The Daily Transcript (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 7, No. 227, Ed. 1 Friday, December 26, 1919 Page: 2 of 8

1'uWh.ho! tv.iy aftrrn«on except
*itli >tui<lay moniinK issue, by the Transcni
1'uhli( a , Norman. Oklahoma.
<mrtr.l a .econd cla* matter January .
iyi4. thr Jfornun. Oklahoma, un
ler « • ' ! ctMlgfCito Xf Mari^i J. W79.
By mail, out of I Icvelann Couiwy
By mail, one year
By mail, monlljj
Greasy Luck
t Copyright,
Office, Hi i Jlain St. Phone 3
.Mrs. Kmma Ettglemati is enjoying
a Christmas holiday visit from her
three sisters, the Misses Ruth, Rose
and Grace Davis, of Tulsa, Okla.
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Parmenter
are expected here from Moody. Tex.
on Sunday on a visit to Mr. Parm-
enter's brother-in-law and sister, Mr
and Mrs J. M. Price, and may locate
here They were married at Moody a
few days igo Mr. Parmenter recent-
ly returned from France, where he
made > fine record in the army. He ,
will probably take a position in the j
Price Dye Works.
Modern Bundle Laundry opens
Monday. Call 743 and your finish|
bundle work will be called for and
delivered promptly.
Mr and Mrs. Frank Monical had
a family reunion of all their childrei
on Christmas day, all of them coming
home to partake of the Christmas
dinner. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. R. C. Monical of Oklahoma
City, Mr. anil Mrs. Belford Monical
of Okemah, Okla., Mr. and Mr;;.
VerlieSmith of Noble, Mi. ml Mrs.
Dooley of Oklahoma City, Misses
Vita and Bertha Monical of Win-
field Kans ; Misses Vera and Esther
Monical of Norman, and last, but by ,
no means least their only grandchild,1
Master Kenneth Smith. Other guest* j
were Mr. George Monical, of E:ist-'
t ind, Texas, and Mr. Elmer Green of
Oklahoma City. It was a joyous oc -
casion which those who participated.
therein will not soon forget.
Norman real estate is a safe invest-1
LOAN association, of Oklahoma City
capital Fifteen Million Dollars, lias
plenty ol money to loan at $14 33 per
thousand monthly payments. No red
tape or delavs quick service.
Real Estate, Loans & Insurance
Phone 50 160-tf
O. K. Transfer Co.
Office Phone 225
Residence Phone SOS
BARGAIN in nice 6 room tmugalow. Two
blocks north of Christian church, |7JO.OO
casti will haadle, balance easy. Phone Will
Bojrer, Maple S4M R, Oklahoma City. 197-tL
FOR SALK—Caood 6-room house, lot 200 ft.,
square, price $4,000. Therms if you wish. '
Cleveland Couaty Realty Co., F. F. Fitch,.
Mrt. I'huue 371. , 213-tf. '
Patterion Six—A car you will like
better the longer you drive. J. 1'. |
Dellinger, State Distributor, 420 W.'
Main, IMione 682. 209-tf I
SMsfD your bags, cow* etc., to packinjjtowu
by trlick and save shrinkage. Hauling both
ways. Call W. I). Roane, Phone 7J8. 195-tf.
FOR RENT: New 5-
room bungalow on W.
Boyd St. C. P. Landt,
phone 258. 211 -tf
1.1 )£'!--( tairo l.rf-ast pin between .111) Uoule-
vat-f and Ui. Joe Davis', 505 W. Main. Ke
turif to Mrs. John llardie or Transcript. r<
ward 316-tl.
WAN T1SD—1 .o second banded MKldlea.
What have you? L. L. Fore. U, F. D. 1
flirt l-ord touring ear. bargain ti
.1,., J. H r Hudgetu. 711) N.
lold this week
IKHIIK: Electric piano, penny weighing
seafan. one bowling game, several small pen
y machine,, all making good money, for
• i , lot, or what? James Sheais. 225 2t"
I'll* IsALF.—Good six cylinder ear. Must
soil- leaving town. Hargain. W. T. Wilson.
F-. Gray 225-41"
WANTED—Two or three ladies to work at
Modern Bundle Laundry. A good all winter
—ln<toors. ea-y work, good pay. Apply
Mdtulay morning. 575 Elm. 22S-4t*
MIX S \LK—2 Jersey
■wd F'ord car good
Vast Keith.
goaonne engine
. I'hone f 26, 20.1
J!JH SALE—Edison Cabinet machine. Al-
most new. A real hargain. Also 18 records,
t ill Aimer Kimball at 615 S. Santa Fe or
1/honr 407. 2262t*
J'OR SALLE—Five room home with six lota
sftqru cave and bam must sell; bargain at
'♦IjOO.WJ. Terms, J W Liaton -4t*
i wK PALE—Bran! new • -hine
'.some fruit, tubs and boi!er, nforl., very
r Minable. Phone no. 9
\NTFD flirl to do general house work.
i 10 per week with board and room. Mrs.
legraphy. See Ed Cansity at Santa Fe
12 27 It
WANTED—Jan. 1st, young man for messen-
ger service not in school. Must furnsh bi
eyele, $40.00 per month, chance to learn
t leghaphy. See Ed Cassity at Santa Fe
station 227 It*
UOIIMS— riark's Place-one block west and
I block north of Interurban. 227-Gt*
tl'iiom and Hoard—At
I >lne
Terminal rooming
FOR* SAI.E—Two bargains one twelve roon
finuse, closc in. tine fifteen room house on
Jloulevard, $1500 will handle this deal. Both
' house* are strictly modern. Cleveland County
.Jtealty Co. F. F. Fitch, Manager. 227-tf
(Copyright. l ll, by tha Welt era Nawa-
papar Union.)
Captain Joel Holcomb liuil been cone
n yeur on Ills lust whaling voyage be-
fore either his niece, Hboda, or ber
lover, Vttnee Deverll, heurtl from him.
During the twelve months Rhotlu had
lived with it distant relative uml Vunce
had held a modest clerkship in a ship- |
ping office.
The sen bad been the roving ground j
of Vance's father for many a year. He
had been the owner of a whaler. :
When be died ubout all he left was
the good ship Defiance. She was not
as good ns new by any means, how- j
ever, and the executors were about to
sell the vessel for what she would
bring as old junk when Captain Hol-
comb had come along. It was through !
this circumstance that young Deverll 1
became acquainted with Rhodu. his
niece. Thenceforward she filled all
his thoughts and this fact Induced
Vance to favor the uncle In a plan he
had formed.
"Tell you what, lad," Captain Hol-
comb had said, "the Defiance can be
made entirely seaworthy and I have
enough laid by to make her so. Here's
my proposition: you furnish the ship,
I'll refit her, then fifty-fifty on what
conies of a venture to the South seas,
say around Polynesia. I know the dis-
trict. it abounds In spouters, and as to
ambergris, It's there that precious
spoil abounds. One lucky voyage and
we're both made men in a money way."
So the battered old Defiance started
for the Southern sens and Vance and
Hboda dreamed, and loved, and hoped.
Vance had only his limited salary to de-
pend on if they married, so they await-
ed some word from their venturesome
It had come at last—a letter. From
what Vance could surmise it had been
picked up by u mull steamer from a
bout coming off shore from somewhere
in the vicinity of the Papuan group of
islands. It started out with the J
words, "I'm about to tell you about
our cruise, and I'll start in by saying
In an encouraging way we had greasy
"What does that mean?" Inquired
Uhoda, to whom Vance showed the let-
"It's a whalers' term and means that
they were successful in finding plenly
of whales and secured a rich cttrgo of
sperm oil," explained Vance. "For two
pages, though, the rest of the letter is
undecipherable. It must have been
wet through, immersed in sea water
somewhere, for the pencillngs are till
blurred and blotted out. Only the last
page is clear again. Listen, dear," and
he read aloud:
"You must come therefore to Mi-
mosa Island, where, as 1 tell you, I
am, and I need your help in getting
away. Come alone by yawl from Amp-
ti, and be sure to paint your nose red.
As I have explained to you I am a
king, but I need a prime minister to
help me out of my fix."
"Jargon! 'King,' 'prime minister,'
'red nose!'" quoted Vance. "It sounds
like the ravings of a madman."
"Perhaps the blotted out pages ex-
plained?" suggested Iihoda, and after
u lengthy consultation it was decided
that Vance must certainly try and lUiil
this mysterious and uncharted Mimosa
It was not an easy tusk and It
strained his resources to reach the pre-
sumed vicinity of the old captain's
whereabouts and hire others to assist
him to his quest.
Vunce was greeted by a half-nude,
ferocious appearing crowd, bearing
spears, clubs and darts. They were
about to attack liiin when their atten-
tion was focused 011 his carmine-be-
daubed nose. lie was led to a rude
habitation and there, seuted on u
broad dais, more rubicund than ever,
his nasal appendage more than usual
aglow, was Captain Ilolcomb.
it took the latter some time to im-
part to Vunce the story of his adven-
tures. Laden with "greasy spoil" rep-
resenting a fortune the Defiance had
encountered a storm. Then pestilence
hud swept away the crew. It wus Just
by chance that the sole survivor, the
captain, had been able to navigate the
dismantled vessel Into a cove at an un-
frequented purt of Mimosa Island.
"She's there now," said the caplain,
"but I have so played on the supersti-
tious fears of my subjects that they
believe she is haunted, for when they
first discovered me I played some
tricks on them with fireworks, a vlc-
trola and an electric battery which Im-
pressed them that I was a sort of wiz-
ard. They made me their king. I told
them of the coming of my red nosed
relative and they believe red noses to
be a distinctive mark of great dignlt
und power. They will never let me go
willingly and my escape and the con-
veyance of the Defiance to some
friendly port Is now to be your task."
Vane received explicit orders from
the captain anil rowed away that
ti I gin At the settlement he engaged
a steam launch to proceed back to the
Islam! after dark. All due preparations
were made for towing the whaler to a
safe port the following evening.
Am' ii|i"ti that occasion, claiming
thai Ished to exorcise the haunt-
ing spirits, the captain was allowed to
visit li cove alone. By midnight the
old -hi as trie of the Island and
two on lis Inter the ex king and
Van re welcomed home by pretty
Ithoil w th the proceeds from theli
grens Hick sufficient to keep them all
in ci 11 m t for life.
Call 743 and ask us about your
laundry. We open for business Mon-
lay equipped to give you real ser-
vice and courteous, prompt delivery.
The building on the Y. M. C. A.
lots corner Boyd and the Boulevard.
Is offered for sale, to be removed by
purchaser prior to March 1st. Rids
received up to and including Dec
31st. Stratton brooks. 224-6*
Messrs. Clyde Pickard and \Y C.
Weir were in Purcell on Wednesday
on a big deal.
Fridav and Saturdav, Plush Coats
one-half off. RUCKERS
1919, McClhre Newspaper Syn-
dicate )
Jamming bare loes Into the sand
while In deep thoufht hud become a
habit with Ross Ca I com. His vaca-
tion was more than half over, and get-
ting acquainted with Audrey CoMing-
wood was a possibility more remote
tha 'i ever.
Suddenly his hand jerked to his head
to craw the miscreant curls Into or-
der. hut his efforts availed him little.
The dg chap was hard lilt, but what
was the use, when he couldn't meet
tills Dying apparition? Senator Col-
llngwood's daughter was staying at the
fashli nable "Beacheroft," while Boss
had a four-weeks' lien on (he top floor,
front, of the nicest boarding house In
the Milage. There were ways, of
course and Boss had tried them. He
attend'd the hotel dances assiduously, ,
. . .. I Last winter on Christmas dav we
hop ng to run across a mutual ac- ^ ^ thf Rhmc_
qualm, nee. A lust, one evening his ^ ^ , ,0| ra,hfr watch ^ Sou,h
roving eyes fell upon a familiar figure , Canadian nlee, lhe Norman bridge
In the brilliant foyer the mother of ; ovcr jnto McClain county this Christ-
an old college mate. Boh Denton.
Boss literally pounced upon the good
The Modern Bundle Laundry
opens for business Monday morning.
Send your finish bundle work—you
get courteous, pleasing service and
prompt delivery Phone 743.
Kakhi Color in heavy Outing
flanel Shirts special SI "8 Ruckers.
Friday and Saturday, Plush Coats
one-half off. RL'CKKRS
Heavy Wool Sox $1.00 values 75c
Call 743 and the Modern Bundle
Laundry auto will call and get your
We're resolving to do everything
within our power to make Norman
the University City—a bigger, better
livelier, hustling, wide-awake little
city—a city where all will want to
live because its business houses are
courteous, kind and attractive to the
wants of their customers; where
mothers and fathers will want to
come and educate their children. So
because we want all of these things
to come true—we're going to get be-
hind the Chamber of Commerce and
stay behind it every one of the 366
davs of 1920.
The Modern Bundle Laundry
opens for business Monday morning.
Send your finish bundle work—you
get courteous, pleasing service and
Prompt delivery. Phone 743.
+ * *
We note that ohe merchant, who
by the way believes in advertising,
sold Christmas trees to almost two
hundred Norman families, while an-
other store—one that does not believe
in advertising—placed trees in less
than twenty homes.
Call 743 and the Modern Bundle
Laundry auto will call and get your
Laundry auto will call and get your
Call 743 and the
Laundry auto will
Modern Bundle
and get your
lady. When he learned she knew the
Colllngwoods he had difficulty In re-
straining himself from the
placid little woman In his arms and
racing with her to the ballroom, where
he hud just s>'en Audrey whirling in
the arms of a stranger. Later he
wished he had done It. After a dig-
nified tour of the entire house they
learned that Audrey had gone to her
room. Next day. when Boss was due
to cull upon his life saver, Mrs. Den-
ton. she was III. On the next visit the
Dentons had quit the hotel.
Then the Slndes arrived from the
West. Arabella Slnde was an old
friend of Boss' married sister. She In-
vited him to tllne and he accepted at
once. Ills heart pounded when he saw
Arabella and her mother bow In a
friendly way to Senator Collingwood
and his dnnghter.
He had been bidden to dine with the
Sludes again and was pondering the
matter, his toes ever busy in tha
sand. A black object decorated with
one white button rewarded his In-
dustry. Carelessly he bent nnd tugged
a serpentine strip of black chamois
from the clutching sand. It was a
money belt with a broken buckle, and
held a large sum of money.
"Some prior overseas chap." he mut-
tered as he laid the money across i
bare knees to count It. His hands I
trembled. Was the owner alive or at I
the bottom?
A clue! A postal savings certificate. J
Ross bent close to decipher the
washed-out signature: "William S. j
Collingwood" was written upon the
certificate, which had been purchased |
at the local post office a few months I
Excited, Infatuated, Ross for the I
moment failed to reason that postal I
savings and riches did not go together.
He instantly believed the money be- I
longed to Senator Collingwood. It was |
no more than natural that he should l
wave a peremptory hand as Audrey gal- |
loped back tip the beach. She drew I
up with much sawing on the hit, her
finely-marked eyebrows arched with
"She remembers me," was his first
exultant thought as he held the
money towards her. Her blue eyes
"Did you find It?" she asked In the
sweetest voice in the world.
"Yes," he answered, a little unstead-
ily. "It belongs to William S. Col-
lingwood. Is he a relative of yours?"
Her horse was curvetting, so he
couldn't tell whether she resented his
knowledge of her name.
"No—I think not," she replied
thoughtfully. "My father's name Is
Benjamin." Her eyes appreciated his
bronzed athletic shoulders.
"Oh!" was his non-committal re-
She flashed him a heavenly smile be-
fore her horse whirled away. Ross
didn't dine with Arabella that eve-
Audrey and her father walked up
Main street. The senator wished very
much to learn who "William Colling-
wood" was.
Strolling in the opposite direction
was a young chap In white flannels
who could tell tfie senator all about
his namesake. Ross' heart beat
quickly. Would she recognize him?
She did more; she stopped and in-
troduced "Mr. Ross Balcom" to her
father. Hadn't she been to Arabella
Slade and learned all about him?
It was a happy man who led the way
to a tent by the water, where "Cap'n
Bill," the lobster fisherman, lived •
lonely life.
" 'Twas every cent I had In the
world," the stooped old man repeated
to the senator what he had already
told Ross and the postmaster In the
morning, exhibiting the money belt
delightedly. "Funny 'bout them white
buttons, too, gettln' the young chap's
'tention. You see, the black ones
wore off and I sewed on some from an
old shirt—wish he'd take some pay,
though." he sighed regretfully.
Boss was taking his "pay," never
fear. He had drawn Audrey aside
and was making up tar lost time.
"My dear," announced the good-
hearted senator pompously, "I find
'Captain' Colllngswood Is a distant re-
lation." His voice lowered—"We
mustn't lose track of the old boy."
And they didn't. Six months later
the old fisherman Journeyed out west
to the wedding. A black belt with
three white buttons carried all his
worldly goods.
Treasury Department
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Washington, I). C., November 28, W19.
Whereas, by satisfactory evidence pre:entcd
to the undersigned, it ha.s been made to appear
thai "Ihr First National Bank of Normaa," :
in he City of Norman, tn lue County of
Cleveland and State of Okla., has complied
with all the provisions of the Act of Cnnuress
'to enable National Ka&kiug Aaaoc.;at>*BS ta
extend their corporate existence, and for uUi
-r nurposes," approved July 12. 1K82;
Now, therefore, 1, Thomas P. Kane, Acting [
Comptroller of the Currency, do hereby cer- |
tity that "The First National Bank of Nor-
man," in the City of Norman, in the county
of Cleveland and State of Oklahoma, is auth
oriaed to have succession for the period speci-
fied in its amended articles of association;
"tmeiv until closc of business on November
m, ik .
in testimony whereof, witness uiy band
and Seal of office this twenty eighth day of
November, 1919.
Acting Comptroller of the Currency.
Charter No. 5248; Extension No. .'504.
First Pub. Dec. 2, 1919—to Jan. 3. 193S.
We now carry a line of bran, shorts
and chops at the following prices:
White shorts
. $2.90
. .$3.15
. $2.40
Because of the very small profit in
feed we cannot carry it on charge ac-
counts, but will collect on delivery and
charge 10 cents per sack extra for delivery
Whit well Grocery Co.'
Phone 347.
A Chalmers Starts and Runs
as well in December as in June
O many cars run well in J une^ and not in
December. Most prefer the warm weather.
A Chalmers starts on a cold day almost
instantly on account of its llot Spot and Ram's-
horn, and runs velvety "on all six," with 110 visible
Ilot Spot vaporizes the raw gas "to a fine cloud,"
warms it up, and Ram's-horn dispatches it evenly,
quickly, scientifically to all six cylinders.
They render a magnificent service in over-
coming vibration, which is the origin of yo% ot
the troubles in a motor car.
That is why a Chalmers of today runs so many
miles with such freedom from attention, * Service
Department records supply abundant proof that
Chalmers is one of the few great cars ol the world.
Price $1685 f. o. b. Detroit.
117-119West Main
Phones 27-28
Quality First
! J,

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