Oklahoma State Register. (Guthrie, Okla.), Vol. 14, No. 39, Ed. 1 Thursday, September 28, 1905 Page: 3 of 8

Great Picnic
*« ffc, M •
«rf a i mi l flfo, m fee mhi« ufcui )ira to the "chnnpe
M Wc,* Y*anr rkhm come i* imgw jlui ti Is, arid gi^w
•CMtlar *a*K *up. Sowa wddenly. TV
AAiirt; cfKu^a tots Wroe or Uyr jwwy m*1 te> the «awne «f
nud« pflia iixi dija fort, triviofe m, bowsver be
His A«*litant Injure*. He HTIIed Wv«
Culls In One Sunday Seeolon.
ymrmo wsls forced klU GT knlto
rut ®f soTrs slaia ! jrrt.trtt.j' cor-
rida, because Anto*i« M«mt.e« and
•Talc*," matadws alter tlr« were
each wounded Is the eword kand im
killing their first bull. Monies recalred
the moro severe wound, the flesh be-
in^ batweon the thumb and first fin-
ger being split bj the sword hilt when
he made his first thrust. "Faloo" es-
csped with a sprain, but neither of the
Biatador9 was able after that t hand-
le the escapa.
The flsht was •xceptioiallj good.
The Anti-Horsethief Associa-
tion had a groat picnic and bar-
becue at Joe Hayne's Grove,
I seven miles southwest of Crescent
! last Saturday. There was a larg<
crowd present and the ladies had
j a table set two hundred feet long
; with all kinds of good things to
j eat, which was free. A barbe
I cued beef was served. James W.
Detinv, president of the local
I lodge No. 476 made the welcome
address, James S Lovell, presi-
Woman's Refuge in Distress.
It quickly relieves the pain, nervo«s«voss, irritability,
jniserableness, forgetfulness, fainting, dizziness, hot and
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ild up your strength for the rest of your life. Try it.
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from every viewpoint, and Parrao cot- , Qca| 1q. N() respond
ered himself with glory by dispatchius
Put Midi +U timidity and writ* ui
freely ill frankly, p strictest confi-
duu, all jour symptoms
•nott-ottbUa. We will tend frao advica
(la plaih, eealed envelope), how to
cur« thm*, Address i Ladtas'Advisory
Dept.. The Chattanooga Medicine Co.,
Chattanooga, Taun.
I Buffered," writes Virginia Robaou,
of Baston, Md., Muntil I took Cardui,
whioh cured ma bo quiokly it surprised
my doctor, who didn't know I was
taking it. I wish I had known of
Cardui earlier ia life.'
Single Statehood Committee Ignores
Double Statehood Convention
Returning from Tulsa, C. G.
Jones stated that the single state-
hood cammittee would hold a
meeting in Oklahoma City Octo-
ber 10, at which time arrange-
ments would be made for sending
the twenty members composing
the committee to Washington
when congress convened for the
purpose of furthering the inter-
ests of statehood. It was decided
that no more conventions will be
held and also no attention will
be paid by the committee to the
recent so-called double statehood
convention at Muskogee. Mr.
Jones feels certain that statehood
will be successful this winter.
A message from Judge H. B.
Blair, chairman of the double
statehood campaign committee,
addressed to C. G. Jones, the
chairman of the single st^te ex-
ecutive committee, issuing a chal-
lenge for a joint debate at South
McAlester, October 14, furnished
a theme of discussion and finally
a committee was named, which
brought about the following set
of resolutions, which were adopt-
ed by the committee without a
dissenting vote:
Resolved. That the executive
committee of the joint statehood
movement of Oklahoma and In-
dian Territory respectfully de-
cline to participate in the present
campaign being conducted by
the Muskogee double state con-
vention, because of the unfair
methods of organizing that con-
vention and unfair means pro-
posed tc secure a vote for the
constitution prepared by it. But
be it further
Resolved. That we challenge
such convention to a j int discus-
sion of this issue of joint or sep-
perate staiehood only for these
two territories upon the following
First—That the voter be al-
loweda plain, unconditional right
to vote for seperate or joint state-
hood, and,
Second—That this committee
have the right to name an equal
number of representatives for
canvassing the returns. Be it
Resolved. That the chairman
of the committee name a sub-
committee of seven residents of
the Indinn Territory to act in ac-
cordance with tnese resolutions.
If the Muskogee campaign
committee refuses to give the
joint state advocates equal repre-
sentation 011 the election boards,
the polls will be watched and a
eareful cneck kept on the votes
: every one of his bulls, with one excep-
tion, by a single oeat stroke. Six bulls
bad been advertised, but seven wera
killed, the last being a present from
Nontes, whose benefit performance it
Of the bulls the first three let into
the ring were easily the best. Two ofi
these probably were the fiercest ani-
irals seen siace the opening of the
ring this season. Skilful work on the
part of the banderillos engaged them
t'j a point where they made things ex-
tremely lively. The first animal killed
five horses as fast as they could be
brought to the ring, and was despatch-
ing the sixth when the bugle was
After the banderillos had been plac-
ed "Falco" took the sword but his aim
In the first two strokes was not true
end they ca '.sed wounds only. At the
third the bull dropped. Parrao killed
the second bull with one stroke and
received an ovation from both sol and
Bombra sides. Montes, in slaying the
third made a good stroke, but his hand
was wounded and he left the ring to
receive attention for it just as his an-
imal tottered and fell. "Falco" receiv-
ed his wound while stabbing the fourth
and Parrao relieved him of the third,
finishing that bull and killing the fol-
lowing three animals. The fifth, sixth
End seventh bulls were not equal to
the first three in. fighting qualities, and
enly by exceedingly clever work could
some of them be made 10 attack- One
haa to be returned to the corral be-
cause he refused to fight at all. but
when the oxen were turned in he re-
fused to follow them, and subsequent-
ly had to be roped and dragged out.—
Mexican Herald.
cd and lames Kiikwood, presi-
dent of the territorial association
and John Globie made an address.
The Crescent band furnished ele-
gant music. The fol.owing are
the members of the band: S. E.
Griffiin. leader, Rolie Kellog, Joe
Ostrander, Tal Jines, Arlie Jones,
Loyd Connard, Elmer Dunlap,
E. A. Giiffin, G. C. Saunders,
Olie Jones, Sam Miller, Jas.
Miles, C. B- Pail, Frank Ryland,
O. E. Breaster, A. Sanderson.
We have money to loan on city
property. Garner & Olds,
108^ West Harrison. Guthrie.
Verdamte Schprache.
In school yesterday a young
an who had just begun the study
of Latin says the Lawton News-
Republican, wrote his sweetheart
this sentence: "Tecum ambu-
late velim." She didn't under-
stand this expression, so she
answered in Swede: "Jag och du
■ikall ga ti'l skool nesta summa
om du vil." A chap who trans-
ferred the answer added a post-
script in Comanche: "It se suca
meah " The teacher became
angry when she got hold of the
note and this is a Choctaw trans-
lation of her reprimand: "Ospe-
dogger schelocko unsego poxy."
For Infants and Children.
AVfcgetable Preparation''or As
simulating the Food andRcg Ufa-
ting the Stomachs and Dowels of
I'ramolcs Digestion.Cheerful-
ness and Rest .Contains neither
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral.
IKuvfJcm Set d'
Mx.Smn* *
shu-w Sted *
/bohennutt -
Hi CtiiiiiinatrSod* *
C/anneJ Mimt
«Wlflvp*MM rtavor.
Apeifecl Remedy forConstipa
lion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Fevensh-
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
The Kind You Have
Always Bough:
Bears the
For Ovsr
Thirty Years
ncw york city.
Three Jurors Cured
J. E. Smith, drove into Alva, with
a woman discovered in male at-
tire and arrested. The man showed
a marriage license and said it was his
wife, who had weak lungs and that
the doctors advised travel and they
had while I were bound for New Mexico,
a murder
Training For Success.
Chamberlin'S Cough
Aids Nature
Training counts more for sue- Medicines that aid nature are always
cess today than ever before in most effectual. Chamberlain's Cough
the world's history. To succeed Remedy acts on this plan. It allays
the cough, relieves the lungs, aids ex-
Will Secure The Land.
today you must be trainee , t e pectoration> opens the secretions, and
professional world legally de- aids nature in restoring the system to
mands it, the business world does a healthy condition. Sold by the Eagle
not demand it leg-ally, but from a Drug Store, F. B. Lillie Co. and the
higher law-the law of necessity, j0wl D'u* ^
Young men and worn n who
were earning from $16 to $30 per |
month from 4 to 5 months prior | shawnee Herakl. Delegate B.
to graduating in the Capital C.tyj g McGuifc was jn the dty yes_
Business o lege, seeuict ll',on 1 terday morning leaving on the
graduation positions paying from ; ( ^
$40 to S80 per month. By this
you see that in from 3 to 5
months t'me, their earning capa-
city was almost thribbled. Give
Queer Swimming Needles.
Swimming needles tbat will remain
pa the water, approach each other, and
float side by side, seem bewitcheJ to
tliose who know from experience how
quickly a needle will sink to the bottom
ol a glass of water under ordinary con-
There are several ways of making a
needle float on the surface of the water
The simplest way is to place a piece of
tissue paper on the water and lay the
needle on it- The paper soon becomes
scaked with water and sinks to the
bettom, while the needle is left float-
ing on the top. Another method is to
hang the needle in two slings made of
threads, which must be carefully
drawn away as soon as the needle
floats. The needle can also be made to
float by simply holding it in the finger
and laying it on the water, but this re-
quires a steady hand.
After two or three needles have been
Tr.ado to float in a bowl of water, mag-
netize a sewing needle by rubbing it
on a fairly strong magnet, and when it
floats on the water it will make an ex-
j tremely seatutive ccmnass and will
j attract the other needles. They will
slewly approach each other until they
float side by side. Do not have the
sewing needle too strongly magnetized
or the needles may strike together so
heavily as to cause them to sink.
this a careful thought from a fi
nancial standpoint, and you will
s^e the great advantage in atten-
ding a first class business college
and completing, in a thorough
manner, a course of bookkeeping
and busine_s training, shorthand
and typewriting.
The school that is today enroll-
ing more students and placing
more graduates in positions than
Any other school in this part of
He was kept
busy while in the city in conver-
sation with his many friends,
political and otherwise.
Councilman Timmons, who
with McGuire, made a strong ef-
fort to secure the grant of a
quarter section of land to the city
for echool purposes, stated after
a talk with Mr. McGuire that our
delegate had assured him that he
would secure the grant of land
for the city this coming winter.
Poisons in Food.
Perhaps you don't ralize that many
pain poisons originate in your food,
food, but some dap you may feel a
twinge of dyspepsia that will convince
you. Dr, King's New Life Pills are
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Quarterly Meeting.
The 4th Quarterly meeting of
the First Guthrie M. E. Church
will be held next Sabbath. Ur.
Doty, P. E., will preach at 11 a.
m., followed by the Sacrament of
the Lord's Supper. C. H. Der
mond, the pastor, will preach at
night, closing his labors with the
Foi Infants and Children,
Hie Kind You Have Always Bought
r i of
Of Cholera Morlm* wltli one Small Hottle
of Chamberlain'* Colic, Cholera ami
IHarrhoera lteinedy,
Mr. G. W. Fowlerof Hightower, Ala.
relates an experience he
serving on a petit jury in
case at Edwardsvilte, county seat of (
Clebourne county, Alabama. He says:
"While there I ate some fresh meat
and some souse meat and it gave me
cholera morbus in a very severe form.
I was never more sick in my life and
sent to the drug store for a certain
cholera mixture, but the druggist sent
me a bottle of Chamberlin's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy in-
stead, saying he had what I sent for
but that this medicine was so much
better he would rather send it to me
in the fix I was in. I took one dose of
it and was better in five minutes. The
second dose cured me entirely. The —
fellow jurors were affliced in the same 44TH E
manner and one small bottle cured the i __________
three of us." For sale by the Eagle I
Drug Stole, F. B. Lillie Co., and the p. S. —This is a reason why you should
Owl Drug Store. travel and ship freight via "Toe Kity'
Austin, Tex.
Dallas, Tex.
Ft. Worth, Tex.
Galveston, Tex.
Denison, Tex.
Guthrie, O. T.
Houston, Tex.
Muskogee, I. T.
Waco. Tex.
Sau Antonio, Tex.
Shrwnee, 0. T.
So. McAlester, I. T.
Tulsa, I. T.
Oklahoma City, O.T
The Largest Cities in
Texas, Oklahoma and
Indian Territory
are all located on the
Mr. Cleveland's Musical Criticism.
Once, during his second term, Gro-
ve." Cleveland was asked to speak at a
function in a certain town, and when
he arrived at the depot, the wind was
blowing a gale, sleet was driving and
hailstones nearly as large as marbles
were fiercely falling.
Of course, the inevitable brass band
war there and at the sight of the pres-
ident the performers struck up with
all the strenuosity at their command.
"That is the most realistic music I
ever heard." remarked Cleveland,
"What are they trying to play?" ask-
ed Secretary Olney, who accompanied
him. '"Hail to the Chief!' replied the
pre.sident with a cheerful smile."—The
Startling riortality.
Statistics show startling mortality,
from appendicitis and peritonitis. To
the country is the Capital City Prevent and cure these awfid diseases,
Business College. If you would
like to see a copy of their large
free illustrated catalogue, address
Capital City Business College,
Dept. \V. Guthrie, Okla.
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tt*. /j 'to Kind Von Hate Always
-r cZx/y-MHit
Pelargoniums should have an In-
creased supply of water and occasion-
al doses of liquid manure. They will
be ready for blooming in a few weeks,
ane should be encouraged to make tho
display as brilliant as possible.
"I luppose it's always hogkilllng
time In your town, Miss Packer?"
Kuetred the New Yorker.
"Oh, yes," repiied the fair visitor
from Cincinnati, "but don'' let that
keep you from vMting us. We always
protect our &r. its."—Philadelphia
> re*s.
A modern novel in three words: Mat.
rimony, parsimony, alimony.
Watches For Boys and Ciirls!
For Getting Subscriptions for thr
Kansas City Weekly Journal
Any boy who will secure ten new subscriber*
for the Kansas Csty Wetkly Journal at 26 cent*
p ;r year each, making a total of $2.50, and wil
send the eull amount to together with the name*
nnd addresses, we will mail to his address postag*
prepaid a boautiful watch named "The I'ride.'
Description as follows:
"The I'ride" is a model 16 size «*tem set, sten.
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ed movemente. The case is finished in nickle
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fully guaranteed for one year under erdinar*
Any girl who will secure ten new subscription*
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ordinarv usage.
The "I'ride" is a beautiful nickel plated watch
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The "Lady Juliet" is a beautiful gold-finished
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This offer will only hold good until July 1, l!*06.
Write names and addresses plainly, and send
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communications to The Kansas City Journal,
Kansas City. Mo.
Please take note that names must be sent in all
, in one list and money must be sent with them, o*
| we cannot Bead you the premium.
Lewis & Clark Exposition
Portland June 1 to
October 15.
Tickets sold on following days
August 15, 16, 17.29, 30, 31.
Sept. 12, 13, 14. 15. 27- 28- 29
Final limits 90 days.
Stop overs allowed west of and
including Colorado common
FARE $49 « >
Patients successfully treated at home by |
mail. Consultation Free and confidential, at
office or by letter. Thirlv y.ar.'experience. I pare through California $<i0.10
170 parfe Illaitrated BooK Free, giving much r arc inru
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no n u nnc ofp.o«, #15 w l ut sr.. ^ J
DR. C. m. CUt, kansas city, mo.
Best INVALID'S HOME in the West.
Organized wiih a full staff of physicians and
Burgeons for treatment of all Chronic Diseases.
THIRTY ROOMS for accommodation of patients.
Difficult Surgical Operations Performed with
Skill and Success when Surgery is Necessary.
of women. Many who have suffered for years
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ijtf permanent cure
jl jl 1 w- * Positively guaranteed
Without knife, ligature or caustic AV money
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vlnlbUUbLC Days, under a Positive
Guarantee. Send for Special FREE Book
New restorative treatment for loss of Vital
Power, Hydrocele, Rupture, Stricture, etc
methods. Trained attendants.
Club Feet,Curvature of
Spine. Hare Lip,
Epilepsy. Catarrh,
Stomach Troubles,
Lung, Eye. Skin,
Kidney, Bladder,
Blood and
Nervous Diseases.
Factory loaded shotgun shells.
It's not sentiment—that makes the most successful shots shoot ^
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these brands and you'll be well pleased. They are

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