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The Daily Transcript
"Neal of fite Navy" - University Theater - Toiilglif
1 RoU Door
'Hoosier Beauty''
?rVou Can Get Along—
But How?"
Your old kitchen cabinet has given good service but that's no
good reason for keeping it if you can save an hour or more every
day with a modern one. Every factory discards machinery that
has given good service, to get something quicker, better, and
more efficient.
The Hoosier Cabinet
Is replacing thousands of old fashioned cupboards and cabinets
because its convenient arrangement saves miles of steps. You
can sit down at work with the Hoosier Cabinet. Do you sit down
now with the cabinet you have? This is but one feature. There
are a hundred.
Biggest reason of all, you can own a Hoosier
for probably less than you even imagine.
Enormous .sales keep the cost down.
I. M. Jaekson
Full Text of the Lecture Delivered by
Hon. Clarence A. Buskirk at the
Franing, Sunday.
In introducing Hon. Clarence A.
$1.00 black sateen petticoats, bro-' * reen House.
saded bottom, for $1. I •
Colored ripplette petticoat Free. —Drink Reif's Special.
RUCKER'S 'it. Jitney Lunch Room.
j: Everybody's Movement
«. ______________
Ask Crittenden How You Can Get 5 Per
Cent. Discount.
I! Best Goods for Least Money. Some Prices:
Very Best Flour—$1.75 per sack $3.40 per hundred
Seed Irish Potatoes, per bushel $1.50
Eating Potatoes, per bushel $1.50
fc pounds Coffee for $1.00
25c can Health Club Baking Powder and full size box
of matches for 25c
2 cans Hominy for 15c
2 cans Kraut for 15c
3 cans Corn for 25c
2 packages Spaghetti 15c
8 cans Peas for 25c
S cans Corn for 25c
3 cans Pumpkin for 25e
Gallon Gooseberries for 35c
Gallon Sour Pickles for 40c
3 cans Salmon for 25c
8 cans Oysters 25c
10c size can Pork and Beans 5c
3 bunches Celery for 25c
Bacon, per pound 16c
Pork Chops, per pound 17^jc
Pure Pork Sausage, per pound IT/iC
Compound Lard, per pound 12^jc
Read the advertisement of the Mc-'
Ginley grocery on the third page, and!
take a try at winning one of those
prizes. It just requires a suggestion.
You might just as well have that $6.00
d i • i i 1L • „ , i or $-' >0 as somebody else. You prob-
Buskirk at the b railing on Sunday af- .bly need it in your business.
ternoon, Mr. J. W. Cordell spoke as By the way, have you noticed Mo-
follows: j Giniev's white store? It is "worth
"Biblical and other history shows' "hilc"-a real sanitary store with
.... , . , , . .3, , t everything under glass or. behind
that mankind has always Had a de- jCr60 . or jn 8how eases. Even the
sire for a better understanding of God, new dc'ivery automobile, which uets
and like Job is ever crying: "Oh, that vo!lr M"<ier to you "right now," is
I knew where I might find him! that Pa'n1et', shelving,
.... . , . .... ters, ceiling, and all wood work paint-
I might come even to his seat. wl,ite, the stove makes a veiy at-
Christian Seienc is giving us a better tractive appearance.
comprehension of God and man's re- ~
lationship to Him; the knowledge that ATTENTION. W. R. C. AND G. A. R.
we are ever near his seat when we are [ The ladies of the W. R. C. of Albert
striving to serve Him. It is teaching Carter Post G. A. R. will meet Wed-
us that God is a God of love, not hate- neaday afternoon at 2:30 on the north-
!* «r- •*e,i,! - -ii,h :hi-
pretation there comes a fuller appre- for the purpose of beautifying the
ciation of the fatherhood of God, grounds around the flag pole. All
which inspires with truth, hope, con- members should be present.
fidence, hence happiness. I ^y nrder COMMITTEE
i P. S.: Note the change in date. It
I he appearance and rapid growth was to have been today (Tuesday),
of Christian Science in our day is one but has been postponed until tomor-
I of the most remarkable of modern re- row
ligious phenomena. Less than half a i
' century has passed since the discovery
! of this science, but already it has' All the meetings to be given under:
j found its way into every country of the auaP*ces of the ministerial alliance,
the known world. It has long sinceer' an!
, . . V to be "e'" Methodist Episcopal1
passed the stage of experimentation, j church, corner West Eufaula and San-
in which its evidential proofs were ti Fe. The meeting is there tonight
limited, meagre and restricted, and' (Tuesday) instead of at the Christian
h„ ,orw.,d wi.1, „„
ing confidence, until now it has bold- the states of Kansas and Oklahoma,
ly entered every branch of human ac- 2nd is a speaker of power with a
tivity—social, domestic, economic-and ' startling message. His purpose is to
,,l*iT Today |
great factor of good, and is more and ^ actment <i£. more stringent legislation
more commending itself to all classes | against the white slave traffic, and
of men by its beneficent activities the better enforcement of the laws we
"It is not the purpose of this lecture' a,reatdy ""J? •on the. 80ci?'. Purity
. , 1 question. He is a regular minister in
to urge or persuade anyone to become good standing in one of the denomina-
a Christian Scientist. While we have tions represented-here; and his mes-
decided views on the subject of salva-f !""res raT1 he on for accuracy of
tion from sin, disease, and all manner foment and for the true view of
- , ' 1 the sit"*tion. Everyone should hear
of discord, we respect the honest con- him. The meeting tomorrow after-
victions of those who differ from us, noon at 3 o'clock is for women only,
and recognize the inalienable right Tonight and tomorrow evening at *8
of the individual to accept or reject j'°'c,ock for the TI? VeNJAMIN.
that which is offered to him. When j
mankind awakes to see that human! ED B. JOHNSON BUYS BULL
knowledge is to a large extent made _, _
up of the varied influences and im- 1 „ , J"h"sc.riTr>urc^aa®d .t£at 'T®
. , , . . Hereford bull of Tom E. Smith at the
pressions due to an uncertain environ- =tn<-k snle in Oklahoma Citv last week.
| ment and education, it will not block This nn'mal was the piek of Mr.
either with indifference or prejudice Smith's herd. o"e of his verv best oilt-
] any avenue which promises emanci- s'de his Vet-net Fairfad, and Mr. John-
fhe I.. T 4. I r 1 son naid $7F0 for him. , He h:js ship-
St. Patrick's Day ! pa great pleasure, there- him to his ranch at Minco.
| fore, in introducing Hon. Clarence A. By the way, Mr Johnson seems to
Buskirk, who will talk to you on this !ie mikinir a "Wll'ntr" in the cattle
interesting subject: .business this year. He's had three or
m,. d. Ls i j |four lean years, and is entitled to a
Mr. Buskirk said: fat one. Last week, at Oklahoma .City
Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder of he and his brother marketed some-
the Christian Science movement, was thine lik" POO head, getting an ever-
born near the city of Concord, New ^ VV
.. . . J .. . good indeed. Fven then it seems he
Hampshire. She proved herself to be sold too soon, for prices are now up
a profound and far-seeing thinker, an *1.00 per cwt. over last week.
| earnest humanitarian, a close student
of the Bible, a noble Christian woman.
She has made a new epoch in the his-;
tory of religious thought. Like every
great moral and religious leader whom \
the world has ever known, she has
been misunderstood and misrepresent-
ed. But the loftiness of her purposes.
and the greatness and beauty of herj
life have rendered all attacks upon
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fitted on
living models
Since the first announcement of the fact
that we were going to show a moving pic-
ture film of corset fittings, we have had no
end of inquiries about this special matinee
for ladies only.
University Theatre
at 3 and 4 p. m.
We are one of the first distributors of
Gossard Corsets to show this film. It was
produced by The Essany Film Compnny of
Chicago and in it you see how moving pic-
tures are made, how corsets are fitted and
in addition you see a beautiful story entitled
"How Marjorie Won a Career."
A few more complimentary passes can be
had by calling at our Corset Department
If you have not yet received your pass, call
and (;et it today. You can phone your res-
ervation, if you prefer. Every Gossard Cor-
set shown in this beautiful film ran be had
at our store.
You'll like
"Nice Man to Do Business With"
—Excellent Society Notes crowded
out today. Will appear tomorrow.
—Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Warren
N. Chitwood, No. 211 West Eufaula,
last evening (Monday, March 13,
1:)1(1) a fine boy. All parties doing
—Query: If it took the United
States as long to get ready to resist
invasion as it seems to take to get
ready to go after Villa, where would
we be at in the event of a war with
some real power?
-Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Comp are here
—Mrs. D. W. Marquart and daugh-
ter, Miss Vida, arrived home lust even-
1 ing from their month's outing at Lake
Arthur, La. They report a f > e time,
and look as if they've had it. Tlieir
friends cordially welcome them home.
—Jim Shears has been in Perry the
past week opening up a box oall par-
Silks, Silks. Silks.
Pure Silks.
The Spring Colors.
115 East Main Phone 31
Some Specials
-St. Patrick's Day creams—Sham-J _
rock brick and Pistacio Nut—green ! Great Big Fine Juicy Apples, extra
Phone 364. We deliver. Norman fine, for 35 cents per peck.
Full line of Fresh Vegetables received this morning. Fine
Cabbage, Onions, Greens, Cauliflower, Radishes and all other
Twenty pounds of Sugar for One Dollar, with every Five
Dollar purchase.
;; PHONE 394.
-t"fr K1 -M1 ■!' i '!■
We have something
nifty in Spring
Clothes for men,
that have just ar-
rived. Come in and
let us fit yon up
while the picking is
good. We are also
ready to show you
low cuts in the
latest styles.
Extra Nice Big Red Cranberries, 5
cents per quart.
Extra Fancy Big Red Tomatoes, 110
cents the pound.
Great Big Fine Juicy Oranges, 25c
per dozen.
1 Two Big Cans Hawaiin Pineapples for
25 cents.
Just Opened: Barrel of Home Made
Sauer Kraut, the kind your mother
used to make.
Special prices on canned goods. Do
not purchase elsewhere until you get
| our figures on Peaches, Apricots, Corn
Tomatoes, Cherries, etc. Gallon goods
I a specialty, and we jure have them in
great variety.
from Newport, Pa., visiting Mrs. !
Blanche Montgomery and Mrs. J. I.
Tucker, with whom they neighbored
'way back in the Pennsylvania town, j
They are making a tour of the western j
country, and are greatly pleased with
Grove, No. 4ti8, will meet regularly at
W. O. W. hall on Tuesday night of
each week. Theodosia Morrow, Guar-
dian. H. G. Goodrich, Clerk.
Little Wonder
"When I Leave the World Be-
hind," "Molly Dear, it's You I'm
After," and all the latest som; and
dance hits on sale now 15c, two
for 25c.
Carter's Nickel Store
Report of the Condition of
The Very Best Early Ohio Seed Pota-
toes, $1.50 per bushel.
Three cans 'Wayup Large Size Sal-
mon for 25c.
Big 10-cent roll Toilet Paper for
cents. Fine.
of Norman, Oklahoma
J (5248)
As made to the Comptroller of the Currency March 7, 1916
Loans and Discounts $291,793.33
Overdrafts 892.11
Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 2,100.00
Real Estate, Bank Building 24,000.00
Furniture and Fixtures 2,000.00
Other Real Estate Owned 2,550.00
U. S. Bonds at par 53,000.00
State Bonds $ 50,000.00
Warrants and Securities 16,835.43
Cash and Exchange 131,159.65— 197,995.08
Capital Stock $ 50,000.00
Surplus 20,000.00
Undivided Profits, Net 8,126.18
Circulation - 50,000.00
Deposits - 446,204.34
The above statment is correct.
WM. SYNNOTT, Cashier.

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