The Blackwell Sun. (Blackwell, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 11, No. 27, Ed. 1 Thursday, July 6, 1905 Page: 4 of 8

£hc gHacfenrcH J'un
Established lWJft _
Blackwell, Oklahoma
J. M. EUiminger, Proprietor
Three months.....................26c
Biz month*.......................500
One year........................ ** 00
6ntrr.t mt SStackmatt SPttltffit, at
Jaaaatt-a/att W?at tar
With President Roosevelt at his
summer home at Oyster Bay Sec-
retary Hay dead and Secretary
Taft x>>ne otl on a junket to the
Philippines,who is “sitting on the
lid" at Washington, or are things
left to tun wide open?
The records of immigration
from foreign lands to the l oiled
States has been broken for the fis-
cal year which ended with June 30.
The total reaches the enormous
sum of more than one million, and
the problem is beet ming more ser-
ious as to what is best to do about
A dispatch from Boston says a
labor decision of far-reaching im-
portance has just been rendered by
the full bench of the Massachu-
setts supreme court in the case of
Michael F.Berry vs. Jerry E.Don-
ovan It is held that a labor union
and its members are not justified
in law in procuring the discharge
•f a fellow workman liecanse he Is
not a member of their union, in an
attempt by them to obtain the ad-
vantages of their union contract
with his and their employer.
What are your friends saying
about you? That your gray
hair makes you look old ?
And yet, you are not forty!
Postpone this looking old.
Hair Vigor
Use Ayer’s Hair Vigor and
restore to your gray hair all
the deep, dark, rich color of
early life. Then be satisfied.
" Ayer's flair Vigor rr«tor*d tb« natural
color to my gray hair, and I am greatly
i.leaaed It la all you claim for It.”
M k*. E. J. V a It DECa a. MecfaaulcarllU*. N. Y
f | no a bottle.
All ■IrugglaU.
_ Lowell. Mm*
Dark Hair
policies,the baneful fruits of some
of which the people generally are
condemning with n o uncertain
sound. Should the eloquent sena-
tor practice sime of the precepts
which he so forcibly preaches, we
believe bis influence would he
much greater than it has in the
past while he has been so strenu
ously maintaining that all of the
policies of his party are right and
that most of the demands of the
opposition to those policies are
1 10 8
1 TO 8
$38,573. watches *4,156, musical
instruments $25,095, household
furniture ami hooks $71,469, mon-
ey on hand #69,967, mortgages
and other securities $25,033, pro- -----s ____ -----------
missory notes aud accounts $15,- the interstate commerce comrnis
007. average value of merchants’ *ion full power in the premises
The democrats of Ohio in state
convention at Columbus yesterday
sounded the keynotes of policies
to be pursued by the party in the
comiug campaign. They indorsed
the policy of the present national
administration in regard to the
purchase of supplies for the Pana-
ma canal in the markets of the
world, and expressed the hope that
the iky will soon come when the
common people of this country
may have the same privilege
They declared against rebates and
secret contracts by railroads, fav
oring such legislation as will give
stocks $17,810. The number of
dogs returned for taxation was 114,
valued at $1,009. Of this number
Ponca City returned 102. Of tax-
They pledged themselves if suc-
cessful, to use their utmost en-
deavors to eliminate graft and po-
litical corruption that has been
Archbishop Farley, head of the
Roman Catholic church of N6w
York, in a recent interview advises
social ostracism as a cure for
the divorce evil. He declares that
were women made to feel the hu-
miliation rightfully attendant up-
on the majority of the cases of di-
vorce, not so many of them would
seek for the severance of the mari-
tal bonds. He declares that society
should refuse to receive a divorcee
the same as it does any disreputa-
ble woman. He says that where
persons are morally and mentally
unfitted for companionship, the
church, as well as society, sanc-
tions separation, hut he holds that
remarriage is the chief fault.
It "ill not lie many years until
government land for free homes
will all be taken up. UmUr an act
of congress, passed several years
ago, delayed in its enforce-
ment,there will be thrown open to
able personal property Blackwell I nourished by the republicans of
leads the cities with $121,725. In that state. They declared for free
some resjtects these figures seem and unqualified home rule in mu-
farcical, and their smallness ex- nicipal matters, mid in favor of
plains in part why taxation is so public ownership of public utili-
high. It would seem to 11s to be tie8> and for the assessment of rail-
a gootl scheme for some one whose nmds and other public service cor
duty it is to see that assessments porations at no less than the sala-
Hie properly made in accordance ble value of their properties iu or-
with the law in order that glaring <jer that they shall be compelled to
inequalities may be corrected aud pay their full share of taxation.
the rate ■ f taxation reduced.
Thos. W. Lawson is still keep
ing up his “frenzied finance" cam
paign against the coterie of trust
promoters with whom he formerly
associated and whom he is now
trying to morally convict out of a
spirit of revenge for real or for
fancied grievances. However, we
believe there is much of truth
in what he says of the results of
They also declared in iavor of the
initiative and referendum, espe-
cially with reference to the grant-
ing of public franchises. If tbe
people are not asleep to* their in-
terests, such declarations of prin-
ciples ought to appeal to them suf-
ficiently strong to secure popular
indorsement at the polls.
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y /\ per cent
............. At/ discount
FmI Impending Doom
in vYuat lie ». .... Th- feeling of impending doom in
the ‘ system” which he so vigor- the mind, of many victims of Bright*
lu . ' ....... dlseiiie and diabetes lias been changed
ously denounces. In his last arti- t0 ttiaokfulness by tbe benefit derived
cle he says: “Because of the crime froIU takinK Foley’s Kidney Cure. It
of Amalgamated every pound of will cure incipient Bright’s disease
food that goes to sustain life in the and rt'abeie*, and even in the worst
American people,every shingle on cases give! comfort and relief. Slight
, „ disorders are cured In a few days. I
every roof that shelters the Amer- h#d fljabt.tes p, tts w„rst form.’’ writes
lean people, every mile of traus- Marl,,n Lee of Dunreatb, Ind. -I
portal ion for man or freight in tried eight physicians without relief.
America; in fact every necessity | Oalj three bolUes of Foley's Kidney
and i very luxury of the American ! Cure made me a well man." Sold by
|ieople, has added to its cost some Anderson,--
fractional increase, representing In Rev.J. 8 Edmond* has returned
. .. . __tin a
Look for Signs All 0\rer the House for Great
Bargains During This Carnival Sale
I Barrett’s Modern Daylight Store j
F. V. Rowland & Co.
Fire anil
Effort of Tom Gould to Imprest th*
Ladies of the Aetor Household In
the Only Way He Could Think of
at Embarrassing Moment
serve of mote than 2,ooo,oco acies.
This tract of land is known the
Uiutsli Indian Reservation, and is
in North eastern Utah. It is said
the Lnd will be divided into quar
ter-stetions under the free home-
stead entry plan, anti that the lot-
tery system will be used to deter-
mine who are entitled to make en-
try. The land is said to be very
fertile and will doubtless make
good homes for many people. The
chamber of commerce of Grand
Junction,Colo., will furnish infor-
mation with resjfect to this land.
According to the official records
at the county at at the total assess-
ed valuation of the real and per-
sonal pro\>erty in Kay county as
returned b y the assessors and
equal zed by the county commie
aiooets is $4,051,607, of the per
sonal property the following fig-
ures are given as the assessed valu
ation: Horses $190,687, mules and
asses $53,648. cattle $199 545-ho«*
1 *t. of this year, a government re- lions annually, waich, flowing iu 1 tbt worker, of Oklahoma. He w»s
the coffers of the “system,’ elei<u>d „ m,.niber of the executive
strengthen aud extend its stupen- ctimf,ilUee of the Baptist Young
duous grip ou the property of the people's Union,
Child Not Empsctf d to Live from On#
Hour to Another, but Cured by Chem
b#i loin's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy •
Ku'l\ the ill tie daughter of K. N,
Iiew« y of Agnewvlllc, Ya.,wss ser-
iously III of cholera infantum last sum
mer. “We gave tier up and did not
axpict her to live from otis hour to
another," lie says “1 happened to
think of CTiniubeiUln’s Colic, ('holer*
and Diarrhoea Remedy ii"d got * bot-
tle of it fom the store. In five hours
I saw a change for the butter. We
kept on giving It and herore she had
taken t lie half of one small bottle sh<
was well." This remedy Is for sale by
LAB Drug Co.
In the last number ot the Satur-
day Evening l’ost,of Philadelphia
Setmtor Beveridge of Indiana lias
a long article on “The\onng
Man and tbe Nation," which he
introduces a* follows: “You are
au American — remember that.
And be proud of it, too. It is the
noblest circumstance in your life.
Think what it means. The great-
est people on earth—to be one of
that people; the most jiowerful na
lion—to l>e a member of that na-
tiou: t ie best Hiid freest institu-
tions among men—to live under
those institutions; the richest land
under any^flag—to know that land
for your country and your home;
tbe most fortunate period iti hu-
man history—to live iu such a day;
this is a dim aud narrow outline of
what it means to lie an American
Glory in that fact. Your very be
ing cannot be too highly charged
with Americanism. And do not
be afraid to nssert it.” Senator
Beveridge says a greHt deal in hi*
article which it would be profita
ble for every young mar. to read.
And he not only treats of patriot
I,m, but he talks of politics—inde
pendence of polities and activity-
in politics which it would tie wel‘
fur every man, young and old, to
read ami to heed. Senatot Bever
idge is himself a young man, 1
leader in the national councils of
the republican party,and supposed
to indorse most if not all of its
Oood for Stomach Trouble and Const-
"Chamberlain's Btomach and Liver
Tablets have done me a great deal of
geod," says C. Towns, of Rat Portage
Ontario, Canada. ‘‘Retog a mild phy-
tic the after effecte sre not unplea-
sant and I can recommend them to
•11 who suffer from stomach dlso-der.”
For sale by L A B Drug Co.
Rev. C. D. Spillman, formerly of
Blackwell, will return to Oklahoma to
spend his vacation, tie aays he baa
Just completed a successful year's
work In the Theological Seminary of
Louisville, Ky. He will hold meetings
during vacation._
Buy It Mow
Now Is the time to buy Chamber-
lain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. It is certain to be needed
sooner or later and when that time
comes yon will need It bsdly-you will
need it quickly. Buy It now It may
save life For sale by L A B Drug Co.
Do You Use
Cement Stone?
We can sell you a complete outfit
for making rock, tool, and plain
face Cement Stone for #50.
Complete Outfit
for $30
For Catalog write to
J. h. Turner, Wichita, Ks
When Mr. Astor ran for Congress—
and lost—one of bis adherents war
Tom Gould. Mr. Gould was a type.
He was proud of his own physical
strength; proud of Mr. Astor as hi*
choice for tbe national legislature.
Any bibulous one who visited Mr.
Gould's bar and expressed a dislike
for Mr. Astor fell a prey to trouble.
Mr. Astor liked Mr. Gould, being
struck with bis amazing garb and un-
trammeled manners. Tbe ladles at
his house, to whom be spoke of Mr.
Gould and his eccentricities of speech
and dress, wero smitten of a desire
to know more of him. They besought
Mr. Astor to invent an excuse and
have Mr. Gould to the house, where
they might rejoice their eyea and
ears with him.
Mr. Astor made the excuse; Mr.
Gould appeared. The latter wore
a silk hat, a reefer Jacket with white
pearl buttons as large as silver dol-
lars, checked trousers, striped shirt,
red necktie and a waistcoat like unto
an alarm of fire. Over ellRhls splen
dor was cast a light green topcoat;
tor the air of autumn was chill.
Mr. Astor received his visitor In
the drawing-room; presently the
ladles of the household drifted in, and
Mr. Oould was presented.
Having launched hla adherent on
what might be termed the tides of
high society, Mr. Astor. to the end
that tbe ladles study Mr. Gould at
their ease, if cot at his, made a pre-
tense of retiring to the library In
quest of certain papera of moment In
bis campaign. Left alone and unpro
tected. Mr. Oould was discouraged
and tried to hide 1L The ladles them-
selves could think of nothing to say,
but eyed Mr. Gould In timid silence.
Mr. Gould began to feel the strain;
that he might be more at elegant ease
he paced the floor—five majestic
strides ore way. then wheel and re
This pedestrlantsm gave a measure
of relief and yet Mr. Oould felt the
necessity of saying something. Hs
must screen his awkwardness from the
ladles and abow them how he felt a*
Suddenly, like a flood of light, a
happy thought swept over him Mr.
Gould paused, half turned to hla fall
auditors, shrugged his square should-
ers, Inflated hla deep chest, made a
gesture with his hand, palm down
ward, and spake these words hu klly:
“Soy, lydles! I'll bet >•' a hundred
dollars I kin lift th' plenny."—A. H.
Lswlt In the Saturday Evening Post.
fOCf.i': i!
P^owlaud and Cornua 11 y cell real estate
(3>ir prices are right eur methods are straight
"WTe have on our list investments select
Lauds that will pay iu every respect
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j^'o better are found on the market today;
I Don't you forget we are here iu Blackwell
give the best value in all that we sell
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^Protection to patrons we always secure
^^nd here we will sell city property too
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You find us all right In business we do
We Want Your Business
F. V. Rowland & Co.
Blackwell. - Oklahoma
grraipos KHI« Anli-Vscslnst iobI*
(thsrlae Stevens aecrvtarv of th*
in<l \ ecelnr.ation League of Minna
tp, II*. died from smallpox He had
frequently denounced vaee.^eMon at
to.m<.irloua and a barbarous vactlaw
T E ETH I N,j\
1 Clioltn-lnfiiilui
hove.DyitnUry, |
Bowel Tnuhlci i
th* Bowtl Troublu of
Children of An/ Agt.
|Aids Digestion, Rt^ulatc*
__ | th# Bowils, Mr«n*thtni
Cuts Only 8 oats it Pnnnrfati ’ tV et m nV^f asy1*
Orwell U cost, to O. J. MOFFBTT, M. 0„ OT. LOUIS, MO.
Mother I Nss/tif* no longor, but utvm tho health and Ufa at
your child am thouaanda hav dona, by giving thaam pawdara.
TKdTMINA la aaally glvan and quickly counteraeta and ovar~
comma tha attaota at tha aummar'a haat upon toothing children.

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