preacher Makes You Mine.—
2890—Salvation Lassie of Mine.—
When You Look in the Heart
of a Rose.
2792—While Others are Building
Castles in the Air.—Broken
2797—Rainy Day Blues.—Ja Da.
2715—Little Old Lady of Mine.—
On a Little Farm in Norman-
It Gets
2051—Old Black Joe.—When the
Tucker. Negro 2719-^0 One But You,
Them All.
2720—Mary Ann.—Bcvo Blues.
2721—That's Got 'F,m.—A Good
Man is Hard to Find.
2723—Sing Me Love's Lullaby.—
Medley Two-Step.
Kea.—That Ukulele
—Old Black Joe.-When the 'The Radiance in Your Eyes.
Corn is Waving Anna Dear. 2729—Before I Grew Up to Love
2178—Serenade.—Extase Reverie you.—Somebody's Waiting
2196—Pohcy King March.-*\11 For Someone.
Melody. 2752—I'll Say She Does.-I.ucille.
2203—Katinka.—-Poor Butterfly. 2753—Dear Old Pal of Mine.—
2205—Miss Springtime. — Follow Serenade.
2220^0nward Christian Soldiers. 2657—TeU That to the Marines.
—In the Sweet By-andBy. ^ou Cant Beat U .
2230—Some Where on Broadway. 2664—Come Along to Toy Town.
r* • Tlia M a n
2253—Everybody's Hula. He Lei
No Kaiulani.
2260—Mid Summer Bells.—Maudie
2054—A Southern Wedding.—
Woodland Echoes.
1987—Rain Song^-Exhortation.
2119^—Songs of Hawaii.—Hawaiian.
2137—Two Eyes of Grey.—The
Garden of Your Heart.
2165 Oh' Happy Day.—Deep Riv-
2277—What Kind of an American
are You.—Well Be There.
■The Monkey Man.
Oh! Susie Behave.—I Won-
der Why She Kept on Saying
2673—Hawaiian Waltz.—Hawaiian
You Are Some Pretty Dpll.
Sarah Come Over Here.
2687—How You Coin' to Keep
'em Out on the Farm.—When
Yankee Doodle Sails on the
Good Ship Home Sweet
2689—Down the Lane and Home
God Bring You Safely Back.
2449.—Allelulia Haes Diet.—Vent
2452—Calling You Home to Me.
There is a Long Long Trail-
2462—Only a Year Ago.—Sun
Shine of Your Smile.
2464—All Hail the Power of Jesus
Name.—There is a Greco Hill
Far Away.
2469—1 Dont Feel No Ways
Tired.—Nobody KJows the
Trouble I've Seen.
2485—Pretty P«Bgy-—La. Galon-
drina- , „
2513—Then I'll Find My Paradise.
Are You From Heaven.
2514—Faugh-A-Balah.—\ny Old
Place the Gang Goes.
2S20—taucy You Fancyte Me.—
When You Look in Her Lyej
2526—Laiayette.—All Aboard
Home Sweet Home.
2528—Hunting the llun.— lie
Yanks Started Yanking.
2535—Mighty Lak' a Kose. -Swaet
«and Low.
25s4—Mother My Dear. —The
Shannon, Shamrock and You.
God Be With Our Boys To-
Night.—When You Come
2821—We'll Do Our Share.—I
Want Him Back Again Tell
256iJ— Parted.—When the Corn
Waves Annie Dear.
2581—When You Feel a Little
Loving in Your Heart.—That
Soothing Serenade.
2585—So Long Sal.—Sweetness.
2588—In the Gjpod Old Irish Way.
My Marie.
2591—Sweet Genevive. You Are
the Flower of My Heart.
2596—Good bye Elexandra.—Dark
Town Strutters Ball.
2618—My Little Gypsy Wanda.
Roses of Picardy.
2621—Come Along Ma Honey.
Liza Jane.
2646—Those Drafting Blues.
Rock-a By Your Baby with a
Dixie Melody.
2784—I'm Forever Blowing Bub
hies.—Beautiful Ohio Blues.
2794—I've Got My Captain Work-
ing For Me.—Wait 'Till You
Get Them Up in Air Boys.
2811—On the Streets of Cairo.—
My Babies Arms.
2812—Peggy.—Tell Me Why.
The ffesitatnig Blu* —The
Drafting Blues.
Sweet and Low.—Patches.
2820—Grannniet—Open up 'the
Golden Gates of Dixie Land.
2823—Taxation Blues.—JProtifbi--
tion Blues.
2826—I Know What It Means to
Be Lonesome.*—I Never Knew.
Norman Music Company
i Phone 34
219 East Mam '

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