The El Reno Democrat. (El Reno, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 7, No. 14, Ed. 1 Thursday, April 25, 1901 Page: 2 of 8
broafbl perrnAaect relief to ft rrH-
lioo tuBvnng «omeo who w«r« on tbetr |
wmy to preriAtar* |**re*. Mrs. Mitchell
far*, declining in when W i e
of Cartlci performed a ~wt>n«i< rful csre"
in h«r cm.**. £ £• *i.flerM vitfc tb« *gx>~
cietoff*. -.^cf LieironiK lfu.xr:h*t
*cd prote** menrtn-AZ oa. The w*ek!/
*pp**mccm of th* er. «*• for two tr.oc tM
her itw.ity cntil the *m a phy#-
"rJ^ch- Hex nerrosi gir
ir y; Then n-e the tr-. ] "of Wine of
Oarda! ax.J the rum. Mrm. VitcMTa
axper.etif oujrbt to coir.c.end Wine of
Cmrilui to tufferlny worsen in words of
I kutlf tliqqrcea
] '• w**hr !h* r^arh of a!L Women who
trr ft are r* - cr^d. A#k rwir drujrrift
for fl bet: e of Wlneof (""aHui. and do
not tafr~ ft Kib«titute if tendered too.
*riw :: .v be:' r.xw. jr. c.i
-W-.ce rf ohm tod 1b*i?.,rd • P eet- i
Dr*?«M fc**e p-t■•*- rred e minrvljes rire
T I r*<3 b*- q ft re«.t ns^erer |
•tth f«. * Af ti * *oab and tesorrr~<*ft,
•84 t~ r a^wi r*r e eTerr w «k f .f tv<o
■Mrtat * d w*r# Terr p**nfal. ifr b : -
%aad -1 ere to t*T W • i of r*rd«l
a?4 B 'k r* <et. r1 c w th* l*ocor
rtm bv <? I am rtttort d I
;«rf et health '
* <■*.«* mgniitec «7^-iftl
y %-s *_ -Ttse Lfc.bM a£
* * *7 ->|WM9t. The
• -> Mftlidai Co,
< n:uax%i, Tcnn.
of pimp thai drop* !u | Banes dow favorstea«dlitesUto>Trf|fffctP I Iff * •
'mMt today in holy place*, •mill hood.'
gone tomorrow, like Worthen: hut ~
, , .. ,- Oklahoma Citv's |*>Iice consists of
much as we loath thcin an<I their pro- '
a chief and seven men.
fane ribahiry. we do not indorse in,
the slightest degree the action of the ,, . r., ,, . .
* r Both Alva an i C handler hr ve be-
men who egged them last night. I he COIue cities of the first class.
people of this city have l een out- -—— —
raged by these two coarse, illiterate Mount Vesuvius i> again in a state
barn-stormers. hut the fault is largely °' er"l'tion—and soi Ross.
their own. There is nothing in the == . , . , . . . .
The Heaseian tlv has destroved the i ful! (luftrter of a block. It favors do-
law that compels any man or woman ^ ^ ^ ^ |n ^ / , ing ^ QOW every new
to attend their meetings. Therefore hui,diug that goes up helps out the
[people w !.o do not like their coarse. j.-orest ijas been converted, town. We do not believe, however,
I irreverent vulgarisms had better stop'He is now for statehood in any old | that ^ countv win suffer or the
away, than to attend and then ein- form.
phasize their disgust with rotten
Kailioad Time Tables.
iiOCK i SI.and.
GOING NOHTH.—Pasfenjfer.
This paper is in favor of building £°- j- "a' i' m
11 " ,\o. 4, daily - - •i.du p. m.
a court house. It favors buving or -V". 3- Ft), daily exceptSuo. 9:00 a. m
No. 3t5, daily txcept Sunday.. 7:27 a. m
condemning the lots south of the
present court house, so as to have a
The new El Heno paper will start
records be lost if the matter is put
off for a year or two. Fire-proof
going south.—passenger.
No. 1, daily. .. .; 12:23 a. tn.
No. 3, daily 1*2:23 a. m
No. 31 (Ft), dailj except Sun. 4:15 p. m
No. 30, daily ex ept Sunday 9:17 p. m
Tickets on sale for all points and bag-
irage checked through.
H.C. Callahan, Agt.
vaults have been erected at great ex-
Thl Democrat wants every farm-
er and taxpajer in El Reno aud
independent, but with a strong lean-
ing for the republican pie counter. pense in the old court house for the
—— [(reservation of the treasurer's re-
Jay 1. Callaiian has started a pop- cords, for the county clerk's records
Canadian county who is opposed to ulist paper at Hennessey to try to and for the records in the office of the
voting bonds on the people to build a iufuse new life into the defunct r .gter (|ee(js There is
court house iu the extreme north em' ,,a' •''
-Newkirk Democrat.
paratively no danger of losing the
We are gla.i to note that our vet- j rec;ords' and the oU1 court house is
eran newspaper friend W. Storv fluitc as gcxjd a habitation for our
The man who wars on the ••rum
demon" for hire is invariably a hvi>o-
crite. The true reformer is not a
beg^'er or a i-x>dle grabber.
of town to write The Democrat a
letter. We want to Cnd out where
the fanners stand on tln question, shearman ha- been placed on the public officers as three-fifths of the I
know where they stood two years c,lit<,rial ,taff of tht. K1 Reno Am- taxpayers have for their families at
tfo, and we l elieve the same senti- erican. It makes one think of the home This county already bas a 1
ment exists now, and especially Chicago lime-.
where the people are to be taxed to " '
boom the price of town lots bought Frank Greer and IIenr-v E- AsP of i
up by tax-title fiends and
'ators- have been elected vestrymen of Trin- \ missioners spent last week nearlv
k-v ch"r^, Guthrie. This is en- j $13,000 in reckless extravagance for
the current expenses of the countv.
Give them the authority to build a
. ,, ... . court house and at their present gaii
Tbe terntorv should establish a 1 °
M K. A. T. Time Table
The Choctaw trains connect with the
Katy flyer.
No. 1 Leaves St Louis at 9:30 a. m.,
arrives at South McAlester at
8:20 a. m.
No. 5 Leaves St. Louis at «:20 p. m.,
arrives at South McAlester at
2 p. m.
No. 2 Leaves South McAlester at 7:20
p. rn., and arrives at St. Louis
at 6 p. m.
No. 6 Leaves South McAlester at 2 p.
m., and arrives at St. Louis at
7:38 a. m.
bouded indebtedness that is a burden
to the taxpayers, and unfortunately
Guthrie, two of the most active poli-1 l'jere 's nothing to show- for the
1 ticians and grafters of the territory, bonds. Our present Board of Com-
An experienced bridge man. who couragement to most evervbodv in
has been keeping tab on the bridge reaching heaveu.—Enid Wave,
building in this county, said in our —
hearing vesterdav that there was a
S .th Africa comes high. England
is ;. to negotiate a new loan
of f2-50.Ci00.000, although the price
of consols is below par.
steal of from three to five hundred sanitarium for homeless politicians. !the Count^ W1" be bank™Pl and j
Now. there is Alonzo Ablaze Byers,
_ . . Bill Walker ami Artie Daniels with- at 00 cents on the dollar.
erected in this countv in the past , , . . . .. . .
1 out a place to rest their political am-
three months. We remarked that we bjtion> In a ghort tillje Cassius
— between ..
, ,, Now. there is Alonzo Ablaze livers, county warrants will be hawked about 'Trains will arrive and depart from tbe
dollars on every bridge that had been . . _ J 'I principal stations at the following
j No. 1.
Friday night we listened to a har-
No. 2.
thought on the pest house bills was Barnes and Coal Oil Amos Ewing rangue called a lecture at the North ' 9:20 a m.. Lv Memphis.. Ar ^Tpm
T - Rev.
, where the grafters were getting in W'H need a place to lie down and r,, , T. i .i
Worthen . c- j Methodist Church. It covered the
.... . , , their work. He said no. the lumber re>ti t*uid ave. , , t , , , .
irvr-s^r.-Tfi his stink-pot from the whole gamut of human depravity
.. , bills and the bridge deals were better f^,„ ti,„ , • , .■ ,
E. Church to the * The selection of Dr. Owens as from the l're%ention of conception by
than a Texas oil well.
K £ M
•c«a ** ^axJay night, ostensibly
5:r n«:r r: c. in reality to give
"Jie Thur i ■ r an opportunity to
fuiii.iriv lait : L-es.
2:55 p m Little Rock 7:10 a m
3:50 a m Shawnee 7:25 p m
6:00 a m Oklahoma City... 5:55 p m
7:10a m El Reno. . 10:06pm
9:05 am. Weatherford 3:00 pm
t0 the No. 3.
treasurer of the new daily newspaper '^e wor'd 8 "400 down
soon to be launched in El Reno, was nameless practices of the l°*est' 1115 p m Lv Memphis
CiinK ijd "ia i.r>T^4re were the
rv j gssaasc :'2 t world has ever
Out xcir wioe and the
ifjwx na.:e #*7 aari r-oth shunned
ctii '.Km-znwttttMf 'A the profession-
ally fis«.i U> with publicans
women as to tbe cause of their ster-
______________ dance is became it affords them an
Chihave long en joyed opportunity for promiscuous hugging,
a kj i- :.e rr intricate in
the worid. and tbe indemnity puzzle. , Tbe E1 Reno Democrat is very de-
ufon wtkb tbe representatives of cided,-v "{ the °''iDion ,hat tbe Rev
the Power- at Petin are working. Iaa3C S> Ro^ is to° nnocent a
No. 4.
The pulpit is 110 place (roa, whfcb , "wise ' The!brothel. It , m «rp]ece of " UMe'lZkS
ndrerti-e Piokbam'. Pink doetor'. long eiperie.e. iu diWo,-! coogeniul aUh. , „,„e] of pulpit slSfS .. okStZ" citiT.'^J S
1*1 J Is for Pale Women. It is no ing sneaking diseases will enable him , T . , , , :59 pm El Reno 8:03 a m
c ® depravity. It reminded us more of
place to cross-examine marrietl to tell at the earliest possible moment . * #Commence at top of left column and
_ when anything gets out of whack a clln,c lecture on the private diseases read down; at the bottom of riyht col-
its financial anatomy. men anc^ W0,Den oefore a graduat- ^ U^J
nlitv. It is no place to instruct our * , . . . . . i W. R. McCOY,
— ing class of phvsiciaus. than a popu- ,
young womanhood in the nameless . , , s * . , , . ! ^ licket Agent.
Xot content with vetoing the pub- lecture for pure-minded boys and
mysteneS o the brothel. It is no ]jc buildin?5 bu] Governor Barnes girls. ; On the new time card passengers can
place to tell -ocietv women that the ;♦ ^ v • i 1/ i 11 • . i leave Oklahoma City in the evening:
proceeded to rub it in on Enid some If we should print a verbatim copy utlfi tflu0 i , f , . T. . T, ®
i *i i L, i «inu ta«e breakfast in Little Hock
onlv reason they tolerate tbe round .. . . ,, . . ~ _ , , UUV-K-
more the other day by liberating, of the spoken words it would exclude Can leave Oklahoma City 6:00 a ji and
after he had served eleven months, a our paper from the mails and subject I ''lrriVe at Weatherford at 9:05 a.m.
j Leave Weatherford 3:00 p m and ar-
cnminal whom a jury composed of us to prosecution for circulating ob- rive at Oklahoma City at 5:45 p. m.
our best citizens had said should scene literature.
serve two vear«. — Enid Eagle.
Trains No. 1 add 2 will have combi-
Ross' diction, in his craziest par-1 "®tion c°?,ch rL'<>1ioiDf chair car
j between Memphis and Weatherford:
oxvsms,Jlis as chaste and pure as \ir-1 Pullman sleeper between Memphi?and
Mr-. Nation does not expect the gjn snow compared with last night's ^lahoma City.
seems to be tbe most intricate of them ^«akfcr t0 ^ allowe<1 ,0 letture to \° fT ! moD™eDt .^rformancc It w
to her memoir, liut she does believe it
the better element of societv
... Trains No. 3 and 4 will have combi-
It de- t0 her memor?"- but she belieTe l'erloru'fnL'e- il was not a lecture | nation coach and reclining chair car
the saloon men will. The saloon but an acute attack of black vomit. \ between Memphis and El Reuo: Pull-
noun'-e-in unmeasured terms Ross' ; men will be sorry when she is dead . , ... . . .. . /man steener hptmon
, .. accompanied with verbal diarrha-a of d eeper oetween .Memphis and
lecture Thur-dav. and savs that if doubt, but they can find other South McAlester.
means of advertising their business, the most offensive type.
the Demoerat was to publish the lee- if they should elect to recognize her ___
ture it would be excluded from the services we would suggest a statue of
Whether that reverend gentleman,
S. L>. McCosnel. D. D.. D. C. L..
who has written a book denving the
... , i,l l^apho be erected over her grave,
exinance of tbe human -oul and the Ela! " '*ing too obscene and vul- perrv Republican.
doctrine of immortality, is I okicg ?ir-—Pond C reek \ idette.
for trouble or not be is eocksur- f ——
finding it. A Guthrie preacher ma<le quite a
Settlers li<it>s.
The United Irish League is a new On Nov. 0-13-20-27, 1900. Feb'y 12-19-
organization that is to be pushed in 2ti, March 5-12-19-26, April 2-9 16-23and
Ve-. she looks and acU al^ut as ^country. It admits women as!30; « 1, very low one way and round
u-oll as ,non f/, moml,o.oi,;,. I trip rates will be in effect via Thp
much Sapho as a fat hog.
Butte and several other points in
n.-ak in a pra_. er meeting la-t Thur>- fiie Capital was instrumental in se-
sole object is furtheran
cause in Great Britain.
Montana, and Ogden and Salt Lake
The character of tbe performan ■ «"ght. He wound uj by -Uting curine tbe appointment of Secretary There seems t0 have been hjtch as to limit, stop-ovl^priiileg^and
at the E" k Island M. E. CT. .r h ! ho* c ertain , fe w , and advising jellkilJS goTernor of CkUhoma. In in Aguinaldo's proclamation of, inquire of
have become ««, uncertain and varied ,Kt1 ^ ie pea' . wj-!i proof of the above aasertion we point peace, which the administration an- \ o r.
w 1 1 _ I A^eni v. . tv 1. . Ky.
of late that we would r ly tilo|ty many ihhr noqpced was to M issued a! once.
pure aiaded woomb and girls to stuff PoKU s orer there.—P id Creek VI- oot) appeared in that paper fromlI>erl,a,>s has raised h'8 Vrk*-'
cotton in their ear- to kee; out all 'h "e.
unpleasant sounds, and a bottle of
smelling salts m v l>ecoice a neces- 'he city of El Ren<' is to •-ooa
snrv adjunct b. fore the s-umrner is have a morning daily, with ful. ,,re--.
over. re[x>rts. Tbe company has a capital I
.— stock of $25,00*), which, if paid up.
This paper takes no stock in Ro-s. insures the life of the paper for at
nor his methods of reforming the nearly one year —Pond Creek Vi-
world. AV e have no use for a foul • dette.
tir.v to time. No doubt
, will say
I did the job,-
The administration has resumed
the pastime of humiliating General
Nelson A. Miles, who has the rank
*</.• *r, t/, irarH aod adT«rtls<- for old otafo-
-fc"J t ."r of tolld Ii.anilal standing.
Salary rt*j a jr«-*r and txpenten, all payable
In No ar.raMlnz rtrjulred. GWe ref-
«rr« r '■ tnd < • - low ttampted
rr.ri ',1,*- Addr*-- Maaarer,3S5C*ztoo Bid?.
Chieaco. t s
and draws the pay of commander of ®
U. S. array without being allowed to!
20.000 patents procured through them.
All l o s,,una tjugik K"h
exercise the authority.
Money to patent good ideas may be 1
secured by our aid. The Patent Rec-'
ord, Baltimore, Md. 22-tf.
•ervieo. Moderate charfML
w <cC. A. SNOW & CO.£
< Opp. U. s. Pstent Office, WASHINGTON, 0. & \

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