The Lexington Leader (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 26, No. 13, Ed. 1 Friday, December 8, 1916 Page: 1 of 8

yr~*t I
■ ■ £
Business Change At Corbett
The store belonging to Ward
Irothera at Corbett was sold Mon-
day ot this week, the groceries and
hardware being bought by J. P.
Corbett and and added to his stock
at that place, and the dry goods and
thoes were bought by Morrison &
Co of Noble. Plea Ward, who has
been managing the business for
orae time, was in Lexington Wed-
nesday and stated that he had no
definite plans for the future, but
iill probacy engage in some other
line soon.
T. G. Hart is visiting his son,
Clark, at Bradley, and his brother,
James Hart, nt Chickasha,
W. E. McDonald, J. M. McPher-
son and W. 1L Ilennessa are pros-
pecting near Davis this week.
L. L. Sanders transacted business
at Wanette Saturday.
All parties interested in the Crap-
per cemetery are requested to meet
at the cemetery December 11 at 1
p. m.
Mr. Young, cattle buyer of Nor-
man, has been buying cattle in this
yicinity this week.
Miss Iva Sanders attended the
State Teachers Meeting at Okla-
homa City Friday and Saturday.
Church of Christ
A large attendance and a fine ser
vice is reported for last Sunday
The talks at this service were made
by the elders of the church and
were greatly enjoyed by all present.
J. F. Smith of Doby Springe,
Okla. will be visiting in our town
and will preach Thursday and Fri-
day at 7 p. m. Attend and he will
interest and benefit yon,
Bible School at 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a in arid 7. p.
m. next Sunday.
Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7
p. m.
Everybody invited to attend.
N. O. flay.
Dental Notice
On Wednesday, December IB, 1
will extract all teeth free, using the
painless method, and will make ex-
aminations for you, telling vou just
what your needs are. My crown
and bridge work is not excelled by
any dentist, as is proven by the
large amount of work turned out in
my office. Come in now and see
me. The prices are not as high as
you are asked by other dentists.
J. C. Collier. D. D. S.
D. C. Jenks was over from Pur-
cell Thanksgiving day visiting
FOR SALE:—1 (Jood work horse
Price $75 cash or time. See E.
Blackwell. 13-3t
Mrs. Frank Harryman Dead
Mrs. Ruth Harryman. wife of
Frank Harryman. died suddenly at
an Oklahoma City hospital Wednes-
day November 29, after an illnpss of
about three weeks. Mr.* Harryman
visited his wife at the hospital Wed-
nesday morning and at that time
the lady seemed to be recovering.
The attending physician and nurse
told the gentleman that Mrs. Harry-
man would be able to return on the
morning train. When he arrived
home,a message had heenvTeceived
bearing the information of Mrs.
Harryman's death.
Funeral services were conducted
at the family home Thanksgiving
day. aVid interment was m:;dr. in
the Lexington cemetery'tbat after-
Besides a husband and four child-
ren the deceased is survived by her
lather, sister and a twin brother.
buys A Chevrolet
Mr. Jim Caskey of the Corbett
neighborhood is driving a new
Chevrolet automobile which he pur-
chased from the local dealer, Roy
Sherman, Monday of this week.
The car is the latest model, a beauty
and one that will afford Mr. Caskey
and family much pleasure.
Sunday School at 9:45 a. m,
Preaching at 11 a. m.
Epworth League at 6:15 p. m.
Preaching at 7:15 p. m.
Prayer Meeting Wednesday night
at 7:30, led by D. N. Kostenbader
and his Sunnay School class.
W. J. Richards, Pastor.
A Help To Santa Claus
Anyone wishing to purchase
hand made articles for Christmas
gifts, call at Mrs. Elkin's Millinerv
Store December 15 and 16.
Moving To Texas
John King left with his family
Thursday of this week for his new
home near Denison, Texas. C.
T. Stein assisted Mr. King in load-
ing a car of household goods and
farm implements at Purcell Wed"
nesday. Mr. King has purchased
a good farm near Denison.
Mr. Harry Hawk and family, the
Misses Jov Finnell and Ima Oakes,
and Mr. Sprouls, of Oklahoma City,
Mrs. Mattie Elkin artd daughter,
Mrs. Oscar Monnett, were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Smith
Thanksgiving day.
Dr. Scott's Magnetic Corsets,
spinal supporting hack, non-rust-
able. unbreakable. If you wear a
corset, why not try one of these
Magnetic Corsets? See Mrs Elkin.
K. .1. Keller was a Norman visitor
Tuesday of this week.
A complete line
You will find here a lull assortment ot
Toilet Articles, School Books and Sup1
plies, Stationery, Rubber (loods,
Cigars, Tobaccos and
Pi. re DruOs
Fire At Farmer's Gin
Fire of nnknnv\ i
at the gin owne 1
Cotton Seed t
Sunday resultii
to the coal bin.
turned in and in
unteer8 had exMr
before the Arrival ' •'
Home Miss!
The Mission Soc:
Church met at th
December 5.
The meeting hi> i
one quite a number
the election of ofli
lhe old officers . ..
their work of the prov. ,. > > .ah
satisfactory, Thur.-J. > < . .h.
ladies will quilt at ti c'.;:i
those who are able to > ,
presence will be grcauy apMci-1
i he next meeting ..
with Mrs. Lee. Everyone ... <
ally invited.
C beland County Cotton
"" C! vel;ind county cotton crop
i ■ : ' . ut '. re.!, ' f inner* being
' 1 '.!i l v ilier almost
«! 1 " T' git.ring report pre-
t'>i" coivity i ottnrrreport'T.
■ t . ■>•!« '•>, I nj> to November
!4 ' ' ■■ 1 I 9 190 1- 1 i. Up
i>., ' ime (I '.<• last venr only
The Lender last week overlooked
' 'ion of the wedding of two of
:r popul r young people, Mr.
>h t ouraine ind Miss Augusta
iithies which occurred at the home
the young man's mother, Mrs.
F An^le, in ibis :ity, on Friday,
1 •' r 24. Rev. Rit hards read-
; :li 'rcmony. Immediately
ter the martiage the young people
fi for Oklahoma City where a brief
ury moon was t -nt The bride-
nn is the sou of Mrs. L. E.
le i f this city, tmd a well and
ibly known young man, hav-
, :V(d in this vicinity for several
ai ^ The bride is the daughter
>i at hit
Y. b
f ain p' pie who live north
town, and hat won a large nutn-
i of friends in that neighborhood
id Lexington. Mr. Lou'raine is
nployed ut the Farmers Gin. Mr.
. i Mrs. Louraine will soon move
a farm in the Willow Viewneigh-
Completed Fine hooiv,
W. C. Kemp has recently mov
into his new home, one milo
and one and one half miles east, j
which was built by J. 11. Baugh-j
man and workmen. The new house
is one of the best in that neighbor-
end< ad by the |
p ri-
ng serviced
B. Y. P. U. Program
Leader, Albert Elliott!
1 |Bible readers' quiz, John Robin-1
Scripture reading, Act 13-1-2,1
Grace Keller.
Barnabas and Saul sent to the!
Foreign Field, Helen Washburn.
Barnabas and Saul on the Island I
of Cyprus. Introduction of and j
verse 1 under paragraph 2. Jennie
Barnabas and Saul, Paphos, verse
2 and 3 under 2. Jala Grogan.
Paul and Barnabs at Perga, Verle
Paul and Barnabas at Antioch in
Pisidia Arabic, verse 1 under para-
graph 4, John Robinson.
The second Sabbath, verse 1 un-
er paragraph 4, Pearl Corbett.
Scripture reading, Act 13-44-52,
Raymond Marcum.
Poem, Itura Strong.
young pcop
We had g
at bolh ;it't pi hing hours
We will begin a new
year ri°xt Sunday. Let everyone
begin now to m ike it a great yearj
in the v. rk of the church. The
fit Id . are whiteunto harvest and the
Lord of the harvest is seeking for
labor; :■ He asks, "Why stand ye
here idle all the day?" With some
it is now perhaps the eleventh boiir
and the last call. Have you any
r gre's about the results of this
year's work in our church? Would
you have next year's work to be
different? If so will you help make
it so? There are places that can
have a larger church and Sunday
school than Lexington, but none
that can have a better one if we
will do our part. Meet me at the
church next Sunday morning and
we will begin the new year's work
Lee L. Reeves, Pastor.
Misses Hattie and Cora Northcutt
of Wayne visited relatives here
Thursday of last week.
Clifford Williams and Tobe
Center left Monday afternoon for
western points, looking for em-
ployment. They will visit Denver,
Salt Lake City and later will go to
Eugene, Oregon.
Pay your taxes to A. C. Stevens
at the Security State Bank and save
a trip to Norman. 3t
You Need A Stove
We have just received a shipment of Heat-
ers, Cook Stoves and Ranges in all sizes
and styles, coal or combination coal and
Our prices are lew in comparison with what you
are asked elsewhere.
[tetter <jet your Stove now while the line is complete
Wynne & Massey
First Class Tin Shop in Connection
J. N. Clary and wife left Sunclay
for Sulphur where they will visit for
a few days.
Eugene Crane and wife, who
have been living on the Conkling
farm, moved into the Uniou Hill
neighborhood Wednesday.
Bessie and Pauline Rozelas of
Norman visited at the Frank Conk-
ling home during the Thanksgiving
Emiriett Clary, Sherb Couch,
Luther Winters and Walter Conk-
ling attended a pie supper at Rose
Hill Tuesday night.
Mrs. J. L. Conkling, Henry and
Jewel Conkling spent the holidays
on their farm here.
A litttle child of Mr. Bennett and
wife is very sick nt present.
Mr. Clay moved into the Willow
View neighborhood Saturday,
The Science Hill school was
closed Monday for two weeks on
account of a smallpox epidemic in
that vicinity.
Flopd Tapp of Simon, Oklahoma
is visiting with Rev, Cordell and
wife this week.
The Bethel church has purchas-
ed a new organ.
Mrs. Oswald visited Mrs. Cordell
Mrs. Dick Travis spent several
days in Wayne this week visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Cecil Hiridman.
Mr. J. W. Belew and wife, who
have been living in Lexington for
several months, recently purchased
the John King farm, south-east of
Lexington, and moved to their new-
home Friday of last week.
STRAYED:—Red pig about two
months old strayed from premises
last Sunday afternoon. Anyone
knowing where it is please phone
N. O. Ray or the Leader office.
Buys New Model Saxon
Mr. John Garrett, accompain'ed
t>y his son, Chester, and Dr. C. E.
Northcutt, went up to Oklahoma
City Tuesday night and returned a
few hours later in a new six cylinder
Saxon automobile which was sold
by the local agents, Sherman and
Northcutt. The new car is the lat
est 1917 model, having many re-
finements that add much to the
comfort and pleasure of the owner.
Sunday bchuol Convention
The following is a condensed re■
port of the Cleveland County Sun-
day School convention held at Noble
November 2(1, 27, 1910.
The program, as previously print-
ed, was curried out with two ex-
ceptions. Two speakers could not
Twenty-one Sunday schools re-
ported to the secretary previous to
the conventi >n and three more re-
ported at the convention.
The following schools of the coun •
ty contributed to our county pledge
of $50 made to the state association
New Hope $1,00
Mt. Zion 1.00
Noble, Methodist 11.00
Stella 2.15
Box .40
Norman, Methodist • 4.00
Bethel .75
Independence 1.00
Stovall 1.00
Blackburn, Free Methodist .55
Norman, Christian 5.00
Norman, Presbyterian 6.00
Moore 4.OH
Norman, Methodist 4.00
Melvin McCollough 7.50
M. I). Long 1.00
Private Cash 1.00
Balance from 1915 2.62
Total 53.05
The total was paid to the State
Secretary at the close of the con-
The convention voted a pledge of
$50 to the State Association for the
year 1917.
The following county officers were
elected for the coming year: James
Stufllehean. president, W. I). Bow-
en, vice-president; Melvin McCol-
lough, secretary, re-elected.
In behalf of the people of the
convention, we thank the people of
Noble for their generous hospitality
and also the Sunday schools who
contributed to the State Association
Fund.—Melvin McCollough. County
Messrs. Thornton and Wells of
the Purcell Oil Mill, were over
Tuesday on business.
FOR SALE:—One boy gelding,
1 German coach stallion. 2 milch
cows, wagon and harness, kafir fod-
der, peanut hay and 1 Old Trusty
brooder.—Herzog farm. 7 1-2 miles
east of Lexington.
Hill & Claunch, Proprietors
Shipment of SELZ Shoes
•lust received a shipment of S«l/. Royal Blue Shoes.
23 different styles. All leather*, styles and lasts.
Men's work shoes $2 to $5. I>ress shot - $3.50 to
fti, 50. Roys shoes $1.75 to $3.50, Boy s Bootees
at $3.50. Men's Bootees at HVeand*ix dollars. Men s
Rubber Boots at thr^e dollars.
VV YV I \ MPC ('ents" Furnishing.
VV . V> . Jr\l\ Purcell, Oklahoma •
© ®
©Notice the growth of the Farmers State Jgj
m Guaranty Bank U
The oldest and largest bank in Lexington. The bank
that eas stood the test for 25 years. We solicit your business
and we will give you our service of many years of banking ex-
perience. Deposit your money with a bank that is able to {§)
take care your wants at any and all times. Q
Loans and Warrants - $
Real Estate, Furniture. Fixture-
Cash and Exchange $116,545.95
Bills of Exchange 24,558.95 141,104.90
Total - - $221,267.06
Cabital Stock # 15,000.00
Surplus and Profits 6,896 99
Deposits 199.370 07
Total - - $221,267.06

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