The Enid Weekly Wave. (Enid, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 9, No. 13, Ed. 1 Thursday, April 3, 1902 Page: 2 of 8

When we told our friends some months ago we
were going to change our location some expressed
a fear that spme ti our Old Customers wouldn t
find us but the change has turned out as we ex-
pected it would—we haven't missed any of our old
customers and a great many New ones have found
us. We felt all along there were some who would
like to tr .de with us hut dida t like our little hole in
the wall and would come our way when we moved
into a nice light clean place with plesant surround-
ings Little Prices are not Everything with Every-
body but Little Prices with Pleasane Surroundings
is Everthing with Everybody therefore Everybody
is finding.
Deacon Dangerous Long Foot Banks
Again in Evidence Before the Po-
lice Court for Disturbing
the Peace.
The City of Enid and the County of
Garfield Heartily Tired of the
Deacon's Troubles.
Consult your interest by
trading with
No. ioio.
North Side Square.
Quality the Highest, Prices
Lowest. Goods delivered to
any part of the city.
The Little Drug Store.
is Paint and Wall Paper season. Big Stock
Little Prices.
The, Wavex.
J. L. Isenberg, Editor.
Per copy PAILY.". Scents
Per wonk rnrnnts
Per month M S. L
Sir mall per year
By carrier pc year w
One year "J#
liareo months
fmrvnr advertising rates apply to the olllce.
William C. Fossett has been con-
firmed by the Senate as IT. S. Marshal
of Oklahoma.
You can jjet builders hardware at
the White Corner, east Broadway,
j.jl d&wlm
The German Pharmacy has been
purchased by the Gem Pharmacy and
™ red to East Broadway. 3-14 tf
Sweeter than the breath of morn
is the bresth of the girl who takes
Itocky Mountain Tea. A perfect
system renovator, safe, soothing and
invigorating. At Owl Drug Store.
The Oklahoma State' Capital of
Guthrie, which was consumed by fire
last Sunday evening, published its
regular issue Tuesday morning,
Hence, the paper will not loose an
issue on account of fire. The C api-
tal is using the Leader office for the
Perfect digestion is the only foun-
dation for perfect health. Ihe food
we eat makes all the blood we ha\e,
which in turn feeds every nerve,
muscle and tissue in the body. HLK-
BINE quickens the appetite, aids
digestion gives tone and vigor to all
the functions and ensures good health.
Price 50 cents. Watrous-Harley
Drug store.
Prof. James Ement of the Alva
Normal hasadded sulphuric spasms to
his other misdemeanors. He called
the editor of this paper an "unso-
phisticated liar," throujfh the col-
umns o.i the Alva Pioneer which
Anient edits under the name of Hat-
field. Hatfield has never been guilty
of writing anything.
Died on the Train.
Anadarko Tribune: Monday
evening just as the passenger train
from Lawton pulled into the depot,
D. .1. Myres, a passenger suddenly ex-
pired while sitting in his seat. Offi-
cers Blackmore and Curtis cariied
the body from the train and it was
conveyed to Books' undertaking
establishment on C. street. The
deceased was a stranger to all present
but from papers found in his pockects
it was learned that his name was D.
J. Vlyres of Hastings, Neb. He had
$1,318 on his person, $500 of which was
currency and the balance in drafts.
Dr. Hume, the Rock Island physician
took possession of the money and
placed it in one of the banks.
Wanted—A lady compositor at
this office, by next Monday morn-
ing. Steady work.
2-24 ^6t,
— _ ~
■ Joe McClellaud for Congress.
Pond Cheek News: The friends of
J. C. McClelland of this city will pre-
sent his name to the i'lnid convention
as their choice for delegate to con
press. McClelland is well known
over the territory and if he securA
the nomination he can easily be elect-
ed for the next delegate will be
democrat. The names olAeveral
good men will be presented T d the
News hopes that the strongest pos-
sible man will be nominated, and then
we will all pull off our coats and work
for his election.
State of Ohio, City of Tolbdo, | ss
Lucas Coynty. f
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is the senior partner of the firm
of F. J. Gheney a Co., doing business
in the City of Toledo, County and
State aforesaid, and that said firm
will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED
DOLLARS for each and every case
of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before tne and subscribed
in my presence, this 6th day of Dec-
ember, A. d. 1886.
seal ^ Notary Public.
A very short man once went with a
tall girl, and at the opera house folks
could not help looking at them. At
an entertainment one night, a woman
sitting right in front of the couple
had a big hat, and she asked the
short fellow if her hat obscured the
the. view of the stage, lie suspected
that it was a slap at his stature and
promptly replied that it did not. al-
though he knew he was lying, lie
had to lean away out in the aisle .ill
hrouph the show to see around the
trig hat, and yet he never complained.
His neck was stiff for a week but he
lias not admitted that he was short.
Secretary Grimes yesterday issued a
charter to the following corporation:
Normandy Place Land improvement
company of Enid: capital stock >. -
000. The incorporators are:i John
Murphy, S. B. Evans, Frank Frantz,
Newton Burwell all of Enid, and A.
C. Burwell of Kingfisher.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter-
nally ond acts directly oa the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials, Free.
Toledo, O., Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's family Pills are the best.
Jessie Back in Jail.
Jessie Morrison whose bond was
nullified when the state supreme,
court granted her a new trial recent
ly on the charge of murdering Mrs'
Olin Castle, her rival, surrendered to
the sheriff yesterday and placed in
the cell she occupied several months
previous to her first trial. Miss Mor
rl0on will, it is said, have no trouble
in furnishing a new bond, the amount
of which will be fixed when the dis-
trict court meets tomorrow.
A large supply of the
very latest patterns of wall
paper just received at the
Gem Pharmacy. Examine
our stock before making
your spring wall paper
3-3#-dJsw tf
About 4:30 p. m. yesterday D. L. F.
Banks and another negro were em-
ployed to assist in raising a lot of
counters into the second story of the
Hackett blacksmith and carriage
shop, from the sidewalk on Broadway.
Banks was slightly under the influ-
ence of liquor and he began a loud
harangue against the men in the
second story as to their slowness in
pulling on the ropes, which was en-
tirely uncalled for. Charley Hackett
who was upstairs, took acceptions to
the negro's sass and talked back t
him. Banks dared Hackett to come
down stairs, but Charley came just
the same, when Banks said he was
only joshing and did not want any
Charley Hackett drew a hammer on
Banks when he came down stairs, but
when Banks apologized and said he
was joshing he laid it down, thinking
that Banks was in a peaceable state
of mind, but no sooner had young
Hackett laid down the hamper than
Banks picked up a six-pound hammer
and re.-umed the onslaught,approach-
ing young Hackett, using rough lang-
uage and struck him on the back of
the head, knocking him down. Hack-
ett arose and grabbed a piece of iron
and struck Banks over the head which
laid the negro out flat, and if those
who wete present had not interfered
no doubt Charli Hackett would have
finished the earthly career of the
Banks started home over Piety
Hill. The police being notified of the
trouble, followed Banks and overtook
him near the residence of Uncle John
Dollar. Banks refused to recognize
the authority of the officers to arrest
him and resisted. After using pur
suasion for a few mbiutes Marshal
White was compelled to use force and
after belting Banks over the head
with a six-shooter, loaded him into a
wagon like a butcher would a dead
At the police court Banks gave
bond for his appearance at 10 o'clock
Thursday morning.
Considerable feeling was aroused
throughout the city over this occur-
ance, and there was some talk of
lynching Banks last night, but a few
citizens, including the editor of this
paper, pursuaded the hostile citizens
not to attempt such a proceeding as
the negro had not committed a crime
sufficient to justify such a proceeding
as Charley Hackett was able to be
about and would soon recover. How-
ever, if the hammer blow on young
Hackett's head had lit on the fore
part, instead of the back, it would
no doubt have killed him. If the
blow had killed Charley Hackett. no
power on earth would have saved the
life of Banks last night.
D. L. F. Banks isfcin aggre&sive ne
gro: he seems to want to resent any
little reflection that may be cast 'up-
on him more savagely than any white
man of tbi* community. The police
court record and the records of the
district and probate courts are full of
his career as a disturber. He not
only shows a disposition to fight any
white man who may, in the least bit
touch his sensitiveness, but he has
been raising hell among the negros
his own race of people. He has beaten
his wife and is accused of living in
adultery with an alleged niece.
Now. the question arises, what is
the best thing for the city authorities
to do in a case of this kind in the in
terest of the peace and quiet of the
city, not to speak of the expense of
taking care of such a character.
It is a silent, yet a well understood
fact, that Enid is not a negro town,
nor never will be. Therefore the
WAVE believes that the police judge
should issue an order of banishment
in the Banks case. Give Deacon
Banks thirty or sixty days to settle
up his affairs in this city then to take
the road for pastures new. This
seems to us to be the best way out of
the continual string of trouble the
Deacon seems to want to prolong.
In the past the Wave has been in-
clined to be friendly to Banks, as he
always showed intelegence beyond
the average man of his race, but he
seems to have become a sensitive and
very abusive negro, and the time to
call a halt, in his carreer, has come
I face to face with the people of Enid.
| Banks should go, not to his death ,
'but out of this town.
where you will always find a full line
of Staple and Fancy Groceries, fresh
fruits and vegetables, garden seeds
and seed potatoes.
Phone No. 133.
North Side Square. Enid, O. T.
Do you want a Loan?
If so get the figures of every one
else and then come to us. W e will
give you the best terms on city prop-
erty of any one.
Do you want Insurance?
We have a line of good ana strong
companies. The only ones outside the
combine with agencies in this city.
Do uou want Farm Insurance?
We can place you in the Continen-
tal, one of the strongest and best
companies in the United States, and
give you the benefit of the Ay®
plan and let you pay one-fifth each
Do you want a Farm?
We have plenty listed at frow
$1,000.00, for 160 acres, up and can
suit you.
Do uou want Gltu Property?
Then you want to see us. We ca
suit you and save you money.
are a few of our bargains.
Do uou Want to Rent a House?
See us.
G-annon & Gould ing.
North Side of the Square.
10-1 d&wtf
The Best Grades of Canon City, McAlester and Kan*
sas Coal at my
I want you to try me, J. T. GIST, near Hubbard
i0 ,tf House, 1014 Grand Avenue Phone 224.
Largest and Most Up=to-date Stock of
Room and Picture moulding,
Paints, Oils, Glass, Varnishes,
Art Materials, etc. is now open
in the Gannon & Goulding build-
ing, on the south side of the square.
This is the only exclusive stock of Wall Paper and Paints in the
city, and one of the largest in the Territory. Come in and get th«
benefit of low prices and first class goods. 1 am in a position to me
all competition, and guarantee all materials.
Estimates furnished on all kinds of painting and paper hanging.
Sign and Carriage Painting a Specialty.
Country work promptly attended to.
(Successor to Wm. Divers.)
* +


Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in
and Produce.
Meat Market
fish, and oysters.
Connected with the store, carrying
everything in the way of meats, j me
Popular prices
l-tl d&wlm
and fair treatment of customers
it our motto.
+ * * * * * *
That make a success •
treating chronic cases
The Ladies Specialists in the the treatment of diseases of
Eye and Ear.
Catarrhal diseases of throat and lungs.
Diseases of women. Special and private diseases of men.
Rupture, piles and fistula. Liquor and opium habit.
Located in Dilday Block, up stairs, cor;i;r Monroe S
and Independence Avenue.
Private Hospital.

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