The Daily Transcript (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 7, No. 92, Ed. 1 Thursday, July 17, 1919 Page: 2 of 6

1 lie Daily Transcript, fsornian, Oklahoma*
I ^
The Daily Transcript
J 0. FOX, Editor
Notice is hereby given that I,
VSSS&cl j the undersized. W. D. January,
O FOX - - PreakUnt i w^10 on the -;>th day of Macrh,
J. J. BURKE - Secretary-Treas.> !91«. wag convicted in the Dis-
Busintss Mgr rict Court of Cleveland County,
I Oklahoma, of the murder of
under ad of connrcM ot March 3,
'01 215 Fast Main Street. Telephone 3.
'n%'n'lBy mail, one year $;!.5G
IB? mail, six months 2.00
I By carrier, one week .10
|Mit <p
S?'a VK.Ti ' Milton Keck, in said Cleveland
County, Oklahoma, on the 31st
day of March, 1U16, sentencedby
said District Court to serve his
natural lifetime in the State
Penitentiary of the State of Okla-
homa, will, on the 1st day of
August, 1919, and after 4 weeks
publication of this notice, make
application to the Governor of the
State of Oklahoma and the par-
don authorities of the State of Ok-
lahoma for a pardon or parole
from said conviction and sen-
Witness my hand this .10th day
of June, 1919. .
W. D. January, Defendant.
By Williams & Luttrell, Attor-
neys for said W. D. January.
r. U1 FOR LEASE: 320 acres of good
i'^ie. land for one year with privilege
five. For particulars l*ranU
P"vvJ Wonical, Route 5, Norman. 93-1*
. Mfr-bH.,u l ll l I.
Building Sites
(Jtforth, south, east and west of
Doll's I'ark -Norman's play
' ^-ground, on S\ n\me - Lahoma and
l5'^. rjFloo 1 streets, ilea State t niver-
|M*n sity and Washington school. Buy
I—gbcip i the rush and get your lots
I ,le at a very reasonable price. M. P.
■p. JUc N'ainee, .ful i ast Keith street
C Norman.
(Ixj^.-OK R 1-1 -N 1": 1- nrin^hcu sonthca
g room, phone 345, 530 S. 1 nivcr
a V;,v Boulevard. , 92-2t*
—FOR SALE: Dining room furni
fftlT tore, library table, beds, stoves,
f'rrockers, canary birds, 21/ Wit
h *Symmes.
fj, j|FOR SALE: Modern five room
bungalow, College ave., phoiw
t 5S1 I [■ 1'itcli. "2-ot*
LADIES, Take Notice: 1 am per-
manently located, in Norman, at
321 East Eufaula street, repairing
all makes of sewing machines
liachines brought in from the
countrv repaired and guaranteed
Louis K. Walker, Phone 155. 91-3*
I FOR SALE- Five passenger
Seneca in good condition, run
, about 3000 miles. See Claud
I'ickard. 81-tf*
1S TRAYED: A hay mare, about
800 p.Mm Is, on night <•! July 1
J^Jfceport to Knox's Wag >n Yan!
VWANTED:To i«• • 11 two or three
unfurnished rooms. Call Cha*.
Finley, Mc In tire Garage. 91-2*
WANTED: A cook nt Mrs. Elsie
E. Walker's, 715 Asp avenue;
jrtioiie 117. 89-3t*
FOR SALE: Library table,
quarter-sawed oak, tfood as new,
worth $35.00, yours for $15.00, two
iron bedsteads, both for $15 00.
Must be sold Saturday morning
for these prices. Leaving Sun-
day. 216 North Peters. 87-1*
FOR SALE—A threshing machine
separator, Cadillac truck at a
"bargain, Ford truck at a bargain,
and a Wisconsin tractor. See J.
P. Dellinger at Orenbaun's hard-
87 3t.
(First Published in the Cleveland
County Ktiterpr' ? J'lly 17, 11>1V-
Notice to Pacing Contractors
Notice is hereby i:i.« i hat
•■ealed prop* > ils 'or lurmsliM'ft
material and performing work
necessary in making the improve-
ments herein described will be re-
ceived at the office of the City
Clerk, of the City of Norman, Ok-
lahoma, up to 7:30 o'clock p. m.
on 5th day of August, 1()1(^. Said
improvements to be as follows,
Grading, paving, curbing, drain
ing, guttering and otherwise im
proving and by installing the
necessary man-holes and catch
basins, on Jenkins Avenue from
north line of Duffy street to the
south line of Boyd street and
West Apache street from the
west line of Santa Fe avenue to
the east line of Webster avenue,
and all of said improvements to
be done according to a resolution
duly passed by the Council and
approved by the Mayor of said
City on the 8th day of July, 1919,
and in accordance with the plans,
plats, profiles, specifications and
estimates and contract heretofore
approved by the Mayor and Coun-
cilmen of said City and now on
file in the office of the City Engi-
neer. A copy of the same may be
secured by contractors by deposit-
ing $5.00 with the City Engineer
which deposit will be returned
upon the return of plans and
specifications in good condition
withing three days from tiie date
of letting.
Contractors are further noti-
fied that all such bids will be re-
ceived upon the understanding
that they are so based upon said
plans, plats, profiles, specifica-
tions, estimates and contracts and
further that the successful bidder
will enter into the form of con-
tract which accompanies said
specifications and the contract ii
let will be let to the lowest and
best bidder. The contract price of
said improvement shall not ex-
ceed the estimate of the City En-
gineer, which are submitted with
the plans, plats, profiles and
Each bid on the improvement
herein ordered shall be accompa-
nied by a certified check on some
bank in Norman in the sum of 5
per cent of the bid, said check be
ing a pledge that the bidder will,
if his bid be accepted execute and
deliver bond with good and suffi-
cient surety and will execute a
contract in accordance with his
The contractor shall receive his
contract price as the Statutes ot
Oklahoma and the said contract
and specifications particularly
provide, one bond resolution and
one only will be passed, authoriz-
ing the issuance of one series of
bonds, evidencing the assessment
as the same may be made against
the property chargeable with the
cost of making said improvements
as provided by law. The contrac-
tor may be paid in both cash and
bonds or in bonds solely at the
option of the City, which bonds
shall be given by the City and re-
ceived by the contractor at their
par value.
The contractor will be required
to take and pay for at par Street
improvement bonds in addition to
the contract price in the amount
of 5 per cent of the contract price
to pay for engineering and other
Prior to beginning the success-
ful bidder will be required to cxe
cute and deliver to the City of
Norman a good and sufficient
surety bond in the1 sum of 25 per
cent of the contract price, to be
approved by the Mayor and Coun
cilmen, said bond to be condition
ed for the full and faithful execu
tion of the work and the perform
ance of the contract, for the pro
tcction of the City against any
loss or damage by reason of any
negligence or improper execution
of the work by said contractor,
his agents or employees, and also
a bond running to the state of Ok-
lahoma to be filed with the Cour'.
Clerk of Cleveland county, con-
ditioned that the contractor shall
pay all claims for labor or mater-
ial for doing said work, and also
a maintcnace bond in the amount
of 10 per cent of the contract
price shall be filed with said City,
conditioned to keep said improve
ments in a state of good repair
for a period of five years.
All such bids will be opened
and considered by the Mayor and
Councilmen of the City of Nor-
man, Oklahoma, at 7 o'clock p. m.
on the 5th day of August, 1919.
It is further understood that tin4
Mayor and Councilmen reserve
the right to reject any and all bids
(SEAL) li. V. CLAY, Jr..
3-2t. City Clerk.
What a Heap of Happiness 11
Would Bring to Noramn Home?
Hard to do housework with an
aching back.
All persons having claims
against Elislia Barker, deceased,
arc required to present the same
with the necessary vouchers, to
the undersigned, F. O. Kiefer, at
the law office of W. M. Newell,
Norman, Oklahoma, within four
months of the date hereof, or the
same will be forever barred.
Dated this the 11th day of July,
I7. O. Kiefer, Administrator.
W. M. Newell, Attorney. 3-3t
WANTED: Collector for instal-
ment magazine accounts in Nor-
man. Do not answer unless you
can make small bond and are will-
ing to work and make collections
promptly each month. Give full
information first letter. C. R.
McHenry, Busch Bldg., Dallas,
Texas. 3-2t*
Summer Complaint Quickly
"About two year; e.go when suf-
fering from a severe attack of
summer complaint, I took Cham-
berlain's Colic and Diarrhoea Rem
edy and it releived me almost in-
stantly," writes Mrs. Henry Jew.
ett, Clark Mills, N. Y. This is an
excelij ■ nt remedy for colic and
l arrhoea and should be kept at
''and by every family. Adv.
In the District' Court in and for
Cleveland County, State of Okla-
John Mitchell, plaintiff,
Etta Mitchell, defendant,
Said defendant Etta Mitchell,
will take notice that she has been
sued in the abov/e named court,
by the above named plaintiff, for
an absolute divorce, on the
grounds of extreme cruelty, and
adultry, and must answer the pe-
tition of said plaintiff filed in said
court, on or before the 21st day of
August, 1919, or said petition will
be taken as true and judgment for
said plaintiff for a decree of di-
vorce from said defendant, will be
rendered accordingly.
Glen 0. Morris, Court Clerk.
J. D. Grigsby, Attorney for
Brings you hours of misery at
leisure or at work.
If women only knew the cause
Backache pains often ccme from
weak kidneys,"
'Twould save much needless
Dodge Bros. Cars: We are ac-
cepting orde.'s for Dodge Bros,
automobiles, and expect a carload
in soon. Only two left inthecar.
Get your order in early Minteer
Motor Co. 86-tf.
John Anderhub says: "Don't
cuss out the ice man; he's busy,
and is doin the best he can."
Homer Vowell is absent on a
visit with friends at Fort Worth.
Two new 5-room bungalows with basements, on
North College Avenue, 5 blocks west of the railroad.
Small payment down and balance like rent. Terms
to suit. See—
College Girl and J, C. C. Cor-
sets—the likeable kind that fits
your form.
The Leader
FOR SALE: Fine Jersey heifer
calf, registered See G. W Giles,
303 East Comanche, or phone 198.
1.ADIES: Take notice—I will be j
permanetnly located in Norman
by the I <th of July, fully prepared
to reriair all makes of Sewing ma-
chines, instruct and guarantee
same Widows not having the
means, will repair machines free.
Pihone 155, Louis K. Walker, 88.2*
FOR SALE: Two Ford trucks;
stake bodies and cabs. Minteer
Motor company. Also agents for |
Lee Puncture Proof tires. 80-tf
FOR SALE—-Five horsepower
Sumica in good condition, run
about 'SOOO miles. See Claud Pick-
srd 81-tf*
WANTED—A cook at the Pierson
Hotel. 81-tf.
t an and preserve thi-*
year's fruit crop. Save the
fruit for winter use. Cans
are ciieaper here than
they will be again tlii -
year. Buy this wee for
your peaches and plums.
Minteer Hardware
Real Estate—Loans—Insurance
Good Buys in Norman City Property
Good buys in Farm Lands.
We have cheap money to loan on well improved farms.
At Farmers National Bank, or phone 107
.v-aeV^ v„,v.
I* Is the best Portable
Typewriter on the
market. Writes like
a large machine, and
only weights 7 lbs.
Has all modern fea
tures of a large ma
chine, and carrying (
case equipped for
m . • stationery. All for
Transcript - Enterprise $50.00 cash. Terms
Norman, Okla
if desired.
Oakes Typewriter Exchange
207 West 2nd Street
Oklahoma City, Ok!a
fe ,'.V. • ' " ^
Slate Dealers for Oklahoma
- Hi
I will sell at public auction, at the corner of East
Main and Crawford avenue, Saturday afternoon, be-
ginning at 3 o'clock, the following:
About 500 feet of lumber, about 1 good heavy gro-
cery tables from 6 to 14 feet long, lot of empty lard cans,
vinegar barrels, two coal heating stoves, one leather up-
holstered duofold, 1 iron bed. chairs and other furniture,
1 good desk,
if ill
^ i m fi
Turkish and Domestic Tobaccos - Blended-

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