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Oklahoma Sunday School Convention
j,8!. For 1921 Will Be Held Here
March 22, 23 and 24.
More than three thousand dele-
gates from protestant Sunday schools
over the state will assemble in Nor-
man, March 22, 23 and 24, for the
1921 Oklahoma Sunday school con-
vention, according to C. W. Shannon,
director of the Oklahoma Geological
survey and chairman oi the conven-
tion this year. The total will be
swelled by delegates from Cleveland
county and from University of Ok-
lahoma bible clas es here.
The registration and assignment of
delegates, publishers' displays and
work for childrens' divisions has been
assigned to the First Presbyterian
church, and certain sectional meet-
ings will take place in the Baptist
and Christian churches, while all gen-
eral sessions, including afternoon and
evening convention meetings will be
held in the University of Oklahoma
Special railroad rates of one and
one-half cent per mile have been se-
cured for delegates from the hund-<
reds of Oklahoma cities that will be
represented, Shannon states. Every
available room in Norman will be
listed and prepared for the entertain-
ment of Oklahoma Sunday school
workers during their three-day visit
to the university city. Temporary
dormitories will be established in the
church* and other public buildings.
Norman homes, as well as university
hoarding and fraternity houses will
offer free lodging and breakfast to all
out-of-town delegates.
Detailed plans were made for the
convention and chairmen appointed
by a committee from l!;c Norman
protestant churches, which met with
C. II. Nichols, state superintendent,
Sunday, January 30. i lie chairmen
are C. W. Shannon, general chairman;
7. Sullcnger, secretary; Tom B.
Matthews, entertainment; Mrs. F. M.
' Warren, assignment; Dr. S. W.
Reaves, reception; Mrs. W. L.
Broome, registration; Miss Helen
Ruth Ilolbrook, comfort committees;
Dr. J. L. Day, ushers; Thomas
Rowe, pages; Fred Close, buildings;
Ralph Records, baggage; H. H. Her-
bert, publicity; Guy Mitchell, publica-
tions; Dr. C. E. Decker, finance.
Each committee will have five mem-
Out-of-state speakers will include
W. C. Pierce, Chicago, secretary of
International Sunday school asso-
ciation; Bishop Edwin Mouzon, Dal-
las, who represents the north Texas'
and southern Oklahoma conference
of South Methodists; Ralph M. Mc-
intire, Sunday school secretary,
author, and business man df Topeka,
Kan., Rev. Jay F. Norris, Ft. Worth;
and J. H. Engle, business man,
Topeka, Kas., E. O. Excell, Chicago,
is expected to be the song leader of
the entire convention.
University of Oklahoma Y. M. C.
A. and Y. W. C. A. workers will co-
operate with Norman Sunday school
and church workers in entertaining
the Oklahoma Sunday school workers
while they are in Soonerland. Uni-
versity county clubs are also prepar-
ing special programs for visitors from
their home counties, according to
Tom Holland, county union president.
Prof. Herbert to Teach |
In K. U. Summer School
Prof. 11. H. Herbert, director of the
school of journalism, will be in charge j
of courses in journalism in the summer
.ion of the University of Kansas.
H will have char.;e of classes in news-
paper ami magazine writing, and of the
Summer Session Kansas, student publi-
cation. He will take the place of Prof.
N. Flint, who will teach journalism in
the University of Wisconsin during the
Membership Open ;i^<-iMt> Uui^a is
BE . . | in Hands of Committee
in League to Men
Eight Engineers Journey to Northern
Cities in Visit to Famous Industrial
Drama Center Not Woman's Or-
ganization; To Hold Meeting To-
night in Recital Hall.
Membership in the Norman center of
th • Drama League is open both to men
and women, Prof. T. II. Brewer, chair-
man of the educational committee of the
center, said Wednesday, in order to cor-
rect any wrong impressions received by
Work on the university appropria-
tions in the joint committee on ap-
propriations of the state legislature
is now under way, according to infor-
mation from the state capitol Wed-
This committee made up of mem-
bers of both houses will attempt to
collect all appropriation bills for all
state departments and institutions
j into one budget. The financial csti-
■ mates for the university will be one
Of the fifteen engineers who expected
to make the senior engineers' inspection
trip, which started Feb. 26, i nly eight
went, it was announced Tuesday. They
re E. B. Ferrell, J. D.Perry, M. C.
Ross, L. E. Salwaechter, John Baxter,
Grady Wann, and O. W. W alter, ^sso-
l ir.te professor of electrical engineering.
They went first to Rock Island, 111.,
where they visited the government ar-
senal and machine shops; then to Chi-
cago, where they visited various places
of interest. Among these were #ie
Chicago Telephone company, the Auto-
matic Electric company, and the Sears-
Roebuck company. The next day, I ues-
day they went to Gary, Ind., visiting the
Indiana Steel company, then back to
the Armour packing plant. They also
visited the Chicago Board of Trade,
the Chicago freight tunnels, the Western
Electric company, the Allis Chalmers
plant and the Nordberg manufacturing
company of Milwaukee.
At Chicago they were invited to din-
ner and entertained by the Sears-Roe-
buck c mpany and the Armour Packing
plant, and were invited to visit those
;!ants again next year.
/{bout SO engineers are contemplating
taking this trip next year, it was an-
i >unced.
County Club Luncheons
Feature of Union Plan
Plans for county clubs to hold lunch-
. ns and to aid in handling the attend-
ance at the state Sunday school conven-
: ion here in March were laid Wednesday
' •• '.he r.'.'.i'H of c< unty clubs, Tom Hol-
and. president, announced.
Pictuv. of the union will lie taken
ext week. All county clubs should
\rrangc for sittings at once.
The Norman center meets 8 p. m. to-
day recital hall, third floor of the ad-
ministration building, and persons desir-
ing to join may be present at this meet-
"Miss Hortcnse Nielsen in the audi-
torium today unintentionally, no doubt,
left the impression upon her audience
that the Drama league was a creation by
and for the lovely sex alone. Prof.
Brewer said. "No more mistaken idea
could be advanced.
"One of the purposes of the league
is to encourage the production and the
presentation of plays that will appeal
to a masculine as well as to a femine
audience. The feeble stuff so often pre-
pared for matinee audiences is not re-
commended by the Drama league.
"In order to produce plays that real
men will like, men must be studied and
consulted. Men have always been urged
to join the league and to ass st in its en-
"At present men are admitted oil the
same terms as women. No distinction
of the first sets of estimates
on by this committee, it is
All Organizations Must Have Pictures
Taken in Next Two Weeks; Proofs
Should Be Returned.
AJI "TOi'.p pictures for the 1921 Soon-
er will be made in the, next two weeks,
starting next Monday, it was announced
Wednesday. Presidents of organiza-
tions such as Jazz Hounds, Ruf Neks,
county clubs, shoulel see 1 ruby's studio
at once to arrange for sittings.
. All organizations exccpt my, fraternal
orders will have group pictures in the
Stud< nts having proofs out should re-
turn them immediately, or Allen Duncan,
editor, will make the selections for the
yearb<#>k. Graduates who should have
is made. Let the plain, ordinary men ; their picture taken in cap and gown have
come out and take part in a league that I not responded as fast as they should,
will mean much for Norman and the uni-j (;crald Tebbe, graduate editor, said
vcrsity. It is not absolutely essential Wednesday, in urging a more vigorous
that a man tag after a woman to enter < response from his class.
the league, or to see a good play,though j
such may be the case ere long. Let the j
men avail themselves of their rights,! „ A "PI? TI (
and privileges as long as the^ can." 1)J^ 1 ^\I Ivl Li O
University Professor Has Collected
Verse of Faculty and Students
For Publication.
Complete copy for "The University
Anthology," a selection of verse and
poetry written by members of the uni
vcrsity faculty and members of the stu-
dent body past and present, has been
sent to the university print shop by Prof.
J. F. Paxton, of the department of
Greek and archaeology. Prof. Paxton
edited the volume.
The book will contain nearly 100
pages. It is dedicated by Prof. Paxton
to his wife, who was the first woman to
receive a bachelor of arts degree from
the university, to his fellow contributors,
and to Pres. Stratton D. Brooks, who
suggested the compilation of the collec-
Faculty members who contributed are
T. H. Brewer, Louisa Brooks, W. S.
Campbell, J. B. Cheadle, E. E. Dale, ( .
A. S. Dwight, Roy Hadsell, Roy '1
House, Josh Lee, John McClure, W. N.
Rice, J. F. Paxton, Sandford Salyer, and
A. C. Scott. Dale, Hadsell, McClure
and Lee were also ex-sttrdents as well as
members of the faculty.
Student contributors arc Rose M. Belt
(Mrs. Crabb), Rolfe fugleman, C. W.
Fowler, J. J. Hill, Mark Hodgson, Ella
M. Jones, Florence Monroe (Mrs.
Crow), Ruth Muskrat, Walter Morrow.
Zoe A. Stratton (Mrs. Tilghman), Eliza-
beth Taylor, and Waldo Wetteiigell.
Smith's Talks Ggt Aid
Date Set Forward One Week; To De-
bate Texas and Arkansas on Indus-
For University Church trial Court Question.
"Religious Needs and Opportunities j
in the University" is the subject of a ' The date of the first triangular debate
scries of addresses being given by G. H. between the universities of Oklahoma
Smith, professor of sociology, according Texas, and Arkansas, has been changed
to Jesse Long, president of the Sooner [to April 6, from April 13, according to
bible class in the First Methodist church, an announcement made Monday by Prof.
Soutl, Josh Lee, debating coach.
Mr. Smith gave this address in Chick- J. C. Looney and William Haddad will
asha Jan. 30. "No collection was asked
for," Mr. Smith said, "but a number of
people offered to subscribe several hun-
dred dollars for a university church."
debate the negative side >t tin question
against Texas at Austin. J. Keene Hor-
ner and Claude Mo'inet will debate the
ffirmative side of the question at Nor
Mr Smith will give this address in Sny- , man. The Industrial Law is the subject
der Feb. 6. !of the dcbate-
'Member Corporal Jackson? Directory Names hood hor Him
Editor's Note—Did you ever stop to
browse through the student directory
just to see the Sights? Well, well, Ima
Sooner, that delectable Sooner maid did.
from the Eastland from behind a Cloud,
the Corporal a Rose from his Bedford
like the Goodson of his father, and
Lively Chased over to the Eatmore for—
Methodist Recommend
Student for Ministry
Oonafd E. Schooler, arts and sci-
ence freshman, has been recently re-
commended by the quarterly confer-
ence of the South Methodist church
for a license to preach. He is now
fiilling the pulpit in the South Metho-
dist church in Washington, Okla-
Before coming here Schooler
managed a chautauqua, anel he has al-
ways taken part in oratorical work.
He is from Oklahoma City.
Incidentally, she discovered that they had some Laton.
left her name and telephone number otjt, As the Corporal sat down, he mutter-
but it's still the Wild Cat House, Phone ed. "My Suits a Seitz, and, Pullen
Busy. Ima's experience with the direc- j down his Coats, gave his order for Ba-
tory is herein told, using only names ap-j con, Fryed Hamni, ■ ea e oa , am
. .. , • ,• .nrv Bunn. As his order was slow in appear-
luarl n 1 _____ ing, be groaned, "What in the Hills of
Know one and all that petite Miss Ima 1 Greeuberg Al(s)cr?"
Sooner was charming and Small a Vir-j "Don't be a Crabbe,' retorted^ the
-in as ever entered the university. A!- Head Butler of the Eatmore. ^ ou
tiiough she became a trifle Wild after her Teas Ingersolls always Howie at the
irst few weeks sojourn here, she was | Serviss like a Bullock at a Bale of
not wholly bad. Now, Ima owned a j Clover. Won't you wait until the Cook
Haynes, and used it. And Corporal gets through Kook<?n the Bacon r'
Jackson, Pope of seven Personnetts in J "I Gotcher," the Crafty would-be Sar-
the university R. O. T. C, cherished the j gent replied. He got White when the
very thought of her, and longed to be | Butler, Hopping into the Kitchen,
her Carman. brought out a Herring and a Dunn for
One morning—the fated' morn—Ima I the Price of the entire meal, lhe Cor-
thrcw back the Sheets from her Down-jporal turned up his Doughty nose at the
ng Couch rather late, especially for an | Bills, and started to leave, when be no-
5 o'clock. She donned her Lisle hose, | deed the High skirt Ima always wore.
Skidmore shoes, Cotton Smock, small as: "Well, look whose here, be exclaim-
i Childress, and, noting that her Harcied.
vas still Kcrley, made haste for the Eat-1 "I'm Mee," she parried. " i ou re
iore shop, for some Eaton. | some Guy, you are. You Hohl my Hart
And Corporal Jackson Mused on in —you're so unlike the ordinary Hicks
lis sleep that morning, on the hard
ushion of his Ford, parked beside the
Wild Cat House. As the Son Peaked
arid Dupy dates. You're the missing
Link, the Bow to Cupid's arrow, my
Boaz, you."
"Cash, please," interrupted the Butler.
But the Corporal just Balked him with
a grin, and said, "Holderman. You'll
Leadatnan to the Lynch Laws, it you
keep on."
"I'm ready to put my Burckhalter on
y<,u for the Sweetland Way, my Darline
Let me Tighe you up. Let me be your
Bosse, instead of your Courier. 1. t me
be Nye to you the rest of our \\ ild
Young lives. 1 hate to Braag of what
I can do, but I'll give you my Bond to
any Booker that I'll get you out of this
Berg at once in my Delaplanc. We'll go
to the High Peak of the highest Mount.
Ours will be a life of Huggins forever
Moore. Here I Neal."
"Don't Argue, you Swindler." This
from the Frost of a Butler. "You've
Been at this Long enough. I'll call the
Dean if you don't put your I'yle of-—'
"Listen, you imitation Judy, get the
Gist of what I'm going to say, and it'll
satisfy your Fears. When I see a pretty
girl 1 Freese onto her, and keep a Holt
to her. Here, take your money. Ima
I'm in Ernst with you, you Hazel-eyed
minx. Let's go to the Parsons and Bow
to the Archer of love."
All this time Ima held her breath.
Then she took a Peak out of her eyes
at the passionate Corporal and Fell.
And when the Corporal halted in his
kissing of her, she only murmured
Will Render Interpretations of Old
Folk-Songs and Play Lute; Student
Tickets Good.
Thomas Wilfred, distinguished dra-
matic interpreter of folk-songs and play
er of the arch-lute, will perform in the
university auditorium Tuesday evening,
Feb. 8, it was announced by M rs. Bee
Barry, secretary to Dean Frednk Holm
berg, Wednesday.
Student tickets will* be accepted for a< 1
The arch-lute owned and played by-
Mr. Wilfred is a In:,,.' double necked in-
strument with two sets of tuning pegs
j mil 12 strings, and is probably the only
one of its kind in existence. It is of a
ela>s of instruments which was in vogue
in the 16th and 17th century, and which
was only superseded when the violoncello
j superseded the lute in about the 18th
These instruments were used for much
the same purposes that the harpsichord
and the piano were later when they came
into use. There is evidence that the lute
•xistcd, in a crude form, as far back as
1000 B. C.
Surprises to heature
Y. W. C. A. Meet Todnv
"Is Your Book Dusty?" is the general
title of the Y. W. C. A. meeting to be
held at 4:30 p. m. today in recital
hall, administration building. I lie pro-
gram for the afternoon, which i$ in com-
plete charge of the Philathca Sunday
school class of the Methodist church,
was announced yesterday by Miss Helen
Ruth Holbrook, teacher of the class and
Y. W. C. A. secretary.
The devotional exercises will be in
charge of Muriel Craven who is presi-
dent of the Philathca class. "The Sa-
cred Book," a vocal solo, will be given
by Nellie Barnes. "The Worlds Best
Seller" is the title of a short talk by
Bernice Personnett. The "surprise of
the afternoon will be by Edwina Ileflcr.
Virgil Keever, Bernice Gaylord, Laura
Roberts, Helen Personnel, and Fern
Perry. "The Bible at a Single Glance"
s the title chosen by Miss Holbrook foi
ler talk.

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