Daily Enterprise-Times. (Perry, Okla.), Vol. 1, No. 204, Ed. 1 Saturday, December 28, 1895 Page: 3 of 4

. JL'"at -
A New Electro-Chemical I'rorfM Which
May Prove IsefcL
A curious and possibly important
discovers is rrport.-J by K. Aii<lr*oli, of
London, in the Electrical Kevitw. It
will bv underst.**! more readily if one
recalls th.- methyls employed in elec-
tro-plating If an acidulated solution
of sulphate* of copp< r V j.la^.i in a
glass <!i#h and an **1 . trie current from
a battery or dynamo be led into the
liquid by (me wire and out by another
(the two bHnj* kept apart carefully),
thcsiiltw .. ■ ratlual! . ill.- 'iti grated,
t>ie • ulphuric acid being liberated at
the positive nolc, < r anode, and tin* cup-
per accumulating at the myative pole,
or cath«)de, where it will In* di posited
in a thin lilm. Any chemical compound,
if properly prepared, could be broken
up in a similar manner. Hitherto,
however, it has been supposed \ \uxl the
elements into which it would be re-
solved would lirst make their appear-
once in immediate contact with the
electrodes or terminals of the circuit
But this has just been found to be an
erroneous conclusion.
Mr. Andreoli divided a small vat into
three compartments by meansi.f jx>rou.->
partitions. Into the endh of this vat,
where his electrodes Were immersed,
he poured a solution of common snlt,
and into the central portion one of cy-
anide of tfold. The current bein^
turned on. th<- banio action occurred at
the terminals which would have «.«•-
curred had thcr-- been but a single fluid,
the • n fli st nam . and m > partitions.
therefore, chl >rii;e was libenited, and
at the other sodium, the latter, how-
ever. combined wit! the water to form
a hydroxide, or caustic soca. Xo change
occurred in the cyanide solution in the
meantime until acvural clean metal
plates were dipped into the middle com-
partment. parallel with each other and
with the ends of the vat. The liquid
in the central receptacle was now elec-
trolyzed also, rind the gold was depos-
ited on the bas r metal, as in ordinary
eleclro-platin^, although there was no
metallic connection with the terminals.
This phenomenon is called "secondary
electrolysis" by its discoverer. He is
inclined to think that it may have prac-
tical uses in the arts.
Sorrct*fulljr Tent***! hjr tfu* Ordtmnco IJo.ird
of thn Army.
The Heieotific American gives an in-
teresting description of what it well
terms "a curious weapon- nothing more
nor ic.ss than a cannon chiefly made of
rawhide," invented by Frederick La-
tulip, and recent ly tested by the United
States Army Ordnance b< ar«l at the
Sandy Ilook proving grounds, with very
surprising results. The engraving
(which we reproduce. shows the idea.
A is a core of steel, furnished with a
number of collars, a. to prevent end-
wise movement in the rawhide casing;
IJ, which consists of strips wound around
the c- >rc, cemented, and finally turned
down to shape. A steel cap, having
a gr«H >ve or rabbet, c, is fitted tightly
ver the bree- li portion of the thus far
constructed gun. and ft steel shell, I),
r c
dSSS3MB^ <3
conforming to the taper of the forward
port; -n of the gnn. is forced over the
rawhide until its inner end fits snugly
within the groove or rabbet, c, of the
cap, where they are secured together.
The cap, ( ', is provided with the usual
The particular cannon tested by the
ordnance board was 5 feet S inches
long, with '-'-tf inches caliber, and
weighs 4.V> pounds. It "looked strong
enough to stand an ordinary charge,
but not an officer present believed that
there would be much more than a few
bits of the carriage left after the first
heavy tests had been made." It was
tried lir^, with fear and trembling,
with a pound of powder, giving a press-
ure of .1,471 pounds to the square inch;
then with 1H' pounds. 10,*40 pounds
pressure; then with 2 pounds, 20,706
pounds pressure; then with an extra
ball added, to increase the resistance—
40,,"00 pounds pressure—and the gun
was at good as ever, and perfectly cool.
Altogether, the leather cannon has
proved a surprise to the authorities.
A Shot Through the Drain.
A man shot through the brain, says
Victoria Ilorsley, dies, not through fail-
ure of the heart's action, but through
the want of breath occasioned by the
explosive effect of the bullet passing
through the wet brain substance, and
consequent injury to the base of the
brain. The heart goes on beating, but
respiration stops; indeed, the heart is
stimulated, not depressed, when a bul-
let enters the brain, and the proper
treatment of a man thus shot is the
same as that resorted to in the case of
drowned people—one should try to set
up artificial respiration.
Tuberculin© Cure* l.nniitJm.
Koch's tuberculide, which has been
cast in the shade by Dr. Roux's anti-
toxine, now turns up again as a remedy
for insanity. Prof. Wagner von Jau-
rogg, of Vienna, has experimented with
it for four years, curing many patients
and improving the mental and physical
condition of all on whom it was tried.
An Ohio Waterworks lower Higher Than
U akhlnk'ton Monument.
The tallest chimney was built at
Port Dundas, Glasgow, Scotland, 1*57
to 1 l r F. Townsend. It is the
highest chimney in the World 454 feet),
| and one of the lofti* st masonry struo*
turc* in existence. It is, independent
of its M/.e, one of the ln*st MNUMM (>f
substantial, well made brick-work in
existence. In Europe there are only
I two church Steeples that exceed this
structure ia height -namely that of the
Cologne athedral 540 feet . and that of
the .Strasburg cathedral <40ti feet.) The
great Pyramid of Tizch was originally
4m) feet, although not so high at pres-
ent. The I'nited States outtop* them
all with its Washington monument, 510
feet high, and the tower of the Phila*
I <lel|:hia public buildings, which i^ Hf
feet high.
The KifTc 1 tower, at Paris, France,
surpasses all other terrestrial metal
structures with its altitude of nearly
1,"U0 feet. The "Great Tower," for
London, England, in course of con-
struction from designs of Mr. Henry
Dave}*, C. E., will outtop all metal
structures, being built of steel, and its
extreme height will -be 1,850 feet when
The highest and most remarkable
metal chimney in the world is erected
at the imperial foundry at Ilalsbrueke,
i car Kricberg, in Saxony. The height
of this structure is l.Vi.fl feet, and 15.74
feet in internal diameter, and is situ-
ated on the right bank of Mulde, at an
elevation of 210 feet above that of the
foundry works, so that its total height I
above the sea is no less than 711.75 feet.
The works arc situated on the left bank
of the river, and the furnace gases are
iteyed across the rivet to the ehim* I
nev on a bridge through a pipe 8,827)^ j
feet in length.
The highest artificial structure in
America is the waterworks tower at
Cdcn park, < incinnati, O. The floor of
the tower, reached by elevators, is 5'2'3
feet above the Ohio river. The base is |
4" 1 feet above the stream. If the height
of the elevator shaft be added to,the
observation llo« r the grand total height
is feet.
The highest office building in tho
world is the Manhattan Life Insurance
company of New York city; its height
above the sidewalk is .".J7 feet, and its
foundations go down 5:, feet below tho
same, being 80 feet below tidewater
level, making a total of 400 feet. The
foundations consist of fifteen masonry
piers, and are carried by the same num-
ber of steel cuis.sons. The latter were
bunk to bedrock by the pneumatic
process. The cantilever system was
used for the foundations.- -Machinery.
Fair Luna's Effect on the Weather I* a
Subject of Dispute.
Fallacies about the moon are numer-
ous. such as a full moon clears away
the clouds; that you should only sow
beans or cut down trees in the wane of
the moon; that it is a bad sign if she
changes on a Saturday or a Sunday;
that two full moons in a month will
cause a flood; that to see the old moon
in the arms of the new brings on rain,
ami many others, of which a catalogue
alone would take up a good deal of
spa -e. M. Flammarion says that "the
moon's influence on the weather ia
negligible. The heat reaching us from
the moon would only affect our temper*
ature by twelve millionths of a degree;
and the atmospheric tides caused by
the moon would only affect the bar-
ometric pressure a few hundredths of
an inch —a quantity far less than tho
changes which arc always taking place
from other causes." On the whole we
arc disposed to agree with the rhyme
which thus sums up the subject:
Tho moon and the weather
May chanpc together;
Iiut chance of the moon
Does not chance the weather.
Even the halo round the moon has
been discredited, for Mr. Lowe found
that it was as often followed by fine
weather as by rain, and Messrs. Mar-
riott and Abercromby found that the
lunar halo immediately preceded rain
in thirty-four cases out of sixty-one.
We always have a lingering hope that
some future meteorologist will disen-
tangle the overlapping influences, and
arrive some day nt a definite proof that
our satellite after all has something to
do with our weather.—Nature.
—School n ephers under contract
«"fth the school board of Chehalis,
Wash., are prohibited, by an order is-
sued by the hoard recently, from danc-
I ing or playing cards.
—Industrial training in mission
! schools has been taken up in« arnest by
the Society for Promotion of Christian
j Knowledge, grants for their establish-
ment having been made to schools in
I India and Africa.
i —There is one Christian minister for
, every 900 of the population in Great
j liritain, and there is but one in every
114,000 in Japan, one in 1C5,<>S0 ;n India,
, one in 222,000 in Africa, and one in 4u7,-
C00 in China.
—One of Scotland's grand old men,
of whom she is justly proud, is Dr.
I Mavid Hrown, the principal of the Free
j Kirk college at Aberdeen. At 92 he is
i still one of the most active and influen-
I tial members of the Scottish clergy,
j —Kev. Dr. llrann, rector of St. Agnes*
parish, New York, is one of the wittiest
divines in the Catholic church. When
r.sked what he thought of the move*
nicut to rename the Episcopal church
he said: "It's rather late, 1 should
think, to bnpti/e the child of Henry
—It is said that the Chri 1 inn n itives ;
of the South Sea is' .nds prepare their
: Sunday food on Saturday. Not a lire
' in lighted, neither flesh nor food is '
j cooked, not a tree is climbed nor a canoe
! seen on tlie water, nor a journey by
land undertaken on God's holy day.
I —The League of the Sixteen was a j
| Protestant combination formed by
i henri de Iiourbon, .ifterward know n as
: Henry IV., against the Catholic league
under the leadership of the duke "f
Guise. Ilenry 111., hated the Guise.., and
{ supported the league, which ultimately
attained most of the purposes for w hich
| it was formed.
i —There are more on'aincd women
preachers, apparently, in this country
than iu any other, l:. . < nt stati tics
I show they number in all 1,2 S, TI rei
years ago there w ere only 7, but in the
I recognize the miii steriai rights of
i women, and they are found among the
Congregationalism, Baptists. Method-
ists, L'niversalists and I'nitarians.
I —The Christian Sal-bath has been
| made a legal holiday in.Japan by theau-
thority of the governnr nt partly on the
j theory that all men - • a d<. of rest,
r. d partly out of rcspeet to the C hris-
tian religion. The gov ei ; ii.elii <>:' e rs
! and courts are all closed and oflicinl
' business is universally suspended, al-
though many of the shops a.- i-.epi open
land some of the factories continue in
, operation seven days in the week. L'n*
! der the new law those w ho work seven
days receive extra w air -s.
Told by n Society GirL
Boraeihlnir \hout Morphine, Sulphur, Mo*
umt Other Th!u£*.
From Krrninff Ytir*, Aeirar/r, X. J.
Among the p >pu ir society leaders in
EastOrunce, N. J ., Emma L. St >11, a charm-
ing young msiden, stands iu the foremost
rank. Si.e is of a lovablo disposition and
the light of the so -iul set ia which she
moves. F< r two years she has beeu a iv k
pirl from internal tr-eihic t peculiar to worn-
eu, ard having recently recovered, bus
given our reporter t!. .-followinginteresting
Annual Half Kate KiPQMinni to Cuuxla, '
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The Chicago vV Grand Trunk Hail way has I
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for season of
Thursday, December 10th,
Friday*" i - . : : th,
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iiitf January '. th,
Bnsr IX Til H WOULD.
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Avail vour elf -f this opportunity to visit
K«dks at Home.
Cauads uud speud the Holidays with the !
♦•instead of in
my pUysi.. ia I
r th
PerccntHffo of Water In Wood.
Chemists tell uf, that forty-five per
cent, of green wood consists of water.
They estimate that it is almost impos-
sible to expel all the water froja sea-
soned lumber, about ten per cent, re-
maining «.ven in highly-seasoned woods.
Photographing Flying Insect*.
The French artists appear to have
gotten the art of photography down to
a much finer basis than those of Amer-
ica and England. They were first ta
photograph flying bullets, race horses
in motion and other rapidly moving ob-
jects. The latest triumph reported
from Paris is a photograph of a flying
dragon-fly by M. Marev, in which the
exposure was the 1-25,000 part of a sec-
ond. Ily the aid of a small electric
lamp inside the mouth of an assistant,
Marey also claims to have photographed
the moving globules of blood circulat-
ing in the veins, and to have detected a
difference in the motion of the colored
and colorless corpuscles.
Suitor* Cunnot Now itc.'ime to i.ilti- Tct
ribli* i h tiici-A.
Important action will be taken by
the Atlantic Const Seam- n's union at
the ne: • session oi c -i . ress, hich its
oflicers hope will result in entirely
wiping out the present nefarious
crimping system. A national conven-
tion of tlie seamen's unions w ill i,c held
early in December, and the next con-
gress will be petitioned to investigate
the crimping system, prej aratory to
passing laws to do away with the sys-
tem of shipping sailors thorughout the
United States.
"The crimping system. 1 feel sure,
will be done away with next summer
by act of congress," said Secretary
James II. Williams recently . "We have
received the assurance that congress
will act in the matter, and the labor de-
partment will submit sn. h evidence of
the degradation to which sailors are
subjected by the shipping masters that
only one course w ill be open to the fair-
minded men in congress.
"Never before has the condition of
seamen been so deplorable as at the
present time, in spite of all that the
Atlantic Coast Seamen's union has
been able to do for them. At present
nearly half of the ships in this port
should not be allowed to go to sea, and
any competent board would undoubt-
edly condemn many of them.
"Vet a crimp ships sailors on these
ships, and if they refuse to trust their
lives on these ships they are liable to
be imprisoned for three months w ithout
a wbrrant. There are already a num-
ber of sailors in jail for this olVen.se
und in some eases the ships they refused
to sail in have never been heard from."
—Chicago Chronicle.
Able Defense.
"Just as we arrived," the driver of
the patrol wagon testified, "the pris-
oner and some more of his gang were
trying to drop Oflicer MeGobb through
a sewer manhole."
"Sure," said Mike the Ilrute, "I didn't
know there w as any law agin droppin'
a copper in the slot."—Indianapolis
1 was unable to get out of bed and
u >outsix e l .i e . Ii m rnn:_r I suffered
horribly. My lips v ne s-rc an.I U orated
from the marks of my teeth, for ia my ef-
forts to keep fr . i . .. g I sunk mi
teeth d en into lay !i; «. At su> ii times I
rolled and tossed until tho bed shock like
an aspen leaf and it limtlly put so serious
that the doctor I w t tell you his name-
pave me some m rjihine fills to take. The
very thought of them now makes me shiver.
Tme i .v rphi i pills simply put ma to sle^>
fur swhilo and win n 1 b< camo conscious
••Tho pain in my stomach and back was
more than I e< aid stand. 4Your blood is
poor,'said thodoet -r, -Lake sulphur and n.o-
lass< .'an i It. \ untilit was u great Wonder
that I was u -t a II e.se cake. It was time
/•a-t- -! in tak/ it 1 was n t lictie
fited in tho least: my sufleri g< a ti .< I,
but by a mighty off.-: t. after being in bed ho
L'iil' 1 is t up. Oil, but 1 \v,i-a - . i siclit
Wien. Fr-m 112 pounds, I had fail< n to
niuety; my cheeks w.o pale und sunken
an l i limpedjje >, actually hobhledfrom the
extr • pain in j side. Then It' ; • ;
l>r. Williains1 P. k Piiis f-.r Pale i'- pie
at t the te tini1 r lal in ti •* .%'• '/.•< iuspir* l me
with hope. I \i t tho ] iils and took them,
i;- f 1 beyan to imttr voat 1
bef re I had finish. 1 one box I felt as if I
could po e it and walk for miles. I f >• ti
•topped limping ana through the Pink Pills
I - • bid good bye to my headaches while
the paia in my stomach and back slowly
but sur-dv succumbed to the iutiueneo of
t.j -e pills that s - ai t- bo nUc to p« rsuade
all paiu t-> leav one's b--dy. N-wluni us
1 I---1 to !).'■; v 11 uadstt -ng, licht-'nearted
and m-.'rry hutn> ver without the pills. See
1 have i! -I s in-'of them now," uud from
u n irby desk she handed out oue of the
I)r. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a con-
den.-ed form, all tli" elemcmts^neccHsary to
speciiic for tr- :bles neculiar 'to females,
such us auppressi ns, liTJ.-k'ularities und all
for.os of wcukm-ss. They build up the
blo..d, and restore tho clow of health to pale
and sallow rh vks. In m n they effect a
radical cure in ull uses arising from mental
.v rry, overw rk 1 r exci §n s of whsti ver
nature. Pink Pills arc •. ; 1 in boxes (never
iu io '-o bulk at eent« a box or six boxes
for is! "r\ and mav be had of all drugpists,
or direct t Dr. w illlams Med-
Only Light Chtof rates I!*vo Es-
ceeded Their l^xportationii of I.lfe.
From some recent life insurancs
statistics it appears that the presiden-
tial ofllce is n fatal one.
At Washington's inauguration his
expectation of life, according to the
insurance tables, was sixteen years,
but he lived only ten years.
The next seven presidents not only
lived out their expectation of life, but
the two Adamses. Jefferson, Madison,
Jackson, Van Bnren and Tyler exceed-
ed it.
But Harrison fell nine years short of
his expectation of life, Polk seventeen.
Taylor eleven, Pierce seven, Lincoln
sixteen. Johnson seven. Grant seven,
Hayes three. Garfield twenty-two and
Arthur fifteen. It is true that Lin-
coln and Garfield were assassinated,
but the assassination of a president
should always be taken into account
us a possibility.
Our first eight presidents exceeded
their expectation of life forty-five
years in the uggregate, while their
successors fell one hundred and ten
years short. This may seem strange
when it is recollected that the lencrth
of human life has steadily increased
during the century. The compiler of
these statistics suggests an explana-
tion. lie says:
"The fact seems plnin to me that the
presidential otficc is becoming too
heavy a burden for any man to assume
without almost certain shortening of
his life. The responsibility is so
great, the tension so destructive, that
I never again expect to see a presi-
dent survive the full period of his nat-
ural expectation."
Evidently the presidential office is a
dangerous one, but very few of our
patriotic statesmen will ever decline
it on that account,—Atlanta Constitu-
All through trains of the Chicago & CI rand
Trunk Railway pass through the Gn at Nt
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takes twelve mtu to pal up. '
3 L>Dcn
How's This ?
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cikcs for ^enercl
tlackin; of * ftorc.
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applied and poU
Uhed with a cloth.
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It's the feature ot"
the DeLONG \ ^
Pat. Hook and
Eye. No matter
how you twist
anil turn, it holds
the eye in place.
Srnd two ccnt jtrmp
with na ttf and od-
ilrrs/t, and nt wilt
tt,uU v u Mother Gooxe im>' •vc/' thes
X —ri.iU'ilnimj tfi c<n<tr t: t< • black
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i) ' '' ' v
c!e<wc ti- 6a eee«e®eeeeeeel i
4'0n, pa.'' said a young lady, "why don't
you get a tir tree? It would be so econond-
id to raise our own furs, and then we could
ruisu whatever kind we wish."
Fire! Fire! That Dreud.ul trj
fy fraught with import doubly dire to the \
unhappy man who beholds his dwelling er
his warehouse feeling the devouring ele-
ment uninsured. H ippily most people who j
•an. insure- everything but health. Is'lne-
tenths of ns neglect the preservation of thii
win a it is in palpable jeopardy. Incipient j
indigestion, liver complaint, 'a grippe, inac-
tion of the kidneys and bladder ana malaria
arc all counteracted by Hostetter's Htom-
sch Bitters,
Teacuku—"What, does the reign of King
Charles I teach usl" Tomniie—"lMease,
sir, not to lose our beads in moments of ex-
jitemeat, sir.''—Truth.
iii" Pilgrim.
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■ A man is like a razor, because you can'.,
I tell how sharp he can be until he is strapped. |
j —Texas Killings.
To Clcunne ttio System
Effectually, yet gently, when costivo or bil-
;■ us or when the blood is impure or slug-
gish, to permanently euro habitual consti-
pation, to awaken the kidneys and liver tea
healthy activity without irritating or weak-
ening them, to dispel headaches, colds or
fevers, use Syrup of Figs.
I Tun look on any married woman's face
should conviuce the girls that the men are
not worth the exertiou necessary to tauh
one.—Atchison Globe.
■ woriu s r-airi n.uni.si axu.
r <3tRANUM
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| been missed by few or|
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nl^Ww • w 1\ altt Llnlit|;a.
, Ai« .ateat Bi;.-t and sleeve pat'.crn
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AQEIITQ WANTEDforanewpa islnese.
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The best —and the
And when tho rest
There nre two kinds of sarsaparilla:
rest, Tho trouble is they look alike.
dress like the best who's to tell them apart? Well, "tho treo
is known by its fruit." That's an old test and a safo one.
And tho taller tho tree tho deeper tho root. That's another
test. What's tlio root,—tho record of these sarsaparillas ? Tho
ono with tho deepest root is Ayer's. Tho ono with tho richest
fruit; that, too, is Ayer's. Ayer's Sarsaparilla has a record of
half a century of cures ; a record of many medals and awards —
culminating in tho medal of the Chicago World's Fair, which,
admitting Ayer's Sarsaparilla as tho best — shut its doors against
the rest. That was greater honor than tho medal, to be tho only
Sarsaparilla admitted as an exhibit at tho World's Fair. If you
want to get tho best sarsaparilla of your druggist, here's an
infallible rule: Ask for tho best and you'll get Ayer's. Ask
for Ayer's and you'll get tho best
A Coron Should Not nc Neglected.
"Brown'* Drnnchi-il 'Jrifchf*" arc a simple1
remedy aud give immediate and sure relief.
Thbolass in natural history being asked
the di (Terence between a dog uud a tree, the J
bead b jraniwem I: "A tree iscoveredwith I
bark, while a dog seems to be liued with it." j
Fovn Parent "I wish. Bobby, that I
could be a little boy again." Bobby—"I
wish vou could - littler than me."
An I'lit'zpltinrd Fact.
M. Satcheoslcy, a fiussian scientist,
has made a number of observations on
changes of ground temperature with
depth, in the mountains of southern
Siberia. He finds that these changes
arc more rapid on the tops and sides ol
the mountains than at their feot—that
is to say, in the valleys. Furthermore,
he finds that the earth's surface in
these valleys is colder than on the sides
of the neighboring mountains. The
facts nre well established, but they urq
yet unexplained.
TIip Mosquito.
There nre supposed to be about one
hundred and fifty species of mosquitoes
in the world. Already twenty-one spe-
cies have been identified as native to
North America. The largest varieties
occur in the tropics, where insect lifo
of all sorts obtains its fullest and most
pestiferous development. Nowhere,
however, arc these bloodsuckers more
abundant than in far northern lati*
ttitles, ns in arctic Alaska, where they
appear in countless swarms during tluj
brief boreal summer.
Another Controversy li'ettks Out
The Eur of Corn—When I get down
to 13 cents a bushel I'm worth some-
thing for fuel, and you ain't.
The Potato—No, I'm only good for
food. They burn you in one part of
the stove in order to bake me in the
other.—Chicago Tribune.
M hat lie Sot.
"Who was it," asked the pretty
Bchoolmarm, "who said: 'CJive me lib-
erty or give me death ?' "
"Patrick Ilenry, ma'am," replied a
small pupil.
"And which did he get?"
"lloth, ma'am."—Harper's Hnzar.
A Dlflleutty Overcome.
Tommy—Papa, they say Jordan is a
hard road to travel, don't they?
"Jordan is a river, ain't it?"
"Then why don't they swim it? '—
Texas Siftings.
Something Wrong.
Letty Leftover (coyly)—I have only
Been 20 summers.
Sally Slydig—Is that so? Why don't
you consult an oculist ?—Cincinnat i Kn-
ham's pills for constipation 10c and
95c Get tho book (froe) at your druggist's
I and go by it. Auuual sales G,0tJ0,iXX) boxes.
Ir a praying machine were invented many
would use it it it did n->t take too much time
from business to wind it up.—Texas Sift-
Almo-t all my tragedies were sketched in
my mind, either in the act of hearing music,
. or a few hours after.—Allicri.
Like Oil Upon Troubled Waters is Hale'.
Honey of Horetjound aud Tar upon a cold
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute, j
; There is a difference between a cold and
j the u'rip, but vou will not realize it until you !
receive the doctor's bill.—Truth.
Ir U no sure sijrn that the west Is a pol-
isbed country because many people scour ,
the plains.
Spit and Smoke
Your Life
F(.u Whnopins? Conph, rise's Cure is a
sutvcsstulrt'mutiy. M. t'. Dmmt.GTThrpop
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 14, 'W.
Tun skipper of a vessel need never be
without frosli eggs. He ciu always lay to.
Wm:y a tunnel is projected, it is general-
ly put tUrougn.
the nervas
f strongr, and
bring-s bacls
tho feelings of
youth to the pre-
maturely eld man.
It restores lost vigor.
You may gain ten
pounds In ten daya
op buy and try a box to-day. It
costs only $1. Your own drugr&ist
". guarantee a cure or money re-
minded. Booklet, written guarantee of cure
and sample free. Address nearest office.
candy cathartic euro constipation. Purelv v
easy, sold by druggists everywhere, guarante
rtable, smooth and
to c aro. Only 10c.
4 ^AAAIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Get rid at once of the stinging, festering smart of
or elso they'll leave ugly sears. Head directions aud uso
plcuh* htuttt rlmt you buw the Adver-
tisement la this paper.
totes GouL Use
ouRh bjrrup.
In tine. Sold by Urueitftttft.

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