Perry Enterprise-Times. (Perry, Okla.), Vol. 4, No. 226, Ed. 1 Wednesday, February 3, 1897 Page: 3 of 4

railroad tmbtabl
IAft, r««M ElprtM
4«7. Uwal Rxur«w
MS, Local f rolfhi
.... r. V.
II 'JO A. M.
KW, cmcm" *• *•
N w« nri Mifrr fcxpr<,fc- .rt:l«P. M
i, 4ti, Ixki 1 Preiifh! • '*•
«. 40ft hM through lccp r t KanwaCily and
i«t courx:ti«ui at Nowlori f< r lalifurma
iuta;%Uo wmnwctl'ti to Chicago,
<o. 41Hnmkea connecting for Chieigro., hi>
I«r from ArkMuwta Citf to Kuamui ( ty,
*• connection* nt Wichita with VrUco
b «*awt for Ht. L>ni aid intermediate polota;
i connection at Winft*l<t with outbaro
i trains **aat.
foa. 4<X> ami 407 through train* to Galveston
[o«. 4£! and 423 carry poMenger* between Ar
uh City and Purcell.
'lckett void and baggage chocked to all parte
tha country. Accident ticket* eolri. Arr
jtiou of 10 percent made on round trip ticaet*
til point* where one way fare doea not exceed
K. E. WKSTKBVRliT, Agent
j, O. T, April. I. WW
llAHTRUN ST A It, Perry ohnpter
I No 23, meets regularly on ttio second
_il fourth \V'e<lD«ioHT of each month
Hhall on U street. VisitorB cordially
O. F.—Clieroltee Uxltfe No. It 1.
BO. O. F. meets every Thursday evening
¥7:30 p. m. on 7th street ljetween B
A C. Visitors ure always welcome.
(V. Ol'K'K, C. Ohkihtopii,
,4 Secy NO'
ti*. Coxey, >011.Intercut Homl
ICltlh.of Perry.—Meets every Thurs-
I oveninK, 8 o'clock. All reform work-
I uiea invited to discuja this bond
jet ion. K. of L. Hall, on Glh strict.
imUsion free, no collection
. II. Sl>' j.iMi, Jan 11- Lkwis.
f .airman. "• •
l'be CoinmiMioners ure in session to-

Dr. M. H. Stall I is in from Warran'
Claud (Jood ia in the city from Han-
son, I. T.
Dr. W. J. Briulcs, of Puroal', in here'
A Worthley, of Arkansas Ci'.v, was
here today.
Jim. It Witsley uua in froui Hie Osage
country today.
Cliaa. Lingrot was here from Tonka-
wa, today.
Jii'. J. Cuidwell was up from the capi
tal tiK'ay.
Mrs. C'oru Stafford, of Pawnee, was in
Perry today.
.Vlatliew Marion, of Norman, was in
the city today.
B. O. Stevenson, of .Stillwater, was in
ti e city today.
('laud Cooper of tlis Pacitiu hotel ii
'•onflnml to hi* bed with chills
'. U. Uodgerg ad W.B. Cline were
djwn from Alkatisas City to<lay.
A. S. Oumiu and daughter, Sadie,have
returned from a visit nt Guthrie,
STIIKit IxidKO .No. 8, Daughters of
I Rebecca, 1. O. O. K. meets every
Mutiny of each month. Visitors wel-
nie. Mas. ij. IIl'MI'HKEy, n. o.
km. Martha Moobk, Soc.
• A. It., Homer C Jones Post No. Hi,
* meets lirstsud third Thursday evoe-
[■ at 7:1)0 p. at. at their hall near the
,rner of Sevsnth and IS street. All
mradesinvited to ni«et with us.
IAltMON Y Debating Soeiel) meets
every Wednesday night, K. P. hall.
;b street. Visiting friends always wel-
V. C T U meets every Wednesday after
son, at 3o'clock at the Christian church
uimn It Bowies, Pres.
Mkh L M Hudsoh, Cor. Sec
V. meets each Monday evenibg at 7:1)0
1 their hall on titb between D. aud E,
iaitirg Knights corJiallv invited.
J. T. Nobi.f., M. W ■
M. Thomas R. S. Thos. Mu.nrok, k.S
.>KIKNU8HIP Assemoiy Xo. 10SM,
K. of U meets every Saturday even-
al 7:30 in K. of P. ball on 7th street,
of lan •' office,
IIUKT C. SflHIt.l.'*". « w
n.,|.. P V
A lio? ciaim to trade for a at"ck of gro
cprins—\V. H. r'ainpbell ,t Co.
Attorney Dan Weidmer was up from
Guthrie loday in a land offloo cace,
A choice clmiu to trade (or a good rrs
idence in Perry—W. H Campbell & Co.
Valentines, Valentines, Valentines at
the Poot< fliue Book Store.
Mi°s Blanche Benight, who lives a few
miles west of the city, is visiting M's-i
Minnie Taylor
Mrs. Welon, who has been the gueet
of Iter, and Mrs. O T. Uob:ns->n has re-
turned to EIReno.
\ ALENTIES, valintwh, valentines
at the Postofllce Store.
O, I'. W.—Perry Lodge No. 18,
Ancient Order of United Workmen,
>le first and third Tueeday evenings
Leach month *t 7:30 p. ni., 10 Globe
kilding on weei aide square. Workmen
Ijmodstanding from other lodgea cor-
LtTly invited. A. C. Houjksu, VV. M.
EC. OaIskb, Recorder.
SKRKY Chapter >0. 15 Royal Ar h
M Masons meets at ManoOic hall south
B street every i!nd and 4th Friday at
feu p.m. Hkwhv Kcckkb,
Tfe. D. M1.Kau.1it, H. P.
O.MiatC. JONK , w. lt. t .
L No. 1" meets every first ami thin!
urs.ln; at 2:3i> t>. m. at li P. Hall on
-eiilh i*t >een 0 and D sirwt^.
Mts. Caiikii. M. Sioi r, Prei.
Mm, I. F Joau. Kec
a A A. M- Perry I«ai|ts No. 1.
Jk. habW it* regular coiumunicatwii the
,1 -UJ ihitj KruUiys at hail on l>
lart. All uumo K1**1
rdialiy ioritert.
A good bunch of cattle and gome
horses and mulrs to t'ade for a good
bottom claim
Cabinet photos il 50 per dozen at
Hughes' art gall-ry, south of court
hou-e. 23 Ct
City Marshal Jamea Tayler and Wiu.
%W<-h*e<1 - ere on their rouuds collect
ill poll tax today.
The Ijest cixjk iu town is employed by
the new manager of the O. K hotel.
1 30tf
There are a uumber of barbers in the
:ity, but when you want a good shave or
bath, go over on the east side and see
Pom ElPe. if
(•..Perry bodge No. * |f, of P.
■tsevery M<>i.<la) night at H p U'
(i. U. f., l" rr) eni ainpau*.! >o.
«r meets every Tueeda* e\ei.ii,g
7:30 at O.UI Fellows hall, \ isiting
Iriarcl.s are cordially invited to at-
,j. J. uF,
W. l.ttiRlKuBR. tcribe.
. meets every _
visiting Knights uelia>aie
. v>. C. r U meets every Wedueedm
ImnoD at thst.'liriHt'sn church. All
lung ledies rvrlndl) invited to attend.
Al.tCR Lk*«iRI>, Sei'telary.
Vsas* OnuMtwrrN Presalent
II. mill J. «• V, local union No.
HU4. Perry.O, 1' . nieew « er Friday
smug at It.:*'at lt.e city hall, V .ait
tirothersalwajs «rel*Miie.
T. I,, (loyal Temperance
*Mts#tery Morula ifterouou at 4.30
,k iltlis 4'hrieli n eliurch.
U'L* KltH, •Seswleol.
M. H •taWKilK. X«^r««aeT
,0 U A 2nd Wednse
in month, wiliiimt i> iiirsil*i 0 >r
Illy Mvited. wT7 IfcllTM.
""'"•"fr* !!. rUtHMMK.
TKAY Klt ' AHfiTt'DlO
.the l«p*
s-'au-ua"' ^
J 8 Wise, of O'mpton, the
thorcu/h businets representative ofth
MoCormick livaper Co , is in the city.
Until further notic*,Hughes will make
his second grade cai'inel. photon at 11.50
per d<.z n. Former price S-.CO per doz-
*Q. 2 3 tit
Editor Frank Greer was a pissonger
"ii ti e north iHiUii'1 last eveoing, on hid
wny to \Y1t1fiejd to the bed si e of his
moll er, who is not expectwl to liv*.
! A. Welsh and llurry ili son, of Dal-
i l is, T-las, representing the Battle At
lohaccjCo., wereieeing the trade in the
city t alsy.
Wili'aui Bryan and •laughter, Mibs
damie, of St Joe, Mo., nrs visiting Mr.
Ur^sn's son-, Tom arid Jaime, of this
W. T. I.aughlm, uf l'awne >, was here
ytster<lsy v bitu.g Jo.. Jarrstt, of the
laud o"'ce, They weut north together
on the morning Irani.
I Fjr a hnud« m • display of the ja'es:
[ s')iss in J «-elry urd nyvenir -poi ns,
t>•!(>• a Iim V at ll.iweadolt'er a east show
, window, ft m'l pus* " ilhout 11 look
| J. A. Scott representing the Whin
| shop Cottuu Gin C'mpaoy.of Attunis,
Gi. was here toJay. IU ripecls lo pi t
I in a I lige tu id. rn ooltoii g.u at tin. place
I this spriug
An n t idl that \ 1. k-rs an I Barnes
! ran do ts tu ||My the manhius off the
snags and samlbsrs a«d li t her run un-
til she rips up III" Decla'ation of Inile'
|s r,J.M)ie auii the Couslltuliou uf the
In runr'ng ■ ver the list • f artlotea Iu '
G K. Ilussn 'olilsr's weat sh"« m'udow i
•ou will Ma lloasndoble's Syrup of Tar, I
1 Carter's Iron Tonic and Lung Hnlaa*.
■Mellm's Infant fissl and S'earn'a ('ml
Dm Ol*. All ataadard rem*lies.
Nijht Watchman Joe IXiyle diaoover- |
ed b'i'"o one trying to break into Jmlge
Curry's blaok Hinith sli. pTu.^duy morn
tag and llrert a tew shots at tho He-u 1!
th af bat did not get him.
Th« Miaaea Lulu and Ida Smi'h. oft
Shawnee, are ^uestB of their hrothe", • '
M, Suii h, lit tlie I) itel Perrv. Tliey ure I
hare to att od his wedjiug which take* I
place tbia evening ut eight, o'clock, at
the Uiiplut church.
In a gotic ngu Hat McCandless nml
Hanson of Perry, Judge Male and II M.
t'unuingha'n w.111 at whist the o'her
•lay and now are the champions of Okla
homa. Wichita Eagle.
Not so, my go id Hurutio, Dale and
Cunningtium won in the afternoon and
wc(Jandles4 aud Hansen in the evening,
so tt:e last winnern ard the Perry beys,
who still hold the belt
Out in Woodward u young man threw
n enow ball and ruined the parron'iiplug
hat.—And thm is not tiie most serious
thing about the mishap. T e minister
was to have married the young gentle-
man to the girl of his cii< ice, but taya
now he will not do it, ami the young
lady will consent to no ens clee perform-
ing the ceremony, und their life lines are
much tungled.
When most needed it is not unusual
for your family physician to ba sw ly
from home. Such was tho experience of
Mr. J. Y. Schenck, editor of the Caddo,
I. T, Manner, when his little girl, two
y«ars of npe, was threatened with a hi-
vere attack of croup, He says: "My
wife insisted that I go for the doctor,but
as our family physician was out of town
I purchased a bottle of Ch mberlam'£
'\>ugh Remedy, which relieved her im-
mediately. I will not be without it iu
the future. 'Jo and 50 cent bottles fcr
sule by Hanlev A- English.
Baptist Church-
Sunday morning sermon: "Whal
Does it Matter." Sunday evening leot-
ur~: ••Christ's and Paul's Teachings
Concsrnins; Salvation." This ia the
third lecture of the series to ba given to
the Young P-opl- '« U'lion.
Wanted to Irado.
Hay for a good pony, horse, cow, pins,
or farm implements. Hay can be seen
by ealliug on J. J. Qcnton,
w 91 3 ne 'J8 22 1 V.
inaptly ittawMtn
HwrtglUl *tMW "' h of
4ltlM MMH IMMW, ' l. awlmi
Imii 1 r r*—f- < •• . «f •< *«,
C^W) H. tjMpMI A
V ItMll Man.
BtH PtHIH l lUk.
r«a MtitlttaWt at t am t afflwa at
|I1-!W • M Uw IWt> ft
I • ♦'♦ # at mill*a er •• I l «.
a"* SBSltCTffl
SomeUiNly aakad us ymterday arening
"Where l« Jutlg* L>aK of Hie
want' I W*gife II«|i, but we ti* will*
114 ly Owl all lha |«« Uat frwna tbia
wla'gf that lie will ohm Mil al< right
Harry Hboriaa* lw ktim<
lautabl MM tba MiUlag M Ik* Mi
awte r*.*t*'i by lha Tarf (tebacg*,
Tula *IH gtte Harry Wetter rncgi am.
ifwaasj f cijiii a Kir lua ffwalag buat
F11* Catri Gf il futre pump and |00
HM «f galtm (atl pipe, t'heap fur etdi
or linga Knipiire si tha eMua,
Old Lino Ufa inaarane* pn||eim pur.;
The ladies 0' Polo will,on Feb. 10th.
Hive both a general and oyster supper.
-ch. "per couple," 50cent«, to be held
in tha TIu<l ee school house, two milts
east of l'olo. The proceeds will be useii
in >he building of u school bouse for the
Polo district. The ladies invite and ex
paot a large attsndance. The cuuse is
a worthy one and all who cau should re
Good U veriiiii9"t League.
By authority vested in me, 1 hereby
cal' a meeting of the Good Government
League to be held at the court house on
Friday. Feb. 12, Bt 7 p.m. All m m
oe-sand all citizens, both ladies and
gentlemen, who ilesire g>od city govern
mint, are urged to be presint, as mat-
ters of vital importance will be d sens. •
ed. i. A. B. Oolevrk,
Good baeinees property on the square
to etcbanga for goo<l deeded farm.
W H. CmpBku. A Co.
Purtiea who have cUiuim or city prop,
erty for aale or eichanga for eastern
Kausaa or Missouri lamle, call and liet
with W. II. Campbell Si Co. OlTioe in the
Ektei<pmsf.Timks building, uorth side
•quare ll'JOtf
—- a
l'ereons who are troulwld with indi
geetion will be lulrestetl in the expei- I'enn, chief clerk iu
the railway mail service at D*s Moinen,
Iowa, who writes: "It g ves m > pleasuri
to testify to the merits of I'hambctlain'a
Colic, Cholera i)tii( Diarrhoea Reuimly
I'or two yean I have ruff,.reH from null
g.stion, und am subject to frequent
attucUa of pain 111 the stomach and bow-
1 Is. One or iu. re doses of tlvs n medy
never ruils to give pxifect relief. Price
'i*i a"d 50 imntai "old by druggists.
— e—
To Whom Thin May «.tcia>, Great-
ing: U It rjnmnb«re.| that on«
J. Hoffman, who entered a plea of gu lt<
t.j lha crime of King ilary iu the 2ml
degree, if, the"t Cmirt of Noble
County, Ukluhonn Territory at the No
Vemher teim tberrnf A. D. IflHJ, and
ireasentei.oed by the Hor. A. G C
lifter, to serve 11 tfrm of two yeuia |n
tb * |*|pnt grv at f<en*lug, H insae
•till at the i tplrntlun of 30 days from
Ibis dale, Fe' ruary 1, IKC, apply to tti
governor uf Oklabuma Territory for •
On* ,J H
By Hahusaut K*tir C*AV Nf,

Fmi For lata
Wiabing lo put is • a team preen, wa
offer our all column quarto Prnuty pre>«
for aale she«p,
framr a Wsuh.
A gwl ••nek of U*i a and thoe> ain'
getita fiiriilsluiig gnoda In trtula for a
r^l farm -W II, ('saiplteil i Co,
( Mho's ?r «4nm
i*t'l eoaeidared whan a «l«an ehlrt la
wanted bill then tha Atnerlean a teem
laundry ibtee Btat olasa work, repairing
ftae. taHafaglltMi and priiea guar
WtlMl, MM H
0! the Knife.
Mr. Lincoln Nelson, of Mursbfield, Mo.,
writes: "For six vear.s I have been a
sufferer from a scrofulous affection of
tile glauds ol my neck, and all efforts
of physicians iu Washington, D. C.,
Springfield, 111., and St. l.ouis failed to
reduce the enlargement. After sis
months' constant treatment here, my
physician urged ihl' lo submit to a re-
noval of the gland. At this critical 1110-
meut a friend recommended S.S.S.,
ami laying aside a deep-rboted preju-
dice against all patent medicines, 1 be-
gan its use. Before 1 had used one bot-
tle the enlargement began to disappear,
and now it is entirely gone, though lam
not through with my second bottle yet.
Had I only used your S.S.S. long ago,
I would have escaped years of misery
aud saved over $150."
Tills experience is like that of all who
suffer with deep-seated blood troubles.
The doctors can do 110 good, and even
their resorts to the knife prove cither
fruitless or fatal. S.S.S. is the only
real blood remedy; it gets at the root ol
the disease and forces it out penna-
S.S.S. (guaranteed purely vegetable)
A Real Blood Remedy.
is a blood remedy for real blood trouble
it cures the most obstiuute cases ol
Scrofula. Eczema, Canccr, Rheumatism,
etc., which other so-called blood reme-
dies fail to touch. S.S.S. pets at tht
root of the disease and lorcesit outj er-
maneutly. Valuable books will
be sent free
to any address
by trie Swift
Specific Co., At-
lanta, Ua.
iiuuujc uuuba vv 1 1
Hre: Published in tho Enterprise-Times l'cc.
liliL. In'jg.)
U. S. Land Olli-e, Perry. O. T. /
December 30, Is'jli, j
Complaint having been ontered at tirs
olflee t'v A lolf linger n^iiinst tht un-
known hei'H of Jo-epb Havlut, ijecease-l.
for abandoning his bomestend entry, Xo
1S'J8, 'tate J January t, 1SD1, upon the
nw se"tion 25, townulilp 22 rang' o
west, in Noble county, Okla. Ty, with
n view to the cancellation of s od" enir,-.
the sail) imrtiei are hereby snnim'-ntd t'.
anpenr ut the U. IS. Laml Olllce nt l'^rv,
O. T„ on the 20th d.iy of February, 18117.
at t) o'c'ock a m , to respond and furrish
testimony eom-erninB said aliened
menf, and further to show that said Joe
ep'i ll"vlat died on the 10th day of Juce
1890, and left surviving no heirB in !l e
United States of Ameiicn, and tnat the
only living heir that d«"eased hid was a
sister -nwi« unknown—now a n tive
and citizen of Austria, nml no' a citizen
of the United States of America.
Locis Davis,
12 31 5t Iiegister.
K K. (iiblKins. Atlnrney
Is nl! the lulkiif tliu town und the sc>n a
tion of tlio hour.
Competitors stand Aghast
I'owerless to
bargain seekt
No Such Reduction of Prices
I'owerlesd to stem tliu onrusliitig tide, of
bargain seekers.
011 seasonable goods ever offered in Perry,
nor will be nguin.
Afew Flyers for Next 30 Days:
Men's all Wool Suits, fortnor price ^18 00 now sflu.00
" " " " " " 111 00 " 0.00
" " " " " " 115.00 " 7.00
" " " 8.00 " 5.00
J. W. Augustine, e.
'jiccessor to
^STebbci <Se TTolmer
Star Clothing House,
North Side Square.
• S-.ViViV-V- V.'S- V- V , v'"
abinet Photos from $1 to $2.
if you want photos see HIM.
Wanted—An Idea
Who can think
of some simple
lain* (oinirat?
nriM LUKMlUt us K I fit Tent At
M^WtebJoKtou, l>.^Cp for thflr $i.«W yrir.o •
The Queen of Fashion Magazine j
A AkCail Bazar Pattern
of thi<*tyli" h w.iist will be mailed to you FRPT
oroviilttl you iui nut this .t.ivirtiicin'' r. uu| ^ n I
ffitli the stamp* a:u| bust nu.mure Wi ottirt1.
•imply t«> further introduce our n; ^a/ine an.I pa:
•ern« N. t m«.rt tlian one orJcrwill be utcci '.t.
(or any one udJtcss.
^^ Prints.
1 -;
All Styles,
All Colors,
All Prices,
Call and see theni.
Grace A Beauty
r' < Combined
When clothcd
in perfect
fiuing ty k2r
*•. 4**4
JJ, 31. lltnj *: iMMllMI iHUH.
Th# Oii'in ol •'••Nlnn I, tirljl . <1. m .11
■'•m in.t Kiflnllf t'p-T.^l) lf ( Vhion an i II .
f t M .uuii.v 1 |'.,ni,n, fi, „ .,ri
>, I'-.f "I I I"| .'inn |..i.linn Iiult'r an.I Ir i.n ;• 1
p .. .1 i III V ■ I w a nil 0fl lii4lf..unn,t|.iKn,!
t f I■ MUki .,nj ChlMrcn. IuiiJ. >aj« wood ■
tnjMOm •
tin rtiOII tla/ f Pallrrnt hive tw*-. luiswn
I f If U " . .. I t.c l< ■ L-.c I'.illca. I ;. |
*1 «• i I t<* • ... ic< el a. I i,i. A.ldrtvi, i
'HI McCUl CO.. Ht HI W. HID II .NtnTttk. I
'p f t(i iwn f tviiil.ti." tinil ffl en
ivmm.v'hii.i. 11mi• l)rl|lil|"
Vim IHKt> K'l*'' **i>0-.1 Im' l'f it .1
llvliiniiJIt ol mil1 rr imiHig UlUvr
ii.'w tlmt violin i f iti ni|i||."i> uiriiiKtrii,
iik„w ;,i nt in OhIiiIiii'H • cat
Murnh, A'i«i.ltiM) flr t ln>. n(T,.|.
Ktii'M. AiMr*** Vinliultt, oiif> Kfti.ii.
MIMIfTtNM. r.Mti
I'trrj Mitrkvt,
t.>l.tU'ir> I l«a>.
..'•1.1 "I llwi i r Mirk ... Illii
I'rliln nf is ht " , | ii
lttll«lil U, M, " « ...
• It*
Mia ti i ••• «,
(*••1 Knfl *W iNWM...,
KMNM * h«l
IV^t. •
Just Received, \Cr
50c and Up.
t Will Interest Ytu
Tlii">e cold duyi tu liNik tlmm^li our I'nderwciir.
Tin') liiok wurin und fw-l wurtu, and tlio price i*
1 • w. l)on't lot tin* t'liililriMi uliivvr on tin* «tii"it«
f r tliu itki> of '.'ft or Ail cent . Don't ciinjfli
your lii'tid hH fur tli« Kitttin ninutitit of inotiey,
I'jn't ini « ««n'inj{ t'lvm if you wniit tii buy.
•m li h* ii a, ft k.,.h«i
M M IV.mliK. " •
|I*| " , |rt r t'.'l'tl.l
i r#i , i*f .!,«•«
:' IH««*I. 1^ t-i IK Llf. l"«l«
1 Ink. .f 11. i. i t|
Afp! «. *>
. r|
.... . II
Ml. *
I* It. M
«| w iii t.. l«
Mln ;#
......... H'

• « I
hort Lengths it Short Prices; ; ; :
T" c1g*« out our •hurt t>iiil«, lmt« imtde a
Itftnimnt Cnniiti-r. I.mik thvm ovtr atid Nt
wlnit you cun ttttd,

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Perry & Welch. Perry Enterprise-Times. (Perry, Okla.), Vol. 4, No. 226, Ed. 1 Wednesday, February 3, 1897, newspaper, February 3, 1897; Perry, Oklahoma. ( accessed March 25, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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