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' *orrpfl fr> *nmfu
ifitli o iJlllld
forced to sacrifice
There never was nor never will be a more representative crowd of Normans best citizenship ever assembled at the doors of
a mercantile institution since this great city was a toddling babe. Millionaries rubbed elbows with the laboring men. No class of
poop " appreciate real genuine bargains more than do men of the world's greatest county. Fphraim Clothing Co mad« good
I he sale was opened with perfect satisfaction to everybody. Men, we thank you, and do apol.gize to those that we could not
wait on. Come in today or tomorrow and we can wait on you. Plenty of great bargains left for you.
Men s
6c pair
$15 Values
Buy Him
a Bath Robe
for Xmas
, 15c
Let the large canvas sale sign guide you to Ephraim's Greatest Store
Sale Price
r urn,* mmmmmmmm
The entire stock placed on sale, come in and get \ ours
Ephraim Clothing com
Norman, Oklahama
Tiie Daily Transcript
J. J. BURKE, Editor and Owner
Entered as second-class matter
January 17, 1914, at the Postoffice at
Norman, Oklahoma, under the Act of
tlarch 3, 1871).
Mail Subscriptions, year |2.50
Jlail Subscriptions, 6 months 1.25
Wail Subscriptions. 1 month .25
By Carrier, per annum 2.0U
By Carrier, per week .05
Issued Daily except Thursdays and
Sunday school at 10 o'clock. The read-
ing room at the church is open from
2:30 to 5 o'clock every Wednesday af-
ternoon, where literature may be read
or purchased as desired.
. rT,?a,nksKiving services on Sunday at
10 o clock a. m.
Rcutcpholer & VanDyke, Props. ♦
Oflke Phone _225 ►
Residence Phone -t>3 •
VanDyke Res. Phone 58 *
Your Patronage Solicited
♦ >• + ««


If your Sewing Machine is
not giving your satisfaction
phone (iOli. i clean and repair
all makes.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
j. s. driesbach
101 Beal Str et, Norman, Okla.
« ♦ * V « ' « « <> « w « « * *
Bible school at 9:45. J. M. Gresha"m
teaches the men's class, Mrs. Wick-
izer the women's class; D. W. Ohern
the University voung people's class,
and Prof. Cross the high school young
men; Mrs. Dr. Williams the high
school young women. Any one wel-
come to join these classes.
Morninn- service at 11 o'clock. In
the absence of the paator Mrs. Wick-
izer will speak. On account of the
District Christiun Enleavor convention
in session, we join with the Presby-
terians in a union service at the Chris-
tian church in the evening, Rev. Alex-
ander giving the address.
On Monday evening at the regular
Bible study class at 7:30, Mrs. Wick-
izer will give an outline of the curri-
culum of grade work in the Sunday
school and the aim lo lie reached in
each department of the work.
Everyone welcome
D. A. WICKIZER, Pastor.
Sunday school will be held at 10 a.'
m. and the morning church service at
11 o'clock. Subject of the sermon: i
'The Old and the New."
The Fourth District Christian En-
deavor Convention is now holding its
sessions in this church. A meeting this
evening (Saturday) at 7:S0, with an
address by Dr. E. B. Surface of Okla-
homa City. A sunrise prayer meet-
ing at 7 a. m. tomorrow. Sundav af-
ternoon program begins at 2 o'clock.
•I oint Endeavor meetings at 6:45 p. m.
Union church services at the Chris-
nan church at 7:45 with installation
of officers and convention address.
Everybody welcome.
F. M. ALEXANDER, Pastor.
♦ •
Vocal Teacher *
(Fifteen Y-;irs Exper1 >nce) "
Open for Engagement* for •
Concerts. Receptions or ♦
Churches *
Studio—No. 303 West Gity •
Norman, Okla.
Tuesdays and Friday*
Office over New Yorlt Tailoring Co
With Mrs. Alma Westervelt
Mrs. Alma Westervelt ♦
(Over New York Tailoring Co.) *
Phone 597 •
ITair Dressing, Shampooing, *
Manicuring, Electrical Scalp *
Treatment, Facial Massagu for
♦ ♦♦♦*♦♦ > O ♦ C ♦ ♦ V
Regular morning and evening ser-
vices, and Sunday school at 'isual
hours. Morning subject: 'The Rest-
lessness of Kaith." All are cordially
inviled to all orr services.
H. E. SNODGRASS, Pastor.
At 10:00 Sunday school.
At 10:45 Morning prayer and ser-
mon. Subject: "Apostleship."
At 8:00. Evening prayer and short
On the morning of Thanksgiving
Day, Divine Service will be held at ten
o'clock. The address will be short.
All persons not reg ilarly worship-
1 ng elsewhere are cordially invited to
attend St. John's.
All services tomorrow at the usual
hours. The W. H M S. will have
charge of the morning preaching ser-
vice and Ibc p^ ' .r will preach on
"The Challenge of the City"-—a study
based on Josiah Stroma's book of the
same name. In the eve ning the sub-
i ct of the sermon will lie ihe text:
"Love Your Enemies." The Y. M. C.
A. is planri'n^ th's evening h.'nr as an
especial "Go to Cli irch Service" for
its members and friends, at all the
churches. Let young men and women
feel especially invited to attend this
Our Thursday night prayer meeting
this week will be a Harvest Home
I Meeting. Let us have the biggest
j prayer meeting for a year! In the
.outh room of the basement, 7:30
Thursday evening.
Word Las ,r -t i.een received by the
University Y. M. C. A. that Mr. Wm.
| E. Sweet of Denver, will visit the Uni-
. versity during the time that Mr. Ray-
mond Robins will be here. Mr. Sweet
' is the head of the largest stock and
•ond house between Chicago and Sail
Francisco H ■ m intensely interested
:: Y. M. C. A. work and is visiting
.Norman to aid in the work df the
Robins meetings The Estes Park
delegates from the University met Mr.
Sweet at the Summer Conference last
June and it was then that he agreed
to consider coming to the University
for n few days stay.
Services Sunday as usual. Sunday
'chool at the usual hour. Classes for
.11. We invite all to come out and
join our school.
Preaching at both hours—11 a. m.
and 8 p. m.—by the pastor. It is
I "ped tfynl as large a congregation
s possible will be out Sunday at both
i vices. The pastor will have a
• "cial message at both hours. Let all
the young people be out Sunday night.
' ' 'be young people's union
it 6:45 p. m.
Let ns have a splendid crowd Sun-
I v at bo(1 hours Yo. ac invilcl to
II our services at all times.
W 1 GUY, Pastor.
Virst. Church of Christ, Scientist:
Regular services at the church ed-
fice on West Eufaula at 11 o'clock.
Subject: "Soul and Body." Golden
text: 1 Corinthians 12:13: "For by
ore Spirit are we all baptized into one
body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles,
whether we. be bond or free." Wed-
nesday evening testimonial sarviccs at
8 o'clock. All are cordially invited
The Annual Thanksgiving Musical
Concert will be given by the Y. M C
A. and Y. W. C. A. at King Hall, to-
morrow afternoon at 4:30 p. m. The
following is the program:
Invocation., Rev. V. C. Griffith
String Quartet "B-La-F," Rinisky-
orsakov, Messrs. Holmberg, Car-
renter, Gimeno, Maynard.
• ocal Solo "A Song of Thanksgiv-
"g, Allitzen, Miss Olivia Demand.
Piano Solo "Ballade," Chopin. Mr.
Harold Gimeno.
Address "Some Great Hymns,"
Oean Holmberg.
Ladies Quartette "Hearts Feel That
Love Thee,' Mendlesshon, Misses
"butt, Hamer.McMakin, Demand.
Vocal Solo, "Plains of Peace," Bar-
nard, Mr. Guy Winningham.
Addre s "Thanksgiving," Rev. V.
Doxology, "Old Hundred," Franc,
' Congregation.
Floral decorations will be furnished
•by Mrs. Levy.
the students. Those owr.inir pccan or-
i char as are obliged to stay in them all
Miss Anna Lemons re-entered Valley the "Jie on Friday afternoons and
View school, Monday after a two Saturdays to protect their property.
week's absence with whooping cough. °.n'y the boys are guilty, as there
A well-known Norman merchant ale 8irls s?en with thesj parties. As
posted rbout a half dozen flaming red lon£ as this goes on the farmers can
bills on the corner of C. R. Lawrence's n°t friends o2 the institution as its
farm and the same number on the wo,r.t Is judged by its products.
corner post opposite, last week. As Melvin and Marvin Short enjoyed s
Air. Tom Wilmuth was going to Nor- vls't from their cousin Isaac, Monday,
•nan, Saturday afternoon, his horse ,,Mrs-?d Bailee and daughter-in-law,
oecame frightened at these flopping in Mrs. Bailey, visited Mrs. Albert
lie wind and ran away, throwing Mr. 3 ,/*•• e ^'rst of the week.
Wilmuth from the carriage in from; ™r' an'' Mrs. c. E. Dye and soil
of a passing team. Luckily, the driv- *ere dinner guests of their parents,
or, L. M. Newman, saw the disaster m ^'rs- C. B. Dye, Tuesday.
time to stop his team so that Mr. Wil- "le little child of Mr. and Mrs.
muth was not hurt except for a con-; duncan, near Washington, is very ill
aiderable shake up. The carriage, w fJyptheria.
however, was damaged and the eggs he
was taking to market was a total loss.
Other teams were frighlened at Uie
same bills and, needless to say, mm
harm has been done by the careless
mode of advertising making enemies
for the advertiser. Merchants should
take warning and not put their bills in
placed where teams, coming up sud-
denly, will be frightened at tkem.
Mrs. Arch Young has been serious-
ly ill for two weeks. Her daughter
and daughter-in-law have been attend-
ing her. Mrs. J. A. Oliver called on
her Friday afternoon
• 4
* A Good Sho-v at the ♦
♦ Orpheum Theatre Tonight ♦
~ 5c and 10c ♦
--Chinese Lily and Tulip bulbs at
the Levy Green House.
* *
J See that Comedy ♦
Lots of Fun ♦
♦ Orpheum Theatre Tonight ♦
Lote of Fun ♦
♦ ♦
♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦
—"Ye Old Folks" concert at the
,'resbytenan church was well attend-
I last night, and some $50 realized.
—Mrs Ed H. Burke and daughter,
' .iss Agatha, and Miss Ethel Amis,
guests of Oklahoma Citv friends
Sunday afternoon.
Miss Avo Sloan and
—^rof' and Mrs. Victor Kulp and
™ls- Kulp, Sen., entertained Mr. and
nu she and sons f'.J' Burke, Miss Edna Foster
and Mrs. J. Pattie Andrews at an el-
and Miss Anna Lemons called again a /' 1'attie Andrews at an
lay afternoon. | ef?ant 7 o clock dinner last evening
Chaney were shopping in Noi.nan, r-t. Attention is called to the big
Saturday afternoon. ! Thanksgiving Sale at the W. N. Ruck-
Miss Clara and Mr. Charles Eich- " He is certainly offering bar-
horn entertained the Philathea and y°u. should take advantage of.
Baaraca classes of the M. E. Sunday ,8e the wlndoxv's of his store.
school at a masquerade party Satui- n , T. „. , „
day evening. j . >-oi. .iini Stogner and four Univer-
The White Mound Literary society boys went to Robinson school
met Friday evening. A short but in-1 j , °' Franklin, last night
teresting urogram was given. The attended a box supper, going in
next meeting will be Friday evening. '.ir' ^togners Ford. They all made
November 20th. Next Friday evening * ,an l)ad .an el"£ant supper
the members will attend the Indepen- elegant time. Ti e Colonel
dence Literary. ?ys these people are sure the "salt of
Mr. Henry Walch was an Oklahoma ,.j At Roodly sum was realiz-
( ltir irioif/\ cin«1 ^ lo. tne Litt'e Ilivai* Phi'iutton
ed for the Little
River Christian
—Forty-four (44) sample coats at
.95 See window. Rucker's.
"Judge ' J. L. Lindsay and Direc-
'or of Printing Sam Crawford are in
Oklahoma City this afternoon confer-
about University matters with
the state hoard of education.
—Chinese Lily and Tulip bulbs at
i no Levy Green House.
* ♦
Don't Miss ♦
A Julia Bean the Celebrated ♦
♦ Theatrical Star in ♦
♦ University Theatre Tonight ♦
5c and 15c ♦
♦ *
City visitor Saturday.
Miss Anna Lemons called on the
Misses Dye, Saturday afternoon. j *tr no n„„. rtr i_> ,
The children of Mr. and Mrs. Tom missed and kd^f^RQ'p T4?'
Wilmuth are sick with the whooping1 3 and ladle3' K icker's.
Normanites still persist in scatter- 'A']iY<,werTe't 'w-Hl6
mg tin cans, I roken bottles, etc. along lH, vPn,omi ,,,' , «.i^ , rve11. It will
country roads. The road leading south ,,een aui?l „i®v that Miss Zella has
is literally strewn with junk, while z;, " XlfH Z;'h J . "astJ0U,r 2
big piles have been dumped within' nervous indim>«!^nn h T"- attack 0#
grounds. Farmers are getting hearti- K^overin!? nil «hl- f ls,nowtraP'd-
i.y tired of such proceedings. ^hile each dav °" 8
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Walch and ba-' ' _
by, and Miss Louise and Clare were _«i nn InHioo'
guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Dye and r)C r„°w' annelette sowns "
daughters, Sunday afternoon. Master1
James and George Walch spent the ♦«««.* a a
cfternoon with their little neighbor,V
An.®?1®: . , , . O Don't Miss That 2-Reel Drams
Mrs. Albert Short and infant son ♦ "QUICK SANDS or <jnr-Sv
spent Monday with Mrs. J. A. Oliver. ♦ XpUm ThfaPre ToM
l'armers near Norman are becom- ♦ Lots of Fun
ing disgusted with the University "> 1 -
owing to the constant trespassing

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