The Times-Record. (Blackwell, Okla.), Vol. 5, No. 3, Ed. 1 Thursday, October 7, 1897 Page: 1 of 8

he Times-Record.
NO. 3.
YQL. 5- DiiAvA ** XilAMAt AAA W«v». A -------------- • ______
We fire SUreiy Tt)e Hot Stuff.
We Have the BEST HARNESS on the Market.
We buy HARNESS for Spot Cash.
We are able to sell to you on time.
We carry more Harness than all the dealers in town.
Come and see a LARGE Stock of Goods.
| A Car of Mitchell | \
Wagons to Arrive.
One Car of Buggies.
geo. r. wieeet,
BlackuJeli Fiats.
Ed Li. TDecHbGtrT7i
(Successor to Pecxnam, Brown & Pond.)
Practice In all Territorial and Federal
Courts and U. S. Land Ofltce.
w p. PA®©T*>
physician a-pd Su|*geop.
£j9“Office over Anderson's Drug Store.
Residence one door North of
M. E. Church.
©. o EJlliott 3y[.
Physician and Surgeon.
yra'Oalls Attended Anywhere Day or Night.
Office hours in town, 9 ». nt. too p.
m. From 6 p. in to 8 a. tn. can be
found Ht farm, four mile* east and \£
mile south of Blackwell.
ft. C. pur»t1r»gtop, fR. 'o
PltyMittistn Ac- Sui'BPon
Keglst. red and Licensed to prsc-
tice in both Kay and Grant county.
,- s-offic.a on Farm 5 miles west and one-
tall mile south of Ulai kwelJ. Ua'19 allls*c,J.'
. a nieht or dav PoKtolhce address. Box W>.
Blackwell, Oklahoma Ty.
physician fit Suygeop.
Having permanently located in Blackwell
I will practice my profession in this and
adjoining counties. All calls promptly
attended to day or nignt.
Diseases of Women and Children
a Specialty.
ourself perfectly cymiw-tent to take
charge «f any ease coming under our oh-
TLJ-Oftlce i!01 North Main Street.
Blackwell, : : Oklahoma.
Have you an Organ
Or Sewing Machine?
Does it need cleaning or re-
pairing? If so H. i:. MoOreight, of Parkjw,
jifers Ills services. J-A postal card KlAfng
your location will bring him to f®"*. "
vt'Bisj actual experience; and all work gu»r»n
li ed. Your patrimnge respectfully solicited.
I-i. InTest,
I am now located in Blackwell and1 Pre-
pared to do all kinds ol Dental Work.
Teeth Extracted with but little pain.
Correcting Irregular Teeth a Specialty.
j-^-OClcc at present with Dr. Blood.
North Main St. - Blackwell, O T
1 <3. \ziZ. ©lcstrhs i
3 The Barber- ■
Located just east of
-i$S- the Klondike Saloon,
-vOs* cn Blackwell avenue-
Three chair shop.
OFC-all and see us.
Blackwell, : Oklahoma
Mrs. Dr. Holland and Miss Ida Geig-
er attended a Sunday school conven-
tion at Geuda Springs, Kansas, last
Regular service at the M, E. church
Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. tn.
With evening service will close the
conference year.
Small pill, safe pill, best pill. De
Witt’s Little Early Risers cure bili-
ousness, constipation, sick headache.
—W, G. Anderson.
Messrs. Bradford and Walker of the
Hutchinson & Southern Railway com-
pany spent several days in the in the
city the past week.
J. L. Waite and Ed. L. Peckham
took in the Wichita fair last Friday
and Saturday. Of course they took
in Bryan's speech.
Miss Verna Springgate, of Wichita,
an elocutionist and impersonates
will give an entertainment in Taber-
nacle Oct. Uth and 13th.
Mrs. R. W- Stith returned last Sat-
urday afternoon from Kansas City,
where she had been visiting a couple
of weeks with her parents.
L. A. Millspaugh, a representative
of Noyes. Norman Boot and Shoe Co.,
of St. Joseph, Mo., was interviewing
our shoe merchants Tuesday.
Brick of all grades and shades at
the Varner Brick Yard. Prices to
Our implement dealers are having
considerable ditllculty in securing
grain drills fast enough to supply the
demand. At least one-third more
wheat will be sown this year than
H. Hatfield will immediately com-
mence the erection of a store-room
24x60 feet on East Blackwell avenue,
where he expects to move his stock
of merchandise by the first of next
Disfigurement for life by burns or
scalds may he avoided by using De
Witt’s Witch Hazel Salve, the! groat
remedy for piles and for all kinds of
sores and skin troubles.- W. G. An-
J. D. Winfield left Tuesday after-
noon for Kansas City, Mo., where he
goes to purchase a large line of hard-
ware and implements to till up the
large new store-room of the Winfield
Hardware and Implement Co.
Col. A. J. Blackwell and family have
again taken up their residence with
us. Their household goods arrived
yesterday and for the present they
will occupy rooms in their block.
The Colonel will commence the erec-
tion of a fine new residence in a few
Mrs. P. A. Hood purchased the lot
just south of the Commercial hotel
last Saturday of J. L. Lair. The con-
sideration was $800. This is the high-
est price yet paid for a vacant lot
, __j__r______ in
suit the quality. See our stock be- mackweu. Mr. Lair reinvested in
Northeast corner of
iV XvldNTeeil,
General Blacksmith,
Horse Shoeing a specialty. First
Blacksmith in town. Good work at
Low Prices. Give me a call, on East
Blackwell Avo., Blackwell, O, 1
fore buying,
You can’t cure consumption but you
can avoid it and cure every other
form of throat or lung trouble by the
use of One Minute Cough Cure.—W.
G. Anderson.
Jim Copper, an old resident of Cow-
ley county, Kansas, passed through
Blackwell, Tuesday, on his way over-
land from Wyoming to his farm in
Payne county, Oklahoma.
A. S. Edwards and wife, of Floral,
Kansas, were in the city last Friday.
Mr. Edwards intends to establish him-
self in the piano and organ business
in Blackwell in the near future.
There is no need of little children
being tortured by scald head, eczema
and skin eruptions. DeWltt's Witch
Hazel Salve gives instant relief and
cures permanently. W. G. Anderson
M r. H. West, the dentist, left last
Saturday afternoon for Kansas City,
where he will attend college this win-
ter. He expects to return again iu
the spring and practice his profession.
Geo. F. Corwin and Al. Voris, of
the Blackwell Implement Company-
left the first ot. the week for Kansas
City, Mo., where they will purchase
a large line of implements and ve-
hicles for their fall trade.
You can’t afford to risk your life by
allowing a cold to develope into pneu-
monia or consumption. Instant re-
lief and a certain cure are afforded
by One Minute Cough Cpre. W. G.
the next block south, paying 8o25 for
lot 10, block 10C.
Messrs. Bradford, Walker and
Whitelaw, of the Hutchinson & South-
ern railway company, spent several
days in Blackwell the past week. The
surveyors have completed their per-
manent survey to Blackwell, and the
contract has been let for the grading
w hich will be commenced at once and
pushed as fast as possible.
J. C. Berry, one of the best known
citizens of Spencer, Mo., testifies that
lie cured himseif of piles by using a
few boxes of DeWltt’s Witch Hazel
Salve. He had been troubled with
piles for over thirty years and had
used many different kinds of so-called
cures; but DeWitt b syas the one that
did the work and he will verify this
statement if anyone wishes to write
to him.—W. G. Anderson.
A newly appointed Georgia justice
of the peace was informed that some-
one had stolen his horse during the
night. He was not long in locating
the criminal, who was speedily
brought to trial, when the justice
6opne Flp« Fruit.
Last Saturday J. A. Hack, proprie-
tor of the Doe Creek Stuck Farm, five
miles northwest of Blackwell, brought
to this office a sample of three kinds
of peaches. They were the I’cquets
late white, Foster’s late yellow and
Crawford’s late. They were the larg-
est in size and the most delicious
flavored peaches the writer ever had
the pleasure of eating. The largest
measured 10i inches In circumference
and the smallest over 94 inches. Mr.
Hack has an orchard of 44 trees of
these varieties and many of the trees
bore one-half bushel of this fine fruit.
We would suggest to Mr. Hack that
he furnish an exhibit of his peaches
toJ. F. King, of Newkirk, who has
charge of the Kay county display in
the exhibit of Oklahoma products
in the different states, for which the
Santa Fe Railway Co. has furnished
a coach free to the counties tribu-
1 ary to its line. A notice of which
will be seen in another column.
To tha People of Kny County.
The Santa Fe Railway Company has
furnished a coach for the use of the
countie:' tributary to its line in Okla-
homa to be filled with exhibits of
farm products, and exhibited along
its lines in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa,
Illinois and Missouri. The people of
these states will not know what Okla-
homa can do until they hear from
Kay county.
I am requested by the territorial
committee in charge to look after
the interests of this county.
The public-spirited citizens of the
county generally, and of these the
farmers particularly, are requested
to bring or send to my office, in New-
kirk, such exhibits as they think wor-
thy. All exhibits must be in not later
than October 17th. J. F. King
♦ ♦
A few weeks ago the editor was tak-
en with a severe cold that caused him
to be in a most miserable condition,
It was undoubtedly a had case of la
grippe and recognizing it as danger-
ous he took immediate steps to bring
about a speedy cure. From the ad-
vertisement of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and the many good recom-
mendations included therein, we con-
cluded to make a first trial of the
medicine. To say that it was satis-
factory in its results, is putting It
very mildly, indeed. It acted like
magic and the result was a speedy
and permanent rure. We have no
hesitancy in recommending this ex-
cellent Cough Remedy to anyone af-
flicted with a cough or cold in any
form. The Banner of Liberty, Lib.
ertytown, Maryland. The 25 and 50
cent sizes for sale by W. G. Anderson.
HtM'l Tut (HU
This Is a
Watch-maker, Jeweler
and Engraver.
All Work Guaranteed.
Cousins Meet and Greet.
Mrs. C. A. McLaury, who lives four
miles east of Blackwell is an own
cousin of Hon. W. J. Bryan, and on
last Thursday morning, accompanied
by her husband and daughter, went
up to Wichita to meet him. He had
written Mrs. McLaury several days
before that he would be in Wichita
and made an appointment to meet
her there at the Carey hotel at an
early hour. Mrs. H. Hatfield of this
city accompanied Mrs. McLaury and
also had the pleasure of meeting him.
The visi t between the relatives lasted
□early two hours, and is no doubt re-
. to trial, when the juste e j 8ponHlb}e for the disappointment of
[ aint qualified ter set on rins . nol|tlcian!l wh„ failed to sue
several politicians who failed to sue
him or gel an interview.
--» • ♦----—
Croup Quickly Cured.
I Mountain Glkn. Ark.—Our child-
ren were .suffering with croup when
we received a bo’.tie of Chamberlain’s
case, seeln as the boss was mine: but
I'm goin' ter let the bailiff preside,
an’ while he’s a-tryin’ of the criminal
I’ll be out yander a-stretchin' of the
rope an’ locatin’ of the tree!”—Ex.
T. J. Hughes has purchased the .1.
S. Thompson residence property in,----
the second ward. Several of Tommy’s f0.ugh Ke,qed>. it forced^almost
friends now cast suspicions glances i instant rciuf. • • • , •
at him, but then everybody 1b buying ! This celebrated renrn y '■> or
ryal estate [p Blackwell at present. |xv-Anderson,
Fine Cigars, Tobaccos ami
Meals At All Hours,
Blackwell Blk., Blackwell, OUla.
Those who bylicve chronic diarrhoea
I to be incurable should read what Mr.
! 1’. K. Grisham, qf Guars Mills, La..
! lias to say on the subject, viz: I
I have been a sufferer from chronic
diarrhoea ever since the war nun
have tried all kinds of medicinfs foi
| it. At last I found a remedy that et-
! fected a cure and that was Chamls-r-
I tain s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
ttemedy." This medicine can always
i pit depended upon for colic, yBiolera
i morbus, dysentery and diarrhoea. It
pleasant to take and never falls t*;
i effect a v are. 25 and 50 cent sizes
sale by W, G, Amlerwtl.

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