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at svicidi:
Marshall Tribune.
Mr. J. W. Powers put au end to
his earthly existence at Colorado
Springs Monday morning, cutting his
throat with a razor which he borrow-
ed from another inmate of the hos-
pital in which he was confined.
On the 23d of July Mr. Powers went
to Colorado in the hope of benefitting
his health, but three days later he
jumped from the roof of the rooming
house where he was stopping, badly
crippling himself, since which time he
had been unable to leave his bed.
Friends here had hoped his mind
would improve as he regained his phy-
sical strength but this final act would
indicate that he was far fro mwell
mentally. His brother, Ira, had been
with him
Xot a word can be spoken against
Mr. Powers' character. He was a
Christian gentleman, scrupulously
honest in his dealings, broad and lib-
eral in his views, and when it became
noised around that had become men-
tally afflicted sorrow was universal.
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is *he best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
I of them will take notice that they have I (First Published in Oklahoma State Keg-
\ I. i .1 -• > , . I i<t T Sunt •' 1 i
Potenzia Was .Nearly Five Hundred
Years Old When Caesar Killed
Kouuiu hmpire.
limiONI) IM'ST.
I shall not pass this way again
But far beyond earth's NVhere and When
May 1 look back along a road
Where on both sides Rood seed I sowed.
1 shall not pass this way again,
May Wisdom guide my tongue and pen,
And Love be mine that so I may
Plant roses all along the way.
I shall not pass this way again.
May I be courteous to men.
Faithful to friends, true to my God.
A fragrance on the path I trod.
—Clarence Urray in Harper's
> has
and forech
II t S, J < I
said plaintiff
each of then
Rome, Sept. 11.—Pozenzia, a hunclerd
miles southeast of Naples, is near the
constantly since his first site of the ancient town of Potenzia,
which was destroyed in the thirteenth
century by Charles of Anjou, king of
N'aples, was rebuilt, then destroyed
again a hundred years later by Em-
peror Frederick II, king of Sicily.
A few days ago while making new
rifle pits for soldiers, some workmen
came upon the foundatain, fountain
and pavements of a large villa. Furth-
er investigation revealed almost the
San Francisco, Sep. 16.—Does it nay
to be honest?
If you would secure an answer to
that question, visit the offices of Cap-
tain Seymour, head of the dective
bureau of Wells, Fargo & Co., in this
city on the first day of any month be-
tween the hous of 2 and 3 p. m.
If you do you will meet a rather neat
old man, say ebtween 60 and 70 years
o£ age, who on entering the room will
walk up to the desk of the veteran of-
ficer who has brough grief to more ex-
press robbers than any man on the
Pacific coast, will exchange greetings
and will be handed a package con-
taining $250 in crisp bank notes.
Should you ask him, he will, if he
can be induced to talk, tell you that
honesty pays.
He ought to know what he is talking
about, for ten years past he has been
receiving $250 monthly from the big
corporation and all in the world he
has to do for the money is to keep
This mysterious old man, if he could
be induced to speak further, would
tell you that his name is C. F. Bol
ton. Rather an ordinary name, but
should you succeed in getting deeper
into his history he may be induced to
.admit that is no other than "Blac'.:
Bart, P-S," that when in action he is
rated one of the most desperate
highwaymen that ever waylaid an ex-
press agent, and that before he went
on the corporation pay rool he cost
ihe Wells, Fargo nearly $100,000 in ex-
press robberies.
He was finally caught, thanks to the
rforts of the late Wells, Fargo de-
tective, ('apt. Hume, but after his re-
lease the company so feared his fu-i
aire efforts that they sent for him and
greet! to pay him $250 monthly if he
would rob no more express boxes, the
agreement was promptly entered into
Hid "Black Bart P-S" has been draw-
ing his salary ever since.
"Black Bart P-S" owes his title to
the fact that on every express box he
obbed he placed this mysterious
iign. Accompanying the mystic sign
would always be a verse written in a
and that looked 1 ike copper plate:
'Here I lay me down to sleep to await
the coming morrow.
.'erhaps success, perhaps defeat, and
everlasting sorrow.
But come what may for better or for
This box of gold has filled my purse."
Marguerite McDonald prima donna
of an opera company now touring the
country, is wearing her sweetheart's
photograph on her finger nail. She
wouldn't exchange that finger nail
photo for a nice, big diamond solitaire
—no, indeed!
By her clever idea she has started
la new fad that dims the bull dog with
auto goggles, the gem-tooth and other
I delights of womankind.
| The singer Iras a friend who tak•■.-
J pictures.- S1ie asked him if her idea
'work," and after a lot of ex-
rinients they found that it would
whole villa, the largest and richest yet
found. I would
There is a magnificent pavement of a t
.Then, presto! All the chorus girls In
her company were wondering what the
beautiful geometrical design; very fine
pieces of mosaic and two eubicula or.
bed-rooms with complete pavements ! ,itt,e black spot was on her third fln-
of terra cotta. sel' of her left hand' 0ue l)t tlle "lol e
.. . .... curious took a look, and she of course.
From coins found there the structure
has been credited with an antiquity be-
yond the Christian era. Some splen-
did vases and candelabra have been
found, rings and jewelry. The hinges
of the doorposts are still in their
It is believed that if the excavating
shall be continued the whole of the an-
cient town of Potenzia would be
brought to light.
While repairing the pavement of St.
Peter's in the chapel of St. Petronilla,
several supported marbles were found,
some of them dating back to early
Christian times, but all to some period
before the sack of Rome by the Bour-
bons. Part of au ancient altar has
been discovered which may belong to
one of those small oratories the early
Christians built around the tomb of St.
The fragments are being carefully
preserved and probably an attempt will
be made to dig into the subsoil under
the pavement in search of other re-
The artists of the Renaissance were
notoriously careless about destroying
relics of former times, early Christian
as well as mediaeval remains.
come on!
/ A
told everybody else the secret
"When my linger nail grows,' ex-
plained .Miss McDonald, "of course 1
have to clip off the photograph, a lit-
tle at a time, but I got around that by
having a lot of pictures made on a
film. Then I found a way to stick
these on. and I don't have to worry
about that.
"Who is the man? Well, that's a
secret, of course."
Her friends say that the. "man on I
her hands" is "Ted" Seldon. a steel
man of Cincinnati.
We can do your JOB
PRINTING of every
Cards, Billhead*, Circulars, Auc-
tion and Show Bills, Pamphlets
Law Blanks, Briefs, Blank Books,
Labels at Reasonable Prices **
Phone 182. 10.V7 N. First St
named court la an
11 tho plaintiff above named I
pd suit to obtain a judgment)
of mortgage against said'
Ion a certain money bond
in the principal sum of One
Hundred Dollars ($1.COO.00)
m1 and delivered by said de-
X. Wallace and Ella Wallace
of March, 1905 In favor of
md that said defendants and
must answer said petition
or Iwfore the 28th day of October, 1909,
said petition will be taken as true ami
Igment rendered in said action against
id defendants.John X. Wallace and Klla
ullace for the principal sum of One
housand Two Hundred Sixty-nine Dol-
$1,269.70), to-
ther with interest thereon at the rate of
ight and nine-tenths per cent (S 9-10 per
t) per annum from the tirst day of
ugust. 1909, until paid and for the fur-
sum of One Hundred Twenty-
)ollars and Ninety-seven cen
97) as an attorneys fee, togetl
ith the costs of this action and all n
uing costs; for a further judgment for
e foreclosure of said mortgage upon the
>lowlng described real estate lying and
ituated in the County of Logan and Stat
f Oklahoma, to-wit: Lots twenty-one (21)
xnd twenty-two (22) in that part of the
ity of Guthrie, known as East Gutliri
and adjudging and decreeing that default
las been made in the terms of said mort-
age and that plaintiff have a first Hen
pon the premises therein mortgaged for
the amount for which judgment will
taken as aforesaid and ordering said
sold without appraisement, the
proceeds to be applied to the
payment of the amount due plaintiff
aforesaid, together with costs of suit, and
accruing costs and forever barring and
foreclosing the defendants above namci
fend each of them of and from all right,
title, estate, interest, property and equity
of redemption in and to said premises or
any part thereof.
Clerk of the District Court
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Llf> tin
minty of I*>gan
id S tu
day v,
ourt of
A former Guthrie girl, Miss Dorothy
Flynn, daughter of ex-Congressman D.
T. Flynn, has a very handsome picture
in the September number of the Na-
tional Magazine. She Is the wife of
Dr. J. J. Richardson, a throat special-
ist, who accompanied McKinley,
Roosevelt and Taft on their speech-
making tours. Mrs. Richardson, so the
magazine states, is one ot the popular
hostesses of Washington society.
Willie Roe, 17 years old. employed
by a farmer named l^ee. near Scipio,
was asked by Mrs. Lee who was sick
to go into the timber and shoot a
squirrel, with which she wanted to
make some broth. The boy shot the
squirrel, and was surprised and ar-
rested by a deputy game warden, club-
bed over the head with.a gun, and car-
ried to McAlester for trial. Inas-
much as the squirrel had been taken
I on I^ee's own premises, the boy could
While engaged in his robberies dur- j not be convicted of violating the game
ng the '80s Bolton made his hoiye in j law. The deputy then arrested the
"his city, and much to the chagrin of j boy in the court room for hunting on
iocal detectives it developed after his j Sunday. He was fined $1 and costs,
ftls arrest that he had reckoned them I The next game warden who wanders
Dr. E. T. Devine,
Dr. K. T. Devine, the charity expert
of New York, said the other day of
the well known "bread line" that thu
men attracted io it were not doservVng
men; that time and again he had of-
fered tlu#e ir.eii work if they would
come for it, but they never came."
"I am afraid," said Dr. Devine, "that
the bread line Is composed of weak
men—men who, when it comes to a
decision, listen to their baser and not
their higher selves. '
He smiled.
"The bread line men I fancy." lm
went on, "are like a man of whom I
heard yesterday. This man celebrated
Easter by drinking eleven glasses of
eggnog. Then, staring vacantly be.
fore him he was heard to mutter tci
"Shall I have the twelfth or not?
My 1 cad says no; my stomach says
yes; but my head is the more sensible
of the two. and in a dispute the more
sensible parly always gives in. Wait-
er, another eggnogg'"
First Published in the Oklahoma State
Register September 16, 1909.
At Navina, in the State of Oklahoma,
at the close of businesst Sept. 1, 1909.
Loans and Discounts $24,643.73
Overdrafts, secured and un-
secured 670.03
Furniture and Fixtures 1,400.00
Due from Ranks 3.603.90
Cash in Bank 1,963.2!
Capital Stork Paid in
Surplus Fund
Undivided Profits, less Expen-
ses and Taxes paid
Individual Deposits subject
.% 5,000.00
. 1,500.00
. 25,522.60
Total $35,981.16
State of Oklahoma County of Logan, ss.
I, L. J. Stark, Cashier of the abov
named bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief, so help me God.
L. J. STARK. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
13th day of September. 1909.
among his friends and had frequently
discussed the "Black Hart" robber-
ies with the flower of the local de-
fective bureau.
in Scrlpio country would do well to
travel rapidly.
Contributor—I sent you some sug-
gestions telling you how to make your
7>aper more interesting. Have you car.
ried out any of my ideas?
Editor—Did you meet the office boy
with the waste-paper basket as you
came upstairs?
Editor—Well, he was carrying out
your ideas.—Modern Society.
Men's work shoes 51.50 to
the largest line in Guthrie
We have Deeds. Mortgages, Mort-
gage Releases, Farm and Real Estat€
Leases and Notaries' Supplies, made
according to statehood forms; Type-
writer Supplies, Lawyeis' Doeket Cov-
ers, etc. We make a specialty of Law-
yers' Briefs. We also have a complete
line of U. S. Commissioners' Blanks
fer the Western District U. S. Court
Rubber Stamps and Seals, "deal File?
and Filers for small merchants' con-
venient accounts.
rhone 10C X. First St.
A suit involving $1,000,000 was tiled
in the United States District Court late
this week by Attorney Milton Brown
of Guthrie, representing the Henry
Howe heirs. The suit envolves title
to some land in the heart of Oklahoma
City, said to be worth over $1,000,000,
located not far from the Threadglll
hotel. The Lincoln high school build-
ing is on part of the land.
Electricity From the Sun.
Observations were made some litt'i
time ago at the Astrophys'cul Observa
tory on the Pic du Midi, si! an altitude
of 2877 meters to measure the electrical
charges induced by the sun and moon,
and the differences between t lie
variations of tlie solar potential aud that
jf the ground. It was found that tin
tun induced a positive electric charge,
•vldch is greater when the air traversed
'y the solar radiation is dry, and which
s entirely absorbed by any cloud which
ay pas* in f{ont of the solar disk, ot
r layers of humid air. The solai
•irge varied from one to six volts per
iute. The nioou produced a s:milai
sit i ve electrification. Variations ol
ground potential are much more in
iCDhc at high altitudes than at the earth'!
mean surface level, approaching in some
'•uses to 100 volts per minute.
It was a wise young man who jaus^f
before he answered the widow who asked
him to guess her age. "You must ban
some idea of it." she said, with what «a«
intended for au archwise glance. "I
have several ideas.' he admitted, with
smile. "The only trouble is that 1 has*
tatc whether to make you ten ven.i
younger on account of your looks or tei
years older on account of your brains.'
Then while tho v.idow smiled and blush
cd, he took s graceful but speedy leave.
Notary Public,
(First Published in Oklahoma State Reg
ister Septem 16. 1909.)
State of Oklahoma, County of Logan
In County Court.
Notice is hereby given that on the 13th
day of September, A. D. 1909, G
Thompson filed in the County Court of
Logan County, State or Oklahoma, a pe
tltlon praying for letters of administra
tion to be issued G. S. Thompson upon
the estate of James M. Wagner, deceased,
late of the County of Logan, and Stat
of Oklahoma.
County Court shrd9 Sis etaoin shrdlu
And pusuant to an order of said County
Court. Saturday, the 2d day of October A
D. 1909, at the hour of 9 o'clock a. m. of
said day, that being it day of the regular
October term. A. D. 1909. of said County
Court, has been appointed as the time for
hearing said application when and wher
and person interested may contest sal
ptition by filing written opposition thereto
on the ground of incompetency of the ap
pllcant. or may assert his own rights
the administration and pray that lette
be issued himself.
Witness. J. C. Strang. Judge of the
County Court of the County of Logan,
and the seal of the Court affixed the 13th
dav of September A. I>. 1909.
(Seal) J. C. STRANG.
County Judge
Hepburn & Smith, Attorneys.
It Saved His Lejf.
"Although I'd lose my leg," writes
J. A. Swenson, Watertown, Wis. "Ten
years of eczema, that 15 doctors could
not cure, had at last laid me up. Then
Bucklin's Arnica Salve cured it sound
and well." Infallible for Skin Erup-
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Pllee. 25c at C. O. Boe.
Copyrights Ac.
,1'tcklT ascertain our oi'inii _
invention is probably Communta*
mnnirict v < Tii)uer:lul HANDBOOK on Patents
••••r free. ohlnat 1140111.7 for neouring patent*.
•h tak.n • hroutfh ftlunn tt Co. recelTS
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jtKwific American.
A handaonicif Ulturtratei weekly. T*rveat cir-
culation of unjr oeioiitltlc Journal. Terms $3 a
voar; four months, fu boia by ail nawadesJam
iVlUNN & Co New York
Rraocfc Offlov, «ft V 8U WtMhiuctor, D. C.
First Published In the Oklahoma State
Register September 16, 1909.
In the District Court of Logan County
No. 526.
The Detroit United Fank. a oorporation
John N. Wallace. Ella Wallace, J. C. Daw
& Company, W. A. Stlckney Cigar Com
pany; Sharp & Dolme; The New Eng
land Watch Company; Beggs Manufac
turlng Company; Charles Deitsch and
Edgar J. Deitsch, partners as Deitsch
Brothers; Security Stock Food Com
pany; Jennings Brothers Manufacturing
Company; S. I-angsdorf & Company
Harry L. Schlesinger; The J. W. Jc
kins Music Company; Morris, Mann
Riley; Missouri, Kansas & Oklahoma
Railroad Company; S. R. Foil Company
C. A. Klger Company; Janeway & Car
penter; Irving Drug Company; I
Schafer & Company; H. K. Mulford
Company; Aurora Silver Plate Manufac
turing Company; and J. D. Chappell, As-
signee for the benefit o( Creditors of
John N. Wallace.
The defendants above named and each
hiu death, un
rest that the
tion of luw, or
ull the
Guthrie, Oklahoma, Sept. 9, 1909
You are notified that the Board of
Directors of the above named corpora
tion at the last regular meeting of
said board called a special meeting of
stockholder*, of the Oklahtma Lead
and Zinc Mining and Milling Com
paey of Miami and Guthrie, Okla
hoina, to be held at the ottlce of the
president of the corporation in the
city of Guthrie, Logan County, Okla
hotna, on Saturday, the 9th day of
October A I)., 1909 for the purpose of
determining upon the proposed in
crease of the Capital Stock of said
Corporation from $100,000 to $150,000
Thk Board ov Directors ok Thk
Oklahoma lead and zinc Mining
and Milling Company of Miami
and Guthrie.
S. MA BON, .Secretary.
f Aug-
of uaid
ust A. D. ia09, in tho matter of Ui«
of C. W. Yager, decuas'ed. the undo:
a* the administrator of tin* estate
deceased, will, on or after themii
•ptcmber A. D. lUOU, and with
onths from said last menttoneJ
11 at private sale to the highest a
idder therefor all the right, title, i
SV. Yager at the time
11 the right, title iu in-
1 estate lias, by opera-
wrwise acquired in and
ot.s, piece, or parcel ot
laud lying and being in the County of Lo-
1 State of Oklahoma, hounded an<*
t'd as follows, and upon the follow-
ings terms and conditions, to-wit:
One hundred and thirty-eight acres
more or less lying and being tht northeast
uarter of Section 1, Township 17 North
tange 2 West of the Indian Meridian.
i?rms cash on day of sale.
Said property cannot bo sold for loss
hail $1,800. that being i u per cent of the
Appraised value thereof, which appraise-
t was made on the 30th day of June.
Otters or bids for said land must be
made iu writing, and the same may bo
ft at any time before such sale at
ldressed to W. lT. Yager, Coyle, Okla.,
. R. No. 2, or delivered to theundersigned
♦rsonally, or the same may be filed In tho
office of the Judge of said County Court.
Dated August 28th, 1909.
By Hepburn & Smith, Attorneys.
(First Published In Oklahoma State Reg-
ister Sept. 2, 1909.)
In the matter of the estate of Iv. A.
ledgecock, late of the County of Logan,
State of Oklahoma, deceased.
All persons having claims against said
K. A. lledgecock, dcceascd, are required to
exhibit the same, with the necessary
Vouchers to the undersigned, duly appoint-
ed und qualified administrator of said de-
ceased, at his homo on tho S. E. quarter
Sec. 21 Township 16, N. R. 4 W. in the
County of Logan and State of Oklahoma,
and that four months after the first pub-
lication of tnis notice has been limited
by order of the County Court of said Lo-
gan County, as the time for creditors of
said deceased to* exhibit and present their
claims against said estate.
^&tea the 21st day of August, 1909.
Administrator of K. A. lledgecock.
(First Published in Oklahoma State Reg-
ister Sept. 2, 1009.)
State of Oklahoma, County of Logan—
Cause No. 78. Action for Divorce.
In the Superior Court of said County
and State.
Lillie J. Dresher, plaintiff, vs. Theodore
Dresher, defendant.
To Theodore Dresher, defendant in the
above entitled cause:
You are hereby notified that you have
been sued In the Superior Court of Ix>gM,
County, Oklahoma, by Lillie J. Dresher;-
the plaintiff above named; that said plain-
tiff has filed her petition in snid Court
praying an absolute divorce from you,
and if you do not answer her said peti-
tion on or before the 15th day of October,
1909, the same will be taken as true and
judgment will be rendered thereon by said
court against you granting to said plain-
tiff an absolute divorce and setting aside
and dissolving the bonds of matrimony
heretofore existing between you and said
By VI.xll M Hobbs. her Attorney.
Clerk of Superior Court.
(.First Published in Oklahoma Stat
ister, September 9, 1909.)
To John Daniels, W. G. 11 agar,
. Nelson, Patsy • Davis and
hallis, owners of the following described
real property situated in the County of
Logan and State of Oklahoma, to-wit:
Lot one (1) in Block five t,5) in the
city of Guthrie.
You are hereby notified that tho abov
described lot was on the twentieth day
of November A. D. 1905 sold by the Coun
ty Treasurer of said County, after due
aud legal notice of such sale had first
been given in the manner and for the
time required by law, for the taxes legal-
ly levied thereon for the year lsJ04, which
taxes were due and unpaid, and the said
lot was bid oft by It. C. Burnsdale, lie
being the highest and best bidder there-
for for the sum of $2.70, the amount of
the accumulated taxes, penalities and
osts and charges then due on said lot,
and a proper certificate of purchase f« r
each lot was duly issued to said . C.
Burnsdale und said certificate was on
December 5th, 1903, duly assigned to A.
Arid you are hereby further notified
that unless redemption of said lot from
said sale is made by you on or before
sixty (60) days from the date of this no-
, the undersigned, us the legal owner
and holder of said certificate of purchase.
w.111 demand of the County Treasurer of
the above named County, that he issue
to A. S. Barwick. the undersigned, a
proper and valid tax deed for said lot as
required and provided by law.
First Published in Oklahoma State Reg
Ister Setpember 9, l'.«09.)
State-of Oklahoma. Logan County.
In County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Louisa
M. Strang, deceased.
Notice is hereby given, that G .A.
Walker, the duly appointed aud qualified
administrator of the estate of Louisa M.
Strang, deceased, has rendered and pre-
sented for settlement, and filed in said
Court, his final account and report > f
his administration as such administra-
tor, and that Saturday, the 9th day of
October, A. D. 1909. being a day of u
regular term of said Court, to-wit: of
the October term A. I). 1909, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at
the County Court room in the city of
Guthrie, in said County of Logan, has
been duly appointed by the said Court,
for the settlement of said account, at
which time and place any person inter-
ested in said estate may appear and file
his exceptions in writing to the account
and contest the same, said estate being
In condition and ready for final settle-
ment and distribution.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed the seal of said
Court this 3rd day of September, 1909.
(Seal) J. C. STRANG,
County Judge.
John Adams, Attorney for Adminis-
First published in the Oklahoma Stats-
Register, August J6, 1909.
In the Superior Court in and for tbs
County of Eogan and State of Oklahoma.
Case No. 66.
Ida C. Backes,
Calton F. Garrett, and
Ida C. Garrett,
The above named Calton F. Garrett and
Ida C. Garrett, are hereby notified tliat
they have been sued as defendants in an
action now pending in the Superior.
Court of Logan County, State of Okla--
horoa, wherein the above named Ida c.
Backes is plaintiff and the above named
Calton P. Garrett and Ida c. Garrett are
defendants, and that they must answer
the said petition of said plaintiff filed in
said Court in said action on or before
the 29th day of September, A. D., 1909,
or said petition will be taken as true and
judgment rendered against said defend-
ants for the sum of Five Hundred Dol-
lars, with the interest thereon at the
rate of seven per cent per annum from
tlie 6th day of August, A. !>.. 1908. and
for the forclosure of a certain real estate
mortgage, upon and aale of the following
described real estate In Logan County,
Oklahoma, to-wit:
Beginning at a point on the section line
between sections Sixteen (16) and Twen-
ty-one, (?1" in Township Sixteen (16)
North of Range Two ('*) West of the In-
dian Meridian, which Is H."t feet west of
the comer to Sections 1">, 16, 21 and 22;
thence south parallel to line between
Sections 21-22, a distan e of ."."7 feet to
the north boundary < f ri^l t of way of M.
K. & O. Rv. fo ; Thenee in a northwest-
erly direction along said ri«ht of way to
a pelnt 466 feet distant west from above
last mentioned N. Si S. line: Thence north
416 feet to section line: Thence east 46f
feet to point of beginning. Said tract of
land containing five acres, and being a
part of tho N. K Quarter of Section 2t
in Town 16 N. .range two. West of the
Indian Meridian in said Logan County,
State of Oklahoma, and forever barring
and excluding said defendants therefrom
accordingly as prayed for In said petition.
Dated this 19th day of August, A. D.
JAMES KIRK WOOD. Attys for PltfPa
Clerk, Superior Court.
First Published in the Oklahoma State
Register August fith, 1900
In the matter of the estate of Mary K.
Barney, late of the City of Guthrie, Coun-
ty of Logan. State of Oklahoma, deceased. V11D
All persons having claims against said, udcment interest and costs of suit and
tr Rartmv dnnAMM!. are reouired to
(First Published in Oklahoma State Reg-
ister September 9th. 1009.)
Dish'l" t Court. No R?2.
Matt l.owe and the Henderson Sturgee
Piano Co. of Texas, are hereby notified
that they have been sued as defendants
in an action now pending In the District
Court of Logan County, Atate of Okla-
homa. wherein C. W. Holden Is plaintiff
and Matt Lowe and The Henderson
Sturges Piano Co. of Texas are defend-
ants. and that they must answer the pe-
tition of said plaintiff, filed in said Court
In said action, on or before the 22d day
of October. 1909, or said petition will be
taken as true and pudgment rendered
against said defendant Matt T,owe for <
the sum of $153.94 with interest thereon
at 6 i>er cent per annum from the 10th
day of July, 1908, and costs of suit, and
for further judgment confirming the at-
tachment of plaintiff on the following de-
scribed property, and ordering the sale
of the wiiiie and applying the proceeds
of said sale to the payment of plaintiff n
Mary K. Barney, deceased, are required to
exhibit tho same, with the necessary
voucrers to the undersigned, duly appoint-
ed and qualified administrator of said de-
ceased, at residence In Guthrie, Oklahoma,
in th* County of I>ogan and State of Okli%-
homa. and that four months after the first
publication of this notice has been limited
by order of the County Court of said Lo-
gan county, as the time for creditors of
said deceased, to exhibit and present their
claims against said estate.
Uated th. Sd day ot August. 1|M
f*ots Pour. Five and Six In Block
Twenty-three, in the town of Seward,
I.oB!in County, .State of Oklahoma.
And further Judgment against th
Henderson SturKe-i l'lano Company of
Texas, barring it from any claim or lieu
upon said roal estate above abovo de-
scribed. accordingly as prayed for In sat«
l)°patfi\ aeptomber 7th, W®*.
(Seal) C. H. GRI8WOI.D.
1 Clerk District Court.
John Adams. Attorney lor Flalntllt.

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Golobie, John. Oklahoma State Register. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 18, No. 29, Ed. 1 Thursday, September 23, 1909, newspaper, September 23, 1909; Guthrie, Oklahoma. (https://gateway.okhistory.org/ark:/67531/metadc112668/m1/7/ocr/: accessed April 19, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History, https://gateway.okhistory.org; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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