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jnyr- •-
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w ;
El Reno Democrat
T. F HENSLEY, Editor.
One week, delivered In city * j®
One month oo
Three months •
Bhi ; oo
One year
(Weekly Edition)
• < r
Three months * ^
811 1*00
One year -
11 Is about time for Homebody
get a corner on 'he turkeys.
"What la the proper punishment lor
the man who sells Impure food ' asks
the Philadelphia Press Make him eat
It will be an awful shock to Col.
Bryan If he finds I hat his Indorsement
has fixed the third term nomination
tor Mr. Hoosevelt.
When the l ulled Stales .enatecon
venes in December, lis members will
need a few days to examine one
another'* vindications.
Jacob Rlls and Ex-Captain Devery
declared for Mayor Mct'lellan at
about the same time. Extreme, meel
under the MeClellan banner.
judge Heauchamp, according to an
Interview published In the Slate Cap
Itol this week, talked flippantly to
to Jim Duffy, about lese majeste. li
bel and len .
would keep still and allow themselves
,o be run o<er by this cold blooded,
soulless corporation
Yet cold blooded and soul-less s* It
la It 1* nevertheless s thing of in
effable admiration, as compared with
a citizen of the town, who for a few
dirty dollars In the way of a salary,
would ask to have the only protec-
tion that stands betw<-en the lives of
a half hundred Innocent ach< d child-
ren of Morrison's addition, taken away
in order that a railroad company may
not be disturbed, or required to obey
the law A man so heartless and un-
mindful of the llvea of the children of
his neighbors. Is a reproach upon the
word father, and ought to be denied
the fellowship of loving parents It
la such ghouls as these that Insulted
the living citizenship of this town a
year or more ago by asking permis
alon to dig up and convert into a rail
road dump, the sacred ashes of our
lamented dead for the paltry autn of
$500 Now they ask the mayor for
permission to block all our streets
To endanger the lives of our children.
To cut off all Ingress and egress from
(he city, and when we protest against
It. one of their cold blooded hirelings
has the Impudence to threaten us with
additional Inflictions. Where will it
end? When will It stop? Enid stop
ped it, and by stopping it converted
a whistling station Into a metropolis
with seven trunk lines of railroads
to her credit. But the trouble of El
lleno la that she is run by the Rock
Island hirelings and moral and physi-
cal cowards.
Charles 1 Devlin, the Topeka bank
er, who failed a short time ago with
liabllitlea of $5,600,000. died yesterday
of paralysis He was fifty-two years
of age and leaves a widow and five
children. He was carrying $1,241,000
in life Insurance Of this amount his
wife will get 1677.000 and the bank
creditors will receive the balance.
One thing we can't Just exactly
understand Is why nearly all the fel-
loes held up and robbed by nigger
wenches in Oklahoma City and El Re
no are preachers. Of course the good
brothers may have been prowling
around those tough neighborhoods,
after dark, for missionary purposes, In
which case their good intentions were
much more commendable than their
Judgement.—Lawton Democrat.
the president selects
tain frank frantz for
governor although ap
pointment will not
be made until
The president greatly pleased the
South. He talked the sort of politics
to which the people are not accustom-
ed. and showed them it Is possible for
a president to remember he is the
head of the nation and not some par
ttcular part.
The defeat administered to the re-
publicans of Ohio yesterday, is noth-
ing to the one the republicans <>f
Canadian county will have to ack
nowledge a year from now If the gen
tlemen in office do not make good the
pledges they promised the people one
abort year ago.
o —
Colonel Lincoln can now send his
letters of sympathy to George B I ox
of Ohio. The gallant Colonel's man
agement of affairs at thelast election
cost Bird McGuire 187 votes, and if
the news from Ohio is correct Mr.
Cox came within 60,000 votes of elect-
ing Governor Herrlck.
14TH will SOON be here
Only six more days and the myster>
will be explained. Don't get excited,
keep your underclothes on. and when
the big thing comes off don't go
around saying. "1 knew that long ago
because you did not.
We are Informed that Cement re-
fuses to claim candidate Blake as a
resident of that town. They claim
that he has worked off all of his 612
lots but nine, and has left them with
the bag to hold, with a cancellation of
the town-site entry staring them in
the face.
there is no longer any ques
tion as to who is in
the saddle
publican party in Oklahoma in his
candidacy for governor, but it Is be
lieved here that he won strictly on his
rough rider record. Gov. Ferguson's
administration has been clean through
out and he asked re-appointment on
his record and his friends believe that
ofily because Frantz was a rough rider
CAP was his appointment made. Frantz is
about thirty five years old and will be
Oklahoma's youngest governor. He
was a democrat prior to his rough
rider career.
National Committeeman Cade, Terri-
torial Chairman Fllson, Congressman
McGuire and Secretary Whiting of
the territorial committee are now in
Freeman Miller in his pathetic
story of the quail takes the poet s
license to represent "the little brown
wife" as building "another nest," and
hatching out another "restless brood
In the same season, while as a mere
matter of cold blooded ornithology the
quail only indulges In one "brooding
or breeding season" per annum.—
Kingfisher Free Press.
Just so and her eggs are not speck-
led either.
Editor Isenberg. of the Enid Wave,
libeled someone this week so it is al
leged, anil yesterday he passed
through town in charge of the sheriff
We do not know- at this writing, who
the libelee is, or the nature of the libel
but we will bet four bits that he comes
out of it with more smut on his char-
acter than he had when the suit was
filed and that Isenberg will make both
friends and money out of the trans-
action A newspaper never amounts
to a tinkers dam. until it is sued for
Before we can endorse candidate
Blake, of Cement, for governor, we
must have some assurance that
Frank Rickey, his campaign manager,
will not attempt to locate the capitol
of the new state at Gracemont. The
territory has suffered enough already
by capitol fights and other sectional
A Grand Stampede in El Reno to Get
on the McGuire Wagon
is not a quack medicine. It is (
Washington. Nov. 8.—The president
today announced the appointment of
Frederick Nave, asslstanl Justice of
the supreme court of Arizona to suc-
ceed Judge Tucker; also the appoint-
ment of Captain Joseph L. D. Alexan-
der. of Pheonix. Arizona, as United
Stales district attorney to succeed Mr
Captain Frank Franta. at present lip(m the mucou
agent of the Osage Indians, is to be perfpc, combination of the two
•d governor of Oklahoma at - — -
appointed governor of Oklahoma a ^ Uen(g is %hat produces
the expiration of the term of Governor won ierfii] refU,(g ,n curing c
Ferguson. I for testimonials free.
The Municipal Ownership Candidate
Carried Brooklyn But Lost in
Manhattan and Queens
The elections of last Tuesday are
full of surprises to the people and
wholesome admonition to bosses. The
issue was municipal ownership and
clean government. Hearst, as an in-
ack medicine, n is, dependent wi,h no organization he-
prescribed by one of the best physl-1vlin
clans In this country for years and Is
a regular prescription. It Is composed
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
with local applications as they cannot
reach the seat of the disease. Catar-
rh Is a blood or constitutional disease,
and in order to cure it you must take
Internal remedies. Hall s ( atarrh |
Cure is taken internally, and acts di- j
rectly on the blood and mucous sur- j
faces of the system. Hall's Catarrh i
of the best tonics known, combined
I With the best blood purifiers, acting
The announcement that Frantz
would be appointed to succeed Fergu-
son was made at the White House to-
day following the conference of dele-
gate McGuire and a delegation of Ok-
lahoma republicans with the presi-
Enid Celebrates
Enid. Okla.. Nov. 8.—Enid is cele-
brating tonight the appointment of
Capt. Frank Frantz, as governor of
15,000 plurality.
...The New York Vote on Mayor
New York, Nov. 8.—The complete
vote of the three boroughs outside of
, Manhattan and the Bronx show as
I follows:
j Queens—MeClellan. 13.002; Hearst.
113.784; Ivins, 4,501.
| Brooklyn—MeClellan, 68,586; Hearst
! 84,214; lvins, 61,587.
| Richmond — MeClellan, 6,121;
Hearst, 2,966; Ivins, 4,301.
J Total—MeClellan, 87,709; Hearst.
| 100,964; Ivins, 73,182.
This shows a plurality for Hearst
i in the three boroughs of 13,255. The
r?Tri)DHf I !l?F vo,e ln 870 OUt <>f 'he 963 '%r"0n diS"
CAIAKKrl tUKi- trletg jn Manhattan gives MeClellan
109,405, Hearst 93,298, Ivins 49,362.
Send for testimonials fre
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Props., Toledo,
Sold by all druggists, price 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti-
It is reported that the so called F.1
Reno Water company is anxious to
sell all Its rights and title to fifty or
more holes In the sand on the North
Canadian river, to any person or per-
son, with coin on hand, who will take
them for what they are actually worth
following editorial was taken
the November number of the
Farmers' Magazine, and will no
doubt be endorsed by a few of our lo-
cal merchants::
"The retail merchant who objects
to the practice of some of the farmers
of his vicinity, who patronize the big
mail order department stores, ought
to be consistent before he Incomes
critical. His howl of grievance is cer
The Topeka and El Reno long dis-
tance telephone is a failure and the
local service a fraud. The old rattle
trap 'phones are out of commission
half of the time, and the long distance
service is enough to make a man ()V CBp1UJI ugma «....
strike his mother Yesterday a lady I differences. If Frank wants to locate
from this town called us up. at our (he penitentiary at Gracemont or
expense, over this long distance failure . eyen cement, where lots are plentiful
and tried to talk to us from Mountain and buj)ding material cheap, we have
View, about the cyclone. Not a word | no objections; but the capitol fight
could be heard and not a sound, ex- (and ,he flght for governor should not
cept an unintelligible screeching lHte.|,e merged.
a two-bit phonograph running over a
worn out record The poor girl at the, May be judge brownlee
central office undertook to help the Yesterday the Enid Wave announc-
sltuation out. but she with her skilled „d ,hat c G. Blake formerly of this
ear could not tell what the woman at ,ty now a heavy lot owner in the
Mountain View was trying to sWjtown „f Cement, was being groomed
Wait until that bill of 40 cent reaches , by (he Rock isiand Root and a few
the Democrat office at the end of the townslte attorneys at Washington, for
month. ! governor. Today It says that Judge
„ | Brownlee. of Kingfisher, may win the
« T ■" rrsr-'rarr, .tsjsx
campaign spellers. ha\e * . r future. Mr. Brown-
rrufl mf>n who were elected cated in the n« ar iuiur*?.
future in this county. The record of, he aspires.
the board of county commissioners ill i _ ' blakE
Tnen<Lh lotes l an election was! par,men. of justice should be decided
hi toda>' r.Ml a tally sheet And ! unfavorably . |
ruining as smooth as dock work, have a big corporation pull behind him
. . i r.t trvine to carry out the —Enid Wave.
party's pledges to the people, they are . What <
In | site case and the 612 lots i u-
Capt. Frank Frantz, as governor of Guarantees that Hyomei Plurality for MeClellan in Manhattan
Oklahoma to succeed Gov Ferguson C. R Miller grantees y from out of 15;t
whose term expires on January 13th | Will Cure the Worst Case , 1 ^ ^ ^ ^ _
s. s ,sr=5.2 ss ^ ■ - =.
Osage Indian agency at Pawhuska.
Something of Frantz
Guthrie, Nov. 8.—Capt. Frank
Frantz, whose appointment as gover-
nor of Oklahoma, is announced today
front Washington to succeed Thos. B.
Ferguson on January 13 next, is at
present agent of the Osage Indians in
Oklahoma, to which place he was ap-
pointed by President Roosevelt two
years ago. He was a rough rider cap
refund the money, it speaks volumes
as to the merits of that remedy. It
is in this way that C. R. Miller is sell-
ing Hyomei, the treatment that has
made so many cures of both acute and
chronic cases of catarrh in El Reno
and vicinity.
Hyomei is not a pill, nor is it a
liquid that has to be taken with a
tablespoon or wineglass. Just breathe
it by the aid of an inhaler that comes
More Than Two Thousand Bales
Landed Here This Morning
years ago. He was a rough r er cap- , eyery outflt and benefit will be
tain under Roosevelt. pa^1P" °K 1 seen from the first treatment,
the battle of San Juan Hill, and the ^ comp]ete Hyomei outfit costs
other engagements on Cuban soil, ant i ^ ^ includes an inhaler,
has been close to the president ever i ' ' sufficient Hyomei for
since. He is a member of a pioneer £££« , treatmont.
Oklahoma family and a brother of several
V Clul nvtno |
Remember that if Hyomei does not.
cure you, C. R. Miller will refund your
money. This is a good time to cure
catarrh by this natural method and
prevent catarral colds that are
A train of thirty flat cars, loaded
with cotton arrived here tliis morning
billed to the El Reno Compress com-
pany. There were more than two
thousand bales of cotton on the train
Many of the cars were decorated with
streamers, showing that the cars were
loaded in Roger Mills county, and Elk
City streamers were numerous. 1 he
. prevailing high prices of cotton this
•season,will place the farmers of west-
ern Oklahoma in easy circumstances.
John McCoal. one of the original
settlers in this region, now a resi-
dent of Hydro, was in I he city this
tainly uncalled for as long as he^ seniU ; TffJrTVget to ^he pie | the deal, which is now pending in
out of town for his printed stationery,
dodgers and other Job work, when
there is a home printing office ;o be
we need BACK BONE
Members of the city council inform
us that the Blakes have been impor-
tuning Mayor Lassen to discontinue
the services of Riley Mitchell as
special policeman, from the Rock Is
land depot. Mr. Mitohell was ap-
pointed by the council during Mr
Lassen's absence ln Washington, and
directed to keep the street crossings
open ln the vicinity of the depot This
officer has arrested one conductor
and he was fined $31 for the offense
of blocking a street crossing, and a
few days ago he arrested a train crew
for the same offense.
Now comes the Blakes. the paid
tools of the company, and are en-
deavoring to force the mayor to dis
miss the special officer and turn the
town over to the railroad company
and allow It to block the streets, run
over the school children of Morrison s
addition and keep farmers and busi-
ness men waiting for hours at a time
to get across the tracks.
Blake says an officer is unnecessary
That it is offensive to the railroad
company, and is Injuring our chances
of getting a new depot, the shops, a
round bouse and other vast improve-
ments, which the root has been prom-
ising the people for 15 years, if they
counter. They have but one ambition J the department of the interior, have;
and that is to be seen and recognized , on his chances for Judge '
h« th«' poweri tkat be They arej ° n|U|. iclj 1
guided bv appetite and not by love of MALICIOUS, HOPELESS. DEVILISH
Mrty or a decent regard for the rights LIARS
of the people. They are afraid to call
public servants to book lest they in ; Ey community is damned to a
jure their own chances of appoint- , ' ier or lesg (legree by the class of |
ment. As a result, business chaos ns whQ arp maUcious and hope-
reigns in the county and ignorance devuish. It cannot be expected j
and anarchy in the town. Kingfisher should not be the
stamping ground of some people of ,
BELLAMY SEES THINGS this character. A withering blight
It Is rumored that Hon. Geo. W.Jupon the community, their devilish i
It is rumoreu mai nou. upun mo
Bellamy, our G. Willie, contemplates j and malicious disposition is never sa-
returning his railroad passes to the1 isfied unless they are slandering an
Rock Island Root, and enter the lists | yiiufylng others. They do nothing
for the community in which they are
graciously permitted to live—failures
themselves, they heartily despise and
hate those who try to be useful to
their neighbors, and honestly strive
to make a success of their own affairs.
Some of these people are especially
gifted with the "gift of gab." They
as champion of the poor farmer About
the time George begins to bust the
trusts, the ghost of Bert Maxwell, will
appear, and G. Willie will hear some-
thing after this fashion:
"If I were to tell the secrets my
prison house,
I could a tale unfold whose lightest
word ; can secure curious audiences at any
Would harrow up thy soul and freeze1 time on the same principle that men
thv young blood, j crowd around to listen to the maudlin
Make thv two eyes like stars, Btart ravings of a drunken and crazy man.
from their spheres. These persons might appropriately be
Thv knotted and curly locks to part, ! further described as malicious and j
And each particular hair to stand on, devilish liars, but a man Is hardly en-
en(l J titled to the distinction of a liar un-J
Like'quills, upon the fretful porcupine., less he can succeed in making intelil- j
List, list. O list, dear George. gent and self respecting people be-1
If thou dids't ever thy dear Father ,iieve what he says.—Kingfisher Free
love, don't do it. [ Press.. ,
UUCH will be sold at
prices nevor before of-
fered for ,this class of
goods. We are' overstocked
and will save you big money
on Clothing of all kinds, and
especially on our Overcoats
and Men's Snits. It will pay
you to call and look over our
stock before buying. No trou-
ble for us to show these goods.
The Chicago Clothing Store
First Door South of El Reno State Bank
Althausen & Klatzken Proprietors.
Hs on Hand
MEN'S and BOYS' CLOTHING of All Kinds

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