The Enid Weekly Wave. (Enid, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 11, No. 4, Ed. 1 Thursday, January 28, 1904 Page: 2 of 8

' I
I t
I *
For Little Prices
Little Drug Store,
Southeast Corner Square.
Phk Wave.
L. . iNHHRU, Editor & Manager.
utered us Hocond-cln.sH mull mutter ut i ho
post offlc i at Enid, O. T., under the Actol
(. ongres « f March 7, 1879.
r copy ••• .8 cents
r week 16 cents
' r month BOcents
▼ mull per yeur ..gj 00
carrier per yeur W 00
a*- year I' 00
n -n' n ;]0
r*Hl months oO
NOTICE. No advertising of any character
will tie t ikon in exchange for iwhat Is com-
monly known uh Oompllmontury tickets for
any show or entertainment whatsoe er.
O.iHh for advertising and cash for tickets.
advertising rates apply to the oltlce.
Mardi Gras Festivilits-
Mobile and New Orleans Feb. 10th
to Kith. For the above occasion tick-
ets will be 011 sale via. Frisco Hail-
road to Mobile and New Orleans at
one fare |>1 um $2.(H) for the round trip.
Date of sale Feb. Dth to 14th and with
final return limit of Feb. 20. For
particulars call on
l'2.r> dlw 1) C. FARRINGTON,
A. V. & W. WRECK.
The A V. & W. passenger train
due here at 0:10 last night did not ar-
rive until 7 o'clock this morning ow-
*"l purchase a mam nj th stock of \ lnff t0 a wreck of tne pa8sell(?er this
- • injr and summer clothing for bis aideof Pawnee. No serious damage-
was done, 110 Injury to human life, but
the engine tender left the track and
It was something like ten hours he-
fore it was replaced.
Senator Davis, the head of the
cl biiKr department of the Kennedy
store, d -parted for Chicago and the
far east last evening on his regular
winter .living tour trip. Mr. Davis
AN EXPEND!TURF-' OF $150,000.
Delegate McGuire Introduces Bill For
Buildings at El Keno, Enid and
Washington, D. C., .Ian. 20,—Dele-
gate McGuire today introduced bills
for $150,000 public buildings at El
Ueno, Enid and Shawnee.
, It is Announced That It Will Be Pot In
Operation Soon.
It is announced that mall service
will be in operation on the A. V. &
VV on and aftei February 15. Pat-
rons of the route have been working
long and hard for this advantage ana
have solicited with avail the assist-
ance of IS.legate McGuire and the
different postmasters on the Kne.
An Oklahoma City
Councilman Accused.
During the reading of the minutes
of the preceding meetings at the
council meet'ng last night, and before
any business had been transacted
other than a roll call, a quiet scene
was enacted which explained the only
public emanation that has come from
the grand jury. County Attorney
Hauier appeared in the council room,
and Alderman Leonard was summon-
ed into the hall where a notice .was
served on him declaring the action of
the grand jury in finding him to be
not a legal member of the council,
having moved from one ward to
Mr. Leonard accepted service and
returned to the council cbamter,
where he took his seat in the accust-
omed place, voting upon all questions
during the session.—Oklahoman,
\ i vian W i-O-tt,
Abstracts and Insurance.
Rooms J and 2 Over Hcrzbcrg's with Chas.
mzmi. n J, in a a ii'ii i w
Young Men—Trust thyself, make
your heart vibrate with ail iron
string. Make yourself a man anjong
men. Hollister's ltocky Mountain
Tea will do the business 35 cents
tea and tabet form. Owl Drug
('apt. Koy Stafford, the advertised
editor o the Oklahoma City Okla-
homan, was in this city last iVidav in
close communion with Moses. Staf-
ford In his great Innocence ; id
amateur discernment and experience
In democratic politics Is quite liable
to ge into the wrong boat floating
around lie put in bay of democracy.
There is yoing to tie something doing
In the democratic camp ere long.
Moses is a slick fixer, but he will be
fixed nl right.
era s
j > i ti i h
■sume all the alleged dewo-
the Cleveland stripe will
Moses select democrat party
assasin , lion society, it the Moses
A iders hi squad could control the
demon ats of this territory during
the com ng campaign there would be
no d.'iili s concerning a republican
victory in the territory next fall. It
would simply l>c a question of major-
ity, but, alas, the tricks of Moses
have been exposed. However, we!
cannot think that Col. Ho}'
is preparing to commit
1. is
Cad is
of Ml
tias an
a id ri
[iiite evident that Cartoon
ie dc mocratlc official organ
tin;. Mose Anderson. Mose
flieul saloon,an olllclal church
ttt'ial republican newspaper
but 111 ally or otherwise he cannot
aot h , , n able. God did not seem to
h v,- m d,- M ise just right.
prep I i|f todo "sumthln"
on i
Mose is
but the
e a way from home are catching
I. iii. For the last six years his
true charracter was only known at
U the Bill Cross campaign
f>w de n i i i'ic leaders that
id* matching a il watching
Probate Court
The First Nat'l Bank (Enid) vs. L
M. Davis et al suit on note 120(1 and
attorneyV fees. Summons issued,
bond for cost.
Estate of Agnes Burwell, deceased
order fixing time for settlement of
account February 5, 1904 Notice of
final settlement.
Emma K. Hubbell vs Blackwell
Enid & Southwestern H. R. Co. Ob-
jections to preceding to trial by pltf.
atTd for con ti una nee. Motion.
The Elks enjoyed a rousing meet-
ing last night putting the horns o;i
new Elks.
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who resub :he news-
papers Is sure to Know of the wonderful
cures made by Dr.
i. Kilmer's Swamp -Root,
I the prcai kidney, liver
It and bladder remedy.
It is the {real medi-
cal triumph of tiie nine-
IflU teenth century; dis-
covered aiter years of
scientific research by
Dr. Kilmer, the emi-
nent kidney and blad-
der specialist, and is
wonderfully successful In promptly curing
lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou-
bles and fright's Disease, which is th« worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root Is not rec-
ommended for everything but If you have kid-
ney, liver or bladder trouble It will be found
just tiio remedy you need. 11 has been tested
In so many ways, in hospital work, in private
Mi is
That illustrious, anticquated,versai
tile statesman and relic of Kansas
pioneer days Syd Clark made a gush-
ing statehood speech before the com-
mittee having in charge the Oklaho-
ma statehood bills at Washington
the other day in favor of statehood
for Oklahoma alone. The people of
Oklahoma who know Syd real well
will pay little attention to hisspeech-
es as they know that the same are
always paid for atso much a "spiel."
There is always a scheme hidden be-
hind the voice of Syd Clark. tie
claims to be a democrat, but he is
recognized as an orphan in politic.-.
The argument used by Clark before
the committee has been given to con-
gress many times, being reiterated,
replenished and refreshed. It is now
feared that Clark's speech has
knocked out all hopes of statt hood ol
any kind as it will give congress an
excuse to pass it by. It is also be-
lieved that Syd is In the employment
of the federal office crowd wbo are
against statehood inwardly. Out-
wardly they are like Syd, nam the
kindof statehood they know cobjci e?s
will not grant.
Revivalists. Arc Arrested.
Arapahoe, OkU.. Jan. 33.—'Thepeo-
pie of school district Ntx 14 are in
voived in a serious difficulty over the
matter of using the school house for
church purposes. The matter ha.s
been brought into court for settle-
ment, the case being givtn a hearing
before Justice Latimer Wednesday.
It was given a jury trial*, which re-
sulted in the failure of the jtuymea
to agree on a verdict. Four were for
ouvictiou and two for acquittal.
The ca e was brought as the result
of an attempt of souie church people
of the Christian denomination to bold
services in the Long.view scuool hou t
on the night of January 15. The
charge specified in the complaint w.i.-.
that of breaking into the building.
All the parties concerned are promi-
nent citizens of tjic community. The
two prosecuting witnesses, J. 1$. Fos-
ter and Joseph Guy man, are member*
of the school board. J. 1. Sare (a
member of the school board) Evan
rra-tice, among the hslplsss too poor to pur-
cha.TS relief and has proved so successful In | Spear and George ltobinson aie
eveiy case that a special arrangement has fendants in t he case. At the trial
been made by which all readtrs of this papsr |
In h.ivo not alrsady tried It, may hive a ! the community was well represented
Are on the Program,
; :,e program for the annual cor.-
atlonof the Oklahoma Hortl:ul-
-ti association In Guthrie Febru-
'-12, has been announced and
eman and J. A. Enurscnof
• re on the program.
•_u".;V.o bottla sent free by mall, alee a Week
Tarn more about Swsmp-Roo: and hew t
.kio'-t it y v a have kidney or bladder treubi*.
When veiling mention readlnf thisjeeereus
offer In this paper and
tend youv eddresa to
Pr. Kllmer&Co.,Bing-
hamten, N. Y. The
•gular fifty cent and &•«*,(
dollar sizes are sold by all goad druegteu.
National Secretary United Farmers
Will Address tbe Farmers of Gar-
field County, January 30,
Mr. L. B. Irvine, national secre-
tary of United Farmers, will address
the farmers of Garfield county, Sat.
urrlay January 30, K)04, at 1 p in., in
the district court room.
Two hundred farmers of Garfield
county, who are members of United
Farmers, most respectfully urge and
request the attendance of all the
farmers in Garfield county at this
meeting Come and hear something
that will do you good. Come and be-
come familiar with the objects of
United Farmers. Don't miss this
meeting. Don't forget the date.
United Farmers, Garfield Co.
1-20 dl0tw2t
Saved From 7'errible Death.
Tne family of Mrs. M. L. Bobbin
of Bargerton, Tenn., saw her dying
and were powerless to savit her. The
most- skillful physician and every
remedy used failed, while consump-
tion was slowly bin surely taking her
life. In this terrible hour Dr. King's
New Discovery for consumption
turned despair to joy. The first liot-
tle brought immediate relief and its
continued use completely cared her.
It's tfce most certain cure in the
world for all tin it and lung troubles.
Guaranteed Bottles 50c and $1.00.
Tail bottles free at Watious Drug
ill the court rocin and the testimony
of large number of witnesses was
taken both pro and con.
The affair Is apparently in the na-
ture ot a neighborhood row, with pro-
bably some blame on each side. It is
a foregone conclusion that the citi-
zens of the community will be gcod
Muskogee. I. T., Jan. 20.—Ranners
in from Tex&na report an uprising
among the full-blood lidians t f the
Cherokee nation and ask the pro-
tectioaof the officers for the whites
who 1 i we in that county.
The Cherokees belong to the Ive-
toowak band, which h;w opposed the
■overameut in the allowing of lands.
They have left their homes around
Poor Man's Gap and gone to Green-
leat mountains, with the threat to
retujrii-and "leave nothing alive but
the birds and snakes.™
The Snake Indians iave been gath-
ering at Flat Hock and drilling sol-
diers for two weeks. They have com-
menced to steal cattle and shoot
o-Blcers in effigy
home white people were held up
and their property taken and the
whites in that section are. alarmed.
Hunners are going constantly be-
tween the Ketoowabs and Snakes and
they are trying to get their forces
If this is done trouble and blood
: hed is feared. It was tbc Snakes
and the Ketoowahs that lead the up-
rising In 1896.
The Citizen's Bank.
Wm. Kennedy, Pres.
H- H. Watkins, Cashier.
W. T. Dugan, Ass't1 Cashier.
Capital and Surplus £^000.
We have a Ladies' Waiting Room and
Make a Specialty of Ladies Accounts.
This Bank offers to the business public a reliable, per-
manent, conservative, accommodating banking institution.
We solicit your business with the assurance of honorable
treatment and due appreciation of your patronage. If we
can serve you at any time we shall be glad to have you call
see us. 2-3d&wl2m
F. G. ZIETZ, _
25 Years in the Trade.
I Pants, = $5.50 and up. °
nits = $23.50 and up. I.
« All and every Garment made I
" right here at my Place,
-1005 Maine St., Upstairs.;
a South Side Square, Come and see me before a
^ 11-4 you give your order. a
a « a tt k tni i: ti n a u :i a « a « « a
Plret published In tbe Waive Jan. 13, 1804,
Tb whom It m*j concern
In roinpllauce with i he provision* *f
?eetion a, Chapter 22, of the Session Laws
of Oklahoma Territory f:>r fchv yo:ir 183". no
ti-^ Is hereby given that Thomas Ewii't
filed on th i Gth uy of Ja ., A. 1>. IIK4,
h'* petition for a licence to Bt;lf at
retail malt, spirituous and vlnou?
imb lot 24 , block f 1st w*rd, in tiie City of
ipkl, Garfield County OUlafiotna Territory
aiKtthat unless objection to the same as re-
quired by law. be filed on or before the 19th
day of jan, A P). 19^4, said petition wl)l be
"j*fd, U. T., Jan. eth.
Tbowab Ewalt
8eu.Il • Aupllcant.
Ait est:—J.F Danbly County (Jlerk.
Scammon lump coal.
Best cheap coal on the
market $6.50 a ton.
Randels &Grubb
Syl Dixon has retured to his bime
at Crescent.
I will regulate your
Watch without
cost to you
United states
Obtained Hourly.
According to some of the local rail-
road men the thermometer register-
ed 40 degrees below zero yesterday,
at least it felt that cold while they
were riding about on the engines and
Don't make auy.«iista e, ut rem-
eml>e afti r they get through paying he
Kllmer'i .
BlnghamiitM, W.
I attorneys' fees.
Col. Geo. E. Hubbard, Judge M. C.
Garber, W. O. Cromwell, Vernon
Whiting-and others of this city are
planning to go to Washington on the
■Utcbood excursion scheduled for
February (V
pays no taxis— I pays no rent,
Often busted—without a cent;
But a king among men—from die
< ase I'm free.
'Tis better than wealth—Uocky
Mountain Tea. Owl Drug Store.
Attention is called to the ad of the
Curtis Double Store. Tneynre piling
o .t goods at prices that touch the
pocket book softly and the heart
joyfully. Everybody loses a bar-
gain in their purchases. They love
to have the consciousness, at least,
that they hare received just a little
more than the worth tf their money.
The treat uiecca of bargains are at
the Curtis Store just new. Visit
their stare and be convinced
isenDur^er s
Jeweler] Optician Engraver.J
With the Watrous
Drug Store.
1 have 55, live acre tracts of la, i
adjoining, and in close proximity t.
Enid for sale at $6(1. to 200. per acre
C. B Jordam.
Room 10 Day Blk. Enid 0. u
dA wtf.
Choice IiooMs-One block west and
one south of square. Electric lights,
bath, closets, etc. Phone 5U before
10 a. m. or after 7 p. m. vs dtt
^onder/iil Xnte. |
IntDilfnM bLman^ endur-
ing pains of accidental cuts, woumlj,
buHses, bums, scalds, 80re feet £
the naln Infl <• 0 i e wl" ki"
tnc paln and cure the trouble ii'i

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