The Lexington Leader (Lexington, Okla.), Vol. 21, No. 38, Ed. 1 Friday, June 7, 1912 Page: 4 of 8

The Lexington Leader
Hakdik «fe Jenks, Proprietors.
Mrs. C. W. Upchurch (lied Sun- John Hoimes and Lewis Corbett!
I day at the home of her son, W. A.'have established#a picture gallery J
Upchurch, after an illness of several at Corbett and invite
Entered «t the posiofflce at Lexington
Okla. as Second-class nmil matter.
at the
All announcements carried
this column are charged for
following rates:
$15.00; for District offices,
for County
ship offit
nouncements must be paid in ad-
vance of first publication. All an-
nouncements carried until the pri-
mary election in August.
We are authorized to make the
following announcements subject to
• Kugene Mallow made a business
trip to-Wanette .Saturday.
C. M. Mantooth made a trip to
Byars Saturday. *
Hox Lodge No. 201 I. 0. O. F.
will hold memorial services as their
lodge hall at Box on Tuesday night
June 11. Everybody is invited.
For State officers, I 1)iin C- Crider' the socia,li8t ler\
$10 00- i turer from Texas, will speak at Red
„ty offices; $10.00; for Town- j sI,ri Ks ecl'°o1 hous<> on
ice'- $2.50. Fees for an- ni*ht. June 13' IIe 11
h in ad- free musical entertainme
ilso gives a
free musical entertainment in con-
nection with his lecture. .Every
body is invited to come.
Don't U C.
Cordell called on Mrs. J.
the action of the democratic pn-j Conk]int, Wednesday evening.
mary August •>, 1012.
For Conghkss 5th District.
J. \V. Mansell.
Scott Ferris.
For Reprksestative.
.J. J. Brown.
N, E. Sharp.
For Col'N'ty JlTTXiK.
F. 15. Swank, (re-election)
For (Sheriff.
J. A. Mclntire. ,
[.. J'. Barker.
L. 13. Higbee.
Jim Stogner.
W. D. Maxey.
E. II. Morrow.
For County Clkkk.
Jack Fairchild.
J. M. Burch.
Floyd E. Westervelt.
John \V. Furray.
M. C. Carr.
Homer McComb.
Ben Wheelis.
For County Attorney.
George Ci. Graham.
For Register of Deeds.
J. E. Carrier, (re-election)
For Clerk of District Court.
Tom Cheatwood (re-election)
For County Treasurer.
R. E. (Buck) Clement,
S. W. Hutchin
For County Superintendent*.
Kate Barbour.
G. M. Roberts.
For Commissioners for 2nd Dist.
Gus Medearis.
Sol Ward.
W. D. Milam
For County Weighki!.
John F. Taylor,
A. A. Berry
their friend*
to call on them when in need of
work in their line. Success to|
E. M. Abemathy and wife and
Chas. Greemore and wife were out j
in this community Sunday in Mr. j
Abernathy's car. S. A. Ward ac- j
companied them back to Lexington, j
Robert Lessly left Sunday for j
Norman to attend the institute at |
that place.
Pies Ward and Grant May were |
in Lexington Friday.
Iris and Sammy the little grand-1
| children of I'. A. Holmes and wife i
returned to their home at Stigler,
Oklahoma, Sunday, Mr. Holmes
1 accompanied them as far as Okla-
homa City.
The entertaiment at the close of |
the Denton school was a grand sue- j
Bring on those good mares.
When you fail to breed to Bill
and Tom you lose Money and
so do I.
T. 15. PEERY
Mrs. Wilmett, Almina Helsel.
Cassie York and Mrs, Valentine
visited Anna Mitchell Wednesday
1 evening. *
T. W. Garrison and wife were in
the D avis neighborhood Tuesday
] evening.
Uncle Joe Conkling has certainly
got a fine Irish potato patch. He
surely knows how to raise potatoes.
Steve Helsel made a business
trip to Lexington Monday.
Mrs. T. W. Garrison and her aunt
Miss Stow went to Lexington
Mrs. Anderson visited Mrs. Ollie
Moseley Thursday.
Mrs. Valentine was on the sick
list part of last week.
Cibel Valentine visited Aline Mit-
chell Tuesday.
Dr.- W. E. Walker was in Helsel
Mrs. Conkling is on the sick list
this Week.
Ina Williams visited Mrs. Lin-
ville this week.
Word was received from Grand-
ma Mason at Dibble stating that
she likes it tine and will probably
stay all summer.
in the County Court in and for
Cleveland County, State of
In the matter of the estate of Wil-
lielm Neugebauer, Deceased.
The petition of Alois Neugebauer,
administrator of the estate of \Vil-
0< i helm Neugebauer, deceased, having
Mis- Gioryia \\ barton of Lexing-i |,een presented to this court, pray-
ton is visiting . t t! • home of W. S.' ing that an order be made, author-1
Turnpaugh for a f, w days. i izing and empowering said petitioner
O. J. Morrell was a business vis
itor in Lexington Saturday.
to* jujCit.
Quite a crowd attended the party
at L. W. Higbee's Saturday night
and report a nice time.
Corbett '.Seconds" played Box a
return game Saturday walking over
the Boxites defeating them by a
score of 15 to C.— Bert."
It is still dry. Cotton has a bad
stand, oats are drying up but corn
is as fine as you ever saw. < lar-
dens are doing no good but fruit
to mortgage the following describe
| real estate, .belonging to said estate, i
i to-wit:
The east half of tlie southwest
quarter of section nineteen, in
I township seven, north, range
one east of the Indian meridian
Cleveland county, State of Ok-
| lahoma,
j for the purpose of paying off and I
liquidating a first mortgage now ex-
isting against said premises in the
sum of $461.00;. and authorizing
and empowering him, as such ad-:
ininistrator to make, execute and
! deliver all notes and mortgages
prospects are good as we ever bad. j upon said mortgages upon said]
The Roberts Band played music; Premises for tlfe puipose of obtain-1
. t) i I ing said sum, and to do and per-
exercises at Buck-1 "
for the elc
aid sum, and to do and
closing exercises at duck-i, ** ,, ,, . ■ •,
. . form all other acts incident or per-
| iiead Friday night. A good crowd | tn-ining to the mortgaging of said'
| was present.
The Valley Grove singing class
attended the Sunday school conven-
tion at Union Hill Sunday.
Mrs. I!. M. Hurd and children
spent several days visiting relatives
at McComb. While there they at-
tended the children's day exercises.
Trousdale Route Three
The farmers on route •'! would
like to dance to the music of a good
Cotton chopping is now the order
of the day.
The close of school in the Buck-
bead district was celebrated by an
exhibition last Friday night which
was a grand success in every way.
J. G. Tate and family visited his
brother-in-law, J. S. Jackson, south
of Rosedale Sunday.
Arthur McDonald who is work-1 They returned Monday accomnanied
ing for Lewis Mitchell spent Sun- I by her daughter Miss Eva who has
day at home. j been attending school there.
Miss Stowe left Sunday for her j j f. Coleman and family and
home after a two weeks visit with j w. W. Coleman and wife spent
her brother, John Juhon and Mrs. j several days fishing on the Cana-
I T. W. Garrison. dian river.
(Mete Arnold is visiting her The platform committee of the
i brother, II. H. Arnold. socialist party of Cleveland county
J. W. York and family spent , met Friday at J. L, Conkling's resi-
Sunday with L. F. Mitchell and dence where a platform was drafted
family. to be submitted to the referendum
Miss Almina Helsel spent Sun- of the membership which when put
day with Miss Nannie Mi-Bitty. in operation would solve both the
Miss Annie Winters and sister labor and the trust problem.
spent Sunday at J. L. Conkling's. S. A. Ward, our county eonnnis-
A large crowd heard Brother Lee sioner. met with the Canadian
preach Sunday night. He preached township board Saturday, doing
Sells only drugs of
Purity and
We want
By selling such drugs
an able sermon.
Mrs. John Julian visit*
W. (larrison Sunday.
Mr. Cordell and family spent
Sunday with Mr. Boeck's family.
Quince Richardson spent Sunday
out here.
J. A. Wilmett and family spent
the day with Frapps.
Mrs. Norwood railed a.t the \ :den-
tine home Monday evening.
George lioeck was in Lexington
Mrs. Mitchell and \! na visited
Mrs. Garrison Friday evening.
Mrs. Willie Sutterfield was -i -k
last week.
Henry Green and family left h -K
week for a pleasure trip. They will
be gone most of the summer.
Quite a few socialists met at J. L
Conkling's Friday.
Emmet t'larv visited Saturday
night at the Winters home.
Mr. Dowdy's family visited Mr.
Jenkins' family Sunday.
ering with the super-
real estate in said sum: and it ap-
pearing to. the court from such pe-1
tition that it is necessary and for
the best interest of said estate and
those concerned therein, that the
said above described land be mort-
gaged, for the purpose and reason
mentioned in said petition; there-
fore said petition will be filed here-
in and a time appointed for hear-
ing the same.
And it is hereby ordered by the
court, that the 15th day of June,
1912. at the hour of 11:00 o'clock,
a. m. of nid day, at the county
court rooms in the town of Lexing-
ton, Oklahoma, be, and the same
hereby are, appointed as the time
and place, when all persons inter-
ested in said estate are directed and
required to appear before this court
to show cause why an order should
not be granted to said petitioner to
mortgage said real estate as prayed
for in said petition.
And it is further ordered that
notice of said hearing be given by
publishing a copy of this order for
two weeks successively, prior to
said hearing, in the Lexington Lea-
der, a newspaper published and of
general circulation in jsaid county,
as required by law.
Dated this 27th day of May, 191^.
F. B. Swank, County Judge.
Hutchin & Burke,
Attorneys for Petitioner. M31
some electi<
O. S. Sanders treated a nice
crowd to ice cream Saturday night.
Grandmother Sassier who has
been very low with paralysis died
Saturday night and was laid to rest
in the Wilkerson cemetery Sunday
I!. I/. Blancett and family spent
Sunday with J. M. MePherson and
Sidney Peel of Lexington has a
p. Mti :i with 1". J. Jones of this vi-
cinity chopping cotton.
Dan C. Crider, state organizer for nj(v W(.nt fishing Saturnay.
the -ocialist party of lexas will | reported a good time and
lecture on the principles of socialism Lji tj)e fia], they could eat.
in this vicinity as follows: Phillips The ice cream supper at O. S.
school house, June • : Davis school Sanders Saturday night was line
house, June S; Spring Creek school ,m(] .,]] rep0rt a good time.
house, June 9; Willow View school j] h. Dare and family spent Sun-
house. June 10: Science Hill school ja,. ;lt n. Dare's.
house, June 11: t'nion Hill school ' m^s Myrtle and Mary Baxter
For ice cream freezers, croquet
setsor Tennis rackets see
Edgar .1. Keller.
Rose Hill Items
Made Davis and wife and son of
St. Louis, Oklahoma, spent the
week end at the home of J, II.
Grandmother Wood has been
very sick but is up again.
Quite a crowd from this conimu-
11: Cnion Hill school
house, June 12. Red Springs school
house, June 18. Every one is cor-
dially invited to come.
Mrs. N. P. Willis was
ton Monday transacting business;
and to meet her daughter who is I
corning from Missouri to visit her.;
Sherman &
it< i
Web worms are damaging cotton
c msiderable. and some are replant-
J. J. Brown was in Lexington
S. A. Ward is attending comu is-
.ioners'court this week.
The people of Corbett attended
the township Sunday school < . -
vention at Union Hill Sunday.
Miss Kl/.y Brown went to Pur aii
Sunday. She will attend the teach-
ers institute there. Grandma Waddle died Saturday
James Corbett who is attending night and was buried in the Lex-
Hill's Buiineaa college at Oklahoma in^,on ^roetery Sunday.
City visited with home folks from The best values in wall
Friday till Sunday. Edgar J. Kellers.
here s
visited their Uncle Rube Tucker in
McClain county Saturday, Sunday
,exing-1 and Monday.
Georgia Wood and Henry and
Jake Wood spent Saturday night
with Cleo Dare.
Route Three Jim Brook was a visitor at Ray
Thompson and family via*|Martin's Sunday.
Will Dix-on's SatiiVdi
:d Sunday
Xeni k and family visiti
mies and w ife Sunday.
•isited hi
. Wood
Jones M
nd family of Cor-
! ;ther : ml mother
I Living opened a stock of groceries a mil' and a half north-
west of Corbett. I have purchased fer cash a stock consisting of
general merchandise which I will sell for cash :it a price compet-
ing with any town in Cleveland county or I will sell on a credit
at. 10 per cent added with good security. \\ ill order any goods
that 1 do not carry in stock at the following prices.
$5 00 for 59 cents, any amount from $5 to $15 at
$1 00. frcm $15 to $30 that 1 do not carry for $1.25.
I am working only to get my goods at cost and can save any
one ordering goods from 50 to 100 percent. I am not depending
on a store for my living, only depending on the people who want
things at the lowest price, so if you wish to order anything that I
do not keep call ou me and I will fill your orders above men-
tioned. I only want a small prbfit of 10 per cent on the .present
stock I carry. I can order clothing harness and implements of
all kihds at the prices meetioned above.
J. W. Belew
Lexington, Route 4
Oklahoma State Wide
Republican Special Train
To Chicago
Frisco Lines June 14 Frisco Lines
Lpecial train will leave Oklahoma City 11:00 a. 111. June
14. Tulsa 3:05 p. in. arriving in St. Louis 8:00 a. m. June 15.
spending several hours, arriving Chicago <> p. in. June 15.
For Round Trip From Okla-
homa City Return Limit for
October 31.
Combine your summer vacation to the lakes of the north
with this special train. Chicago is the natural g'atewas for all
northern resorts. Let us select a delightful spot in Michigan
for you and arrange for jfyour space on this train. Either of
the undersigned will take care of your wants.
Make Your Arrangements Early
j R. 0. Hopkins C. 0. Jackson, j
I City Ticket Agent DPA Frisco Lines I
S Oklahoma City *
I have just opened a new
gallery over Keller's Furni-
ture store and want you to
come up. I have some extra-
ordinary offers for a few days.
Kodak work a specialty.
J. B. Curtis
The Old Reliable
Veterinary Surgeon
E. W. COX, formerly of Norman
is located at the Critchers Ham
Calls answered day or night. Phone 23
Hutchin & Burke
Attorneys at Law
Poetoffice Building
Mrs. F. I'. Moseley left Wednes-
' day for Purcell to visit tier daughter
Mrs. Monroe Osborne. From there
she will go to spend two months
with relatives at point- ill Missouri.
Lo xingtoii
Lodge No. 72. A.
Saturday night
William Moutaw
Hubert Stogner of Tribbey, Okla-
homa. former register of deeds of
the county was here \\ ednesday
meeting old friends and having
some business wound up. Bob says
Tribbey is rather quite now but he
paper at Hkes the town and thinks it has a
| good future.
atL the lull iniii.n mid 'I uetks after.
Masons in gn.iil -'in,' tig in-
/ v;//\ vited. J. P. Perkins.
« w. m.
: ' ii as will. i a ms.
K. H. Morrow of Moore was here
Wednesday, lie is a candidate for
sheriff and his announcement ap-
pears in this issue of the Leader.
Some interesting data is given the
Attorney At
ii Nei'iirit v StlC"
Bunk Hltlg.
Norman - Oklahoma

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