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OXIidioraa Historic Society
High School Notes
The teachers # began their work
with renewed energy and inspira-
tion glad to get back to their work.
Superintendent Buhner mentioned
some of the speeches made by l>r.
Judd and Prof. Zueblin, both full
of optimism and idealism.
Miss Crossley from Oklahoma
City was a pleasant visitor last
Superintendent Bahner organized
a Vigilantes Club which is for the
purpose of self government in our
high school classses. The following
are members: I'rof. It. \V. Bahner,
ex-ofticio, seniors, Eva Long, cap-
tain," Hazel McBee, juniors, Harry
Carter, captain, Arthur Morrison,
sophomores, Lewin Corbett, cap-
tain, Lena Phillips, Russell Conk-
ling, Isal Sherman, freshmen, Jesse
Hackler, captain, John Robinson,
Horton Higbee, Pearl Corbett,
Argo Graham and Margie
The officers are
Social Honor To Mrs. E. M. A Disgraceful Affair ♦ STOVALL.
Abernathy cur^s. bines, catcalls and bill- CMpt Gomel Everyb >dj
* ... I ingtgsto were hurled at each other the big box Bupp< r at Stovall Sat-
/ 8 ic uif oiiij . . " .1 i by members of the State Education-, urday night (tomorrow night).
naUonals re^resente^at the school* association at Oklahoma City Musi, by Prof. J. B. Higbee, o,
.. . Fridav morning fay the factions tor i hestr.i.
selects a patroness for the year, to."may j
preside over all social
and when a motion was
functions «nd against State Superintendent
held by the sorority. Pi Beta Phi. | Wilson^ Prof Parmalee andI Prifi-
one of the best sororities, nationally | fipal Masters led the ant.-W ilaon
and also at the state university, jf()rce8'
has selected Mrs. E. M. Abernathy
as their patroness, certainly a dis-
tinct compliment and honor to the
lady. The social affairs of the va-
rious sororities are perhaps the
most brilliant of any held in the
Ladies Dinner A Success
The ladies of the Home Mission-
ary Society did a "land-office" bus-
iness at their dinner, Saturday in
the Greemore building. During
the noon hour the place was fafrly
Hill. | deluged with hungry people want-
_ Lewis Corbett, j ing some of the delicious and sub-
president; Lena Phillips, secretary, j gtantial menu always found on
Eva Long, Treasurer. i such occasions. Not one dissatis-
Miss Elliott has started a new j tied customer came away either,
class in beginning Latin for the j everybody getting a great sufficien
benefit of those who did not start j ey. The ladies realized some $32
at the beginning of the Year so they from the^iinner, which is surely an
may by diligent work and applica-, excellent showing for one hour and]
tion catch the other class. This fifteen minutes business. The pro-
class meets at 8:!!0 a. m. i ceeds go toward the benefit of the
' The German II class has finished church debt.
Immensee and has been examined
and are ready to begin another Cotton May Go to Nine Cents
text jvhich will be "Die deutschen' It is believed by cotton men in
Kleinstadler." Texas, men who keep posted on
Mr. Ernest Elliot from the A. & | conditions, that cotton wijl go to
M. college at*9tillwatw gave us a nine cents within a very few weeks.
Mrian-BMrs. Nelson of S;>ri"._
Hill visited the Sundnj school Sun-
day evening.
Mrs. Harry Bridwell has been
quite ill the past week"but is some
better now. ,
Miss Gladys Crassly was a guest
of Empo Mayes one evening this
made that Wilson be invited to
make an address, Parmalee, who is
principal of the Lee building in
Oklahoma City, rushed to the ros-
trum and mounting a piano, shout- week.
ed: "Better invite Booker T. Mrs. Fanny Agee of Lexington,
Washington, who may have a black j who was injured by a horse step-
skin but ha« a white heart." Then j ping on her side, is able to be out
the riot tool place. Finally Wilson I again seeing after her farms and
got the floor and declared it an in-(cattle.
suit to him and every white man' Little P. J. Stovall came very
and white woman in Oklahoma to near having a serious accident when
Eugene Siake Entertains
Master Eug^n Blake entertained
a number of hij little friends, Fri-
itty afternoon, spending the after-
noon in kodaking and games. The
most interesting guests were Butter-
up and Anna Darling, as the jolly
crowd enjoyed riding th< polii< -. A
two course luncheon was served to
the Misses Monata Myers, Pearl
Shockley. M irgti' rite Lissauer.Alim
compare him with Booker T. Wash-
ington. Finally, also, Mr. W ilson
was elected president of the associ-
ation, getting 532 votes out of the
1000 present.
It is said, too, that a number of
those who took part in the affair
were intoxicated.
(•i„.usi-:n(t. nokthci it
Olerence Nortlicutt, who is taking
his senior year work In medicine at
the Memphis Medical College
writes that he is getting along flue,
serving his senior interne in St.
Joseph Hospital, the lari?est hospital
in Memphis The hospital has 500
rooms and is well equipped in every
way. Clarence is able to see and
Collins, Verna Ward. Grace Keller. • assist in from three to ten surgical
Messrs Ray Teague. Wilford Ward.
Van Hester Lowe The jolly crowd
departed with a sweet good bye
wishing Eugene wo\ild have many
more.such happy gatherings.
Public Sale
call and in his talk which he gave
before the students he mentioned
the fact that ever} one seemed to
study and not to run aboutyiind
waste their time. He was also
pleased with th« increased enroll-
Laboratory apparatus has been
ordered to the amount of $60.
We are in need of a good library.
If you have any books which you
would like to donate to our library
they will be cheerfully received.
Cotton Business Picking Up
The cotton business and market
is surely showing signs of com-
plete recovery and the prevailing
price this week has been very en-
couraging to all. Saturday was a
big day in the market and at the
yard. Weigher W. J. Purnell and
Booker Claude Perkins were busy
from morning 'til night, weighing
over two hundred bales. Most of
the cotton was sold at i cents and
brought the fanners a very good
price. Close to 250 bales were mar-
keted here Saturday which goes to
show that Lexington is rapidly
coming i^Vto her own as a cotton
marketing point. Both the Anti-
Trust and Farmers gins have been
turning out right at one hundred
bales a day. Mr. Purnell
he got hold of a can of lye. Luck
ily he did not swallow any of
it but burned his mouth and face
a little.
Will Suckv was on the sick list
the ptst week.
John Sucky has his Buick car in
fine shape now and is working on
Dr. Thackers car this week.
Misses Lena and Cora Phillips,
Empo Mayes, Rose Wilson, Gladys
Crossly, Mr. and Mrs. Carter, Fan-
nie Johnson, Rev. Johnson, Homer
Johnson, Hajry and Jess Carter
were among those attending the
box supper at Spring Hill la-t -ut-
European markets are opening up
much cotton being shipped, and
the demand promises to increase.
Prices in Norman to day were
from $(>.(>•"> to $7.40. the latter for a
few bales of strictly tirsr ebi^s.
There was something like 100 bales
marketed, and a long line of loaded
wagons took their turn at the gins.
—Norman Transcript.
Another line rain fell Saturday
night followed by a cool wave.
Apples and cotton are nearly all
Cy Williams spent Saturday and
Sunday at Oklahoma City with his
sister Mrs Johnie Grace who is very
W. H. Dutton hauled a load of
apbles to Blanchard Thursday.
Born to Walter McDonald and
wife a fine boy. All parties doing
The socialist party of Eason town-
ship (Pottawatomie county) elected
a full township board.
S. I. R. McCulan transacted busi-
ness at Lexington Friday.
Mrs. J. F. Smith returned home
Saturday from Oklahoma City
where she has oeen visiting her
brother for two weeks.
Mrs. Dave Hill is on the sick list
this week.
P. M Ward and wife visited her urday night.
father Mr. J. F. Smith Sunday. W. X. Carter had the misfortune
Rev and Mrs. J. M. Dean visited1, "f having a horse gtep on his foot,
at the K. W. Jarboe home Sunday.1^ a palnfu'
Anna Ward spent Sunday With m N. Hanyman had as her
; guests, frumlay, Mr. and Mrs. Blake
Lora Burlison. |()j Lw$.mgton. Mrs. H. Friend and
John Holmes visited Mared " Ruth and John and Dgssie Suchy.
unday. ^ ; j}ly Sherman and wife and Roy
Rev. J. M. Peaci filled his : - •• - , m and wife were Sunday
appointment Saturday ani Sunday ' -f-'Clayton Shern>;>>s Sunda
operations a day. certainly a very
practical opportunity. He is spend-
ing all his time in the hospital and
will not return to his college lec-
tures before the first of the year.
His grades have all been high and
we confidently expect a very success-
1 will sell at public auction at j (Uj future for him when he sets out
my place, 10 miles east and 3 >1 jn medical world with an M. D.
north of Lexington, 3-4 north of attached tu Ms name.
Henderson, 9 miles west of Tribbey
on the old Greemore home place, on
Monday, November 23, at 10 o'clock ( human h.m'k
a. m., the following described prop-1 The devastation of humanity is
still the most terrible exaction of
warfare. Progress in civilization,
in political, economic and personal
freedom is dearly bought, if it be
attained only at the price of phy-
sical deterioration.
I Napoleon's fatal genius clouded
all Europe with the gloom of war,
wrecked commerce and industry,
crushed political freeedom. But
worst of all, and more lasting, was
the blow to the manhood of France.
As a result of the present 'con-
flict Europe will re/Vive a rentun
s ithack by reason of the preserva-
tion i>f the weak and infirm. Here
is thought for the eugenist.
his hrothkb's keeper
In studying the question of pre-
I vention of disease, what will you
erty to wit:
1 two year old colt, 1 four jear old
jersey cow, fresh in J Miliary. 1 sev-
en year old jersey cow. fresh in Jan-
uary, 1 brown mare, seven years old
foal by Cheatwood jack, 450 bush-
els of corn, 2 tons of hay, 2 riding
J. I. Case cultivators, 1 11 in. sulkk
plow. 2 listers. 1 go-devil, 2 stoves,
one heater an l one cook stove,.
Terms of Sale: 11 months time
on all sums over $10.00. notes to be
approved by the Farmers State
Guararitv hank of Lexington, All
sums under $10.00. cash, 1.0 per
cent discount for c -'h on all sums
over $10.00. Ail property must be
settled for before re ti >ved from pre-
W. M. Brown. Owner
Stovall had a fine rain Saturday
Prof; Joe Higbee passed through
stovall District Monday, enroute to
at the Baptist church.
Geo. Finnell passed through Cor-
bett Monday enroute to Lexington
to market cotton.
Joe Blevens and M. L. Bowling : Corbett.
were business visitor; in Lexington; Mrs. N. Harrytnaii spent the
Tuesday night with Mrs. 1'. .1. Stovall last
J. L. Halley left Monday for Fort Wednesday while Mr. Stovall was
Worth where he has a. position on
J. E. Bean, Auctiooer j tliink of this thought: No man is
or ( an be a law unto himself but is
in a large sense his brother s keep-
er. Individualism must be sub-
merged in order that every human
unit in every place have a commu-
nity of interest with every other .
MYs. M. A. Walla, e left Satur-
day returning • Wednesday from
Chickasha where she vi>ite I her son
James. He is lot 'ted at 220 N.
(ith street.
—K ft N \I.K
(rlen-WoodFruit Farm, Lexington
I Okl Uonia.
Franks bakery for light lunches
ynd good eats at Purcell.
Anyone knowing themselves to
be indebted to me for anything
other than ginning, I would ask you
„ says 110 ieave the same at either of the
there are more large bales this year hanks and take a receipt for it. as
the road. His family will remain
at their home here this winter.
School will begin Monday with
J. B. Higbee and Miss Anna Ward
in charge.
away on business,
Vaughn GJenn and family were
were trading in Purcell Saturday
and visited Mrs. Little until Sun-
Miss Allie Breeding was down
, ,T- r> ,uQft ..wife,! from Norman Saturday to spSnd
Pear and Lewis Corbett visiteu , ... . • ,,
the week end witl< her ,parent8 W .
K Breeding.
Catt the Modern Steam Laundry
Purcell for first class laundry work.
homefolks here from Thursday
Sunday last week.
Mrs. Lewis Mitchell returned
Corbett Monday.
The Cossey gin has ginned close
to eleven hundred bales of cotton
to date.
Robert Ward went to Pauls Val-
ley Saturday, returning Monday.
J. F. Shockley and wife were vis-
itors to Norman and Oklanorna
City Thursday,
\VV\TE1)—1000 Busheis of \pple
If you ha^e any apples you want
! ground into good pauteurized cider
Dr. Lambert was a business visit- or vinegar, let me know a once,
or here Tuesday. Best equipment possible to do the
Ward Bros, received quite a ship- work. If you wish to soil your ap-
, . ... I Dies see me for terms and prices
ment of shoes tor their -tore tins H PRIENDt
W. E. Barnard, gin inspector, re-
Expert Piano Tuner ports as follows: 8,973 bales of cot-
■ con ginned up to Octocker 18 as
If you are wanting your piano j aK.,inst T 126 at that date last year,
tuned to give satisfaction and per-' ||e say8 twenty thousand bales were
feet sound, phone 18, Lexington j probably raised this year in the
and dates can be arranged. county, but that some of it will
m 1: | probably not be picked unless the
C : price gets a great deal better.
Now, maybe you have something
As am making arrangements to , , „n
, ... YOU have been wanting to sell 01
move awav in a short tune. I will • ...
1 , buy or have lost well did you e\er
ask all those who owe for ginning ■ .... . , ,
, ,, 1.1 1 stop to think that a little want au in
to please pay the same to Ed Low. j , p , wnrlf for
at the gin, and oblige
T. B. Peery.
Or. H. H. Wynne. Oculist.
than any year since he has been in
the weighing business.
A. T. Roberts, the Old Reliable
Jeweler, can do your watch repair-
ing. All work guaranteed.
I will be away' for sometime, and
will not a chance to see you in per-
T. B. Peery.
Good meals for 25 cents at the
Barker Hotel. Try one!
® Safety,
Service, @
Strength |
— ®
Capital and Surplus, $18,000 ®
"Safety First" |
Chas. Greemore, Pre-iJent. M. R. Northcutt, Cashier (§)
For Sale
Well improved residence in new
district for sale cheap and on easy
terms. A. McDaniel, Real Estate,
Norman, Oklahoma.
i Lexington, Okla. R. 4.
E. J. Keller went to Norman
' Saturday to spend Sunday with his
: family.
Elmer Claunch has been ver
ti'i- pn t week at his home wiu
attack of tonsilitif-. He i- im-
proving slowly.
A good Indian motorcycle for ~ (i
sale or trade. You can get a bar- Dollars Saved
gain by coming at once. See or j Boys, I canyon dollars on any
call the Good Service Telephone t :,;|or made suit and shave you for
Company, Lexington, Okla. ten cents. P. W. Booker.
Specialist of the eye. ear. nose
and throat, of Oklahoma City, will
he professionally in Pur-, eli, on
Fridav Nov 13. The - 'ientific: (,n business,
application of lenses (glasses) to
the eye receives my attention. One
regular visit each month. Lexing-
ton 1 p. m. to 5 p. m. Purcell 9 a.
m. to 12 a. m.
Inquire at the office of Dr.
R K.Tii i k—r irr Pala.-e Dru.,' St .re
in Lexington or Baird - Dru
in Purcell
the Leader will do the work for
you. Don't be bashful, try it once,
Phone 18.
E. L. Ambrister went to Norman
Saturday evening.
Sheriff Claud I'ickard, Clyde Pie-
kard, John Hardie and Egan Oster-
haus of Norman were here, Friday.
Everett Sherman, wife and daugh-
ter. Nadine. were visitors to Nor-
man, Sunday.
Tobe Peery sends word to home
folks from Clayton, Missouri, that
he is enjoying bis trip, likes that
country fine and that he would land
it hi- old home town, W fllsville,
'"re in a few day-', l'ohe is looking for
1 a location.
@ .@
At Bairds
Range In Price $15.00 to $450.00
Any Style. Any F inish
See I s
Baird s 5^2^ Store
^ Purcell. Oklahoma
Your money by placing it in a guaranty
bank where there is no danger of loss.
Your money deposited in our bank is
protected by the state and is as safe as
a government bond,
® Careful and Conservative!
Lexington, l^klahonia.
E. M. Abernathy President
11 M. Evans, Cashier @
6> o

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