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- r«
perry enterprise-times
Official Paper of Not)le Coonty ar.d City of Perry-Published Dally.
VOL, I \ UI'I)Uvr i./i,,. „
At Their New Place of Business,
Owner 6th and 0 8t& Ferryi okIahomil
They Are Now Fully Prepared
With a large increased stock and
facilities to supply their customers
with Groceries of the VERY BEST
GRADES and at the LOWEST
Their Jobbing Department
is consumed by flames.
The Ancient Structure Net on Fire bp
Electric Wire*—The Dome Soon Falls
"-Representatives Forced to Flee
Many Valuable KecoriU
Burned—Lost 91,000.000
Insurance Si(10,000.
Is well stocked with a full supply of
goods, which they will furnish to the
retail trade of Oklahoma, at Chicago,
Kansas City or Wichita prices.
Purchasing Goods in Large Quantities
You Will Always be Satisfied.
And Pleased by Doing Business With
Smith Brothers,
Corner 6th & C Sts., Perry, 0. T.
perry mill company,
Merchant millers.
Capacity SOO Barrels. "*
Export and jobbing orders solicited. Special attention to home
o. K. COAL CO..
McAllster, Wler City No. 6, Can-
non City and Pledmon Smithing.
Corner 6th and B.
FRKK f'l l.lV t:tlV IN TIIE CITY.
Hakkirbiro, i'a., Feb. 3. — lire i
broke out at 1 o'clock this afternoon !
in the Senate wing of tl,e state caoi-
tolandat IMO o'clock had spread to 1
the House wing, and soon the great
dome fell. h !
The lire originated in the rooms of '
Lieutenant (inventor Lyon over the I
, Senate cluimher. It is'supposed to
i have been started by an electric light I
| wire. It burned for several minutes i
before it was discovered, and then hail 1
made such headway that but little
could lie saved in the apartments of ;
the lieutenant governor or aeross the
hall in the rooms of Superintendent of
Public Instruction Shaffer, who was
alone in his office at the time and who
saved only the appropriation books.
I housands of dollars' worth of records
were lost.
I he House was in session when the
tire was discovered, ana it quicklv ad-
journed. The members saw the "prob-
abilities of the lire spreading and they
liegan to save their belonging's The
smoke soon drove them from the build-
'n? and little was gotten out.
•lust lie fore the dome fell, one patri-
otic Citizen crawled through the tire
and smoke and hauled down the flair,
lie was loudly cheered. Several men
were slightly injured by falling tim-
bers. At o'clock the entire interior
or the house was in Hames.
While ti., ing to remove their desks
from the ilonse Representatives O. \Y
Khodes and .1. W. L>oagv had narrow
escape,. Ius, a, they wcre leavin
the eli amber a portion of the roof fell
in. i hey were slightly injured.
At 2:3(1> o'clock the entire structure
was in flames in the interior. Both
roofs had fallen in and the great pill-
ars at the* main entranee were totter-
ing and the walls eracking and crumb-
I he loss is placed at, with
insurance of **00.000. The los, of val-
uable records is great. They can never
be replaced.
The eapitol was finely situated on an
eminence near the center of the eitv,
and was a handsome brick edifice, lHOx
*0 feet in length and breadth, with a
♦ uvular Ionic portico in front, sur-
mounted by a dome, commanding a
nne view. It was begun in imo and
hrst occupied January hvj.
Smaller structures « f similar desiirn
Hurr.iunded, having been built as ex-
igencies. m preference to additions to
the eapitol itself.
The Missouri House l'a«ne a Hill Abol-
ishing TIiciii.
Jefferson Citv, Mo., Feb. 3.-The
House yesterday, by a vote of 8 to 37,
passed the bill reported by the judiciary
committee doingaway with "irold"con-
tracts in the State of Missouri, and
providing that in the future any obli-
gation shall be paid in the money of
constitution—either gold or silver.
J he bill provides that:
Hie gold and silver coins of the
United States shall be a full legal
tender, at their face value, In payment
Of all the debts, public or private,
hereafter contracted in this state, and
such as may be hereafter contracted
elsewhere, but the payment of which
may be attempted to be enforced by
process of law in the courts of the
Sim?' 'T '"'he courts of thu United
Mates, held within the limits of the
state, and for all such debts attempted
to be enforced by sale under deed of
trust without regard to the terms of
the contract.
The bill also provides that hereafter
no judgments shall he rendered in any
court, on any kind of a contract, for
any specific kind of money—no matter
what !S the wording ,,f the contract,
but shall be rendered simply in dollars
and cents, and shall be payable in
cither gold or silver.
P.elast section of the bill reads:
All deeds of trust or mortgage,
made hereafter to secure any sum
whatever, or purporting to secure any
note or bond or other obligation, shall
be rendered satisfied in the ordinary
modes provided by law: on payment or
tender, to the owner or holder of said
debt the amount due thereon, in the
gold or silver coins of the Tinted States
at their face value, and any sale made
under any such mortgage or deed of
trust after the aforesaid payment or
tender shail be void M
The party lines were strictly drawn
on the roll call with the exception of
Hiper, Kepubliean. of St. Louis, who
voted with the Democrats.
NO 220
need not be lawyers
Bill to Rednr. Pullman Far., to «l
Per Night and Fifty c.nt. Per
Uayllght It lil p Inn fo
Abolish the tlrand j,„r
Britain—Other Mea.nre.
—Senate IIIIU.
Mill* Doubt About MeKenna.
8a v Francisco. Feb. 3.-In local
political circles there is now little
doubt that Judge Joseph MeKenna of
the I nited States circuit court will be
the I'acitic coast representative in Mc-
Ju,1*u MeKenna
"as .isked it lie had formally accepted
a ca uni t position. "That information
trust come from Mr. Mckinley, ' re-
plied Mr. MeKenna ' The positions
of Senator Sherman and Mr. tiage dif-
fer materially from my own and until
the 1 resident-elect has Hrst authorized
the statement. I will make neither ad-
missions nor denials.*'
*ay« He Will lie (iood
Trk.ntox. n. .f„ Feb. 3.—Ex-Mayor
I rank A. Magowan is again living
! with his former wife and family He
:am„ to this city last Saturday. «,„1
with friends went to Mrs. Magowan's
"me. It is said that the couple have
become entirely reconciled, and that
Magowan has to cease his
attentions to Mrs. itarnes. That lady
s ass.-rted, has left the Philadelphia
hotel. Where she and Magowan had
been s ijourn .,, and has gone to her
olil home in i .ada.
.'kffkrsow Citv Mo., Feb. 3.-The
House, this morning, argued for a long
time over a bill to require that probate
judges should be men "learned in the
law, m other words, it would make
membership of the bar a qualification
for the office. Members said such a
law might do In large cities, where
there were plenty of lawyers, but not
In counties, where lawyers were
scarce. That settled it; the farmers
were against it and the bill was
strangled by the adoption of a motion
to indefinitely postpone.
«♦T u* V?"oe rei'eived its usual largo
stock of bills, among them the follow-
ing. Dy Reagan, to cut Pullman fares
to 81 per night and 50 cents per day
light ride: by Yanderhoef, to create
county boards of equilization in every
county in the state, the boards to con-
sist of the judges of the county court,
he county surveyor, assessor and the
?bUn l? CLerk' the lilst to have "o "ote,
the boards to meet each year in Jan-
uary to revise assessments: by Mo-
"terul the law so that
the benefits of its provisions can be en-
i f .cn<fineers or any other per-
sons helping to make improvements
rent"? ,b>' "00<1- ''"Puiist, a concur-
nnlr i"n calliLn,f for a constitu-
tional amendment that will authorize
the Legislature to abolish the grand
jury system. K
Spanl.1. Authorities l„ tu,„ Hreal,
Dlploimtt |< Laws.
K«v Wkst, Fla„ Feb. -According
to advices received here W. It. Darker,
I nited States consul at Sagua la
irande, Cubu, was expecting dis-
patches from the state department in
reference tocertaln important matters
regarding tho relations of Spain and
tlm ? states. He learned that
the dispatches had been forwarded
and when they did not arrive in due
"mde inquiries. He found
that the dispatches hud reached Sagua
la (.rande, but had been seized opened
and read by the Spanish authorities,
lie called on the Spanish commandant
and demanded the dispatches, but that
reused to give them up. kcep-
ConsnMt "i! 3' a uvek ""'1 treating
Consul Darker s complaints with con-
tempt. I-mally after the documents
toliim" t0pie'' the-v were turned over
1 he consul in the meanwhile had
written a strong letter to Secretary
Olney recounting the circumstance.".
Captain t.eneral Weyler heard of the
latter and ordered the Sagua la (irande
authorities to apologize to Darker,
Which they did. but the angry consul
would not accept the apology, and said
he had referred the mutter to his gov-
ernment. 8
T his is the first known case where
the Spanish officials have opened State
department letters, l„,t Americans in
Havana believe it has been one ever
since the war began. It is stated on
the authority of one close to Consul
(.cneral Lee that his mail has been
frequently tampered with.
murderer butler taken
Genuine McAlister Coal.
Delivered to any part of the city free.
""" ■—a#
W« are tupming CASH BUYKRS for claim. DUR
u« iw wran >r wtt.
Rood (srm.lns«.tfrn KunwMoMelange for
choitr rUitnt, AUo huvs nome Choice Stocks of MrrcUndine
fof firm for choice
.SJs willT n I"'1 |"o|*rty for Land.
well rurnmhed, for ktlc chertp or exchrtiioe for
pn | prty If you wint anything in our line write ti*.
Ecus Hook, tan* Oklo.
six companies dead.
The Once Mo.t Powerful 1'hlne.e Ur
mutilation In Amerlea Olebande.1.
FliAMisett, Fell. 3. —With the
(bines,, new year the Six Companies
the most powerful mid richest Chinese
organization in America, has gone out
of existence. Kir a yeur and a half,
ever since the four provincial organ-
izations Xing Yung. Kongiiinw. ||,,p
Wo and Shu Ming, composing the See
> up federation withdrew their active
support and formed the Four Coin-
I"niles organization, the Six Companies
has liecn practically in Ilquiilutiim.
tor years It was the banker, counselor
and diplomatic agent of every i hlncse
in America while he llve.l ami the ad-
ministrator of his estate after death
Its sources of revenue were varied ami
be sums ,,f money it handled were ,ts.
tonisliliig. It was the nrbiter of illtTcr-
eiices and quarrels, business |„.r
sonul ls*tween the! bines.* throughout
the country. the ag..ncy through
which the |Miltcc and even the state
department dealt with that |a>opl,
( onfe..e. That He Wa, a I'enre.
I oi„ Si ott, Kan., Feb. 3.- Jack
I recman. a prominent saloon-keeiM>r
anil politician, who was arrested
Saturday charged with receiving stolen
goods from the store of Whiteside A
stroud ut J niontown. which was
lobbc.l and burned, has made the
Startling confession that hi- sahsin
has. Since hu t August, been headqnar-
ters for two professional luirg'a. s, who
ha*, been operating In Kansas and
Missouri on a large scale.
Trlsr Kl|hl In aeilalla.
3-A brutal prize
fight was pulli'il off last night at the
lui|M-rlal sal „ i„w ,||v,, u|| K(,()
lueky street. The prlncl|ials were Hi
llariaml of Sedalla and Jim Smith of
''oioreil pugilists. The
light, which was witnessed by a larirc
'■rowd. was fast and furious from the
h.'Vl Hl,".rl"",l kniH'kcd Smith down
n the first round, was awarded first
MimkI In t|„. sect lilt i anil knocked his
man out In the fourth.
To Care For the Old Notdlen.
.Trrrrnsov Citv, Mo., Feb. 3.-In the
senate this afternoon llohensehild and
oun" int-oduced the committee sub
stitutes fir the bills providing for
making the homes of ex-fnion and
"•Confederate soldiers eleemosynary
that ti T >oun(f bill provides
!m , "'1V:nfedl,rate home at Higgins-
ville shall be conveyed to the state to
he the States absolute property, but
thi state Is to maintain it ns an
eleemosynary institution for twenty
vears. It appropriates 124.000 to the
me for maintenance and 82,400 for
ent Rack to Committse.
•iKrrKiwoK City, Mo., Feb. 3.—Hall
of Saline asked In the House this
morning that the two pet bills of the
House, the 2 cent passenger bill and
the bill to reduce fr. ightruteson farm
products, be referred back to the com-
in ttee on Internal improvements of
which he is a memlier. He said he
had new information and the railroads
Wished to debate the question again in
committee. The House ordered the
bills referred back.
The Australian Fugitive Arreted on the
Swanhlhla's Arrival in Port.
8a* Francisco. Feb. 3.- (ieorge
Edward Dutler. ulias Ashe, the Aus-
tralian multi-murderer, arrived on the
ship Swanhllda early this morning
and six detectives met the vessel off
tort I'oint and arrested liiin without
trouble. He denied that he was ltut-
ler, but was positively identified by
Detectives Mcllattie and Conroy. who
eaine here from Australia for thiit pur-
pose. At the wharf a patrol wagon
was in waiting and he was taken to
Butler is extremely English in appear-
ance and speaks with a pronounced
Lnglish accent. He gave his name at
the city pnson as Kagan. lie is cred-
ited by the Australian isilice with hav-
ing murdered fourteen men. His plan
was to entice men whom he knew to
have money into the Interior under the
pretense of examining mining claims
and then murder them. His last vic-
tim was Captain Lee Weller. a retired
ship captain. Dutler took hi . money
and clothes and shipped on the Sw„n-
b'lda under the name of Weller.
duestrow appeal.
<ill rn. Capture Three Thletea.
A VICIOUS TRAMP'S 8PITE. fmii. Ilrln.,!' I,,?'
raptured two men and a woman who
?oil'. Ite'i'i ".lth h rll,tf broken Into
Lou lit others store at that place Ves-
ten ay tnorttlng One „f the m. n 'was
hot In the back *y the night waidi-
Mail, bill lle.l several tullcf before be.
ems!'.!''' "l* """'r
remnle emnpanlon es..n|H-,l in a buirirv
sntl were captured near Moran
A Hou.e Set A It re He.atl.e the Penile
Mail Ms I'sttMi
RU'ii Him, M.,„ Fob. J.-A tramp
asked for a cup of eoff.e at the home
t Mujor II. || Wilson, hanlwarc
dealer, yesterday. The famllv dura
not use coffee ami he was tiiu, |M.
!"" 'V '"'esiiie angry ami
left. Mt,Miring veiigeiince. The felloe
Z "Vl"'"wfi' '' 'V'U'k lrt-' i>rht and
set Mi Wilsons house which Is val
immI ,11 • ,t«i Ore The Mantes were
discovered In I tick „f llm„,
queitched officers an< malting n .lili
IfCMt search (,«• (he tramp
* frearher timm to « aha
WARH^aam Ht,, Mn . Feh. 1 s |Pt.
«er rewlvesl from the Mev. .I II N„ .
«cl .'«l ilitilaMlnMd fVeshvterlan mm
l t«ir nf ,I..Ittiaoit cmtnty, who has i„.cn
'r u,h' ,i"
months a «d,vln#|ha
Msa.a. Hank, t ..aanitdatetl
lit 1t HtSsoU, Kun , Fpll j TM
taBk ..f l ,mea at A ^
M*« i'li I .l * Mk of
Inrmrr I l« t| laser's capital
fismt Petrrty I" K f«err
V, Mo„ Feb 1, sheriff
Whits arrested Link Voting near Flor-
("Itee in tills county lasi night, for
'•"•King a name to cheek f,„. wi-,.,
I !:'Ti! V T ' •- r< -lui sl f
hi illT | h hetuiev of \hd i m
where the for vrv
NirtMajr sf ih# t, | . a.
lt .ios Mass. Felt i The chrls-
tltttt Hoele't Is alaleett v, ars
old ti inlay, and meetings in eilebra
ti.hi ut ti, ,t event will i,, held In all
"".-111! *"H!1 *'"Mv trreat
lv ttttlou. „r ti,:, country have nr-
ihiiu-i .I n. « tntsdlnirs in hotion.f the
twca.i.m. and a malorilv «f the almost
;."....s,.ti,.s ,L worhV will alJt
«peelally oWrve the day
Alter the St. Loal. t om. l..loaer.
JrrrKRmi* City, Mo. Feb 3. -Hena-
tor Klene introiluced to-day another
bill to Strip the excise commissioner of
' ,jouls of his rich perquisites. It
allows the excise commlsaloncr l.l.iam
• year salary and Ii.simi f„r clerk hire,
the balance to be paid to the hospital
i 'I will. If passed,
jive the hospitals from non to
•■.'s.oiki yearly.
Kle.tloa I,. An.arta.eato Arled Oa.
•IKrrrasoa City, Mo., Feb. 3.-The
Senate this morning passed Lancaster's
bill to chsnge the eoinmlsaloners of
election Isw by doing away with the
third day of registration. If passed
by the III,use It will reduce the time
allowed for registration In Nt. Louis
Two ''"v three days to
*" —"r* •tohlhlttaao af tleOnrailtlea.
.Irrrrnoon Ctr*. Mn., Feb. .-Tha
senate this morning paaaed the IVer*
ti II to make It a misdemeanor to exhi-
bit defot tiled peraons and animals.. It
hi J. HI *' hideous freaks ei-
hlhlU*d by museums
*• ,,M **S' rrataeoton tor tf—u
ilKmcaaoa C ITY, Mo. Feb. it.- la n,„
aenale this morning Miller's hill to
mak t It a misdemeanor punishable by
a line of fr„m It to fin t„ hunt .,ua||
".nV' defeated
by a tote of |] to |1,
Mm* t Sim... l.t.nree.l
t woniMtot. Iletglum. Fab Th«
l-rlncede i H avwaa t d y grnnted
a ilWurce from his wife, the IVInceaa
TI.. Rehearing Motion Overruled and
the Fall Court A.keil Intervene.
FKRsoN City. Feb. 3. —Division
>o. - of the supreme court refused to-
day to grant u rehearing of the |t„es.
trow murder case and filed a slight
modification of the statement of the
cas.. iu the opinion of two weeks ago.
It does not change the date of the
hanging or modify ti pinion proper.
( buries I'. Johnson ami C. T. Nolaud
Duestrows attorneys, were iu the
?>U . .rt>"1" opinion waa
handed down, and began at once the
preparation of the pa,ters for a motion
to lie tiled iM'fnre the court en banc
asking for a rehearing. The court
i en banc lieing the whole court, can. if
it shall ehcHwse, overrule the action of
[ division No. which is only half of
the court. 'I he reasons to In-offered
' « ru^antiallv the same us were
| offered beft re division No.
> "tifi ine i f
O? It r? '"'"""l* M(aa Clara Ward
d Ji iul' her miseon-
dttat with Jahna Hlgo. a llttngarlaH
IsPsI *h>' e'oped
last Htm, r Tliore were few people
present 11 the elnse nf tHejwtMeeiling*.
l«|M Waste a NtMs«o .
Tin tihirt Feb v The an
nottneemeul la made that John A.
Iiogatt sun ..f the lal# t nited Mate*
"•enalor , A l-ogei. 1* •candidal*
. .T" t" A'tstri.i lluttrarr
•, application a* a candidate
wr I He piaee la now in the hand. „f
I reatdent elect MeRlnlay
i '"ho silver ( hani|Unn rnmnienle ..a the
Neat Reeretarf. Flasncial Vlewa
I (lAl VRsTti*. Texas. Feb. l—W, J,
llr.van said last night ,,f Lyman J.
dnge s finamdal Interview: "Mr. (iaga
la a daisy Hreenbacks should, he
says, In. retired and silver purchased
under the Sherman act should Is- sold
and treasury notes redeemed and can-
celled Then we ought to have bank
•otes that are redeemable onlv In
ffoltf. /"''I He it No says the govern*
ment should not act as a uar«hoiisn
for e l her gold or silver There Is no
doubt about Mr lis*., being a daisy,
I wonder If he would n it like to Inatir
■rate a system by which we would
have to obtain hi. |st mission each
Morning to live through,,ut the dnvT
Melialt*n« Ne%|va|s M| |msef|.
* K A*i latsi. Feb 1. President
Jordan of Htanford I nivcrslty haa
sllrred uporlh.slo, ( hrlstiaits by hla
bold denunciation of trllglou.revivals,
which he declares to U n -|H i.i,«, ,f |n.
loalcatii.n that are no more wi^thv of
reaped than common driittkettnfos
fee Ims af a Wife's Alter.!***
AhiiKan. Keb i John P.
Howe, of Kansas ntv. Kan., today
brought anil against i F M*a.h,of
t hapmsn. this county for Si .en. Han.
Halmtng that MaseK an nated
his i Mow. si wife:
thnl they Iraveled losether last spring
t n arhMrt stra-taoe. MsrseO.
AlosoMtstr Wis. Feb 1 the Mc
nominee Hiah aehnol and Mont itBn-
nal training were deatrore t by
•re this ttmrnlng at t nelo t, The
lose on the High school is pin oai la-
snmnee «l > laet: an the manual teal*,
iaf sehoot Iten.MRt. I near aor i loo.wa,

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