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TheXDaily Transcript
VOL. VI. NO. 274.
Liberty Theatre
Starting Saturday 1 o'clock. Other Days 2 p. m. Continuous 11
East and West
Road Misses Norman
I^ester Roberts Killed Heavy Storms
in the North
i The Oklahoma Senate bill pro-
viding for the $50,000,000 bond is-
I sue for hard surfaced roads in Ok-
lahoma was introduced in that
body on Thursday. It provides
for a bi-partisan board of four,
two Democrats and two Republi-
cans, to be appointed by the gov-
ernor and Gov. Robertson is ex-
officio a member of the commis-
sion. It lays out some twenty-
eight routes east and west and
north and south through the state.
Route No 2, north and south j
passes through Norman, but the j
cast and west road through Cleve-
land county does not strike Nor-
man, but goes through Moore. The
following are the way they are ■
laid out: _
Route No. 2
Commencing at a point on the
line between Oklahoma and Kan-
sas north of the Chilocco Indian
Just as the Transcript goes to
press news comes of the death of
Lester Roberts. An automobile
turned over with him four miles
west of Moore while he and his
wife, formerly Miss Irene Turner,
were on their way to Oklahoma
City to meet Lester's brother, Roy,
who was returning from the army.
Mrs. Roberts was not hurt ma-
terially. They had been married
only a week or two.
Phone Items to 250
France is Full of
Rumors of War
(By Henry Wales.)
PARIS, Feb. 12.---Since Monday
^ Paris has been a hotbed of the
sas north of the Chilocco Indian j m0st fantastical rum-
Sttssnzuisi 10
Student Officers
At Universi|
i Miss Callie Wiest, Lawton,
elected May Queen of the II
versity of Oklahoma at the annl
•lection of the student body j|
held. Miss Wiest is n sen-
Thursday was a very bad day j ❖ <♦ * *•' *'*
from the standpoint of the weath- j jn keepirrg with the Father and
er, heavy winds prevailing all day. Son week, that has been na' ion
n„j -ininir considerable damage, i/.ed by the Y. M. C. A., the ladies neiu. jUi a
. , , of the First Methodist Episcopal the college of the Delta
and Friday was just as miserable church Rave a banquet to the men : Delta sorority.
with drizzly snow, wind and rain anr| |,oys of the church Thursday) Miss Wiest defeated I
About the only thing we have to j evening. The very severe weather Wooley, McAlester and A1
f 1 „„„i tw it was noth- kept some away, but those who iHerold OUahoma rstv ~
feel good ove were there had a splendid time honor which is considered in
with the storms i - - • •
is going
ports are as follws:
CHICAGO, Feb. 14 -
accompanied by snow,
rain which for twenty-four hours
has demoralized wire
..... — — — . tlcv«„ president
"If 1 Were My Son, and If 1 Were! (]efeating Willard Wickizer,
I My Dad." Attorney A. L. McRill, man other officers follow:
The storm, | of Oklahoma City was the prin- Wallace Thompson, Chicka.
wind and l'Pal speaker of the evening and
wind and i y(i a fin(, a()(jresa, The men
j and boys 0f the church are deeply
communica- j indebted to the ladies for the
j splendid time they had and for the
'fine banquet that w:'s served.
I * *
. ; army nv... .....
"caj' all transports carrying American 0alities was comparatively light,
and | , j i—i u™ mvlor- I hjjj}, winds, especially in Nebras-
ka and western Kansas, piled up
Greatest Ameri-
can Actress
In a Tremendous Drama of a Modern Magdelene
The Regeneration of a Modern Vampire
Is the war going to begin
kirk Ponca Citv, Bliss," Perry. aRain?" was the question the
Guthrie, Oklahoma City, Norman, French peopie a,ked everywhere.
Purcell, Pauls Valley, Davis, Ard- positively asserted the
of the French
Gainesville, Texas, and affording j army had been stopped and that
reasonable 'means of communication transp0rts carrying American
tion to intermediate cities unfl ! tr0Qps homeward had been order-
tOWnS' Route No. 7 • 1 ed to turn about and return to the
Beginning at the city of Pryor j prench ports.
Creek and running in a Kenera'; jt was said that munitions work-
southwesterly direction through who ha(, boen making shells,
ter^Tdmondl "oklahoma' City, machine guns and artillery had
Moore, Tuttle, Chickasha, Ana j been ordered to retuni to work im-
darko,' Hobart and Mangum to a mediatelyi and factories which
point on the line between the state process of being
as.^near °WelHngton^ "iTexasf and i changed over to the manufacture
affording reasonable means ol j niotor cars and other peace ar i telegraph
communication of intermediate; ticjeg ^a(j been recommandeered ! jep.
cities and towns. j ^ government and told to
stand in readiness to begin making
Boys Can Prepare imunitions.
And Serve Feasts Say Yanks Moving to Rhine
. . Even American doughboys, just
Yes thev can cook-if they will! back from the Coblenz region, as-
That boys can prepare and serve |serted that when they left every-
a banquet which will satisfy theirj thjnK j„ the American army was
~ i„,Ur n-iiests was proven I „
tion and railway traffic in the ter
ritory between tne Missouri river
and the Rocky mountains, from | Lu]u Louj8e pledtrer and Anna
the Canadian border to Oklahoma, j Leff]er entertained with a card
vice president, Y. M. C. A.
Claude Monnet, Norman, se
tary, Y. M. C. A.
Joseph Benton, Sayre, treasul
Y M. C. A. . '
ITesler Wyand. Woodward,
president, student council.
Robert Gordon, Tulsa enginf
early today was still in pro
and moving eastward with
•reasing severity.
While the snowfall in most lo-
| party on Thursday night, at
ile- home of the former. Their guests
(were the Misses Maybello Fox,
Sadie Smith, lone Pledger and
Lorene Leffler, and Messrs. Hollis
. IVUUvl L viun u i J
ar(1 ii representative, student couj
lho Claude Monnet, Norman, jui
huge drifts which delayed rail
traffic. | - —
All frciirht trains were annulled oklahoma City were the dinner
and only a few passenger trains s puest^of Dean and Mrs. J. H. F
were able to get through the big; (Contm,
member, student council.
Henry Wooten, Chickasha, a
omore member, student council
Stanley Catlett, Weleetka
school representative, stu
council. /M-i.u
Lillian Christensen, Oklah
| City, secretary, sophomore
I The students voted that m
Mr and Mrs. Chas. B. Cook of I future the schools of med.cine
• ■ - pharmacy shall have separate
Young, Geo McFerron, Max West,
Lieut. Sergt. Gray and Lieut.
Black of Fort Sill Delicious re-
freshments were served.
snowdrifts after hours of delay.
The wet snow and high winds 1
caused unusual difficulties for
and telephone compan-
No locality reported cold
weather temperatures, being well |
above zero and at most places
above the freezing point.
antmued on page three)
s.''ntati;-.; on the student coul
Heretofore the two have had j
roprese nt at ive.
Her siren's soul longed for love, and, though society's wolves
snapped at her hecis, she won her hearts cicsire. Men ting
awav their lives for her smiles, but—she risked be: >wn liti to
win the love of a man. A pulsing, throbbing drama that cuts to
the core of human hearts- A picture of love that plumbs the
depths of human experience. See the dance ot passion . ie
Broadway revels! The banquet of death ! See 1 he<W Ura i
her latest and greatest play of the decade— When A Woman
There was a good attendance of
the business men of Norman at tne
Citv Hall last night, and Mr. A.
D McMullen, secretary of the Uk-
lahoma City Retailers' association,
made a most interesting talk, de-
tailing what good results had been
secured by the merchants of that
The Greatest Laught of the
"A Self Made Lady"
A Henry Lehrman Sunshine
Comedy, full of pretty girls and
big stunts.
Beautiful and dainty Leah
Baird in a new chapter of
'The Wolves of Kultur'
A serial of memorable thrills,
revealing the enemy within.
young lady guests ,was t'"'moving up" and getting nearer to
KM... They -
First Presbyterian church gave]tanks and stores of shells were
the girls a banquet, which was the bejnR. scnt forward night awl day,
forfeit they paid for having been leading Rhineward CUICU — ...
defeated in a membership contest. an" ... tor trucks!city by their "Pay Up Time." Mr.
All the religious. all the patri- was cong . ; r\iu]]en has an attractive prr
otic, all the college, and all the an(i troops marching up to re-en- Lona]jty and makes a good tolk. He
popular songs of the last three forou the occupation armies. i 'js ref,ar<led as one of the most ef-
generations were sung by the ban- , h t certain factions at ! ficient men connected with Okla ■
sr. "
diculous were given. Two vocal1
solos by Homer Hurt were much
appreciated numbers on thf Pro^ j fin|!Tltrv SDread like wild-fire ! and merchants
gram. As a proper culmination of
the fun "Once There Were Thiee
Wandering Jews," was sung by
Donald Braugh, Johp Cole, 1' red
Tibbitts and Joseph Benton, who
dressed for the occasion.. Ihe
Christian Endeavor socity now has
i-- - . wire" "In every way" said Mr
■d a change of venue and transfer- i j^cjjuj]erii "was the Pay Up
ring the sittings to some neutrai j rj,jme a success in Oklahoma < ity. f
country spread like wild-fire I—i ^ rnh nts were more than
pj, tit 'i'i' .n. xy
Individual Service to Fit Your Needs
Coming Monday and Tuesday—Your favorite star—\\ m. Hart
in "The Hell Hounds of Alaska." a startling melodrama (.1 the
Northland, supported by Enid Markey. Also a big Keystone
Comedy, "Thirst," with an all star cast, with a new Mutt ?nd
Jeff cartoon "Ilittng the High Spots," also "The Iron lost.
imong the French, and by mt |^ornlan-s }'ay Up Time is from
fall Monday everyone was discuss j March lgt to Marci, 15th. and a.l
ng the matter and wandering | arrangements are being made to
\vhat the trouble was. bring it to the attention of the
"Is W'ilson sore about, the Clem-1 public.
i nrisuan cjuucbvui ouv.kj ..v,.. --- -•
approximately 150 members, the j ,nceau interview ? was the ques-
girls having a few more than thi j Uon „enerany asked.
boys. The contest lasted throug 1 German propaganda undoubted !
the last three weeks.
Coming Wednesday and Thursday.—The greatest athletic
actor in the world, Geo. Walch, in "On the Jump, a story of
speed and pep, "over there". Charlie Chaplin will be here 111
one of his break-neck comedies. Also I-atty Arbuckle 111
ty's Suitless Day." With greatest serial star in the Serial
kingdom, Pearl White, in "The Lightning Raider.
i 'y i
11 he
gaining a certain footing, as
A number of the Norman
Knights of Pythias are going to
Oklahoma City on Monday night
to attend a big meeting of the K
assertions, p Lodge of that city at
t, . ! for example that Germany and | thPre will be work in the third < e-
hereby given that entirelv sastisfied n
has assumed all the Austria are eniireiv
Moomau Clothing with accepting a Wilson peatc.,
accounts due | naturally has made France nerv-
The French attitude is as
Wc all strive after ease and comfort and we wis!
our children to have these things, but they must W
earned by someone.
i This bank will encourage and stimulate your earr
S ing power, and will endeavor to earn your friendship.
J Make a beginning with us today and you will soo|
1 see that we have made a friend of you.
Good Residence
510 South Elm Street-Fronting the
University Campus
I offer my home for sale at a bargain—large
eight room house, sleeping porch across rear,
all enclosed. The house is modern in every par-
ticular—east front. &&I SS lit
Will make terms to suit.
Notice is
Cliff Turner
debts of the
Company, and all
that company for goods should be ^
paid to him. He is authorized to I 'wg; Frcnch opinion is so op
receipt or j^'^mACKJN posed to German opinion that the
Norman, Okla., February 15, 1919 j averaf,e Frenchman says: "Any-
275-3t. I thing that is acceptable to the
— 1 Germans can't be favorable to
Old rumors that exist-
t to the United States
breaking relations with Germany
in 1917 are reappearing, among
which are, Mr. Wilson is too
friendly toward the Germans and
he is the greatest advocate of Bol-
shevism in the world.
The French people, every one of
whom has lost a father, brother or
husband, killed at the front, and
nearly all of whom have been in
towns shelled or bombed by the
Germans during the war, cannot
understand the American sense of
fair play toward Germany
But the root of the entire mat-
ter is the fact that France, with
half the population of Germany, is
virtually afraid of the Teuton pow-
er just across the Rhine. V ranee
realizes well that if Von !• alken-
j hayn had not committed the error
of detaching several corps of Von
Kluck's army when the Russians
invaded East Prussia in August,
1914, the Battle of the Mame
might have had a different out-
come. And they still fear that the
Hun hordes may again sweep
through France, and not commit
ert-ors, overwhelming the nation
and seizing its ports long before
the British forces could arrive in
strength or American forces could
even be mobolized.
Miss Edith Tarbet, who is teach-
ing school eight miles east
Noble and giving excellent satis
faction, came up today t0 spend
the week-end with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Tarbet
A Beautiful Bedroom Suite
We have just rcceiveil another shipment 01 those beautil
Circassian Walnut Bedroom Suites, which to see them are to adnj
them, and considering the quality they are priced \cry reasonall
Our large store is filled with the most complete line of ho
furnishings and no matter what it is that you want m the hum,ti
it or will get it for you Come m and let us serve ?j
with the best furnishings to he had.
I. M. Jackson
"The Home of the Hoositr'

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