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daily enterprise-times
PEKRY k WELCH Editort and Pub.
rirmk.lii carrier....
r«r DKNiUi.uiwinuW"
Wliut u blender thread lianas the hope
of party txislence iu XobUt county The
i'lihiiumn I)«ht facirr uwpa • 1i ............i||u||,t, m prMentMl to tbe
| voteis today, contains only one Holitary
name, tbut of J. II. D'>ylf, for oou.tablu
■ of tbe city of Perry• Ou bis vote de-
J'EhMS or HUIWt!IUlTtON8: j |wnc|H tliM vote of the Deincratic pact)',
JJ of the oitv, ami the tru > Democrats are
5.001 to bo commended for their loyally in
maintaining their parly tenets oven
though it l>e to the rescue of only on**
mau The Sentinel has stuck close to its
ho profess to be
Pronk bale. I Democrats have deserted and left it t
"hold the fo~t" against all opposition
The K.nt chi,uisic-','imks ndmireB a pa
ri ti*. tlis Sentinel «vm though it be
"gainst ub on aH political issues. The
DemuO ate of the city lire indeed in n
comhtiou—the election.
Uomtmr party when those

ftil«~rlic ""'TI"":
J. B.Wallace.
rtupt. fubHc IniifucUon M'ViJuAuk^n'
CoiimtMiollcni '• £w!1C!K5:
*'w. W. Mc('nllon«h.
A. Meyer
'/.folic? J wive.
J. F.. lin c'i
A. C. Holland
J.T. Noble
r. T.
T. M. Miller
W.M. Bowl*
o. I. Llmboeker
irirMt Ward Juo. l*ulaik«*sr. J. K. MBW'
rirai watu.. (Jarnett J. W
w^!rtf?.:::! A.M™ li« *. A;C. h^e ( . ,
fourth Wwil.Ussier., Cuss.Cl i n K|.^ m Mitchell, Mt. Washington uod
Chance for Defeated Bryanit s
I'Voin the New Vork Sun
The undersigned und their associates
announce that Tuesdav November It, the
b >oks will bo open to the public fur sub
Bcri|)tions to the non-dividend paying
stock of the United States Cloud Collect-
ing and Mining Company. Unlimited
Collecting stations are to lie estab
lished an Boon as the necessary plant can
be provided a* Pike's Peak, Mount St
.LooIm Psvi*.
..J, H. King.
townk1tk ooaad no. 8.
Timothy MrUmh Chairman.
It has been known for ages that eveiy
cloud has a siver lining. This great fact
is unive-si.lly resognUnl, and yet no in
V A wflfii™:::^:anri Di.lM« Agent. I is
K W. Hails* dustrial or commercial advantage has
C. P. Drace
As the hour draws near for the close
/)f the great battle; as the day closes
during which the destiny of the nation
lias been in jeopard*", it becomes more
and more evident that the next presi-
dent will be Wm. McKinley.
The splendid glow of the early uiorn
ing and the vigorous inspiring influence
which ushered it in, gave abuudant
promise of a most beautiful day, A tit
day for the great contest between the
contending political forces. There ,rere
virtually but two great opposing politi-
cal armies in the tield. One for sound
money, a staple government and the
prosperity of all the people; th« other
for unlimited free coinage, its attendant
fiophistries, and Mexico nized financial
results The people of this great nation
havespjken by their ba'lots, and when
the vote is counted, it will bIiow that
William McKinley has owen elected pres
The reports from th« different states
indicate a very large vote. The election
has been in most places notably free
from disturbances or riots. In Kansas
the contest has been hot and furious
end both parties are claiming the state.
The battle has waged with unprecedent-
ed fierceness in Chicago and over the
f 'ateof Illinois. The free silver forces
gave valiant battle but to no purpose,
Illinois will roll up a l ig majority for
McKinley. In Iowa the battle has
shown less vigor, but the result is the
same McKinley has won. Nebraska
has rolled up a surprising Republican
vote and while it ha* lieen conceded to
tfryan, as it is his home, it is by no
means certain that he will curry it. Not
much information has been received
from Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan
b\it all reports are favorable to McKin-
ley. St. Louis has | olhd a gieat vot*
fir McKinley and while it will doubtles
tie offset by the vote in
tide, will make Miveouri a close state
What information has come from In
| ever l een taken of tiie vast, tield of-
I fered to enterprise
' The United States Cloud Collecting
and Mining Company, unlimited, pur
pose to bottle up the clouds, extract the
silver lining by improved suieutitic pro-
cesses ami coiu the silver into dollars
at the ratio of JO to 1 at the government's
mints, without the aid or consent of any
foreign nation
All subscriptions to stock payable in
gold or its equivalent.
William .1 Bryan, President.
James l\. Jone«, Vice President.
Kugeue V. Debs, Secretary.
J. Pardon-Me-fol* Living Altgeld,
J. V. Koogle, Secretary, Per ry p. T
Who can Measure
the influence of tho
Mother—It l.i*u through
all oomiuKagcH.snd enters
the sonfluen of eternity.
With whit care therefore
Drown fur boa, Thursday lift, sj*re-|
where in the city, Finder leavo at this
otliceuu.l bo rewarded.
Wo?"etdtaU;.«;Wami If Troulbod with Rheumatism, Read Thii
10 Annapolis, M.I., Apr. 10, 180* -T
Iyfg have used Chamberlain's Pain lluliu for
makes child-birth easy,as-
sists nature ia its sublime
effort, leaves the Moth-
er stronger after than
l>efore conflneinent, and
robs the hour of its terr«>r.
No K^iiectant Mother ess
afford to neglect Its use.
A customer whose wife used 'Mother's Friend'
says that if she bad to go through tho ordeal
again, and there were but four boti
jbtained, and the eosl was $100.00 por
would have them." Gkq.Lavton, Da;
by Mall, on receipt ofprlec, fi.«o |*l;,R BOT .
"TO F.XPECl'ANT MOTHERS"mailedfrc«.
Thc braoficld regulator CO.,Atlanta,qa.
solo ov all osugqicts.
i ino oniesi
nttles to be
r bottle, he
a/ton, Ohio.
heuinatisin and found it to be ull that
it ib claimed for i*. I believe it to l>e the
best, preparation for rheumatism und
d°ep seated muscular pains on tho mar-
ket and cheerfully recommend it to the
public. J no. G. Brooks, dealer in boots,
shoes, etc. No. 18 Main streot,
ai>o niuD rdw.
M ecu an losv ill", St. Mary county.
Md.—I sold a bottle of chamberlain's | East Harrison Ave.,
Paiu Balm to a man who had l oeii suf-1
fering with rheumatism for several years, i
It made him a well uiun. A. J. McOiil I
For sale at 50 ccnts p«r bottle by Han-
lav & Isiitfliali
Capacity 500 Barrelo
Kxpurl uuil jobbing orders sulicitod. Special uttuiitioii tuliomu tl'lldc.
Many political sp-aakers, clergymen'
si igers and others who me the voice
excessively, rely upon Oae Minute
Cough Cure to prevent huskintes and
laryngitis Its value as a piev, ntativt
is only equaled by jts power to alfoid
instantaneous relief K I'-. lljoweudob.
Tlio A, M, E. Conference.
The A. M. I1'. conference of Oklahoma,
which has just closed in this city after
a live dsys seseiou wan one of much im
pittance to the church and of note
worthy mention as natter of honor to
Perry. A large number « f delegates
and visitors were in attendance from all
important towns iu the Territory. There
were notable ministers of the church
present, the most prominent <>f whom
was the venerable Bishop (iaines of
They are bo little you hardly know
you are taking them. P' y cause no
griping, yet they act quickly and moet
thoroughly. Such are the famous little
pills knowu tij J)e\\ ill's Little Katly
liisers. Small in si/e, great in results
K. R. Howendobler
The A, 31. Iv Assignments.
At the closa of th* very interesting
session of the OUIahouia conference of
the A M. in this city. Bishop
W.J tiainei presiding, The followiig
assignments were made:
(turnuiK niSTUICT
Ivjv. M I). Brooking, presiding elder.
Hev. C«. W. Washington, Guthrie.
liev. W. If. Cole, IVrrv.
Rev. L S. liiwson, 8nringv,ile.
Rev. 10. L S. Stvan, FvunsviUs.
lv3V. A. II, \ouog, Hennessey,
Rev*, .less-* Crosl'm, Cowbell.
I^iv. J. W.G jjch, Brown's Mission
Rev. N- M. Htarlfii Djwr \Jii3ion.
Rev. W. M.GunJou, Salt Creek
Rev. B. J. Moore, Watunga.
Rev. E. II. Adams, Kuid Mission,
Rn\ T L. L ticaster, Pawnee.
Rev. R W Wilson, Stillwater.
Rev. M.Campbell, Powa
IJev J I) Springer, presiding elder
R v. J. W. Johnson, El R?no.
R(v. J Williams, liiugtibhor.
Rev. A. II. Daniels, Mcloud.
Rev. S. C. Davis, Earlsboro.
Rev. L U Ragadale, Clifton.
R9V. T. N. Hays, Chandler.
Rev. A. K. Kelly, Davenport.
Rev. Thomas Ash ton, Stewards
Rev. lienry Ried, Tecumseh.
Rev. J^owis Walker, Savado.
Tho choir of the A. M. I1! phijrch of
Perry, A C. Corel, direotor and Mis
Shaw, orgunist, rendered most excellent
inusic during the uieelings of the ses
The I^in* 1%y NiiiiilieiM.
At the closing ndlle of the Catholic
fair Saturday evening little Misa Ij 'uanu
Morris won the doll "Mrs. McKinley'
and little Miss Tru'o Saulsbury the d« I
•'Mis, Br.vuu." Miss Minnie Brown won
the handsome g< 1 I chain, The washing
One of the special aud among the
many desirable features of the Pacific
h itel will be their Sunday dinner?
H. H. PERRY, Proprietor.
Rates $2.00per Day.+ * *
Th« leading hotel of Oklahoma. Rveryfliina now
Special Atteution to the trade of ComniereinI men
I o. «>. r.
I 0, iiieetB every
I.lASTICltN ST A It, Perry chapter
L No 21, meets lOKulaily on the second
mil fourth Wednenilaya of each month
it hall oil O street. Visitors uoriliull)
IO. *). I'\—C'heroUee Lodrfe No. It 1.
O. O. l'\ meets every Thursday evening
it 7::t0 in. on Till street between ti
hi ill!. Visitors are always welcome.
J. w. Quick, w, ii. hitch,
Secy. N. O.
i*erry eiicumpineut .No.
" Tuesdav evening
■it T:il0 at Odil Fellows hull, \ isitirit.'
patriarchs are cordially invited to at-
tend. J. w. Quick, 0. P.
II. W. I.k'Nincikb, Scribe.
LSI lilt: LoilKe No. 8, IJaU({hloiB ol
L Uebeccii, I. O. O. K. meuts every
X'ueiday of each month. \ isitors wtl-
oome. " Mas. L. U|)MPIIitEV, N. (J.
Mkh. Mabiha Moohk, Sec.
I t A. I!., Homer C. Junes l'ost No. til,
IJ meets lirnt aud toird Thursday even-
ings at 7:.".U p. m. at their hull near the |
corner of Seventh and 15 street. All
comrades invited to lueet with us.
Humi:it c. joxh , w. it. c. |
No. lu meets every first and third
Thursdays at p. in. at K P. Hall on I
Seventh between C and I) streets.
Mrs. L. F. Jokes, Pres.
Mtw.(UtiBIll M. Stout,Sec.
It. 1'. iilld J, of A. local union No.
Established i 879.
Wholesale and Itetail Growers.
The Largest Stock in the^West.
Our Specialties are : : : :
have as fine trees as ever grew, at good fair prices and we
r. ise as good trees as any nurseries can raise at all,and sell
as cheap cs any. Our trees have the great advantage of
^ being home-g: own and do not have ta be acclimJed.
^ Writo us for prices r leave woid at Enterprise -7'met
and agents will call on you. Don't forget the name.
Perry, O. T.f meets every Friday
evening at 8:30 at the city hall, \ isit-
ng brothers always webomo.
Bonatz.1 of Oold.
Tho information has quietly coin0'out
lhat the West Creek mining district
near C lp| le Oreejf, in which President
F. ( . Moo e and Cashier II. AjjCand-
less, of the I0.\';hange bank, ow n ten line
claims is devjl^ping inarvjloin richness.
itiesbers Moore and McCanaiess own a
large controlling interest in a uuiil4>t r of
mines now being operated in this dis
trict and have received lately the most
11 ittering news of r'cli discover es. The
, , , , . etreet every
stock of tueir c jinpunisi has rapidly up-1 *;(j p n,
preciated aud will SJ ->oti he worth l'K) | 11. I),
cents, lu one of their minus the ssa>
allows 3-0 gold at forty feet, i-i another,
at only ten feet, they arj assayed at $1-
gold tu t he ton, Tho government right-
of-way has been sec"red for a rai re ad
wh eli will soon he completed to tlio
VV hI Creek mines, wlien they will ln gin
^hipping valuable ore. Thin is sple ndid
Hi",anU NJ • • t Moore and MoUatd . . i s ui LAUOit,li. A.Dili
l^es will re wive m ri y uJU4r.1t ih fi .i4i 1 1\ metis each Monday evening at 1 :'N
in none n their hall on t th between l>. and K
! v'lHitui^' Knights corilially iuvited.
STONER & BRUCE, Owr.ert.
HARMON V Debating Society meete Tetter, eczema, and all similar sk n
every Wednesday night, K. P. hall, troubles are cured by the use of De ;
<th street. Visiting friends always wel- Witt's Witch llaz I Sa've. It soo*t e«
\V. C T V meets every Wednesday uftcr (,U).e
noon, ut 3o'clock at the Christian church
Mas N H Bowles, 1'res,
Miis L M lli usoN, Cor. Sec
once, and rectors the tissues to th*ir
natural condiiion, and never fail s to
Vs. R Howendo iler.
MnnyhveHof ubelulnes have been
cut short by neglect t.j ' renk up 1111 c r
d nary cold. Pnentnonin. bronchitis ami
even consumption 1'iin be'averted by th
Masons meets at Masonic hall Boutn prompj ,,fie (jf one Minute Cough Cu e.
J. B.
Auctioneer und Ooinmiuion Mbrckiat.
Does Cienerul Commission Iiusinees.
11. irQMH miilMM i-nltu Imiltfht And •old.
|>KUI;V Chapter No. IS Koyal Arch
nd and 4111 l'ri11 ay at
McKkiout, H. P.
K ti. Ih'Wen lobh'r.
At), I', ,- Perry Uodg* No.
1 ,
ri «: pulilislicd in th Kntprpriw Times Octo;
ber lw. IHlHi.
\ncient Order of United Worlcuien,
ets llrst und third Tuesday eVfnniKS
jf each month it 7::w p. ni., in (ilobe
onil.liii|f on sijuare. Woritaien
n j^iMxl standing from other IimI^os cor- Huldali V. liapp, ultrnlifT i
lially invited. A. ('■ lloi !.ani>, VV. M. vh. f
J. C. Oaisi n. lien riler.
lu the District Court of Noble County,,
Oklahoma territory.
Ileal Kstate, Loans. Claims a Specialty
lith street, opp. N. R. corner suuare,
•RRRV OKf.4 ll( i vl
North Side Barber Shop,
on their good forluu
are more ih-seiving.
the state out | ,"ucl,1nH we,,t l" Mi8B IU,rk
Judge Pancost held the lucky numltei
which won the Indies' wrap. The ladies
ik« B «ia|iif the church richly deserve the many
<haua showe a great battle iu that state 4 , 4.
•ml a sure victory for the sound ni°ney
electors. Many of the souud mon«y
I democrats voted for McKinley. Prom
all reports from Kentucky, the Uepuhli
csm have carried the state t>y a hand
some majority No detinito informn
ti on has been received from the far ea d,
west or south. It i believed that Mc-
Kinley has won *n at least two tout hern
itates outside of Kentucky. North Cur
olina aud Virgiuia. Bmiugh informa-
tion is at ban I to a^ure McK'uley's
congratulations they have re e'ved on
the pleiteing social a^ I financial results
of the fair. The leceipts were Koine-
thing over f'Ud.
MciiiImt IhMilin tiung.
11 has ds\eloped out of the attempted
Brook robbery near Tonka ws a short
tune ago that Chas. (iraliaui, the man
whom Broi'k killed, was a noted train roll
bsr and bandit and as connected with
the Dover 1iain robbery on ttie Hauta I'V
lie l*.nit«-«l tor *1 >
a titling L*oiniiieinorutioti and i
K. M. Tiiom >
J. i\ Noulk, M. W.
i >1. , iNondiileresl HoihI
1 0Bili«ot Perry. Meets every Thurs-
John A Ripp, defendant.)
The defendaut in the above entitled
action will hereby take notice that he
11tih be"ii sued for divorce by the pla n
id! berlin ami that unless he answe^rs on
tho IstUay of December, IM'.K), tiie | eti.
ti"U of plai titr herein HUcl will be take §
as t rue and judgement w i I • be rendered I ho 1)1(1 ludiablo Artists of lVrry.
in said action g'auting plaint tTan ahs>
& dennis-:
it P
oral ion ut I he ha| ;;y resulti o' this. or ; , - 8 „V'lock. All reform work
of tln iii st eventful ui the hielojy i ||a.M j„vitpd to cjiscuj:i tliie bond pariiei herein
of this na'ion, dii'imr w'hiob the destiny I .uostioii. K. iif h. Hall, ciu t th Btreet. Hi lii.^ii \
of s' venty inillio
we'glied in tb
C (iioser of tb s o't'o , h uglit f« r liiin-
I l\X \. M. Perry U«tge No, lo
Xa holds its regular oouiiuiiiucutiou the
TuKt) Slipper | drst and third Fridays ut hall on
lute divorce from defendant and the car«
and custodv of the minor son of the
i . A. MOUU14.
Okltttiotnu i it/
iiuriiiir wniun him it^utij i .nesiiou. iv. 01 mm «•
io*)H of pet pl« wh being ' olnon. ion I'w, uo collection
... ..ui.,. i : .VII. Si' -LINO, JAM, 11.
I scales of P>e,ibihl), j. ( lftirniHn
U Mihkli.hi,
se'f a pair of new nants.
gtxxl standing
V Hill lir
street. All inasons
Willi th l^i|i«i of the I'resbytenan I 01)ldially invite.1.
iihurcli tills evening, at lt|e ol / Dunk of j — —
Perry Uuildinjj on VU we l i t«, V.° A 'ueeUevery 'Jiul W edius
I , , , ii i j day in month. \ noting ooimau-'u c r«
i he-..,•nonreturn, will he r.ueiv.d J,.!,!,- C*riW. T Knitii.
Itegliueutal meeting on the last \Ned-
ne 'da> in each mouth.
Col*. W II. PuiMUOHK.
As far as haH been learned the election
lies Social.
The citi/eiiH nf school doitiict No. It),
juilee mile west of Morris* u e|ij(Med a -
tU tho western part of Oklahoma, which |ileavant roeial oceaeion last Pndn> ereu
o2CUi red something over a year ago, and 1 (|||| wj|H|l u|| |>tt,|ioi| «at d iu a box social
is also stated lie was a in 'tuber of the, x BC|„Md house, wlo-h was given
,^i iMi' at> nun m-vii irnuiwi in * "« '«" , , ,, , ,, . i i i i
ha. l *u .| and oid-rly at all point, iu "l ' 1 " | I"" I" " ' ' •""""'11""1"
•he territon bank at South NNi*st, Mo, and tbsd the tlio fine school build'ng in this di«'
' The full elreaillli of Iht voU Iim been I"1"'1 U,"t 1"ll",l ll"' l rM,",,•", "r ll" j irlel. The laiM-uomp mj in ntlenduiiue
palled. At llil* time bo ilellnlle Inform |'mDl< . , . | «ae entertained by n .hurt intereating
•lion a. to re.ult. Ie obtainable. It I. Th. wllul„yilUlll „ ltr.|ne,l and un „
uonuetled on every l.«oa h«lttl lei.Uon dl<rnijliml by lni|olent ulcere and open A "
of d«leg.lel<i em knwi will be very uloe.. ■ g, M w,Mg W|(ob nB,ipHalv
with uhanoee In favor of Klyno. | ipw|all hen!, them. It. I. the b .1 pile
II ta loo early lu place an e.Mnn.te on 0||r||W„„w,1 ^ ^ n„.. ,.,)|ju|)i-r
tbeooniptakion of the territorial l.'
lure Tb« fuel"# lloket baa won lu lotne I'liitulil IIh* I1o mI I'm lit
.MMnltae and Iwen d.feaiil ill other. 1 A Inuilhable Inn'dent happen. I la.i
lu Moble n.unty .ad tiie eity of Perry I Nund.y .lowu on the 1'ana.lian river.
• mire i|Ulet orderly -twliou wae never near L'«l#tlnn, The annitunpemetil
held. The noiint,v >. tot-, uer that baptinhirf would t U ■* plane drew
lain fur Klyun by if t>or more, Houlhaid larn- urowd The prea"her Willi the
Mid ferry are al.o beli.v.d to lie .a'ely 1 .nl'|ei t appealed hut wtide mailing pie
lu line uo'inty. County ticket I paratlon for the ordinance ^ d Into a
Will Indtakleil b*l*eeu l.illi ,«rli Mlnht, the pre.che' eliaemtf liie minuet'
A* «MM*i U ^reeuuo more definite in . into the *i«kI., wl'ieh wa« the in.t ......
lofelth.r. The cirtivert railed Ihepreuih
er a liar Which pre<'l|.II.Hled the li.hl
V. W. C I L'. meets every Wcilninda.
afternoon at the Christian oliuich. All
yriutiK ladiee cordially invited lo attend,
i, Lminaiiii, Hecietury,
To wln in It niny c<i|ieet u:
Niillmi !• Ii rt ny s'voli thsl .1
Ii i lion v liW'M Iii* | « ♦ ill.* fur licc m
Im it tiil ll'i'Hif • ill 1'irtv. olili' ruuiii>, I'k'u-
ii'Mnu li'i I it'll V. .til'I lit) UIiIh" * «•. it >1) tu tin
flili", ti. !-• | nii> I I., I.• A I." III'.I ti) tl..< ' Ii
«!•%> ff l . I<«.. m ii pull dull eli
I If ftttiU# .
I'l It) * I. I I ><-(o)H r
M ' I ■ tin. i iiint) i U rk
|l) II >t Imiritliien It '|iiit/,
j W HILL Mill, M. U.
I'llVUU I \s mill si lltiKON.
i f s.|iia'e. at Iir,>. LiiINAIIIi, Hecielury,
V. IIHI I'll. .MiV. I II I'l
I. ioi;n. hiiii' Assemoiy No
|\, .'f L. meets every Halunlay even
ng ill TilMI in It. of P. hall on 7tb street,
vent of ienil otth e,
lU.Ka* C. Hi nit • ten M W
t ^
f itmation ie otitainabl**
popular )o mg latly The chief elites
untm were ,M•sx Nettie Martin aml Mise
Dolly Antrell MiosMsttin recsiuwl tfj* j '*!*•
votis, Miss Antrell 217 Trie cake
aelted t'J'J.'i}. T e tottil fcepts >*eie
fL'lliwo Everybody had N|piM) time and , Ib the IhstriilC'Hirt of . le o^n },
all me well pleiiM*d with the result*.
Uoonui on N't
Clillinioie's old t lii e. Will an
ii * er cii'Im day and night
—Attorney •« t*lam,-
atle* is MtMtrs lislldltif, t« rssf Till sad l .
i'Ul liftli l hi' tli«* Ratsr^rlwt.hNei
i rt : • l*i*i. i
it. I.
iii i men,
l„ ll. I III.I M Mo,
I lehl.r
Farmers & Merchants Bank. aie now forty llnee echolai.en
rolled m the eehool I'Vank Whiunery
le the teeeh r
II) till* I rtfl'Mil
llur eht. ipiismtf hnrd*are merehanl
I (' Ilia I', of the .ou'h Knle, line ju.l
j ikl.t'oiio. Territory.
Ilobert k. 1'i.ley, |dalnt.H
7 wwmi III.
Tmi* M Ita day and it', a .V< Kmley
Chrone COII.III 111 ion IS n liemf'd. ill.
ii*.e. ali,e and life .hurt-'ulitf dlllluullv.
ll deiaiitfr. the ay.lem, oaiiM*. .t«h
Va.lnda II I'iftley, il-frndaut '
The defendant Int'iealaiie >n'ill..l
Ijill.e will her«liy tnke li'diie II at "he
loia I e oi .oe I hit ill.oil) • liy th« p .inl'
lit herein aeit I 'M nnlewehe ««• W 'i. on
or fie I'l. iley Iif I'e Mill r I "'.It.
I he |e<ti| ■ n of the I'alnl It h i h tiled
irn iied 1.1 n'loiid i f won ti. und faun i„. ,.,t...,, true and ju #"ie« nt Wl'.t Hlilli S|illtM',
•nai lonet. tec'udinK Mlti'tud f>.ri." Mid will l* i.n.l'.rid In aalil a>'tlon eriUtlM
■ It wan auil I. n.O'H fiom |talnt;fT an "l*' ut- i;';,"uth';
.lefviiihoii and the cur. anil if
i'""' 'helleI. *hd feed tftlnderr, |(i(| , ,| |h the pe
aiiei a .'iiiloiiil of ibuvea lie • an II. >' 1111.,i.
Ilonmt K em hi v
A Heueial llankm* llu.lneM Tran
QIC. KllMJ HlilHN,
l( I and 3, (ilob* Hulhllatfi
t'MVjr, Ok
TLto.ur Firm.
I'riiriio In Hll llw I'.Hiri. .if tlm Ti.rrlo.rt nn.l
rt.. al.o in tl„. i'. h, Inn.i ..ll i
ih.. i.trio.rr 1111.1 liilMrn.r Irtut.
PKHHV. 'iKI.t Hull A.
Attorney -iil>l.itw,
Will practioe iu ull the T.rrllorlal
ami |.'i«liiritl t'ourt..
I ltn«. in .t' nMi Mnildieg
I Is. « IhiM. k. I'm(lat|.t*
Alluni'ip at Ut.
IIIIIM ..,1,1. I«D.| ofllee. I'ntri.o,
Dwar Siiu|wnu,
r«iry, ■ . Otalcv.
I'lan. drawn and ealimalee make M
all kimla of Inil'tlleiga. Itael of rafarMii*
ft see,
~VI/Vf It4«l I'loiain VtfVwv
Over llatik of IVry, with McKnl«ht
i''. o. miaiue.
11. A.,
.. _ , I mil lu iinytiiltiM >oo want In w.^on.
headai lie. Itad hieulh UUtl the, f , ,„iriU„r S
I.lissl ll -an l « readily otercome by I . ' r M mm*.
^ItaWlttV Little Katly llc l.. ||„*p t i« n «.t„,lovw, lie ha. , || || „„ Alt-tn.y
tH American ptHtpta htve .l.iltili little ,iill«> are ureal retfUlalor. K. K. I.ll kinds. . for «l l tttiee. Mee, I'letlt
•ltd ll^Mtolitr Mettluley.
| Uo.end' blet
I llind*
Eidius Buk S Nny,
Ojpt.iie I^wMMm, ISrry.Uk
Nohvlta n •t ' lihta <A Karnllt
in IU U
lly K. f 1'Mim. t eji"ly
ui'.niii.h a in eon,
eionlolitim uuil H*r| etttt.(
I .• Ml

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