The Enid Weekly Wave. (Enid, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 2, No. 21, Ed. 1 Thursday, May 23, 1895 Page: 3 of 4

rhe coal oil wagon should be white-
shed and the flon!>r toned to suit
:ko's voice.
arpenters and the county com-
isioners were at work mappiny fence around the jail today.
jix-County Commissioner Lay was
the city today. He reports seven-
acres of wheat which will pan out
, «,
[•he building of the water works
1 make the city quite lively for
enext four months anu give many
I'housands of our country neighbors
in town today: some of them
seventy-five and one huudred
jles west.
j. G. Guiermitzer, of Topeka, was
the city yesterday. He is now rid-
over the the county prospecting
argood claim.
A Large Attendance and Much Com-
bustible Oratory. A Little Lost
Between Tom Reed, McKin-
ley and 16 to I.
But lie Never Pulls his Lino, Not
Having Felt a Bite.
The Enid Rival Band, the best in
territory, astonished the dele-
tes with their best music on the
eofs this morning.
Vhy not have a fourth of Julj cel-
ation? There is not much time,
t by going to work we could ar-
ige for a grand gathering.
he county bonds are still in the
lids of the county treasnrer. They
1 not be sold at less than par.
ant county bonds sold for 94 cents
the dollar the other day.
aptain Hassler had a front seat
the League meeting yesterday
as the light grew warm theCapt.
led and winked at the ridiculous
the reps made of it.
lotwithstanding the many ups and
tns of life on the plains of Kansas
,eems that people there do really
James Scott of Butler county
5 years old and has 25 grand
ldren and seven great grand child
E. Pratt has a 1150 acre wheat
d fourteen miles southwest of the
that will thresh thirty bushels to
acre if nothing worse happens to
Samples of this wheat can be
n at the Coney Island and Senate
njrfe rooms.
ostmaster Wilcox has fitted up a
vate sanctum sanctorum and any-
desiring to see him will have to
south in the alley, make a quick
ujjnd go in the back way. Pat has
raged the door so that fat men
pSifessional wind-bags stop when
iy reach it.
HE man who has the bitterest foes
lerallj1 has the waraeit friend .
wspaper men belong to that class,
to conduct a newspaper honor-
y and fearlessly an editor is bound
make some enemies. Noble coun-
litiyiC. H. Miller, of the Henues-
Clipper, attended th • League
'tin;,' in the city yesterday, and
not forget to make the Wave a
ndly visit. Mr. Miller was a val-
employe of ours for four years ;■«
iman of the Harper K ntniel of-
\v Wave fami' were all 1--
. to -'.fe him.
Jim Blaine, Reciprocity, and the j
Coons our Strength to
the Front.
From Monday's Daily.
The League was called to order at j
i0:;t0 a. in., by Chairman T. B. Per-1
gusori", of Watonga, with a son of Ham
by the name of W. O. Tyler sitting on j
his left as secretary. The chair made
an excellent address as far as lan-
guage was concerned, hut full of the
old-time war "hoss" rot.
The first thing in order was the se-
lection of the regular committees,
which brought out just oodles of pent
up and llaming oratory, indulged in
by Judge Soward, Barrister Whit-
tinghill and others, but finally the
committees were set and the pops or
dems did not get a representative on
The following were the committees
Judge Fitzer, A. C. Scott,
Br. Sutton, Capt. J. Admire,
Wm. Lawrence, C. E. Hunter,
Henry Asp,
Wm. Nichols,
Health Restored
No Strength nor Energy
lpl\ 1N THK
S 0 2.ES.
"Several years a no, iny blood was in
bad condition, my system all run down,
My hands were covered with OS
and my general health very much im-
d. My - ,tl-
larce so . „ _
had m> strength nor energy and my feel-
ings were miserable in tin- extreme. At
last. I commenced taking Ayer's Sarsa-
parilla and soon noticed a change for the
better. My appetite returned and with
it, renewed strength. Encouraged by
these results, 1 kent on taking tlie Sar-
saparilla, till 1 had used six bottles, and
my health was restored."—A. A. Towns,
prop. Harris House, Thompson, N. Dak.
, The
I Only I
Admitted g
Program For Decoration Day.
Procession will form at the Presby-
terian church at 9:30 a. m. in follow-
i ing order.
Enid cornet band, comrades by
1 posts sons of veteran1 school children,
secret 'orders, civilians, carriages
i and horsemen.
| Line ot march: East on North
Boundary street. South on Second
street, east on E street south on
Fourth street to the City Park.
Music by band.
Prayer by the Rev. Griffin.
Song by choir "America."
Recitation—"Decoration Day"—Miss
J. C. Livingston.
j Song by Choir—"Tenting Tonight."
Sung by choir.
I Recitation—"Forgotten Graves;"—
Miss Blanche Houston.
Song by male quartet.
| Decorating of monument to unknown
Judge Pancoast.
L. M. McKinley,
Mr. Dillon.
W. A. Baldridge, J. B. Rosser,
B.W.Greer, G. T. Prouty,
J. H. Ellenton, Wm. Baxter,
James Morris, C. B. Baker.
T. J. Sanford, J. P. Renshatn
ize. Carried. Recess of five min-
utes, to find out where the league is
at, during which time Fegan an-
nounced himself as the leader of the
republican party to a few friends on
the side, but nobody put the ques-
i tion.
Bro. Palmer, of Medford, moved to
amend the rules of order, so that the
j report of committee oil resolutions
| would come in last. Senator Prouty
| opposed the amendment in a ringing
speech, so did Fegan kick a little;
[ the amendment was lost.
! Boss Greer arose and moved to
make all the republicans in cach
| county and each township some sort
i ot a vice president of the League.
Rain was announced, which sort of
1 smothered Greer's motion. Corporal
Charley Hunter remarked that he
i intended to take care of his township
! in a way that might not suit the
i League, therefore, was opposed to it.
| Greer weakened and withdrew the
i motion. The report of the committee
| on order of business was accepted, as
League called to order; the com- j it came from the hands of the com-
mittees not being ready to report, mittet.
speeches were called for. Hon. J. V. The report of the committee on
Beekman, of Arkansas City, was ! resolutions was called for. The re-
called on and responded in a lengthy I port was read amidst much applause,
address on the old-time patched j Guthrie of Oklahoma county arose
pants doctrine; vote the republican j and opposed the resolution simply
ticket ye who preach the doctrine that! on the ground that the republicans
while in the midst of debt you are in j of Oklahoma should do just as
the midst of prosperity. He accused | the bosses east tell them to do, he
the democratic party of causing the j was in favor of all the yellow dogs
drouth and poor condition of the fish- i John Sherman and other leaders of
ing business in this country. j his party wanted. Senator Orner
He got down to statistics and made a few remarks on fciiver, etc.
dead. Remarks by Captain W. H.
Afternoon exercises will begin at 1
o'clock and consist of music and ad-
dresses. Carriages will not be allow-
ed on the ground until the procession
arrives. Everybody invited to assist
in making the day a success. MuBic
will be in charge of W. H. Crawford
on Memorial Sunday and Decoration
R. I\ Tyler,
J. J. Amsut,
H. G. Tropie,
J. L Morphis,
M. L. Stanley,
Wm. Grimes,
G. H. Dodson,
C. B. Baker,
H. T
showed how the country was going
to the eternal bow wow, because
the Democratic administration had
failed to repeal all the infernal re-
publican class legislation and asked
The resolution was adopted and
j will be published in the Wave of to-
morrow: they were passed too late
| foi this issue.
The discussion of the resolutions
the people to return the old party to would lead most any person of ordi-
power so that the old game might go nary intelligence to exclaim that the
lawton James and his colleagues
ai the cowskin shouid not forget
'.ill the republican league fellow*'
entinn to th great Improv- eents
republican county aduiinUtr vion ;
on without being Interrupted. He
blamed the democratic party for
bankrupting the country b. paying
bills contracted by the republican ad-
mirstration. He touched up the re-
bellion a little, not forgetting t .e
gallant charge our Union boys made
at Gettysburg, but: the eprntr-r for-
got to tell the b:v hat !:•■ ,i.< ■ 't
At this writing I! p. m. it ! o'-: as
made on Guano park. The I If PresidentCleveland would have to
house janitor should be in-j resign if Colonel Beekman don't let
ucted to sprinkle a little slacked |nP«
eovK the guano just before the Ah: ha! Democracy is all right: he
p" dress parade. strikes out on the pops and left noth-
I ing behind the 'Ire but Jerry Simp-
'he bowels of the Waukomis Wiz son's socks, much mutilated. The
seems to be running this week; Colonel pleads for the vote ol: the
lso seems to suffer with the mouth ; farmer, the farmer looks at his re-
fli, but the most woeful awful ( publican heirdom, his patched pants
eg about its work is the fact that ' and says all right. He struck silver
on't know what it is talking about | hard: was very much in favor of the
remonetization of silver, but he neg-
lected to say that he would vote for
the biggest goldbug in the United
States if nominated for president on
the republican ticket; all mush.
Jcket full of worn out type and an Agrees that his party knocked out sil
vVress would have it in for a ver in '".'I. but nobody in the party
rH'aper like the Wave, but she j ontside of John Sherman
I soars, roars, rebounds and comes ' it had been done, yet
republicans don't really know what
th - principles of the party are, if it
has any, the trouble is, it has none
that are absolutely definite.
We ui'ii't clo.-r the report to go to
i.ress. .ue baiaucj ^.miorrow.
triot, was present at
made the WAVE a
man who .1
isher, was a del-
He looked as
ue Medford P.v
the League and
i call. He's the
inflated pull In
;our e he is loyal.
Close of the Public Schools.
The pupils of the schools, after a
long term of studying and reciting
lessons every day, were turned loose
for the summer vacation yesterday
with exercises in each room and many
parents visited the schools to witness
the efforts of their children. The
following is a program rendered in a
very creditable manner:
Recitation—Louis Garber.
Essay—Lena Town.
Recitation—Ella Fridley.
Recitation—Grace Gordan.
Essay—Carrie Bryant.
Recitation—Beula Beede.
Reading—Julia Turk.
Essay—Bert Lamison.
Reading—John Sheets.
Recitation—Daisy Stanton.
Recitation—Laura McKay.
Recitation—Eva Henthorn.
Instrumental Music—Myrtle Arm-
Reading—Clarence Graham.
Essay—Sadie McCiane.
Reading—Myrtle Cunningham.
Recitation—Hattie Mitchell.
Reading—Belle Reynolds.
Recitation—Stephen Bradley.
Reading—Eunice Mitchell.
Recitation—Rose Ratner.
Reading—Will Hobbs.
Recitation—Eva Mitchell.
Reading—Claude Dillon.
Recitation—Jesse Reid.
Recitation—Bertha Cook.
Reading— Abbie Thomas.
Recitation—Earl Switzer.
Recitation —Pearl Bennet.
Recitation—Lillie Reed.
Recitation Ethel Weatherly.
Paper—Grace Darltrg.
Prof. W. S. R.mick is delighted
over a copv of Burn's Cotter's Satur-
day Night, which was presented him
by the high school pupils. Supt. T.
I'. Miller is in the same state of ex-
hilaration over a copy of ICeat's poet-
ical works given him by the firt year
■Usual. Life is too short to notice |
t poor little thing any further.
i" course it is quite natural that
Uie little jirk water papers with :
League paid its compliment
to the presidential Chair hut treated
the anatomy that fills it with flowery
contempt. \\'e are almost led to ex-
claim that we love Grover for the en-
imies he has made.
The league was, held in the Fuqua
hall and It was filled by delegates,
pops and democrats. It was not a
had looking audience, yet we could
see symptoms of wheels on the race
course of many an intellect and some
<>[ them had rubber tires on.
A Surprise.
There was a - uprise partyilield at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. King
on C street last evening In honor of
the". 14th birthday of their daughter
Miss Edna. As a surprise it was com-
plete as Miss E ln.i was not expect-
ing any such demonstrations.
Owing to the In^emency of the
Republican Resolutions.
The sum and substance of the reso-
lutions adopted by the republican
league yesterday were about as fol-
We, the republicans of Oklahoma,
recognizing the fact that the finan-
cial question is the issue of para-
mount importance and of supreme
interest in the minds of the Ameri-
can people, we favor the free coinage
of both gold and silver at the ratio
of lti to 1 and the repeal of the pres-
ent coinage laws as tiiey existed
prior to the demonetization of silver
with the unit of value fixed at J71i
grains of pure silver, as provided by
such laws- and that the American
product of silver be fully protected
by a tariff on foreign silver. We also
favor the passage of such laws
will protect the money of this coun-
try from the unfriendly manipula-
tions of gold standard countries. We
further favor the enactment of a law
prohibiting the making of contracts
for the payment of money in gold
But while we recognize the fact
that the financial question is the
issue of paramount Interest, we do
not forget that other questions of
material importance are clamoring
tor attention. The failure of the
present administration on financial
lines has been so consplclous that its
failure In all lines has been lost to
view for the moment. With an
alarming deficit In our revenues,
with cach succeeding month, the
country demands the return of the
tariff under the reciprocity policy of
the republican party.
Merry Masons.
The brethren of the Enid Masonic
lodge and their families gathered In
the Fuqua hall last night for a social
evening among themselves, It being
their regular once-a-month social
gathering. Through the kindness of
friends, ihe WAVE junior editor was
invited to attend, which she did,
feeling honored indeed, as she has
not the fortune to be in anywise con-
nected with that lodge.
After a season of conversation,
sides were chosen for charades, with
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Fleming as con-
tending leaders, but the game came
to grief at the end of three rounds,
when one side could not guess a little
verb of two syllables, and to bright-
en their thus gloomy spirits, a speech
from Hon. J. C. Moore was suggested,
to which that talented speaker re-
sponded with a few remarks upon the
benefit to be derived from a "chapter
of the Eastern Star," women's auxil-
iary to the Masonic Lodge, the
speech being well received.
Ice cream and cake absorbed the
attention of all during the rest of
the evening. As there was an abun-
dance of these delicacies, everybody
ate until Judge ParKs remarked that
the only reason he don't like ice
cream is that it goes right to his
stomach, and that broke up the
Has Been Here Before.
Among the delegates to the league
convention yesterday was Mr. S. T.
Tuttle, who ran against Shoestring
Smith for the legislature last fall.
Mr. Tuttle is a warm hearted, whole-
souled gentleman who has a legion
of friends. He has quite an interest-
ing history in this country, having
spent many days in the territory now
embraced in Garfield county, with no
other companions than the cattle he
was taking care of. He can remem-
ber when the stage coaches used to
rattle across the country on the old
Arbuckle trail, which ran through
the city. He is still a cowboy in his
views and remarked last night that
the cattle men should not have been
disturbed, as he thought this country
was not clearly adapted to any other
Contest Decisions.
C. M. Sink vs. C. B. Henderson, ne.
2-25-6; favor plaintiff.
W. H. Brown vs J. S. Donahue, lie.
14-20-4; favor defendant.
F. E. Murray vs C. S. Hlerce. ne. 1-
25-3; favor defendant.
J. M. Rector vs Josle Ilalsey, ne. 34-
21-9; favor defendant.
Geo. Coffee vs J. W. Slowater, sw.
16-20-7; favor plaintiff.
Fannie Jones vs E. A. Bourne, sw.
31-21- 6; favor defendant.
F. C. Millard vs J. II. Clark, sw. 18-
20-7; favor defendant.
J. M. Anderson vs T. W. Pyle, nw.
17-20-5; favor plaintiff.
G. M. Williams vs Lizzie King, sw.
27-26-6; favor defend int.
S. D. Stone vs G. H. Belcher, se
15-26-6; favor of defendant.
II. M. Stewart vs P. Hart, favor
J. M. Legar vs James Ryan, nw- 21-
21-4; favor defendant.
A. 1). Mlze vs J. R. Griffith nw. 5-12-
6; favor defendant.
Wm. Tyber vs Samuel lirunt sw. 24-
26-3; favor plaintiff.
Miles McMahon and C. M. Kizer vs.
C. Parkhurst, se. 12-26-6; favor de-
B. P. Brummet vs C. R Beburn nw.
32-20-3; favor of plaintiff.
Digest of Land Decisions.
Furnished by W I) Harlan, land commis-
sioner. Washington 1> O
The widow of a deceased home-
teader having submitted final proof
showing full compliance with the
law secures thereby the equitable
title to the land Involved and delay
in the issuance of final certificate
will not affect her rights. In the
event of her subsequent death the
equitable title descends to her heirs
The Jail Fence.
A grand howl is going up around
town over the building of a horse
corral fence around the jail. It
will undoubtedly injure the appear-
ance of the city and will be of little
or no account in the way of holding
prisoners. However, it was recom-
mended by the late grand jury.
Justice Court.
In Justice Parks' court the case of
Bray & Patrick ys Houston James,
suit oil account; judgement for plain'
tiff for $6.70 and cost.
Edwards & McFarland vs Bureau of
Immigration; suit on account for
$14.25; dismissed.
Mrs. Brown who got a divorce
from her husband in Perry the other
day, accused her husband of drop-
ping his false teeth in her soup.
Judge Bierer stopped the case right
there and granted the divorce with a
big alimony attachment.
uport of his
proof win be made be-
fore the Kc^lst or and Receiver al Enid, OT
Notice for Publication.
Mrst published In the Wave May 3, 1805.)
I,and oilier al. Enid, u T April iW. I"%.
Notice is hereby given that the following
nil! I Miller has filed milieu of his In ten
tlontomuke llnal proof In sujj
lalm, and'that said proof will
.ore the Register ai
on June 11 IHtlf>, viz
for the uortheust quarter of section U, town-
ship 31, raii'je r>.
lie names the following witnesses to prove
his tlnuous residence upon and eultlva-
I Ion of said land, vlr.
.lame-. E. Iilvlno, (I. W. Thomasoii, < harles
Smith and < harlr. Kali wait, all of Onyx, O. I
. It. W. i'attkhson. Register.
Notice for ublication.
(Klrst published In the Wave April II.
land office al ' nld, O. T„ April , lWKi.
Notice Is hereby given that tho followlnK-
niiine'i seiller has Hletl notice of his Inten-
tion final proof In support of his
claim, and that said proof will he made be-
fore i lie Register and Receiver of the
weather, there tveiv
ent. but, licvertlielv."
tended report a :ii : ■
one never to be
idna was presented
not many pres-
. those who at-
enjoyable time;
ugotten. Miss
villi many hand-
some presents woicli v.en mud
predated by her.
The i veiling w is made merry by
games and other enjoyments and the
merry laughter of the happy throng
Answer Him, Girls.
Buttrey, the popular grocer,
opened up a case of strawberries this
morning. On the bottom of one of
the boxes he found the following
message: "Attention ladles!—my
1',~ | name is Fred Rvans and my postoffice
! address is Mountberg, Arkansas. I
am red headed and 21 years of age. 1
desire to correspond with a young
lady of means: object, matrimony.
k again with force enough to
Memorial Services.
Memorial services will lie
terian church at
Knkl, (1.
k the
Is" t^-ey do not speak to each
it and deep dark designs lie
thered in their truly loyal bosoms
y country tis of thee we sing:
t land of liberty."
knew that
moment be-
fore the speaker said the republican j th(,' (
party was the only great blow gun rj, Sumlay May on, The com-' wten
party that knew how to run mitu.t nn orations hav . secured the h™1
services of the eminent Presbyterian
j divine Comrade William McPheeters,
I of Guthrie, late chaplain of the
ripe pa-paws off the
-■ 1— run the
i finances of the country: bah! At
he league did not attempt to i this writing 3:30 p. m. we find that
'th up the shattered harmony of Colonel Beekman don't know
temporary court house ring.
they float around those busy
Is reading the signs, "keep off the
thing about silver or gold: he is bet- j ^use of representatives who
ter on the "wah. He argued j prencli a memot*l;i! ei*mon at II
the republican party had always j ^
fooled the people more especially] 'Phev have also been so fortunate
when they demonetized silver. The
Colonel lias been up for two hours,
and we have come to the conclusion
| They have also be
j as to secure the services of the old
j lighting chaplain of Oklahoma Kev.
red Huring, of Columbia, who will
I resounded clearly on the still night
The evening pr
| time lie .v swiftly it
the most i
were served
all. this was one of
able events ever
social history of Enid.
The party broke up at a late hour i , , ,
' . , . I north of Jefferson, Grant county, has
and the guests departed, wishing
Miss Edna many a i.appy return of
the same.
i I have money enough to procure a
| marriage license and gall enough to
i,reused anil the I the preacher off for the cere-
until a late iitiur mmly [f Cie tint of my hair is ob-
laborate refresh- j ject|onable, I can color It black.
1 ailing it all in i ^rite quickly and often, girls."
ttie most enjoy- '
recorded in the j
Wli.l.l AM T. non
for the sout beast quarter of section :i, town-
ship 34 nort It range 5 west.
II,- names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous resldetieu upon and cultlvu-
tlonof said land vli:
.Io1111 K. Moore, Stephen Birdsall anil George
A, Sears nil of Kremlin, O. T. and Martin
.sheppard of Pond Creek O. T.
B. W. I'ATTKHSON, Register.
Notice For Publication.
(First published In the wave, May 3, 1S85.)
Land offieu at Enid O. T. April, HO, I8ft>.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
limned set I let' lias Hied notice of his Intention
to make final proof 111 support of his claim
and that said proof will lie made before the
register and receiver of the II. S. land office
al Knlil o. T. on June 12, ISM viz:
for ti rt beast uuarterof sect Ion 3d lown-
shlp 311, range j, west.
lie names the following witnesses lo prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva-
tion of said land vie ,
Wm (;lb-on, Kd Hunt, Herbert lavloranu
.lame Unckliian, all or Sheridan. O. I'
. it. w. Pattkhson, UegUter.
Notice for Publication.
I first Published in the wave May II, 1S95.)
Land office al Ktild O. T. May I
Notice is her, hy given that, the following
11 let-lias flieil notice of his lntcli-
A Strip Oasis.
Lyman Bushwell living
Minstuul show was given over in
■hrie last week by the society
les of city. Guthrie girls
did understand making up
It faces and now they have
died the height of their ambl-
1 In the art and can put on the
I that he is more stuck on his oratory i (U,Uver ., lnemorial sermon at
than he Is on the republican party or j
1:30 p.
his bleeding country; he closed.
Funeral march by the band. Com-
mittee on credentials reported giving
Garfield county more representation
than Guthrie; good.
Committee 011 rules of order report-
ed, but not anything of Intel est in it;
ellne and lamp black to a striking , i„ts of talk, fussing ami motions;
t moved that each delegation organ-
Music will lie under the charge of
Prof. W. II. Crawford.
A stock company is being organ-
ized to buihl ail elevated railroad to
A Demented Man Lost.
Gabriel llallinger. who was sent to
j the insane asylum about a year ago,
J was released last winter as cured,
but after coming home he showed
symptoms of the old malady. About
1 two months ago lie disappeared from
i bis claim and has not been seen
since. It is thought that he was
Oklahoma's famous summer resort, i mur(iL.rc(i and his body hidden some-
tile Glass mountains, and a cog road ; w)lCr„, |„. |,a,i several hundred
will transport the energetic tonrlrt jt|0narw about him when he disap-
to tin top of the loftiest peak. pearetl,
established an amateur botanical
garden on liis claim. Attached to
his house is a large glass conserva-
' tory in which all kinds of flowers
are growing and blooming. Many
little canary birds flit and sing
around 011 the branches of the foliage
Little gold fish and carp play around
in aquariums. Mr. Bushwell's place
Is an oasis among the Salt Fork sand
hills. The officers of the land office
visited Bushwell's place Saturday
and to them we are Indebted for
this dlscriptlon.
Subscribe lor the Wavk.
lion to make final proof in support of bis
• liilin and that suUl uroof will l'1' iiiiule Im'.-
f«ii-«- the register ami receiver of the 1 •
Inim! olHeo al Mnl<l O. T. on June 24 189.') viz.
for tln'KOUt h east quarter section 21 town-
ili! ^4 north 4 west I. M
lie names tho following witnesses to nrove
IllseontInuons n sldenee upon ancl cultiva-
tion of said land viz; ..... . , ,
Sasli T. Simmon-. rUarlaml I . Headrick.
AlU nllt nd.i. lv and William Williams all
of 11 lull lan«l o. T.
" W. I'ATTKHSON Register.
Notice for Publication.
I First published in the Wave. May III l*Ui.)
Land O«eo at Enid, O. T., May 15 18#.*
Notice Is hereby Riven that tin- following
mimed sett ler has tiled not lee of his Inten-
tion t<> make tlnal proof In support of lib
clelm, and that said proof will be made ne-
fore tlie register and receiver of the l , K
land Knld. O. T., on July I viz:
william iv ueno,
for the lots I and 'J ami south half northeast
quarter section tt township H north raune
west I. M.
Me names the following witnesses to prove
hl eontliiuoun residence upon ami cultiva-
tion of. said land, vli: .
James T. Ulvers, of I'ond Creek O. ' • , !**V"
ard H. Oldburry. Wesl. y Tompson. PavlU I-
MofHt all « f Kremlin < . T.
|{. W. Pvrrtiison Register

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Isenberg, J. L. & Isenberg, Edna A. The Enid Weekly Wave. (Enid, Okla. Terr.), Vol. 2, No. 21, Ed. 1 Thursday, May 23, 1895, newspaper, May 23, 1895; Enid, Oklahoma. ( accessed March 20, 2019), The Gateway to Oklahoma History,; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.

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