The Times--Record (Blackwell, Okla.), Vol. 20, No. 21, Ed. 1 Thursday, February 6, 1913 Page: 2 of 8

the coming year even more complete anc still
more carefully selected than in the past.
We are now preparing to supply your wants
in high grade eed corn. < >ur prices are so low
it is doubtful if you can pick out your own seed
Field Seed
Wo will aim to make our line of field seed
Enousch Said, those who have come to
realize the almost endless uses to
which a disc may be put must also
recognize the fact that the John Deere
Model B disc is positively in a class
by itself. If you never heard its ad-
vantages may we not make you a
MODEL B friend by selling you
Price $33.00 discount for cash.
to advantage.
Garden Seed
Just Opening up a new consignment direct
from the growers, our prices therefore will be
lower than most people ask. may we not send
you our special catalog?
If you decide to rake them you
know there is No Other like
the McCormick rake with its
big full size l»2inch teeth and
the horse does ALL the work
we want to sell you one, price
$31.50, 5% discount for cash.
Field and Garden Seed Business
Ik ML ft. n*m
Tin innior .lawn had charge of
chapel \4onda, morning. The pro-
gram two* a read!uir by L. C. Moore,
vocal duel, Gladys Keys and Vera
UiiinpLrbs; paper I*)' (Mia Davisson; 1
piano, Kvdyn bold* r music, Ldrec-
i«i' Jerome Wiuea, and announce-
uibli b> Ivan Kwatm.
•Mian lAjta I fold* r, a *111(11-01 of
19)0, hoe enrolled a* a junior. It will i
P< remembered that she once played
good basket null and live prospects
are that *b<- will b.- a member of thin
year* team.
On Morula, evening the hunky Ton-j
kawa t . I*. H. busk* t ball team went ;
down to defeat at the hand* of li.
II. H Th* I’re-p. school worked font
aud hard, but to no avail. West !
played In old Him hi, le, shouting
baskets from all side-* ol the court,
a bile the r.-Mt ol lire team did their
port. Th< wort- vu ,1k io k.
Miss Beulah Itundull and .MIhh 1'Lf-
fl. Clayton ar<- reported nick at ibeir
homes It it, H, hope* for them swift
The fnihltv ar* working to put on
a piny soon Here's hoping success
to our bub) • Inns.
Itob McDowell, the junior pride ant
u basket bail rorward, has made good j
a last with coach IntHt'i wonders.
The girls' basket ball i<-aru will go
io Knld In a few days for the purpose
of eieartng up the avenue of victory.
'Hie i * mors are working hard on
th* H.
H Antiital, which we -*11 i
think f
I** (he lust H. S. lioukl'i |
in the
H. If. basket ball IumdmI
• d themsc|v«*s dangers to j
* li ft J1
ig town* Th* boys' team!
beat ill g
nkita last Thursday even- t
lug b>
■cor) of 21 to II in tavor 1
of 11. i|
anil on Friday evening at;
i a
doubt* header wus played, j
llic bo;
score being 27 lo 21 and
the girls
•core being in to 21, both
favor of tt. >|. S
The Ark
iiDMiit i ity U.
H. Kirin will
meet the
H II. H irMs
In u ba«k«*t
ball giuue
to the It. H. K
io in Friday
Ifui. 31. at
•harp T
he gain*- will
b«- a fast
one. There la
aluo u i(iiUh*
between f
he senior and
junior boy*
| HIM ted lor
the same eVl
On Thu
rsday morning
: ike* heniom
gave a rot
vat to the Junk
ir* About tiic*
It is always
taut Ui keep
tuutn aboi
iif pitch thlnffi
a tors an)
' go hungry f
or lb*ir son
The sophomores led chapH Fri-
day morning and rendered the follow-
ing program II. S. paper by l a; o<
Matner. piano <*»o by Ksu-lia Haebc-r:
reading by Fred Wir,**, and **t-
nouncemantH h> Ka> Kargcnt.
Air. l'a>n< lUttv* r, as spokesman
for the sophomore class wlli lx
pleased to k:,<*» that th* sopbor/.or*
class is entirety welcome io the bou-
iju<-ta given them.
UAH FIFE Mill. Hi. I, till *iM»Ni
Five < arload - Reach Simpler and j
More is on the Way
F'lve freight ears loaded with eight
inch pipe ar> on ihe siding at Sump-
ter, north of Blackwell. They reach-
ed there on Friday morning and they
will be unloaded at the earliest op-
portunity. Twenty-one cars an- ex-
pected to reach this city before long
from Pittsburg, Pa., where the cars
now lying at Sumpter .time front.
The city owns the pipe and it is to
be leased to the Blackwell Oil and
Gan company for the trann|>ortation
o all the gas from the Helds to the
factories which will be In operation
soon m Blackwell.
A member of ih<- city government
Haid that th* contract called for 47,-
*">2i: feet ol pipe and that the object
In having some of it sidetracked at
Suiupfer was to save hauling as the
work of laying It would begin from
th* north at the same time, it began
from the edge of the city’s limits. He
figured It out that It would all be
her** within fen days and that all
the idle labor available would be put
to work io get It in the ground as
soon as possible.
V man Interested in gas advanced
fb< opinion that the gas fields adja-
ci nt to Blackwell would be greatly
*f lengthened before many weeks.
“The amount of gas In this section
cannot even b« guessed at.” he de-
clared. and when this fact becomes
generally known it will have a tre-
iii* minus influence on owners of fac-
tories who are fearful that the sup-
ply cannot last To satisfy myself
1 visite
d the th
north of the city
)• and 1
s agree
ably sure
with wli
nt 1
In tills con in
a It ma
> he said
that th
e Oklah<
Glass a
ind Bottle
the sid*
L* Ol tile
cast of
Main s
(ffH, wl
III t»
e ready
to begin
d the a
* ■ ---
Bartlesville * Frederick tt'apt.y 2nd for,
t- before! tt. G.; Weddle, L. O.
it- one r-a-! Blackwell—Bolder, R. F.: Kuntz.
of glux* blowers from
will be noted on the street
many days. In fact tl
.or why the city official:- aud the I Harp, L. F.; Mann K'apt.l 1st f'.;
Blackwell G;«* ar.c Oil company arc j Wood, Hermes. 2nd C.: Richards. K.
i-o < ac r to hai- it* pip- laid. G.: Priddy, L. G.
______ Summary—Goals: Bolder 3, Down-
1 ing 1 Fouls on Arkansas City 7, on
HI*.II St IHMII ftllll.S »H Blackwell 9. Free throws, liolder 4,
- Kunu 2. Jtowning 3. Referee, Ba-
lt* real \rksn«H« litj in Um- sf the f;on
laxle-i Game-, of '**■**«• Th* buys' line-up:
-- Hargrave, f\: l-arrab*.-e. Sheets K. *
By outplaying their opponents at:o.; Robbins, L. G.; McDowell, R. F.:
>1ji critical times the girls basket! s** aim, B p.
ball team from B. II. S. won from the j Seniors—Morse, f'Hft, R. G.:
Irkansa* < ity high school eager* on i Wheeler. I.. West. R. F: Savage,!
Friday night by a score of 12 to ■>. It j d. p.
wax the fastest game th* girls have i Summary—Goals, XVest 7, McDowell'
played tins season. As a curtain Savage 4, Hargrave 4, Swaim 3,
raiser the senior boys nosed out the Wheeler 2, Fouls on juniors 5. on sc-
junior aggregation by one point. 29 niors 9. Free throws, West 3, Me- |
to 2-. This game was very fast aud Dowell 3. Points awarded, to juniors *
G«orgt Co*-»n t Story of Acte Who
Had to Wait Too Lo-q 1c
r. tja 11:
V ' a
J. Referee, f^jvett.
quite spectacular.
The Kansas girls bad come to 5 -
Blackwell with quite a reputaiton as
handle is of th* leather sphere but But One Distinction,
their forwards had never been against Mis. J. G. Phelps Stoke* Rose
such guarding as the locals put up Pastor) said in a recent address in
ami : heir defense had never been trietl New lorU. apropo- *> e«->tain dishon-
out like it waB with the fast living **8t hnancial methods.
“Thev ’eil a itorv about a mau ot
rnaroons and they best they could do ^ ^ ,, appe!l„ ,ha, as got
was one held goal. . out 0j j,|s motorcar one day. a thief
In the local bunch a star .was an snatched a silk handkerchief from the
impossibility. Every girl was play- tvo'het of hix x ible-linvd overcoat.
| mg in th< best form this season and j The millionaire grabbed the thief
I.. 1 .ml looked around to a i-olice officer
they work*-d entirely as a team. Of tuu w
Then the tln*»f <quirmingty in his
grasp, said:
" 'Ah. let in* gol Gome on now,
let roe go. Alter all. boss, the only
difference between you and me is that
you’re makin' your sixth or ssventb
million while I'm still workitr on my
tirst ”•
the seven fouls called on the visitors j
Miss Bolder threw four straight and
Miss Kuntz two out of three tries.
1 Before the boys' game started the
j seniors looked to have about as j
I much chance as a snow ball in a ■'
j fourth of July celebration. The dope
sheet looked all junior. And the !
• way th*- gam*- started strengthened
the belief. They shot two goals in *
quick succession and it looked as if
it ui-r<- all over but the singing. But ! probably hold ib* record
right h* r* the last year men came ! these degenerate da-
back with sonn real speed fiend cag-
ing and the first half ended 1
He Speaks ~ v. nty Three L.-.nguiges
Sir Charles Elliot, the newly <P-
pointed principal of Huns Kong uni-
versity. who s. -aks 23 lo-g 'lgi*s may
a linguist
But it) the
• past h*', would not Imve ixjrne off the
belt so easily There was Klihu Bur-
,0I rftt, for instance, the “Learned Black
9. Th, third termers now realized Um|th • i,orn ir Conneciicut in 1810
v they were tip against and came ' who whilst working as an apprentice
hack in the cond session determin- . at the forge taught hiiu-eit French
• d to cut down the lead aud win. The T-a»in. German. Italian. Greek and Ht
graduates-elect were just as deter- hrew. During early manhood he mas
, . tcred Sanskrit. Syriac Arable N,vr**.
mined that they were not and the DlItch ,,oljsll ^hemiM. and
last pan of the game was the fast-j Turkish: tj,e„ turning h»* attention to
ever been j minor languages and dialects, perse
It ended j rered in his studies until he was able
rill OR the I to read, write and s|*eak »ti «0 differ-
I ont way-
i But It took an equa! linguist to tell
! ««t basket ball that ha*
playw) in the local gym
29 to 2k with the settlors
long end.
The girls' line up:
Arkansas City—Palmer. Walker
R F; Downing. I-. F.; Nichole. 1st
s ben
Klihu Hurrltt
From the Ixu
»Ulng the
George M. Cobat . a: ;
supper a* Delssocr t1 •
shout the — irkc-
“Tbere'* a itr' “ *’rry
the itirkey *•->> " * satd w * . -
dreamy smile, a Mory -t iii -t a:e-
wel' li e vfc* -si «»f ar
“Ac elderly a*.:**- *>***■ n • - -pu'-r :n
a theatrical agent one day
“'le there nothing yo: <-a: .:* for j
1 I've bung aro-c-d * ur office. '
nf work foreign n-c f;. • cov
“Tbe agent, a* -e poiThed I - dt
nond ring with bis r*-d sflk l a 1 ke-
chief, answered thoughtfully:
“ ‘I.irok her*. Bring yourself up to j
dale. The ' turkey trot" is all the go
Yon train some an'mi! nr biri to do
the urrkcy trot-' with you, and I'll ge'
you on one of '’*r circuits a* 5 ’Free
figure -istery
' TTje old artOi thanked the .sent ,
gTatefully. He bought an ostrich from
a retired circus man. and after a lot
of hard work he laugh' 'he bird to
‘turkey trot' with b';tn splendidly.
Then be reported h ire-tel f to the .,eent
“Be! tile ageni. f* * ail his promises,
had nothing to offer Th,* poor fellow
turned up every day for a while, then
every other day, then every third day,
and at iasst a week wen' by wixfcont
his appearance at. the agent's office.
"Then the agent sent for him. and
“ Well. I've fixed you up at last,
i ve book*-d you for ruat turn of yours
st -.'
"But the old acior interrupied. sad-
“‘It’s too late no* he said
‘“Too late? How is it too late?"
said the agent, frowninc
“ 'I've had to e*vf mv partner.- mut-
tered tlte old actor
Propitiating Spirits of Rats.
15.006,000 rats have- been sacrificed
tor :be sake of th* preventive meas
I ure against the spread of piagtte
! brought forth by the Metropolitan Po-
; lice board of the city of Tokio This
enormous number o' the rodents b3ve
been purchased by Ihe authorities
i from the residents anc killed since the
first -asc of the pestilence was dlscov
1 ered in the capital in December. 1902
I Recently <» religious err ice was per
1 formed by the official* of the police
, offiae for the purpose of consoling the
spirits of these dead creatures. These
tender h-varied gentlemen remembered
that the current year is neno-tosbi,
or "the year of the rat" and that these
) < r*atures therefore loeeree some iM
S^ccfcg er* sc Eeplie*) Estate
A g* r.' ■* cj ,rct London »ss
virec *. *• r- a d&▼* snipe shoot-
ing" *r • he *j05c>-‘v. 'Che invitatku
was **'.*•*- «UKi the boat and guest
shouldered g-*nr ; « sa”4ed forth >
quest gaSK-.
Aft* e a **oh'rary snipe rose
»nd promptly Heft »* the visitor* fi-v
The bos* s *«-* ♦ 'cl! also.
"Wc may a* well return.'' he re
mnrkeel gloomily, "for that was
onlr • the rcighborhood.
The- hi** ha*- ;*fforded exceller:
tsn--s to *'•' hi* friends fm six week*
Cough, Cold j
Sloan’s liniment gives
quick relief Tor cough, cold,
hoarseness, sore throat,
croup, asthma, hay fever
and bronchitis.
Ma. Auuw Vf. PEtciiof Frolpnia,
K-u., writ*-*: **\Vo u-,- Sloia's Liui-
nfui in tUe family and tiA it an ex-
ttlkH relief f■ ;-«• M<* and k ,y torer
k!ta*-i*. Iz | s cojcb^z^ and
iuj ac.c**t .itlaitiy.'1
Ia JlfU-uyii,of ModelVv,FI*.,
writ**: " X boiiglatione boUle of your
Lwroert s*j*l itUui the in
the wcrM. tbrout wks re tv pore,
a&d >1 cured roe ci m j trouble.'*
M h. W ) \. r, 3721 Elm vr <v*d
ATrr.jft, Chn iu:< . 111., writes: *•A Xit-
tJ^ next d«x*r croup, 1 gave
Sbe c »v6 biTn tl-T*ye «ir*»f»« on
b^fcTff £ itng to ' el, ho jjt»t tip
without t^r fin»p in the morning.**
Price. 2Sc.. 50c.,$1.00
on the
sent free.
,Earl S. Sloan

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