The Daily Transcript (Norman, Okla.), Vol. 3, No. 119, Ed. 1 Sunday, November 21, 1915 Page: 3 of 4

Some Novelties That Almost Any
Woman Can Make for the De-
light of Guests.
The search for the unusual occupies
the time, or a big portien of it, of
I Guarantee "Dodson's Liver Tone" Will Give You the Best Liver I many men and women. Men who are
and Bowel Cleansing You Ever Had-Doesn't Make You Sick! r,mn'n" """
Stop UBins calomel! It makes you
Bick. Don't lose a day's work. If you
feel lazy, sluggish, bilious or consti-
pated, listen to me!
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
whlcn causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel, when it comes into contact
with sour bile, crashes into it, breaking
It up. This is when you feel that aw-
ful nausea and cramping. If you feel
"all knocked out," if your liver is tor-
pid and bowels constipated or you
have headache, dizziness, coated
tongue, if breath is bad or stomach
sour Just try a spoonful of harmless
Dodson's Liver Tone.
Here's my guarantee—Go to any
drug store or dealer and get a 50-cent
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone. Take a
Thought Umbrellas Unmilitary.
Umbrellas and khaki seem a most
unlikely combination; yet one in-
stance is recorded of British soldiers
taking their umbrellas into action, ac-
cording to the London Chronicle. On
December 10, 1813, during the battle of
the Nive, the Grenadier guards cap-
tured a redoubt outside Bayonne.
While they were in possession of this
Wellington passed by and noticed that
the officers had umbrellas up to pro-
tect themselves from the heavy rain.
He sent back his aide-de-camp,
Lord Arthur Hill, to tell them that
"the duke does not approve of the use
■of umbrellas in action. The guards'
officers may, if they please, carry um-
brellas even in uniform when on duty
at St. James; but in the field it is not
only ridiculous, but unmilitary."
With Cuticura Soap Because So Sooth-
ing When His Skin Is Hot.
These fragrant supercreamy emol-
lients are a comfort to children. The
Soap to cleanse and purify, the Oint-
ment to soothe and heal rashes, iteh-
ings, chafings, etc. Nothing more ef-
fective. May be used from the hour
of birth, with absolute confidence.
Sample each free by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. XV,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
Not Guilty,
There had been a railway collision
near a country town in Virginia, and
a shrewd lawyer had hurried from
Richmond to the scene of the disaster.
He noticed an old colored man with a
badly injured head, and hurried up to
him where he lay moaning on the
"How about damages?" began the
But the sufferer waved him off.
"G'way, boss, g'way," he said. "I
never hit de train. I never done sicli
a thing in all mah life, so help me
Gawd! Yo' can't git no damages outen
Quite Right.
"What do you understand by the
phrase 'a liberal education?'" asked
the professor when the freshman class
in economics had assembled.
"When the governor comes through
with plenty of spending money," re-
pliad the first youth called upon.
spoonful and if it doesn't straighten
you right up and make you feel tine
and vigorous I want you to go back to
the store and get your money. Dod-
son's Liver Tone is destroying the
sale of calomel because it is real liver
medicine; entirely vegetable, therefore
it cannot salivate or make you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's Liver Tone will put your
sluggish liver to work and clean your
bowels of that sour bile and consti-
pated waste which is clogging your
system and making you feel miserable.
I guarantee that a bottle of Dodson's
Liver Tone will keep your entire fam-
ily feeling fine for months. Give it to
your children. It is harmless; doesn't
gripe and they like its pleasant taste.
and Smith, respectively. Jones was
old-fashioned and stuck to old-fash-1
ioned ways, but Smith, who was more '
modern, bought a line new automo- j
bile. One day he was proudly cxhib 1
ing it to some friends when Jones ,
came along.
running tiny "fancywork" shopB, men
who are managing huge manufactur-
ing plants, women who spend most of
their life in the pursuit of society, and
women who spend it managing simply
their own homes, all must seek novel-
Here are some suggestions of un-
usual sweets that may interest the
woman who tries to furnish tempting
yet inexpensive food.
It is easy enough to buy a bit of
French pastry at the confectioner's to
give an unusual air to the afternoon
tea tray—if one is willing to pay the
bill. Here is a cheap dainty that
will vie with those from the best con-
fectioner: Make a rich, slightly sweet-
ened biscuit dough and form It into
small rounds. In the center of each
place a pitted, stewed prune and pull
up the edges to cover the prune en-
tirely. Bake quickly a golden brown
FOR JONtS | and serve hot. -
For banbury tarts make good pie
crust and roll it thin. Cut it into big
circles, and in each place a spoonful
of filling, bring the edges together and
bake brown. Serve either hot or cold,
j To make the filling, mix a cup of seed-
a cup of sugar, the juice
I Do
Think I
Ever Felt
Sarcastic Comment Will Be Appre^
ciated by Those Who Favor Old-
Time Methods of Travel.
Down in tjie crimson clover zone
there were two farmers named Jones j ed raisins
Englishmen of Prominence Interest
Themselves in Providing Litera-
ture for the Soldiers.
The London Times announces the
completion of plans for the publica-
tion of reading material In a new and
portable form, especially suitable for
the tienches. Sir Walter Raleigh,
professor of English literature at Ox-
| ford, has aided the Times in this work.
j The Times has undertaken to supply
| "a numerous and various selection of
I the best passages, gravo and gay.
i from English verse and prose," to bo
! printed on flyleaves, or broadsheets,
j and sold in mixed sats at a very low
price. Each broadsheet can be in-
closed in a letter without adding to
:he cost of postage, while whole assort-
ments can bo sent to olUcers for dis-
tribution among the men. Of these
broadsheets thirtyslx, in sets of six,
have been arranged for.
The first set includes: The two tes-
taments; Shakespeare, Milton and
Wordsworth; "Pericles to the Athen-
ians" (Froissart on back); selections , profoumi lntere8t. Each molded
from the "Compleat Angler ; Dickens' hurtj „ie olher 8 tei.ltllKK, but u was
"A Game of Cribl.age ; Maeaulay s | eagy ,0 de(ect an undurcurrc.nt l)f an.
tagouism. They concluded: "Say what
Recommend Peruna To
All Sufferers
Of Catarrh —
Mrs. William H. Hlnchllffe, No. 20
Myrtle St., Beverly. Mass., writes: "I
have taken four bottles of Peruna,
and I can say that It has done me
a great deal of good for catarrh of
the head and throat. I recommend
Peruna to all sufferers with catarrh.
I do not think I ever felt much bet-
ter. I am really surprised at the work
I can do. I do not think too much
praise can be said for Peruna."
Our booklet, telling you how to keep
well, free to all.
Those who object to liquid medi-
cines can now procure Peruna Tab-
Divergent Opinion.
He had a lot of money, but no dis-
coverable ancestors, and so it came
that he affected contempt for pride of
birth. And there was another man
whose family tree was tall and um-
brageous, but who possessed no other
I assets worth mentioning. A discus-
I sion between these two men was of
and grated rind of a lemon and a beat-
"Armanda." In the second set are:
The "Song of Deborah"; four poems
on the war; three essays by Bacon;
'David Harris, Cricketer" (Nyrcn);
"The Worthy Commander" (Over-
bury); "Partridge at the Play" (from
Tom Jones). The third set offers:
"The Blessed Life"; "The Last Fight
of the Revenge"; "The Winchester
en egg; cook for a few minutes until j Country" (Cobbett); some Shakes-
the egg thickens and cool before
To make stuffed cookies roll good
sugar-cooky dough thin and cut in
rounds. On half the rounds place a
"Um," remarked Jones, as he j spoonful of the banbury-tart filling,
thoughtfully sized up the handsome ! put the other rounds over those with
machine. "What's that thiug there ! the filling, pinch the edges together
on the side?" ] and bake until done.
"That's a spare rim and a tire," an- j Make gingerbread of the soft va-
swered the proud Smith. "We al- riety with three-quarters of a cup of
ways carry an extra one in case one j orange juice substituted for some of
of the wheels goes wrong."
"Jes' as I allers said," was the dis-
dainful response of Jones. "I've druv
hosses fer nigli on 50 years, and 1
never had to carry a spare leg for one
o' them yet."—Philadelphia Press.
the other liquid. Bake it in muffin
tins and serve with whipped cream.
Salmon Thrive in Maine.
Success has been met by the bu-
reau of fisheries in establishing hump-
back salmon on the Maine coast, ac
cording to reports from that terri-
tory. The fish were planted in Febru
ary, 1914. Many fish weighing five
to seven and a half pounds have been
taken or seen in Penobscot river, Me.,
and twenty were captured alive by
agents of the bureau near Bangor and
held in an effort to obtain ripe eggs.
From two of these fish 3,000 eggs were
taken September 6, and, after fertili-
zation, sent to the Craig Brook hatch-
ery for incubation. Local fishermen
caught and ate large numbers, and an
employee of the Green Lake hatchery
took fifteen fish last week. These had
passed through the fishways in dams
in Dennys river and were dropping
down stream in a spent condition; at
the same time both live and dead fish
were observed below the dams.
Rub It On and Rub It In.
For lame back and soreness, sprains
and strains, sore throat and stiff neck,
you must rub on and rub in thorough-
ly Hanford's Balsam of Myrrh. Re-
member that one good application at
first is better than several light ones.
As the Twig Is Bent.
Hills—What line does your
take to?
Mills—Contracting. Debts,
dad to pay!—Judge.
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
what you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing it is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form. The
Quinine drives out malaria, the Iron
builds up the system. 50 cents. Adv.
"We don't hear much about Doctor
Cook since the time he claimed to
have discovered the North pole."
"No; I daresay he never fully re-
covered from the terrible frost he en-
can be found in cases of Colds, Coughs,
LaGrippe and Headaches by using
Laxative Quinidine Tablets. Does not
affect the head or stomach. Buy your
winter b supply now. Prico 25c.—Adv.
Good Substitute for Eggs When They
Are Scarce—To Separate Whites
From Yolks.
When eggs are scarce a teaspoonful
of cornstarch can be made to take
the place of one egg. When combined
with eggs it makes puddings, cakes
and pies lighter.
When the whites of eggs are used
and the yolks are not wanted for sev-
eral days, beat them up with a little
cold water and put them away in a
cool place. They will keep good for
quite a while. I! they are to b
used for salad dressing the water must
not be added.
When separating the whites from
the yolks of eggs one will sometimes
break the yolk into the white, in
which case the whites do not beat
light. Dip a clean cloth into warm
water, wring dry, touch the yolk
which has been dropped into the white
with the cloth and it will cling to
the cloth.
If you wish to save the shells, j
break away just enough of the small- j
er end of the shell to remove tho
contents. Then carefully wash the I
shells and put them away in a safe j
place. Later you may fill these shells 1
with jelly, covering the broken end ]
with paraffin paper. This is a con- i
venient way to carry jelly for
speare songs: "Mr. Micawbcr's Trans-
actions;" "Cavaoagh, the Fives-
Player" (Hazlitt).
The fourth set is varied, starting out
with King Solomon's Prayer. Follow-
ing this are: "The Men in Buckram;"
Tolstoy's "A Future Life;" "A Swim
J Below Niagara," by Trelawny; "Ado-
i nais;" two letters of Charles Lamb,
j "David and Goliath" heads tho fifth
j list, followed by Pope's "The Secret
I Happiness; Prayer; "Interview With
! a Pasha" (Ktnglake); "A Quarrel With
the Captain" (Fielding), and "TheBal-
lad of Agincourt." I11 the last set are:
I "Elijah and the Rain;" Gray's "El-
jry;" nunyanH "The River of Death;"
The City at Night;" "Old Trees," aud
Bob Acres' Duel" (Sheridan).
you will," asserted the one, "it is a
line thing to come of good stock." "It's
a finer thing," replied the other, with
finality, "to own it."'
Passing the Buck.
"Our head bookkeeper can add up
four columns of figures at once."
"Doesn't ho ever make mistakes?"
"Oh, sure, but he's got an assistant
to blame them on."
Money Saved.
"Ever make any money in the stock
"No, but I've saved a lot by not play
ing it."
Their Advantage.
"How is it that mermaids always
have such curly hair?"
"I guess the marcel waves do it."
"Pa, what's an eye opener?"
"Why—er—-an alarm clock, my son."
—Boston Evening Transcript.
To a man, marriage finally resolves
Itself into a struggle to stretch one
overcoat over five winters.
Its Nature.
"The new nurse asked us extortion-
ate wages."
"Well lur's is a hold-up job."
no appetite, Indigestion, I Intulence, Sick
Hradm lie, "all run down" or losing fleah, you
will find
tuffs Pills
|il.t what you need. They tone up the weak
stomach anJ build up th«* flumilng cnerictct.
C W AMP not recommended
o VV /Yi>ll - jor everything: but If
1} y°u have kidney, liver
IVVJVJ * or bladder trouble it
may f>e found Just the remedy you need.
At druggists in lifty cent and dollar sizes.
You may receive ;i sample size bottle of
thia reliable medicine by Parcel i'oat,
also pamphlet telling about It.
Address Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton,
N. i\, and enclose ten cents, also men-
tion tills paper.
"I've started a ten-ccnt box for
Christmas, dean?" said the better half.
"You won't forget it, will you?"
"Me forget it!" replied the other
fraction. "Why, how can you say such
a thing? Of course I won't forgot
And the didn't. The very next day
ho shook four dimes out of the box to
meet a deficiency in his car-fare al-
An Extremist.
"I see that a man aged one hun-
dred and two has just died in the poor-
"He lived long and died short, eh?"
The only distinction some men at-
tain !s that of living to be more than
eighty years old.
Death is assured, otherwise
would not require life insurance
The bigot is usually pretty small.
Spartan Women Suffered Untolc) T rture*
but who wants to be a Spartan7 Take
"Femenina" for all female disorders.
Price 50c and $1.00.—Adv.
Tho inosl pitiful objects in the world
are gills who act like moil and men
who act like girls.
A mother's idea of the only safe
place for a boy Uego swimming is in
a bathtub.
This real c-old filled
JF.WFi.reY- GIVEN TO you!
You will look tea years younger if you
darken your ugly, grizzly, gray hairs by
asing "La Creole" Hair Dressing.—Adv.
What's in a Name?
"The boundary between Hungary
and Serbia is the Save river."
"Well, is it going to do it?"
Happy is the home where Red Cross
Ball Blue is used. Sure to please. All
jrocers. Adv.
It's the little troubles
away a man's conceit.
A term in office will in most cases
Kill the reform hug in a man.
And Lots of Them.
"I see where the Russian cavalry
rode down the Germans in the
trenches where they were digging in
themselves for the winter."
"See, that was a horse 011 them!"
If you can't get Hanford's BalBam of
Myrrh write: G. C. Hanford Mfg. Co.,
Syracuse, N. Y. Two sizes: 50c and
$1.00. Adv.
To be a satisfactory fiance a man
should be all heart, but to be a satis
factory husband he should be all
Many a man has been hopelessly
injured by the accidental discharge of
Most Eminent Medical Authorities Endorse It
A New Remedy for Kidney, Bladder and all L'ric Acid Troubles
Parsnip Cakes.
Take one large cupful of mashed
parsnips, half a teispoonful of salt,
one egg, a heaping teaspoonful of good
baking powder, in one cupful of flour
and three-quarters of a cupful of milk.
Stir the mixture till it is a smooth bat-
ter; then have some fat in a frying
pan half an inch deep and drop the
batter into it by spoonfuls. Brown it
nicely on one side, then turn it. The
cakes will be found most delicate and
may be eaten alone or with any other
Gut out tie
No. 244.
RoRcrs Tea-
Wm. A. Rogers
gp >on, beautiful new
pi'.tern. Real German
Silver throughout. No
plating to wear off.
Will last a lifetime. A
set of six makes a wonder-
ful gift. Offered In acts only.
33 signatures and 2 cent stamp, ot
20 cents and 25 signatures.
No. 271. Ladies'Handkerchiefs—
Everyone wants handkerchiefs for
Christmas. Hemstitched with Swiss
embroidered design in corner. Excel-
lent quality. New style. Insets of four
only. Decided bargain at
16 signatures and 2 cent stamp.
Satisfactory Sprinkling.
Here is a method for sprinkling |
clothes which will be found very sat-
isfactory. This saves a lot of trouble
and prevents the hands from getting j
chapped in cold weather. Take an
ordinary cork and cut a small fluting
in it lengthwise. Fill a glass bottle i
with water and put the cork in it.
When the bottle is shaken the fluted
cork acts as a spray, sprinkling the j
water evenly over the clothes.
No. 294 Sh««r —
A splendid pair mad*
by the largest manu-
facturers of shears m
Ameiic.i. ThoiouKh-
ly sjusfactory.
coavenii t<t M«e, 8 in.
lung. A thoughtful
11 signatures and 1
cent sump.
No. 295. Gentleman's Pocket
Knife — American Stag handle with
two well ground blades of finest English
Wardlow steel. Fully guaranteed.
This is a present eveiy man or boy
This i cur special Christmas offer. It closes December
31st, 1315. All you have to do is to send the Christmas
certificate below, together with a signature from a one-
pound package of Arbuckles' Coffee, either whole bean
or grour.d, and the necessary amount in stamp3 or coin.
Egg Sauce.
Egg sauce made in this way is de
licious. Beat the whites of three eggs
stiff. Beat the yolks until creamy
&nd sweeten with three tablespoon- j
fuls of powdered sugar. Just before !
serving fold in the stiff whites and 1
serve immediately.
Dr. Eberle and Dr. Braithwaite as
well as Dr. Simon—all distinguished
Authors—agree that whatever may be
the disease, the urine seldom fails in
furnishing us with a clue to the princi-
ples upon which it is to be treated,
and accurate knowledge^ concerning
the nature of disease can thus be ob-
tained. If backache, scalding urine or
frequent urination bother or distress
you, or if uric acid in the blood has
caused rheumatism, gout or sciatica
or you suspect kidney or bladder
trouble just write Dr. Pierce at the
Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.; send
a sample of urine and describe symp-
toms. You will receive free medical
advice after Dr. Pierce'B chemist has
examined the urine—this will be care-
fully done without charge, and you
Will be under no obligation. Dr. Pierce
during many years of experimentation
has discovered a new remedy which
is thirty-seven times more powerful
than lithia in removing uric acid from
the system. If you are suffering from
backache or the pains of rheumatism,
go to your best druggist and ask for
a 50 cent box of "Anuric" put up by
Doctor Pierce, or send 10c for a large
trial pek'g. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre-
scription for weak women and Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
for the blood have been favorably
known for the past forty years and
more. They are standard remedies
to-day—as well as Doctor Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets for the liver and
bowels. You can have a sample of an;
one of these remedies by writing Dr
Pierce, aud sending 10c for trial pac'
Italian Stew.
One pound ground round steak, coo1' i
I ten minutes; one can tomatoes, few i
I potatoes cut in cubes, cook ten min-
' utes more couple of onions cut up;
cook about two cupfuls of spaghetti j
in boiling water for 15 minutes, then 1
put in stew.
How to get the You Cfln get of these beautiful ini-
beautiful, double tial double heart rings with any letter that
Heart Ring, you wish on it for the Christmas certificate,
S. No. 5 together with one signature and 12 cent*
in stamps or coin. This premium is not
shown in our catalog, but is a special Christmas offer. Its
value is remarkable. Absolutely real gold-filled ring (not
washed or electro-plated), guaranteed to give excellent wear.
If net, it will be cheerfully exchanged without question.
Offered in sizes from 1 to 10. Be sure to give the ring site
end initial desired. (Only one letter on each ring.) For
size see directions given on the list enclosed with Arbuckles'
How to get the Or you can get the exquisite bar pin, shown
Wave Spring Roll- above, for the Christmas certificate and one
ed Gold Plate Bar signature and 10 cents in stamps or coin.
Pin, S. No. 6 It is a fine quality of rolled gold plate, and
will outlast, all others. No other pin has
these important features. Hingeles* flexible joint, giving more
room for fabric. Pin tongue is always in tension. The stiff
spring makes this solderloss pin non-losable No hinge to
loosen or break. Flexible bridge holds pin in correct position.
If makes a gift every woman would appreciate.
How to get the Or you can get this beautiful gold-filled
Adjustable, Gold- bracelet, in a lovely flower design. An
Fiiled Bracelet, adiustable slide permits you 10 n.ake this
b. No. 4 , bracelet oval or round, so that it is just
the shape and size to fit your arm. It is one of the^ greatest
values. Sent for the Christmas certificate and ona signature
and 15 cents in stamps or coin.
What women aay about these gifts
When women have once started using Arbuckles' Coffee,
they say, "Why didn't I start using it long ago! It has just
the flavor I have been looking for and with it I get so many
lovely gifts that I have always wanted." So many say this that
we make this special offer to have you git your first package now.
Your grocer ha3 Arbuckles' Coffee. Get a package today
— get the coffee which you have been looking for and make it
earn lovely gifts for you. Serve it for breakfast tomorrow.
Learn why more Arbuckles' Coffee is sold than any other
packaged coffee — why it is by far the most popular coffee
in America.
Send the signature from the package, together with the
Christmas certificate below, and the necessary amount in stamps
or coin, and get your choice of this valuable gold-tilled jewelry.
This offer holds good only until December 31st. To be sure
your jewelry arrives in time for Christmas, have your order
reach us before December 15th.
More suggestions for gifts
The spoon, knife, scissors and handkerchiefs shown here
will make very popular Christmas gifts. Notice how tew sig-
natures you need — how quickly you can secure them. Send
the number of signatures and stamps requested ; for these
gifts, the Christmas certificate is not required.
Removing Top Krcm Milk Bottle.
It ia often hard to get the top out
of the milk bottle without a deluge.
The next time it sticks use the point
of a can opener for the purpose. A
large pin Is also effective.
This is the signature s<n/p
Good to Knew.
To bake potatoes quickly boil them
In salted water for ten minutes, then
put in the oven. The boiling water
will heat them through so they cook
n a short time.
1 s's5l5r^
2 : ■ issa-zsisggs:
ZfaFtRemost popular
coffee in Amcrico^*
^ > > t -I K lo Brother*
• 'w'*'1 - / * Wat.,
■—u UUI Cop- ^ 1
'"• > 'Urapg JK

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