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1'EKKY ,
WELCH. rublUh.rm.
A >,. ..t huppi, of |.luni,. „
by a Frm< U Writer.
A writer in La Itevue Scientiflque
BUffk'eaU that the French Sahara, upon
theaouthern edge of Algeria. iuay b#- I y niiitn o
pratUMy uad for the W—<H— -f t,.,,, ti,„.
oatriclies. Tlie l!arl,«ry ....trich wu- , tl„,
tilH-e (rreatly prizi-ii f,,r iu plum*?.-
•11.1 tile cisliicli f.-atlitr lioiisf-o of |'tr„
mails their reputation by tlis curl,ii|r
• if these plumes. Tlis nilil llarl*ry
ostrieh is nearly extinet, so that there
are oo more plumes of the sort to In-
had. ami the 1'arihian liotium have
lost their monopoly of ontricli
feather curlimr- Indeed, a large part
of tlie business has been transfrrri-d to
Other countries, notably the I nit.
Stales. It is estimated tliut the world
uses annually about twenty million
dollars' mirth of ostrich plumes, un.l
the writer in I.a Uevue Scientiflqus
says that iu view of the early adoption
til l.uropcan dress in the east, especial-
ly In • hit,a and Japan, the demand for
•f !>erhonal adornment is
•e. lie urtri. , too, that
se • >f ostrich feathers
civili/.e,l world is like-
tiier birds of line plu-
truction, an<l he calls
Kftocietien interef te<l in
f such bird* to aid in
plumes more fashion-
Tliuely Advlr« ud hu(|Pktloua to Pr^
|r** lv« Uairfuirii,
In the production of tiilk, whether
for market, for home consumption or
I for butter, it is of the first importance
How to Add it I'Uut Kootu to the Ordinary
l riu lloune.
1/ u | , . [ "" i 11 *3 ui i«c iirai ihi|x>ri«inco
If it were undenitood how easily,and that it be produced from healthy atock
at how little exjieuse, a plant room can I fed on „ bolesou.e feed and pure drink,
be added to aii ordinary farm or ril- and in healthy .urroundiuif.. Ifatuny
J • there wouhl certainly Ih- time any cow should show evidence of
more of ti..-,, useful and pleaaure-pfiv- disease she should lie separated from
! * '""ntry mid suburban t|,e herd at once. Further, that the
nomeM. | he illustration gives a sujf- | utmost
'•at ant] simple addi
A Toronto man lias invented an oven,
through which, in the process of bak
in^. fresh air is constantly circulating.
Meats baked in it have a delicious
A tricycle, for printing advert la-
ments on sidewalks, is in use in l*arn.
The back wheels have broad rims, and
these contain the types, which are au-
tomatically inked.
A NEW method of spoiling natural
•cencrv for advertising purposes has
this s
likely to incrc;
the increased
throughout th
ly to prole t
rnatfe from d
upon the vari«i
the protect ion
maUinj? ostrich |
able tliau ever.
It is believe 1 t
south Africa at
and fifty thousan
catcd and bred f>
lfr-.t -ad of (c
thriftily all * inter and to start a lar^e
HSHor*ineat of plants for the kitchen
tfanh'ii, whi'h will brin# vegetables
uj>on th * tab]** at least a month earlier
than is now the case. In cold climates
leanlinesH l>c observed in the
care of the cows, of the stables and the j been devised in Switzerland. Larffe
■ Jfi enough sunlight. Immediate surroundings, and especial- white and yellow letters, placed on the
shingles |y tfiat the milking be done and the hott >m of the lake of Geneva, are made
to k« * p plants growing milk handled prior to bottling or shi|>- risible on the surface by refraction.
ping so as to prevent, as far as jwissible, I At a recent meeting of the Balloon
any foreign substance from being in- j society in England Mr. Hiram Maxim
trodueed therein, says the secretary of i referred to the flying machine, and said
the .New Jersey i>oard of agriculture in j his experiments were at a standstill
his address to dairymen. He careful not from any want of faith in the proj-
also as to leaving milk in opeu vessels ect, but for want of time.
exposed to foul air of any sort, as it is !
u quick absorbent of bad odors anddis- i TKOLLEY CARS AND PILLS.
ease perms. Otherwise it may become I Tnmtkt Kctning .St,,,. x,wmrk X J
the means of spreading contagious dis- ! Mrs. Anna Burns, of 338 Plane Street,
eases. further, all persons who have Newark, N. J., is a decidedly pretty bn£
the cure of cows or of the milking ves- netto, twenty-six years old, tall, and a pleas-
sels and who do milking should be free <'oaversationalist. Ou the ground floor
from consumption and other conta-
gious diseases, as such diseases have
been communicated to others through
milk thus handled.
As to the stock
i n kx pi
If you raise your
of her residence she conducts a well-ordered
candy store. When our reporter visited her
store she, in response to a question, told him
a very interesting story.
"Lntil about two months ago,'' shebepan,
*I enjoyed the very best of health and could'
Highest of all in Lea\«uag Power—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Absolutely pure
in the
The os-
but there
'ir plumage, and
the writer s that there is no reason
why northern Africa should not be-
come quite as important a rcfion in
tni:, industry. '1 he Sahara, it is ex-
plained, is by no means the exclusive-
ly arid uu.l san ly waste that the pop-
ular imagination maU
trich can not exist
dry portions of th
are large areas wli
ly speaking, oases, but they d'o p
duee considerable vegetation. ' It
upon these areas that the French p.
pie in urged i< un lertake ostrich
farming There have been two «>r
three unsuccessful experiments to
this end in Algeria, upon the
edge <*f the desert, but they have
failed for reasons that would
not necessitate failure in other parts
of the desert. It is true, the writer
admits, that the Sahara can probablv
never maintain a large Kuropean pop.
kee^f house,
the season for garden growth is too
fchort to give us the full benefit of fruits
Mid vegetables. A sunny room like
that figured here will very materially
t three hundred j lengthen the season, and with a succes-
sion of plantings after the weather be-
cwn dairy, breed from healthy parents, work night and day if nec essary. Suddenly,
If you purchase stock, have them care- uri^ without any apparent cause, I lie^an to
fully examined by a competent veterin- 8U^er intense pains in niv head, in my
..rial., mill especially „s to the condi- '™bs temples. Almost distracted with
till,, Of the udders, btables should be ^
i uro aiier cure, prescription after presenp-
s" constructed as to be light. Many tion and almost a gallon of medicine of ail
stables are deprived of the needed light kinds. Nothing did me any good. In fact
end sunshine. Hoth are germ-destroy- 1 became worse. The knuckles of my hands
"""" k'~ i and the pain in mi
i more distressing eaci
A southern *'\posure, if possible, ! 1 aine , ni,nl','d ami the pain in my
. ,i . , hips tjocame more and more distressins cadi
with cows on the sunny side, with day. Business in tlio st..re had t-> be attend-
plenty of windows (not holes in the | ed to, however, and so I \vas oblig<^,~8uffer
es warm w ill mal:e the gurden a siiles with a shutter); provide these was, to keep more or less ou my
throughout the « hole summer. If with insiile shutter or curtain of some ££'raisT^h^rdMO^rlad'ed? Ea?h
material to prevent cold at night, time I went out I trembled when I came
(iesired, such an addition can have the
roof of glass also, which will force
plants along still faster, but this is not
iiceessary, and will increase the cost of
building and of heating. With a
southern exposure and w indows about
Ventilation must be sufficient to supply near *'iir tracks, for my pain at times
?, —7 "f f'vshvir""
the time, loit a\oid draughts. Noam* one c asion I was seized in this way while
lual should be fastened in a stall under ' was erossing the trac ks on Market Street, i
u constant current of air, but it is not S ---1®- ! 8LoPd por/cctly rigid, unable to '
; i , . f i move hand or foot while a trolley car came
Biuih, as shown in the sketch, necessary to freeze an animal in a poor thundering along. "
. - Fortunately it wus .
\*ry excellent results may l)e obtained, stable in order to have fresh air. Give stopped before it struck me, butthedread
An oil Stove Inuy be u - d for I,,-ntiiuf; the cows room; not necessarily a wide ?' 'ii'i!,:'!,1.!!5'!,''' as niv pain, for 1 nev- '
m a liot water pipe, or a bot air flua Mail, but room tack, front and orer- Iwooldootdiop uhm (rotadinmyMMT
from the furnace or boiler, if one is head. Lil>erality in the use of lumber in *ud be crushed to death. My anxiety to pet
used for heating the house, mav bt dairy stable construction w ill pay a ^CiL?.r?s^ a,!'i'e' .ttu'l I about given up
arrietl into the plant room. Uuild large profit in the health of the dairy, r.no da^an^advertisement orVr'wmiam?
tight to keep the wind out, and heat-
ing >\ ill be a comparatively easy matter.
—Orange Judd l'arnier.
other things being supplied.
Pink frills. Here was something 1 hadn't
l(efu«e MoIm m t ««•<! with tuiini(J*ral>l«
Hurc«<M In I tub.
. , T,le L'tah .Sugar company has begun
ulation. but lie notes that it is the a novel use for the waste product from
oas.'s and not the less fertile parts of the works at Uhi, known as by-prod-
tlie desert, that are particularly un- uct, or molasses, iloadsare actually be-
vvlioiesonie for huroi eaiis. He believes ing constructed with the sirups, which
there is a large Held for immigration are valueless as sugar producers, the
in parts of the I rench Sahara that are lifs having U-en extracted. The mo-
suitab! • f'T ostrich farming, and urges . lasses is used us a cement, the Inxh of
in ie war i.epartinent should ail in the road material being made up of
MtabUabinctba in.lustry, that th- na- h-ruvei. This new method was flrat used
tives could l>e oireeted by trench im- | oll |j„.
migrantSf and Park could recovei
something like her monopoly of the
ostrich-curling business, lie points out
£^1. j;arv i ,he the ",r""s <i
gravel as materials for the improve-
road leading from the country
load to the sugar factory, and the travel
ever this thoroughfare since the open-
ing of the sugar season has demon-
Stables should be cleaned reirularlv before, and I lust no time in getting to
* i t . , , . * the nearest drug sU re. There 1 paid fifty
*very day. A light sprinkling of gyp- merits fora box of these trulv wonderful,,
sum (land plaster) iu the gutters aft- health-restoriug pills. Before i had finished
er cleaning will assist in absorbing the f.akin5 ,}t ,tho. Pills 1 bejran to feel re-1
foul .idors and ai.1 in preserving,.
valuable plant f«KK 1 in the manure.
Feeds, fodder and drink should l«
given reguTarly and be of such char-
acter as not only to contribute to a
profitable yield of milk, but also to the
health and contentment of the animal.
—N. V. World.
days I felt as if there was some hope. I
continued to take the pills, and the more I
took the bettor I felt, i finished one box,
got another, and now, having taken only a
few of the second fifty cents'worth, I am
froc from all paiu and as hapny as the day
Is long. Since I began to takel>r. Williams'
Pink rills I have gained thirty pounds, and !
now when I cross the car traeks I don't care
if there is a dozen vehicles near by. It is a
great relief, 1 assure you, and suffering hu-
manity has a never-failing friend in l3r.
Williams' Pink I'ills for Pale People I
know what 1 am talking about. 1 speak
from experience."
it. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a con-
The Mash pee Indians, who have a
small reservation in Massachusetts,
have all taken to bicycle riding.
William Ydkinson, of Harrisburg,
Ky., who is hi years of age, is an enthu-
siastic w heelman and may enter the old
men's race next spring to compete for
the $ioo diamond.
Bicycling has risen to such favor at
Yassar this fall that the hallsof the en-
tire lower floor of the main building
are flanked with bicycle racks. Most
of the faculty as well as the studentu
llev. I{. P. Ashe, a missionary in
Africa, was taking a spin on a bicycle,
when he discovered three lions follow-
ing him. His feurs lent strength ami
sjK*ed to his movements, and hecjuiekly
outdistanced his pursuers.
A New York actress has made a start-
ling innovation in her bicycle costume
It is in the shape of u magnificent dia-
mond bracelet garter, w hich she wears
so that it shows just below the bloom-
ers on the left side.
New York architects have put bath-
rooms for the typewriter girls in all
the new office buildings. These rooms
are especially designed for the girls
who ride to work in bloomers and have
to change to skirts during office hours.
Ginger is said often to relieve seasick-
Sumatra pepper is said to be the i
The nutmeg tree is i native of the
The ginger plant grows from two to
three feet high.
A preserve is made from young roots
of ginger.
A Singular Form of Monommla.
There is a class of people, rational enough
In other respects, who are certainly mono- !
maniacs in uosingthemselves. They are con-
stantly trying experiments upon their stom-
achs, their bowels, their livers and their
kidneys with trashy nostrums. When these
organs are really out of order, if they would
only use Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, they
would, if not hopelessly insaue, perceive it's
Mowleh—"I see some philosopher says
that the way to cure yourself of a lore af-
fair is to run away. l)o you believe it!"
Cvnicus—''Certainly—if you run away with
the girl."—Truth.
Litti.r Freddy (to his elder brother, foi
the seventh time)—*'Are you asleep, Tomf*
Tom "If you don't shut up, 1 11 lick yon
good How the dickens do you supi ose 1
can say my prayers when you are yelling at
me all the time f You've got as much stum
as a iast year's bird "
"Wfii.!" exclaimed Pohson, as a ner
carefully stepped aside, instead of turning
around and s- uttling a< rnss the front of hit
bicycl*. "That's the first sensible ben I
ever saw " "Probably it's a new bea,"
said his friend Harper's Bazar
The Christmas ni msfb of The Cer*
(ury Magazine is a wonder. It costs only
85 cents, but there are many ten-dolla*
gift-books that are not so beautiful.
A raopEsson esculates that the earth is
shrinking about two inches a year. That
accounts for the nervous anxiety manifest-
ed by some people to possess it while it is
of some size.—Tit-Bits.
The Gexcink " Buovtn's Bronchiaj
Taociir- are soi<l only in lioxes They aw
wonderfully effective for Coughs, Hoarseness
or Irritation (£ the Throat caused b> M
The sun does not shine fora few trees
and l>ovvcrs, but for the wide world s joys.
Hall'* Catarrh Cart*
Is a Constitutional Cure. Price 75c.
No persons are more frequently wrong
than those who will not admit they arc
wrong. — Rochefoucauld.
Heecham's imli.s for constipation lOe and
25c. O t the book (free) at your druggist'*
and go by it. Annual sales tl.OOO.UUO boxes.
There are such things as adorable faults
ami insupportable virtcs.-Fiiegende iilaot-
Piso's Ccue is a wonderful Cough medi-
cine. Mrs. W. Pi. Ki:ur, Van Siclen and
iiiake Aves., Brooklyn, N. Y.r Oct, '94.
"Is vol it boy of a destructive nature?**
•'Indeed lie is. He's breaking sileuce all
day long."-Harper's Bazar.
Check Colds and Bronchitis with Hale's
Honey of Horehound and Tar.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure iu one minute.
A dress does not make a woman, but
often breaks a man.—Texas Sittings.
Wiiat is done cannot ho undone, especial-
ly if it is a hard boiled egg Texas Sif tings.
that s< ine of
lad ltd U m
— N y. Son.
and thinks | rr
nfitably l>e
i Africa.—
More «
in Occasion for Mrlktng . Kirn A larni
Than Calling an Am ti
a slender little
hands and grimy face, dropped int
seat on a Market street car the other
night, sat his lunch basket between
his feet, mopped the perspiration off
bis face with a ragged bandanna hand-
kerchief, and leaned back exhausted
from liis day's work. Suddenly he
started, clasping both hands over his
heart, and groaned. Several passen-
gers looked nt hiin curiously, lie was
evidently suffering intensely.
"What's the matter?" inquired the
man next to him.
* Oh! Oh! it's my heart," he groaned.
meut of roads. The piece of road that
has been so improved is as hard us
macadam, and even the heaviest loaded
wagons do not cut it up. The sirups
are li.'st poured over the roadway to
Ik improved, and then a layer of gravel
i man7wmi hornv 11' is1|,r,"!'ledlM,,re sir"l' "ml fc"llvel
follow in their turn, until the road is
iu perfect condition. There seems to be
just sufficient jxitash salts in the mo-
lasses to give it the necessary cement-
ing qualities.
This making of roads and walks with
refuse sirups from sugar factories has
also been successfully tried in Cali-
fornia. It is not at all unlikely that at
the end of the present season the com-
pany will make more improvements on
the roads leading to the factory. At
first the molasses showed a tendency
to ooze up through the gravel, but the
How to ItuiUl a Tmffful Farm Approach
at Small ('out.
There nre many good reasons for at-
tempting: to beautify the ground, about: densadfortn, iilMbe* cl.Mnrnt'"nVvo"sa"ryTo I
one's premises, be it farm, village ur give new life and richness to the blood and j
city home. There ore especially good ^torel nerves. They are also a
, , , v .. . . ,j, specific for troubles peculiar to females.
• such an attempt should be such as suppressions, irregularities and all
made on the farm, for here nature is forms of weakness. In men they effect n
verv willing to aid one in the at tern nt radi,'lil cure ;u a11 ca9cs arising from mental;
i i e i i worry, overwork or excesses of whatever
I lies idea, if more efforts were made to nature. Pink Pills are sold in boxes (never
make the country home attractive, j in loose bulk1 at .">0 cents a box or six boxes
there would Ih> less complaint that ti c > for s ' r,0 ,and may be had of all druggists.
■ •I 11• i„ ill t . .1 r ' or direct by mail from Dr. Williams' Medi
hildren will not stay upon the farm. I cine Company, Set"mectady, N. Y. j
( It only requires some taste and a little
When Traveling
Whether on pleasure bent, or business, take
on every trip a bottle of Syrup of Figs, as it
acts most pleasantly and 'effectively on the
kidneys, liver and bowels, preventing fe-
vers, headaches and other forms of sick-
ness. For sale in 50 cents and $1 bottles by
all leading druggists.
: work occasionally to fix up a country
1 home so that it will l>e wonderfully at-
; tractive. A step in this direction is the
j making of an attractive entrance road,
as one always notes this first on ap-
proaching a place. The sketch accom-
His face was contorted with the! application of an extra coating of
agony be suffered, and he writhed and gravel remedied this and made the road
moaned piteonsly. as smooth as a floor and as hard as
"Is there a physician in the car?*' i pavement.—Salt Lake Herald.
shouted an alarmed passenger.
The passengers crowded about the I WHAT DESTROYS STREETS,
su fferer.
give him air!"
"Stand back!"
"Stand back and
yelled the conductor
The muu's groan ended in
of agony.
"Let me see w hat I can do for him,"
remarked a stranger. "I'm a phy*
The crowd gave way: the sufferer
slipped from the seat to the floor of
the car, and lav there, writhing and
"Ob, it s inv heart! Oh-b-h 1M
The physician stooped over and com-
menced to losen the sufferer's cloth
• Shall I ring for an ambulance?" in
quired the conductor.
"No; you'd better turn in an alarm
^<>f fire," and the physician threw on
the floor of the car the stubby clay
pipe that had set tire to the old man'*
vest-pocket.—San Francisco Post.
All th* Same.
"Have you any flounces?" asked
Tony Pippin, with an abstracted air, at
he inserted his legs under a table in
one of those quick-dispatch restaurants
in Park row.
The fluffy-haired waitress glanced
down at her plain black skirts, blushed
laboriously, and said:
"What was that you wanted?"
"How'Jl you have 'em—baked,
broiled, shirred or bias?" the girl re-
sponded, facetiously. She thought Mr.
Pippin was given to repartee.
"1 want thein fried with bacon,"
Tony responded, with some severity.
"Will you take my order?"
"Yes, if you call for anything on the
hill. This ain't no Chinese laundry."
Siruclt by a sudden fear, Mr. Pippin
^Tabbed the thumb-painted menu,
scanned the oyster list for a moment,
and then said meekly:
"I made a mistake. It's scallops 1
want."— N. Y. Journal.
To Carry Heavy Loads on Small-Tired
Wagonh In Almnftt Criminal.
Without doubt the heavy carting and
drnyage of modern times have much to
do with the perishablene'ss of modern
pavements. The hardest rock itself
cannot long withstand the continuous
grind of heavy loads supported upon
narrow tires. To this foolish and tie-
r.tructive fashion of building carts and
drays designed for the transportation
of great weights the bulk of failure
in modern pavements is due. It must
| be remembered that the celebrated
roads of antiquity were never subject-
ed to similar tests, and that the smaller
the surface called upon to sustain
great weight the less naturally will be
the resistive power offered, and the
greater will be the pressure upon the
point of contact.
If anyone will take the trouble to
Ascertain the weight of an average load
whost. like is hauled by hundreds
through our chief cities daily, measure
the width of the tire and then figure
the pressure |>er square inch to which
a pavement is exposed, based upon the
fraction of a circle, which touches a
straight line, we will have a better idea
of what road builders of the present
day have to contend w ith. This width
of cartwheels and tires should be reg-
ulated by law with a view to munici-
pal economy, and each commonwealth
should endeavor by legislation to en-
force honesty in laying of foundations
for every foot of pavement used.—Lip-
piucott's Magazine.
So " They Say."
Th« average road commissioner
Would do more good, we guess.
If he'd work ihe roads a little more
And the public a little loss.
—Good Roads.
A pound f f good butter is usually
worth more than a pound of beef at re-
tail and always at wholesale.
panying this shows how easily a hand-
some, artistic entrance can l>e made. It
calls for a hedge along the front and
two cobblestone posts, one on either
side of the driveway. Such posts can
be built of round field stones. A little
cement and lime is all the necessary ex-
pense, for one ought to be expert
enough to lay the stone up himseif,
smoothness not being a desired charac-
teristic. Let the hedge end against
these posts and let there be some shrub-
bery and trees growing just inside the
entrance. The driveway ought to
enter on a curve, as the effect is in this
way greatly heightened. Ix t this road-
way be slightly rounded to prevent
wash from rains. If it is desired that
means be provided for closing this
entrance occasionally, provision can be
made for stretching two heavy iron
chains from post to post, staples being
inserted in the posts as the stones are
laid.—Orange Judd Farmer.
There was a time when it cost a little
fortune to buy a good bull, but the time
is not now.
An exchange recommends linseed oil
in place of Epsom salts. That is put-
ting linseed meal about where it be-
longs, in the list of medicines.
The nose of a feverish cow is hot, and
when that is the case a dose of Epsom
salts will often be all that is necessary,
except that the rations should be less-
A well-known dairyman declares that
he gets two dollars for every oollai's
worth of grain that he feeds in summer.
It is pretty difficult to get a better in-
vestment than that.
Would it astonish anybody if wo
should say that millions of dollars are
w asted in the dairy by unscientific feed-
ing? We believe it. The farmer >a?v
make money by studying feeding syo
tcius.—Farmer's Yoice.
little facts.
A tenth of the world is still unex
When first taken from mines opals
are so tender that they can be picked to
pieces with the linger nails.
A lobster's skin when shedding splits
down the back and comes off in two
equal parts. The tail slips out of the
shell like a finger out of a glove.
The letters in the various alphabets
of the w orld vary from 12 to 202 in num-
ber. The Sandwich Islander's alpha-
bet lias 12, the Tartarian 202.
The coldest place in North America
is at the mouth of the McKenzie river,
where the temperature is often as low
as 70 degrees below zero.
Sleeplessness is often cured by the
administration of from one-half to a
pint of warm liquid food—say soup or
milk — just before retiring. This
treatment draws the blood from the
brain to the stomach.
As I ouow old more dross than gold
Appears in life's alloy ;
And buckwheat cakes don't seem as big
As when I was a boy.
—N. Y. Journal.
Power unless managed with gentleness
and discretion, does but make man the
more hated: no intervals of good humor,
no starts of bounty, will atone for tyranny
and oppression.—Jeremy Collier.
If we must accent late, we are not less ]
compelled to assert liberty, the significance
of the individual, the grandeur of duty, the
power of character.—Emerson.
See that
It's the feature of
the DeLOXG
Pat. Hook and
Eye. No matter
how you twist
and turn, it holds
the eye in place.
Send ticoecnt stamp
with name and ad-
dress, and ue will
mail you Mother Goose in neirclothes
—containing ten color plates : ten black
and white pictures ; and lot« of lutly
Richardson & DeLonq Bros., Pkfliid*
"No Foolin."
r. -- ■ TAPftRQ nil D°ESN°T "FOOL'ROUND";
U1Lit goes straight to
Wealthy Chicajjoaim to Have a Floating
Wealthy Chicago yachtsmen, who de-
sire to have their names withhekl for
awhile, have just closed a contract w:tli
the Kaciue (Wis.) Boat Manufacturing
company for a modern steel yacht, to lie
100 feet long and 18 feet beam and
equipped with modern machinery, ( he
engine is to be quadruple expansion cf
h5u horse power and the boat must
leach a guaranteed speed of «(J miles an
hour. All parts of this boat will be con-
structed there from designs furnished
by the boat company, ami the yacht will
be fitted out in a royal manner. The
electric lighting plant will be very com-
plete. The cost of the boat is to be
000, and she must be ready for laun .h-
ing by June 1,1800.
Step# Taken to lSeuetlt Northern Illinois,
Indiana ami Ohio.
"The northern districts of Ohio, In-
diana anil Illinois," said Superintend-
ent Jackson, of the railway mail serv-
ice, "will soon have the advantage of u
direct mail service on the Erie railroad
irom New York to Chicago. Five mail
cars are now being constructed at
ispringtieid, Mass., and they will be fin-
ished very soon. There is now a mail
service on the Erie railroad, but it is
purely local. These new cars will be
used for the through trip. They will
supply the towns along the Erie rail-
road m northern Ohio, Indiana and Illi-
nois more directly than they hu\e re-
ceived their mails hitherto, aud will
make a continuous run to Chicago from
New ^ ork."
The most beautiful issue of a magazine that one can hn-
agine. 11 contains the famous pictures by the great French
artist, Tissot, illustrat.ng jHE L|pE Gp CHR|i,T
pictures which when they were exhibited in Paris many
people wept over, some making the rounds of the rooms
containing them on their knees. Read the article that ac-
companies the pictures. On every news-stand. 35 cents.
You can subscribe for a year beginning with November (first
number of the volume) f.>r $4.or-, an 1 1«<r $1.00 more you c.in have
all the numbers of the past twelve months containing the drvt part
of the Napoleon Life. The Century Co., Union Square, New Yorlr
to every woman—wash day and house-
cleaning time with their grim attend-
ants ; "aching back," "low spirits,"
tired to death," "worn out," "out of
sorts." Why don't you get
rid of these things? Use
^ Pearline. There are directions
on each package that will
show you the latest, safest, quickest,
and best ways of washing.
The wonderful success of Pearline
(used and talked of by millions of women)
—that alone ought to move you to try it
And then a trial means continued use. «
to ;allies willing to tnki* fern- onlrrn. 1* tho strung-
simplest hivI host l*d ever m le 10-year-old
rh ; i cnnrfflM*. lowrr or raovp it. To Introduce, only
$6.85, iiri i' fiied. a cold mine for honest ngents.
K. < •. IIKII ( O., ljUJ Matin St.. Kansas City, Mo.
ftDllllfl w,d WHISKY li«!.ft< cured. Book sent
UrlUIrl fKKK- Dr. H. *1. WUOLLkY, ATLOTA, *,A.
mi this p4pta««7
...— ALL tlbt J-AiLi.
t OoGtfh Syrup* TlMaGool \
"-■ lime. Said by am«l8tx.

TI1E AERMOTOIl CO. ilops halt tht ><^rl<ra
winrfmiu fcusums, because it h&s reduced the *ost of
vlnd PWji to 1 ti what ii was. It h. a raauy branch
— bou-ieti, and supplies its goods *n<a repair*
atfuurdocr. It can and doos jurnlsh*.
, bptter article for le.«s uwn««j than,
others. It makes 1'iiaoplng «ii(fe
<j**red. Steel. Oaivstfxed a ieiv
"^•Completion WludnrtUs, Tiiaor
• — 1 Fixed Steel Tovrers, Ss j*l Buzz
Frames, 8 toe I Feed CutttM and F*«<Ji
Grinders. On application Vi will name wMh
' , alleles that It furn u antlt
January 1st at 1/3 the usual prta*. it also raake*
; l anks an.l Pumps of all kinds. for catalogue
factory: 12th, Rockwell and Flllr*** Streets, CMcagot
j ~A. N. K. — 0 " tgaT
WHEN WHITING T A'jVi.llTlsf-.ltV i'LLA&K
stotc that you taw t'4e AdvcrtfecarcBt la UU

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