The Perkins Journal. (Perkins, Okla.), Vol. 10, No. 35, Ed. 1 Friday, August 29, 1902 Page: 2 of 4

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Perkins Fair & Settlers* #
Reunion. Grcflt Cocton premium Offer.
Mu* ttodfetfl IN# %9S0
• 14% i
NiAt *1
, V
A. ft* \ JH.l IfcL
A* Si
v m^Tv
■ft*. *ar« aifwif »
**<*«> m* of **rfif mi*
It.. tb* r.|M*b2*
______ The following is a list of tho For the bene6t of th° farracrs IS wel1 “
:—* spocial premiums to bo given for we «« eotog to giro
display and races to be exhibited \ a! <*>-nn
at the Perkins Fair and Settlers'; ** I it Jill lull U1 . - *^.UU
Reunion. September 23.24.20 and ^ Clothing and Gents Furnishing Goods to
80. Competition for the following per#on who bring8 int0 Stillwater
prises is limited to Payne and . ... , , , ..
Lincoln counties. The Lsri^cst wciLjon Loud of icctl Cotton
e «•
—-- between now and
(lea** ll< us*
IM mrm t s
•ilka a# •*
tm «*ltl mi IS* rvpalt
>m% W Wurn*.
*r **v bji|pr4<4 t*> IMOMM !»*■
»*1 Ifrvrt • r»a4«S*i* for tfa* MSI
M! « ■ ? rr-k-.*ur ol A—d* wl.«rt U
Ik* t"*M*rot* a
We *r. |UW Md to SAi
f L<«* <4 Mt .wur, lor
u!>« mi *brnff of mtt; Mb
>rt to tl**r «tU of the rrpsblKM now-
lastibtf OUM*«tltloM.
The N<M«nbtf victjrn* were *e-
!*» •«-: T —
<» oJ o-ai* leading into I*er-
I ra* would be very beneficial.
Xwt M -n isr ha* lawn named
ly licr. Kerguion a* labor day.
T e election of McGuire i*
ma le more certain by the speech
( r > - making over the territory.
T:<e iletnoerarT. l*eing ont ol
power, talk- loudly and with
great vehemence about the offen-
nivene?- of tru?ts. Granted that
the complaints are just, what did
that party do to curb trusts when
it had the power ?
The democrats in making their
fight on the republican tariff will
hardly call to mind the armies of
tramp-, hoboes. Coxeyites. etc.,
which were swarming through
the land during the days of the
Wilson-Cleveland law.
Mr. Bryan continue? his com-
ment- on tiie republican party,
whi a are neithernew nor original
lie recently state 1 that the repnb-
1 -v: psrtv <D«**ives little credit
i ■’ pr.-< i,t condition of th*
e • .. -;!iiv th'-v. tiie repn'di
i -. *;.-!»-!% retained the Cleve
i-i-j-l money p«»l c..
ttMtf .1 %
one dollar.
He*! *.ik quilt, one dollar
iWat loaf ..f bread tail, eel el ii<*t [a<r of j g»
fVkda el iWry Soar. hat*dn»J two dollar*
po«Md* el PfxW «| Terry
Rest lalw I <4 iVfft peat *r*.
llsat btMfiel ol In*b potato**. $1
IWat half of oeloo*. $1.
li«*t baabel ol eon*. 11
IW*t baabel ol rye. $1.
lie*!! of wbrot. $1.
1 ie*t barbel oI cat*. $1.
licet barbel of Kaffir eorr. $1.
Test barbel of tsn»ip*. |1.
lic*t melon. 50 cent*.
The large*! pumpkin, 50 cent*.
Beat display of butter. 50 cent*.
Bert pair of chicken*. $1. See
lod beet, 50 cents.
Beet pair of geerv. $1. September *.13. pony race, 131
Iie*t pair of docks, 81. band, and under. J mile, ten dot-
Best pair of turkey*, 81. tar*.
Best all purposecolt. $2. September 24. free for all run
Be*t all purpu** yearling colt, ning race, twenty five dollar*.
L i Tree for all trotting rare. twenty
Best all purpose two year olJ fire dollar*,
colt, two dollar*. September 25. free for all j»ac
Ite*! mule colt, tw.i dollar.-. , ing ra<-e. twenty five dollar*.
Best mule of any age. two do! September 25, running race. _
■». ' mile. Ill hands and under, twenty ;
Be*t span of tnule* two dollars, five dollars.
Iie»t matched jionie? two dol Free for all trot and
Lars. years old and under.
October 4th 1902,
|S**t soar, taro dollar*,
........... ’ ‘ which is the last day of the Gr?at Stillwater Oar-
i-*’ I-r •*»“' nival. This is not a fake offer. Everyone knows
licat park of pan. 50 r*it». j #
!V*t • r»? jr* *». 5<l rt* W0 A1*0 StriCtly
Jl**t Isnbtl of spile*. 50 rest*
lir*t display of eann«d fruit,
one dollar.
Stalk of e»tton a th tie mo*t
- .. two f ::»r*. And you can get the sa:n3 value for this $25 offer as you can if you
Basibajf ... badthegdd We will also state that wo have the best Clothing
and Gents Furnishing Goods House m the country, and can give
you better values than any one else. We don't handle any Ki Ki
or bankrupt goods, as everything is brand new and up-to-date and
our motto is, better values for the same money or as cood a value
for less racney. Come in and see us- We will be pleased to show
Be*t driving team, two dollars.
Bc*t all purpose stallion and
ive of hi* gets, five dollar?.
Be*t jack and five of hi* get*,
ire dollar?.
Best all pnrpose cow. two dol-
Best calf, two dollars.
Best registered buli. two dol-
pace, two
l mile, 2<»
Bicycle race, free for all. five
Bicycle race, boy? under 15
years, five dollars.
Ladies bicycle race, free for all,
five dollars.
All race? five to enter and three
to go; two best heats out of three.
Base ball game on la-t day.
The One Price Clothier,
Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Other premiums will be added
to this list later on.
A Plain Statement
Of what W. B. Ratcliff has and what he can do for
you. He can save you money on a pair of shoes if
you are not to hard to fit.
He will sell you the staple Calicos cheaper than any one e^e in
town because he wants to or it the deal.
He has pants in stock v;-rv:rpr in price from $1 to $3: also men
Well Here We Are Again as Usual!anl boys overalls: men and hovs heavy work shirts for 45 cents.
1 ^ v ^ iChambra gin chain ‘'Ir'-'ts for 50 cents.
With a full line of Fall an 1 Winter il.tls.
always on time with tlm new things
At The
On Saturday, August 30, will occur a special display of
Alll the prevailing styles of the season. French pattern
hats, excellent stock, low prices. 1 he present display
promises to eclipse anything of the kind ever seen here.
There is tone to the styles and everything bears the
I Chambra gin^rh:
\7V arc Men* neglige ~hir s. nr; up-to-date fail line at popular prices-
In short ho can fit a m
^ar- uronenv m
And by the way lie is making a spe -ial <•!; r of hats in or<ler to clear his shelves for
a fall and winter line. When you want a hat don't fail to go and see Lira.
He also handles a fine shoe > • Gish. Bi-on'> Shoe Satin and Jet Oil and a patent
stamp of fashion. The public is cordially invited to attend} leather paste for fin^ shines an 1 k. * p the >h >e -«Jt.
this display. Remember the date above. When you order your fall .-uit -»f -l«»ti: ' call in and see liis samples. A pants sample
that cant be l>eat for price or quality
There probably never wa^ a
n :.r) >r woman who did not ooca-
?iona!!y nee«l the charity of those
with whom they come in contact,
ami on hearing a ?tory relating to
the -h'ine?- or fickleness of some-
one. i* i- surprising that they do
not liojte, for the honor of their
r.i -e. that it is not true, or at least
treat it with charitable silence
a- they hope to l>e treated. There
never was a great man who paid
much attention to gossip; there
never wa- a woman distinguished
a: .ve her sisters for goodness
w ];o wa- not charitable. Yon
might as well amuse yourself b?
remarking the ugliness of people
as t" amu?e yourself by remark-
ing t’:eir fanlts and transgressions.
We are all ugly enough, heaven
knows, and we all have too many
faults to warrant u? in Wing sur-
pr.-t-ia fanlts in other*. Ex. ways considered Fynn a ’-Iter set *o many of rnT eolorcJ friend? TXfUQ0C |y|
Tiie leader cia.-ses tfie editor of < candidate than any populi-V a* d rK-rr to-nigi.t. I have a great
t e I leg:-ter with E. E. Brown of1 ba* supported hitr. Tb- many of ’ era through-oat this <«nrj APf*
•lefnnet Observer. Sow wejoolj diffwwe i* that Brw !a hi* C«dui>g speech VXlll dllU Mlv
C iU?howa closer analogy with declare*! for ami-1. —I am gl»J tnat there-
the editor of the lealff \*j qoot- *^hen Xi lirl knift-i . -. -a. taa* wasn't a rigger iu tiie demoerat-
■ Z -tear. Brown thought treasonably aceocnp’ / i..* t wriutr.i- * e.j* r • iiti?! me
When in need of any of the above articles men-
j«ieg«t. u.,.i than o- i;.n tw faij in hi, (.uthri. tioned don't fail to see Ratcliff. He buys for cash
and consequently attempted to jtix* -»****.*•
support him. *Nib!ack ha-ai speech. -My friends. I am p*d to ailQ S6lIS IOT CciS-Q ailCl 13 cl C J 0 tO g!V6 yOV tiie iOW6St
id i d are
porpr*e.—Guthrie Begi-tef
• #

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