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Real Estate
Farm Loans
Looks as if we are to have fine weather for Clean Up Day. Are you ready for it? If not, Get Busy Today.
TV Daily Transcript
•>, Zr
VOL. VII NO. 37.'\>
Real Estate
Farm Loans
Proposed Charter
To Be Published
Next Sunday
At i,he meeting of the city
council on Tuesday night, Mayor
Hutchin announced that the pro-
posed charter of the City of Nor-
man had been filed with him by
the Freeholders as provided by law
and that he had ordered its publi-
cation, and call for election upon
it. The document will appear in
Sunday, mourning's issue of the ,
Transcript, and to the end that
every voter may get a copy of it
and learn of its provisions, The
Transcript has arranged for an
"every house in town" edition of
that issue. It will take about two
ordinary pages of the Transcript,
and be arranged in such a shape
as to be easy and interesting read-
The regular routine business of
the city was about the only busi-
ness transacted, except that peti-
tions for some paving were submit
ted. They were laid over for the
present as it is thought there may
be others petitioned for and they
can all come under one resolution.
j Lots Moving in Bcssent Addi-
tion: Mr. and Mrs. Jas. D. Maguire
have purchased a pair of lots in
I the C. H. Bessent addition to Nor-
I man, just south of the Phil Kidd
| residence on South Elm, paying
$1500 for them. They give a most
desirable building spot, 50x140
feet, and face the University cam-
pus on the west. Dr. and Mrs. C.
S. Bobo have also purchased a
' pair of lots, joining the Maguire
'property on the south. I hey were
'the property of Mr. S. A. Ambris-
ter, and the Transcript learns he
has quite a number of inquiries
about other holdings he has in the
addition, indicating that there is a
"moving" spirit about Norman
United Sales
Store Closed
On Thursday
Mayor Hutchin named'his ap-
pointees, who are those who are
now holding offices, being all re-
j appointed.
i It was announced by Mayor
I Hutchin that the ordinance com-
I pelling householders to connect
I their outhouses with the sewers
was to be rigidly enforced, as the
warm weather coming on made it
more and more imperative that
this work should be done at once,
! Those of us, therefore, whose clos-
j ets are not connected with the
J sewers better get busy and save
I trouble.
holtzschue mctDr CAR CO.
We rent Service Storage Batteries for any make of
car, while we are charging your car battery.
Eveready Batteries for all makes of cars °" 1.,,
We overhaul and repair all makes of batteries.
work guaranteed.
We sell distilled water.
Phone 28 107 East Mal"'
The store of the United Sales
Co. will be closed all day Thursday
(tomorrow). On Friday morning I
at 9 o'clock the doors will be open-
ed to the public and the Big Spec-
ial 14-day Sale will be on in full
blast. The sale was announced in |
this paper with a double page ad.
vertisement last night, And the
same will be run in the weekly is-
sue. The Sellers Special Sales
System of Oklahoma City have
charge of the sale. Their adver-
tising is not of the over-promising
kind usually used* by Sale com-
panies, but on the other hand it
is the kind of advertising that has
a good, honest value ring to it.
Mr. Sellars and Mr . Clarke are
giving this sale their personal at-
tention. Their advertising, store,
stock and outside decorations show
that they are experienced men in
their line of work. They state
that Mr. Hinshaw of the United
Sales Co. Store has given the low-
est prices that they have sold
goods for at any place during the
past three years. If honest pre-
sentation and low prices count fer
anything this store will enjoy a
big, successful 14-day day sale.
Mr. Sellers is a believer in news-
paper publicity. He has had years
of experience in the advertising
business in a big way. We feel
feel grateful toward his compli-
ments regarding our promptness
in turning out their work and the
quality of news service of our two
papers. He will leave Saturday
night for Wichita. His partner,
Mr. Clarke, will remain during the
entire time of the sale. Mr. Hin-
shaw says he will back up ever>
promise made during this sale.
'Senior Play Goes
Over Successfully
At Blanchard
Tomorrow (Thursday, M,ay 14th )
is Norman's Great Day—'I he
Town Promises to be Spic
and Span on Friday
When the Fire Whistle Blows at S
o'Clock Thursday Morning
Trucks and Workers
Will Gather at the
Fire House
The senior class play of the
Blanchard high school "Blundering
Billy," went over in good shape,
before an audience that tax.-d to
its capacity the high school aud-
j itorium, Tuesday night at Blanch-
ard. Owing to the small member-
ship of the senior class, several
characters are enrolled in other
| Blundering Billy, played by Mr.
Purman Wilson, was the principal
humorous character in the cast
and was played almost perfectly.
The performance of Mr. Herbert
Williams, playing the part of Ezra
Tuttle, was also very good.
I Miss Ruth Hopkins, personifying
Miss Dorothy Tuttle, daughter of
Ezra Tuttle, and who was being
sacrificed to an unscrupulous army
lieutenant in recompense for her
father being admitted to high so
Tomorrow (Thursday, May 14,
1919) promises to be one of the
Big Days in the history of Nor-
man, for it is to be The Day that ^B"";xceedingiy EOod. She
will see the greatest Clean up ' xl u ,
in all her experience, and when
the sun is going down on Thurs-
day night it will gaze upon a little
city that is almost oerfect in its
The Methodist Centenary: Ev-
ery Methodist is urged to be in his
or her place at church Sunday,
May 18th. Bishop Hendrix of the
Southern Methodist church has is-
sued, on behalf of the bishops, this
call to churches summoning all j
loyal Methodists in these words: I
"The hour has- come, God's hour |
and man's hour. Let the campaign
which open on May 18th be usher- j
ed in by a great church-going j
Sunday that shall fill all our
churches with crowds of worship-
ers and with the spirit of faith
and prayer. It is our Lord who
summons us to meet Him in the
place of worship." Your sons
gave their lives; you gave of your
wealth in this great war. The cat-
aclysm that involved the world
has been stopped temporarily.
These sacrifices must not have
been madu in vain. The church
must taka up the work of recon-
struction, Vyhat is the Methodic,
Centenary? A chance for you and
me to help redeem the world. C.
S. Walker, Pastor.
Macklenburg Well
At 1700 Feet and
Prospects Good
M. F. McFarland visited
the Macklenburg oil well near
Etowah on Tuesday and says
the work of drilling is being
pushed and the promoters are
still optimistic about results.
The well is down about 1700
feet. Mr. McFarland also
heard that the well near Bur-
nett was going down rapidly,
a double shift of drillers be-
ing at work.
Board of Education Saturday
Night: The Norman Board of Kd-
! ucation will meet on Saturday
night to discuss grade teachers, in-
! stead of Friday night as was an-
nounced in Tuesday's Transcript
went through her performance in
t true dramatic sty'.e.
Miss Jewel Wyr.n as Woyo San,
a .'apanese maid, and Sing 1 oy,
< V
, , f ~f Chinese servant actcd by Miss
cleanliness. A tremendous lot ot Teague plaved their Part in
work has already been done, many ^ ^ (.on,e;)y Ug0 0VRr.
householders gathering up then Carmen Barefoot and Mary-
trash, old cans, rubbish, etc., and puckett were a]so K00d. Lourene
having it hauled away at their own ^ Lieutenant Griswold did
expense, and others cleaning up ' male imper30nating.
and piling it in the alleys ready son
for the trucks that will come for | —
it bright and early Thursday morn-1
ing. A ride over the city demon- "The Handy Woman
strates that the people are heart About the House"
and soul in favor of cleanliness, j
for trash is being taken from vac-
ant lots, the weeds and grass
Joe Meyer Jr., of the Trans-
cript, was a Bliftichard visitor on
Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Jones have
, returned from Purcell and again
taken charge of their West Main
street poultry house and feed es-
j tablishment. Their friends are
| pleased to see them back—but not
1 surprised.
Having the Time of
Their Sweet Lives
love made TO ORDER ?
• g ,11 p: ■<**; 4 iMaff:
i mf a- m,
there's a clutch athis heart when
. II
SEES THIS G1r s- PROUOLY^, s how
another's engagement ping in
BiPKU I nun «—
J *
p! iSB _
we replaces it IN THE end but^only
Hand-to-hand struggle in automobile on shaky bridge
tomobile turning turtle, plunging through bridge into river.
Desnerate struggle with four men in water amid auto wrecK
age. Deathdefying 90-mile-an-hour motorcycle rl^ Le^Pl g
from racing motorcycle to runaway automobile. Wlld 25-fo
leapTfrom free to back of runaway. Scaling wa l of house,
crashing through window. Sensational escape after impriso -
ment by conspirators.
Three hayracks full of hand-
some lads and lasses passed down
Main street about 9 o'clock Wed-
nesday morning singing their
songs and giving vent to then-
happiness in high school yells.
I They made up the Junior and Sen-
ior classes of the-Norman High
school, the latter being the guests
of the former at a picnic to be
held on the river near the bridge.
They'll come home this evening
tired but happy, declaring they ve
had the time of their sweet young
Expert Williams
Talks on Crops
"The woman who cant' drive a
nail," is supposed to be so familiar
hiowed down, the parkings mowed, a type that we shall not endeavor
the rubbish gathered together, the to describe her. fln Jaet, we ^
old shacks being torn down an< una ^ ^ were' necessary to write
much other work of a similar na- ^ description, we should be forced
ture progressing. j to imagine her garbed in trousers.
It is well to remember that a re- as a matter of « that
port is to be made o nevery home' publicity which this
whose owner or occupant neg- imaf;inary WOman has enjoyed is
lects or refuses to comply with mereiy a form of camouflage
the reauest to clan "p. None of which'men have adopted to concea
us wish to be put in the slacker their own n ^XTu«. an_
category, so we are all cleaning QT 1(,,s mythical crea-
"'The fire whistle will blow at 8 tUJust about this time of year the
O'clock Thursday morning to call handy — ^
the trucks and the workers to the j covgr w;th a streak of green
city hall. There will be an army j jnt across her nose, two or
of workers, every member of the three black and blue fingers s5 °^~
Norman Retailer's association ing through the ftowpa^jm her
Retailers assoeiauo nig raveling8 and trimmings
g a man, and some eigh- i ap.0„ her sk.rt
twenty trucks will be do- i slif,hti'y muddy around the hem.
The city has been divided j -phis is not exactly an inspiring
in Up Divisions, with cap-'
tains, and lieutenants and corpoi , disappear, and in due seaso
als and top sergeants and hieh | the porch chairs will appear fres
privates in charge with General and neat, the screen door will kee
1 ___ tv,„ „„f iv,n flips, the nanerhanger
< >
W H. Production presents
Fatty's Spooning Day
Produced by Mack Sennett-
Pathe presents Another Serial
in a cyclonic Western serial
"The Tiger's Trail"
Suspenses, Thrills, Surprises
and Action.
COMING Friday and Saturday: William Fox presents Victor
Hugo's great masterpiece "LES MISERABLES with
William Farnum: also a Sunshine comedy 'His Musical Sneeze'
with a new chapter of "The Terror of the Range."
Oklahoma City, May J-).—for
the present, at least, Oklahoma
has had enough moisture and any ]
| more rainfall during the next
' week or ten days will do more
| harm than good to various gr«-
ling crops, according to Carl Wil-
1 liams, editor of the Oklahoma
Farmer-Stockman. .
'•The rain already has interfer-
ed with the first cutting of alfaUa,
and perhaps caught some of the
alfalfa down, meaning an inferior
grade of hay, but not altogether
unusual as the spring rains fre-
quently cause this trouble, said
Williams. „ ...
"The wheat is early. Cutting will
begin in the southern part of the
southern part of the state abou.
June 10. All we need now for our
wheat is dry warm weather.
Wheat has not been injured to any
considerable extent in any section
by the rain. .
How Crops to Gain.
"The rain has put plenty of
moisture in the ground for the
present, indicating we will have
good corn, cotton, and in iact all
row crops will benefit exceedingly
There has not boon much kafir
planted as yet, but that which is
in the ground Ar ill be benefitted by
the rain. . .
"The situation is promising, in-
deed, for wheat and all feed
oror- and this is unusual, for it
is seldom we have a year that is
good for both feed and wheat
teen or tw
nntprl The City nas uccu j jms ia www wvw--., .
into Clean Up Divisions, with cap wonl P°Se^a^n,"is.;,;
tains, and lieutenants and corpoi , disappear, and in due season
and neiii., mc
D. W. Griffin supervising the out the flies, the PaP^'r
whole business. They will sure do V,inKi oU chairs Come out like
good work, and the remarks they II new with seas0nable unholstery.
make when they come to some the front and back yard* Pi'ow
are giving their services free of , Pshaw! What can't a woman do
charge and it behooves us, all to w;tll a packing box, hammer tackf
assist them in every way possible.' and cretonne or chintz .
Has your premises been cleaned j _
If r.ot Edgar Wilson, son of Dr. am
up ready for the workers
better get busy at once.
Mrs. H. II. Wilson of Shawnee, is
' here visiting his grandmother,
Dr. W. J. Melton and son Frank ji,.s. M. Turner, and other rel-
are here from Shamrock, Okla.. atiVes. He is a former Norman
looking after their Norman prop-1 boy) and is being given a warm
erty. The doctor has secured a j we]COme by his former young
fine practice at Shamrock and has friends. Edgar has an especially
prospered exceedingly since mov- j excjting and interesting time dur-
ing to that place, but has been ser- j inR the late war, having joined the
iously ill for several months with , gritish forces in Africa in 1915,
influenza and other ailments and j and serving down there for four
is not entirely well yet. He is | vears. He was discharged Jan-
just home from the Mayo Institute uary 7> 1919, and it took him three
in Wisconsin, where he took a months to get home. He visited
course of treatment which he all the big cities of Africa, and
thinks will permanently cure him. j made a splendid record.
He reports Mrs. Melton and the ;
children well. i A pleasant reunion of the Hak-
I .steen family was held at the home
Decoration Day at Falls: The „f Mrs. Maude Fox on East Duf-
community of the Falls school fy, Tuesday night Those pr -
house will celebrate Decoration ent were Mr. E. Haks een a
day on Sunday, May 18th at 2 ; three daughters, Mrs. Jox, .1 . .
o'clock, and all are cordially in-j Nettie Dermid and Mrs. May
vited.—Committee. j Thompson.
The nationally advertised
E. and W. Soft Collars are
here in a great variety of solid
colors and white.
Our most attractive collars
are those of the Victory Stripe
—same E. and W. brand Soft
Colors—and are the demand
of the style follower of Now.
E. B. Kimberlin
Collars for Men and
Young Men
Sunday School at Robcrson:
There will be a meeting at the
Roberson school house on Sunday,
May 11th, at 11 o'clock for the
purpose of organizing a Sunday
School. Come and bring some one
with you.—Committee.
T. M. Mitchell has made anoth-
er nurchase of a hinder, hay press
land other goods to thi amount of
! $1,032.00 from J. P. Dellinger
.'rank Glosser, the well known
contractor, has gone to Eastland,
Texas, to superintend the work
upon a half-million dollar building
being erected by the Holmboe com-
pany. He expects to be gone a
year or more, and may move his
family there temporarily.
It will pay you to see J. P. Del-
linger at George Orenbaun's if in
the market for hay presses, auto-
mobiles, binders and binder twine.
I The car load of Derring twine
i ordered by J. P. Dellinger has ar-
| rived, and c. n now be soer, at
i George Orenbaun's hardware.
Those ordering from Mr. Dellinger
can call in and secure their supply.
Adolph Zukor Presents
John Barrymore in
Paramount Picture.
An unusually high class picture, a real human in-
terest story with a punch to it that will make you
sit up and take notice. Also Vitagraph Comedy
"Romans and Rascals," and Ford educational
Frank Carder, manager of the
Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co.,
made a business visit to Oklahoma
City on Wednesday.
Orchestra Music. Usual Admission. Matinee 2 p. m.

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