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The Oldest and Most
Central and Western
Vol. 9--N0. 43.
Head by More People
than any other
Strictly Local
in Oklahoma
Enid, Oklahoma Territory, Thursday, October 30, IQ02.
Phone No. 123
. I
Austin, Texas, Oct. 23, 1901.
This is to certify that I have had
the mineral water furnished by Mr.
Isaac Bernstein,of Paris, Texas, anal-
yzed, with the following results:
Parts per Grains
100,000 per gal.
Sndium Chloride 128.66 75.0318
Sodium Bicarbonate 90.44 52.7427
Sodium Sulphate 125.40 73.7139
Calcium Sulphate 204.00 118.9687
Magnesium " 136.00 79.3124
Sslica 3.70 2.1577
Ferric Oxiele & Alum. 5.60 3.2658
694.80 405.1930
A specific for dyspepsia, constipa-
tion, kidney and bladder diseases,
dropsy and impure blood. For ner-
vous prostration due to deficiency of
cell salts, this water is most valuable
For diseases of the glandular system
and for kindred diseases, scrofula,
skin eruption, nephbitis and cist c
diseases, it is unsurpassed; also for
diarrhoea, flux, summer diseases of
children, chlorosis anaemia aud early
stages of Bright's disease. It is val-
uable in many of the conditions inci-
dental to women, but in all cases the
drinking of this water augments cure
As a Mineral Water it is unsurpassed.
E. T. Dumble, State Geologist.
Recorumendcd by the following Physicians of Paris, Texas, the home of
the Biochemic Water:
B F McCuiston M I), G W Bedford, J K Hooks, Harry Taylot, Geo Stell M I),
Wm S Baldwin M D, Edwin H Kies, RBLeach, W E Daily M I), Carlton
Farmer M D, J F Clark, J B Chapman, WW Stell, J W Haden M D,
7-7tf O Smith M D, R R Walker, E C Zindell, and J M Fort, M D.
For Sale by and for farther information see
ELnicl Liquor Go- Phone 32.
<?> I
I Enid Plaining MilI Co.
Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors, Frames, Mouldings,
■'{ Before building call and see our line, of inside finish
'y 7-121m porch work, etc. Prices reasonable1
•' Phone 182. ... Enid, Oklahoma.
Subscribe lor the Wave.
How He Did It.—A Horrible Scene in
His Own Home.-.-One Terrible
Slash of a Razor.
A Half Hour Before He Cul His Throat.
Prevented by His Farm Hand.
After much searching, the Wave
has secured the particulars surround-
ing the suicide of William Pollock,
six miles west of Lahoma, at 5 p. m.,
Wednesday, last.
Mr. Pollock had been in bad health
for a year past and his family doctor
informed him not long ago that he
was afflicted with Bright's disease of
the kidneys and could not be cured.
This made him very despondent at
times. A few days before he took his
own life he informed his hired man
that he believed that he was losing
his mind and requested the man to
watch him and see that he could not
injure his family.
Wednesday afternoon the hired man
caught Mr. Pollock in the act of
'.u.'owing a rope over a girder in the
barn, he watched him unseen. Pol-
lock slowly and carefully made a
noose, then fastened the rope to the
girder and was in the act of placing
a box by the side of the dangling
rope, for the purpose of jumping from
it to his death, when the man came
in on him which postponed the hang-
ing. He shamed his employer for at-
tempting such a thing, but Pollock
did not say anything back. The hired
man did not tell Mrs. Pollock of the
attempt at suicide in the barn; he
thought it was best not to trouble her
with it as he intended watching Mr.
Pollock closely.
A half hour after the attempt to
end his life in the barn he went into
the house and informed his wife that
he didn't feel well and layed down on
the flour in the middle of the sitting
room resting his head on his left arm.
In order not to disturb hlni Mrs. Pol-
other part of the house. In a very
few minutes a gurgling sound was
heard and Mrs. Pi llock hurried into
the sitting room and fround her hus-
band wallowing in a pool of his own
blood surrounding his head. His head
was almost cut from the body, clear
back to the bone that connects the
head with the body. His right arm
was extended out at full length and in
the hollow of his hand laid an open
razor, making the evidence of suicide
complete. No one suspected that he
had a razor about him. The grief of
Mrs. Pollock almost threw her into
hysterics and the horrible sight was
enough to unbalance her mind.
The body of Mr. Pollock was not
disturbed. The hired man hurried to
Lahoma and notified the Coroner of
the county by phone. An inquest
was held and a verdict rendered to
the effect that William Pollock had
died from his own hand.
Mr. Pollock was an industrious,
hard working farmer of excellent
habits, never was known to take a
drink of intoxicants and was very
popular among his neighbors. He pur-
chased the farm he lived on last
spring and moved his family from
Wherry, Rice county, Kansas. He
left a wife and three young children.
He was thirty-seven years of age.I
The body was embalmed, prepared
for burial and shipped back to his old
home in Kansas for burial, by V. E.
Kervin, of the Enid Furniture Co.
The sorrowing widow and children
followedthe remains to their last
resting place.
The system is, from natural
causes, debilitated or run-down
both in the spring and full. The
seasons' changes are always a tax
on the human organism. The
blood becomes impure in the
spring, and vitality lugs in the fall.
A little care, a little assistance,
aud nature will do the rest, as it is
always trying to maintain health.
Frequently the weakest organ will
show the most disorder, and this
often leads to wrong treatment.
For the debilitated conditions
of spring or fall, or any other
time, for that matter, the right
thing to do is to build up the
whole system. It is not your stom-
ach, or liver, or nerves alone that
cause the trouble; you are weak-
ened all over and must hove re-
newed strength aud vitality. These
rp.^, you cannot get so
quickly or surely or
jWljr safely as by using
When you use Dr. Hai-ter's Iron!
Tonic you are helping renew I
the vigor of every liber of your I
body. You are cleansing ana en- |
ricning your blood; you i
strengthening your stomach and I
increasing the digestive llui<ls; you I
are building up and renewing the I
activity of your kidneys and liver; |
aud you are feeding and revitaliz-
ing your nervous system. You[
cannot do this without pelting!
well, and you cannot take Dr. 1 t:ir-1
ter's Iron Tonic without doing it. [
Chicago, III., Nov. 26,1901.
The Dr. TIarter Medicine Co., Doj/ton, O.
Uentlemkn:—I unhP^itatiiiRly recom-
mend Dr. Hnrter'fi Iron Tonic, as I
firmly believe it is the best tonic on the
market to-day. Every spring and fail
my system seems to he in need of a
tonic, and for the past three years i
have taken a bottle of your tonic twice
a year. Hon. John.). Furlong,
Representative to the Illinois legislature.
1351 Osgood St., Chicago.
A section hand, employed by the
Diamond Match Rock Island Railroad
Company, fell from a hand car, just
south of the Jonesville bridge last
Thursday evening and in some way
lacerated the flesh of one of his legs
from the ankle to the knee. He is
lying at the Bowers hotel, North In-
dependence avenue, in a critical con-
The Buzzard being hardup for in-
teresting news, it has been publishing
the mortgage files of the Register of
Deed's ofllce. It should publish the
and the children went Into anfu-ll list and gi ve Its own.
Library No ice
All persons holding books belonging
to the Enid Public Library, which
were issued before October 1st, are
earnestly requested to return them
at once. No dues will be charged on
books taken out before October 1st.
The city now bus charge of the
library and it" will be open regularly
every day from 2 to 6 and from 7 to 9
p. m.
Democatic--"Fusion County Platform.
The following resolutions were
adopted by the convention:
"We, the Democrats and Populists
in the convention assembled, declare
ourselves to be the followers of that
great Commoner, William Jennings
Bryan; of Thomas Jefferson, the
author of the Declaration of Indepen-
dence; and of that protector of the
rightsof the people, Andrew Jackson.
At this time we turn the eyes of
the people to the shameful and cor-
rupt failure of the republican politi-
cians, in possession of all branches of
the government, to enact fair legisla-
tion for the people of Cuba; to grant
liberty to the Philipines, and to
grant them our bill of rights.
Nor in matters affecting America
alone, have they had sufficient pat-
riotism to protect the liberty our
fathers gave us from the menacing
greed of trusts and monopolies, but
in all their legislation and principles
of special privileges has marked its
way and left the trail of the trade
We, therefore, denounce the rep-
ublican politicians for their treachery
to their promises; for their failure to
enact the promised statehood bill
and in its stead passing through the
lower house a statehood bill for
Oklahoma and then leaving this sus-
pended in midair to be used for the
purpose of political co-ercion, and
also for their failure to enact legisla-
tion to curb the greed of the trusts
or to put in force the laws already on
the statute books.
We hail the principles of the Kan-
sas City and Enid platforms for a de-
liverance from the grasp of these
abuses, and we approve and stand up-
on each plank of the national and
territorial platforms, and pledge our
hearty support to the nominee of the
Enid convention, Hon. Wm. M. Cross,
and appreciating the honor conferred
j upon Garfield county in the selection
! of Hon. Wm. M. Anderson as chair-
man of the territorial committee,
hereby pledge to the territorial or-
ganization our hearty co-operatiop
and support under their leadership,
j We congratulate the county upon
the honest and economical adminis-
tration given us by the present coun-
j ty commissioners.
| We heartily approve of thtir wis-
dom in building permanent steel
bridges and that the same policy may
be continued in the proper spirit; we
urge the necessity of electing demo-
cratic and populistic successors.
We recognise the fact that in the
Democratic Rally.
Cyclone Davis, the invincible and
forceable Texas orator, will address
the people of Enid and Garfield coun-
ty, Saturday, Nov. 1. Horace Hagan,
of Guthrie, will also deliver a strong
democratic talk. Mr. Davis has no
superior as an orator in the south-
west. Let everybody turn out. dlw
The greatest opportunity yet offer-
ed to capitalists, investors and home-
seekers is a grand distribution of lots
on Wewoka Townsite, November 20,
1902. J40.00 may be turned into
$1,000. See S. I. Hudkins, Local Sales
Agent, over Faubion's grocery, room
12. 10-21d&wlm
$40.00 buys one business lot or two
residence lots in the townsite of We-
woka, capital of the Seminole nation
Grand distribution on November 20,
1902. $1,000 is offered for lot 1. block
20, and $500 for lot 3, block 4(i, and
one of these lots may perhaps be dis-
tributed to you. For particulars call
upon S. I. Hudkins, Local Sales
Agent, over Faubion's grocery, room
12. 10-21d<fcwlm
nation, in the territory and in the
; county, the democratic1 principles of
equal rights to all and special privi-
leges to none, are the oniy safe
guides to successful government and
the only safe preservers of the rights
of the people. We, therefore, see it
as a necessity that all offices be filled
by democrats and populists, that
these principles may be put in force.
Wee ondemn the action of the late
republican board of election commis-
sioners in so making the ballots and
devices that hundreds of citizens of
-Garfield county were disfranchised.
We also condemn the republican
! board of election canvassers in re-
pudiating a free ballot and a fair
count. By the conspiracy of these
two, candidates honestly elected were
'■ counted out of office.
i We favor the repealof the measure
known as the county High School
Law as being one tending to foment
: trouble and dissensions, and as being
i vicious and uncertain in its nature
for the reason that no limit is placed
upon the amount of taxation possible
to levy under its terms.
That we are in favor of the public
ownership of all public utilities and
favor the initiative and the referen-
Relying upon the justice of these
principles we recommend them to
the voters of Garfield county."
A. H. Ellis, Chairman.
Frank Stevens, Secretary.
Do You Know It?
Makes You Well, Keeps You Well. Cures
Pimples, Blotches, Liver Marks, Skin Prun-
tlons, Constipation, Sick headache, Jaundice
Palo in Back, Congested Kidneys, Sluggish
Bowels, Bladder Disorders, Indigestion, Re-
stores Beauty and Perfect Womanhood. Good
for Grandpa, Loved by Orandma, Makes Father
Strong, Helps Mother do the housework,
Makes the Girls and Boya Well, and Keeps
Bahv Good Natured all of |he Time. Tne
Genuine 35 Cts. a package. Made only by
train service is the best. Through
sleeping cars, dining cars and quick
time. If you desire to make a trip
east, please write for folders, rates
and full partitulars to
A. T. Anderson,
Traveling Passenger Agent,
5*26t f Joplln, Mo
Low rates to the west and north
west, commencing September 1, and
continuing daily during months of
September and October the Frisco
will make very low one way second
clas3 colonist rates to all points in
the far west and northwest,
For rates, routes and particulars
call on
d2wks R. a. Ogden, Enid, o. t.
Stove Repairing.
Having purchased the entire stock
of stove castings of the Hockaday
Hardware Co., and added to our al-
ready large stock of stove castings,
we are prepared to fit all stoves. If
you need any stove repairing, please
give us a call.
All kinds of gasoline work a speci-
We also have on hand a lot of Great
Western Washing Machine repairs
for sale.
Send us word and we will black your
•-tove and put it up for vou. dinger
91.1 Monroe Ave. 0-ld &wlm
THE KEUABLE j r-ll.d ,<a(N,ie.i 8,.,™, i«.
J<lat of Mnny i*> Thi*
The deep well borings of the Uniter
States, made for water, oil and gas
are the subject of a statistical repon
by N. II. Darton, in the series of Wa
ter-Supply and Irrigation Papers of
the United States peologienl survey
The list of deep wells is arranged bj
states, in alphabetical order, and ap
pears in two pamphlets l.nown a
Water-Supply Papers Nos. f/7 and 61
All wells 400 fi et or over in depth an
carefully listed. Depth, diameter
yield per minute, and other character
istie data are given, and mnny instruc-
tive details are noted indicating
what purpose the borings were >orig
inally made, the character of thi
prm ' • . btained, and whether th*
wells are in use or abandoned, l Foi
the benefit of persons desiring mofs
detailed information concerning welila
in any particular region, referencet
are given to the literature or othev
sources from which the data were ob
tained. The large product of natura
gas in the east and the west, the enor
nious output from the oil fields ir
California, Texas and the east, and thi
considerable and indispensable water
supply furnished by the deep wells 01
the plains and in the arid and hunik.
states, make concise and accessible i*
f ormation of this nature valuable f<r
economic and scientific purposes.
Absolutely Pur©
Written for the Wave.
Statehood is the problem
That the peop'e now must solve,
If bribery, fraud and the boodle
They won J disso vc.
The way is plain and easy,
No need of whip nor boss;
lint follow our statehood b.'arer,
Honest Hill Cioss.
Little Dennis worked hard an 1
On this problem of state,
Until his family's health gave way
And sad to relate
The people forced 011 him much
An insult to him gross.
It's hoped he will never have to
bear again,
Another such a cross.
And now Hirdie McGuire
Is playing 011 Dennis's flute;
Anditisjust the thing,
As well as his old gray suit;
Though a little rhort and tight,
But to him that is no loss;
It will help him to dodge the
Dealt by honest Bill Cross.
Expert Dress Maker.
Miss M. Malone, of the Kennedy
Bros, dress making department, has
secured the ualuable services of Miss
Islieb, of St. Joe, Missouri, who is an
expert skirt maker and general dress
maker. She makes a specialty of
skirt making. Miss Malone guaran-
tees satisfaction in dress making, and
is now enjoying a lucrative trade.
10-23 dwlw
Lost;—a water spaniel, 5 months
old. Leave word at Mrs. Hebron's on
Broadway. 10-27d3t*
E. M. Dempsey, a brother-in-law of
Will Kennedy, is here looking up a
location. Mr. Dempsey has been in
business at Pond Creek for some
Thtt Crnic for IMnir-Pouir ifna CnutM
IIIII in r«l Hull* to lie !>«•-
• ert«'«l.
"Ping-pong has undone us," com
plained liie proprietor of a well know*
Brood win billiard parlor the other
day. repi i t. ihe New YorV Times
"I. t I ill lf-e $l.MK) i il!i:n ti tabJe*
cowr with linnn!: ; in! turtvrfr
into pin eir tables. We had to dc
it. Noli* c t it.
"Our i' ' ' mers grew fewer and
few 1 a in I was hardly making ei
! • " ' < • ' .in I saw f' vcrnl of m;
be-1 pal rem £<ing into a place aro\ri <.
the corner, and I read the reason on i
cheap sign: 'Ping-pong, 50 cents ar.,
hour '
"A fellow w ho could n't get together
enough eapital to buy rv*
tahl h'n m i up a lot of • ' •
tah) '■ av eoining no i • " i
„ i''m f-in nir place. I st rrei .
C',t-T>p t# r* came next day n• • •
up 11a If my tine billiard table* f r ping
"Too bad. isn't it? I feel I
apologise ten times a day
table. But my nntron* ?r
back. There's coiifolntior ir tl al
To Free )' l«*«t I ti<>.
Plans for freeir" IV'..*' ,
Moslem rule now tnKr r
of iin arm*d crmndp 1 • • • • r
crusade. The sultan i*
ChrMinn nations are rieh % <
rr iu«j
T" i k
in '* ' 'nd to see ti t
,, . .. ?■ '.f the iiH-« r
T' •:'' - t inn for its r«
ti en- y any means. Wi:'
ni it is gaining st relat-
ing the interest of pc" r < .m |i>.
It will not he surprMi / ' < <• ...
day. a pow erful relig'n -<■• •• * . i,
syndicate arise, full-pan;>pt:ed in u
resources of millions, reiu'y to 1mm
Palestine from the Turkish govern
meat and organize it into an inde-
pendency under the protection of tk.
rreat powers.
Cures Consumption,Coughs,
Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma,
risy, LaGrrippc, Hoarseness,
Sore Throat, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
Pric* 50c. and $ I. TRIAL BOTTLES FRES
Time Tabic.
Choctaw, Oklahoma A Gulf B. Ii, Co,
west bound.
I Trn. No. I | Tin No. 8
Howe I, T 11 v 11,! am
Wister I.T..
Houth McAlester.
Oklahoma City...
F.i Reno.
1 v 11:45 ii m
I 1V2:35 i) ra
II v 5:5ft ••
lv7:20 "
11v8:15 •'
litr 10:00 '
lv 8:80
lv 10:00 "
vl 10:67 ••
I No. 2,
1 No. i,
Oklahoma City
Houth McA ester —
11,50a, m
lv 1:33 p. ni,
lv 2:32 "
1 v 4:00 '•
lv 7:20 "
Iv I0;05p in
url0;20 "
5:15 p. it
..fl;15 •
— 7;46 '
The through trains connect with all trains
ofother lines t all Junction points,
J.F. Foidif Truffle Manager,
Rlectrlc Hath.
The electric bath is one of the new
est tninps, although it isn't a hath k
all. \ thick robe is entwined wirt
wirts, and this it donned. Then a out
rent of electricity is switched on, aiK
the wearer of the electrical robe luoti
finds his body getting- warmer, ud&
in a little while he perspires as frc«Jry
as if he -were in a Turkish bath.
OimH Tea Drinkers.
Australians hold/the) world's raeartt
as tea drinkers, consuming 7% pouaic
u h««d yearly. New Zealanders JrtBk
7% pound*. ME THI) JOKJRj
"Really, ( apt. Blueblazes, it was •*
kind of you to make me a presentdC
this little puppy•'* warbled Miss \«a-
tinoeU. "It's m 1 ike you, Vkliow.'*—•

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