The Lexington Leader (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 31, No. 40, Ed. 1 Friday, February 10, 1922 Page: 1 of 8

uiOMA 01it
Jii; i.iu;iiiiiii!?ni niiiiiiiiniiiiiuiii. •iHmtinmiiiiiHi.'tiiiiimiimiimiiiMiuiimir;
rj; Ciennl no!s a Good Protection For
— Disease—Free Your Surround-
I omcs
in,79 From Germs
Shooting Occurs Saturday In RuclierV
Store In Norman—Shtir]V
3 the
time all
good people [
plans for
= Ni„-
r shvoid
~ , lean-up."
— Lu.:. experinece has taught us
jj iiiat cleanliness of person and preitt-1!
= | is a protection against disease,
t:ll. 11 flpiiii ti; i i-r ii in.tinrrt! o vr. ti\ 1
Is Also Wounded
Sharp To Hospital;
Mrs, Pence To Jai
aj s That She Hopes That !! • V,1
Die—Aftermath of McCain
County Tragedy
^ hat clean surroundings are apt to
E; p>e i'r e from germs and infection:
5! "'4 that clean food is the only safe
s i .ood.
= V.".' have ."l.-o learned that ;> ' lean
healthy environment has n whole-;' ' _ , , r c i ,
some effect; that a dirty, insanitary I Voun.?e< Ll", i5hB,<' hv\ '
or. ororment s degenerative in its! " Ku';:A
effects—physically, mentally and j t':i|' . (;, ■,'t
in. t •: I re an • *:• iic<j in the lep
Sid Pence
about two. o'clock
shot and serious!j
Let Us
Snow You
■ • .n i ,•• mouth being the most
uy. Two other persons were
by the flyim bullets,one being
i.e.? Sharp, wife of the man who
-!■ t a- and the other be rig . .'rs
Lawson, not concerned in tt.o
iiharp, was taken .to Oklahoma City
.vnete he is receiving medical altea-
;ion and a: this tirno bids fair to
Sover from the eit'c is < i the wouii
Mrs. Pence wi.., taken ti Clevt
and county jail and made the : . te-
ent that she h > ed that Po p
jEU? & a.
I* h qj
Lexington, Okla.
The Toad a Friend
To The Farmers
Norman, Okla.- Feb. 7.—One of the
1 < "f zwleg.v of the uniwrsitd of
Oklahoma is studying the economic
ohnse of the fact that science found
in research that the toad, commonly
known as the "toad-frog" lived ;.l tost
cxelusvely off insects that were men-
aces to crops.
"Th -"SStftv' by experimentation ''ha«
brought cut that f'S'.
%v;-rt> cut worms olJtte.
savng of one toad t
'saner from tut TO
ntmliy,- The t ;;d * -
Lexington Boy On
Drama League •
morally, and produces an unfit citi-
zenship, another self evident truth ^
that anything which raises the stand-
imi of public health pays financially lf
_ There is nothing more expens >. o'
~ 11he individual or to the com 'unit'
5 : ban sickness ot- impaired heal 'i. j Jj,.
~ I Favorable sentiment toward i althp
- ivim and better health-, "ving an:
s better health conditio" •• has grown j,
HI unt I now nearly eve 1 town and city ,■
~ in the state has its regular annual.L^'
cleanup. But it remained for an en-hp,
lorptising little town on the east side'
o strike the keynote to health pro--
'"I 'ioji and the "City Beautiful." v •- ;
Realizing that an annual clean-up I . . . t„ok „pu .
:V••... aor for a clean-city math . last December in
than wojld a yea-'y bath for a clean |, , , count !U...r the Norman
individual, this town appointed ' ihree| b.. .. v ti,.u, Lee Sharp ,hot
''"n.nitte.'--, each committee com-; ft ailor. Sid a family
oosed ofi three bdainess men of goodj cpa■;j-immediate provocation of
juop, ir.eirt. fhese committees have fr.,.5 tjje removal by Sharp of
! r-.->:'?ht .and been -granted arihority to. u,i; 'u., ; b.. , i<
■ •lardir, s of the public health.,, wiiieh lie was living.
They w 11 maks rHOQt.hly, inspe.-tiops Sh'u p and .Pence bet%veen whom the
• • -'it !• uet'e-'sary), i the its , v .. arieci ■' . were it
milk nnd meat supplies- all re tau- ' i " . Sharp I,tin-/ a
ljnts, hotels andLcgoda fountains;!brother of Mrs. Pence rnd Pence be-
look after the sanftarj- Conditions of | in truth • if Sh. fii:t vvi
tb" st:eets, alleys and backy-ifd.- w. j died some two years a Since
They have gone about raising the ti- p ,'ii :1 ai
-tandard of public health In th. righ' v - i. v.-ii i i- >•
knowing that a continually when shot.
Look Out For Baby Chicks
I Palace Drug Co. !
eland County
aontinuous ef-
town requires
I fort and v'gilance.
. Norman. Okla, Feb 9—Professor I Now is the opportune time for cityThad
Roy T. House, head of the department tfflcials, women's clubs, churches, j ha, d
of modern languages of the university men's organizations, and similar bo- k !.
of Oklahoma was elected president of lies to , -t together and forijiul .ite wo1•
the University Center of.the Drama o-opera'ive plans l'or a jaent. .. op
heag.'.e to succeed T'rofe.1 for W alter j c I an-up and to appoint committee:!''
S. Ceil:|eli Wednesday. The drama t i
Leap.ue is an o. ,;anization composed of
ts of Norman I
Pence had just returned fiv.;
,a only a few days when .-h<
ione with the body of her ho -
to bury him. After t ia first
she hac announced that sh'
kill her brother at tie -o.-'
is $20 an-
nd to take
stoma! hs fall - f food in 24 hours
i "" liming i o .e than 10,OOP insects
evc-rv three months ar.d the majoritp

inrioifs to farm < -ops and gardens.
it£ 4nd
purjiose of studying, produc-|
of the toad's I hi ', compos ng' and criticizing modern j
of the insect -j drama^
The estimated; Other officers elected for the en-!
>>: t'j; j it- -■ "e: Vi- ■■ jo : idents. Wes-1
v i.ubertsoi.', Oklahoma City, Phoebe;
flrundage, Rochelle, Illinois, Lynn ■
i:i:'4S, Claremore; Secretary- Profes-I:
■ i Ivan G. Wright; Treasurer, Miss
Frank. ■
^tand sponsor for the public health
of their i omnranities dur ng 1022. P
- >« t Ti UT-;'p,- "
he state would fall in line and in.: r<..sed
"o:"urate such a health movement and jjr -
">• - tent p carry it to a finish, 1 '22 L j,
vi- dd s*a-'d out in historp as the year' o: t
in vv!i ch Oklahoma wes placed in the
jnrty, , aying,
and and I wil
Pence a;vl Sharo
:o Oklaho ." a t n:
frrrr'Alaiia; ■:! Uhc'
Pence is forty ft
He murd. rc
kill him."
j families'h'
t; tffey wc i
J '-as-e we put over . bond issue for
m _ tit ' 'l#rd surfaced roads-'
io i emam On Map! rou>. r„ He Extended
The route throu h Cleveland ■■ iun-
iled bin Markings on State Map to ' ' ex ended liom'l, ngton
Include Norman, Ni.ble and | east to I he Asher cl'« : sinp, a dis.ance
Lexington ' - twentj n. according to
I the committee who were ins!n inental
tb" ' irant • the, Noble and Le: ngton- are ! io. In-. dcoartnieiit in the con-
iv; on the led lii.e Hati road ■«« " ' -iday. This routing, aecord-
.1 map which i« to be published by the! 'ng to Wolfard, will be of great bene-
. I state highway department, according [l^t to the people of the southern and
.or at :i ien out ' Ii. ii. jeas* ,. i ft of th county and
Clark, tate highway com to i doner, ■ v-'iH' put them in line for ha;.I" sur-
und E. S. \ dei ;nan, . tate .--lgim - r, in 1 • I roads.—Norman Transcript.
i ' "-nil - • Fr iav with *. II. \ in
Vh;e+, (ii;. i'. ,m highv/r.; of chamber, (
- ' :< ? N i " -, A Snn)|l^laLMr ...
. ood • >' At J ,y Sir rrn; n's
j C ounty's representative in ti. • state: ,
! legislature. I
r (lit ranks of public health improve
' and : ■ period during which her
.,, and death rate dropped to
he minimum.—Dr. A. R. Lev,-;.-.
■■ • Health Officer.
At the time
e- he:
a ins'

f the murder clwu,.r<
Word has been received here that | the big
jib. re 1 i. . ■ 11. .i i i,.' - ii,, - i > ■ o . ,
iith than . oore, and from there j Shern
I urhe
Thr -- e who atti o:' 'd 'eachers meet
ln£ i;i Oklahoma "City this week werv*
■ ir. : iiiilips, .1:. Bepge, i Wil-
fred Stid lerlh, P' i o- Helen K' 'let"
Mis; 'ye Par;;"'!, 'diss '.
cutt. iijiss ,o?.-- Rule.
W lliams and Mrs. R. A. Frani -.
Mex a,
| New ir.eiebers of tlie board of di-
•>s ek'f.od aro; Eugene Barney,
• . ■" ; ; ■' i - . !i ;• r: ,
I' I' Chase, Seminole; Dave Mil.
i•-.'•■in and Robert Dobbins, Coalgate;
Powell Boyd, Sapulpa; John Wood-
"•or'ih, Oklahoma City; Jean Belcher,
i' •'>!jo- j,.„ Kirk, Edith i'„>rr> II. C. Lieber,
'■ .' ora : ;;e\. B. N. Lovgren, .rs. F. H. Mar-
! tin, X. E. Wolfard, Mrs. F. W.
(Jackson, Jirs. J. R. Wood, Dr. J. F.
. Bee Barry, Miss i'ili:; i-
and Miss Margaret Noll,
: in the
this week
o non, .;i rs
!i Roscoe
K 0:
High School Notes
The "penny carnival" given by the
- ni'or class under the supervision of
Siss S. dderth, their sponsor w;;s ai
can fish," ''Founta n of youth,'' "canc; I
of th seven \cils," "Why a ma:
■ s liuine," ' men only," "Women j
y,' 'wai relics," and "the Japan-
! -" tea p'ar len," were well visited b:
l iie lanre number of attendants. All j
j 'it with a head full of knowledge
concerning the "big American fish,''1
p nk t;end 'the wonderful swim-1
—j niacell." Never before has the
j Lexingt n high school presented any-
,h .... full of wit and originality asl
| tb? "penny carnival.''
StC J.'f
Mrs. D.
s of Mr
Rushir. r v
and Mrs.
re Si',;
ius Gt:
Mr. f
Mr.. William Sides r- vcd t-. the
Blackwell placc and Walter Black-
veil i:"<vad to ti e Him .- f m v;.
■ i by Mr. Sides.
Miss Maggie Hooper
her home with M r. and
Carter while teaching.
Me; ; : Odom and Car! Jarbi • \ • • =
o.dav solicitiii- aid foi a needy s
neighboi. =
Si--, -i al Sto'all f ii, attended tin ~
" si': y carnival" given by the high s
school students Fritiay nieht : nd =
number of things the
and ,-p ' of
. ,d teachers
wa saved
i'r ui- Mr.
off th ■ ass
*• 1 " s '! t;i">'.e«t ord ci > ilu ; • ().v , - -ard when t ■ fire c..light
i'i ,i. and I.t ' n pi.ivh. The sehm I boy; came once
' ' CO" g' mv-ent i'" ;u-1 jumping out of windows and v,-P < the
'at'r• 'aid of the teachers, soon were on the
"Th Norman delegation were given ; ro"'-> tearing oft shingles and rour-
•01 . an. - t leveiand eoun- on water which >oon < tin. uished
v, 14< I ' : tlii-
t 'levt
county would 1
1/ xi uton
Ci on day
nets meeting.
_ IIMIIIllMIIItllMlillHIIIillllllllllillllllllUMIIIUlliiiillliUlltilUllillimilllllllHIIIIIHl
■ ui
-«> <4- .
The freshmen and sophomore class never heard before, e-pecially '
ave bee., exercising their oratorical! -n ive me. Shake.-;-< ar '
power in debating.
isive arguments
be th the negative
Some very pur-
were given or.
and, affirmative
Whether Ii" Be
jS Opal Butler, president cf the sop'.i-
~ or class w "l a scholarship to
ij:' aughon' Business College. We are
s i; I! proud of Opal.
y We wonder why Miss Sudderth
" • " her hat all day at school
— The law class has completed the
S: ' rk on "Contracts." They are now
5 I r.'t: ;y to niak- a "contract" with Miss
Sudderth their teacher to lessen the
w;u- great iv
Purcell was i
cousin, Mrs
■ | work aiid exams.
!' The absence of many students this
| eek is due tq "vaccinations."
: j Phils are being made for a "Span- ;{Vt alMj ptrs ,j_
i ish Dinner." Everyone in the Span!slf Saturday with thei;
;I class will eat only what they can I man;
ijis.-: tor in Spanish. The cry is, Mr.
:! Ph ilips what is "1-eans' in Spanish".
; 1 he American literature students
|! nr.. still "Ravin" on the ' Raven''
j1 Oh, Poe had ded before he was
: ;. enough to write,' is the prayer of
: i Lor en;; e Hill.
Ii Then we hear the freshmen rnd
"As Yo ; Like It,'
p -d iiy all.
'■i;s Ona Glenn
Sunday guest of 1
Gladys Connor.
M ss Irene Rushing w . - a caller of
is. Lora Williams Sunday.
Mr. Doy'i Pope of Noble vis 'ed
friends in this vicinity Saturday
•John'Suchy was extremely fortu-
nate in trapping this winter, catch-
ing four mink for which he received a
neat sum.
Mr. D. Rushing has been si k with
the grip.
i Ti - • jt.v.Kft
GlIAS A-:'-lTV- B'': NK
L->,; .. : ; i 1
, I
M. Sherman spent
son. Everett Sher-
C. W. Mo ' S was an < tlahoma Cit
■ it'or Friday.
Mrs. H. Friend and daughter, Ru'.
id Mrs. C. H. Sherman wore eallei
Mts. John SUchy one evening re
Rui^l Aid Club n et Monday even-
We 1 iease Our Customers By Clean,
Fair Dealing
Power Safety Ease
Comes to You Whei? You ' Voted Your
Future By Time Deposits
~ ohomores say. If Kipling had ne . i" at the home <.-f the secrc
-* ""i itten "If." n T * '1~" u - '■ 4-u-
11111 ■ 1111 it: 11 r i ■ J:! IM11 i 11 < 11 ti f i: 11 (i n f 1111' i!; n; 111 a: \: 1: 111111 {111111) 11 ] 11 ] [ 111 j > r 11M11 <! ~
A good man with small family to
work on farm. Must have good re-
ference. A good farm to rent to the
>"ght man. Land is all good bottom
land 70 or 80 acres. Must have good
( and farming tools and able to
airnish h mself. Reference required
—Chas. Greemore, Lexington, Okla
At Farmers Bank on Saturday and
Sunday, the rest of the time on my
farm near Henderson.
Adams, th's fcc-inr the first
i:i the list on the second series of!
meetings. Club will meet with Mrs
Hary Bridwell next Monday.
Quite a number of folks were \ti
ciliated the past week to guard ;
against smallpox.
Wrights Condensed Smoke. Easy i
convenient, safe and sane. Get a hot- j
tie. One trial will make a believer j
out of you. —Palace Drug Store
= CHAS. GREEMORE, President. =
E ROBT. M. EVANS, Active V-i'res. . =
= It. A. FRANKS, Cashier. =
= J. It. HACKLER, Asst.-Cashier. =
Ti 11 i 1111111111 i i: i i i i 111111111 i i 1111111 i i! 11111 s 1111:111 n i i 111 n ] i s i i i i i i 1111 i 111111111111111 .• 113 i 111«Ti

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