The Daily Transcript (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 7, No. 85, Ed. 1 Wednesday, July 9, 1919 Page: 4 of 4

j r. and Mrs. E. B. Kimberlin
on Sunday for Chicago, where
Kimberlin will purchase a
e stock of goods for his Nor-
store. He will return in a
i t or ten days, leaving Mrs.
berlin to visit friends and rel-
I 2S in Illinois for a month or so.

r. and Mrs. Kemper Kimber-
were called from Wichita
s, Texas, on Sunday by the
s of the serious sickness of
r child, which was with its
i ldmother, Mrs. R K Kimber-
The child has so materially
roved that Mr. Kimberlin has
I rned to the Texas oil center,
re he has a fine position.
rs. Ed H. Burke chaperoned
lerry crowd of young people
i dance at Purcell on Monday
ling at the Elk's hall, and were
sts of Mrs. J. L. Little. The
ng people were Misses Agatha
ke, Goldie Riainger, Grace
igarner, Marie Tackett and
na Nelle Jones; Messrs. Frank1
"key, Bill Bumgarner, Burford
nger, Leroy Cobble and Ed-
d Johnson. They did not get
te until the wee sma' hours of
sday morning, but had a happy
,'rs. S. T. Burch and daughter,
i. Manley Bailey, of Alex. Ok-
)ma, are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
E. Bailey. They expect to meet
iley here in a few days, as
y have word that he has arrived
his country from overseas and
f be expected at any time. I
liss Esther Baker, daughter of
and Mrs. J. J. Baker, is visit-
Mrs. J. A. Riling, in Oklalio-
Irs. Charles Meeker of Tucum-
i, New Mexico, and formerly
of the best known ladies of
[ rman, is taking a course in pub-
school music in the University
I > summer, She was formerly
5S Minnie Corn, daughter of
i. and Mrs. J. M. Corn.
* + ♦
liss Gladys Anderson of Mus-
ree was a guest of Miss Carrie
rtin on Friday and left on Sat-
ay for Colorado to spend the
| rimer.
«fr •> +
| rlany friends of Mrs. J. Pattie
| drews, reported as seriously
{ at her home in Port Town-
I id, Wash., extend her their
| npathies and trust she will
n recover. She was a gracious
I ;le lady, and made numerous
I Ul in Norman during her
| y here.
❖ ❖ ❖
| Vlr. and Mrs. John Rush re- ;
ned on Tuesday to their home
I Drumright, aftefl a pleasant
jek'fi visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Orenbaun
Iiperoned a party of young folks
a visit to the Lexington swim-
I ng pool on Monday evening. The
I rty "was composed of Misses
1 11 Stronger, Gladys Campbell,
ible Paden and Frances Oren
in; Messrs. Melvin Renner, John
irkle and Geo. Orenbaun.
Mrs. C. C. McClure and daugh.
ter, Miss Margaret, left on Satur-
day for Nashville, Tenn., where
they will spend the summer with
relatives. The Daily Transcript
will keep them posted on happen-
ings in Norman.
* ❖ *
Mr. Woodward Westervelt of
Corpus Christi, Texas, is visiting
his grandmother, Mrs. G. Wester-
Mrs. Milton Meyer and son,
Nairn, will leave on Monday for
Nowata, Oklahoma, to visit a few
■ ays with her father. Dr. Nairn,
after which she will join her
mother in Colorado and spend the
rest of the summer.
Miss Willa May Tuggle of Lex-
ington, Miss Mabel Davis of Ful-
ton, Missouri, and Miss Edith
Cralle were dinner guests on Sun-
day of Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Glenn.
Mrs. Robert Muldrow was at
home to the Pi Phi alumnae club
on Tuesday evening. After several
games of auction bridge, Mrs.
[ Muldrow, assisted by her mother,
Mrs. Brockway, and Miss Flor-
ence Furman, served a lovely ice
course Those present were Mes-
dames Lambert, Taylor, Sneed,
and Meyer; Misses Bess McMillan,
Vivian Brengle, Dorothy and Lu-
cile Bell, Carrie Martin, Minnie
and Emelyn Miller, Lottie Taylor,
Florence Bristow, Laura McCall,
Hattie Pointz Moomau and Bar-
bara Weaver of Oklahoma City.
court training sector when I first
met Arabella," says Private Haw-
kins 0f the 397th Casual Company. j
AAnd I can't say that'it was a case
of love at first sight."
"You see it was this way. I was j
a sergeant then and pulled a boner
on guard. Therefore while wait-'
ing trial I wasn't taken out to
work. That's the privilege of a
Flies Were Thick.
"The flies were thick around
there and they used t0 just about
get my goat while I lay there in
the hoozegow. One of them I no-
ticed as being especially enterpris-
ing in tormenting me was a big
j green bluebottle with a red spot
I on her side. That was Arabella.
| "One day I found she had a
playful disposition and an actual
sense of humor. I was stretched
out on the floor blowing smoke
rings to the ceiling from a smug-
gled cigarette when in sailed Ara-
bella. Spying the floating blue
wreath she darted toward and
through it exactly like a dog
jumping through a hoop. I sent
up another ring and she did it
"From then on we were close
friends. I fed her and when she
lit on my arm I would stroke her
wings with a match stick and I
swear she would hump up her
back and purr like a cat.
"We were sure buddies. When I
was taking a nap Arabella would
chase away the feisty little flies
| that tried to bother me.
"Well, when I finally got out of
the brig and went back to duty
How Arabella
Saved the Life of
Private Hawkins
Arabella came along with me. I
licked a bird once that tried to
use the swatter on her, think she
appreciated that too.
Saved Her Life.
"Anyhow she got a chance to
even scores once and she did it
right. We were going over the
top and I got a bullet through the
fleshy part of my arm. When
we got in close with the bayonets,
and I ran square into a big Boche,
was partially disabled and it
looked as though he would get me.
Then Arabella (yes, she was sail-
ing right along over my head)
went for Fritz. She lit in his nos-
trils and commenced to buss. That
gave me my chance and I got him
"Where's she now ? Oh, Ara-
bella died of the flu last winter."
One Fourth Off: After Monday,
July 14th, we will make a reduc-
tion on all laundry work of one
fourth. Why let your wife sweat'
over the wash tub these hot sum-
mer days, send it to the Norman
Steam Laundry and let them do it
right and with dispatch for you.
Read the classified adds. They
give you some interesting infor-
mation and, by the way, always
bring results. When you wish any-
thing, want to buy or sell or rent
or have lost or found anything,
you can get results by patronizing
the Transcript's classified column.
On July 5th, Miss Naomi Cap-
shaw, Miss Wenoah Wolf and Miss
Auburn Wolf were operated upon
at the Sunnyside hospital for ton-
silitis and are all improving. On
July 6th, Clarence Wilson was
operated upon, as was also Miss
Leota Henry. On July 7th, Charlie
Fink was operated upon. All were
patients at the Sunnyside, and all
are doing nicely.
Ladies Don't
Overlook the Fact
Mr. Beard, who was operated J Mr. Man: Why not buy a pair of
cn at the Sunnyside hospital 'or ^ ^ ^ ^ no equa,
appendicitis, returned to his home
on Thursday much improved.
I for service and style—Rucker h.
Try This on
Your Eczema
If your are afflictcd with
any form of dry eczema or
pimples, use the soothing,
healing ointment, Dry Zen-
sal. For the watery erup-
tions, Moist Zensal is the
only sure treatment. 75c a
Reed & Foster
Mayfield's Drug Store
The Transcript is in receipt of
a copy of the Pontenezen Duck-
board, published by the soldier
boys at Camp Pontanezen, Brest,
Francs, and sent us by Miss Cora
Ward, formerly of Norman, who
is doing Y. M. C. A. work at that
camp. The Duckboard is full of
cleverly written articles by the
soldiers, a sample of which is a
story of how Arabella saved the
life of Private Hawkins, as related
by himself. The story goes as fol-
"I was in the brig at the Tria-
A Bargain
A _ 6-Room_ Modern _Resi-
idence, fine shade, good out
buildings, 2 1-2 lots, West
Eufaula. Possession given
\ug. 1st. Price $3000, will
take $1200 cash to handle.
Oon't delay if you want a bar-
gain in a home.
Allan Real Estate Co.
Phone 410R
As you make your living' Imving
your insurance and making your sure-
ty bonds with Sears, Roebuck & Co.,
or some other reliable firir^.
Don't Patronize Home Dealers
In This Community.
Have the insurance written on your dry goods,
hardware and laundry in Chicago as the local
agents do their trading in supplies with Chicago
houses where they can get them cheaper.
McDaniel & Matthews
Insurance, Surety Bonds and Real Estate
© ttiimf
Office—First National Bank Building
Giles-Weir Investment Company
Norman, Oklahoma
Call and see us, we have some good properties listed worth
the money. See us if you desire a loan on farm property '
If you have property for sale list it with us.
lllllllllllillllllilillliliilit' i
That we are showing the
most exquisite line of dresses
to be found in this section of
Oklahoma. Our prices are al-
ways conservative. Come in
and examine this wonderful
collection whether you are
ready to purchase or not.
Olian dresses speaks for them-
Report of Condition of
First National Bank of Norman
Okla., at close ot business June 30th, 1919.
Loans and discounts $458,035.00
Overdrafts 505..-i-
Bills of Exchange 13/44.. <>
TT c n , 112,900.00
U. S. Bonds '
Stock in Federal Reserve Hank -.100.01)
Banking House — 22,693.31
Furniture and Fixtures 2.000.00
Other real estate owned 2,200.00
Interest earned but not collected 1,000.00
State Bonds ..$51,000.00
Warrants and securities 27,802.86
Cash and Exchange .163,921.26 -4-,/.4 1.
T , .$857,802.51
r. . , c, , $ 50,000.00
Capital Stock * '
- , 20,000.00
Undivided Profits, net "
Unearned discounts 3,?81.(b
Building account, reserved — --- 4,.-.00.<M)
Bills payable with Federal Reserve Bank
t, tv - 41,028.11
, . 50,000.00
Total ------ --$857,802.51
The above statement is correct.
\YM. SYNNOTT, Cashier.
Mr. Geo. Orenbaun, of the
enbaun hardware store, was a
siness visitor to Oklahoma City
lay (Wednesday.)
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Stonger
d daughter Lola, went to Sul-
ur on Monday to enjoy that
mous summer resort this week.
♦ + +
A jolly swimming party motor-
to Lexington on Sunday even-
g to enjoy the swimming pool,
ley were Ella Smalley, Ola Mad-
n. Ruby Helms. Paddy Baren-
irg, Lelia Stephens, Percy Lee
eleh and Jesse May Phillips—
aperoned by Messrs. Homer and
rnest Helms.
Makes painting easy. No
mixing of colors—no loss of
time—no mess or dirt. Just
dip the brush in the paint
and go ahead.
Not only does Okamo
paints beautify your home,
but they stand between it
and the elements. Rain, sun,
Wind or sleet, make little
difference. None of them
can possibly affect the pow-
erful resistencc and wear of
Okamo paints.
You can save money in
paint at this store—$3 a gal.
J. Ross Bridgwater
203 West Main Phone 423
We Pay You For Every Punc-
ture on Lee Puncture
Proof Tires.
front Ford tires,
rear Ford Tires,
on 4-inch tires.
4 1-2-inch tires.
$3.00 for every puncture on
$4.00 for every puncture on
$5.00 for every puncture
$5 50 for every puncture cm
Let Us Convince You that We Have a Real Tire
Minteer Motor Company
Phone 319
A COMPLEXION clear and colorful—that can stand
the tests of sun, wind and dust. The steady use of
Woodbury's Soap will keep your skin so clear and
healthy that it can resist the bacteria and parasites that
lurk in dust.
Skin specialists say that the enemies of complexion love-
liness are the direct result of bacteria and parasites, which
: enter the pores with dust particles, soot and grime.
To clear the skin of any blemishes due to these causes, the
famous Woodbury treatment was formulated,
This booklet is wrapped around every cake of Woodbury's
Facial Soap. It contains successful treatments for skin blem-
ishes, conspicuous nose pores, blackheads, oily skin and shiny
nosr pale, sallow, skin, etc.,
Get a cake of this complexion soap today and begin to-
niffht to use this treatment.
129 EM ain
Leather for Any Weather
Make the vacation trip pleasant and
convenient. This line of neat, durable
suit "a;. > and bags will be a pleasure ami
a comfort to you every day.
~r«A.ct< ft
$2 to $12.50
$11 to $25
Be sure to see these very
moderately priced, durable
and attractive suitcases and
bags before starting on
your trip.
125 East Main
Phcne 155
Mothers Should See These Child-
ren's Dresses at $2.00
Another Shipment Just Received by Express
You will be greatly surprised at these
wonderful dresses for such a modest price. A
great New York maker sends us six styles of
girls dresses every week. They are made from
excellent ginghams, percales and linens. You
may choose from plaids, checks, stripes and all
plain colors including white. The one great
idea why these dresses are such wonderful val-
ues is that this manufacturer centers all his ef-
fort on this one line. He lujys his materials in
great quantities direct from the mill. He
makes no samples or has any traveling sales-
man. He knows how to get .these best dresses
possible for the money. You will not find the
equal of these dresses under three dollars, and
y<iii can see new styles every week if you will
make the store a visit. Kvery mother owes it to
herself to see these famous $2.00 dresses.
Norman's Greatest Store

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