The Daily Transcript (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 6, No. 307, Ed. 1 Tuesday, March 25, 1919 Page: 3 of 4

The Daily Transcript, Norman. Oklahoma
Why Germans
Must Be Fed
A Delightful Ride
Herbert Hoover. From Eight View-
points. Argues America's
<By Henry Wales)
PARIS, March 22.—Herbert
Hoover has given out a statement
on "Why ave we feeding Ger-
"From the point of view of my
Western upbringing, because we
don't kick a man in the stomach
after we have licked him," he says
in answering the question.
"As a governor I would say it
was because famine breeds an-
archy and anarchy is infectious.
Infection from such a ccsspool
would jeopardize France, Great
Britain and thus involve the
United States.
"As a peace negotiator I would
say it was because we must main-
tain order and a stable government
in Germany if we would have some
one with whom to sign peace.
"As an economist. I would say
that it was because the German
people must have food in order to
maintain a stable government and
get back to production. Other-
wise, there is no hope of their pay-
ing the damages they owe to the
"As a business man. I would say
it was because we need these dam-
ages more than any other form of
"As a humanitarian, I would say
it was because we have not been
fighting women and children, and
we are not beginning now.
"As Secretary of War, I would
say it was because we desire to re-
turn the American soldiers home,
and it is a good bargain to give
food for passenger steamers on'
which our boys may arrive home
many months earlier than would i
otherwise be the case.
"As the American treasurer. IJ
would say it was because it saves
the United States enormous ex-'
penditures in Europe in support of
idle men and allows those soldiers
to return to productivity in the
United States.
"As a negotiator of the armis-j
tice, I would say it was because
we are honor bound to fulfill the
implied terms of the armistice
that Germany shall have food.
"Let us not befog our minds
with the idea that «t ll we have
done for German is to lift the
blockade sufficient to allow her to
imporj a limited amount of food
from any market she desires.
"Our face is turned forward, not
backward. We and our children
must live in the world with these
70 million Germans No matter
how bitterly we may feel, our vis-
ion must stretch over the next one
hundred years and we must write
now into history such acts a? will
stand creditably in the minds of
our grandchildren that we may not
ourselfes have fostered growth i of
cancer in the vitals of civilization." .
The Transcript can testify to the
truth of Mr. L. J. Edward's re-
marks in yesterday's Transcript
on the Scenic Route," for, as
guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. M.
Furray, in their "Senaca." the
writer and his better-half were
given a delightful ride on Sunday
over that Scenic route.
The first thing noticeable, how-
ever, was the need of road drag-
ging on all the roads leading to
the river, and across the river in
the bottom. The county commis-
sioners have greatly improved the
road from the I. G. Short corner
to the bridge, claying it so thor-
oughly as to make an almost
"hard-surfaced" road, but it needs
dragging to be kept in first class
condition. All roads leading from
Norman to the Short corner need
dragging, in places being in a
pretty bad condition. The bridge,
too, needs the steel work tighten-
ed up and a number of boards put
in on the floor, for in places it
seems shaky; not dangerous, but
sort 'o teetering.
The road in the bottom across
the river needs considerable work
/in the way of dragging to make
comfortable riding, there being
numerous deep ruts in it.
But when you strike the bottom
of Adkin's hill and begin to go up
it you certainly strike a fine road,
and from there to the Big Pasture
the ride is delightful. As far as
you can see is spread out a glor-
ious view of one of the best coun-
tries on earth, every acre of it
tillable and covered with wheat,
oats and alfalfa fields, with plow-
ing progressing for corn and cot-
ton. The wheat, oats and alfalfa
all look fine and promise a most
abundant yield, and, with the big
price for wheat, the farmers over
harvest. That locality is certainly
j the river will certainly reap a rich
I '.he garden spot of the world,
j And then we were given a ride
] on the Cleveland side, and found
the wheat and oats and alfalfa ful-
! ly as good, promising abundantly.
From the Ten Mile Flat comes re-
- ports of one of the best prospects
this county has ever had.. Es-
pecially is the large acreage of
wheat looking fine, and thousands
of bushels will be raised.
11 was just reading where a man eyes. Nothing like that ever hal
"The United States Employment i You do not want to do your fam- ?aVe 'lis wife a pair of black ' pens to y°u' either.
Service gives the number of un- ily washing— j
employed in this country as 356,- Who will you have to do it?
560," said the proprietor of the Have you tried the Norman >
Right Place Store in Petunia. ' Steam Laundry service ?
"Surely, that is far too low an j We have a large number of sat-
estimate*' replied the Kansas | isfied customers and wish to have
City drummer. "Why, in the last you try our service—Th etst is
two weeks I have seen twice that j small and our work satisfactory.
many able bodied men leaning j Phone 71 and we will call for
against the depots in small towns your laundry bundle.
(James Whitcomb Riley}
When o'er the fair fame of friend
or foe v
The shadow of disgrace shall
fall, instead
Of words of blame or proof of
thus and so,
Let something good be said.
Forget not that no fellow being
May fall so low but love may lift
his head;
Even the cheek of shame with
tears is wet
If something good be said.
No generous heart maj^ vainly
turn aside
In ways of sympathy; no soul so
But may awaken strong and glori-
If something good be said.
And so I charge you by the thorny
And by the cross on which the
Savior bled
And by your own soul's hope of
fair renown,
Let something good be said.
One and two hour specials every
day this week.—PUCKER'S.
waiting for the trains to come in."
Kodak films developed FREE;
saves you twenty-five per cent on
your kodak work. Prompt ser-
Wife—(looking up from newspa-
per—It tells her about a man giv-
ing his wife a fifteen thousand
The County
Assessor's Notice
We will be at Week's school
house in Case township on April
At Little Ax school house in
Little River township on April Ilrd.
At Stella on April 4th and 5th.
Taxpayers in those townships
will please take notice.
306-2td 2w. County Assessor.
292-d & w 24t. [ dollar furcoat. Nothing like that
ever happens to me.
Hub—(looking up from his)
Don't forget W. N. Rucker's
sale. Splendid bargains are offer-
Real Estate
Fire and Tornado,
Automobile, Bonds
Vincent &
Phone 50
We are now reorganized
and ready to take care of
your repair work on re-
And don't tail to have us
figure your new
Office phone 225
Residence phone 505
OI( Transfer
Would like to do your
Special equipment for
moving pianos.
—Call us by Phone—
We have a full and com-
plete stock of
Legal Blanks
And if there is a special
form you want, we will
print it for you.
prise Pub. Co-
McDaniel & Matthews
Phone 23
The beautiful work of the "Lloyd Loom,"
used in making- these baby carriages—the
dainty tasteful color-enamels—the grace-
ful designs—the harmonious upliplster-
ings—has made them so popular that the
manufacturer cannot supply the demand.
By getting in our reservation order early,
we were enabled to secure a splendid ship-
ment. I hese are, without doubt, the
handsomest baby carriages made. Noth-
ing else like them. We guarantee the
quality to be unequaled.
Cannot Be Duplicated
at Our Prices
[ hrough the wonderful new method of
manufacture—invented and perfected by
Marshall 11. Lloyd—a great saving is made. This saving
permits the use of the highest quality of materials—
Even in the cheaper models. \\ e are sharing this sav-
ing with our customers by—
—pricing remarkably low
Seeing Is Believing
"Life-Time Furniture"
Office—First National Bank Building
Giles-Weir Investment Company
F arm Lands and City Property.
Call and see us, we have some good properties listed worth the
money. See us if you desire a loan on farm property.
If you have property for sale list it with us.
Specials for Wednesday
Plumbing and
We are on the job all
the time.
as steam and hot water
heat is otir specialty.
Fleharty and Co
Phone 47
till I!11
N\>f •
7 • -'uk-
Hi ..IK
-V; / .' i
9 to 11 a. m.
2 pairs of Ladies' fast black hose for 25 cents Thes
hose are regular 25 cent value, and we will have to restric
0 sales to only six pairs to any one customer.
\ ou do not want to miss the afternoon specials from
to o o clock. We will sell a splendid grade of India linen
our number 6o25, eight yards for a dollar, and only ei
yards to any one customer. This is an exceptionally good
-.x- quality linen. No phone orders accepted.
Be at Rucker s Wednesday to get your share
of these bargains. Watch for our specials every
day this week. Our two hour specials will be
stunners. Come and see for yourself how we do
this stunt of selling for about half price- We cer-
tainly do as we a'dvertise.
i- MB i. mulu ikaJriLi.'* aiZtl'J
Your Earnings from Work
Your Earnings Prom Investments
JF you can save $5 a month you can become
a profit-sharing partner in
Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co.
7% Preferred Stock
Your partnership earnings checks will come to
you regularly every three months, just as they
have to our ever-increasing number of preferred
shareholders, promptly eacl". auu every quarter
lor many years.
This is a real, high-class investment oppor-
tunity for the worker—dependable trustworthy
— on-the-square. No red tape. Your money back
with interest if you can't complete your payments.
Here is something that a wage earner can
handle and get a square deal, on just as good
terms as the biggest capitalists. A regular in-
come paying investment in a large, soundly
managed company that is growing all the time.
.4s long as a utility company grows it needs
investment money to build extensions and addi-
tions. We put the money of the wage earner
and the capitalist alike to work in public
service needed for prosperity and development.
Send me the facts about your partnership
Act in your own interest. Send in the Coupon. Start at
once on the Road to Financial Independence.
, 122 West Main. Norman, Oklahoma
Telephone 501

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