Payne County Farmer. (Yale, Okla.), Vol. 1, No. 44, Ed. 1 Wednesday, June 23, 1909 Page: 4 of 4

&-&--P v" & C © • 4
Jtss, O, Slaybaugh,
Forests Nevs.
(Continued from first page.)
N >rfolf, Sunday. Oiv, jiecount
Sl’< l K-S'lll TO
i . jmKS
Sundries, Jewelry, Paints,
1 Oils, Brushes, I lie. Prescriptions accurately filled.
*•* Vmiiw n<itrnii<.i(r/i ulil lw» It H'l't' §11t l*t 1
.Additional Town
and County Xi w s.
The idea is t!i«t
of wick ness, !>ro McClain failed Yale’s Aim 1-2 celebration e< un-
to fill hi- tifipoi ut melit, at council mitten should get together and tin
Yulli-v, Sunday. Bro. I, a.-j iter i nt o net ion before July I, in <>r-
I being present, preached an inter- der that eitueiiH who go away
eating sermon Will Lasutcr and front home to celebrate t lie na-
family Irom near (jtmy, were \is- tonal anniversary can he looking
Your patronage will be appreciated
■ 1 ©—©—~©~~©s-<ft—©—©—© © €• -© O O ©
itingatthe home of Ids father,
Saturday nigiit and Sunday Kil-
im Deurdutf and ehildreu, who
have I eon visit mg real ives in Kan-
sas, returned home Inst week
Will I’all’ety is on the siek list at
this writing It, is reported that
the new nouneil creek bridge will
be completed this week. The i
people of the vicinity are oertnin-
©©©+44444444444444 4444444444 ♦♦♦*
.1. I*. M.OAII \. Proprietor. 4
West Side of Main Street : : ▼
talk, T
Guests will find our cookery ami accommodations first-class, 4
nd will he extended every courtesy. 4
out for attractions. Good idea the boosters gut busy.
The old reliable McCormick
mowing machines and rakes may
l>e equalled, sotitet i mes ; I hey can't
be excelled. For sale bv C, (I. A’
W. P. Canfield.
Rev. I). A. Williams and wife,
iy glad, anil we wonder who will of Hominy, are visiting their
ho the firsl to cross it. cousins, the Douglas brothers and
--I their families. They are mission-
fiooKi'velf Kents. lines in the Friends church, with
Saturday • last, brought tliejthp Osage Indians. They were
farmers of this section, an excel- \ formerly wit h the Otoes. at Red
lent grow ing showers. The poo- j Rock, Okla., and enjoy their
pin of Pleasant Vale, recently or-1 work tine. > (
ganized a Sunday school at tlmt j Everything nont, and clean at
place, with M. Ella Murrel as t,])e Mew meat market,
superintendent ami Mrs. F. P.
! Wilson as assistant. .Can a
j man he legally pardoned, who
never has been tried and convict-
ed’/ as was the case with Ex-Gov-
tekv Who I
Howard Jerome, of Chattanoo-
ga, was visiting friends in the
city, Sunday and Monday.
W. II. Reed, who has been as-
Fred. with the
enor Taylor, of Ke , ... .....
ft ft ft. ft. ft. ft ft ft jean pardon a per. , who has nov- Bls 118 8on’ ^
and Mrs. Hrown, of Creel; county, I turned to his home in Stillwater,
j attended church, Sunday, at Saturday
Roosevelt and Sunday night, at
Eagle Grove. A number in tins Miss Anna Lehman, of Noko-
part are getting ready for potato inis, ill., enroll te for Denver,
digging Preaching Sunday and Col , stopped off a few days this
Sunday night at Roosevelt, hy | k t viBit her friends.
Pastor F. K Gray.
Spring and Summer
In the Latest Styles
^©44444444 ♦♦♦♦«44444444444444©44©
FOR SALE in Any Quantities.
Everything in Fresh Meats at
the same old place on South
Main street R. GRIMES.
: Palace Pool Room. :
After business worries of the day, you will need a little recreation;
1‘The Palace” is the place to get it.
Our tables and cues are kept in first-class shape.
NOBLE & LEE, Props.
City Meat Market
New, Neat and Clean
Everything in
Fresh and Cured Meats, Lunch
Goods, Etc.
We strive to please our customers in quality
and prices.
l'p to the (fraud Jury.
It happens that The Farmer
is ah!e to prove any statement of
fact made in commenting on the
blowing lip of the Hotel <le Hot-
air’s business rival, hut is willing
to leave further agitation of the
trouble to two or three chronic
and perpetual town-knockers. We
wish it understood, however, that
threats will not prevent it from
voicing the sent iments of a ma-
jority of the moral, intelligent
and law-abiding men who have
made the town, at any time and
in any manner its editor deems
best. The interests of the com-
munity demand that one or two
mischief-makers should cease agi-
tating this affair. It is now up
to the grand jury.
Martin and Catcher
Women Who Are Hiivioil.
Those attractive women who are
lovely in face, form and temper
are the envy of many, who might
he like them. A weak, sickly
woman will be nervous and irrit-
able. Constipation or kidney
poisons show in pimples, blotches,
skin eruptions and a wretched
complextions. For all such, E-
lectric Ritters work wonders.
John Peteet went to Oklahoma
City, Saturday, where lie with a-
bout twenty-three others, were
initiated into the lumbermens’
order of Black Cats. lie also at-
tended the Jockey Club races.
Deputy Sheriff Green is acting
as court crier at Stillwater, and
Hurry Jones, as bailiff.
Miss Lelu Dickinson and Jesse
Kdwards left for a few weeks vis-
it in Illinois, last Monday.
Fourth of July Services.
Presiding Elder Harroun, of
the Free Methodist conference, is
expected to be with the Antioch
Chapel congregation in a few days
and preparations are under way
for very interesting 4th of July
Aug. 1-3 Celebration.
Everybody come out to Slny-
baugh’s drugstore, Friday eve,
June 2o, and help mnKo arrange-
ments to celebrate Yale’s sixth
anniversary- Bafl Notes.
The Kilty League's season
opened hist Wednesday, with Yak-
ut Cushing. The game was a led
one, the score being 2 to 2 at ill'*
last half of the ninth inniig,
tin rehy forcing them to continue
to play until the score Li e,inn-un-
tied, which was done in the next
inning, Yale making J scores in
the first half of the tenth and
Cushing nothing, making the
score (» to 2 in Yale’s favor. It
looked rat her shaky for Yale in
the last half of the ninth, with
the bases lull and no outs, but
Pitcher Erisman, who ”is there”
in a pinch, struck out two men
and the third was an easy out
from short to lirst.
* * *
Cleveland wins first game of
series from Jennings tying Yale
for lirst place. This was a close,
exciting game, tile score being 1
to 1. Batteries—Wasson and
Ramsey; Howe and Hoke. Um-
pire—Gou Id.
* * *
Yale took second game of series
from Jenniugs last Saturday, by
a score of K to Si, and Cleveland
took second game of series from
Cushing, Sunday, by a score of I
to 0, tying Yale again for lirst
place. The tie however, will be
broken today at Cleveland, and
wo believe that it will break in our
favor, as the boys are all hitting
better than in the early part of
the season. This, however, re-
mains to be ascertained.
♦ * *
The game, Sunday, Yalo-Ske-
dee, was easier than we lirst an-
ticipated, for Skodee had a “rep”
for “cleaning everything she came
in contact with,” but when the
smoko cleared away the score
stood 9 to 8 in favor of Yale.
♦ * *
'Oscar Dickinson is working-out
mighty nice and we believe lie is
on the team to stay.
* * *
“Chub” Bavenger says, “slips
don’t count in baseball.”
* * *
If “Lucky” Martin don’t show
his usual interest ip the game to-
day, don’t he too hard on him, he
has the Collaranna fever.
* * *
Catcher Brown, Fielder Martin
and Pitcher Erisman were Tryon
visitors the later part of last
J. Mo Waller & Bro.
AIM>! Ell U now h r* an.l it finds us in 11 v propnml to
J) out fit every ImmIv with Slimmer Die « (iooils, Uilihona,
Km broideries, K.*v**es, AI lover*. Funs, P.ifmsoIh and K very
tidin' N. • e.-sary for Comfort.. We ask your ep<*<*ial attention
to our stock of
Slippers and Shoes
. For all the members of your family.
Our Straw Goods Stock
Is replete with comfortable goods. Our line ol
Gentlemen’s Furnishings
| Never before contained so many elegant" and comfortable gi oils
and all the Season’s Novelties are here tor you.
We have just added a
Line of J. B. Stetson Hats
And can show you many other Stylish and Serviceable Goodm
’The store that makes the Friees Low.”
Trouble Makers Ousted.
When a sufferer from stomach
They regulate stomach, liver and i trouble takes Dr King's new life
kidney purify the blood, give pills, lie's mighty glad to see his
strong nerves bright eyes, pun dyspepsia and indigestion fly, but
breath, smooth, velvety skin, i more, lie’s tickled over his new,
lovely eomplextion. Many charm- tine appetite, strong nerves,
. ing women owe their health and healthy vigor, all because stoin-
benuty to them. 50c at Slay- ach, liver and kidneys now work
bgugh’s j right. 25c at Slaybaugh’sr
Dain and Deering
Mowing Machines
and Hay Rakes
Dunham & Joy’s
And Everything in Carriages,
Buggies and Farm Implements.
♦ ♦
HUR Policy is to sell at prices that will keep
U the goods moving so that we will have no old,
stale goods in stock, but will be able to keep
pnly new, fresh eatables. Remember that we
will either trade you goods or pay you
Cash for Your Produce!
We have the Most Complete Line of Glassware
and Queensware in town. Try us once and you
will try us again.. ED. REUTER.

List your farm
R. H. Tulloch
If you want it sold at once.
Eagle Grove Items.
Mrs. Sarah Lee was visiting at
U. C. Cornwell’s Saturday and
Mrs. Acton is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. C. M. Dunn.
Mesdames Dunn and Berry vis-
ited at Cornwell’s last. week.
Mr. ami Mrs. Warren are al-
most through chopping cotton.
Corn looks fine in these parts.
Aunt Lizzie.
Legal Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the
firm of Weber it Hoy, conducting
a general dray and transfer busi-
ness in the Town of Yale, Okla-
homa, lias been dissolved by mu-
tual consent. J. W. Weber con-
tinuing the business.
Tabernacle meeting in the park,
services to begin June 2(1 and con-
tinue indefinitely. Services eon
ducted by Elder G. W. Lessley,
evangelist and lecturer. You are
cordially invited. Com.
Established t!>(>’».
To every man there comes
a t hue when ready money would
help him ovara rough place or
enable him to take advantage
of an opportunity for profit.
Start to save NOW, and
deposit your savings in this
| strong bank, the responsibility
i and experience of whose officers
I is a valuable asset.
We welcome small ac-
counts. The accumulation of
Ismail accounts is what enables
us to assist the farmer and bus-
iness man in “short” times.
j 0. P. Rock, President.
A. R. Adams, Cashier.
J, T. Trammel, As’tCash’r.
Christmas is Corning.
It is a long way off, but fly time
is here right now and the pesky
little insects will soon begin to
make trouble. The house fly is
not only filthy and troublesome,
he is dangerous, for medical
authorities tell us that he goes
about spreading contagious dis-
eases. Health, cleanliness and
comfort join in demanding that
J he be shutout of the home. This
jean he done at small expense by
! fitting the doors and windows with
| screens. Spurrier Lumber Co.,
at Yale, keeps door screens in
I stock. Prices right.
Could Not Bo Better.
No one has ever made a salve,
ointment, lotion or balm to com-
pare with Bucklen’s arnica salve.
Its the one perfect healer of cuts,
corns, burns, bruises, sores,scalds,
boils, ulcers, eczema, salt rheum .
For sore eyes, cold sores, chapped
hands, it is supreme. Infallible
for piles. Only 25c nt Sluy-
1 laugh’s.
Katy League Schedule.
June 20, Cleveland at Jennings
” ” Jennings at Cushing
” 27, Cushing at Yale
” 80, Cleveland at Cushing
” ” Jennings at Yale
For Bent.
Rig blacksmith shop building,
by creek. Long lease to the right
parties. For particulars write
C. L. Bnrnum, Kiefer, Okla.
Am corresponding with parties North and
East and can put you in touch with buyers
Farms exchanged for stocks of mer-
chandise* Correspondence solicited
Veal C alves Wanted!
Will pay the highest market
price for good, fat veal calves,
!delivered Saturday.
Dunham A Brockman.
Farm loans a specialty.
Don’t make one till you

Will pay the highest market
price for fat hogs at all times.
Dunham A Brockman.
See Tulloch : Yale, Okla.

Drs. Hudson and Flaybaugh,
C. A. Minniek and Hnrrv Adams
were at tending court at Sti 11 water,
F ridav ■
In any quantity, 50c
per hundred in lots of
50 pounds or more.
Delivered every morning
Fresh and Cured Meats of all
kinds. Wholesale or Itctaii.
at the Old Stand on North
Main Street.
Freeman Bros.
The familiar faces we noticed
on the petit jury at Stillwater,
last week, were Messrs. W. H.
j Barron. J. D. Alexander, L. F.
Parmley, E. 1). Knott. Chas.
Berg, W. II. Huffman and R. M.
Ynnsickln. Messrs. Berg and
Vansiekle are not m attendance
this week, being excused by the
A number of young folks sur-
prised Jesse Canfield, Jr., Wed-
nesday evening, June 1(5, the oc-
casion being in honor of his 14th
|i-d, wishing him many more birth-
Prof. Reed was called to Still-
water, Sunday, on account of the
illness of his sister, Mrs. Mattie
Redington. Mrs. Reding re-
covered sufficiently to return with
him, Tuesday, and will visit a
week with the professor and wife,
while she is convalescing.
G. W. CanfieldHwas
Stillwater visitor, Friday.
Shoes and Hats!
All Kinds of Hats,
All Kinds of Shoes,
All Kinds of Prices, ?
From a $1.50 Shoe to one at $5.00. |
Neat Fitters and the Latest Styles. ®
We are Closing Out! ©
Men’s and Boys’ Suits at Low Figures. ©
All Kinds of Up-to-Date Groceries at Low ©
Figures. fa
We also carry a large stock of Dry Goods,
and Ladies’ and Gents’ Furnishings. I
: : F. M. BURDICK : : *
We Pay the Highest Price for All Kinds of §
Marketable Produce.
Tate the little ones
to the seashore
this summer.
^ There is nothing healthier or better than sea
breezes for growing children.
Ask about the special thirty-day rates to New York City
and to New England and Canadian resorts. The variable rail
and water tour to New York City or Boston, via Norfolk
and steamers in one direction, offers a most delightful trip,
embracing as it does all the large cities and resort sections of

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