The Daily Transcript (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 6, No. 307, Ed. 1 Tuesday, March 25, 1919 Page: 1 of 4

Real Estate
Farm Loans
Notice—City Marshall Sanderson, "SLIM JIM" is headed this way, be on watch—The orders are, Catch him.
Vol. VI. No.
Norman, Oklahoma, Tuesday. March 25. 1919.
Price Five Cents
Real Estate
Farm Loans
Record Discharges
Free of Charge
Council Meeting
You Are Interested
At the last meeting of Board
of County Commissioners of Cleve-
land county, County Clerk Helms
"was instructed to procure a book
in which will be recorded all dis- .
the city council meeting
tonight (Tuesday). (let behind
11 the mayor and members of the
| council and assist them in making
i the decision in regard to the elec-
charges of ( leveland County sol- j tric light proposition. Act now.
V -■
J. M. MOOM U'.
Secretary Norman Chamber
diers free of charge. Soldiers are
requested to bring their discbarge
to Mr Helms, and they will be re-
turned to them as soon as the rec-
ording is made.
This is an excellent move on the
part of the Board of Commission- .
crs, indicating they are in line inK and reported to the officers
Robbery at Hurt Home: A. J.
Hurt came to town Tuesday morn-
with the best thought of the day.
The board is doing the best of
work along all these lines, and in
the road and bridge line it
that some scoundrel obtained en
trance into his home, three miles
north of town, and stole sonv
$14.00 from his trouser's pocket.
probable no board in the state has The roblle,'-v was committed early
been more active and earnest in
giving satisfaction to their con-
Don't forget to attend the Spring
Sewing Sale every day this week
at Rucker's.
Tuesday morning, and Mr. Hurt
traced the thief quite a ways over
the muddy roads by his barefoot
tracks, but finally lost them. The
thief was thought to be from Ok-
lahoma City, and it is said sever-
al other robberies occurred in the
vicinity of Moore.
Over in Europe there is a strip
of land called "No Man's Land."
It was devastated by war Right
here in Norman we have a piece of
of land % that looks almost as deso-
^ late. It has been torn up with
a plow from year to year, and
grew tall, unsightly weeds. Old
tin cans were buried there, and
many an ancient recepticle of this
kind still lies scattered around like
exploded shells. But the war is
| over now and peace has been de-
clared and the earth over there,
as well as in Norman, will blos-
som as the rose.
\\ c rent Service Storage Ratterie?
car, while \vc arc charm
>tir car
tor any
Evcready Batteries
W e have Kvcreadv
tor all makes of cars on hand.
1 latteries for all makes of car
\\ e overhaul and repair all makes of batteries,
work guaranteed.
We sell distilled water1.
Phone 28 107 East Main, Norman
We Make Your OLD HATS and SUITS
Look Like NEW ONES
I lave your Suits made t« :ui-a.«ttre from
1 hex wear'longed, look better and
Ladies' Garments a Specialty.
>tir all \vi
clean better
Phone 497
mm ■
117 E. Main. C. N. Gossett, Prop.
A Double Program at
Starting 2 p. m., Continuous 11 p. m.
Triangle Presents
With J. Barney ShtVry
in a thrilling expose of
pro-German charity or-
ganization founded to di-
vert American money to
the kaiser's exchequers, in
Based on an actual ex-
perience of the secret ser-
vice in the national capi-
tal during 1918.
J5e sure to contribute money to charitable organizations
stamped with the approvaj of the government! See how
an amazing fraud is perpetrated on high society by pro-
Germans. A brainy American girl amazes the secret ser-
vice by her subtlety^ —
The great fun makers
Mutt and Jeff in
Mutt as the fiddler and Jeff
as the Dancer. See it for a
regular laugh.
A big Mack Sennett-Keystone Comedy
Breaks all records for speed and spills, featuring the great-
est of fun makers, "ORA CAREW".
That big Serial, Just two more chapters after this one
With Antonio Mereno and Carol Holloway
Coming Wednesday and Thursday—Virginia Pearson
in a big Excel picture presented by William Fox in "Buck-
aman's Wife." Also Fatty Arbuckle in "Fatty's Clean
Up." Also Charlie Chaplin in a dinger for fun "The Pile
Driver." Also the greatest serial star in the world, Pearl
White, in "The Lightning Raider."
League of Nations
To Be Amended
( \ssociatcd Pres.- >
Paris, Monday, March _'4.—
During a three-hour sosion ti-
ni.uht the leauue oi nation', com-
mission, considering the proposed
amendments to the covenant dis-
posed tentatively |>I tin first sis-
teen sections, agreeing upon a
number of changes in form which
the members of tin* commission
believe will meet more than 50
percent of the objections offered
j by Senator Lodge and other Amer-
ican senators.
President Wilson was in attend
ance at the session at which sug-
gestions from neutral nations as
well as belligerents discussed.
No action was taken on amend-
ments for safe-guarding the Mon-
roe doctrine, but this subji ct prob-
ably will be discussed at the next
meeting on Wednesday.
Tlie Japanese amendment to
secure the equality oi na'ions be
longing to the league, was not con-
sidered tonight and no action was
amendment for the cre .'ion of an
international military taft".
This piece of ground in Norman
has been decorated with old dead
trees long enough and they arc
being cut down. The long straight
rows looks like an old dead corn
field, and the artist who set them
lout must have missed his calling.
i He might have made a farmer, but
he made a poor landscape gard-
ener. He failed to "Brighten His!
1 Corner." So many people miss
their calling and that is why the
Civic Committee has gone back to' rrl
there is a persistent rumor in
the corn field. We feel at home , , _.
Sit . , . . , Oklahoma ( lty that a syndicate
over thefe. And that reminds me ,
, n , • , , , headed by Clark Hudson and Roy
I that the Mothers Patriotic club ^ " , ,. ,
I will take hold of our "No Man's
i Land" commonly called City park,
New Daily Paper
In Oklahoma Citv
Fighting Consolidated Death of E. F. Morgan
School Districts
Mr K. F. Morgan, one of Nor-
To make the country schools mans highly respected citizens,
more efficient and bring them into ^'e<' at ^'s home on West Gray
harmony with the best school street, very suddenly at 5:30 this
thought in the state, County Sup- morning, (Tuesday, March 25,
erintendent Clark has been en- aged some li.'t years The
deavoring to get a number of con- funeral services will bd held on
solidated schools established in dif Wednesday afternoon from the
fcrent parts of the country, but family residence, 112 West Gray,
met with so much opposition that under the auspices of the W O. W.
he feels like abandoning the idea | which he was a member,
for the present. Mr. Morgan came to Norman
Recently, Districts 25, 26, 27 and ,with his family some twelve years
28 (Corn, New Hope, Pleasant Val- aK° from Cornish, Okla.. where he
ley and Liberty) voted on the prop j,,a(l 1,('en a merchant, and engaged
osition. and carried it by a good :in the construction husiness here,
majority. But representatives of i putting up a fine building on Asp
Corn district sought an injunction j avenue. Some years ago he re-
against any issuance of bonds, and ceived serious injuries in a run-
at a hearing before Judge Swan!, iaway, from which he never fully
on Saturday, the petition calling- recovered, and in recent months
t-he election was decided to be de 'lils hcen steadily growing weaker,
fective and the election knocked This morning, as he rose from his
out. The petition had 47 names bed. he was suddenly stricken with
to it ,but some ten or twelve wer j heart trouble and fell back on the
those of women whose names hadjhed, instantly expiring.
been signed to it by their husbands ' ^r- Morgan was a good man,
or fathers, and they came Into honest and honorable, a devoted
court and repudiated their signa- husband and father and esteemed
tures; declaring they were against citizen. He is survived by Mrs.
the proposition and thefr names' Morgan and four children, Clara,
had been signed to the petition
without their knowled
sent. It took 37 name
His Ten Ears of
Premium Corn Stolen
Mr. Win. Ilarr is home from
Northern Missouri where he had
gone in the hope of recovering
his( ten cars of Silver Min< White
corn with which he had taken first
premiums at tin State Fair of*
I exas and State l air at Oklahoma
City, and which .lie valued very
highly. He failed to recover-
tliein, however, the tin . ars he
had gone to sec proving to be
another kind of corn and being
composed of eighteen rows, while
Mr. liarr's was but sixteen.
The corn was
weeks ago from the
International Seed
Kansas Citv. Mr.
stolen somcy
exhil it of the
convt ntion in
Ilarr had en-
tered the ten ears in that show and
was certain of getting the first
premium, but the show was
abandoned on account of the in-
lltienza epidemic, and in ti i nican-
t uie some person stole the ten
i irs from the show rooms.
Helen, Marie and Howard. To
or eon-1 ^em go out the earnest sympath-
of legal I 'es °f the community
Stafford is arranging to establish
I a new Democratic daily and Sun-
, . , .. . i i- • l'ay paper in that city in opposi-
und transform it into a real living ,. . , , , * ,
, ™ , , , , I tion to the Oklahoman and Ok a-
nark. Thev have already begun ,
iii .u • „, , •,! ,l0ma c'ty Times.
t0 let down the curtain that will
| hide forever the old City Park, and
when the curtain rises, when their
j labor is done and the frost is on
jkin and the fodder in 1
shock, you will see the work of
their hands revealed in a more
beautiful city park..
bonafide voters to call the elee
tion, and the defection of thes !
ten or twelve paralyzed it.
1 Then, in the election in Canad i.
Rocky Point, Lone Star, Banner
and Alamo districts held -ome
The course of ''me aRf>' the result was 120 for
j the Oklahoman in opposing the the propos ition to 12<i against, anil
regular Democratic candidate for l,le Duffy district (Lone Star)
mayor, "Jack" Walton, is the prin- ''as retained Judge W. L. Eagle-
. . , . , ,, . ,. , eipal cause for tfie move, but ton to fight it.
the pumpkin and the fodder in thei . ■ , , . , . ,
. ... . . J there has been a demand for such
p-1 per for some time. ..ovvini? to t\* i i o 1 i*
the domineering taet: :rf' the OK'- Discharged Soldiers
lahoman company. It is said that (xiven Hospital Care
We will wait and watch, and tell such men as C. B. Ames, Gov.
| the readers from time to time all Robertson, Roy Hoffman, and sev- CAMP TRAVIS, Texas, March
' about everything that happens in ' ra' oil magnates are back of the 24—Any soldier who has been
Civic new paper and that it will have honorably discharged since Octoh-
I plenty of money to make it a win- er 1, 1917, for disability occurred
■ ier. It is probable, too, that in line of duty, and whose present
Walt I*erguson will have an inter- codition is a reaction of that dis-
est and be one of ilie editorial ability or as consequent upon it,!
writers. is entitled to hospital or sanator-1
Hudson and Stafford were form- juni care under ; ,e provisions of
erly in the newspaper business in the War Risk Insurance Act either
Oklahoma City. In the early days |n military hospital, if there be*
of that city they brought a small room for him, or in local civilian j
plant from some place in Kansas instituton This information is
and established a Populist paper, rontnined in a circular just re
If the writer remembers rightly ceived at Camp Travis. Texas.
it was named the Clipper. Those from the Secretary of War.
were the days when the Populists f the case is one of emergency.
Visit Rucker's Spring Sewing
Sale every day this week. Spec-
ial bargains.—RUCKER'S.
C. W. Kuwjtzky is in receipt of
a telegram from his brother, Corp.
Edward L. Kuwitzky, bringing the
glad news that lie landed safely
at Hoboken from overseas on Sat-
urday and hopes to soon be home.
He was a member of Co. M. 357th
Infantry, which was a part of the
!)0th Div., and was seriously gass-
ed in the Argonne Forest battle,,
but has recovered.
our new city
i ('ommittee.
Daily Paragraph
, "The more I think of it," wrote
Ruskin, "the more I find this con-
clusion impressed upon me that
the greatest thing a human soul
ever does in this world is to see
something and tell what it saw in
a plain way." There are hundreds
and thousands of men and women
who go through life seeing nothing
worth telling. Their vision is
blinded to all that it is worth
j while to see or to hear, and they
i have eyes and thoughts for noth-
i ing of any consequence in this life.
g Opening.
were in the heyday of their ex- th, chief medical advisor of the BECAUSE WHEN YOU DREJJ BETTER,
istcnce, and when it flattened out, bureau of War Risk Insurance ,
Hudson and Stafford discontinued should be informed by telegraph' ' Ou WILL DO BETTER,, I H1 O ''PAY 5.
the publication. Afterwards, Staf- 0f the ease, giving the name, rank YOU NEED NEW CLOTHE«5 THIJ <5PRiN6,
ford secured a controlling interest ;,m| organization from which the , (
in the Oklahoman company, which man ,v ,s discharged, the character I _ ,
of the disability and suggestions j .SPLENDID 5V\TS AND OVERCOAT J- COME
as to the treatment needed. The
nearest representative of the T'nit-
. d States Public Health Service!
should also be notified, as these |
officials are authorized to take ac-
Folks, Howdy.
The Transcript has just
received a telegram this
mining from St. Louis,
signed "SLIM JIM," saying
that he will arrive in this
city sometime this week and
that he is going to make a
prolonged visit with the
people of this city and that
he will visit every home
and disappoint no one. He
will probably make an ap-
pearance next Saturday.
Tell every body that you
see about this splendid fel-
low for he expects to en-
tertain 'very one of us,. We
surmise that the Norman
police force will be greatly
enlarged, as "Slim Jim
says that he will certainly
make it a warm reception
for them.
he disposed of a ft .v months ago.
It is said he received $350,000 for
his interest. Hudson got into the
real estate game in Oklahoma
City and is reported to be rich.
It will take at least a half million
dollars to put a new paper on its tion in such cases. If there be no |
! feet in the right sort of shape, representative of the'Public Health j
but the promoters have plenty of s, Vvice in the vicinity, arrange-
j money and declare they are going nit nts will be made with local
int0 it for all they arc worth. physicians or institutions to take'
temporary charge of the case. If
| the ease is not one of emergency,
the information called for should
he furnished by letter to the chief
medical advisor of the bureau of j
War Risk Insurance, Washington,
ma (
diiv i
ty i>>
to w
of the 111th: Oul.'li
pr paring today, < tu-
,111 tli
mi untt
d. Tin
win n
pi i
will liav
11 ltli cc
nd 1
>• any cla'i •'c
c to be sbandui'-
ilitains manv t )k-
D. C.
I lioma hoy-, and covered tin in
! -eves with glory in the war. Tlu>
are on their way to Camp Travis
i ; r dMiandauniciit. and a i only
| remain in Oklahoma City a lew
j hours. Manj from Norman will
^o up this afternoon.
dent that
feel eonfi-
Mayor Hutchins
and City Marshal Sander-
son will handle the situa-
tion in a way that they will
not let him get away from
us and at the same time
not let him get into any
mischief that will cause
him to get locked up in the
Be on the watch for
"Slim Jim" or you will cer-
tainly miss the fun and the
pleasure that he has in
store for you.
Oil in Cotton County: Mr and
! Mrs. B. C. Belt are here from Cot-
! ton County, from a visit t0 their
; farm near Temple, Okla. Mr.
Belt says there is lots of excite-
ment in that county over oil, and
a number of producing wells have
j been brought in, with many others
being drilled. His farm is some
six or eight miles from the near-
j est producing well, and he has been
i offered all sorts of prices for a] The University women will meet
lease, but is holding for higher j with .Mr. R. T. House tomorrow
] figures. Land ir. his locality is | (Wednesday) afternoon at 3
leasing for from $20 to $.r>0 per;o'clock. All faculty wives and wo-
; acre. The Cotton county field is men arP cordially invited to be
thought to be a continuation of the I there —Mrs. Guy Williams Se
Burkbumctt field. icretary.
Please don't construe this as
a hifrsh dun—but let us make this
statement—that when a fellow-
tries to get out a readable news-
paper, he doesn't have much time
t0 devote to subscriptions as he
would like to, consequently, he
must depend on the co-operation
of the people. That is that the
subscriber will find it convenient
to drop into the Transcript office
and renew the faith with us. Not-
ice dates Oil your name stamped
on the paper. If you are in ar-
rears, please send money order,
cheek or call in person. We are
never too busy to wait on you.
Elsie Ferguson in
"Heart of
The Wilds'
"Home of the Super-Silent Drama'

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